Prison Break Returns on September 17th

And you thought the Wentworth Miller drought would never end. Good news! Now it’ll go on longer! Bitch away…

Click here only if you really want to know just how far from now that really is.


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35 responses to “Prison Break Returns on September 17th


    But in the UK it will probably be next year….. only 1 thing for it…. emigrate to the US!!! Anyone willing to put up a small Wentworth lover?

  2. WFW

    As long as you don’t mind me intermittently crying and yelling out “Went” in agony in my sleep, I suppose you can sleep on the couch.

  3. Bluetoothfairy

    Apparently, I’m so Went-hungry already that I’m losing my mind, I managed to leave a comment on a WRONG BLOG. :stupid and excited:

    So here goes, I’m pasting it from televisionista, can’t think anymore, LOL

    Well, Went, seems that the universe is conspiring to help you elude us even longer than you PLANNED!
    Aren’t you happy, you no-show?
    It can go in two directions from here, distance making the heart grow fonder, etc, or out of sight, out of mind, yada yada…
    Better give us at least some candids, PRONTO, or else!

    [end incoherent rant, misses Went very much]

  4. Just read the big news
    This summer just got longer
    Is it worth the wait?

  5. Oops, sorry, I promised to stay positive, didn’t I?

    *changing last line to* It is worth the wait.

    *crossing fingers and toes*


    yes MB you must be positive!!

  7. Freakin’ Mo’ Fo’s! Boooooo!
    Season 3 better be good since Season 2 blew.
    *pulling hair out, throwing temper tantrum*
    …..*regaining demeanor*……. We need Season 3 promos and behind the scenes pics ASAP!!!

  8. USA’s September is Croatia’s 2011… Yaay.

  9. ilurvemv

    Trying to figure out the reason the show is so delayed…

    maybe it’s because the weather is too stormy in Dallas for filming?

    maybe because they’re waiting till SWC gives birth to include her in the first few eps and she’s been pregnant for 10 years now and babySWC still won’t come out?

    maybe Fox really does hate Prison Break?

    I don’t know. *sigh*

  10. Mink

    ilurvemv, no dark or sinister or even PB Producers related reason for PB starting on that date; that’s just simply the week Fox are starting their fall scheduling.

    As per the link WFW posted:

    Fox will use its broadcast of the 59th annual Emmy awards to launch its new fall season, eschewing a super-early rollout in favor of a pretty traditional kickoff to the 2007-08 campaign.

    Bulk of the net’s scripted series premieres will occur the week of Sept. 17, immediately after its Sept. 16 Emmycast. Ordinarily, that would mean Fox was debuting most of its shows in-season. But Nielsen has decreed that the new season doesn’t begin until Sept. 24 this year– a change from the usual day-after-the-Emmys launch.

    Fox doesn’t hate PB – they’re starting it the same week as a bunch of their other shows.

    And as per a link at the Church, they’re filming right now. WM was confirmed as filming Sona scenes just yesterday.

  11. ilurvemv

    Oh, I know, Mink. I just felt like ranting against Fox for the horrible way they’ve treated some of my favorite shows.

  12. Charlie Brown

    I don’t think i will make it til September. They could at least show reruns or something!

  13. jacqueline

    ok now i don’t know if i can wait that long man …..r u serious please tell me it’s a stunt ….Plz plz…i was hoping for 2 month wait now i’m waitin for addtional month…..whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ….this is so stupid …i swear the next season better be good …it better …n honestly they should stop killing off ppl. off the show

  14. Dani

    Advice to all non U.S fans – get a downloadable program.

    We’ve waited this long, I thought it would be August.. what’s another month?

    I can wait. The excitement will build further..


  15. evelyn

    God Daaamn it!!! Noooooo!!!!!
    I was counting days, hours, minutes, seconds!!!

    It was 48 days until August 27th and now it’s 69 again….!!!

    They better give us some back stage candids, cause I don’t know if I can take it till September!!!


