Wentworth Miller for Nam Yang: New Pics

Some new pictures of Went’s new French Cafe ad have surfaced. To see them, go see Jared.

Went laying in coffee beans? No wonder he was making his O face in that commercial. It’s his ultimate fantasy!


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  1. Oh what I would give to have Went look at me with such lustful passion!

    *running off to bathe in a tub full of mochafrappacrappacino*



  3. Pink Boxers

    I perused the pictures. Except for the one you’ve go there … I don’t get it. In every frame he seems to be asking, “What’s my motivation?” (answer: the check) or “What’s that noise behind me?”.

  4. awww today I wanna be a coffee bean tooooo!!


    I agree PB, he does look uncomfortable……. Although Went always lokks gorgeous, he looks like he has an abcess in this picture **keeps fingers crossed that everyone doesnt want to kill me**



  7. AJ

    While you’re all busy being coffee beans, I guess I’ll settle being the coffee cup that he drinks from. That’s right, those big hands wrapped around me, and that MOUTH! Awww, shit!

    *going to lay down for awhile*

  8. Ummm is it me or doesn’t he look like an alien in pain in these pics??? I still heart Went. I just don’t think these photos are that good and is he really laying in the coffee beans or is that photoshop? I dunno, I no likey…. but will always LURVE Went! Even if he does cheesy commercials such as these.

  9. AJ

    Sprinks, ya definitely have a point. Although I, for one, think he looks rather debonaire (albeit, scared for his life for some reason) in these pictures, this is a pretty craptacular campaign in the grand scheme of things. These pictures, in no way, shape, or form make me want to buy coffee. They make me want to buy HIM….but I won’t get into that…

    These Korean ads make me wonder about just what kind of roles he’s being offered in movies and other projects. Seriously, are the roles THAT BAD, that he’d rather get paid to lay in coffee beans or wear full length tighty whities than do another project on his breaks between PB? *sigh*

    Ah, well… *goes back to daydreaming about herself as a coffee cup*

  10. Bel

    I think they photoshopped his face in this pic. I mean, it’s somehow rounder than usual, isn’t it? Or as BB put it: he looks like he has an abcess. And dare I say it out loud? Yes I do: I think they tried to make him look more Asian. Or is my mind that warped?


  11. Anty

    Gawd, what a gorgeous, fuckable piece of man-meat. *_*

  12. Anty


    Well, he says he gets “House of Wax 7”, which I absolutely believe when you consider the shit Smallville’s Tom Welling has been doing for feature films… or Elisha Cuthbert. Remember her? Comercials take less time, pay better, and are more high-profile than teen horror flicks. They don’t ruin your resume.

  13. Weren’t these pics taken in the presence of Mama Miller? If so, he may have had some difficulty trying to “sex it up” for the camera, OR he may have a hard time “sexing it up” for coffee period. I mean, c’mon, I know that coffee is a stimulant, but not for the nether regions – or is it? *scratching head*

  14. Pink Boxers

    MB, I am now hearing “pour some sugar on me” in an entirely different context.

  15. cat'smeow

    Mama Bear, when was Went’s mom at this photo shoot? Weren’t these pics done in Korea? I thought he traveled alone to Korea. Was this photo shoot somewhere else? Also, is Went’s mom the woman he was seen with at the movie theater in L.A. a couple months ago? There were pics of them leaving the theater, when he was wearing that silly hat!!! Anyone know?

  16. AJ

    cat’smeow said, “Weren’t these pics done in Korea? I thought he traveled alone to Korea. Was this photo shoot somewhere else? Also, is Went’s mom the woman he was seen with at the movie theater in L.A. a couple months ago? There were pics of them leaving the theater, when he was wearing that silly hat!!! Anyone know?”

    Well, aren’t you all curiosity today! LOL. This photoshoot was done in L.A. a few weeks ago, and apparently his mother did accompany him to the shoot. He was only in Korea for the BPJ photoshoot.

    I’m not sure that it was ever confirmed that the woman leaving the theater with him a couple of months ago was his mother. Although, many people do believe that she is a relative of his.

  17. ilurvemv

    Anty, I understand what you’re saying but we don’t know for sure that all the scripts that Went was offered were for stuff like crappy teen horror flicks. I’ll bet anything that he was offered some supporting minor roles in some more substantial pictures, too. Frankly, I find it hard to believe that Amaury and Lane Garrison are getting bit parts in movies with stars like Mark Wahlberg and Keanu Reeves in them and Went is getting nothing but teenybopper crap parts. I could understand Fichtner getting better parts because he’s been working much longer, but not Amaury or Lane because their resumes must be as short (or even shorter) than Went’s and if they’re starting to score roles in movies with A-listers, Went could have been offered such parts too but chose not to take any.

    I understand that commercials are a quick and painless way to make money but I still find it frustrating that this is how he’d rather spend his summer. I think these ads are cheesy (sure he looks great, but I’m sorry, these ads are lame, him lying in coffee beans??) Surely, there must have been some script he was offered that would’ve at least been adequate, even if it wasn’t a Scorcese film.

    Re: the woman he was seen with at the theater, someone posted at the comment box on JJ’s site that it wasn’t Went’s mother, and that his mother is blond. Who knows if that comment is reliable or not. But I definitely saw some family resemblance too – my guess is it was an aunt or a cousin or someone like that.

  18. fruit loop

    ur probably gunna hate me 4 this but went just looks well not himself , mabe he was having a bad day,

  19. Anty


    Well, I can’t remember the last decent movie Keanu Reeves was in. In fact, he can’t even act. And Amaury is in what, “Transformers”?

