Days of our Wentworth

Like ice in a Frappuccino, these are the Days of our Wentworth…

Went goes to Starbucks

[Went enters Starbucks and the female cashiers and the gay guy immediately fight for the right to serve him. The gay guy wins.]

Gay Guy: Hello Mr. Miller. How may I help you?

Went: I’d like a MochaFrappuLaxative please.

GG: Sure. Would you like fries with that? *laughs*

Went: *laughs too* No that’s it.

Starbucks Girl: Can I make that with you? I mean for you?

Went: Thank you.

[SG makes the FrappuCrappo and stares at Went with dreamy eyes. She spills it all over the place.]

SG: I’m so sorry!

Went: It’s fine.

GG: Here, let me do it.

[GG makes the drink and hands it to Went.]

Went: Thanks very much! *starts sipping happily and walks out*


*Goodbye quiet day*

Went: Did you guys get that? *I wonder how long it will take these to hit the internet.*

*I wonder what WFW is doing right now. Did she get the pic? I must have missed Nic. I could have sworn I read yesterday that she would be here.*

*Wait til they see that I ironed this shirt*


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34 responses to “Days of our Wentworth

  1. I would SO be that Starbucks girl!

  2. Miller_thriller

    haha can i make that with you??
    mmmmm imagine naked cooking time in wents house!


  3. jan

    Ok,ok, WFW, its clear you want me out of your way.
    So what; if he doesn’t need me to iron for him anymore, I’ll be his bodyguard. That bearded guy is definitely stalking him.

    Or he’s just his boyfriend, and they don’t want to make a big deal out of it… so they’re walking on a fair distance… He subtly follows Wentworth, and gently sings in his beard…

    You all know that U2 song: “If you walkaway, walkaway
    I walkaway, walkaway.. I will follow….»

  4. Sprinkles

    Of course the gay guy wins! LMAO!

  5. Sprinkles

    I want to be one of the Starbuck Barrista people looking into “Mr. Milla’s Killing Green Eyes” *faints*

  6. Mink

    LMFAO! “MochaFrappuLaxative”? “FrappuCrappo”? *spits soda out through nose*

    And you so know he was just waiting to see if we noticed the ironed shirt. *pats Went on head* We noticed, honey, we noticed. 😉

  7. Mink

    Oh, and next time Went honey, just turn the iron up a tad hotter so that you actually get the creases out properly, ‘kay? *kisses* 😀

  8. WFW

    Thank Nic! A Wentworth Soap was her bright idea. I’ll see if I can make this a regular feature. Up next, COTW!

  9. shelly

    WFW, I love you for not being beyond making fun of his out of control frapp addiction. He should buy a Starbucks already and move in cause he practically lives there. What say you all we chip in and send him to a frappumajig detox center?

    MochaFrappuLaxative – BWAHAHA!!!!!

  10. AJ

    “FrappuCrappo” HAHAHAHAHAHA *snort*

    I heard a rumor from “Just Jack” over at the BOX network, that Wentworth is leaving this soap and going over to Slashions on the new DP network. *gasp*

    Wentworth, I love you on DAYS! Don’t go! Stefano’s about to come back!

  11. shortstuff

    LOL, stefano! hasnt he died like 6 times already???

    oh yeah and went is hot in his slightly less wrinkley shirt, but what else is new..

  12. Went: Wait til they see that I ironed this shirt HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-HAAAAAAA!!!

    Thank you WFW for posting and Nic for the idea!!! Is it only me, or does anyone else die a little each time they see him with that sexy smirk? Work it, Went! Work it!

  13. WhoDoesntLoveHim?

    My first comment!!! Thanks WFW!!! This is just sooo great…what would I do at work if weren’t for you?

  14. Juma

    That’s it! I’ll open a Starbucks here where I live
    and invite him to come to the big opening.
    Went baby, u don’t even need to bring ironed clothes… cause those are to take of anyway.
    *hmmm naked Went!

  15. ahah LOL WFW you are always the best!! 🙂

  16. xxx

    mmmmmmmm wentwooooooorth…… aaaaaahh


    I have already sent make application for a job @ Starbucks Larchment Ave. There is no way anybody gay or staright would make it to Went first. And his frapchocowhatever would have a seru=ious side order of drool on the side!! **giggles**
    Duly noted that Went has ironed his shirt. And he has smart shoes on not his favourite flip flops or ‘thongs’ as the Americans say!! I wonder where he is going……?

  18. Mmmmm…Went in a thong – now THAT’S an idea! Thanks, BB!

  19. Pink Boxers

    I just like the fact that the shirt is not an oversized shirt from Brooks Brothers. Wot a nice schmile!


    hehehe MB only Went or possibly David Beckham (who looks good in speedo’s btw) could look good in a thong!!

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  22. SavMed


    *gets a cloth and wipes milk off the screen*

  23. Andrew

    I want to Starbucks. But I dont have possibility.
    I am in russia.

  24. evelyn

    [i]Went: I’d like a MochaFrappuLaxative please….[/i]

    Oh WFW….!!!

    You crack me up girl!!

  25. Sprinkles

    Thanks Nic & WFW….love the idea to make it a regular feature! Having a mochafrappalaxative right now! LOL!

  26. LOL! All I am gonna say

  27. Cess

    HAHAHA! Great job ^^

  28. Cat'sMeow

    I luv that story!! How cute is Wenty with the paps in his face, and he’s still smiling. Such a sweet, sweet man. He must have had an important meeting that day, cause his shirt is ironed and he’s wearing boots instead of flip flops. Luv ya Went, you’re so adorkable!!!!

  29. niknak

    Too funny! Can I be in the next episode? I’d like a kissing scene if possible (with me, not GG. Just to be clear…)

  30. he’s GUSMAG material all the way…

  31. Dani

    God almighty I need to be that Frappacino…….. and spilt down his pristine chest

  32. cat'smeow

    Went’s the sweetest man alive!!!

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