Days of Our Wentworth

Like ice in a Frappuccino, these are the Days of our Wentworth…

Wentworth goes to the movies to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

[Went enters some theater in Dallas in his bucket hat, sweater over one shoulder cuz hell, it might be cold in there and a backpack full of…something.]

Went thinking: OK, now if I can just manage to find one seat…yes! Man, I love Harry Potter. I’m so happy I used Fandango last week; This midnight show looks sold out.

[Went takes a seat in the middle of a row towards the back of the theater and plays with his new iPhone while he waits. He surfs to the chatbox.]

Went thinking: WFW is watching Harry Potter right now too! What are the odds! I really need to marry that girl…Oh great the movie is starting.

Went watches the movie. Some thoughts:

Well, they changed the beginning, but that’s to be expected. Why the hell don’t the Dementors have on their hooded cloaks? This isn’t starting off well.

Harry is so unhappy. Good display of angst there boy!

Headquarters is great! Nice set design! There’s Sirius! Ahahaha, Kreacher…

Luna and Umbridge were well cast. Someone is good at their job. I want more Tonks.

Hermione is hot and so is Malfoy. Did I just think that? Maybe Perez was right…

Could the twins be any funnier? Always the best part of a Potter film.

Wow look at Ginny. She’s so pretty. Ron is looking fit. Have these kids been working out?

Whoa Harry and Cho makeout action! They did a very good job with kissing like adolescents would…Unless of course that’s how they really kiss, in which case I take back my praise.

Very cute scene with the big 3. They are so cute.

Awwww Neville. *tearing up*

Dammit, dammit, dammit. They changed my favorite part of the book! *gets an instant headache* I wonder if others would follow if I throw this pan full of baked ziti at the screen. What? Why do you think my backpack is so big?

[after scene is over] OK well, maybe I can live with this.

Dude, Luna completely rocks.

They skipped the very cool rooms in the Ministry of Magic but then the movie would be 3 hours I guess, not that a REAL fan would mind the length.

OK, now this is ridiculous. Last movie a big to do was made out of the death in that installment and in this one…Nothing? This character was important to Harry and important to me; He deserved more attention! This shit sucks. I want my fucking money back. *pretty crying, on the inside*

Poor Harry.

Helena Bonham Carter is hot even with yellowing teeth and unkempt hair playing an insane homicidal witch. I’d hit that.

The fight scene was very well done. I love the effects.

Aha! Dumbledore! Kick Volemort’s Ass! This new Dumbledore is growing on me, finally. Hmmm, something should have happened now that didn’t…Oh well, that probably would have cost a lot to do.

“You’ll never know love, you’ll never know friendship…” Well that’s harsh. Poor Voldemort! *rolling eyes* Like an evil wizard with underlings and that much power needs friends…

OK so it doesn’t really pay to read the book first does it? *chuckle* I still liked it. It was the most like Prisoner of Azkaban to date, which was, the best one.

B+ Well cast, well acted, true to the feel of the book…Well except that death. Completely disappointing that it didn’t get more time when I watched two kids suck face for 10 minutes. *scowls*

[Went leaves the theater.]

Went thinking: I wish I had someone to call to talk about this with. I could call WFW, but calling a fan would probably be bad form. Still, She’s awake and all. Oh nevermind. I wonder if it’s too late to call Kali…


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13 responses to “Days of Our Wentworth

  1. Silvia

    Wow,that’s nice…I love Harry Potter…Hmm, a teen Went would’ve been a great Harry Potter cause he looked sooo cute with glasses when he was younger…

  2. “I wonder if others would follow if I throw this pan full of baked ziti at the screen. What? Why do you think my backpack is so big?”….mystery solved!
    Love it WFW! You totally Rock! Went was right! 😉

  3. blip

    “Hermione is hot and so is Malfoy. Did I just think that? Maybe Perez was right…” – LMAO!!!!!

    You are insanely funny WFW!! I love you to bits!!

  4. It’s amazing how Went is thinking exactly what you were saying to me…

  5. WFW

    Thanks sprinkles and blip. I’m just trying to keep my head above water, making a wave when I can…

    Dude, Kris, sometimes, it’s like me and Went are the same person. Although if you check the disclaimer, you’ll see we clearly aren’t.

  6. OR… it’s just you misleading people into believing you’re not him. I think I’m onto something here. If you’re not him, how would you know exactly what he was thinking while watching the movie?
    Can you read minds? Can you tell what I’m thinking right now? If you’re thinking I’m thinking about being in that theatre with Went (or you, if you will), then you are a mind reader!


    call her Went, call her, CALL HER!!!!

    If you 2 marry can I be bridesmaid?

  8. AJ

    I am sitting here picturing Wentworth sitting in the theater eating a huge pan of baked ziti with one of those big wooden spoons, while watching the movie.

    AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I always wondered what was in that bookbag. Now I know. Thank you, WFW (or shall i say Went). *whispering*Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone it’s you. *wink*

  9. Nan

    LOVE IT! The movie too! You totally rock WFW, too funny!

    So if you are picking up on Went’s thoughts like that you best hope he didn’t pick up Occlumency… not that Snape can teach it or anything….

    I thought the death scene was well done but I do need to sit further back next time (stuck in front row in an IMAX theatre wearing those damn 3D glasses… I may have missed something)

  10. A Went Haiku

    Big bag ‘o’ ziti
    People think I stay at home
    I camp at Arclight

  11. shortstuff

    who the hell is kali and how can i kill her?

  12. Anonymous

    Wentworth miller and all other celebrities wouldnt be famous if it wasnt for there fans ,i think they should do something for us in return and WFW i think u should be first .

  13. SavMed

    Is there a Nobel Prize for Humor?

    I suggest WFW & MB

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