WFW and Wentworth Sittin in a Tree

I don’t know what to say. I made a big deal about not getting any response and then not only do I find out that he hadn’t gotten the gift bag until recently (thanks mysterious cbox stranger) but also, I rock. Nic, the pic, if you please…

HOLY SHIT! Wentworth Miller said I rock and he wrote love, LOVE! Do you see it? *pointing* L.O.V.E. [Fangirl meltdown in 5-4-3-2-]


I love you Went!

You are very welcome. Perhaps I should send an autographed picture of me back? AHAHAHAHAHAHA! *cackling* Or maybe I’ll give it to you in person one day…Oh, I’ll give it you alright.

Thanks Sam for passing this on. You didn’t have to do it but you did. Thank you.


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  1. Van

    I guess there are still some lucky girls in here!!!
    Hurray WFWentie!!
    U ROCK!
    LMFAO….at least u got a response from the HIM himself!
    Kisses wfw

  2. Umm…WFW…are you ok? After days of disappointment, you’re going to let 1 PICTURE make it all better?!?! After he stood you up at Paley’s and the Upfronts?!?! I was there too hun and I certainly felt your pain.
    I’d be expecting more than 1 picture after that kickass fantastic gift you and Nic sent him. Just my 3 cents.
    WFW: OK, you got me. I wrote this when I was drunk and just found out. I don't even have the picture in my posession yet. It was sent through someone else. I mean, beggars can't be choosers right? Better to get one picture than to get nothing at all. *shrugs shoulders* There really isn't anything that could make up for the disappointment when I think about it. Two misses? I mean, I'm lucky I didn't cry, lol. Well, that set visit mb mentioned would be awesome but I don't want to go expecting too much again! Seriously, I have a snowball's chance in Hell of getting anything else so I will just stroke my picture...When I get it.

  3. I swear, wonders never cease wherever Went is concerned!

    Here, in his own hand, you have pictorial PROOF that he in fact thinks “YOU ROCK” and that he’s grateful for the gifts and the blog and that he *biting lip* cares enough to sign off with his love!

    Consider this…he included the elipsis after “love” (…), which IMHO can only mean “more to come.” Here’s hoping and praying for a set visit!!!

  4. anon

    at least the guy responds,eventually…
    methinks you could have a new lurker here soon,for sure! πŸ˜‰

  5. Just Curious


  6. Indifferently Curious

    Smells like a PR move to me…

    Perhaps Mr. Miller is turning into a diva…

  7. anon

    oh please..why would he have to do PR on this?!

  8. Linds

    Yay WFW!!!!! Good for you! You should totally send him back an autographed pic of yourself!

  9. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE, just when i thought i could give up on him coz he’s an asshole he goes and does this?!?!
    screw you, wentworth!
    (…you know i would)


    and i agree with linds, send him an autographed pic of yourself.

    *sings* i can’t stop loving you
    no matter what i say it’s true
    oh oh, i can’t stop loving you

  10. Let me say this AGAIN: people know about you! Ahahahahahahahahaha!

  11. Dear Wentworth and the Powers that Be at Fox,

    Thank you for acknowledging the hard work and dedication that WFW has put forth in birthing and raising a blog that not only creatively celebrates you and your body of work, but also supports and promotes the success of “Prison Break” on a global scale. People who would have never, ever met each other before now come together daily in support of their favorite actor and their favorite television series.

    It started with you, Went, it manifested into a blog, and now it’s taking a life all its own because your fans care about you AND the person who brought them all together to celebrate YOU, our infamous friend and blog mistress, WFW.

    That being said, would you please consider inviting and sponsoring WFW for a short three day/two night set visit so that she may finally meet you in person and observe the creative process that you, your fellow cast, and crew put forth in your endeavor to make Season Three even more ambitious and entertaining than the previous seasons? WFW would in turn report about her experience in her trademark engaging way and thus thrill and enrapture your fans as they embark on this final stretch to the season premiere.

    From a marketing perspective, it’s a low cost, win-win situation. Wentworth, you’d get invaluable positive publicity, your fans would get to experience you and your work through the eyes of a true fan, and FOX would get relatively free, on-going promotional value for their hit T.V. series.

    In the absence of an official Wentworth Miller fan site, is it and what a wonderful blessing that is for you and your career indeed. Please consider this proposal in earnest as you have a very real opportunity to tap into the hearts and minds of your fans on your terms and in your way. Thank you for your time and thank you for reassuring your fans that you do in fact appreciate their support.

    Mama Bear
    WFW’s Pseudo-Rep and Body Guard

    P.S. – Would you please send WFW a few more signed pics? Her fans live vicariously through her, after all. Thanks.

  12. anon

    that would be interesting idea there AND be a many celebs would do that for a fan? I def think wfw could keep it cool and sane(ish)

  13. WFW

    LMAO mb. What is it with you and the set visit? It ain’t gonna happen! And three day, two night? AHAHAHAHAHA, it sounds like a vacation package.

    anon 12:07, Yeah I could keep it sane(ish). I’d only sexually harass Went verbally, and only once a day.

  14. sprinkles

    OMG! So Cool….Finally! YAY for WFW!

  15. AJ

    This makes me want to have his baby.

    and Indifferently Curious, stop pissing on the parade.

    *printing out WFW’s autographed pic on glossy photo, and scribbling my name in silver marker over the blur*….what? It’s for my collection of Wentworth Miller autographed photos that don’t actually belong to me… Doesn’t everyone do that?

  16. anon

    see there are guys out there who are worth having faith in.this i know ,cos i met one and let him slip thru my little fingers!…so keep the faith and who knows. πŸ™‚

  17. extrovertedmind

    So now you really ROCK!!!

  18. I kind of agree with Indifferently Curious. I mean he’s been MIA for so long and this first thing pops up and we’re supposed to fawn over Went again?! I dunno. I think he needs to work harder. JMHO.

  19. jedi72

    See, persistence does pay off! We all know you rock, and now Wentworth does too. You oh so lucky girl!! Long live WetforWent!!!!

