Word Association

You know, I’ve been thinking: This lack of Went is making me depressed. Perhaps I need to see a shrink…Nah fuck that. I’ll shrink myself. Maybe word association would help! What’s the first word that pops into your head when you see these pictures?














Dream Team (OK that’s two words)






When he showed up…


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48 responses to “Word Association

  1. 1. Sell-out
    2. Darth Went (I see the hood on his head…)
    3. Haywire
    4. “Wait for me.” (I am, Went, I am, but you have got to hurry!)
    5. FBI
    6. Widow
    7. Licking
    8. Fake smile
    9. Mmmm (what can I say – I agree)
    10. Ruined (that scene for good)
    11. Pensive
    12. Pretty
    13. Red Alert!
    14. Jack would kick Mikey’s ass!
    15. Square head
    16. *thud*
    17. Skin on skin
    18. Wentstralia!
    19. Blue Steel
    20. Kristin ho

  2. AJ

    How’s this for word association:

    1. I
    2. WANT
    3. TO
    4. FUCK
    5. HIS
    6. BRAINS
    7. OUT
    8. AND
    9. MAKE
    10. HIM
    11. SCREAM
    12. MY
    13. NAME
    14. UNTIL
    15. WE
    16. BOTH
    17. PASS
    18. OUT
    19. IN
    20. ECSTASY

    And yes, those are the exact words that popped into my head (in that order, mind you) when I saw these pictures. Thank you, and good day…


    1. I wanna fuck him doggy style, he looks in pain.
    2. I want him to fuck me hard and fast
    3. I want him to strip slowly the i wann fuck him
    4. Fuck MISA!! But i still wanna fuck him.
    5. My legs are open ready and waiting for that mouth, then I wanna fuck him
    6. I wanna fuck him (what is that around his neck?)
    7. **EYE FUCKIN** I wanna fuck him
    9. See number 1 – cause now im in pain…….
    10. I am sucking him off then I wanna fuck him
    oh what the hell………
    11. I wanna fuck him
    12. I wanna fuck him
    13. I wanna fuck him
    14. I wanna fuck him
    15. I wanna fuck him
    16. I wanna fuck him
    17. I wanna fuck him
    18. I wanna fuck him
    19. **EYE FUCKING** I wanna fuck him
    20. I wanna fuck him


    **smoking a cigerette** BTW I love the 2 posts in 1 day!!! Keep it up!!

  5. WFW

    I assumed wanting to fuck him was a given…I mean he’s Wentworth Freakin Miller for Goddess’ sake! I don’t think I’ve posted twice in one day in months.

  6. shelley

    Just when I considered giving up on Went, I looked at these and know that I can’t! I had forgotten how gorgeous he is…Come out, come out wherever you are! Thanks for the pics.

  7. 1-20: 2 words -mmmmmmmm & HOT! Wait is mmmm a word? It is now.

  8. Wait! You forgot Went with his eyes closed in brown jacket pic – word association= RAPE in a good way ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Ooh, an inter-active game! I’ll play!

    1. Vampirific
    2. Mad doggin’
    3. Exhibitionist
    4. Believable
    5. Clark Kent
    6. WTF?!
    7. Soulful
    8. Adorkable
    9. Candy
    10. Wall job
    11. Introspective
    12. Piercing
    13. Adorkable Part II
    14. Mogul
    15. Archangel
    16. Compromised
    17. Bootilicious
    18. Increments
    19. Angst-ridden
    20. Carefree

  10. LHH

    3.superman ,
    4.Passion ,
    13.adventurous ,
    19.blue steel ,

  11. 1. Black is always fashion (for a funeral)
    2. Mad
    3. Teletubby strip tease
    4. awww Misa rulez
    5. Clark Went
    6. What is that thing on you head?
    7. TOO Hot
    8. I love his smile
    9. I like B-side too
    10. OOOOOOO
    11. I hate this pic
    12. My mummy’s fav pic
    13. Went&his BFF: the rucksack
    14. PB+24 OMG!
    15. The perfect pic
    16. Love him not that t-shirt
    17. naked Went OMG
    18.Love him in Sidney, don’t like his jacket
    19. Best Mike+Mahone moment
    20. I luv him not his shoes

  12. 1.perfection 2.temptation 3.neverending orgasm 4.impossible is nothing 5.i want more and more and more… 6.breathelessness 7.the perfect sin 8.hotness 9.undisguise desire 10.Caliente besos 11.V.I.P. 12.naked bodies…reaching the moment of coma 13.Big…..talent 14.WANTED!!! 15.innocent?Oh no with my nasty mind and his Big..talent we can do miricles 16.guilty for global warming(he makes me hot)17.powerfull 18.Master 19.Inspirenable 20.Blessed

  13. Juma

    *I am about to faint here, so right now I cant say anything until this multi-orgasm passes…

  14. SAROCK

    Ooh… oooh… uh! mmm. Oh oh oh…aah… OMG! OMG! Went!…Oh Wenty! Weeeeeeent!!!!

