Wentworth Miller Talking

When is the last time we got anything remotely new to come out of Wentworth Miller’s mouth? Not very recently so today is your lucky day. Let’s play Where’s Waldo with the new information.

French Interview from Cine Revue (1 – 7 June, 2007)
Interview by Nicolas Roelens

Lately, you seem more comfortable when it comes to talking about yourself. Why is that?

It’s strange, for an actor, to spend so much time in drama classes or at Julliard without ever bringing up the question of what happens beyond the set. We’re not prepared to enter what is, ultimately, a real business. We don’t immediately understand the importance of being able to talk about a product, to market it well, to sell it. Nor the fact that that influences the success or failure of a series. Because the audience depends on the way in which we present the project. (DBN)

Are you better at that part of your job now than you were before?

Yes, actually. At first, it was strange. I really had to learn to manage the success of Prison Break. All of a sudden, you’re not just an actor. You become a diplomat, a politician, a businessman, a salesman… But ultimately, the fact that I’m in the show makes me as qualified as anyone to share my passion for the show with the public. (DBN)

Your “Prison Break” cast mates describe you as reserved and a bit of a loner…

I really am very reserved, so some people believe that I am hiding some dark secrets. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, I admit to not being very sociable. I am a quiet boy. When journalists ask me about my favourite nightclubs, often I have to stop myself from bursting into laughter. I am the furthest thing from a trendy guy. What do I prefer? Playing Scrabble or watching “The Simpsons” with my friends. And no…before you ask, I don’t have a girlfriend.

Between filming the two seasons, you decided to travel. Were you in need of a break?

Yes, it was time to get out of the Prison Break bubble. The first season was filmed entirely behind bars, outside of Chicago. It was our universe. But so many things had changed outside of it. This trip across the US, from Chicago to LA, was a sort of transition. It was like I was leaving the first season behind me and was starting something new. It was an opportunity to get outside of myself… I found myself in places I’d never been before, around people I didn’t know. It allowed me to internalize their experiences. An actor is never as good as when he enriches himself with experiences, when he amasses chance encounters. It was important to look all over and to think about what I could incorporate into the second season. I had to bring something new. (DBN)

People recognised you?

More often than I would ever have imagined. It was really stupid on my part, seeing how everyone in the world has a TV! (Laughs) What’s amazing is that our fans come from all backgrounds: young and old, professionals and people who work at McDonalds…they all watch us! You could say that there isn’t any distinction by race, sex or social class. And they’re from all over the world! Our success in the States is modest, but it’s caught like wildfire abroad, where shows like “Desperate Housewives” and “Lost”, which do really well here, are less successful.

You’re coming to the end of filming for Season 2. What are your plans?

I would really like to try a change of role, of storyline, to step out of the skin of Michael Scofield for a few weeks. But I’m afraid that won’t happen anytime soon… Nothing has particularly attracted me. In fact, it’s a bit of a strange time for movies: you put forward to the public what they want to see…but the catch is that they’ve already seen it before, and, ultimately, they don’t want it anymore. I believe that’s one of the reasons for “Prison Break’s” success: we’ve tried to bring people something new and ambitious.

Why are you so picky? Is it because the series is so successful that you don’t want to throw yourself into a lower calibre project?

I didn’t get into acting to get on the covers of magazines or for the paycheque! I want above all to act in something that touches people, inspires them, moves them. “Prison Break” takes huge amounts of my time and energy. For now, I have the choice between lying on the beach for a few months or throwing myself into a film that would pay well but that would bring nothing to me or to the public. I chose the beach! From among the projects that are brought to me, I long to work on something that is mainly a character piece. Perhaps to provide some balance to “Prison Break”, which exists mainly thanks to the strength of its plotline.

How was life in the prison? Depressing?

Depressing and oppressing! Some people would cry in their cars after a day’s work, for reasons even they couldn’t explain. The conditions were so bad that they ended up acquiring a negative energy. Everything reminded us that we were working where a lot of men lived and died in horrible ways for 150 years. It was a place that was haunted, sacred, but not in a religious way. Filming there was a bit like going for a picnic in a graveyard. I have an enormous respect for that place, but I wasn’t sad to leave it. (DBN)

Have you received a lot of messages from prisoners?

We have a lot of fans in prison, where they’re allowed to watch us. I’ve heard talk of prisoners who change their work hours so that they can watch the show in their cells. I like to think that that gives them a bit of entertainment in their difficult situation.

Does it strike you as strange that you’re in a show called ‘Prison Break’ when in the second season you’re a fugitive? Will you go back to prison?

It’s true that the series is evolving. In the second season, we take on the government conspiracy. After that… Heading for the third season, in a show called ‘Prison Break’, you might think that we’re returning to the point of origin. But you can also expect a lot of surprises. For example, a new prison… where the prisoners are not necessarily the ones you would expect. (DBN)

When will the show finish?