  16. MiSa

    AWW, went is so illusive these days……., dunno hw mucho longer i can wait, will he still be as appealing by then………personally….im not sure, cause, i was crazy for a guy who is a wenty look a like…..n i know that my love for went sorta came about the same time it did for him, so…..i dunno wt came first the chicken or the egg (if u get me)……….o i miss went….

  17. MiSa

    o….n it didnt wrk out as planned wit the guy, …jus incase neone…wondered (probs not)…..X

  18. Dani

    Man, Season 2 did NOT blow ! 😦 It was freakin terrific story writing with clever twists and killer moments – what exactly do you want? I beg you, if you’re going to complain and be so hard-assed about this awesomely created series – please, just stop watching it.

    Cos there wouldn’t be any point now, would there?

  19. Erm..yes, the point is Wentworth Miller. 😉

  20. *circling September 17 in my calendar, my best friend’s calendar, my parent’s calendar, my brother’s calendar, the calendar here at work and all the calendars at my local news agent*

    … oh, and people!


  21. Seza

    Fantastic, that is only a day after my B,Day. What a wonderful pressie!!
    Although I’ll have to hanker down and wait until it hits NZ, so girls just wrap’em up and send em my way for xmas…

  22. genpop40

    Okay, don’t kill me for saying this, but Sept. 17th is actually better for me. I haven’t even seen Season 2 yet, and my box set arrives on Sept. 4th from Amazon. This gives me a chance to catch up, and start watching with everyone else. I don’t want to watch anything out of order. I actually own a television because of PB…I hadn’t even owned one for a few years, but saw some stuff online and heard all the talk at work. So we went out and bought a television…how’s that for crazy

  23. JDF

    Just wanted to let all the Prison Break fans know that Amaury Nolasco is on Carson Daly tonight.

  24. ilurvemv

    Really, JDF? Thanks so much for posting this! Not that I have a huge hankering to see Amaury, but I know that Carson Daly is a huge Prison Break fan and that means he’s bound to ask Amaury about the show and how filming is going so hopefully we’ll get some tidbits, yay!

  25. WFW

    *peeks out* Did someone say Amaury? *grins*

    Oh Went I miss you so much! Where are you? *cries*

  26. BTW – I want to make it clear that us – the fans -need for the Tats to make repeated appearances in Season 3 or better yet the lack thereof. *dreaming of naked Went*

  27. Wentalicious

    Awwww hell nawh! Grrr! I’m going to spontaneously self-combust! All right, let a sistah, let a sistah breath…

    …calm blue, calm blue ocean…

  28. Bel

    Then someone better start writing me some really good ‘stories’, or I’ll have to go do it myself.

    *sulking like a kid*


  29. genpop40

    I think it will be worth waiting for, though.

    Nick Santora, one of the shows writers says, “Strap yourself in, because the first four to five episodes are going to blow you away. People are going to be shocked”.

    I wonder what that means.

  30. WFW

    Oh we bitch and moan but we’ll all be there with bells on.

  31. AJ

    genpop, the only way I’ll be shocked is if the tattoo returns in all it’s full torsoed glory! 😉

    I’ve got my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed (but not my legs, cuz that would be counterproductive)… Here’s to hoping for lots of “shirtlessness” in season 3! Oh, and an interesting plot, too, I guess… *shrug*

  32. genpop40

    Well, here’s how I’m dreaming this. He’s in Sona. It’s hot. He’s sweaty. He wouldn’t have a shirt on all the time. Hell, he may just tool around that prison in his boxers. At least, he won’t have that damned travelin’ suit on all the time. And I’m pretty sure that the penis tatoos come into play in season 3, so he’ll be looking down his pants a lot and a shirt can only get in the way.

  33. Dani

    Yes genpop40, a fat, tatooed Went-sausage. Now that would sizzle in the Sona heat !


  34. Mrs.W.Miller

    god i wish tht was my name

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