  20. anon

    i don’t agree…the guy dosen’t owe anything to anyone apart from his family and friends who were there in the very come and go,who knows,in maybe 5 years time if he wasn’t in the limelight would this blog still survive?
    he’d been around for a long time b4 all the PB craziness.i think a signed photo is enough and if theres more,that would b great.
    i was always told that giving should not have any expectation of return………….

  21. Geniass does have a point. I too saw your disappointment firsthand at both Paley and the Upfront.

    So golf claps to Wentworth for the photo, but don’t let him off the hook just yet πŸ˜‰

  22. Gian

    Some of you are very negative… he sent a picture with a beautiful beautiful dedication.

    WFW I’m very happy fpr you and I’m sure you are happt too.


  23. Just Curious

    Maybe it is a PR move…but it’s a damn smart PR move. Afterall…why piss over the fans who give him the recognition that he’s reveling in? Seems to me ignoring fans is a dumb move…no matter how much privacy a celeb wants. When he starts slamming back Oscars, Emmy’s and Golden Globe awards by the truckloads he can ignore his followers..but right now…word spreads on the internet…and by the end of the day eveyone will know He or someone in his camp takes time to respond to his fans.

  24. Anonymous

    I guess “You Rock” beats “Be Good.” Just to play devil’s advocate, so does this mean, Went that all your others fans are only worthy of “Be Good”?

  25. anon 1:37 – Advocate away! I can’t speak for all the other “Be Good” recipients, but I’m pretty confidant that my “Be Good” was written because I’m in fact so bad *belting out my Cheetara roar* πŸ˜‰

    Oh yeah, and WFW created a BLOG about Went, which we all frequent whether we like it or not. Why shouldn’t she get an extra shout out for her efforts? I actually want to hear Went saying “You Rock!” – I think it would be almost as funny as hearing him say “Fly Safe Papi!” *snickering*

  26. YOU ROCK!!! He said “YOU ROCK!” AAAAAAHHH!!!
    I think it’s a shout out!
    Don’t contradict me, you can’t win!
    … Love too! πŸ˜‰
    I think he meant to say you’re the Queen of Wentlust! For real!!

  27. Forgot to say YAY MAMA BEAR!!!

  28. Anonymous and annoyed

    dayum, some of you are a bit sour, huh?
    does it occur to you that the man has a life of his own? that maybe, just maybe there are other things going on in his life that might take priority over acknowledging gifts from fans? give the man a break, dayum! he acknowledges the gift and some of you still aren’t satisfied–you want to continue to castigate and rake him over the coals because the response didn’t come according to your timetable? some of you need to seriously chill..

  29. Mink

    Congrats on the fabu pic, WFW! That is certainly the most personal message I’ve seen from him on a signed pic, and kudos to you for that. It’s good to know there is at least one person who has put in hours and hours of work on behalf of his fandom who has received some kind of acknowledgement and appreciation for such.

    You know that I am extremely happy for your receiving this, and wouldn’t look to dampen your excitement for a minute, but I will just say that, looking at it objectively, whilst you have now been given this token, and thus thanked for your gifts, all the other issues raised in your ‘open letter’, and in many of the comments on that post, still apply. It’s lovely that you have received this, but I’m withholding judgement until I see if he improves on the other ‘issues’ and thus his fans more generally can get to feel a little bit of the love.

    So from me Wentworth, for the pic for WFW, an ‘A’ (for an ‘A+’ you would need not to have been poked to do it), for the rest of your fandom, we’re still looking at a ‘B’ (room for improvement) in my personal (and obviously humble) opinion.

    WFW: WORD Mink. I still meant every word in that letter and though it was all meant with love, I DID mean it. He could be just a little warmer. This is definitely a step in the right direction. He said love...*squeeing again*

    You are not the only one that would like to see a response to those questions you so painstakingly put together for The Church and sent back in January. There were some really thoughtful messages and intriguing questions and while it may be TMI for him to answer them, it would be nice to know if he got them.

    Re-reading those old posts made me long for the days of old when PB was still thrilling us (Season 2 wasn't all bad) and when Went always seemed to be somewhere doing something. Maybe there just aren't as many publicity opportunities these days and I know that it may have all gotten old for him too and he just wants to chill and I understand but what kept us going page after page after, post after post, was his presence. Yes it was imagined and I was no closer to meeting him then than I am now (I don't want people to get the impression that my not being able to meet him just b/c I tried a couple times is my main point b/c although it disappointed the hell out of me, more than I even showed to anyone who was paying attention, that's not it) but it seemed then, that he was everywhere. I miss it terribly, even if he doesn't.

    Something else that should be said and was touched on in the comments of the 'open letter' post is this fandom. While we may get a little ticked when someone doesn't know a piece of basic information that is very easily accessible, we still help everyone who asks. The reason I can even put myself into that we is b/c of mink. I came into this, a girl smitten with a celebrity, jumping in late and I missed so much. It was mink who posted all the old radio interviews for me and got excited with me all over again. It was she who told me when a pic was old, who scolded me when I didn't read some info that I damn sure should have known when I spend everyday blogging about the man, lol. She helped me tremendously. This is fun but it's also like a job. You have to know to share, you have to care to know, you have to love to care. Sure it's fun and games but it's work and we don't complain b/c we like to do it. It just might be nice to feel like he likes it too.

    With that said, I absolutely LOVE my autograph and I could not have asked for a lovelier dedication. Thank you Went.

  30. DBN

    Well, I think most of us are quite pleased. And WFW is, too, which is what counts the most, in my opinion.

    Yay! You rock, WFW! Not that we didn’t know that already, of course, but it’s great to see it affirmed by the man himself.

    And of course, once he’s in Baltimore filming that John Waters movie, I’m sure you’ll get a chance to be told that in person. Yay!

  31. Bluetoothfairy

    OMFG! Squeeing my ass off!!! KICKASS!!!
    And, I think there must be more coming up, mind the …

  32. Bel

    *happy dances through the comments and doesn’t give a shXX for the negative attitudes*

    You ROCK WFW! And he said LOVE!