When we don’t have any more story to tell! It’s the type of show that has a beginning, a middle and an end. Not like “Law & Order” or “CSI”, which can last for 8 to 10 seasons.

A last word to ask about your work modelling for Gap. Was it for fun?

No, they’d simply asked me to do it. That’s where I buy my boxers, so I said to myself… why not?

Thanks monmoute. And special thanks to Mink and DeadbeatNymph of FCOWM for the translation.

Oh and one more!

“Heads or Tails” Interview with Wentworth Miller – “I’m sent a lot of scripts!”

Perhaps you’ve already noticed him in “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” or Mariah Carey’s videos where he made brief appearances, but thanks to his role on “Prison Break” Wentworth Miller has become a worldwide star. As his character is always having to make incredibly difficult decisions, we asked him in turn to make some choices. So, Fan of or Fan of?1 (By Nathaniel Brendel)

Television or Film?

That depends on the quality of the script. In my opinion, it would be difficult to change the format of “Prison Break” and make it a movie. It’s more interesting to play Michael Scofield over the course of several seasons. On the other hand, I confess that I would really like to slip into the skin of other characters more often, and films allow that.

“Prison Break” or “Superman Returns”?

If some people thought that I had a chance of landing the role of Superman in the latest film adaptation, that wasn’t the case. It’s true that I went on a casting call during the period when Brett Ratner (the director of the Mariah Carey videos and one of the producers of “Prison Break”) was supposed to be directing the film, but I was never put forward. On the other hand, he suggested me for the role in “Prison Break”!

In Prison or On the Run?

In the initial episodes of the second season, even if the prisoners have escaped, and are being hunted by the police, it is beyond question that they are in a new sort of prison. They’ll quickly realise that they’re safer in their cells, that prison life is a reassuring routine, and that freedom is a lot more dangerous. As an actor, the filming of this season has been a lot more demanding.

The original “Prison Break” theme or Faf Larage’s version?

Faf Larage! I love his single! I’m sorry that the original American version wasn’t done by him. However, I certainly wouldn’t sing that song! It would be a disaster.

Brett Ratner (“Prison Break” producer) or Mariah Carey?

I can’t answer that question. I owe them both a lot. I hope that I’d never have to choose.

Wentworth Miller or Michael Scofield?

Michael Scofield! Unfortunately, in real life, no one writes the script for us. We all play roles depending on who we’re dealing with. It’s so much easier when great writers write good dialogue for us and tell us what we have to do.

A day of filming or a day off?

Both! When I’m on set, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, and, when I’m not filming, I take advantage of it.

Tattoo or piercing?

Neither, that’s not my thing. I’m generally not in favour of needles or suffering.

With hair or shaved?

Having a shaved head didn’t bother me. That said, I had to use the hair clippers every couple of days. So because, in the second season, my character’s on the run, I’m able to let my hair grow. I really like my new cut.

Your nickname, Went or Stinky?

Stinky (“someone who smells bad”, in French2) is a nickname that my college friends gave me. I’d like to make it clear that it had nothing to do with hygiene! Today I don’t know anyone who’d call me that, so it’s Went.

Official website or fansites?

There’s no official website except the one from Fox. So there are some fansites dedicated to the show. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to contribute.

“Prison Break”, Season 10, or other projects?

Other projects. The show will be successful as long as the writers come up with good ideas. That said, I don’t believe we’ll do ten seasons. These days I get a lot of film scripts and when I have the time, I read them.3


1 Originally, “… Fan 2 or Fan 2?”, a word play in French, as the number 2 is ‘deux’ and pronounced the same as ‘de’, which means ‘of’. (DBN)
2 LMAO! (Mink)
3 D (DBN)

Once again, thanks to Mink and DBN for the translation!

I love it when he talks! Squee!


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41 responses to “Wentworth Miller Talking

  1. “For now, I have the choice between lying on the beach for a few months or throwing myself into a film that would pay well but that would bring nothing to me or to the public. I chose the beach!”

    Hmm … so I wonder what beach he frequents. Not that it matters, since I live in the Northwestern Tundra … but a girl can dream.

    Thanks for posting WFW!

  2. On the other hand, I confess that I would really like to slip into the skin of other characters more often, and films allow that.
    Well then DO IT! Jeeez…
    He keeps saying he’s being offered scripts all the time so why don’t he just (this might sound radical!) take a part??!
    Oh Went… *shakes head*

  3. Why don’t he??!
    Sorry about that, I’m hungover. lol

  4. Amanda

    wonderful translations!!

    It’s nice to see a good interview every once in a while. It shows he is a person after all.