    Wentworth appears to like good writing. There are basically two kinds of actors; the ham who’s always an extrovert, and usually a mere performer. The other type is the introvert who’s usually much more intelligent, even intellctual, and often interested in writing, directing, producing pieces, too. They find mediocre writing unbearable and would, when they don’t have to make money, rather not act than say embarassing one-liners in crappy movies, no matter how high profile. If Wentworth belongs into that category, I’m glad. There are too few people who can tell average films from good ones (I mean, half the world believes “Lord of the Rings” is a masterpiece – come on!).

    WFW: Ummm about Lord of the Rings...Say what? No you did NOT just talk about my Trilogy like that!

  20. Anty

    Oops, I meant @ilurvemv.

    And yeah, Kenneth Branagh is an exception.

  21. ilurvemv

    Anty, guess I’m biased because I like Keanu Reeves, and I’m one of the few who thinks his acting is fine. I don’t agree with you when you say that there are two kinds of actors only, hams and serious actors. Plenty of actors are a little bit of both, like Fichtner, who’s done both character roles (Perfect Storm) and silly ones (Blades of Glory).

    I can understand that he’s holding out for more serious roles but nobody gets the meaty roles right off the bat. Just about all actors have to start at the bottom and work their way up to the top. But again, I still don’t believe absolutely everything he was offered was that bad. A movie doesn’t have to be Shakespeare to be entertaining or good. There are plenty of movies which require some turn off of the brain but are still well-made movies IMO. For that matter, what about Prison Break? It’ll never be considered as being in the same league as shows like Lost or the HBO dramas. Does that mean it’s not worthwhile? I don’t think so.

    Anyway, topic: I wonder if the reason Went’s still single is because he hasn’t yet found someone who can deal with his only true love, coffee! 😉

  22. ilurvemv, Well said! Sometimes I’m in the mood for thought-provoking films and other times I just want to laugh. Not every great movie has to be an Oscar winner; in fact, many “great” films have been snubbed by the Academy (i.e. “Brokeback Mountain,” “The Color Purple,” “Apocolypto,” etc.). Your point about Fichtner is solid; maybe Went can take a couple of career pointers from ‘ol Bill. 😉

    About your theory on Went’s single status, you may be onto something. I thought very briefly about dipping my grannies in a vat of coffee before sending them to Went, but somehow I don’t think that he or his sister would appreciate the gesture. 😉

    Speaking of stains, am I the only Went fan that thinks his acting in “The Human Stain” was a bit strained? While I loved the premise of the movie, I just felt that his acting – and in fact everyone’s acting in that film – could’ve been much better. I still feel that his best work to date was his stint on “Popular” – he made me laugh out loud, and that’s very hard to do. I want to see Went in more comedies, and starring in goofy coffee ads does not count! 🙂

  23. AJ

    MB, I totally agree that his best performance was in “Popular.” He was fantastic in that role. He does “camp” very well. I think my main problem with “The Human Stain” was that it was just soooo long and drawn out. My God, it was like watching “Titanic”… just bring on the fucking water, already! I’ve never read the book, but like most movies based on novels, there is much left out of the film-version of the story. It would seem as though the geniuses behind this film decided to leave out all of the interesting stuff, and focus on the “boring as all hell” Hopkins/Kidman stuff. So, although Went’s acting, along with everyone else’s may have been strained, he and Anna were still the best thing about that movie.

    ilmv WORD to your entire post. THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about… If he’s not above doing Prison Break, at this point, it wouldn’t kill him to do a “Transformers” type of film on the side. Come on… I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. He’s not an A-list actor, yet. With that in mind, does the phrase “beggars can’t be choosers” ring a bell? He won’t do a movie, cuz the roles aren’t “good enough” but he’ll lay in coffee beans and gaze longingly at a paper cup??? Riiiiight…

  24. cocot13

    So thats what he looks like flat on his back

  25. kiwifan

    just checked out youtube and found another one of him flat on his back (see “come to the bed”)

  26. Anonymous

    [quote]I thought very briefly about dipping my grannies in a vat of coffee before sending them to Went, but somehow I don’t think that he or his sister would appreciate the gesture. 😉 [/quote]

    [b]Mama Bear[/b], have you never heard of edible coffee-flavoured panties? 😀

    Those coffee bean pics are definitely photoshopped. If you look closely, you can see where the beans fade away. His cheeks look a bit chubbier than they should be – more poor photoshopping. This whole ad team should be fired! 😡

    [quote]Speaking of stains, am I the only Went fan that thinks his acting in “The Human Stain” was a bit strained?[/quote]

    I think so too. I thought he was trying too hard to imitate Anthony Hopkins instead of playing the character for himself. I didn’t watch the whole movie though, just fast-forwarded to the Went bits. Then replayed and replayed all the naked bits. 😀 I thought the only good acting he did pre-PB was in Joan of Arcadia.

    About not doing a movie, I think I read somewhere that he said he can’t be doing two things at once – that he can’t play another character and then go back to playing Michael again in such a short time.

    Going by what his colleagues were offered, perhaps all he got offered were bit parts too, and he can afford to hold out for meatier roles. The others probably know that their fame is short-lived and they have to make the most of it while they can.

    Still, this is a pretty sucky ad to be doing. I thought he was selling Muscle Stiffness Ointment, the way he kept stretching like that.

  27. johanna

    Ah, crap! Forgot to add my name, and screwed up the formatting too. Sorry!

  28. shortstuff

    I didn’t watch the whole movie though, just fast-forwarded to the Went bits. Then replayed and replayed all the naked bits. I thought the only good acting he did pre-PB was in Joan of Arcadia.

