He’s Alive! Alive!

And he looks cuuuuuuute!

Thanks geniass!

UPDATE: More here and HQ!

Thanks mink!


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  1. valgal

    Hallelujah – Went is alive and well!

    What I find most interesting is his choice of beverage. He has strayed from his tried and true-blended frappuccino-to that of one on the rocks. On the rocks…WFW ROCKS…coincidence…I don’t think so. Subliminal message duly noted!

  2. emily

    okay so he seriously actually always has starbucks. always. so why is he so hard to find. I wish he’d bring me starbucks in bed. I wish ANYONE would bring me starbucks in bed. but preferably him.

  3. God bless Geniass!! 🙂 Today I wanna be a milkshake!!! Btw thanks wfw for posting it, he’s so cute in this pic…!!! he is alive!!!!!!!!!!

  4. shortstuff

    WENT! *dies*

    why is he so fucking CUTE!! argh, i cant stand it.

  5. Bel


    Seriously. Somewhere someone is laughing his ass off at us girls for falling for his android.


  6. miller_thriller

    he is just a walking elipsis! he screams ….!
    lol all the pics look amazing! i love the one where he looks like hes asking something http://fcowm.proboards101.com/index.cgi?board=services&action=display&thread=1179618456&page=13#1181969808

    he looks mighty fine. Anyone else think hes lost weight??

  7. Ciara

    yeah, he did.
    but he looks so damn fine! and he’s cute.
    god, i love him, finally some new pics!

  8. fruit loop

    Yay for went, WFW you should go and live in starbucks so we can see the pretty everyday :P, yeh i do think hes lost wait miller thriller, that pick is making me thirsty *drools*. Well least we know hes alive, now Went go and get a main part in a film or another tv series so we can watch you in something else besides prison break 🙂 Thanks to the person who took this pic, and thanks WFW for tracking it down you rock!!

  9. evelyn


    He Is Aliiiiiive!!!!!!!! YAAAAY!!!

    How can someone look so hot and soooooo cute at the same time???
    Damn, he looks gooood!!
    I soooo missed you baby Went…!!!
    Welcome back to your people..!!

  10. Wow…simply wow!

    He looks happy. I’m glad.

  11. AJ

    Awwwww….he looks so happy!… as if he were just caught skipping down the sidewalk, humming a little tune to himself, and slurping away… kinda like what I do on Fridays (only my beverage tends to have liquor in it) *shrug*

    *grabs a frothy drink of some sort and hums along with Miller…If ya want my body, AND ya think I’m sexy, COME on sugar let me knoooow!*

  12. Jen

    Thank God the drought it over! He looks rested and happy. So good to have you back Went. I was kinda – just kinda- getting tired of watching Season 1 DVD’s and You Tube clips to get my Went fix, withdrawl sucks!

  13. Bluetoothfairy

    A very loaded picture, hehe.
    He looks like he hasn’t been getting enough sleep lately (maybe he was lurking in the cbox 😀 ) and pretty amused, as if he’s thinking, “Okay, okay, here I am, happy now fangirls, LOL?”

    And Wentworth, honey baby sweetie darling sugar-pie, don’t lose any more weight, pretty please, ok? And when you decide to put some on, my cooking’s really good, wink wink nudge nudge.

    *hands Went some cookies*

  14. *singing*
    Alive and kicking
    Stay until your love is alive and kicking
    OH Ooooooh OH OH Oooooh!

    Welcome back to Earth Went!
    We all hope you had a great time in your home planet. Next time leave us a note and we’ll know where you are. *wink wink*

    Don’t he look gorgeous?!

  15. Sprinkles

    OMG! He looks ty ty! Awwww… Yay! He’s Alive and Damn fine as usual! *sigh* Thank you WFW & Geniass!

  16. Sprinkles

    BTW, Does any of you LA peeps know where abouts that these pics have been taken???? If so…possible many more fan pics!! Just a thought. *dreaming*

  17. SavMed

    The title makes me think of a certain Swiss doctor. Went, baby, may I be your bride?

  18. azert

    il est si beau

  19. Cat'sMeow

    Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty fine man!!!!! Went, we missed your beautiful face. You made my day!! Luv you, you “adorkable” boy. Can’t wait to hear that deep, velvety voice of yours. You are a sexy being!!!

  20. @ Sprinkles: Yes I know. They were taken in L.A. near the Starbucks in Larchomnt Blvd.

  21. Btw look at his hands… They are so perfect!!!

  22. aama

    Thanks WFW! Today JustJAred is late… [smile]

  23. nicbeast

    *sigh* Whatever…

  24. though I’m more Prison Break than a Miller fan, I have to say : whenever I read your blog my stomach aches for days. Girl, you sure can write funny.
    Keep it up…stop for a visit
    Kiss from Croatia

  25. Melm

    I am torn between thinking that he needs to hire someone to renew his wardrobe (same jeans and same boots picture after picture is not acceptable for his public exposure level), or staying his adorkable, boy-next-starbucks-door, masculine, fashionless self.

    I know he’s all about the substance and I love love love that about him, but what an orgasmic experience it would be to see him, fotoshoots aside, in clothes that actually pay justice to his perfect body. This is why I am volunteering to ditch my job, leave Paris forever, and devote the rest of my life to helping him forge a sense of Went-style: sportsy but smart, comfortable but not baggy, young but not teen-young. And most of all, no beige nor scarf accessories ever… By the way, it feels SO ridiculously good to see him alone on the pictures again!!!

  26. Marleen

    Can someone post more foto’s? I can”t come on the forum. It says a error is occured. I don’t know why.
    BTW: Went looks hot!

  27. MrsWM

    My man lives!!! Thank God, I thought I was a widow for a while there…no Went for weeks – couldn’t face the thought of never ****ing that man again. My dreams were all that kept me going….
    Thank you WFW for finding him again, my world can start to move again, life is good, he is with us AGAIN!!!

    ps besides looking a bit more toned ( I think the pretty might be doing TOOOO much bedroom aerobics), a bit more Wentlicious, as if that were possible, does anyone get the feeling he might have a slight problem with a caffeine drink? It seems he is never without one these days. Is he trying to stay up all night to satisfy a demanding galpal or is he trying to tell Starbucks what a good job he could do of a marketing campaign for them, after all he already has one under his belt – so to speak

  28. Anonymous and annoyed

    Dayum, babyboy looks good! I see all that good sex I’ve…..erm…”someone’s” been giving him has paid off. Me likes the weight loss!

  29. shelly

    Much as I’m loving all the new pics, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for him. Being followed by photographers all the time wouldn’t be my idea of fun either.

    If the “camera adds 10 pounds” thing is true, then he has lost too much weight. I’d rather there was a bit more of him to love. I must be the only one who’s never minded his wardrobe. When he’s as good-looking as he is, who cares what he wears?

  30. Charlie Brown

    I am such a dork! As soon as this page popped up and I saw this pic, i screamed with glee like it was my effin’ birthday! Jesus, i love this man!

  31. Charlie Brown

    I just looked at these again… is it me or has he lost weight???? He’s still beautiful either way, there’s just a liitle bit less of him to love now.

  32. Mink

    Much as I’m loving all the new pics, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for him. Being followed by photographers all the time wouldn’t be my idea of fun either.

    Shelly, what have I been missing? He hasn’t been photographed in months! He’s had a long break without being bothered, so I have to say my personal sympathy on that score isn’t running high at the moment. Actually I think he looks kind of chirpy about being snapped. 🙂

    Re. how he looks, I have to say I think he’s looking just about purrrrfect at the mo’. Poor baby being told he looks too thin when he’s just been doing some swimming and staying away from the burgers and fries (presumably). I mean, daily indulgences in calorie-laden, whipped cream-topped iced coffee drinks wouldn’t indicate a massively strict weight loss regimen. Anyway, I’m sure he’ll soon be putting on a few pounds again when he gets back to filming and the temptations of the craft services table. 😉

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  34. shelly

    Mink, don’t get me wrong, I’m admittedly a hypocrite since I *am* enjoying the new pics of him nevertheless. However, in one of them (I think a later pic, one probably taken when he eventually got tired of being followed), he does look less than happy, tired and maybe a bit irritable so I feel bad. I’m very much an introvert too so I can sympathize.

  35. cocot13

    As much as I hate to say this but the more I look at the pictures the more I get the feeling that he’s been having lots of S.E.X.

  36. shelly

    One of the posters at the Fox PB forum is saying Went is in the new People magazine Hottest Bachelors 2007 issue. I haven’t had a chance to check myself yet.

  37. Twyla

    shelly–yes he is in that issue (i just got it today), but not given the two page spread he deserves. he is on a page with, like, 20 other guys. the title says something like “smart hotties” or something like that and then under the pictures it tells what college each guy graduated from. i was disappointed that he didn’t get a page or two (or a whole magazine) of his own, but i was excited to see him in there.

    and then, to open up my computer and go visit you, my dear WFW, and there is a gorgeous pic of him there, too! oh, this must be my lucky day!

    thank you, WFW (and geniass and mink)!

  38. shelly

    Thanks for the update, twyla. The people who run those mags are idiots and almost never give Went his due. Whatever.

  39. rachh


    i thought he was lost in the bermuda or sth. **eeeekkkkkkk** he is jus so fine!

    just when my love for him was about to die!

    thanks wfw!!! *hugggss*

  40. jan

    his shirt does seem crumpled… so, though i’m a feminist, i’m volunteering to do ironing for him!

  41. anon

    hmmm…crumpled shirt,unshaven and little tired..methinks he isn’t get much rest on his hiatus!