    *squees right along with you*

    Baby, you’re back in business!


  33. shelly

    Yeesh. Poor Went. We find out that not only did he not even know about the gifts till recently, but sent the lovely autographed pic w/the l-word on it and still people are saying it’s a publicity stunt. WTF? This is Wentworth, not crazy Tom Cruise. First, he doesn’t need any kind of good publicity – he is just doing what is courteous and right. And second, he sent one photo out, he didn’t hold a press conference. How is that a publicity attempt? When it comes to some things, he just can’t win.

    I don’t have any issues with him at all short of the fact that he doesn’t seem to be doing anything to boost his career. So Went or his people, if you are lurking, and since you’re in a generous wish-granting mood, here’s my wish list for you:

    1. Work on a project besides Prison Break in your hiatuses. Don’t want to do movies? Do some theater. Do an indie film. Get a guest-starring part on an already existing show. There’s a great show on FX right now called The Riches with Eddie Izzard; it’s about gypsies and you’d be GREAT on it. The show is a mix of drama and dark comedy and it could be like your awesome role on Popular.

    2. Marry me and have my babies.

    3. Okay fine, *I’ll* have all the babies.

    4. Okay, I’ll settle for just number 1. I’m that desperate to see you further your career because I LOVE YOU and I know you’re the next big thing, I know it!

    *end rant*

  34. anon

    do you all want to see him in a project that does him no favour?…just to see him?i think he probably wants to find something he can connect’ll happen when prison break is done. he probably is a perfectionist.when it’s taken this long to get this far for someone,if you’re smart you don’t mess it up.

  35. shelly

    Anon 4:11, I didn’t say I wanted him to do something that does him no favors. But I also don’t want to see him fritter his hiatuses away. If he really doesn’t like any movie scripts he’s been offered, he can do something else that’s already good to expand his resume.

    He needs to expand his experience and range because Prison Break is not going to last forever. If he doesn’t try to do different things, once Prison Break is over, he could fade into obscurity or keep getting typecast. And I don’t want those to happen, not because he owes it to his fans, but because he’s worked so hard and he owes it to himself.

  36. azert

    it is always necessary to believe ,this man is really well

  37. Just Curious

    I want to see him out and about on one of his dates again…that’s like totally more interesting than seeing him as some character…afterall since we’ll all watch him in whatever movie he does, Prison Break or whatever it doesn’t really matter what he does..I’d be happy with pics of him hanging out with his girlfriend!

  38. anon

    maybe he spends time on his hiatus reading scripts ready for when he does leave prison break…alot of actors do that on their break.

  39. miller_thriller

    lol OMG wfw, you know went loves your gift bag!

    bet he sits stroking his wet for went tshirt and fingering the bracelet thinking who is this sexy stalker? after all he felt the desire to write you!

    i think we all must applaud went for taking the time to arrange for this to be sent to you!

    lol and i am so jealous SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

    i think its great that went actually acknowledges his fans every now and again.

    well done wfw. job well done!


  40. Juma

    OMG! OMFG!!!! WFW, YOU R.O.C.K.!!!!!!!
    I am really excited and happy for you!!! Congratulations!

    And to the negative people let me say… Please, get a grip for god sake!!
    And let wfw enjoy the moment, she deserves it!

  41. Julie

    I soo love him again πŸ™‚
    He gives me hope, you know?!

    I hope the next link you and Went have is to actually meet!!!Aaaaah (how awesome would that fucking be?)

    Anyways, send Him(Oh Lord all mighty) a giant picture of your afro do and put something clever on it (like you can come up with so often!)

    Love … (haha!, just genius!)
    You indeed ROCK!!


  42. Laura

    Congrats! That’s the same picture Wentworth sent me over Memorial Day Weekend, only I got “Be Good”. The day before, I had sent him a Birthday card, so hopfully, he’ll get that one too.

  43. cocot13

    congrats girl, I’m soooooooooo happy for you!!

  44. fruit loop

    wow wow wow, its true WFW u rock. im thinking of sending went some of the pb products, what do u lot think?

  45. fruit loop

    i forgot 2 say that ive made the pb products

  46. Anon

    Ahhh….That’s cute! Good for you WFW. I just told my friend earlier today about what a creative and “rockin'” site I found about Wentles….then I tuned in and saw the latest. You deserve it!! Good job. You do indeed “ROCK”!!!

  47. Today’s oxymoron: Enviously happy for you, WFW!!!

    I, for one, am very, very appreciative of the work you put into this blog. So good on you! It’s nice of W. Miller to reiterate what the majority of us of posters here already know: You do indeed R-O-C-K!

    Good God! How I love the way he’s smirking on this photo! It’s almost begging for a caption. How about: Yeah, you know you rock …

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  49. Boxergirl

    Well,well,well – YOU ROCK!!!

    Big Congrats WFW!!!!!

  50. Cin-D

    Omigosh!!!!! Went is such a wonderful man. He is just sooooooo sweet!Now I wanna send him a frakin’ gift bag myself!lol.

  51. Cin-D

    Oh….. and what a gorgeous pic it is. Yummy. lol.

  52. Sprinkles

    It’s just so awesome….and I realize he didn’t show up for those events; paley & upfronts but I still think he should be forgiven…he is the freakin’ pretty for godsakes! πŸ˜‰

  53. Dani

    Congratulations WFW – anything from Wentworth is simply farking awesome girl! To all the ungrateful pesimists: Booooooo!!! The man is exhausted! Leave him alone.

  54. Dani

    …If anything WFW – his cutie-pie photo is something for you to wank over………. and Amen to that.

  55. Dani

    Oh, and another thing….. his acknowledgement of you is now one step closer to your blow job..

  56. niknak

    WFW, I couldn’t be happier if that personalized autographed photo came to my house! You have shown some great fandom to someone who may not have always appreciated it. You weathered the stormy times, and though I agree with mink and geniass about still making him earn the level of love you have shown, I think gave a bit of himself in that personalized message… plus I think he knows better than to tell you to “Be Good.”

