Happy 35th Birthday Wentworth!

Happy Birthday Wentworth! Wherever you are, I hope you have a good one. To prove that I still love you, I decided to make a list of 35 things I love about you but my attention span is way too short for that, so how about a song? As for the 35 things, I’m sure your loyal fans can take care of that in the comments. To start us off:

1. You’re hot

Haha, beat that…



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44 responses to “Happy 35th Birthday Wentworth!

  1. SavMed

    You’re witty.


    I wish you never get a hole in your shoe on a rainy day

    I wish you never have a split condom

    I wish you never have to make a movie with Dolph Lundgren

    I wish you never have to sleep with a girl with a hairy ass

    I wish you always get extra cheese on your pizza even without asking for it.

    Happy b-day baby, mwah!

  2. jacqueline

    may i just say that your voice…beautiful and yes happy brithday wentworth 🙂 sexy at 35 damnnnnnnnnnn finger lickin good lol

  3. Emily

    hooooly new layout!
    ummmm, went, I like it that you cried for your Korean fans. i know i said i didn’t, and i reserve the right to still bitch about it. but…..yeah. I liked it. no go back to work, you fine piece of ass.

  4. Cin-D

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENTWORTH!!!! I hope you have the best birthday yet. You are now 35 years old, so chug down those 35 B-52’s!!! Wow! Just imagine how wasted you’ll be.LMAO! How about I give you 35 slaps on that luscious ass of yours. I bet you’d love that.

    This is one of the 35 things I love about you:
    2. Your adorable laugh…..swoon.

  5. Cin-D

    Oh yeah… WFW, the new look is awesome.

  6. Katjus

    Happy Happy Birthday Boy… *puuurrrr* 😉

    A thing i love about u… Hmmm… I see ur delish´ body has been mentioned (might i add i´d perfer it in ur birthdaysuit… *nudge nudge wink wink*), so i will have to go with ur frown! U have it down like noone else my Perfect One with eye brows.
    However, i do hope ur birthday gives u no reason to frown what so ever! *giggle* U can go back to the frowning tomorrow or when ever u see me… *shiver*

    Ps. Mistress, niiiccceeeee…!

  7. happy B-Day Went!!
    I Love you!!!! *_*

  8. brit bird

    Well Well Mistress you have been busy, lovin the new layout honey. Hmmmm what do i love about wentworth? It would be easier to say what i dont love about him……. his hiatus (apologies if thats spelt wrong) i will start fro the top I love his hair(keep it short pls) I love his eyes… (blue steelin baby hahaha) I love his half smile, I love his laugh his voice ….. I could go on and on. But i wont. Happy birthday Mr Miller I love every part of you.

  9. brit bird

    God I was drooling so much over what I love I have now dribbled my coffee all over me. Damn Mr Miller see what you do to me? I lose all my facalties…..

  10. WOW! WFW – Love the new layout! Love your singing voice…you have a whole new career and oh yes, Happy Birthday to the most delicious human being on the face of the earth! *cheers*

  11. Jedi72

    Hope you have a great 35th, no matter how or where you celebrate. We do miss you so please send us some love soon! Happy Birthday sweet thing!! Hugs & Kisses.

  12. Julie

    OMG!WFW!Your song gave me goosebumps!!
    Anyway … Happy birthday Wentwooooorth ;)!!
    35, that’s prettty big!!

    For 35 things I love about you …

    1. You’re Extremly hot!! (Beat that! :p )

    XXX Julie

  13. What number am I on? 4? 5?
    You do the math. I’ll say this:
    Happy happy happy birthday, Baby Boy!
    May all of your wishes come true!
    May you love and be loved in return!

    P.S. Wow, WFW! Just… WOW!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRETTY!! From the bottom of my little heart, I wish you all the best for your 35th year.

    3. You’re a gentleman.
    4. You’re a talented actor.

  15. Jen

    I am a long time looker of the WFW site but never responed, but Went’s birthday is a special occation. Went I hope you have a good one. Things I love about you.
    1. Your tiny scar above your top lip.
    2. Your widow’s peak hair line.
    3. You are private (as much as I hate it sometimes, you are not tramping around with Paris, Lindsay or other Hollywood nutcases.)

  16. Jedi72

    What number are we on now?

    1. I love your laugh, it’s contagious.
    2. Those hands of yours (R-rated thoughts!)
    3. The fact you seem to be very genuine, please don’t change!

  17. aama (from Wentworth IMDB board)

    Great new layout – it’s light, fast and pretty. Bravo!

    So WFW persecution won’t stop… lol!

    Happy Day Captain Wentworth, 🙂

  18. jacqueline

    4. sex appeal

  19. Jujulilie

    Joyeux anniversaire, Wentworth chéri!
    You’re just the perfect man for me, I would’nt have enough with only 35 things that I like about you…
    WFW, your voice is great, it gave me goosebump as well!!

  20. Angel

    Happy Birthday Wenty baby,
    hope you have a wonderful birthday, and save some cake for us… love you lots.
    1. your smile
    2. your singing voice

  21. Juma

    Happy Birthday WENT!
    Your lips
    Your smile
    just makes me wanna kiss you…
    Your just to good to be true…

    wfw, great new layout! And you sing very well!

  22. Anonymous

    happy birthday wentworth. have a good day.xx. grate new lay out girls.

  23. Anonymous

    happy b-day w,

    wish you – me around your body… just like that p.b. tatoo…

  24. kaylakate

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the guy who’s everything to everyone on this site (i like to say the word every specially when it comes to WENT because every inch of him is perfect…to see, to smell, to touch, to eat…sorry got carried away)

    Happy 35th Birthday!!!

    by the way…great layout…nice job wfw!!!