  42. jacqueline

    yummy yummy n frig more yummy. Always with his starbucks lol , i miss him so much…i miss prison break , i miss him n his looks , n the whole eye thing.I would pay just to see him , so many the price…he’s just too fine and impossible to fine . lol

  43. Sprinkles

    Thanks Giulia!…. & Mink for the update. All Hail The Pretty!

  44. Gbaby


    Prison Break shooting begins this month and he appears again out of “nowhere”.
    Whatever, the drought is over, let the drool fest begin.

  45. -stn-

    to Giulia or anybody: “Larchomnt Blvd”.??? where is?

  46. Jedi72

    So happy to you looking so well and happy. Thanks for smiling Went, this new pic has made many a ladies’ day, thanks for the love!

  47. niknak

    So happy he is alive and well. While this may be one of the rare times I disagree with Mink, I have to say he needs to get back to the burgers and fries. I love it when he has a few more lbs to love. I think he’s perfect in the Scarfalotta pics (the ones without her in them of course).


    **writing to starbucks @ Larchomnt Blvd for a job**
    **SINGS** **isnt he luurrrvy? Isnt he wonderful?*
    Heeee’s bbbaaacccccccckk yayyyy

  49. *swoons and faints, manages to get up to post … just*

    Oh, my fucking God, W. Miller! How dare you disappear for months on end and just suddenly do a candid shot getting coffee looking so fucking hot?!?

    And, people, what weight loss? If anything, I reckon he looks like he’s buffed up a little [oka-aaay, just a teeny, weensy bit] around the pec area. Mmmm … buffed up Went … ahhh

    *faints once more and stays down for the count*

  50. geniass

    He looks pretty there.

  51. I also noticed the weight loss. You can tell he’s dieting just by the fact that he doesn’t have a venti this time!!

    I’m just happy to see that he is up and breathing. Although lying down and breathing would be good too!!

  52. niknak

    I’m just happy to see that he is up and breathing. Although lying down and breathing would be good too!!
    Neila, you missed a part of your comment up there. It should read, “…Although lying down and breathing on top of me would be good too!!!” 😉

  53. kiwifan

    Hi WFW
    this is my first post so i must let u know i luv reading your updates and seeing all the pics of went. Just wondering about this latest one – he does look cute as always but are those greys coming through?? i think it must be the sunlight reflection.

  54. Katjus

    Oh hurraa!
    What a wonderful way to return, from the contryside and news blackout of no internet, to find The Perfect One smirking his way back into our lives… and with his coffee too! Owww…! Things certainly seem to be getting back to normal. lol.
    Looking good too, nice. Good to see the “muffin to go” advice has been taken to heart and the skinny bugger from the model days seems to be gone for now! Me like Wentworth with some meat on!! 😉
    (I cant believe we r all looking at the same picture again…! Skinny? WHA?! lol!)
    Oh it´s good to be back! *board smile*

  55. Jack

    I have first hand information as I worked as prop manager assistant on Dinotopia in 2001/2002, and I can confirm (sorry, ladies!) that Mr Miller is indeed gay. At the time, he had a relationship with a guy who came regularly to see him on set: it was very discreet, but obvious between them (eye contact in particular). We all knew, but we respected Mr Miller’s privacy as he was such a gentleman. I wish him all the best for his career in the future, ans I understand his desire to keep a low profile on his private life but he should once and for all admit the truth as there is nothing wrong with being gay, and famous coming outs are so essential in changing mentalities in the TV show industry (where hypocrisy reigns!!!)

  56. Juma

    Oh God!
    This man is GORGEOUS!
    And I’m so glad he looks happy.

  57. Juma

    Jack, I just saw your coment…
    What The Fuck!?!?


    sings**why you wanna break my hhheaarrtt**
    I love went gay/straight big/small i dont care as long as he’s happy


    And btw why just come and say this now…….? After all this time?

  60. Mink

    Yay! He’s gay? Wheeeeee!!!!!!! That allows me to ramp up the hotness of my fantasizing by, oh, 100 fold. (Okay, you got me I already fantasize about him in slashy situations, but I’m sure I can now do even better. 😉 )

    Seriously though, 1) According to IMDb, “Dinotopia” was filmed all over the world ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0233044/locations ), so…he managed to take his boyfriend with him all over the place? OR he managed to strike up a discreet relationship in super-quick time at one of these locations (only one of which, a minor one, was actually his home)?

    And, the famously pathologically private WEM III had a b/f come to see him on set regularly, thus potentially exposing both his private life and his gayness to public view? Really? He couldn’t just see him at home?

    2) Seriously, who gives a fuck?

    Jack, it’s obvious from your final sentence that you are peddling an agenda here. Obviously you’re entitled to your personal opinion on this issue, but I would suggest that to try and ‘out’ any celebrity (let alone one who has stated clearly they are not gay, and thus to try and ‘out’ them is in effect calling them a liar) is not your, or anyone else’s, place. JMPO.

  61. Jack

    Britbird, you’re right to love your favorite actor, gay or straight! My point was to help (in my own very small way) all the people who fight for the right to be recognised and accepted for their true sexual orientation, be it in the film industry or elsewhere. I’m straight but I’ve seen so many gay friends (male or female) ostracized in the industry (albeit not openly!), that I think famous people like Mr Miller could help make a difference and refuse staged photoshoots like the one with that blond chick (ridiculous!).
    I’ve just discoverd this site (love the name, by the way, ladies).

  62. Skank

    Jack… if it was a staged photoshoots to deny any gay rumors it was not good considering that there is not even a little little little kiss on the cheek…

    I was thinking that the “I’m not gay” statement is one the most firm sentence Wentworth has ever made in interviews (and we know very well his answers!)… Honestly I thought that his reply was a “think about me what you want, I don’t have to explain nothing at all!” like he did in the Princeton “incident”… sorry if I speak again about this old stuff but just yesteday I was thinking for the first time about how clearly Wentworth replied at that question, differently from the usual.

  63. Jack

    Mink, I live and work here in California , and I wasn’t talking about other locations. Whether you believe me or not is not what matters. As I said earlier, W.Miller is a very nice guy but I would like him to do what T.R.Knight did recently: admit the truth and help to make a change.
    If he reads this blog, we should encourage him to be more open and not listen to his PR advisors.

  64. Dannie

    He has said he is not gay, and i beleive him. He was very clear about that when he was asked, when he was here at Christmas, he then went on to say he’s cool with people thinking what they want, whatever gets them off. He could be bi, personally (to me) it doesn’t matter, whatever he is, he is discrete about it. That in it’s self is unusual in LA LA land. He obviously focusing on what he’s spent the last ten years trying to acheive, his acting. He may just have a low sex drive, god forbid. Although if I was him, just looking in the mirror would get me hot. Ha Ha! Jack, we don’t believe you and it’s not important anyway.

  65. “He may just have a low sex drive, god forbid”. I agree with you,Dannie! I don’t believe that he’s gay… He is probably a romantic person with principles (yes , some people do have them!)and I read somewhere that he would like to live a great love story.We have here a man who doesn’t spent his life in bed with big busted actresses,sniffing coke (though he seems to have a serious addiction to coffee), and we should listen to ugly rumours about his gayness? He’s simply a REAL lovable guy, the type we all DREAM about!!!

  66. Mink

    Mink, I live and work here in California , and I wasn’t talking about other locations.

    Ah, okay, Jack, that wasn’t clear from your original post. I was under the impression that the vast majority of “Dinotopia” was filmed in the UK, but if you’re saying you just dealt with the LA filmed scenes, that makes more sense.

    Whether you believe me or not is not what matters.

    Well, obviously you do want people to believe you, otherwise you wouldn’t have bothered to post this statement on a public blog.

    Whatever, personally it doesn’t matter one iota to me if WM is gay. I would be quite happy to see him come out, and would actually like him to feel he has the freedom to live a gay life out in the open if he so chooses.

    However, if I’m brutally realistic, I do think it would harm his career if he did do, and I have no wish for him to flush his career down the toilet just to push someone else’s agenda.

    And anyway, all of the above is assuming that he is gay and bothered to make a firm statement that he wasn’t, just setting himself up to be exposed as a liar down the line, when he could have just remained silent on the issue. That just doesn’t sound very smart to me, but whatever, I’m sure he did what he considered the best thing in the circumstances, whatever his personal preferences, which are, after all, none of our business.

    Until I see/hear actual proof that his statement wasn’t true, I’ll choose to believe him, all on the understanding that I really don’t care either way. He is insanely hot whatever, and when he kisses chicks in movies, I am totally convinced. 😉

  67. Zara

    He can’t be gay. Didn’t he talk about wanting to eventually settle down and have children?

    Jack you were no Prop Manager’s assistant for Dinotopia, just someone pretending to be.

  68. And, Jack, were you in bed with Wentworth to be sure of his gayness? Aren’t you just imagining things BECAUSE you stand for gays rights? The “friend” you saw with Went was probably a good friend, nothing more… Went said he had a crush on Angie Harmon, why would he say that he he was gay ? Doesn’t make sense if you’re not a mythomaniac….
    You won’t convince any of Went’s fan.

  69. anon

    I have been on here a couple of times and really like the site as it’s fairly unbiased. as far as went being gay,who knows…i also worked on Dinotopia(as an extra)for 10 days in total(some in pinewoodstudios backlot and some scenes in east london)and never heard any rumours about him being gay and i did ask,even back then i thought the man was beautiful and would do well…he was very quiet on set,read alot between scenes and always said hello.
    he said he wasn’t gay,but didn’t say he was straight either.maybe he is like ms jolie….some people can love and not see gender specifics.