    As for all the nay sayers, I just want to know Anon 1:21, who pissed in your Cheerios? Don’t hate! Congratulate!

  57. rachh

    OMG WFW! u ROCK!!! n btw, i LOVE u too!! squeeeellll~~ hope u get more goodies from went himself.. and maybe a personal encounter? hehehe GOD SPEED WFW

  58. Anonymous

    Leave the man alone already find yourself a REAL man because he will never be yours.Stop wasting your money on this guy that pictured guranteed wasn’t even written by him!
    WFW: You obviously don't spend a lot of time here anon or you'd realize that most of the ladies (and men) here are attached or married so what was your point again? He'll never be ours? Who wants him? I think you may be blurring the line there buddy. Oh and to the best of my knowledge, that is his handwriting. :)

  59. emily


  60. emily

    and shut up, anon 12:25.

  61. shortstuff

    OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!! He LOVES you!! there is hope yet! *dying of happiness and envy all at the same time*

    ps: all of you raining on the parade, shush and let us have our moment of fangirlyness.

    pps: is it jus me, or does the “. . . ” after “love” seem a little cheeky… πŸ˜‰

  62. shortstuff

    wait a minute.. i jus noticed it says “thanks and love…” HE’S THANKING YOU!!? *dies*

  63. wow I’m so happy for you WFW!! So he loves you WOW… Do you realise that he loves you? πŸ™‚

  64. brit bird

    Anon 12.25/03.11, why are you on this site? If you dont like it fuck off. I have met some great people here and it is FUNNY do you even know what a sense of humour is? Some of us are professional people, some are at uni/college studying for degree’s some are just plain crazy and went obsessed (that would be me!!) And guess what? Some of us have ‘real’ men, and btw Wentworth Miller is a ‘real’ person. (It’s Michael Schofield that is fictional.) So what if Went didnt write on the photo? It made WFW happy, you know WFW, the girl who spends alot of her time for our entertainment and Went lust. The site that YOU are reading. If you could buy a sense of humour i would send you one but unfortunately you cant.

  65. Van

    I had a dream last night…
    WFW was in it, and so did Went!
    We where having dinner, me and my CboxFriend WFW, in a fancy restaurant and there was Went having dinner with some friends, only two tables away.
    I looked at WFW, and we both stared at Went.
    Then PretyBoy realized we were there and he went to our table and finnished dinner with us instead of his friends….LMFAO!
    After a few words and wine Went finally said that he received some curious and interesting gift bag from a fan (ahahahhaha) *at this point i’m thinking to myself: Please don’t wake up now…please!*
    Wfw looked me in the eyes and went speachless, cuz he remembered that!
    And Wentie was felling sad cuz he just send some autographed pic saying …..”LOVE” and….”U ROCK” and he was saying that he would never be able to meet that one girl.
    I blinked my eye over to WFW and then she turned to him and said: “actually Mr. Miller, that was me!”
    And he goes: “?!!!”
    And then we all laughed at dinner table…..
    And then………………………upsie can’t remember the rest of it! ROTFL
    £§@!%….I hate when that happens!

    I’m so whorable….(not like horrible)!
    AJ u said it first girl!!! Now this word is part of my dictionary!

    Anyway it was a funny dream, just tought it would be funny to comment it here! LMFAO OTF

  66. brit bird

    At first I was jealous as hell and plotting your death. But you deserve that man to be at your feet for all the hard work you have put in. You do rock and Went has written that he lurrrrrrrrrrrrrves you!! Yayyyyyyy
    **pom poms** Gimme a R Gimme a O Gimme a C Gimme a K **shaking madly** YOUUUUUUU RRROCK

  67. Juma

    Brit Bird, I think I love you… I was gonna awnser to anon. 12.25,
    but you said it all, took the words out of my mouth.
    Some people need to chill.

  68. Nicole

    Holy Shiittt!! OMFG!!!!! Oh you lucky GIRL!! I’m so happy for you WFW!! He loves you…OMG!! You really deserve it.. Lot’s of love from me too…I know this is not as important as WENT love, but I really do. Love Love Love…and YOU ROOOCCKKKSS!*hugs*

  69. brit bird

    Thank you juma you SAD SAD Went obsessed freak!!

  70. Mink

    Awww, WFW! Thank you so much for the lovely response to my comment. You are quite welcome for all the assistance way back when – you were great fun to get excited again with. (And I’m sure would be again if our fair prince would pull his finger out and give us something to be excited about again, overdue signed pics aside. πŸ˜‰ )

    Anyway, I did just want to clarify something re. the questions. Whilst many were posted on the board, I did edit those down carefully so that none were included in the list that was sent to him that could have remotely offended him or asked for TMI. Everything that was sent was respectful of his boundaries as I understand them from all my time spent following his career. (With the possible exception of DBN’s “What’s your safe word?” but I included that under the – hopefully not erroneous – impression that he would see the joke and find it amusing. And, hey, he could easily have ignored that one if he so chose.)

    I didn’t ever post the actual list of questions I sent so as not to open myself up to trolling responses.

    Anyway, I was fully aware that getting responses to the questions was a long shot – fun and rewarding (I think, for all concerned) though that would have been. But as I said at the board the other day, a quick two line response from him, or one of his ‘people’ on his behalf, acknowledging such lovely, supportive comments from dozens of Church girls wouldn’t have gone amiss.

    And just a note to the lovely Anon 12.25. I find that if you are going to cast aspersions, it’s better to know what you are talking about. It’s very obvious that the message on that pic was indeed written by WM himself. The writing is exactly the same as that on all the other many, many signed photos of which I have seen scans. So unless he has someone else sign all of his pics (an idea too silly to contemplate unless you want to just believe that everything we think we know about him is false), he signed this one too. Also, “You rock!” is definitely a phrase he would use. He’s used it before in radio interviews, and it certainly seems to express a considerable degree of approbation as far as he is concerned. It’s a really, nice generous message.

