Days of our Wentworth

Like ice in a Frappuccino, these are the Days of our Wentworth…

Wentworth shops at the Apple Store

[Went enters his local Apple Store]

Went thinking: I’m tired of this bulky thing in my pocket. I want an iPhone.

Sales Girl: Can I help you?

Went: Yes, I’d like to get an iPhone please.

Sales Girl: Well we’re all out.

Went: Oh, that’s a shame.

Sales Girl: Hey, aren’t you the guy from Prison Break?

Went: I am. Do you watch the show?

Sales Girl: When I get a chance. I didn’t recognize you right away. So you want an iPhone huh? Let’s see what I can do for you.

Went: I thought you were all out?

Sales Girl: Well we are, officially, but I was saving one for a friend. For you, I’d let it go.

Went: Oh no I couldn’t do that.

Sales Girl: I insist. She is taking too long to get here anyway and I’m sure she’ll understand. We’ll get more in tomorrow.

Went: Well if it would really be OK with her…

Sales Girl: It will. 8GB right?

Went: Yes, please.

[Sales Girl goes to get Went’s iPhone]

Went thinking: I wonder if Wet For Went and The Church site work on that phone…

Sales Girl: Here you go and how will you be paying?

Went: Charge.

[Transaction is made]

Sales Girl: Would you sign an autograph for me?

Went: Sure.

[Went signs the autograph and while he does, gets surrounded. He tries to sign them all but starts to get overwhelmed so the Sales Girl escorts him to the back.]

Sales Girl: Does this happen everywhere you go?

Went: Well, it happens a lot.

Sales Girl: The price of fame…

Went: Yes. How did you manage to get me out of there? You should be in Security.

Sales Girl: *smiles* Is that a job offer?

Went: *chuckles* Well thank you very much.

Sales Girl: You’re welcome. If you ever come back, you can ask for me personally or I could give you my card and you could contact me if you ever need…you know…anything.

Went: *raises an eyebrow and thinks, What would WFW do?* Sure, I’ll take the card.

Sales Girl: *gives Went the card and their hands touch, she looks into his eyes and sways a little*

Went: Thanks. I’ll talk to you later then…*Went looks at the card* Kali. That’s a beautiful name.

Kali: *blushes* Thank you. Yes, talk to you later then Wentworth.

Went: You can call me Went.

Kali: *swoons* OK, Went. It was nice meeting you.

[Went walks away and Kali checks him out.]

Kali (under her breath): Nice Ass.


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23 responses to “Days of our Wentworth

  1. Bel

    At one point I thought “now the friend appears and it’s that alluring girl from wetforwent with the afro”… I don’t know if I should be pleasantly suprised or somewhat disappointed by that. Noneteless; I wish I was an Iphone now…

  2. AJ

    I thought the same thing, Bel. I was half expecting WFW to show up at the Apple store at any moment to pick up the iPhone from her friend, Kali. Then when she realizes her friend is trying to give the phone to Wentworth, WFW offers to fuck him for it. Cuz ya know…who doesn’t want an iPhone…right? RIGHT?

  3. Now, all Went needs is an “I’m not a plastic bag” tote to keep up with his celebrity peers. 😉

  4. Our Went…such a gentleman! * swoon* G-d I love him! Kali kept such composure! How did she manage it?!

  5. Dani

    ..that ‘bulky thing in your pocket’ Went – is IRREPLACEABLE.

    It will be in a museum someday..

    That will be all.

  6. Dani

    …I can pash that ‘bulky thing in your pocket’ right up to size…

    come let me UPsize your communication device …

    now we’re talkin’……..


    Wow can i have the bulky thing that was in his pocket? Pretty please?

    What would WFW do? She would have sexed you Went!! Durr

  8. notthedoctor

    My favorite soap is back!
    Days of Our Wentworth in all its soapy glory full of action, suspense, sexual tension and most importantly adorkable Wentworth!

  9. thomas5

    He’s so polite with the “please”.
    Me: Hey Went would you like to have some hot, sweaty, nasty sex?
    Went: Yes, please

  10. Silvia

    Finally the nonsense stopped! I can go on with my life now.God,I hope DOOW has as many episodes as “Young and the restless”…:) Went,you shouldn’t be concerned,if the “Prison break” thing doesn’t work,you’ll always have a spot on this show..

  11. shortstuff

    HAHA! i love this.. thank you wfw for coming out of hiding! *hugs you tight and never lets go*

    oh yes, my favorite: “what would wfw do?” and “nice ass”. LOL

  12. tj_smartz

    Thank God (umm sorry I mean Went) – WFW is back! And will the latest and greatest DOOW!
    Bless you all.

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  14. ilurvemv

    Went thinking: I wonder if Wet For Went and The Church site work on that phone…>>

    By far my favorite line of this episode of DOOW. And I too was thinking that Kali’s friend was WFW. *hopes for an episode where Went goes to Subway…I wonder what he orders at Subway?*

    Not to get too far off-topic but I went to see the new Die Hard movie yesterday (awesome movie btw, everyone definitely go see it) and I was thinking as I left the theater that Went would have been perfect in the role of the villain in that. Not that the guy from Deadwood (Timothy Elephant or something like that) was bad in it, but I would’ve loved to see Went on the big screen this summer. You hear me, Lurkworth?? *sigh*

  15. Best soap ever =) i mean, wentworth is in it =P
    My favorite: “Is that a job offer?” “That’s a beautiful name.” (He’s such a gentleman…adorable!) and “Nice Ass” (I would say it myself…*grin*)

    WFW is inspiring:
    Wentworth Miller(800×600)
    [by me]

  16. Yey!!! DOOW is back on!

    Went: *raises an eyebrow and thinks, What would WFW do?*

    To you, Went? Bad things. Very, very bad things. And if you want my advice? Lie back and think of your fan girls & boys, m’kay?

  17. If it was WFW’s iPhone to be, I’m not even sure she’d let him have it, that’s how bad she wanted it.
    Maybe for a fair exchange of goods only…

  18. SAVMED

    bwahahahahah. the only soap i watch, i mean read…

  19. genpop40

    One day I should take my own little tour of Went’s L.A…..his Starbucks, his subway, that movie theater he goes to. That’s not too obsessive, right?

  20. Jen

    No thats not obsessive at all. I live a few hours away from where he graduated high school, near Pittsburg and I have thought of taking a little road trip tour myself – obsessive??? maybe??? Oh well, can we say restraining order.

  21. WFW

    Kris, Went can not have my iPhone but he can have my body.

  22. genpop40

    Thomas, you are so cute!

    Hey Went would you like to have some hot, sweaty, nasty sex?
    Went: Yes, please

    LOLOL. I’m loving the visual.

  23. cat'smeow

    genpop40 and Jen, you got room in the car? I wanna come along on that road trip to see Went!!! Please, pretty please!!

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