  70. Katjus


    as a bisexual myself i see ur point and i do agree. The more “famous” people come out, the more acceptable the sexual minorities will become. Shallow and sad that it is this way as a gay celebrity is in no way more acceptable or unacceptable than a lesbia plain-Jane or gay-John Doe (*giggle*), but there you go. ‘
    As for Wentworth´s sexuality, i would not place any bets either way. And i really dont care. Should it be that Jack you are right and he is as queer as they come, i´d undrstand his choice of not coming out. And should he be in fact as straight as an arrow, fine.
    All in all i think its rather mean to come here and “out” Wentworth like this if in fact you ever did work with him. You like everyone else should give him and all the other gay/bi/lesbian/staright people in the world the right to choose themselvs wether or not its the right time for them to come out! No matter what the current homophobic attitude be, it should still be our choice to come out or stay in the closet.
    And Wentworth, whatever you are and where ever you are: you are still talented, beautiful and shaggable… *giggle*

  71. AJ

    Heterosexual… homosexual… bisexual… “try-sexual”… asexual…whatthefuckever! How ’bout we just refer to him as “sexual”…. Cuz that, my friends, CAN NOT be denied. 😉 Whether or not he wants to “come out” or “stay in” or “wear a dress” or whatever is entirely up to him. I’ll always support his decisions regarding his personal life, because it’s HIS.PERSONAL.LIFE! And it has nothing to do with any of us. By the way Jack, if what you’re saying is true, you had no business “outing” him like that. That’s not your secret to tell, and it’s not your place to give out that sort of info. No one’s gonna believe it unless it comes straight from Wentworth, anyway. So you’re wasting your time.

    Anyhow, moving on…
    On the subject of the weight-loss, I just have to say, upon first glance I thought perhaps he’d lost too much weight (Scofield, early s1). However, upon further inspection I’ve realized that it’s too difficult for ME to tell from the angles of these pics, whether or not he needs to be fed. So, if I may…

    *ahem*Wentworth, the next time you get photographed in public (preferably tomorrow), if you could just do me a teensy-tiny little favor and just maybe turn…just a little bit to the side…or all the way to the side, that would be fantastic. OR, or…if you don’t mind letting the photog shoot from the back, that would be even better! Thanks.”

    Y’all, if that ASS is gone, I’m sending him the biggest fucking back of double stuffs I can get my hands on. All I’m sayin’.

  72. Dannie

    I think Jack has just posted to stir everyone up. Went is obviously quite driven and singleminded when it comes to pursuing what he wants, in this case it isn’t a person, it’s his career. Just because he’s not out slutting around, dosen’t mean his gay. Elise could be right, he could be waiting for his one true love (me, pick me). We could all argue all night, but only he knows the truth and as far as i am concerned he has said it. Lets move on to something better, any more job applications going at that starbucks, how do i get a green card. HA HA only joking. Went YOU ROCK, so do you WFW.

  73. MrsWM

    Jack, I think you have picked the wrong site to go sprouting so-called insider info on our Pretty. Firstly , you have no right as it is not yours to give. Secondly you are basing your so-called assumptions on ‘eye contact’ – shit I’ve got girlfriends so close that any eye contact between us by a third party could be taken as a sign of a sexual relationship when infact we are all happily married women with families but have known each other for a long time.
    Thirdly, I strongly believe you are just using this site to further your own homosexual, delusional agendas, well buddy it ain’t gonna work.
    And, finally when Went went on record to dispel the rumours it has to have been one of the few times he gave an emphatic, short and unambiguous answer as that boy can dodge answers better than most politians. If he was gay he would have said as I don’t think it would have affected his fan base in the slightest as he has an enormous appeal and following across race groups, sexual orientations, age ranges, professions… the list goes on, it would only have made us love him more- if that were possible.
    And that comes from my own research into the sites dedicated to him and from SWC in one of her interviews.
    Sorry everyone but Jack just P***ed me off seriously.

    As regards to the weight loss, as I said earlier, I think he has just toned up but I agree with AJ – we need to check on the ASS – just to confirm it’s still grabbable.

  74. Isn’t everyone in Hollywood gay?

    *shrugs shoulders*

    But seriously, Jack, one of the things I personally love about Wentworth Miller is that he so unapologetically lacks agenda. He’s a refreshing departure from the likes of Clooney and Brangelina *gasp! yes, I said it*, who push their own political and social agendas – AD NAUSEUM – concurrently with their press junkets and premieres.

    I don’t need some actor to come out of the closet to enlighten me about the importance of tolerance for ALL people and ALL cultures (sexual or otherwise). I can read the newspaper, watch the news, and watch society with my own eyes to glean that. The only thing I seek from entertainers is entertainment…period.

    I must confess that I’m not entirely convinced that Went isn’t gay, but like many of his fans, I could care less. I don’t know the man from Adam, but I’m willing to bet that his sexuality, whatever it be may, does not define him. If he’s lying about his sexuality, I’m not going to crucify him either. He’s a smart and savvy cat…if he’s remaining in the closest, he must think that’s the most prudent thing to do at this juncture (did I actually just say “juncture”?).

    But for now, since he did so very clearly state that he isn’t gay, I’ll just have to believe him and move onto more important considerations such as the wonderful visage that is his glorious unphotoshopped nose (yes, I’m a nose whore).

    And AJ is right…if he is in fact gay, that wasn’t your secret to tell, Jack,/b>. Tsk, tsk!

  75. Just Curious

    Jack sounded convincing enough to me. His comment was not criticizing, mocking, or anything rude in tone….

  76. MrsWM

    Then why bring the subject up AGAIN and now? OLP has denied it (2006) and Dinotopia was filmed in 2000/2001. PB has brought the Pretty to us in all of his wonderous glory since 2005.
    I will say his performance in Popular did leave you wondering, but at the end of the day he is an ACTOR and an extremely good one at that. Until I hear his velvety voice confirming it or see proof positive, I will believe in Went.

  77. jan

    *** Btw, it has to suck – being a person, i mean, whose sexuality is a public debate issue***

    whether he’s gay or straight, my ironing proposal is still on!

  78. MrsWM

    Quick question – does anyone know what Went has on the black cord around his neck? I know it is jade, but I can’t find out what it is.

  79. Jack

    O.K., ladies, I won’t say anything more. I meant no harm and I respect W.Miller. I didn’t imply he was a liar but you have to make compromises if you want a career…. After all, he’s only human and success is smiling at him at last after those long years of obscurity. As I said, I wish him well, he is a very kind person, and you’re right, I shouldn’t have say what I said if his choice is to remain silent, but Hollywood is a soul destroying bitch, believe me!

  80. WFW

    Whoa there Jack, you riled ’em up didn’t ya? LOL I don’t think anyone here cares whether he is or isn’t but since he said he isn’t, we are all taking him at his word. I support him either way and from one gay rights supporter to another, I salute you.

  81. Laura

    I’d have to say, leave Wentworth alone!! He said he wasn’t gay, so just leave him alone!

  82. Linds

    OMG isn’t Went the cutest thing you’ve ever seen in this pic? *squeeing like a 12 year old at a Backstreet concert*

    And you know I have to weigh in on Jack’s comment. I think I get it – and I have to agree – in this day and age sexual orientation shouldn’t hinder a man’s/woman’s right to acceptance – even in Hollywood. The thing is, Wentworth Miller actually made the statement that he is not gay, so to keep on pressuring him to “come out of the closet” for the sake of others makes no sense. The dude said he wasn’t gay. I get that if he was/is he probably wouldn’t admit it, given the shitty, closed-minded circumstances in Hollywood, but if he was gay why did he address the question at all? It could only serve to label him a liar at a later date if he ever did choose to “come out”. Also, Wentworth is a pretty smart guy – I think if he was gay he just wouldn’t address the issue by saying something along the lines of “my personal life is just that – personal”. I think he’s savvy and stand up enough to know that lying isn’t the path he’d want to take as it only creates more BS problems down the line. And before we get into the whole “I know someone who knew someone who worked on the set of prison break”, I actually do know someone who knew someone who worked on the set of prison break and yes, there were rumors of Went being gay, but the gay rumors are everywhere! And they’re just that – rumors. Why hasn’t one of his ex-lovers spoken up and added credence to the rumors? We all have that one person who we slept with although we knew they weren’t trustworthy – I’m sure Went is no exception. Since being gay and closeted tends to enrage out and proud individuals, why wouldn’t Wentworth, in the event that he was gay, have been called out as a liar by now? Until I actually see non-photoshopped footage of Wentworth engaging in homosexual activity, I will choose to believe he’s straight, and of course, wants to sleep with me with every fiber of his being. No! Scratch that. Until he specifically says “Linds, I do not want to sleep with you or any other woman on this planet, ever. I only like men,” I will choose to believe he is straight.

    Sidenote:It seems to me that any time you see a super hot guy in the entertainment industry who doesn’t : act like a shithead, get caught snorting coke off a hooker’s leg, get arrested, get some random pop tart pregnant, or completely show his ass at the club, the assumption immediately becomes “oh, he must be gay”. Why? Because stright men can’t be gentlemen/behave like adults? It’s time to give not just Wentorth, but all good men everywhere, some props – some guys are actually nice, cool, sweet hearted, awesome, REAL men – they exist, and they’re straight.

  83. Anonymous

    well say Linds

  84. May

    I have no idea about Wentworth sexual preference but I agree that his answer to that question was one of his most clear and direct answers!!!

  85. anon

    all i can say is,WHOEVER ends up with him,is going to be very lucky indeed..

  86. Just Curious

    his commercial is uploaded on you tube now. so quit squirmimng over whether the dude is gay…maybe he is but take a break and see how hot it is.

  87. shelly

    I was wondering what made the comment count jump up so high suddenly.