    Okayimdonenow. Thanks again, WFW.

  71. Bel

    Mink! What is his safe word? LMAO! That must be the BEST question ever! Hahahahahahahaha, I’ll be laughing about that for the rest of this day!


  72. bleep


    i am so freaking jealous!! and he usually writes “be good” right? and now, it’s WITH LOVE!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH, THIS CANNOT BE, BORROW ONE FROM THREE!

    hakhakhak, just kidding, i’m so happy for you WFW! you really rock!!

  73. AJ

    *throws a ROCK at anon 12.25/3.11*

    It’s not my blog, so I can’t make you leave. But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

    STOP.PISSING.ON.THE.PARADE.YOU.WHORE! …and I mean that in the nicest way possible….

  74. SavMed

    I am crying. I am mthrfckng crying. I really am.

    It’s as if he wrote “love SM”, ‘cos I do, I do live vicariously through you!!!!!!

    And MB and AJ – word!

  75. WFW

    LMAO mink, Ah but TMI to US and TMI to HIM are probably two completely different things and of course, DBN‘s question was the one I most wanted to know the answer to. In my mind, Went would have responded with something snarky like “pickles.”

    I posted those links to the questions in case anyone wanted to go back and see some of them. Someone might! πŸ˜‰

    Thank you everyone for enjoying this with me. I really am happy about it. Now, if only I could run into him…

  76. There have been a few anons here and on other posts who have deigned to remind WFW and her ardent supporters about the true nature of giving; that is, giving without the expectation of receiving anything in return. Now, while that’s an excellent lesson to teach young children, I’m sure that WFW and every other adult fan on this blog understands, believes, and practices this principle in their everyday lives. But we’re not talking about everyday life…we’re talking about fan girl/boy world and it’s a world not to be taken too seriously. It’s a world that *gasp* (dare I say it, dare I believe it???), where all Went fans should come together in harmony and peace…maybe even sway in a round of Kumbaya.

    Alas, I’m a woman of the world. I know that way too many people take their Went fandom WAY too seriously, and so to the more negative of that contingent, I offer this to consider…

    As far as WFW and Went are concerned, despite her previous lack of acknowledgment, which is now a moot point thanks to the timely revelation of the “You Rock!” photo, she has kept GIVING TO ALL OF US by posting hysterical pieces about Went, which we’ve all consumed like plagues of locusts and commented in turn.

    For all the anons who feel that WFW and other great fans on this site need to be reminded not to expect too much from Went, let me throw out another pearl of wisdom: DON’T BITE THE HAND THAT MOTHER FUCKING FEEDS YOU! Stop visiting, stop reading, and for the love of all things holy, stop your jealous bitching! Don’t taint our hope and most of all our fun with your hateful poison.

    If WFW somehow, some way gets a set visit, it benefits ALL of us. If Mink finally gets some acknowledgment for the collection of thoughtful questions, it benefits ALL of us. Whenever fans are fortunate to have sightings and take pictures with Went, when they’re shared with other fans their blessed experiences, it benefits ALL of us. Whenever fans receive signed photos from Went, whether it’s “Be Good” or something more, it benefits ALL of us. All of these things benefit ALL of us since it gives us hope and proof that Went does in fact appreciate his fans.

    Anon 12:25, why don’t you Pied Piper your way on outta here and lead your other lemmings along with you? Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out!

  77. anon without expectation of return may be a bit harsh of me.i can see the thought and consideration coming from wfw,no doubt bout that.i’m sure he appreciates ALL his fans,not just wfw.i’m just saying the pic was fab and personal,but to say(as some of you have) he should be MORE appreciative is maybe a bit unrealistic.although,never say never with someone like him.he may surprise you,when you least expect.;)

  78. WFW

    *holding mb back* It’s OK, I can handle it. See how my girls get rowdy?

    I didn’t give expecting him to call and personally thank me. I didn’t give expecting a marriage proposal. I didn’t give expecting anything crazy and the message is in fact more than I expected (remember, I was not prepared for his not being there and my address was not on my card and it’s clear he flat out refuses to email). I think just knowing how far I traveled and not receiving any word was the worst of it. It’s all good now.

    Some people think b/c we sometimes take the fandom seriously that we are seriously looking to be with the object of our affections. How fucking ridiculous would it be for Went to meet and then date a fan? We’re not stupid, lol and although we seem to spend a lot of it online, we all have lives.
    We are no more crazy than sports fans who feel like they are a part of the team they root for. Some people have football (GO RAVENS), we have Went. *doing a cheer for Went* GOOOOO Went!

    Let’s let the subject die and get back to squeeing. Unless of course we want to talk about the next time I try to find him and he doesn’t show up. What? Next time? You did not just hear that…

  79. AJ

    Oooh, mb how we’ve missed you! I got all riled up just reading that. And all I have to add is a big fat WORD! Wonderfully said! πŸ˜‰

    and on a side note…
    *pssst* …hey!…Wentworth! If you’re reading this… I, too would love it if you’d just go ‘head and answer that “safe word” question. Seriously, I’m dying to know…. is it “comquat” ……it’s “comquat,” isn’t it???

    *winks at Wentworth, knowingly*

  80. AJ

    Yay, WFW …next time! ….I mean…..what?

  81. Elise

    Congratulations dear WFW! I always thought you would get a response of some sort after your amazing work. But I’m a foreigner and though my English isn’t too bad, I sometimes miss the subtleties of your exchanges with your blogger friends in the U.S.. Could you clarify this business of “questions” submitted by MINK to Went? Or, more precisely, could Mink herself tell us here what they were exactly (I mean the ONES he actually got)? And (if it’s not too indiscreet, WFW!) HOW did the signed photo come your way? I’m nosey, I know…
    Love to you.

  82. Mink

    Ah but TMI to US and TMI to HIM are probably two completely different things and of course, DBN’s question was the one I most wanted to know the answer to. In my mind, Went would have responded with something snarky like β€œpickles.”

