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The Prison Break tattoo is dead

Went said so. We shall mourn thee.

*face twitching, body shaking, whimpering, falling to the ground and weeping uncontrollably*

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UPDATE: More about Season 3

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Wentworth Miller explains why he is a hermit

OK FINE! Went you have a point. *muttering* I still care what you’re up to…*slinking off*


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Well what do you know

He showed up

and he looked beautiful…

PBLUV was there:

Just returned from the Santa Monica Pier!!! The FOX party was there, I rushed there after work and thought I had missed him, as I got there I saw police talking to be a bunch of people inside the party and there was a lot of security and I asked a guy who looked like he was important what was going on and he happened to work at FOX and said it was their yearly party for new shows. I asked him if the old shows were there and he smirked and said are you looking for someone?
I had to say!
Wentworth Miller!
He said well you are not looking hard enough and pointed just behind me and right there in a white shirt and jeans surrounded by reporters with tape recorders was my friends,
Went! Went ! WENT!!!! In all his Pretty Glory
I just froze and stared for a long time until I was pushed out of the way by security. I kept my eyes on him while they moved me. He was smiling and laughing and I counted 6 reporters all hanging on his every word. He talked with his hands, he listened as they asked question after question. For a good 10 minutes, I was so afraid to take my eyes off of him,so crowded, I did not want to lose sight of him. I cursed that I had no idea how to use my new phone’s camera. I was not close enough to hear what he was saying but I could see his sweet, beautiful face.
I saw a blonde woman standing by, using her blackberry, and watching him and then I saw the woman who was in pictures from Cannes with him, come over and watch him too. At one point, he reached out and touched her hand and smiled.
I literally almost screamed. But I am 26 and instead just covered my mouth.
The blonde woman and the woman from Cannes talked a bit and Cannes (sorry forgot her name) walked towards me and I just wanted to say hello or something but she looked like she was on a mission.
Went then took pictures with a group of people, no idea who they were, though I was stunned to see Dominic who sorta man hugged Went in a really cute way.
Ladies, Dominic is really, really hunky. How have I not noticed that b4?
Once that was done, Dominic walked into the party, where there were carnival rides and food, and Went continued talking to reporters.
Poor thing, he never got to go in and even get a hot dog.
Cannes and the blonde lady finally walked over to end the interviews and I heard one say he had a flight to catch.
They started walking together towards me but turned off as with me there was 40-50 fans just waiting. They went back down the red carpet, chatting, he was such a gentleman, he let them go first.
At the end was another bunch of fans and he just went over to them and starting signing autographs and taking pictures.
I could not get to that side, I was stuck on the other side of the rope and while he did that for 5 minutes, he could have done it for an hour, it would not be enough. I am 26, I behaved like a 12 yr old ladies, jumping up and down and sighin’ continually!!!
Finally, his car came, a chauffered hybrid I think and they walked over with him. He said bye to both and hugged Cannes and got in the back of his car.
I think the blonde is a publicist, she continued on her blackberry and it was no big deal to her, she and Cannes hugged and parted and I felt drenched.
Well that is my Wentful Monday, I am now going to bed so I can dream.


More pics at PBOnline and JJ

UPDATE: Video of Went in action

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