    LOL! i totally did that with human stain too, haha! and i agree about Joan of Arcadia.. he was jus deliciously evil. that and ghost whisperer are my faves. watch it on youtube… if theres one thing that man can do well, its cry onscreen..

    (ps: use instead of [ ]for bold and italics 😀 )

  29. shortstuff

    well fuck me, now MY formatting didnt work. i was trying to say use

  30. shortstuff

    …and it still doesnt show… *banging head on desk*
    use the buttons where the period and the comma are!

    fucking wordpress…*shaking fist*

    please ignore my rantings and my 3 posts in a row.

    good day.

  31. Katjus

    As for the adds Wentworth has made for the Asian companies: apparently the Asian adds pay huge money for US celebs and thats why they do it! Like HUGE! I dont think we can blame Wentworth for making money while he has a chance for it, can we? And its not just Went doing the Asian adds, everyone, even the ones u wouldnt believe, are on that train.

    As for the “quality” of the pics, come on people! Now u MUST know that its not the subjects fault if the pics turn out wrong…!? Esp. in this case! Fooking hell, he is the Perfect One! Its the person behind the camera that has fucked these pics up royally…!
    I mean the one up here; Went is on his side lying down and his cheek is hanging out like a normal persons cheek would. Hence the abcess BB mention, i think…? A proper photographer would have made him suck in his cheeks for that or at least done something to the pic afterwards, u know…
    And just as the Bean Pole pics these once too are kinda crappy to me. I´m not sure why but they seem to lack class to me which should be near impossible with Wentworth in them but i blame the photographer. So there! I have had my say on this subject! Lol.

    And scripts, he must get an awful lot of shite, i agree. But dont u think he might be the type to select his work carefully and take on only one or two things at a time cuz of his high work ethics?
    I cant see him doing what some stars do and doing zillion different projects at the same time and then ending up with like shit work to show for it cuz he had no proper time to concentrate to anything. I bet he is waiting for PB to end before he will start work on his movie career properly. PB takes so much of his time while he is shooting it that making a movie or two “on the side” properly would be impossible. I dont know how Amaury for instance did it but then has he as much camera time on PB as Wentworth does…? (And u know i´m not slamming sweet, sweet Brown Sugar here, just saying!) Also his role on the the Transformers isnt exactly a deep character role…! 😉 *giggle* And its deep character roles we hope for Wentworth, right?
    I´m content to wait for Wentworth to find just the right role to play in just the right film. Up until then we still have PB to look forward to… and these “amazing” Asian add campagins! Lol.

  32. Katjus


    “…lika a normal persons would…” ?? Lol. Cuz we all obviously know that Wentworth is NOT, please take note, NOT a “normal” person… *rolls eyes sighing*
    Now kids, learn from this: This is what happens when u go on a rant! 😉 *more giggling to self*

  33. Mink

    Just to bring a spot of unadulterated Went-love to this comments thread, I actually rather like some of those Coffee Bean pics. They’re all mean and moody (although, I grant you, not remotely appropriate for a coffee ad as far as I can see).

    And I thought WM was excellent in “The Human Stain”; his acting was subtle and nuanced and affecting. And I thought he had fantastic chemistry with Jacinda Barrett. Overall he was just about perfect in the part.

    I agree though, he was fab in “Joan of Arcadia”. I would absolutely love to see him playing a dark role; I think he does ‘deliciously manipulative’ so well.

  34. Katjus

    Yeah, Mink is right; we should gush more about Wentworth…! The pics might not be top of the range but hell, he is still DELISH!
    Consider me gushing like a damn fountain!!

  35. Juma

    Ok, so these are not the best pics of him, for sure! But he is still the most georgous MAN on Earth!! No matter how bad those koreans adds are.
    He should be doing comercials to Starbucks… it seems he loves it so much.

  36. AJ

    Kat said, “And its deep character roles we hope for Wentworth, right?”

    Actually, I’d love to see him in something like “40 Year Old Virgin (2)” or whatever. Maybe it’s just me, but I think some of the best movies out there are, what I like to call, stupid-funny comedies. And I’d love to see Wentworth in one. His last few roles of been pretty serious ones (PB, JoA, THS). I’d love to see him in something lighter. And while the BPJ ads may have been hilarious in their own right, they don’t count, and neither does Nam Yang. 😉

  37. @MamaBear – Bite your tongue! Went’s acting in HS was very good. Your penance should be to watch it all over again from beginning to end!
    @Katjus – I agree! I think he is waiting for PB to end. And I think this will be the last season. (It should be)
    @Juma – In (progressive) America – there is a Starbucks in every 2 to 3 block radius. They simply do not need to advertise!
    @A.J. & MamaBear – Yes! I want to see him in a comedy. He needs to do more of it. He was great in Popular…damn I just want to see more of him.
    @Went- Please work more (in movies) so we can see more of you. We miss you! 😉 We love you!

  38. cat'smeow

    Maybe these pictures were taken when he was spotted at an L.A. Studio. A woman, who worked there, was taking stuff out to her car. When she headed back inside she was surprised to see the profile of Wentworth Miller standing there smoking a cigarette and dressed all in black. When she came out again, and headed back inside, they exchanged hellos. He then offered his help after she came out to load up her car again. She politely refused him but took the opportunity to ask him why he was there. He said he was doing something for “Prison Break”. Unfortunately, she does not watch the show, but she said he was very handsome and extremely polite and friendly.