    LMFAO! Exactly, see! That question would have given him the chance to be hilarious and snarky in response. He was just missing out on a golden opportunity by not answering.

    And I do have to say…it’s pretty damn obvious from the message on that pic that WM wants you to keep seeking him out. It’s not like he was being exactly discouraging. I have faith you will hunt him down in the end, oh yes I do! πŸ˜€

  83. *wiping foam from mouth – blood pressure dropping* OK, I’m better now…*singing “Kumbaya, my lord, Kumbaya…”*

    AJ, I’ve missed you all too! Now, if I can manage not to have a stroke whenever I post my retorts, I’ll be in good shape *closing eyes and going to happy place*

    And “comquat” is SO the word! HAHAHAHAHA!

  84. Elise

    Another question to A.J., for example: what is the meaning of “safe word” and “comquat” ? Don’t laugh at what must sound stupid questions, but we, foreigners, have a lot to learn that isn’t always in the books…
    Thanks to whoever replies…

    I love it!

    He said : “YOU ROCK!”

  86. DBN

    Hi Elise. Mink won’t post the questions because we don’t want fake answers from random shit-disturbers, but if we ever do get a response, Mink will post it all at the First Church.

    Re. ‘pickles’: WFW, if he said ‘aardvark’, I’d fucking wet myself. In both ways.

    I love your analogy of the sports team – it’s dead-on. We are rooting for Team Wentworth. We have the paraphernalia to show it. We buy tickets to games when we can. We read the sports pages for any news of our team. We delight in our team’s successes and grieve its losses. We’re brought together by our desire to see our team win, and we are keen to show our support.

    So, yes: GO TEAM!

  87. DBN

    Oh, I just saw your second comment, Elise.

    A “safe word” is a special word that a person keeps in mind during kinky sex in case things get out of hand. It lets people scream out “No! Stop! I can’t take it anymore!” when they really mean “Yes! That’s fantastic! Keep going!” because if they really wanted it to stop, they’d shout their “safe word”, which usually has nothing to do with sex and therefore can’t be mistaken. Hence “pickles” or “aardvark”. πŸ˜‰

    “Comquat” is actually “kumquat” or “cumquat” – it’s like a tiny little orange. Unless it has some sort of, er, ‘special’ meaning that I’m not aware of…

  88. Wait, AJ, “comquat” or “cumsquat”? I vote for the latter!

  89. AJ

    Actually, mb I was thinking “cum, twat!” but we can just go with “cumsquat” if you want…

  90. Ooh, ooh wait…”cumshot”! But that’s sexually-oriented, isn’t it? Damn, I’m such a moron!

  91. Anonymous

    > HOW did the signed photo come your way? I’m nosey, I know…

    Yeah, I’d like to know too. Spill, WFW!

    Btw, I’m so happy for you!!

  92. Elise

    Thank you so much, DBN !
    What’s great with this blog is that it is multi-purpose. You lust for Went at your soul’s content, you enjoy WFW’s delicious humour AND you get to improve your English !!!
    What more do I need? I’m thinking about asking our american literature and civilization teacher to add WFW’s blog to the curriculum…Better than boring Faulkner(* shudder*)…
    Love to you all, boys and girls Wentlusties!!

  93. AJ

    You know, mb perhaps we’re going about this all wrong….

    I’m thinkin’ his safe word may not be a “word” at all….maybe it’s a random phrase or something. Maybe something like…. “Dayum, Ginaaaaaa!”

    I don’t know. I’m still thinking about it….

  94. Elise

    By the way, DBN, this “safe word” thing appears to be a widespread use.. Does it means you are all into kinky sex in the U.S. ? Is it the result of too much religious repression in your country? What happened to good healthy sex in the haystack behind the farm?
    Something tells me Went would prefer it that way, nice and fresh, rosy buttocks in the sun (* ah, that firm small butt of his!* )in spite of those out-of-character photos he did for Vogue (Surely they were trying to cash in on the Perezhilton gay rumours!)

  95. AJ, I think you’re on to something there!

    And Elise, “Does it means you are all into kinky sex in the U.S. ? Is it the result of too much religious repression in your country? What happened to good healthy sex in the haystack behind the farm?” I think I love you!

  96. Who knew such a wonderful thing would be pissed on by fucking anons and others…

  97. Anonymous

    Woo-hoo! WFW, I’m so happy for you, if anyone deserves it it’s you. And I can’t believe you got him to not only make two (!) changes to his regular routine, but to actually express an emotion – you know how hard that must have been? πŸ˜‰
    This assures us of at least another year of blogging, yes?

  98. DBN

    By the way, DBN, this β€œsafe word” thing appears to be a widespread use.. Does it means you are all into kinky sex in the U.S. ? Is it the result of too much religious repression in your country? What happened to good healthy sex in the haystack behind the farm?

    Actually, Elise, I’m Canadian. But more to the point, I think it’s all a matter of perspective, because to me sex in the haystack behind the farm sounds deliciously kinky. πŸ˜€

    Of course, that’s probably because in my scenario, Went and I would have slipped into the stable to select some, er, “items” for play…

  99. He said “YOU ROCK!” and “LOVE” and “…”

  100. shelly

    Heh. No discussion on this blog can ever NOT evolve into a topic about sex, right? πŸ˜‰ Which is why I lurk in the c-box all the time, but I’m too boring to ever participate. *secretly hoping Went isn’t scared off by all the randyness here*

    Anyway, since I keep forgetting to say it, I’m happy for you WFW.

    And Went? If God didn’t intend you to make movies, he wouldn’t have made you so damn pretty!

  101. brit bird


  102. AJ



  103. anon

    aj…love went’s rocks!
    …sorry,for some reason(warped mind?) i have convulsions…hmmmm…:)

  104. aama

    LOL. That’s so nice! I’m happy for you WFW, πŸ™‚

  105. Redlightmind

    Yay WFW! I told you! I’m happy he responded to you. LOVE the message too!

    …and it’s definitely his hand who wrote it! dammit.