    I agree with most of the comments made by the regulars on this site:

    1) We’d all love him anyway, whether he’s gay, straight, bi, into penguins, or koalas (they are quite cute).
    2) It’s none of anyone else’s business.
    3) He’s still the most shaggable human being EVER.

    I have to agree w/Mama Bear: at this point, I am no longer 100% convinced he’s not gay. It’s not a matter of whether he’s a liar or not (though I don’t think he is), it’s more a matter of there being too many rumors coming up about this everywhere. Once upon a time, I would and did believe him when he denied being gay because I thought, why lie about something like that? But now there seem to be so many different sources of rumors about this that I wonder. And some of the sources of these whisperings, like Jack, seem to be sincere. I admit there are times when I’ve wondered if the rumors are true merely because he’s still in his mid-30s and appears unattached. Not all people who are “older” and unattached are gay, I’m living proof of that. Some (like me) just can’t find someone. But how is it that someone as good-looking with a good personality like him who must have had many offers from women doesn’t have anyone is a headscratcher to me. I thought he’s very picky about what he wants in a loved one, but maybe that isn’t it?

    Maybe what Jack saw was a good friendship (just because we’ve never seen him with any guy friends doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any). Maybe he is gay. Or maybe he is bi. At this point, I’m leaning toward either that or that he is straight because he always sounds so sincere whenever talking about his desires to get married, his crush on Angie Harmon and Alba, etc. Either he does like girls at least some of the time, or he’s a hell of an actor. I still believe that the pics of Scarfetta and him were a genuine date and not some kind of publicity stunt.

    But back to the issue which is truly concerning to me:

    He HAS lost too much weight. Yes, he may have buffed up a la all those swim sessions at the Y, but Went, you cannot survive on only doublestuff oreos, margaritas, and Subway sandwiches! Get your lovely behind to my house so I can get you some sex, er, I mean cooking lessons stat! 😉

  88. Just Curious

    what if some of the people who are bit by bit saying that he is gay, are actually people he knows and he’s ‘okaying’ it to be revealed. it takes the pressure of coming out the closet…if the idea is slowly accepted…or leaked. If there was less homophobia and less risk to come out and at the same time the idea of the possiblity it is true…it makes it easier than to be totally outed like that guy on Grey’s Anatomy, by an angry co-star.
    nobody disputes that Went said he wasn’t gay…but doesn’t it seem understandable he must protect his career image. that’s the plight of all gay or lesbian actors…how it effect their careers.

  89. May

    sorry shelly but who are all those sincere sources??? Perez Hilton? He is the only one who says to know someone who dated him… And this jack says there was a guy on set, nothing more.
    I don’t know what Wentworth is but I prefer to consider him the sincere one.

  90. anon

    he’s not gay. he’s quiet, reserved, a homebody and picky when it comes to women.

  91. cocot13

    Well how about we look at it this way if this debate is still going on 2, 3, 5 years from now and he is still single then nothing more will need to be said if you get my drift.

  92. Sprinkles

    All this because of “eye contact” give me a break! He said he’s NOT gay. Just leave it at that!

  93. shelly

    May, no way in hell was I referring to that Perez Hilton loser. There have been rumblings about him in other places. But I won’t go into that here.

    No one knows for sure except Went, and the ball is entirely in his court as to whether he wants to address this or not.

    Bottom line being again, whatever. Either way, I still love him. And want to feed him a sandwich or two – YESTERDAY.

  94. fruit loop

    you all keep saying hes gone 2 skinny, one reason 4 this could be that he is living LA where u get all the skinny celebs. or it could have been suffering from stress and thats why we hadnt seen him 4 ages, stil he looks yummy

  95. MrsWM

    Scarfetta doesn’t look like the kind of girl who would just be happy to go out for a nice quiet meal, a relaxed walk home – and play scrabble until the small hours. I think she got him home then … I leave it up to you, but I don’t think little squares of wood were involved, unless it was strip scrabble… (note to self – must try that sometime)

    Went, just stay the gentleman you are, but for god’s sake don’t leave it so loooooong before you let us have another glimpse. GBS would be nice *sigh*………………………

  96. AJ

    I was wondering….is it just me, or does anyone else think the reason for this sudden “trimmer than usual” apperance has to do with the possibility that maybe….. juuuuuust maybe he got a call from the producers of PB saying that the tattoo would be returning in all it’s “full-torsoed” glory this season??? Or perhaps that’s just wishful thinking…. Ah well…

    *holy run-on sentence, batman!*

  97. AJ 7.49: How ’bout we just refer to him as “sexual”. Right on! To me, W. Miller is fine just being sexual. Whatever prefix he chooses to add before that are minor details. He’s hot and he’s my fantasy boy personafied! See, it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

    shelly 3.00: Get your lovely behind to my house so I can get you some sex, er, I mean cooking lessons stat! LMAO!

    Uh, except, make a detour towards my house, okay, Went? I’m making a shopping list as I speak: Doublestuff Oreos [check], Chicken Fajitas kit [check], Starbucks coffee [check], me [triple, quadruple check]

  98. Sprinkles

    OMG AJ! Brilliant! I hope that’s the case! *drooling*

  99. Wentalicious

    Yummy! Thank you WFW! Thank you Geniass! Ah, I think he’s looking great. I’m not a fan of super-skinny Wentworth, but I wasn’t in love with his previous weight either; he looked a little too full in the face (I gain weight in my face too…), but now he’s looking tall, trim and strapping… grrr!

    He’s always pictured getting those bloody frozen coffee drinks, but then I thought about it and realized I’m always making a pit-stop to get some sort of coffee-based beverage when I’m at work, so I guess I can’t fault the man.

    He’s not going grey, yet. But, I wouln’t be surprised if they cover it up if he is. Just a little toothbrush and a little Just for Men… hahaha! I’d gladly toothbrush your greys Wenty… even though I’m in my 20s I have grey and I dye those babies into oblivion every couple of months!

    As for the clothes… sigh. He’s not a fashionisto, but then he wouldn’t be Wentworth if he were. If I was his girl, I’d keep him cute but casual, cashmere/cotton blend hoodie with a white tee underneath, dark denim jeans (the ones in the pic are nice) and new pair of Purcelles, maybe an expensive gentlemen’s leather watch. That would a nice his causal, day-to-day look for Wenty!

  100. Cory

    He’s gay, it’s blatant! He’s 35 ,for God sake, and claims he is “too busy to date” !!! What’s that for an excuse!! The blond girl last month was a photo op, otherwise we would have seen her again (she ‘s an old friend who KNOWS). All the rumors are certainly not unfounded, he’s described as a “loner” by other actors in an interview. He is not comfortable with his sexuality (strict conservative upbringing) and he’s in denial ( “I’m not gay” “I want to settle down” “I have a crush on such an such actress”): he’s lying to himself, not to US. There are so many little signs that reveal the truth about him if you read carefully what he says (for example he uses a certain language about his past relationships: the word “woman” is never mentioned, he talks about “someone”)… He’s unhappy with himself and acting is a way to relieve his insecurity by becoming other people.There is a reason for all those rumors, they are true.

  101. Angel

    So what if he is? What’s your point……

  102. May

    Cory… where were you before today???

    We needed someone who knows THE REAL TRUTH, thank you!!! LOL

  103. well.. gay? no wonder he is so perfect! im glad i wont be seeing him with another woman if that bbtch isnt me. ;p *oh wentworth, the things i say for you..*

  104. Elise


  105. he’s not gay, shut up! rumors are false…

  106. Dannie


  107. jan

    Oh, to stop this discussion right now;

    in God’s name – would a gay guy ever put this slides on?!

  108. Darkhole

    I have been lurking in your site for couple of weeks now. I just want to say you are barking mad! I especially like reading your creative material on Went. Keep it up WFW.

  109. Katjus

    Lol jan!!

    U think a picture of him wearing a pink shirt is gonna convince anyone…? *cackle with laughter*
    Oh joy.
    And PS. can we raise some money and buy the guy a manbag?! His trousers will fall off him if he puts another thing in his pockets…!
    Oh wait… maybe thats not such a bad thing after all..! 😉

  110. Ciara

    it’s definitely NOT a bad thing!!!

  111. my brother dresses in pink sometimes, many of my male friends dress in pink shirt…They are NOT gay…

  112. JDF

    I believe Wentworth Miller when he said he is not gay! I agree with Mink, that he would have not said anything in an interview if he were. I know we’ve gone awhile without this subject coming up, so leave it to Jack to start it again. I love the new candids and thank-you WFW for the great site!

  113. Katjus

    Giulia, real-ly?!?

    (Maybe my joke does not translate to all… not even with the ref to the manbag? Still nothing…? Is sense of humour suddenly dead? Or is it just in this subject matter? Could be my joke was shit too i guess but i doubt it… *evil laughter*)

  114. xxx

    mmmmm.. wentwooorth……

  115. jan

    I vote for a great fall down. Of his trousers, of course.

    For Katjus:

    If you think that pink shirt’s not going to convince everyone, well, ok, you are a tuff one; but I’ll crack you all right.
    Although those horrific shoes prove, beyond any reasonable doubt that he is straight; for you Katjus, I’ll make another effort and that should shut your mouth forever.

    Katjus; Giulia’s brother also wears pink.

    I rest my case!


    Hi Jack…. I thank you for your comments…

  117. Just Curious

    the fact that so many of you get upset at the idea he may be gay is indicative of why any actor with a semi-decent career would come out. In his case IF he were..he’d never risk it at all. hmmm. It is suspect that throughout his entire span of a career 10+years in Hollywood..there’s not a single name of a girlfriend or woman he dated or had a fling with has never ben unveiled. It’s not like that info would be difficult to discover. LOL!