  25. LB

    Happy birthday Went!
    What I love about The Pretty…
    1. His gentle nature
    2. He seems to have a little bit of an attitude – very sexy…

  26. AJ

    And here I was half expecting a picture of a penis wearing a birthday hat with streamers… heee!
    *golf claps* WFW, that was just BEAUTYful!

    What I love about Wentworth Miller:
    #whateverwe’reon: I love his lucky charms. They’re magically delicious…


    I love his deadpan delivery of sarcastic lines on PB. Fabulous!

    Happy 35th Birthday Miller, you old fart! You don’t look a day over 25. As for your birthday wish, I wish you lots of sex……

    with me….

  27. LB

    BTW, WFW I forgot to mention that I love the new layout!

  28. niknak

    WOW! Lovin’ the new layout, WFW. Very nice!

    Happy Birthday Wentworth!

    How do I love thee? Too many ways to count… The question should be what I don’t love about you. As for my contribution to this list, I love your quiet intelligence. It’s that which makes you hotter than you already are.

    Kisses, Kisses, Hugs, Hugs, Kisses. Since its your birthday, you get to choose where the kisses go 😉

  29. jailbird

    welcome back

  30. cocot13


    I’m tired, that’s all I got

  31. Elise

    Bon 35ième anniversaire, Went adoré! I know I’m 2 days late, but I was away!) How can you be 35 and look so much younger, living on coffee and cigarettes? God, my Dad is 43, you’ll soon be his age!!!! I’m a bit sad for you, you don’t seem to have found love (No,the Beigettes and Scarfalottas of this world are unable to love you), you have no kids, you’ll soon be old… I don’t want you to die alone… Take the next plane to France (Marignane airport, you’ve been to Cannes, it’s so near!)and I’ll be there to show you what love is…

  32. nicbeast

    Here is my two cents:

    1. Your fantastic mind
    2. Your confidence
    3. Those beautiful eyes

    “You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt, as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear, as young as your hope, as old as your despair.”

    May you always remain young.

    Happy Birthday, Wentworth!

  33. AJ 8.51 “I wish you lots of sex … with me” Boo! Girl, you beat me to the punch – that was my wish!!! Damn this living in another continent which always results me late on posting!

    W. Miller, since you and I share the same birth date, then for my wish, how about I get to have lots of sex with you?

    No? Oh, well. Can’t blame a girl for trying.

    Happy 35th, Went! Hip, hip-hip, hooray!!!

    Nice new layout, WFW. Serif fonts always made for a classy read. Now we can fool the lurkers from W. Miller’s camp that ‘smart’ people post here too.

    *puts on fake-o glasses and knots hair up in a bun*

  34. Oh, crap! I forgot to add my bit on the list:

    1. You’re … oh, heck! I can’t think up anything which hasn’t already been listed. Grr!

    Okay, just thought of it [and, yes, it’s un-original as hell]: W. Miller, I’m a fan of yours because, well, you’re perfect!

    Like, duh.

  35. evelyn

    Happy Birthday my sweet Wentworth…!!!
    All your desires and dreams are my wishes for you!!!

    And here is my gift to you and to all the pretty gals in this A M A Z I N G site!!!

    (this is ME singing “Wentworth”… *whistles*)

    I looooove the new layout WFW!!! Nice work!!!

  36. rachhh

    happy bday went!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Anonymous

    happy birthday Went

  38. jailbird

    still love the 12 days of Wentmas…it’s the best and I crack up when you get louder and louder…funnieeeee-stuff!!!

  39. Twyla

    Well, I was out of town and away from my laptop on the big day, so–happy belated birthday, Wentworth!
    Hope you had a great one!

    . . .and to add to the list:

    1. your voice
    2. your eyes
    3. your brain (smart men are verrrry sexy)

    WFW, great new layout, I love it!

  40. Dani

    Hey, heeeeey!! Where’s my birthday boy?! You’re a year younger, and a day prettier my darling… You’re officially midway: hope the ascent to your 40th is even more rewarding, even more gracious, with pleasant comings; just as your milestone 30 brought wonderful blessings. Hang up your coat and drink up baby, a toast to the most amazing person that you are..

    Mwaaaa .. x

  41. Dani

    My top 3:

    1.) Your physical self
    2.) Your soul
    3.) Your imprint on the universe

    (want the complete list?…my toilet roll is too short)

  42. sprcow

    My top 3:

    1. The escapism from a dull day (no pun intended).
    2. The way you ‘fit’ into every song I listen to.
    3. The way that you are my best kept secret.

    *sigh* *completely smitten* *bigger sigh*

  43. sprcow

    … by the way, it is sooooo not 12.07 am where I am … but it is the 5th

  44. I’m a little late on this Went, but I was in the ER preparing for major surgery on your birthday…THAAAAAAAAAAAAAANKS!

    In any case, I hope you had a great day with your family and friends…for a man of 35, you have a lot to celebrate when you look as if you haven’t even scratched the surface of 21.

    My top three favorite things about you, Went, are as follows:

    (1) You play Scrabble regularly and admit it. I’m up for a game if you are. I hope you’re not a point hog.

    (2) You have a great appreciation for ironic wit and occasional snark…in other words, you have a SENSE OF HUMOR. Even though you take yourself seriously, you can appreciate that not everyone does and you’re o.k. with that *crossing fingers in hope*.

    (3) You’re fine. You’re like Larry Olivier, Rudy Valentino, Montgomery Clift, and James Dean rolled into one. I bet when your mom first set eyes on you, you took her breath away. I bet you still do.

    Happy Belated Birthday, sweet man! Here’s to the sincerest wish that you will continue to bless this world with your presence for many more years to come.

    P.S. – Yes, I am on heavy pain meds, so forgive my weepy ardor.

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