Wentworth Miller for Nam Yang

Hail to the Went starved! I salute you! It seems there is a new Korean company that has snagged them a piece of Wentworth Miller. This time it’s Nam Yang French Coffee. Nam Yang is a company famous for their milk products in Korea. And now for the good stuff ‘cuz I know you want the pic (updated cuz bigger is better, Thanks Leluwenmi)!


Thanks Joey and DC Inside!

UPDATE: Another pic!

French Cafe: The power of levitation.

Thanks Baaca!

UPDATE #2: The commercial!

Thanks Wendy!

UPDATE #3: He’s on the website AND the packaging!

Thanks chunkymonkey!


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66 responses to “Wentworth Miller for Nam Yang

  1. nicbeast

    Makes me wish I drank coffee.

    I guess that is why he wasn’t at Starbuck’s today…

  2. Laura

    Yum! And Went looks yummy!

  3. Wow! Went looks so debonair in this ad! Make mine a French Roast blend with a kiss of cream and a whisper of Madagascar cinnamon. 😉

  4. Bluetoothfairy

    Mmmmmmmm… Went in a suit and eyefucking… mmmmmmm…
    And coffee… mmmmmm…
    Can I have a moccaccino, please?

    Finally some new pics!
    Words fail me… He’s just too gorgeous…
    Seems he lost a little weight, I hope he doesn’t lose more.

    And does anyone else think that in the second pic he appears to be saying: “It’s this big, I swear.” LOL

  5. mana

    hahahah bluetoothfairy
    now that you’ve mentioned it.. yes i have to agree with you

  6. sprinkles

    Hmm… why didn’t we see more of this? When did he do this? Did he take another trip we weren’t aware of? Is that possible? Damn! Not really liking these pics…they are too dark…and the second one.. he looks like he is the middle of a sentence…Ha Ha BTF..I agree!

  7. WFW

    I believe they came to the U.S. so it wasn’t done during Wentkorea. I think he looks gorgeous, as usual.

    Bluetoothfairy said: Seems he lost a little weight, I hope he doesn’t lose more.

    *nodding* Baby, don’t lose too much!

  8. He looks good… 🙂 but I’ll never drink that type of coffe dear Went o_O Italian Espresso Rulez!

  9. shelley

    I love Went, but is he a little desperate for work? or money?

  10. WFW

    LOL If someone paid me to hold up sugar covered shit, I’d do it.

  11. Cess

    I’m French.. I’m OK to make him some “café” 😛
    Seriously, with a gorgeous guy like this on the ad, this French coffee would be sold very easily…

  12. evelyn

    Holy shiiiiitt!!!
    He is alive!!!

    Advertising coffee, eh…?
    Well, I have to agree with Giulia about the Italian Espresso, but so be it! I would enjoy any new picture of Him, even if He advertised scotch tape…! LOL..!!

    Although, I’d love to see Him modeling for Hugo Boss’s underwear collection…………………….

    Love?? I said love???
    Sorry… I meant “get on my knees and pray”, to see Him modeling for Hugo Boss’s underwear collection……………………………….
    Yeah, that’s what I meant…!

  13. shelly

    Interesting. Though I wonder why he keeps doing foreign ads instead of shilling his own beloved Starbucks coffee or frappe latte or whatever that thing is he’s always drinking.

    Ah well, whatever. He’s still lovely. 🙂

  14. Just Curious

    aside from the obvious factor $$$…this is what he calls holding out for until he gets better scripts?lmao!!…a levitating coffee cup? aaaaahhh haaaa.

  15. AJ

    Is there anything this man can’t do??? He makes coffee levitate, hearts palpitate, and panties evaporate…

    He’s my new favorite magician 😉 I shall call him Blaineworth ….or perhaps Went Angel … I haven’t decided yet…

  16. Juma

    I don’t know about the coffee….
    But wentworth is beautiful as always.

  17. Melm

    Well, this beats Clooney’s “Nespresso, what else?” by far… “Wentpress me, I’m French”

  18. Pink Boxers

    I didn’t know Clooney did Nespresso. It’s good actually, we have those machines in our building.

    Is that a chocolate brown silk charmeuse shirt? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Good enough to eat. I mean drink.

    Methinks he’s doing it for the money. I think he wants to amass a fortune so he can run his own production company one day.

  19. Melm

    Oooh, you should check out the Clooney add on youtube. The plot: Clooney overhears two women in a coffee bar, listing adjectives with lust « Dark, sensual, intense, with a firm body ». Clooney comes up to them, and interjects « You’re talking about Nespresso, right ? » They look at him with condescendence. Clooney, embarrassed but with a wink in his eye, « Of course, Nesspresso, what else? ». Now, imagine our Wentworth doing a coffee scenario, only with a slightly different ending…

  20. Just Curious

    …think we’ll see that commercial airing here in the U.S….or on YouTube eventually? We know all celebrities sell their images for product endorsements but really…
    Come on Went….stop with the product “ho”-ing…do something not just for money.
    Bean Pole.
    French Cafe….