    Oh that lucky lady. Why couldn’t that have been me. I would have sooooooo accepted his offer to help me. You’d better believe it!!!!!!

  39. cat'smeow

    When he offered to carry that stuff to the car, I would have faked car trouble and asked him for a ride home. “Oh my goodness, Mr. Miller, I seem to be having trouble starting up my car, may I please have a lift home (as I’m batting my long eyelashes and smiling)!!!!!!!

  40. Dani

    I knew it, I knew it!! Went is a coffee slut..

    Went you’re a whore..

    Can I be yours?

    .. And Went? Why lay into the coffee beans when you can lay into me ??

  41. fruit loop

    sorry cat’s meow that storys old about that lady meeting went outside where them pics were taken, happened abou a month back i read it on IMDB, i told people on the chat box 😦 can anyone remember? nevermind lol i agree very lucky lady just wish went would stop smoking it not gunna do him any good, he will age quicker 😦 and his wonderful voice will get damaged oh yeh and he could get cancer. I swear men are just stupid for no reason. I think that pic has been photo shopped, his cheek bones dont usualy stick out that much, still i think hes as hot as hot can be 😛

  42. Anty


    “Plenty of actors are a little bit of both, like Fichtner, who’s done both character roles (Perfect Storm) and silly ones (Blades of Glory).”

    I wasn’t talking about the roles they take on, but the way they approach the work. Good scripts can come in all sorts of form; drama, tragedy, or complete laugh-aloud crack. It”s when the writing is bad, that the intellectual type of them has a problem with the material.

  43. fruit loop

    oops i read that she thought he was doing a photo shoot not pb when she saw him

  44. Anty


    I agree that “Lord of the Rings” is a visual masterpiece (even though they got a little too happy with the digital grading at times), but as a complete film? No movie that padded with exposition and endless action scenes, with clichéd, done-to-death sentences such as, “Even the smallest person can change the course of the universe” and “All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you” is perfect. Good, yes; entertaining, sure; but brilliant? Nah. IMHO.

  45. Dani

    About these pics: Photoshop or no photoshop – that is our man up there ladies!

    No abcesses or warts, take him for what he is..

    Always a delicacy.

    ..He wasn’t alien, uncomfortable or having a bad day, the lighting has distorted his expressions a tad.. The poses and facials all part of the Scofield dark, mysterious, probing image.

    He won’t take on a new film role while on a season break from PB – the guy has been on set filming hours upon hours on end for our viewing pleasure and needs a REST. These photo shoots and commercials are bringing in the bacon and would hardly take up too much of his time.. Just wait and be patient for the next anticipated movie-role we have all been waiting for. Scofield is his priority at the moment and y’all can wait till Season 3 is over and rapped up for good..

    You get a hard-earned KISS from me, Went. x x

  46. Dani

    And after these photos, I’d still give you fellatio.

    Boy would I ever. I’m starving.

  47. cat'smeow

    I agree Dani, Went works hard, long hours on the set of Prison Break and he needs a well deserved rest when they are on hiatus. Even Muse Watson said Went works the most out of all the actors on that show. He will do a movie when PB is over and done with. Until then, we have to watch our man on t.v. and we will enjoy every minute of it!!!!! Luv u sooooooo Wentypoo!!!

  48. ilurvemv

    Anty, even if something is badly written, it wouldn’t matter to me as long as his performance in it is good and shows future casting people that he can rise above crappy material. He needs to take some projects that show his range while PB is still on – otherwise, he’ll be typecast something fierce once PB ends, and I really don’t think PB is going to last beyond another season. Even if he didn’t want to do a movie, he could’ve found something that would’ve been productive and would also allow him some time to enjoy his hiatus (an off-broadway play, a guest role on another show, etc.) I’m not happy that he chooses to keep doing ads which make quick money but won’t do much for his career post PB.

    Mama Bear, how about edible panties made out of coffee beans? (oh gawd I’m starting to become as dirty-minded as the regulars here, hee)

  49. cat'smeow

    ilurvemv, I don’t think Went can play a guest role on another show, due to the fact that he’s the lead on PB. Maybe if he had a supporting role, but not as a lead. Believe me, I would love to see Went in a movie, but I’m just as happy, if not more, to see him on PB. At least I can see him every week (22 episodes = 22 hours) rather than just 2 hours of a movie. Do the math!!!!! LOL

  50. ilurvemv

    Cat’smeow, I meant just a one-time guest role on a comedy, summer tv show, something like that because it wouldn’t take much time to film and could be done during his PB hiatus.

    I agree that he was great on JoA and Popular, and less great on Dinotopia and Buffy. I’ve always hoped that they make a wrap-up JoA tv movie with the original cast and ask him to come back to be on it, but I doubt that’ll happen.

  51. cat'smeow

    ilurvemv, I read somewhere that if you’re the lead in a t.v. show, you cannot guest star in another show, even when PB is on hiatus. It’s a contractual thing. And probably because another t.v. show is the competition, especially if it’s on another channel.

    I liked him too on Joan of Arcadia, Popular and Ghost Whisperer, not so much the other two. But the poor boy cannot do another show until PB is over. At that time, I highly doubt he will stay in t.v. I think he prefers to do films, and that’s what he’ll probably aim for. Until then, I am enjoying him immensely on PB!!!!!

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  53. isa

    Today were chosen the new 7 wonders of the world. Why don’t we chose the 7 wonders of Wentworth Miller?

  54. Anty


    Didn’t he say he’s working on a script that he hopes to produce and act in? That eventually he’d like to get to a place where he has a say in the story arc and the words that come out of his mouth? So he is obviously thinking about his post-PB career.