  118. anon

    Kelly Feeny,there happy now

  119. anon

    or boyfriend…so what!

  120. cocot13

    well just like he hasn’t been linked to any women he hasn’t been linked to any men either so………

  121. of course he wouldn’t be linked to any men, which never made logical sense as a point to argue. BECAUSE another gay man, would understand his circumstance in Hollywood. (if he cared about Went or even his own private status) by admitting he dated him would jeopardize Went’s career or image.
    Just as you think Wentworth is a up and up gentlemen..I imagine he would not be involved with any guy who is less honourable…I’m not saying he is gay but I certainly could imagine if I were a gay male dating Wnt and also not out the closet it would be in my best interest for me to remain silent.

  122. Anon 22

    I think that he is just like Coleman Silk who hides a huge secret… he is a koala who pretend to be a Hollywood actor, he has sex only with other koalas (males or females???) but decided nobody has to know his “human stain”!!!

    Come on… we can speculate about everything regarding him but sometimes we exaggerate. He even answered “that” question so I think that we should stop, future will tell something or maybe not… or maybe he finally will tell us that he really is a koala!

  123. Bluetoothfairy

    That video… I can’t find the words… My mind is fuzzy… and stuff…

  124. Angel

    Why does it matter? What is the point of determining his sexuality?

  125. WFW

    Dude, he said he’s not gay. Let it go.

  126. anon

    By the way,that commercial is seriously weird…looks like he is looking for the mothership…ha,as i always suspected,he IS from another planet….

  127. Who cares about the gay/not gay debate. The real mystery is who in the Hell is that bearded dude following on Went’s heels? That chap got to bask in the warmth of The Pretty AND check out his ass…someone I.D. him now for an interview!

  128. shelly

    Mama Bear, doesn’t it kill you that strangers pass the Pretty every day and don’t even know who he is or care and the rest of us will probably never even get a glimpse of him? *sniff* Damn this cruel, cruel world!

  129. ws

    Wentworth, baby boy, I believed and still do, when you said that you weren’t gay. You just don’t know yet how much that fucking matters.

    Damn women ain’t my man fine?!!!!

  130. lg

    This site is starting to resemble IMDB but I’ll just add my little bit since I’ve only just discovered what’s been going on here since the last time I visited.

    I find all the gay rumours quite painful. Not so much that he could be gay (because I don’t really care if he is) but because, if he is actually gay, that he felt under such pressure to lie. If that’s the case I would be soooo upset because I adore Went so much not just because he’s gorgeous to look at but also because he just seems like such a beautiful person inside.

    Went has denied being gay and I accept this. I choose to think that he told the truth. I heard a radio interview with Dominic Purcell ages and ages ago and he was asked if Wentworth was gay. His response was ‘No he’s not gay. Trust me, he’s not gay.’ So if Went is lying then so is Dom and I choose to believe both of them.

    And Jack … shame on you. I don’t believe you. I don’t know what you are trying to achieve other than to have some ‘fun’ with a bunch of Went fans. You’ve certainly sent everyone into overdrive which is probably what you hoped to do. You really picked the wrong site on which to call Went a lier.

    (And dare I say it. If he’s photographed with female in the next week then I’ll really be suspicious. That would just be too much of a coincidence. )

  131. MrsWM

    How would any of you out there like to be wrapped up in the Pretty’s warmth?……to feel his presence enfold you?…. to smell his scent waft gently waft on the breeze?… I can’t go on or I will not be able to finish this…*sigh*
    OLP’s blue jumpsuit from PBs1 is up for grabs on ebay – just thought you might like to know

  132. MrsWM

    It’s on ebay US on the ebay shop VIP Fan Clubs

  133. Mink

    lg, you know, you’re right. I’d forgotten about that, but I heard that DP interview all that time ago too (I think it was around the end of 2005), and what was noticeable about it was how firm he was with his, “He’s not gay – trust me.” To the best of my recollection, he practically scoffed at the idea he found it so ridiculous.

    I can’t imagine for a moment DP would lie about something like that, especially with so much conviction; I would have thought he’d just make some comment about not knowing about/commenting on fellow cast mate’s personal lives. But he didn’t, he was very clear on the topic.

  134. I wish Dom would convict me. 😉

  135. lg

    And the other reason I don’t believe you Jack is that it is very strange for someone to bring up this topic out of the blue and for no reason. There was no discussion about WM’s sexuality at all on this thread before you dropped your little bombshell. We’ve been there and done that. What could you be thinking other than that you wanted to create mischief?

    As for your explanation about why you’ve brought this up – that you ‘ want to help all the people who fight for the right to be recognised and accepted for their true sexual orientation, be it in the film industry or elsewhere. ‘ Hmm, right, so how is ‘outing’ a guy who publicly claims not to be gay going to do that?

    And what’s more Jack, despite your comment that you mean WM no harm and that you don’t mean to imply that he’s a liar – well it’s obvious that you do. And you have called him a liar. That’s plain nasty.

  136. Sprinkles

    The new PB season doesn’t start production until July 1……..Do we think that maybe this year they won’t break the season into two halves which irritates the hell out of me! Just asking.

  137. anon

    like i said b4,i also worked on Dinotopia over a period of 2 months and never heard any gossip bout him being gay.AND jack, it was filmed in 2000/2001,NOT 20001/2002…

  138. Anonymous


  139. shelly

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news Sprinkles, but yes they are going to break the season into the “fall” and the “spring” sessions.

    I don’t mind production being pushed back as much if it means that SWC will be appearing sooner in the season than we thought.

  140. WFW

    Great. Painful, angsty, chaste MiSa. My only hope is that with the new chick coming on board that maybe Linc will get some action. Somebody needs to!

  141. Wentalicious

    I’m going to miss Misa… or should I say, “Mista, I’m sure gonna miss me some misa!” Sorry… one too many after work cocktails.

  142. Katjus

    Lmao jan!

    *cracking sounds*

  143. JJ

    Still gorgeous as evah! Wow WFW!!!! Your site is rocking these days!!!

  144. Melm

    Shelly said “doesn’t it kill you that strangers pass the Pretty every day and don’t even know who he is or care and the rest of us will probably never even get a glimpse of him?” SO PAINFULLY TRUE. I thought I was borderline crazy for envying/hating a little bit all these strangers in Went’s pictures who stroll by him oblivious to his greatness. Thanks Shelly for sharing this disorder.

  145. Cat'sMeow

    Here we all were enjoying the beauty of our Wentworth, when all of a sudden this Jack guy comes and ruins it for us. I love how straight men love to accuse handsome men like Went that he is gay. Is it jealousy or what?

    I truely believe Went is not gay. I’m not in denial or naive. I’m 45 years old and I’ve been around awhile. I have gay friends and family members. I simply do not see him as having any gay tendencies. Here are a few reasons:

    First off, Wentworth is an extremely intelligent, soft-spoken, well-mannered man. That seems to throw people off. Especially straight men like “Jack”. Went is also quiet, shy and very reserved. He admits to this. People think he’s hiding deep, dark secrets, when in reality he’s just quiet and a bit of a loner.

    Secondly, if you notice how he dresses, you would see that he ‘s definately not gay. He wears wrinkled shirts all the time! Gay men are very meticulous about their clothes. He keeps his hair buzzed because he likes the low maintenance. Most gay men like to style and color their hair.

    Thirdly, he’s said he’s not fond of musical theater or fashion. And we all know most gay men love both these subjects!

    Fourthly, he’s played a gay hairdresser and a gay cheerleader. He acted very well in both roles as a flaming you know what. Don’t you think he would act even just a little like that in real life if he were gay. I’ve seen him in many interviews and he does not. I think he would have shyed away from these roles if he were really gay and trying to hide it. It would be too close to home for him. Just because he’s acting gay in a couple of roles, doesn’t mean he is gay. Wake up Jack……that’s why it’s called ACTING!!!!!!!

    And lastly, don’t you think someone from his pasy would have come forward to spill the beans if Went were gay. He’s 35 years old, not a kid just starting out. I’m sure he’s been with a few lovers by now. If any of them were men, we would have heard about it by now.

    Wentworth has integrity and class. If he said he’s not gay, then I believe him until he says otherwise. I don’t think he would lie about this and risk having it come back to bite him in the ass. His career that he worked so hard for is on the line. He would look foolish if he denied being gay and then came out in the future. He’s too intelligent to do that. I also think that if he were gay, he would not try for leading men roles. That is risky for a gay man. Besides, when he is kissing a woman on screen, I must say he is quite convincing!!!

    So to sum it up, Wenty is not gay, all he is is a self-professed “dork”, but least to say a “hot, hot, hot” dork indeed!!!!!!!

  146. ELISE

    Well said, Cat’sMeow! I entirely agree with what you say and I hope the matter is settled and the silly controversy ends. Our Went is straight, and we’ll be in tears soon when he finds a steady girlfriend…

  147. lj

    Cat’s Meow, I too agree with everything you said – except for one thing. I think Went does like musical theatre ….wasn’t he in the odd school musical? And he said during the Australian radio interview with Kyle and Jackie O that he likes the theatre. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just proves that he’s cultured and sophisticated and I think we already knew that.

    And playing the gay roles demonstrates that he’s not afraid to put himself out there. However, I think he’d think twice about doing it again. Can’t believe that people actually see his performances in those roles as a reason to think he’s gay. Just goes to show what a great actor he can be and how stupid some people can be.

  148. Cat’s Meow, I have to agree with lj’s point about Went liking musical theater. His acting and performing is rooted in this genre, so I can’t imagine that he’d not have some nostalgia for it.