  21. cocot13

    I love Went, but WTF???

  22. WFW

    Acting is for money too and this way he gets paid beaucoup dollars for like a few hours work which consists of dressing up, looking at the camera and holding up a cup. I get it. Oh yes I do. *nodding* Personally, I am just glad to see him AT ALL!

    It is very obvious that no one can make Went do anything. I guess he’ll do a movie whenever he gets around to it. *folds hands and waits*

  23. Pink Boxers

    Melm LOL! I for some reason never connected a “firm body” with Clooney, especially after his back injury (poor thing).

    Looking at that pic again, the size of the cup looks so small in his hand

    Hey, if William Bradley Pitt can make money overseas, why not Went? He’s a great model. But I don’t want him signing up for Fantastic 4 or any some such shit.

  24. Melm

    I admit that the composition of the second picture is really tacky. Look at his hands, they made him look like he has two pistols..PB theme and all…Or is it the GAP double fingering theme? Hmm….Anyway, he is so freaking hot, the steam comes from him, not the coffee…

  25. brit bird

    OMG i now think i have seen it all………

  26. anon

    is it just me,or are his long veiny hands VERY ummm…hot!

  27. AJ

    Melm said, “Look at his hands, they made him look like he has two pistols..PB theme and all…Or is it the GAP double fingering theme?”


    anon 3.26, welcome to the party, yo! Hand whores unite!

  28. Charlie Brown

    Love the pics…. and i must say that i’m a bit glad that he doesn’t whore himself out for any and every job he’s offered. You know how when you really like an up and coming singer/group/band, and then they blow up then everyone likes them; you kinda hate to share. If Went was in a huge blockbuster movie and he was all of sudden really popular, i would cringe! Not because i don’t wish him well in his career, but b/c a Went blacklash would soon follow. Plus, i’m a stingy bitch, and i don’t wannas share him!

  29. Charlie Brown

    i meant ” wanna”…..

  30. MrsWM

    Evelyn I’ll have a quiet whisper in Went’s ear tonight about doing a bit of ho’ing for Hugo,after all the Mrs’ has got to have some more bling!

    And Charlie Brown I’m not a stingy bitch – just return him when your done – in good condition!!
    He’s mine girls….

  31. Charlie Brown

    Will Do, MrsWm, but let me warn you that he may be a bit worn out from the hurting on gonna put on him!

  32. Simply beautiful, I love the whole tone of the photoshoot…everything reminds me of chocolate…mmmm lol!! Wow! Suddenley coffee has a whole new meaning, I wonder if they ship that brand to the UK….*hmmm*

  33. MrsWM

    That a girl, Charlie Brown…with a man like Went we all have to share the love.

    WFW … congrats girl on both a fab site and a photo. I’ve been trying for months now to get my man to sign anything! Not even a cheque… I have to have something to do when he’s not around and off shooting in your parts… of the woods that is.

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  35. Yee-haa! Freshly brewed W. Miller photos. Yum! Yum! Yum! I’ll take mine away, thanks.

    AJ 11.25am: “… and panties evaporate”

    LMAO! Yeah, he can be my favourite magician too. I’m gonna christen him Went Cop-A-Feel.

  36. Sprinkles

    Bigger pic…oh yes! Quite yummy! Much better! Who is better than you WFW?????…ummm….. Nobody!

  37. AJ

    miz brisvegas said: “LMAO! Yeah, he can be my favourite magician too. I’m gonna christen him Went Cop-A-Feel.”


    ….Went-A-Cop! *sigh*….someone stop me….

  38. emily

    is this somehow part of some huge scam to get us to move to/worship korea?

  39. niknak

    If someone paid me to hold up sugar covered shit, I’d do it.

    I know I am supposed to be completely gaga over the new Went photos, but this was too f’ing funny!!! ROTFLMAO. I am right there with you WFW.

    Though Korean (or French, or Italian, or Columbian) coffee is not my forte, I am happy he lives, has been photographed and is still as hot as ever.

    Side Note: I am starting a campaign for him to continue his cappu-frappa-lotta-chino drinking so he can up the lbs. Can’t love a man I can snap like a twig!!

  40. niknak

    …and he wasn’t the new James Bond because….

    can anyone help me out on this one???

  41. shelly

    I noticed other Went fangroups are also bemoaning his lack of movie roles. Or maybe it’s because we all frequent the same fanspots? Both TWOP and even IMDB posters are wondering why he’s doing ads and not movies.

    He’s gotten so much fan attention from Prison Break, I wonder if he’s afraid to break out in movies and get even more famous. Maybe he’s not comfortable fanning the fame anymore than he already has.

    I don’t know if the role of Bond would fit him. Isn’t Bond British? But then I don’t like the James Bond movies. I did hear that they’re thinking of making a pre-quel to the X-Men films, a young Magneto film, and I think he would be awesome for something like that. But I doubt he’d even be considered for that type of role unless Ratner directed it.