  55. ilurvemv

    Yes, he has mentioned before that he’s written his own script.

    I don’t think he should pursue a full-time movie career once PB is over. I’d rather he find another tv show to do, the way David Boreanaz first did Buffy/Angel then Bones, and work on movies during his hiatuses. I’d like to keep seeing him on a weekly basis (preferably sans coffee beans!)

  56. Johanna and imlv, go on with your bad, freaky selves! Coffee-flavored edible underwear?! Where have I been?

    Regarding Went in “THS,” AJis right, his best scenes were with Anna Deavere Smith. As far as Jacinda Barrett goes, blech! Anyone could’ve played her role better than she did. IMO, she was as lackluster as Katie Holmes was in “Batman Returns” (a GREAT movie, btw, thanks in large part to Christian Bale and a fabulous storyline).

    Regarding, the “LOTR” trilogy, all I have to say is motherphocking LEGOLAS! Any actor who can make me hot over an elf has talent! 😉

    Regarding Went in future projects (TV or film), I agree with both Mink and AJ, I’d love to see him do a great comedy in the vein of “40 Year Old Virgin,” but I wonder how he feels about those kinds of outrageous comedies. *please, please, please find them funny enough to attempt, Went!*

    I would also love to see him in a “deliciously manipulative” role. I know that Went has mentioned his appreciation for “Dangerous Liaisons” – I’d love to see him in a non-“Cruel Intentions” remake of this masterpiece, however, I don’t think it would ever be possible for anyone to usurp John Malcovich’s fabulous Vicomte Sebastien de Valmont.

    If I could have my Went wish list for dark, brooding parts, it would be:

    * Maxim de Winter in a remake of “Rebecca”
    *Darcy in a better remake of “Pride and Prejudice”
    *Heathcliff in a remake of “Wuthering Heights”
    *Capt. Daniel Gregg in a remake of “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”

    Perhaps some production company will produce a newer film version of Jane Austen’s “Persuasion” one day so that Went can play his namesake, Captain Frederick Wentworth. 😉 Of course in all of these roles, he’d have to adopt a British accent – not an easy task, to be sure.

    Let me be clear about my take on Went’s acting ability lest anyone question the depth of my support for The Pretty, I think he has great potential. Hell, I even shed a tear or two over his performance in “Ghost Whisperer” (and yes, he does cry pretty). In Went, I see a budding Sir Larry Olivier, but he needs to give himself more opportunities to hone his craft. I, for one, am rooting for him all the way. Good or bad, I’ll always be first in line to support anything he’s in. Just DO SOMETHING, man!


    @AJ totally agree, we need some comedy Went!!
    @Kat – Yes it is not the artists fault that the dunb person who photoshopped these pics made the pretty look less pretty than he actually is!! Unfortunately I think whoever must have loved Went so much that they wanted to put the whole world off Went so he/she could have him all too themselves….. who could blame them really… maybe they are not so dumb afterall?
    @Dani – here here, i couldn’t agree more, especially the falacio comment!!

  58. genpop40

    I want to see him in a uniform, so maybe something set in the west like Legends of the Fall where he can wear chaps and a cowboy hat…or he could play the good cop gone bad with some handcuffs and a badge…or a fireman who risks his life. I can see him carrying a baby out of a burning building in slow-mo while dramatic music plays. Or maybe a soldier…Went in fatigues and jump boots, all sweaty…drool.

  59. AJ

    I understand if he’s too tired to do a full feature film during his hiatus. I also understand that he may not be “allowed” to guest star on another series, while under contract with FOX. But dammit, there’s NO excuse for him not to do a short film… “THE HOUR 2” anyone??? Hellooooo…and preferably with more nudity this go around, Went! *wink*

  60. @AJ – absolutely! “The Hour 2” but preferably longer.
    He would make a great 007! And he does evil really well too. Any type of bad guy…..mmmm…yummy. *drool*


    I will selflessly volunteer to be naked with Went for the hour 2, I will even have full sexual intercourse with him. Purely in the interests of his career… Im sure you understand.

  62. cat'smeow

    genpop40, that sound delicious!!!! I also want to see Went in another boxing movie, a war/soldier movie and a cop movie. I love the Wenty in uniform!!!!

  63. cat'smeow

    I wish Went’s boxing scenes in the Human Stain were longer. I loved him with some muscles, hair on his chest and of course, shirtless. He was so strong and sexy in those scenes. He was so smooth and light on his feet. He said he trained 6 months boxing and they only showed him boxing about 5 minutes total. What a shame!!!!!!!

  64. *high fives Mama Bear 3.30*
    Wentworth Miller as Mr Darcy? Oooh, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!

    *high fives sprinkles 11.53*
    Wentworth Miller as 007?!?

    Jaaay-suuuus! I’m gonna have a heart attack!

  65. Sorry, I got too excited; forgot to post my two cents worth.

    Umm, yeah, on this photo, he’s definitely been shopped. Badly, I might add. He looks kinda chubby – and, before I get crucified, there’s nothing wrong with that, but when you’re Wentworth Miller [read: perfection personafied] why mess with such beauty? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

    But, it’s still WENTWORTH MILLER! It’s still NEW PHOTOS OF HIM!

  66. Linds

    Kiwi Fan – I love you!!! Although I am a little tired of the Sexyback song, Went renews it for me – my brain almost short circuited six times while watching!!! Thank you for that. I feel like I just worked out, and it only took 3 mins. and 48 seconds!