    I love it! I’d like to stumble across him at the beach myself. Oh yes and rub him down with…oh nevermind! wishful thinking

  5. Amanda

    on another note, too bad he can’t frequent fansites. That boy needs a laptop and wireless internet that way in his “off time” he can come over here and chat with his biggest fan 🙂

  6. brit bird

    My word Mr Miller you have ‘opened up’. Another great post WFW.
    Went would make a very hot superman. ButI have no idea why he would lie though, I am his girlfriend. **note to self, quit job and travel to every beach in America, and find went in his trunks**

  7. chica

    Oh good- our Went is coming out of his self imposed hiatus! Thanks WFW – this is a good way to start off my Friday.

  8. SavMed

    BB you beoch! he is in Croatia for the vacations on an island of Vis – with me! And he is NOT wearing trunks. Sorry I had to break it down to you like this.

    *reaches for her Prozac*

  9. Oh…….. how I miss our boy. *sigh*
    Need Pics SOON!
    Thanks WFW!

  10. Anonymous

    he is so ho

  11. Anonymous

    hot sorry

  12. and another thing….Once…just once….can someone ask him something JUICY! Please!

  13. Juma

    ooooh poor wentworth… he just needs a break afterall.
    I’m buying myself a new bikini and lay down on the sunny beach with him.
    *awakes from dream*… Damn!!

  14. Bluetoothfairy

    [quote=Wentworth] So there are some fansites dedicated to the show. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to contribute. [/quote]

    Oh yeah, Went? Busy with reading all that scripts, are you? Or do you just like to watch, baby? 😉

    I love you Went, but stop being so diplomatic already, ffs.

  15. Linds

    God Bless you, WFW!!! God Bless you and Keep you! I am so happy to see new interview with Went. That said, I agree with Sprinkles – tell us something good Went!

  16. Ciara

    thanks for the interview!
    god i love wentworth more than anything,
    but i hate his “i’m keping my privacy to myself” attitude…
    c’mon, went, at least you can do is show up somewhere so i can see some new pics of you..pleeease!!!
    and btw, this is a GREAT site!

  17. Ciara

    and, yeah, he should SO come to croatia!

    ..although most likely he doesn’t know where it is,
    but still..you never know!

  18. AJ

    Well well well….look who finally decided to show up and give an interview….to the French… :oP

    “For now, I have the choice between lying on the beach for a few months or throwing myself into a film that would pay well but that would bring nothing to me or to the public. I chose the beach!”

    Can’t you just see him, sitting on the beach in a lawn chair, wearing his swim trunks and a bucket hat, with his nose stuck in a book? Hahahahaha…adorkable….

    But seriously Wentworth, do a goddamn movie, already. I don’t care if it’s Saw 4 or Terminator 7 ……go ‘head and make yo paper, boo boo!

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  20. Cin-D

    I would luvvvvvvvvvv to see him on the beach shirtless. Omg! I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off of him. Mmmmmmmmm…yeah!!!

  21. shelly

    Kris, I’m convinced that he’s not doing movies not because he’s getting crap, bottom of the barrel parts, but because he’s looking for something serious and intellectual. We know he’s getting scripts. All the other actors have done some movies already, crap or not. And Amaury, who is nowhere near as high profile as WM, is going to do a movie with Keanu Reeves and some other A-lister next, after coming off something produced (I think) by Spielberg. Can I honestly believe that Went is not getting anything at least as good as the stuff his lesser known co-stars are getting?

    I’ll get much hate for saying this, but I get the feeling that he’s too tightly wound and takes himself too seriously to be in this business. Actors can be nerds (Duchovny, Zach Braff) but still be willing to let their guards down and sit back and enjoy the ride. From what I’ve seen and heard about WM, he’s almost never willing to do that. He has a great sense of humor when it comes out, but he doesn’t seem to have a sense of humor about himself at all. Even if someone did ask him something juicy, I’d bet anything that he’d sidestep the question or give one of his uber-geek answers. *gets ready to dodge heavy rocks and tomatoes*

  22. Wentworth, does your next film really have to be a deeply resonant thought-provoking politicaly-engaging flick?
    Can’t it just be Enternaining??
    Are the “Ocean’s” movies such a bad thing?
    You don’t have to answer that.

    I respect the hell out of him for the choice he’s making for his career, but I also really want to see him on big screen as soon as possible.

  23. shelly

    Notthedoctor, I really respect him for not caving in to doing just anything for the paycheck, too. But I also wish he’d realize that even in crap movies, he can still shine as long as he does his best work. From what I heard, he was the only great thing about The Human Stain. Sometimes the road to getting the good roles is paved with earlier bad movies. How much more credibility would he have as an actor if he stood out in otherwise bad material?

    I’m so starved to see him on the big screen, I’d even go see a horrible rom-com just to see him in it. And I HATE rom-coms.