  42. Just Curious

    perhaps he makes a better print model than actor, look Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell they are great models but no one is throwing scripts at them…maybe to hollywood producers he’s just see him as that..pretty-boy-model.

  43. Pretty clothes, lovely half-smile, stupid ad…
    As always, good to see you, Mr Miller!

  44. SavMed

    Yes, he does seem a little thin. Guess he’s “been livin’ on coffee and cigarettes”. Man, come to Croatia we got sarma!

  45. Melm

    AJ said « …actually….*coughIT’STHISBIGcough* ». AJ, this is such an acute interpretation of the add! How could I have missed it ? God knows I think of that aspect of his many many accomplishments often enough… Let’s face it : Mr Perfect has it all. The looks, the brains, the voice, the artistic soul…That must be on the list too.

  46. AJ

    Actually Melm, “It’s this big” is a Church reference: (http://www.fcowm.com/wentionary.html). See “gangsign”…. 😉 Good luck on your “board review.” Hopefully you’ll be posting away over there in no time. 🙂

  47. I may get to meet Went this fall. I’ll go with the promotions guy here at Fox, to fall screenings in L.A. I’ll ask him for his recipes. Better be caramel!

  48. how is it that i live in korea and i have never seen this ad or the beanpole ads?? i don’t get it. okay, i saw him on t.v. talking about beanpole and on the covers of magazines, but i haven’t ever seen these ads actually being used as ads… am i just oblivious? i even went in beanpole hunting for larger than life went pics and didn’t see any! what’s going on here, korea? and did he come back here a second time to take these french cafe pics?! i need details, wfw!

    9 out of 10 pics he takes in korea look ridiculous…. even though the half the peninsula loves him… he might want to reconsider all these odd jobs 😉

  49. No wonder Went loves coffee so much…it makes him orgasm!

    LOVE the black Regis-style monochromatic suit! It’s a far cry better than the ill-fitting BPJ.

  50. WFW

    But…Where was the eye-fuck? WHERE?!

  51. AJ

    Wait, I’m confused….is he selling coffee or sex? Cuz if it’s the latter, I’d like to order a year’s worth. *busting out checkbook*

  52. Cat'sMeow

    Wenty, you are too beautiful for words. You sexy, sexy man you!!!! God made you for us woman to enjoy. Thank you so much, God. Amen.

  53. AJ

    Aww, he’s on the packaging! But I wonder why he looks so sad.. Perhaps he’s crying because he can’t read the menu since it’s in Korean. NOW how’s he gonna get his coffee???

  54. rusty nail

    damn you wentworth miller for doing this!!!!!!!!!now i will think about you during coffe!!!!!!!
    and to be honest i really like that thougth!!!!!!! 😉

  55. Cat'sMeow

    So very hot and delicious …………. no not the coffee……… the Wenty!!! He’s dressed all in black, how yummy!!! Imagine girls, shopping in the boring supermarket and suddenly you come across this beautiful man on the package of coffee. Those lucky Korean girls!!!! It’s not fair.

  56. If I lived in Korea, my walls would be papered with Went packaging.

    The Pretty’s power knows no bounds…he’s even good for the environment!

  57. I really should be embarrassed to admit how many times I’ve visited the French Cafe site today. Damn you, Wentworth, I have a life to lead, you know?!

  58. rusty nail

    to be honest why don’t someone make a supermarket with only stuff with went’s face on top of them?i think that it’s a good idea and if that ever happens i will be the best costomer of that supermarket!!!!!!!!!!!!!(you all know what i mean! )

    PS.if a store like this already exist prease let me know!!!!!!!! 😉

  59. Cat'sMeow

    Oh someone please, please open a Wenty Supermarket!!!!! I’ll be your number one shopper!!! The supermarket would have to be a franchise all over the world, and that way Wenty had to go to all the grand openings. Wishing, praying, hoping!!!!

  60. Dani

    The coffee-snorting sex stud flabergasts again… in a hot black suit

  61. Dani

    and just to lick the coffee right off his fingers..

    I think it’s coffee-sex time…….

  62. Thomas Pirovano

    Really hot!

  63. went looks much more gorgeous in black suits i love u went!!!!!!!!!WFU really

  64. went -worth i love u those are d only words i culd think of anytime i sit alone on my bed, in office, anywher went pls just a little attention pls!!!!!!!!!

  65. Jana

    haha as i first read the headline i thought you mean this pic: http://images.google.de/imgres?imgurl=http://chuvaness.files.wordpress.com/2007/04/meandwent2.jpg&imgrefurl=http://chuvaness.wordpress.com/2007/04/08/wentworth-miller-caught-with-his-girlfriend/&h=400&w=300&sz=27&hl=de&start=5&tbnid=KU9Gbq9pb2CuKM:&tbnh=124&tbnw=93&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dwentworth%2Bmiller%26gbv%3D2%26svnum%3D10%26hl%3Dde

    😉 i found it while searching for a new office desktop.. but a pic named “wentworth-miller-caught-with-his-girlfriend”… never ever.. of course he is still a virgin and waiting for me ;-))

    greetings from germany.. love your site

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