    I read sometime back – and I’m sorry, the interview escapes me now – that Went loves the famous 70s musical “Jesus Christ Superstar.” I remember this well because when I read it, I jumped around and started belting out: “Wentworth…SUPERSTAR! Do you even know how pretty you are?!” *snicker*

    Here’s a quote I poached off his Wikipedia page about the subject:

    “If I have to throw in some kind of musical. It’s just hippie-licious is the word that always comes to mind.”

    While musical theater may not be his favorite, it does appear that he at least appreciates it. Hmmm…I wonder if he’s seen “Wicked”?

  149. Cat'sMeow

    My mistake lj and Mama Bear. I agree with you when you say that Went appreciates musical theater, but it’s not his favorite. He probably prefers regular theater like Shakespeare, as opposed to musical theater. I know when he was young he participated in school plays. He did say something like he appreciates all different types of the arts because you never know if it will help you in your acting or help you with a particular role. I wish I could remember the interview.

  150. AJ

    MamaBear said: “Wentworth…SUPERSTAR! Do you even know how pretty you are?!” *snicker*


    and mutha phuckin’ WORD lj! Although, am I the only one who would like to see Wentworth IN a Broadway musical? Now that would have been something he could’ve done during his PB hiatus. I think he’d make a great Phantom, but then we wouldn’t be able to see his face. 😦 Maybe Rent instead… *shrug*

  151. Cat'sMeow

    Thanks, Elise! I’m just sick and tired of hearing this subject about Went being gay. He has denied it loud and clear. These people, like Jack, can’t take the man’s word for it and it annoys me to no end. They don’t realize that every young good looking guy just hitting it big is always accused of being gay. I remember hearing this about Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and even a young Mel Gibson, who is now married over 25 years and has 7 children. Come on already. Leave our beautiful Wenty alone. He’s such a sweet guy and doesn’t deserve this. I could see if he remained quiet about it, but he blatently denied being gay. So that’s that. ‘Nuff said!!!!!!!

  152. Cat'sMeow

    Hi Mama Bear! Wouldn’t Wenty be perfect playing Jesus. He is so beautiful with those amazing eyes, that he could easily portray Jesus. And he’s soft-spoken, intense, compassionate, emotional, tall, slender, and soooo breathtakingly handsome. I could definately see him in that role. The only thing is his hair. I giggle when I picture him with long hair and beard!!!!! He’s so hot with his buzz cut and clean shaven or a little face stubble.

  153. Went as “Jesus,” Went as “The Phantom,” Went as “Mr. Mistoffelees” – I love them all!

    *singing* “Oh! Well I never! Was there ever
    A cat so clever as magical Mr. Went Miller!

  154. Cat'sMeow

    Oh yeah Mama Bear, Went as “the Phantom” would be great too. I loved Gerard Butler as the Phantom. He’s very hot. Not as hot as Went of course!! But who the hell is “Mr. Mistoffellees”?!!!!!!

  155. Cat’s Meow, you call yourself a cat and you don’t know Mr. Mistoffelees?! The shame! The travesty! He’s only the most magically clever cat in Andew Lloyd Webber’s “Cats!”

    I would LOVE to see Went in a skin-tight cat suit any day of the week! 🙂

  156. Cat'sMeow

    LMFAO, Mama Bear! I knew the name sounded familiar, but couldn’t place it. Unfortunately, I never saw “Cat’s”, believe it or not! I’ll have to rent it right away, but I don’t know about seeing my Wenty in a skin-tight cat suit. That’s too Halle Berry for me. Then I’ll think he really is gay!!!!!! Ha, ha!!!

  157. lj

    I’ve been feeling guilty that maybe I was a bit harsh with Jack. Maybe he really does believe that Went is gay and he’s doing us all a service by ‘sharing’ with us. But the more I think about it the more his posts p***s me off.

    He comments that everyone on the set knew but didn’t say anything. Well we’ve got a poster later on who says she worked on the set of Dinatopia and she wasn’t aware of it. She even asked if he was gay and was told he wasn’t. So ‘EVERYONE’ WAS NOT AWARE, Jack. And we’ve got plenty of other people who’ve worked with Went on PB and other shows and they are clueless too. And Dom sounds confident that Went is NOT gay. I don’t think either Went or Dom would publicly lie about this knowing that the truth would be bound to come out in the future and they’d both look bad.

    You can’t say the same for Jack however. It’s very easy for people to come on to these sites and post a ‘rumour’ under anonymity. They can’t be sued for defamation, they can really say what they want without appearing foolish. Like I said I’m really suspicious of Jack and his motives (for all we know his real name could be Mario (AKA Perez!)).

    Sorry to come back to this topic people but I’ve in a different time zone to most of you and by the time I read the posts you all seem to have moved on to something else). But I really feel compelled to call Jack on his mischievous posts. It’s just too disturbing for me not to respond.

  158. lj

    And Cat’s Meow, the interview you are probably thinking of is the Jackie O and Kyle Australian interview I mentioned before.


  159. anon

    where there is smoke there usually is fire

  160. Anonymous

    Listened to that aussie interview. The guy likes Scissors Sisters! Not gay???

  161. Cat'sMeow

    Thanks so much lj for the link to the Jackie O and Kyle radio interview! I don’t know why I didn’t see it in your post. Yeah that’s the interview I was speaking of. Went did mention that theater was important for his acting, but not necessarily “musical theater”. Also, I’m convinced he’s not gay when he said “I’ve never been Mr. One Night Stand”. No disrespect, but most gay guys like one night stands! Went called himself a “nerd” and Jackie O said she liked nerds, and then Went said “I can’t lose!!!!!” He is so adorkable, I luv him soooooo much!!!!!! And when the gay guy who works at the radio station had a question about hearing about a photo of Went holding hands with another man at a T-Mobile party, Went answered “Not true”, he must have been shaking hands with his agent and thanking him for getting him Prison Break! Wenty is so pleasant and polite when it comes to this gay shit. It probably annoys the shit outta him, but he’s such a gentlemen. Also when Kyle said something about gay guys liking him, he answered “A fan base is a fan base!” That boy is so damn witty and cuuuuute!!!! I love that he’s so smart with all his answers. And when they asked if he’d like to settle down someday, he answered “I’d love for someone to come along and knock me on my ass” but for right now he’s concentrating on his career that he’s worked and waited for all these years. He’s such a sweet, sweet man!!!!

  162. lj

    Yeah, it’s a really great interview, Cat’s Meow. Just listening to that interview you can tell that he’s straight. Otherwise the whole show is fake – there is actually quite a lot said about sex, girls etc. Quite funny really. Do you think if he was gay they’d be asking him those questions or he’d be responding in the same way? I think he’s a gentle soul and probably a bit shy. Unlike just about everyone else I’d really like to see him settle down.

    Re gays liking the Scissor Sisters or enjoying musical theatre. These are all gross generalisations. You can’t really say that someone is gay because of those things – I’m sorry but that’s absurd.

    And anon 10.56 – that’s how gossip works. Someone sows the seed and it just spreads. Whether it’s true or not.

  163. Cat'sMeow

    I feel ya, lj! Went is a gentle soul, shy, quiet, reserved, and a bit of a loner. Just because he’s an actor doesn’t mean he’s an extrovert. He has said he was “called to act”. Alot of actors are shy. Mel Gibson said when he was a kid, he was painfully shy. I was very shy when I was younger so I joined Children’s Theater in high school. We performed for children in the elementary schools. That helped me come out of my shell.

    I would also like for Went to meet someone someday and he will. It wouldn’t be fun for us when he does get a girlfriend because I think that’s one of the things that makes Went so appealing is that he’s not attached to anyone at the moment. Dominic Purcell is a hottie, but he’s married and unattainable. Went deserves to be happy with a nice girl and I hope he finds love someday. Not too soon Wenty, you have more than enough girlfriends right here!!!!!

  164. lj

    Cat’s, it sure does make him appealing – being single. But by being single he also attracts the gay rumours which I hate even more than the idea of him having a girlfriend. It’s a double edged sword!

    But seriously how can someone who looks like him not have a gf? It’s a mystery to me.

  165. Cat'sMeow

    lj, I think our Wenty is probably picky. We’ve seen him out with girls, but they probably aren’t his type. Some people don’t fall in love easily. Before I got married, I went out with someone for a long time, and after we broke up, I dated casually, but for about 4 years I was basically without a steady boyfriend. I am told I’m pretty so it’s not that, I am just particular and I think that’s how Went is. He waited a long time for his career to take off, so I can understand him wanting to put his all in it without distractions of a serious relationship at the moment. I’m sure in a few years he’ll want to settle down and have children. He’s said this in interviews. Look at Gerard Butler and George Clooney, both hot looking men and still single. GF’s occasionally, but no one serious. And they both have said they prefer it that way. Wenty is a loner, but he’s said he does get lonely sometimes. He just wants to concentrate on his career and not have some GF nagging him about not spending enough time with her. He travels alot with his job and that would be difficult for any relationship. I gather the other actors and actresses’ spouses and kids on Prison Break probably have a hard time with the relocating . Went probably doesn’t want that additional stress. He is the leading man in the show which requires alot of his time.

    Sometimes I wish he would get a GF to dispell these gay rumors, but then I understand his situation. Besides, I’d be soooooo jealous of her kissing my Wenty’s beautiful, perfectly shaped lips all the time!!!!!!!

  166. lj

    Hey Cat’s, so you’re married? But you don’t want Went to settle down just yet because you’d be jealous? Please don’t take this the wrong way but that doesn’t sound fair to me.