  24. Just Curious

    ..but if he’s so much waiting for the right role, why doesn’t he go after them. I mean he’s with a great agency most actors would kill for..so his agents would know what top scripts are out there. No? Perhaps he has to pitch and sell himself and prove to casting directors and producers he’s the right actor…why would they automatically offer him a great role when there are loads of other ambitious actors out there who fight for a part. Sorry but Prison Break isn’t exactly like doing Shakespeare.

  25. Gbaby

    I always wandered why an introvert person like himself, chose such an extrovert line of work like acting and he answered that question.
    You have to read between the lines with Wentworth and I am convinced that the man will do exactly what he thinks is right no matter what other people (like his fans) believe/want because that is part of his character. Proof? He choose acting as profession in spite of his upbringing and back round. It takes a lot of guts and determination to do that. He has a stubbornness which got him into trouble in his college years (the cartoon) and eventually years later he made his point with the Human Stain.
    For such a self proclaimed “boring person”, I find him very fascinating.

  26. I’d pay to see Went doing anything on screen…whether it’s reeling in Dungeness King Crab from the Bering Sea to being a Survivor man in the Amazon jungle, just DO something and I’ll be all agog.

  27. Just Curious

    Is he’s really in demand by notable producers or directors?

  28. shelly

    Just Curious, I don’t think he is really – it’s far too early in his career for that unless he wants to go the route Aniston did a few years ago when she made The Good Girl. But I also don’t think he’s getting scripts that are absolute garbage, either. He says he wants a character role…well, Fichtner’s done lots of those but even he put on a fur coat to play a silly role in Blades of Glory.

    I’m guessing he’s getting offered small, supporting roles in movies alongside bigger names (like Lane Garrison was in a Mark Wahlberg movie, Amaury just signed onto something with Keanu Reeves and Hugh Laurie). But he’s probably holding out for something “deeper” than that.

  29. Just Curious

    that’s what confuses me..this holding out till something deeper comes his way…why would producers or directos pass along that script to him first off…I think he’s hot. he’s got some talent, but compared to other actors who are more known …I could see that these good parts are passed by him.
    perhaps he has to stick his head above water and Prison Break may not be it.

  30. MiSa

    Aww he soo sweet………….

  31. Dani

    Just another couple of friggin’ flawless interviews. I love the man.
    He is immaculate.

  32. Fidan

    Hallo mates. I really like Prison Break. Its great. All the reaity is shown in this serial:))
    but please do you really believe that Wentworth reads all that u wrote an will write. I dont even believe that he sees the letters that u send him. U can get a his pics with his signature but it doesnt meen that he reads them. If he has an email address for his fan and everone could express their opinions regarding him or the film that would be great. But he doesnt have it. Im not his fan actually but would like to express all my emotions regarding this fil and his role… Well never mind… Wish you good luck mates:D

  33. hi i love wentworth miller and prison break i have seen every 1 i would do anything ju8st to see wentworth miller im 13 and sit crying every night just to see him anyway prison break and WENTWORTH MILLER rok

  34. Cat'sMeow

    Wenty I’m surrounded by beaches, I live on Long Island. Come lets go play in the sand. I’ll rub suntan lotion on your back and then you do me!!! I’ll bury you in the sand and then we’ll frolick in the water and ride the waves. Later we’ll take a stroll on the boardwalk and casually wander into the dunes and no one will find us!!!!

  35. Anty

    I gotta say, his looks are a factor, but I never crush on someone who I think is stupid.

    Went’s mind? I want to hump it.

  36. Rumpelstiltskin

    [i]”With hair or shaved?

    Having a shaved head didn’t bother me. That said, I had to use the hair clippers every couple of days. So because, in the second season, my character’s on the run, I’m able to let my hair grow. I really like my new cut.”[/i]

    Was I the only one who thought of something else than his head, when I read this question ?

  37. silver

    SavMed, Ciara, oh YES he should definitely come to CROATIA! Come, Wenty, you’ll be stunned by its beauty and our hospitality! We have like 1000 islands + zillion fantastic beaches! You can stay in Croatia forever!

  38. I have to say that the rumor of wentworth being gay is toatlly stupid as it has been made by people who couldnt stand seeing him reaching SUCCESSFUL HEIGHTS!!!
    Mr Miller is my sweetie and I dont care if he has a girlfriend cos around the corner Iam available forever.

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Juaniita

    I love you and I mean it.
    I’m from Argentina,

  40. i really love Wentworth miller and i want to speak with him on mobile phone….but if any body know his contact please don’t fail to contact me on iamhiphoplilque@yahoo.ca OK …..thanks and God bless You all…………………….from Lil Que Hip hop word

  41. love you wenthworth miller hottttt kiss is my life hug

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