  67. Dani

    Hey just for the record ilurvemv, Went won’t do another gig like his flamboyant roles in Popular and Time of Your Life, he stated that those tv opportunities were taken on before his acting abilities had properly developed. Those and the several tv roles of that time were the stepping stones toward the more credible, serious movie roles. He is somewhat coy about some of those premature acting stints, and he finally broke through with the challenge of Human Stain, and has re-inforced a dedicational performance through PB. He’s in with the bigger fish now, and although we’re ALL fond of his early character roles on the teenage flicks, those character parts will not do any good for his career now, it would be suicide for him at this crucial point. He know’s just what type of role he’s after to inspire him to give his all and take him to the top, and he will be mauled with the best of them as soon as PB makes a final curtain call..

    Went’s selectiveness is indicative of his absolute passion and brilliance to give an ultimate performance. It is true Wentworth.

    And he will one day do a specific comedy in which he shares the style of humour..

    He is GOLD.

  68. Dani

    But GOD he is fuckable as fuck !

    He is rape.

  69. ilurvemv

    Hey just for the record ilurvemv, Went won’t do another gig like his flamboyant roles in Popular and Time of Your Life, he stated that those tv opportunities were taken on before his acting abilities had properly developed.>>

    Maybe, maybe not, but if a worthy comedy script should catch his attention, I hope he’d at least consider it. Right now I just agree w/Mama’s Bear sentiment of “Do something, man!”

  70. AJ

    I meant to comment on this earlier, but forgot:
    ilurvemv said, “Anty, even if something is badly written, it wouldn’t matter to me as long as his performance in it is good and shows future casting people that he can rise above crappy material.”

    I absolutely agree with this statement. One of my favorite actresses, Nancy Lee Grahn, stars on a soap opera (GH) that used to be worth watching, but has since turned into a steaming pile of monkey poo. YET, week after week, day after day she manages to somehow, brilliantly, spin shit into gold. She’s the only reason I still (halfass) watch said soap, much like Wentworth is the only reason I continue to watch PB (sorry, s2 was a blower, IMO).

    Honestly, I don’t care how crappy the script is. As long as he acts the HELL outta that role, I don’t think it’ll do his career any harm. THS got awful reviews, and no one saw it in the theater. But, to this day, people (journalists/interviewers) still bring up how fantastic Wentworth was in it. Plus, I think Went has a pretty solid fanbase. We’ll support him in any shitty film he decides to do, as long as his performance in it pushes his career in the right direction.

    He’s gotta do something. Brad Pitt didn’t just burst onto the scene as “Brad Pitt, A-lister”…I’m sure he and all other Hollywood hotshots had their fair share of less than stellar roles. Sometimes you’ve gotta play the “Bubbleboy” before you get paid to make out with Heath Ledger in a tent.

  71. Dani

    All is valid in what’s been said, however Went ‘doing something’ won’t happen before the end of the next PB installments..

    He just wants a break.

    And it aint a long one in between seasons.

    Went knows whats best for Went. He’s not doing anything he doesn’t want to do at the moment. The man needs HIM time.

    We’re all just itching to see his glorified being again.. August people.

    In the meantime, do what Went longs to do whenever he can: sit on the couch, stare at the wall and do f*ck all.

  72. Dani

    Hey, we’re all on a hiatus waiting for PB 3 to start. Till it does we should all put our feet up and chill before we’re all placed on the rollercoaster thrill ride it takes us on…….. Are we ready for the next lot of twists and cliff hangers and heart-attacks???!!??

    Yeeeeeeeaaahhh: BRING IT ON BABY

    It’s gonna be a beauty.

  73. shortstuff

    yeah, the koreans need to learn to stop photoshopping went… you cannot tamper with perfection!

    and genpop40: went in uniform? i like how you think… 😉

  74. cat'smeow

    I hear ya, Dani!! That boy needs a break on his time off from PB. He works hard and long (oh that sounds dirty!) and needs his rest. If something great comes along, I’m sure he’ll go for it, but he said no good scripts have come his way yet.

    I cannot wait til PB starts again. I love that show and can’t wait for the rollercoaster rides!!!! Let’s all enjoy Went right there on our very own t.v.’s. We don’t need a movie at the moment. Went is very young, with a lot of years ahead of him. He’s just starting out. Let’s savor every moment we can enjoying this beautiful man!!!!!

  75. Katjus

    cat´smeow, after “hard and long” all i saw was: “come”…”rides”…”enjoy Went”… “savour”… beautiful man”… *shiver*
    You should be more careful about how u use them words, u know…!

  76. Silvia

    I’ve got an idea: Went – a vampire…..You can bite my neck anytime!!!

  77. ..maybe he’s burnt some bridges by publicly stating or implying that he’s been offered crap movie scripts…those who wrote it or willing to produce a film might not see their movies as crap. In fact there have been many cases where these very same movies that actors turn down..actually are award winning films…
    Hollywood seems to be a very small village with delicate egos at play and being a mouthy actor can bite one in the ass.

  78. Mink

    I don’t recall Went ever saying that the scripts he’s been offered are “crap”; I think that’s been a lot of people’s (including mine) interpretation of what he’s said, but he’s been much more politic about it, as is his wont.

    I know he once mentioned something about being offered “I Know What You Did Last Summer Where The Hills Have Eyes 7” or something, possibly implying that wasn’t the best opportunity in the world, but I’m sure even the people involved with those types of projects know they’re not going to win any awards for that type of work.

    What he has said is that he hasn’t found a script that has really appealed to him, but that’s hardly an insult to the writers whose scripts he’s read; he’s just saying that those projects are not for him.