    When I see a pic of Went with a girl I just feel happy that he’s with someone. All these photos of him alone make me feel a bit sad for him. I’d just love for him to have someone to share it all with. Even if if was a guy (just kidding). And if he did have someone I don’t think the fantasy would be totally destroyed do you? Brad Pitt still has heaps of female fans doesn’t he?

  167. Cat'sMeow

    Don’t get me wrong, I want Went to settle down and get married and have children…………, o.k., o.k., maybe I’d be a little jealous!!!!! LOL. But really, some lucky lady should enjoy that beautiful man. But I get it when Went says he wants to concentrate on his career. I felt the same way when all my friends were getting married in their twenties. I preferred to wait until I was 30 because I wanted to concentrate on school, career, traveling and partying before settling down. Your life is not your own anymore. I can’t wake up and say to myself “I think I’ll go to the City for the week-end or something like that”. I have alot of responsibilites now and sometimes it’s rough. So I can see him wanting to be alone right now.

    And don’t be sad for him, lj. He looks like he enjoys his life. He seems happy being alone. In that interview he says he’s not a people person and rather stay home and watch t.v. as opposed to going out to clubs where there’s lots of people. He’s a loner. So our Wenty is just fine. If he wanted a gf, I’m sure it’s very, very easy for him to get one, but I think he prefers to be alone right now.

  168. Anonymous

    “He’s a loner. So our Wenty is just fine. If he wanted a gf, I’m sure it’s very, very easy for him to get one, but I think he prefers to be alone right now.”

    O.K. but what about sex? Masturbation is unsatisfactory in the long run……
    So, has he got a low sex-drive? How sad!!

  169. It’s odd to think of how can one be jealous of a celebrity…unless you are involved with him one on one…like isn’t it ultimately his business who he decides to be with. how does one get so emotionally involved with an actor they don’t know personally?

  170. Cat'sMeow

    That’s his perogative, Anonymous! He may have a “f-buddy” for all we know. What happens when someone is widowed at a young age? Does he/she go out and “f ” somebody just to have sex? I think not! People are alone for many reasons. They find ways to satisfy their needs, but we don’t have to talk about it. It’s a private matter. He has said that he’s not into one night stands. He’s a respectable type of guy, so I don’t see him using someone just for sex. He looks to me like a relationship type guy. He’s romantic and old-fashioned when it comes to that. That’s why he’s so appealing to women all over the world. They love that about him. He’s not a “playa”. I don’t care how Went satisfies himself, as long as he’s happy.

  171. Cat'sMeow

    To Just Curious, When I say “I’m jealous”, I really am just kidding!! Of course I wouldn’t be jealous of some girl kissing Went’s beautiful lips like I would be for my hubby. But, you have to admit, wouldn’t you want to be kissing Wenty’s beautiful, luscious lips. I know I would!!!!! But seriously, ironically, I am not really a jealous type person. It annoys my hubby to no end. He teases me because he knows this about me. He’ll say something like a girl flirting with him at work. And I’ll just respond like I don’t care and say, “Go right ahead and date her!!!” We like to tease eachother!

    And my hubby doesn’t mind me luvin’ Wenty either. For my birthday coming up he bought me a Prison Break shirt with Wenty’s pic on it, a PB calendar, and a autographed pic of Went shirtless with the tattoo. My hubby’s a good guy!! He also likes the show.

  172. Wow. Cat’s Meow, you’ve certainly given W. Miller’s singledom and gay rumours a lot of thought, huh?

    *moving on*

    To Anon 10.56: Of course there’ll always be freaking smoke whenever Went’s around! He’s hot! Hot! Hot!

    Like, duh. Which part of that wasn’t clear?

  173. lj

    Oh Cat’s, sounds like you have a great balance and your hubby seems a nice guy too. He bought you a PB shirt, etc. That’s too cute for words.

    OK, OK , I get what you are all saying about Went choosing the single life for now. But it is possible to successfully combine a family with career (we girls know that)! I’m married with kids and I just wish the same happiness for him. And soon (he’s not getting any younger). Now he’s made it , he can have some fun. I just hope he can find someone good enough for his fans who seem to be super critical of every woman he’s photographed with. I’m sure that anyone he chooses would have to be as nice as him. But the first criterion should be that she doesn’t read the internet. Because knowing what people are saying about you just because you are with the hottest guy on the planet can’t be good for any relationship.

    As for where and when he gets sex. Eww. I don’t want to know. But I did love it when he said he wasn’t a “one night stand type of guy”. That whole interview was so hilarious and down to earth. If I wasn’t in love with him before, that interview just cemented it.

  174. dude, he owes me hot sex for just disappearing like that! and i’m ready to collect…

  175. Cat'sMeow

    I hear ya, lj! After hearing that interview again, I luv Went even more. He’s such an upstanding guy with integrity and morals. I cracked up during the whole interview. He was so open and honest with all his answers. I do wish he could find love, but I know he wants a film career eventually and I don’t know if accomplishing that will put off any plans to settle down in the near future. Who knows. I do feel bad for whomever he does go out with because they get ripped apart by all the fangirls. That’s probably why he wants someone who is confident and doesn’t worry about what anybody says about her. He’s obviously aware of what people say about anyone he goes out with. That also might be a deterent for him to date. But Wenty is such a nice guy and I hope he does meet an equally nice girl someday and dispel all those horrible gay rumors.

  176. Cat'sMeow

    Yeah miz brisvegas I guess so!!!! I can’t believe I said so much. I’ve never stuck up for someone so much before. I can’t believe it!!!! Maybe it all came out after almost 2 years of hearing the same thing over and over about Went being gay. As I wrote in my first post, I’m not naive or in denial, I just think in my heart of hearts that he isn’t gay and it bothers me that people have to accuse this nice guy of lying to the world that he’s not gay. Went is a nerd, that’s all. There’s a difference between being a nerd and being gay. A big difference. He admits to this and it’s not fair to be made fun of. The poor guy is out there entertaining the world and he has to be made fun of by certain idiots. I could see if he didn’t say anything like Ricky Martin when asked if he is gay. Went directly said, “No, I’m not gay!” HELLO PEOPLE, don’t you understand English. This man is too intelligent to lie cause it’ll just come back to bite him in the ass if he were to lie about it now. Wenty is a nerdy, hot guy and that’s what we luv about him!!!!!!!!!

  177. Cat'sMeow

    Went should hire me as his spokesperson!!!!! I’ll take the job, Went, you beautiful man you!!!! You don’t even have to pay me, I’ll do it for nuttin’ Wentypoo!!!!! Who luvs ya, baby? I do, I do!!!!!!

  178. lj

    Way to go Cat’s Meow. You’ve come out fighting for our boy!! He is truly adorkable – which is why we all love him so much. I’ve never been so vocal either. Like you I just can’t stand people spreading false rumours.

    Hey, I notice Jack’s gone all silent. Maybe we scared him off.

  179. Cat'sMeow

    lmfao lj!!!!!! I know, I know. I was just thinking the same thing!!!! Where the hell is Jack and the other idiots that put our Wenty down. No one dares mess with Cat’s Meow and lj when it comes to our Wentypoo!!!!!! Too bad Went won’t see this and know that there are some fans that truely love him for all his great qualities. He’s not just a pretty face, he’s intelligent, honest, caring, giving, easy going, friendly, talented, a true gentleman and a class act!!!! That is very rare in LA LA Land!!! Thank you so much lj for your support. Every thing you said about Wenty I agree with. It’s like you’re reading my mind!!!!

  180. lj

    Of course I support you Cat’s!! Highly unlikely he’d have the time to read it all but I’m betting that Went does read these boards from time to time. He’s only human isn’t he? And he knows exactly who our WFW is. The signed pic she received proves it. Did you read the latest Dom interview? He said that he and Went are same in that they don’t like all the attention they now attract.

    I’m not sure about people from LA LA land. Sounds a bit scary really. But he’s not from there originally so that would account for his down to earth qualities. I work in Melbourne and every time I walk past the Fed Sqare Starbucks (there are quite a few in this city) I’m reminded that he was actually here. I feel connected. Oh Went, come back please!!

  181. Cat'sMeow

    I was just wondering where you were from lj!!!! I can’t believe you are Australian. It’s my dream to go there!!! When I was young my Godfather wanted to take me on a trip there, but my dad was afraid to send me such a long trip so he said no. Since then I’ve always wanted to go. So that is my goal someday.

    Thanks for Dom’s interview. I luv him too. He’s so funny, and he was hilarious on the Prison Break S1 DVD commentaries. He was hot in “3-way”! Oooooooooooh that shower scene!!!!! In the interview, when asked how he reacts that more women watch PB than Desperate Housewives, he answered “You can blame Wentworth!” Yeah, Dom like they’re not tuning to watch your beautiful tanned chest with your button down shirts and those gorgeous lips of yours! No not much, Dom!!!! Ha, ha. I luv him.

    Also, I wanted to tell you that I was born and raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn where Wenty grew up!!!!! So maybe that’s why I feel a connection with him too!!!!!!

  182. lj

    And if and when I do go to New York I’m going to find some way to make a stop over in LA and somehow make some excuse to get my family to West Hollywood, and buy a coffee from that Starbucks in Larchmont Blvd he frequents. Without them knowing of course. Could be a bit tricky don’t you think?

  183. WFW

    Cat’s Meow and lj,
    You sound like lovely people, really, but Instant Messenger and Email exist for a reason. Please use them for your personal conversation and not my comments section. Thanks.

  184. WFW

    And on another note, and to no one in particular, being gay is not a negative, it’s not an accusation, it’s not horrible or anything of the sort. Be upset someone is calling Went a liar, that’s fine, but when someone implies that being gay, thought of as gay or called gay is negative, it really pisses me off.

