A song for Wentworth



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27 responses to “A song for Wentworth

  1. BB

    noooo you cant be all out of faith (and are you naked?) Dont be ashamed…… Went is still warm and dignified….and you dont miss him all that much…. and at the moment he doesnt seem to care what his heart is for i know, i thought i saw the man brought to life when he was seen in borders….but he couldnt be that man i adored. He is beneath our veins now there are so many things…….. sings **im wide awake and i can see the perfect sky is torn. ooohhhh oooohhhhh there is only Dom where he used to lie…..naked on the floor with me ohh yes…..

  2. mink

    Aw, babe! *tearing up* See what you do to us, Wentworth! You make us listen to sad songs. I hope you’re happy! *shaking fist*

  3. Jackie

    oo my god dead on….where is he…there no information about me…nothing …i’m torned too 😦 ..wentworth miller will show up….like he says ” have a little faith”

    a little song to help our love for wentworth miller

  4. shortstuff

    omg i fucking LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this song!!

  5. evelyn

    Aaaawwww hun…. *wipes a tear*

    I don’t know how to comfort your torn heart…
    All I can say is that, he is out there somewhere and when he decides to show his pretty face again, it would be worth the wait!
    I have this feeling that he will make it up to us, for all this time of hide and seek!
    Just have a little faith!
    What can I say…? I’m an optimist…


  6. sanjanjanja

    Heyya!! i know i’m couple of months late but i just saw 12days of wentmas on Utube… girl, that was hilarous!!!!! and kudos for the choice.. i mean, could you have chosen a longer xmas song???
    if that was in the gift bag you didn’t get a thank you for, went is losing some major points in my book!!

  7. Bluetoothfairy

    Torn? I would have chosen Caught Out There by Kelis. :evil grin:

  8. AJ

    *I’m all out of faaaith, this is how I feeeeel..*

    So fucking fitting! That, and I love this song. You know what other song is fitting? Hide and Seek by Imogen heap. Well, except for that “trains and sewing machines” nonsense. I don’t know what the hell that’s about.

  9. Anonymous

    Snap out of it WFW….quit your complaining…get a grip girl….
    I love Went so don’t tear him up he deserves better

  10. Anonymous

    Shame on your guys ….your just a bunch of sheep, none of you have any reason to hate on Wentworth.

  11. Anonymous

    Dear Went,
    If you don’t make an appearance soon, I will have to drop you and go back to my former fake boyfriend Michael Vartan. Or JK Rowling. (Because how can I not love the woman who created Luna Lovegood?)

    Rob Knepper (you know him? Your co-star who actually cared to promote the show in his off-time?) said that PB resumes filming in a couple of weeks or so. We’d better get some candids of you filming, even if they’re with fans who get to have their arms around you while I don’t. I’m just saying…


    PS: Would it really have freaking killed you to do one, just ONE DAMN episode commentary on the freaking season 2 PB dvds?

  12. WFW

    anon 7:04, I’m actually done but fuck if I can think of anything to post. I think I’m burnt out. It sucks.

  13. Anonymous

    Sorry to hear that, you poor baby, mabe you and Went need the rest…see if you can find him and do it together….love you anyway 🙂

    These are your fans now WFW, so don’t write about Went, just write about yourself ….you have a captive audiance…go for it!!

    Anon 7:04

  14. twyla

    hey, anonymous 7:26–you are sooo cracking me up right now! went, i hope you were listening!

    that is just exactly my sentiments, mr. miller, you are throwing me back into the arms of MY former tv boyfriend, one Josh Holloway of Lost. (and what arms they are!) *drooling, thinking of josh shirtless*

    anyway–went, get your act together and get back to work. i mean, i’m a school teacher and we only get (realistically) about two months off! and we don’t just hole ourselves up inside our houses, oh no, we are going out, seeing kids (fans to you) everywhere, but we press on. Do we WANT to hear kids screaming our name everywhere we go? of course not, but without those kids, we wouldn’t have jobs come August, much like you may not end up having a job if you keep ignoring your fans. i’m just saying. . .think about it.

    WFW–cheer up, it hurts me to see you so sad, you are still my hero–don’t ever give up the blog! i don’t know what i would do!

  15. Mama Bear

    Awww, WFW, I see that you can still summon up enough humor for the PRICELESS skull tee you have posted on the right! LMFAO! I love it! Never fear, milady, all is not lost…perhaps he’s just now getting to his correspondence! *crossing fingers*

  16. A Sprinkled Life

    “Look Went I like Skulls”…that is my favorite for realsies! I have a question …”Believe or Leave”? what? … for fear of being stupid …believe or leave what?

  17. Krissie

    That it was Went in the Cbox.
    Just go with it,OK? lol

  18. Mama Bear

    I see that Krissie’s donkey is back…HEE HAW!

  19. A Sprinkled Life

    ahh Krissie…thanks for clearing that up!

  20. Anonymous

    I’m sorry if this is a stupid question but I’m new to this site: I read the whole Wentworth Miller in the chatbox post and I don’t get it. Were one of the regulars pretending to be him, and you were all just going with it? Or was it something else?

    *genuinely confused*

  21. Mama Bear

    anon 11:33, what does your gut tell you? Hint: always look at the labels on every post. If it’s tagged “Humor,” that’s exactly what it is.

    Welcome to the site!

  22. linds

    WFW – honeybug!!! I know. But have no fear – Went’s bday is days away – he’s like Pauxitonny (SP?) Phil!! He’ll have to show his face…I miss him too.

  23. bb

    HAHAHAH ANON 11.33

    Yes it is all a big joke someone pretends to be wentworth and we all go along with it. Dont think about it too much, we are all a bit crazy!!! But it is all in the name of fun.

  24. Anonymous

    Mama Bear and BB, I’m sorry for not being clear when I asked my earlier question. I saw the humor label on it. I just don’t understand who “Wentworth Miller” was – whether it was one of you pretending to be him and typing that, or whether the whole chat was typed/made up by the same person like WFW’s “phone call with Wentworth.” Does that make sense?

  25. Anonymous

    “I’m too sexy for my body”
    Right side fred

  26. Zöe

    NO WAY GIRLS!!Look what I have found!!! Is our Wenty singing!!


  27. Anonymous

    ok folks the show’s over, you ain’t got to go home but you gotta get the hell out of here….WFW is a no show!!

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