    And Went is the antithesis of a “mouthy actor”. I can’t think how he could be more careful about what he says. Sometimes I think he could do with being a little more “mouthy”. But then I see how some people seem to jump all over even the slightest bit of ‘attitude’ in anything he says, and I understand why he plays his cards so close to his chest.

    BTW, FWIW I don’t think that ‘lying down in coffee beans’ photo is ‘shopped. I think that’s just the forces of gravity on his cheek as he’s lying flat on his back. Have you ever looked at your face in a mirror when you’re lying down (I have, although probably the less said about that the better), but you look really different to when you’re standing up. As I said, forces of gravity.

  79. well, the point is if he turned down projects we don’t know if that is considered a snub by those who are doing the offering. Alot of actors work thir way up by doing some “non Oscar category” movies. That could irk those producers and directors who feel they are offering him a chance.
    Not for nothing I get that coffee commercials in Korea pay $$$, but even this one seems ridiculously silly. So if he’s all about the money ok, but don’t knock movies that other actor dos and think he’s above all that. Again it’s a small industry and it might not come across as noble as he intended in his comment.

  80. Just Curious, I’m curious…are you even a Went fan?

    *scratching head*

  81. cat'smeow

    Hey katjus!!! I know, I know, Went brings out the amorous language in me!!!!! LOVE THAT MAN!!!!!

  82. Dani

    Whomever is a true Went fan in here, say I.

    Are some of us forgetting about the important word ‘support’ in whatever he chooses to do?

    After all, he is the creator of this pandemonium.

    We need to lighten up, be cool and pat him on the bum..

    Then we can molest him.

  83. Anonymous

    “I don’t recall Went ever saying that the scripts he’s been offered are “crap”
    He never said that, people just make things up

  84. Dannie

    I, I, I, yeah the other Dani is right and i personally don’t mind what he does. I have enjoyed everything he has been in, on different levels and for different reasons. Some have cracked me up, others have made me want to cry, some have got me thinking and others have left me hot and panting for more and some weird buterfly thing going on in my tummy( I know I’m not twelve, but this guy makes me feel like it.). And thats what he supposed to be doing and i have to agree that a TV series is better in the respect of, a lot more Went for a much longer time. He does what he wants (to a certain degree) and that what we love about him.

    Patting Went on the bum, oh i wish, haha.

  85. Dani

    I have a twin out there somewhere???

  86. Dannie

    no just another hardcore Went fan, but i agree with a lot of what you say. I don’t post much becouse you guys usually get it right.

  87. ilurvemv

    Just curious, I don’t think we can speculate on what kinds of scripts that he’s been offered, except to say that he has said in at least one interview that he does get quite a few offers. If it really is that many, I doubt all of them are utter drivel a la teen slasher flicks. There has to be something worthwhile in that pile.

    There’s private, and there’s reclusive to the point of being the next abominable snowman or bigfoot and I think he’s leaning on the latter. Neither he nor his management are doing a good job of keeping him in the public eye during the hiatus. At this point, I get a “the natives are getting restless” type of feeling from his fandom. The same topics are discussed and dissected to death here, the same pics/interviews reposted and discussed at the FCOWM. The season 3 premiere seems years away. Fans getting frustrated that we’re not getting any glimpses of him – no interviews or other PB pr, no movies, no dvd commentaries, nothing except pap pics and other things which are doing nothing for his career, only providing endless fodder for speculation on his personal life. Because when are fans most likely to speculate about a celeb’s personal life? Probably when there’s nothing more substantial to talk about. And the irony is that being as private as Went is, that’s probably the last thing he wants fans discussing about him.

    I’ve seen or heard from just about every PB cast member this summer, even of the ones who are no longer on the show, everyone has done *something.* Everyone but Went. A little absence might be good and add mystery, but too much absence makes the heart forgetful, not fonder IMO. I’m honestly more excited about Harry Potter 7 more now than I am about seeing him in Prison Break season 3.

    I get the feeling that something is very amiss about this. It’s like he doesn’t exist while Prison Break is not airing. Either his management is crap and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about him except to take his money or he’s not taking their advice about doing more projects or PR or it’s a bit of both. I don’t know why. This is truly one mystery I don’t have the answer to. I’m on the verge of calling Veronica Mars and I don’t think even she could crack this case.

  88. Dani

    What can we say our boy’s a little slow here………(???!!!)

    Look, I agree to an extent with all of this but clearly, the reason Went has disappeared without hardly a trace during this hiatus?

    Because thats precisely what he wants.

    He’s on vacation dudes. Thats it.

    He’s dragging ass and enjoying the time off.

    Let’s cool it shall we? Does he look worried?

  89. Mélissa

    I think this advert is horrible! This cheek of Went is all puffed like it’s his buttock or he has a rotten tooth. He doesn’t come very good from these Korean and Chinese things, the Jeans photo were crappy. It’s bad for his images, somebody must tell him.

  90. Dani

    Prison Break clock says 1 month to go – have there been any season 3 promotions ?? I agree, there should be some crazy ad campaigns going off the rails in the U.S right now !

    Just to whet the palate.

  91. Dani

    Puffed bum? Rotten tooth?? I just don’t see it people!

    Wow. How devastated would he be hearing all this crap.

    Total exaggeration.

  92. seafret

    He seems to be incredibly self possessed, sensible and together. Who ever knows what another being’s motives are? Who ever really knows what drives others to do the things they do or do not do? I love that he is not prostituting himself to the world’s media, that he is following his own path, that he is not being dictated to by management, studios…fans…He is serendipity itself to me. When he appears, unlooked for, as a photo, on the TV, mentioned in passing, then that is perfect and enough. Grateful for what I get and not wenting (too) much more.