  15. SAROCK

    All of them are totally orgasmic. The perv in me can’t looking at #17

  16. SAROCK

    The word “stop” is missing in my comment above. Can any1 tell me why the website show in my comments?

  17. WFW

    Your Name (SAROCKS) goes in the Name field.

    Your email address (if you choose to give it) goes in the Mail field. No one can see it but me.

    Your website, blog, homepage, myspace, whatever (PICK ONE), goes into the Website field and should begin with http. This makes your name clickable and someone can go to your website if they want to.

    The big box, with all the space, that’s for your comment.

  18. Julie

    1.Broad Shoulders … Very Manly!!
    2.Scaaary, but still hot, ofcourse
    3.We want Went for a striptease on the floor a striptease on the floor …
    4.Damn you Sara
    5.This is why I got my glasses, lol, just kidding!
    6.He even accesorizes!Perfect man
    7.He makes me melt
    8.Hihi, I’m twelve *Went speaking*
    9.Ass + Sweat = Excellent!
    10.Speaks for itself!
    11.My favourite picture
    12.What a close-up
    13.Beanie!Beanie!!Aaah ๐Ÿ™‚
    14.Mr.Bauer looks sick, Wentworth looks healthy
    15.Me Love Italian!!(I am italian :), well partly!)
    16.Grrr, Bean Pole
    17.I love how you said art, cuz’ it’s soo true!
    18.Sweet Mary and Jesus, H.O.T.
    19.Ah, the good old days when he went out, Good Lord, somebody needs to drag his ass to some events, or even starbucks will do!!Please??

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  20. Katie

    1. Oh
    2. Ooh
    3. Ohhh
    4. Oahohhh
    5. Oh
    6. Oh
    7. Oh
    8. Oh
    9. Oh
    10. Oh
    11. Oh
    12. Oh
    13. Oh
    14. Oh
    15. Oh
    16. Oh
    17. Marry me RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!
    18. Oh
    19. Oh
    20. Ooooooooooooooooooh Ahhhhh

  21. I’ve seen most of these pics, but, dammit! I must say who would’ve thought seeing them twenty times in a row could give me sweats and palpitations?

    *starts undressing, then stops because remembers I’m at work*

  22. WFW

    Congratulations! You have officially won the heavyweight championship of most posts in the row. I would congratulate you if I didn’t want to strangle you so very very much. Oh hell I’ll do it anyway: Well done!

  23. Twyla

    I LOVE word associations! Here it goes–

    1. is that some wentchest?
    2. piercing stare
    3. take it all off
    4. wish that was me
    5. hottest four eyes ever
    6. lost
    7. beautiful
    8. silly
    9. take it all off (oops i already used that one!)
    10. wet
    11. deep thought
    12. hot
    13. sweet
    14. dapper
    15. fuck me!!!!!
    16. mmmm
    17. please fuck me!!!!
    18. lick
    19. suck
    20. take me now!

  24. Seza

    1. Mana
    2. Annoyed
    3. Erotic
    4. climax
    5. SEXY!! ….meow
    6. Space
    7. Angelic
    8. magnificent
    9. pleasing,
    10. snogable
    11. rationalizing
    12. Handsome
    13. Natural
    14. Divine
    15. alluring
    16. tantalizing
    17. Creative
    18. captivating
    19. kinky
    20. Giddy.


    WFW, thanks for the “step by step” but that’s exactly how i’ve been doing it. I even have to change what i put in the website field or else my next comment won’t go through. Anyway, i’ll eventually figure it out.

    WFW: Your comment is in the Name field, your name is in the Email field and your URL goes to the place where I guess you CHECK your mail.

  26. Wentalicious

    Okay, I got half-way through before I realized you said “word” association and here I am writing captions. I hope you won’t disqualify me…

    1. When you left, you took a part of me… we belong together.
    2. Listen girl, I don’t want to tie you up, but I will if I have to.
    3. Hey, hey, I thought I said no cameras (chuckles)
    4. [ muffled sighs of passion ]
    5. No bitch, I went to Yale. Harvard’s for punks.
    6. Silence.
    7. I’m gonna need half an hour first, but then I’m all yours again.
    8. (laughing) Hell, I’d do myself!
    9. I’m gonna do it, ’cause I got bills all right…
    10. More, more, more… that’s how I like it, that’s how I like it!
    11. Do I really want another iced coffee beverage?
    12. Grrr…
    13. It’s my brother’s hat, ok?
    14. I’m stuck in a tux and dude came in jeans? WTF?
    15. I look way too much like Nick Leshay in this picture. Ugh.
    16. Mmm… mmm… pivot, blue steel! Mmmm… mmm… hip thrust, blue steel!
    17. Wentalicious, I love you, but you have to let *me* dominate sometimes… Do you see where I’m coming from on this one baby?
    18. The coat is sharp, the shirt is sharp, the pants are sharp… but why did I let my mom style my hair?
    19. What do you mean September 17th? We had a deal… We… had… a… DEAL!
    20. Take it aaaaall in, nice and slow… let it marinate… that’s it… pace yourself. Mmmhmm… daddy’s home.