  106. Laura

    Anon needs to find the humor in fandom, but I’m kinda with her to (in a realistic way, not negitive). We are never going to marry Went, but dreaming about him is always fun, and some people do get lucky enough to meet Wentworth still aren’t going to marry him. And, if that doesn’t happen, you can always write to him and hope that Wentworth mails you an autographed pic!

  107. Wake Up!!!

    There are two sets of pictures his management sends out.One is for the people who just want his pic with his initials and the two words he uses.Then there is the same pic but with the you rock and love WM part sometimes there are different sayings on it those are for people who send him gifts.Those pictures are already signed months ago by him.
    WFW: ROCK! LOVE! ...

  108. Mink

    Those pictures are already signed months ago by him.

    Holy crap! I mean, I knew the man was talented, but he’s psychic as well!!!

    ‘Cos apparently he knew WFW’s real name months ago, before she even gave him her gifts, so he could pre-sign a prepared pic! The man is just amazing!

    *mammoth fucking eye roll*

  109. Exactly, Mink.
    Luckily, she has such an ordinary name, so he was able to just guess it months ago…
    C’mon, people… (And when I say people, I mean Wake Up!!!)

  110. AJ

    Wake Up!!!, SHUT.UP!!!

  111. Awwww, Wake Up, there’s no need to hate. I’m sure that Went will send you a signed pic too if you write to him. Give it a try.

  112. Sarah

    Hello! Im new to this, so forgive me if this has been asked before, but …

    I would LOVE a signed pic from Went! HOW DO I GET ONE!?!?!? Where would I write to???
    Thanks very much, and you’re SO lucky!!

  113. Sarah

    Heh, sorry, its me again!
    Just wondering what it was that you sent him? Just curious!

  114. WFW

    Check the Wentness page. Went’s contact info is the first link. And about the gift bag, You can find what I (and two others) gave on this post.

    I never knew I had so many haters! This makes me so…so…happy. πŸ˜€


    ohmigosh! it’s about damn time!
    however, the man does know how to melt a heart…

  116. Nice one! Wow! I mean seriously, just think of the 1.6 billion on the planet…imagine all of the Wentworth Miller fans…and to think you recieved a personalised photo, Im really amazed lol! to the people who are dissing, come on…admit it you are a teensy bit jealous lol, I know I am, this is too cool!!!

    Well WFW Ive been following your blog for sometime, and I have to say fairplay to you for keeping things real on here, and bringing together so many cool like minded fans, it makes it all worthwhile lol! *sniffs* I need a moment…but seriously Im astonished how much attention your blog gets, and anyone who is negative, well they wouldnt have the balls to do what you do, so keep doing your thing!! your UK fan luvs ya


  117. Fevah

    I’m so damn delayed. Sorry Wetly! All I can say is… forever and always my hero, are you. Forever and always, baby! So pleased. And you? Are so brilliant!

    Lovin’ Ya,

    PS – Ladies? (you know who you are) Well, well, well, well said. Couldn’t have said all of it better if I tried. πŸ˜‰ Keep the dream alive, hotties!

  118. Boxergirl

    “Cos apparently he knew WFW’s real name months ago, before she even gave him her gifts, so he could pre-sign a prepared pic! The man is just amazing!

    *mammoth fucking eye roll*”

    Mink – LMFAO…you took the thought right outta my brain..

    Whats with all the hate-or-ade people? Didn’t your mothers teach you if you don’t have anything nice to say Shut The Fuck Up???

    And yes, – its his handwriting..

  119. Amanda

    I must be over emotional today your post made me tear up. I’m so happy he responded. Wonderful wonderful wonderful. And he’s right you do rock! This is awesome!

  120. *waves white flag*…lol MamaBear, I am a member of that “other” board and actually just went in tonight and seen all that was going on.
    I don’t know the whole story but I am not even gonna take sides, I post on both this page and that board. Specially when the mood arises πŸ˜€
    I love this page and find it funny, But have not had the chance to get to know any of the fellow members here yet…SO HELLO LADIES!!! πŸ˜€

  121. AJ

    Welcome MadHatter! We’re not all bad, I promise. And K nothing was said over at that board that wouldn’t have been said here (aside from the one moron comment, but we won’t touch that one, since it’s already been apologized for). We were our fun, usual, snarky selves. I guess it just wasn’t their brand of humor. And we’re okay with that. πŸ™‚

  122. Hi Mad Hatter! It’s very nice to meet you!

    Krissie, I used reason and diplomacy to make my initial point, which was first and foremost only to state and clarify that NO ONE should accuse another person of doing something criminal (i.e. stalking) without clear evidence…period.

    When diplomacy and reason failed, I tried to use coercive humor, which seemed to be working a bit and then it died a hard, fast death.

    When good humor failed, I simply adopted the persona of who they already think we are…a cult member. Now that I’m a cult member I’m having the time of my life…it’s such a release to embrace my inner-psycho! I feel so FREE!

    But seriously, it’s all good now. I think we’re ready to move on, right?

  123. Soulsis

    Ladies, WFW i am going to say something the admin over at the Wentworth Miller message board that started all this WFW bashing named Sweet Cherry was a member over at the WMO site.She was banned from the WMO site because she fought with the mods and people and she caused alot of trouble her name was Black Diamond.She also had two accounts posting under different names.I just came here to warned the people that go to her site that are some what innocent to be careful because she has posted messages herself under “guest” making believe is someone else but it’s her.I also know she comes to this site all the time as do members’ of her site.WFW please don’t delete this message i am just trying to warn the girls over there, that come here what kind of person that woman is she’s a real snake!
    WFW: LOL I was really trying to keep all this talk off the blog but since it seems the shit just won't die, I put some of the comments back below. The admins at FCOWM recognize her also so it seems she's been all over. I remember when the board was being linked on IMDB; I never went over. The only reason I noticed them at all is b/c they linked me; They hate me but they linked me. Of course most of the things said there are untrue and that can be gathered by simply reading the post being discussed. Thanks Soulsis and others for your comments and if you got deleted, know that it's not b/c I didn't value what you said. And that's all I have to say about that.