  93. kiwifan

    hi guys
    glad u liked the vid Linds – 42 days and counting til Aug 21 . If anyone wants a sneak peak at some of the spoilers for PB3 (yes sorry couldn’t wait)…

  94. WFW

    OK I actually had to check again but…There is nothing wrong with the boy’s face. He is beautiful as usual and like mink said, when you’re lying down (I’ve also seen myself lying down), your face tends to look a little weird. I think he looks fine.

    As for the fandom getting restless, we are WAY past that and maybe I’m only speaking for myself and a few others but I am bored to fucking tears. Actually, if there was a more severe term than that, I would have gone with it. If you’ll notice, I don’t have much to say and the reason is, I don’t want to say anything negative. I just don’t have the energy to bitch anymore. I hardly care at all.

    So while everyone is writing dissertations on his acting (which I only care about as far as new projects are concerned, not old ones) and the coffee ads (which are cheesy but I think everyone is taking their frustration out on Nam Yang so they don’t have to cyber yell at The Perfect One) and essays are written discussing his sexuality (which means fuck all to me unless he’s fucking me), I’m just…out of steam. I’m hoping it (it being my enthusiasm) comes back with Season 3. *sigh* Whatever…

  95. clock

    A lot of people are receiving their signed pictures during these days… *hope hope hope*

  96. WFW

    They are! They are! Even those that are not in the country and that is something positive to say. Anyone else?

    Another thing is, I’m really sick of the direction this blog is going in and I know it’s partly my fault for not taking the reins as I usually would have in the past but I’m just not feeling it. That being said, I do wish we had something to talk about instead of his sexuality and lack of appearances but as there IS nothing else b/c he just won’t come out, why should I stop the discussion b/c it’s annoying me, especially when I have nothing to add? It’s a Catch 22.

    I’ll go back to sighing now. *sigh*

  97. WFW

    And see, now y’all even got me making long ass comments instead of just saying, Went. Sex. Me. Now.

  98. In a concerted effort to make positive, concise and occasionally randy comments, I will forevermore do so in haiku form:

    Had a dream last night
    of Went kissing my lithe form
    Reality Bites

  99. Katjus

    Worry not Mistress, He is moving, i can feel it in my bones…!
    I wouldnt be WentLusting all of a sudden if he wasnt on the move… I can always tell! Bet ya anything (i wonder if this is wise…), he´ll be popping up somewhere for us to drool over inside the next two weeks!! Bet ya!

  100. Katjus

    *regretting the last post already*

    Did i really say “anything”…? Oh dear…

  101. I’m only speaking for myself and a few others but I am bored to fucking tears.

    Few others, raise your hands!
    *raising hand*

  102. *raises hand* Bummer 😦 *double sigh*

  103. ilurvemv

    Well, prepare to be bored a tad longer because Fox officially confirmed that season 3 of PB will return September 17th. September freaking [b]17th[/b]. Are they trying to kill us??

    WFW: When one breaks news that something is confirmed, it is usually customary to post a link to said information. I'm not doubting you, but if you're going to drop a bomb like that, link please. Thanks. Nevermind, looks like it is confirmed. Oh and shoot me.

  104. AJ

    *raising both hands…and feet*

  105. AJ

    “Fox officially confirmed that season 3 of PB will return September 17th. September freaking 17th. Are they trying to kill us??”

    *sobbing now* Whyyyyy, God, whyyyyyy!!!!

    *suddenly remembers she has 2 seasons of Supernatural to catch up on* …Oh! I’m good.*sniffle*

  106. ilurvemv

    Oops sorry about that, WFW. I was so busy being irate about the date that I totally forgot about posting a link. The story is at TV Guide and some other online news sites.

  107. Dani

    Fuck it, I’m excited

  108. Hey Mama Bear….
    In answer to your question. I am a fan, but I am more on the analytical side, perhaps I simply don’t feel the need to be so stepford-like about him. I realize that to some he can do no wrong and he’s perfect to some but speculating over why he’s not getting scripts is not different than people discussing whether Angelina Jolie is right to have played Marienne Pearl..it’s not being anti-fan to discuss the details in an actors career.

  109. Just Curious said:

    “I am a fan, but I am more on the analytical side, perhaps I simply don’t feel the need to be so stepford-like about him.

    Fair enough, but when did Went say he wasn’t getting any scripts? I don’t remember seeing it.

  110. hailie

    drink me (:

  111. If if wrote he was never getting scripts that was not true…even I could see questioning that…I never meant that the guy wasn’t getting ANY scripts…come on..this is like being on word parsing trial in a court or somethin’ …
    I have read and its been mention on other sites and from that interview the scripts he implies the scripts he’s getting are like crappy movie kind…so if this is the case is not fair to wonder why he is not getting those Oscar caliber scripts or roles.
    Maybe those people who offered him those scripts he deems as not quality, maybe those people don’t feel that about their projects.

  112. Anon

    W.Miller is no star matter and he won’t last. Wanna bet?
    After PB, he may do one or two things, but he won’t go further.
    Pretty boy, very gay, but shoulders not broad enough to make it big in Hollywood….

  113. Anon 3:58, Oh, Went’s shoulders are broad enough…broad enough for me to wrapped my legs around.

    *channeling Austin Powers*

    Yeah, baby, yeah!

  114. MB,
    my fault: I made a typo error at the start of my sentence…

    “If I wrote….he was never getting scripts that was not what I meant…even I could see questioning that…I never meant that the guy wasn’t getting ANY scripts…”

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