    The reason that people even keep the speculation going is to see who they can get a rise out of and like clockwork, they get what they want out of some of you every single time, lol. You might find that people would stop it all together, at least here, if you would just ignore them.

    The tone here lately is really fucking off. It’s getting way too deep up in here. The site is called Wet For Went; It’s supposed to be a fun place to be so come to play or don’t come at all.

  185. niknak

    Not sure why the happy occasion of Went’s return took such a turn south. Thanks Jack for peeing on the party!

    I am just happy to see him again after the long Wentless drought. I don’t care who he was fucking during the hiatus (female, male, or the recently ever-so-popular koala) since it wasn’t me. Until it is me, I am not concerned with who/what he is sleeping with. What I am concerned with is how soon we are going to see him again.

  186. niknak

    I know what happened! I ended up in Perez land by accident!

  187. Mink

    niknak, I know you’re only kidding, but have you ever seen the comments on PH’s site? Even though WFW hasn’t been totally down with the comments here lately, believe me they are nothing compared to the sheer idiocy, misinformation and revolting slander people post there.

    Anyway, I’m with you re. when are we gonna see Mr Miller again. Went, honey, one brief saunter in front of one Dial-A-Pap does not make up for those months of absence. Get your ass somewhere and be photographed again soon. Very, very soon. Tomorrow will do. 🙂

  188. Mink, why wait till tomorrow?!
    Went, you better show your ass… I mean face today! Cuz look what you’ve done with disappearing again: you made people think and write novels and we don’t want that!

  189. niknak

    Mink, unfortunately, I have seen the PH site. I wandered in there by complete accident and haven’t been back. That guy’s an ass! I have seen some of the posts and I know WFW would never allow any of that bs in here. It’s just the whole notion of ‘outting’ celebs — gay or not… and I know WM is one of his most vehement targets.

    Now, back to forcing WM to get his hot ass back outside in public. I am hoping that maybe he will start appearing the closer we get to the S3 PB premiere. But, I’m not holding my breath since we didn’t even get a S2 wrap party… I would never want to see the paps follow him to the dry cleaner or the grocery store, but something more than a trip to Starbucks would be nice.

  190. ELISE

    Could “Jack” be Perezhilton, or at least someone of his entourage? There seems to be a deliberate attempt to harm Went and his fans… It’s so rare to find an actor who is such a nice guy and this entertainment world is so cruel. But I’m sure Went will survive and prove them wrong…

  191. Anonymous

    I cried after reading the PH article. I’m so sad if it’s true. There seem to be so many details about his relationship with Mc Farlane. Oh, Went, I loved you so….

  192. Jack

    I’m glad Wentworth Miller let the information leak about his relationship with an other man. Congratulations for being honest.

  193. AJ

    anon 6.16 said, “I cried after reading the PH article. I’m so sad if it’s true. There seem to be so many details about his relationship with Mc Farlane. Oh, Went, I loved you so….”

    What.The.FUCK??? You cried after reading it? Oh for God’s sake… Man up, woman! Whether it’s true or not, one thing’s for sure…. it’s none of our goddamn business! It doesn’t/wouldn’t affect anyone here personally. And if you feel that it does/would….I have no words for you.

    Oh, and uh…Jack….thanks for coming back and stirring the pot. We wondered where you’d gone. *massive fucking eyeroll*

    Let the endless debate continue…. *sigh*

  194. Jack

    AJ, what can I say? Don’t you understand that there is more than meet the eye in my “stirring the pot”? As I said previously, I’m part of a bigger picture, helping in my very small way to change things and attitudes. Let’s say that “friends of friends of mine” told me that it was time to tell what I knew. For the best, we hope. And believe me , I didn’t initiate this.

  195. Jack

    Just one thing: P.Hilton is a scum bag and I don’t want to be associated with his “entourage” as someone said! But a W.Miller coming out is in the offing, Hilton knows it and he’s trying to get all the glory for himself without any respect for the people involved. I’m sorry that W.Miller was so badly advised from the start by Fox people. He should have come clear two years ago…

  196. anon

    Jack I’m not sure who your ‘friends of friends’ are unless you mean PH and his cohorts but you are obviously no friend of Went. Went is an extremely popular guy and we adore him here. Perez probably knows that anything to do with WM is a sure way to boost the hits on his site after the latest setback with his web hosting company.

    I was just thinking that it is very big coincidence for someone to come onto this blog and drop your little item just days before the latest PH ‘story’. You obviously knew it was coming.

  197. Mink

    Jack, if there were ever any doubt that you’re a shit stirrer, you’ve dispelled that with these latest posts. If a WM ‘coming out’ actually were in the offing, one could be forgiven for thinking that you are just as keen as PH to get the credit of “I told you so”.

    And can I just say, none of this makes any sense re. the ongoing rumours about Fox telling WM to keep his trap shut about this alleged gayness. He had ten years in the industry prior to “PB” to come/be out if he wanted to. He was not some new teeny starlet whom Fox had to ‘control’. If (massive ‘if’) he’s gay and closeted, he had already chosen to keep it that way long before “PB”, so Fox’s ‘advice’ had nothing to do with it. And it still makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to me that he’d keep this secret for, oh, eleven and half years, then state categorically “I am not gay” to the press 6 months ago (massive red rag to a bull for anyone who knows otherwise), and then now you say decide he wants to come out.

    If any of what you say turns out to be true (another massive ‘if’), then I’ll be far more disappointed that WM was so stupid to make that denial statement how/when he did, than that he’s gay. (And for the record, I do not think that WM is stupid.)

    Anon 6.16, I hardly know what to say to you. *sigh* Your post smells like shit stirring too. Anyone can see that those ‘details’ posted by PH could easily have been made up, and actually even seem unlikely on their face. And whilst I don’t know if you’re on the up and up or just messin’ here, the idea that anyone could change the tense of the word “love” to “loved” re. WM just because of this kind of bullshit disturbs me far more than the rumour itself or even the antics of PH. People who would make a judgement re. who they like and respect as a celebrity based on their sexuality…okay, I can’t write what I think of people like that here, even on this pretty-relaxed-about-the-use-of-language site.

  198. Mink

    Oh, and WM wanted to “let the information leak about his relationship with an other man” (actually “another” is one word) and chose PH’s site for this? Really? To say I find this hard to believe would be the understatement of the century.

  199. Jack

    “I was just thinking that it is very big coincidence for someone to come onto this blog and drop your little item just days before the latest PH ’story’. You obviously knew it was coming”( Anon
    June 25th, 2007 at 8:53 am )
    My answer is :Yes.
    We tried to prevent a certain amount of damage, and it’s not the first time. W.Miller has got good friends, and lesser mortals like me who like him and respect him…We knew the P.H. was about to drop a bomb. But enough said, I know nothing more.

  200. anon

    Jack, you say P.Hilton is a scum bag and you don’t want to be associated with his “entourage” but how are you any better? And as for “it all being for the best”, “friends told you it was time to tell what you knew”….oh really….this is all too weird.

    Well I guess the only good thing I can say about all this is that we’ll probably be hearing or seeing from Went soon.

  201. sprinkles

    This is making me sick! I cannot stand all the speculation and the attention that it gets. We all know Jack is an A**hole! I don’t believe him or perez or anyone else who wants to stir the pot. How many times do we have to go through this. Stop ruining our favorite place to worship Went. This is my happy place and I am not happy when I read this CRAP!
    Please WFW pull the plug on these assinine comments!

  202. anon

    surprised no one has shut down that story on PH if it is false…

  203. BRIT BIRD

    JUST JACK, if you were Went’s ‘lesser mortal who likes and respects him, then i doubt you would be giving out his ‘secrets’ on a fan website. I certainly dont want to be liked or respected by you!! If you all recall wents stance on being accussed of racism in college, his stance was to just ignore it, and im sure he will do the same on these rumours.

  204. AJ

    So….how ’bout them Orioles?…

  205. This line of gay talk is so stupid that for once in my life, I don’t even know what to say…*Krissie, stop “hooraying” over there in Cro-town, and don’t get too excited…I’m sure an essay will come to me soon.*

  206. Cat'sMeow

    I’M BACK!!!!!!!! Why is it that the big A-hole, PH, never has pics of Went and his boyfriends. He loves to talk, talk, talk, but where’s the proof. Went is 35 years old, he’s not a teen idol. Don’t you think he would have come out by now? He’s been in this business for over 10 years. Come on now, leave the poor boy alone. This is getting nauseating.

    Wenty is a class act and that PH is a low-life scumbag. Do the math!!!!

  207. shelly

    PH claims that his “sources” say that Went is dating Luke MacFarlane. I’m not familiar with him, but apparently there has been speculation about him being gay, too, with no confirmation either way. Whether he is gay or not, he didn’t ask to be dragged into this ridiculous shit so it’s pretty awful for Hilton to not only be constantly going after Went, but now also dragging other innocent bystanders into this. Whether Mr. MacFarlane is gay or not, he didn’t ask for any of this so PH should have left him alone.

  208. this news is being revealed on other websites so unless the people in WM’s camp are sending out press releases saying its untrue…looks like WM is honeyed up with this Luke guy.

  209. Just Curious, unless this news is in the New York Times, I’m not taking it as fact…I mean, HELLO, it’s on GAY site! Can we say “hopeful bias?”

  210. Skank

    Just Curious… the only source is Perez Hilton, all those sites are reporting what that idiot said… this is the way it works.

  211. WFW

    Skank, you beat me to it. It all comes from PH. All of the details at all of the other sites are exactly the same.

    And there’s a reason that there is now a new post at the top of the blog. Could we please stop tainting the first new candids of Went in months with talk of PH? Thanks.

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