  124. cocot13

    Can I just take a minute and say to Mama Bear, YOU ROCK!!
    I was jumping up and down when I read your defense of WFW at that other site, why are they even fans of his , mostly all they do is complain about his acting, accuse him of having absolutely no confidence, no self esteem, setting up fake dates,and posting the same stuff that they see here or at the Church.I’m not saying that you have to love everything that he does but most of the time it seems like they dont even like him.I haven’t been there in awhile but boredom took me back and when I saw you there it was like hey I know her (well, in my head) and hearing you defend her when they blasted her just made my day. Now I know why I never registered there.

  125. Mink

    Mama Bear, it was a valiant effort, and I salute you for it, but I have to admit I never foresaw much chance of success.

    The people who post at that board seem to really only be interested in pushing their negative agendas re. other Wentworth boards and sites. Practically every example they cite to support their arguments is misinformed, a misinterpretation of what someone actually said or just plain made up altogether.

    For example (and I noticed these points particularly because they referred the Church of course), they argue (in that thread and elsewhere), that they don’t like the Church board because people are not allowed to post dissenting views re. WM. You only need to actually read our board to see that isn’t the case (indeed, I’ve given him a hard time there on more than one occasion). And one poster said that if you do post there disagreeing with anyone, you are called names like “bitch”. It would be impossible for anything to be further from the truth. There is NO name calling at the FCOWM board, and once again, it would only take actually reading it to see that.

    Their ‘arguments’ re. the WFW/signed pic situation were almost all based on poor information or a misinterpretation of what she or people here said.

    Also, as alluded to above by cocot13, over all the tone of that board is incredibly negative. I read it once months ago when it first started, felt kind of nauseous and didn’t even bookmark it. As cocot13 pointed out, they don’t post any original content – they just repost things they’ve found at the Church board, Jared or here, so there’s no need to go there unless you want to partake of the poisonous atmosphere.

    Your hope that they might go anywhere and actually celebrate the wonder that is WEM III is really nice (and I mean that genuinely, not snarkily), but I honestly think that isn’t something they are remotely interested in doing. They are far more interested in making themselves feel big and clever (in their opinion) by dissing others and WM.

  126. Mama Bear

    Mink, I know, I know…for such a self-proclaimed pessimist, why did I even think that I could convince anyone from that site to see the error of their ways?

    Maybe it’s because I’m a glutton for punishment.

    Maybe it’s because even though I know I’m not going to win the war, I will fight tooth and nail to win the battle (and we SO won the battler ladies!).

    Maybe it’s because I think that putting forth the effort means something in and of itself. In that respect, I am an idealist and I will never stop being one. I am glad to see that others feel the same way.

    I come out of this fray with my head held high, my integrity intact, and my points clearly made. I would think that Went would be proud. *holding fingers crossed*

    In any case, I have been banned from that site (it didn’t take long)…LMAO! I’m sure it will be just a matter of time before all my posts as well as the other pro-WFW’s posts are deleted too. Unreasonable people don’t like to be reminded so glaringly of reason.

    All I can say is that if I were put in this similar position, I would slap a defamation of character suit so fast on that administrator’s ass that it would make her head spin. If anyone here doesn’t believe that’s a legitimate argument in this day and age, read up on your legal knowledge and consider what’s happened to other irresponsible bloggers and site moderators:

    Clearly, WFW has class and reason beyond measure, and she knows, as do we all, that the accusations against her are unfounded, so WFW – yay you!

  127. Anonymous

    just to let you know the statement about Sco being a 27 year old virgin is the truth that I got from THEIR site, hwere she talks about the fact that she is not only a virgin but hasn’t even seen a penis before so i wasn’t stating a untruth, I was just trying to reason why she is so uptight thats all

  128. Mama Bear

    One other thing…while it doesn’t bother me much because I’m sure it doesn’t bother WFW…much smack talk has been made against her moral character as well as other readers’ of her blog (i.e. we’re being called cultish, sluttish whores people! yeah, i know we’re whores, but cultish?!).

    When I first started posting over there, I thought…”Hmm…maybe they really are just a bunch of women who are not in touch with their sexuality,” but from what I’ve seen of their Went raunch fest going on in their boards, this is clearly not the case.

    Exhibit A: “What Turns Went On” started by Babygirl

    Exhibit B: “Went Servicing Himself” started by Sweet Cherry

    Exhibit C: “Does He Eat P*ssy?” started by skipp10467

    Exhibit D: “So Is He Cut? Is He Circumsized?” started by Sweet Cherry

    Exhibit E: “Is He Into S & M? To What Degree?” started by Sweet Cherry

    Exhibit F: “What Do You Think Went Sound Like in Bed?” started by scocredi99

    In fact, dear jury, there are ELEVEN like-topic threads all containing very randy sexual queries, opinions, and fantasies about Wentworth E. Miller III…Exhibit D even made it into page 2! If you don’t believe me, read to your heart’s content.

    My point is that the readers/posters of THAT site are the LAST people to be calling the readers of THIS blog out on moral character regarding our sexuality. I think what we have here is a crystal clear case of “the pot calling the kettle black.”

    Case closed.

  129. niknak

    How did we get so OT? Forget the other board and their coalition for moral hypocrisy. Wentworth Miller, THE Wentworth Miller, has said that our own WFW ROCKS!!! And, he signed it with LOVE! The haters can go suck it… the rest of us will revel in loving jealousy.

  130. WFW, I am so fucking happy for you! First of all, that is a hot ass photo! Second of all, Went agrees with all of us in the fact that you do indeed rock! Third of all, let’s break this down, shall we?

    He’s a little slow to respond . . . . . . in all ways? That’s right, people! In my mind, this tells me that he lasts longer! Okay, maybe I’m stretching it, but work with me here! πŸ˜‰

  131. vitaamine

    WTW I’m so happy for you, u rock :p
    what gifts did you send him? sorry to be curious -_-

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  133. pam2134

    you are so so hot, i would kill for your love….lol

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