    Lol, I need help, don’t I? Hahaha… Good night ladies!

  27. shortstuff

    and now it works.. lets try again shall we?

    1. FUCK ME
    2. FUCK ME
    3. FUCK ME
    4. FUCK ME
    5. FUCK ME
    etc, etc… i think you get the point.

    i am uncreative and AJ is my hero.

  28. Katjus

    *Coughs to clear throat*
    Ok, here goes:

    1. Snazzy (ps. where did ur eyes go…?)
    2. Grrrrrr right back at ya! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    3. Let me help u with that…!
    4. Me too! Me too!!!!
    5. I like ur taste in glasses but may i have them back please?
    6. Dear, get a stylist. That just doesnt work. And sack ur shoelace fluffers since they r not doing a very good job… Iยดm available btw…!
    7. O-R-G-A-S-M!!!
    8. Grin. Dental adds r urs baby!
    9. Apples… i have a graving for apples!
    10. I dreamt about that face just few nights ago… Release.
    11. Hmmm…!
    12. Will u be my Beauty? Love, the Beast
    13. Bad hairday?
    14. STEP AWAY FROM HIM! And run Wentworth, RUN!
    15. Divine eyebrows. (thats all i see, eyebrows…)
    16. Killer frown = me as a victim
    17. *panting*
    18. Tweed dream
    19. OMG !!!!!!
    20. *fangirl scream*

    One word was never going to achived here for me. Sorry. I did try though Mistress…

  29. Bel

    1. Gah.
    2. Yeah.
    3. No… (gasping)
    4. *moan*
    5. *theme song: You can keep your glasses on…*
    6. *the sound of cloth ripping*
    7. *quiver*
    8. *wide grin*
    9. *slaps*
    10. You like that baby?
    11. C’mere.
    12. Heaven
    13. Poor boy ๐Ÿ˜‰
    14. What the fuck?
    15. *purrrrrrrr*
    16. Sir?
    17. smooth
    18. Baby…
    19. Sir, yes, sir!
    20. [music] Baby, my sweet baby, you’re the one… [/music]

    (normally has a wider ranged vocabulary)

  30. Went_for_WFW

    1. WFW i want you
    20. YOU ROCK GIRL!


  31. this message above mine it’s really cute, Wfw have you got a secret admirer? ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. AJ

    I suppose I’ll give this word association thing an “actual” go since I’m bored. I’d just like to apologize in advance for any incoherent mumbles and jumbles in lieu of actual words for some of my responses, and for occasionally bursting into song. It’s just, some of these pictures are….well…you know…

    1. “I’m workin’…workin’ up a black sweat.”
    2. Wentakin/Darth Prettious
    3. Striptease
    4. Lucky bish
    5. Smartass
    6. …the Fuck?
    7. Just…FUCK!
    8. Awwwwww. Teeth! Yay!
    9. *tilts head to the side*
    10. Blowjobs and lollipops
    11. “I’m just thinkin’ about lunch”
    12. Mmmm… *petting screen*
    13. First day of school (kindergarten, that is)
    14. “One of these things is not like the other.”
    15. yes! Yes! YES!
    16. *eyeroll*
    17. *gurgling noise* Aaaaaaah
    18. Tweed
    19. MiMa
    20. *sigh* Oh, honey….no. *shaking head*

  33. Twyla

    wentalicious–you crack me up! #2 “Listen girl, i don’t want to tie you up, but i will if i have too.” *laughing hysterically*

    now people at work think i have finally lost it! oh well!

    don’t worry, katjus, i too had trouble using just one word to describe him, too!


    Well yes WFW, fuck me is a given, but you said the first word that pops into my head….. I am only human and he is hot hot hot …….. FUCK ME WENT

  35. cat'smeow

    1. Who knew Dracula can be so sexy!
    2. “You talkin to me?”
    3. “It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes…..”
    4. Lucky bitch!
    5. Went Kent
    6. Luv the sneakers, WTF is with the bee net?
    7. Sweaty & Sexy
    8. My dream man!
    9. Can I kiss your ass?
    10. Ditto – orgasm!
    11. My all-time favorite photo
    12. Flawless
    13. Luv the beanie & backpack!
    14. Beauty & the Beast
    15. Breathtaking!
    16. Let’s do it on the bunk, Went. I don’t even need a mattress!
    17. Can I take you home to meet my mama?
    18. Who knew chain link fences can be so sexy?!

  36. WFW 10.16, dude, if you’re seriously annoyed, then I’m sorry for the triple postings in a row. Annoying you wasn’t on my agenda. Or on any agenda, for that matter.

    Getting W. Miller off his pants and onto my bed, now, that’s my agenda.

  37. WFW

    Damn lack of Went is making people take me seriously. What is the world coming to?

  38. shortstuff

    wfw.. your comment thing is being wack. yesterday i tried posting.. it didnt work. tried again, it didnt work. did a test post, THAT worked, then tried to post the real thing and i got a “duplicate post” message. then i gave up, came back today.. test post is gone, real post is there, and i am confused. what gives?

    WFW: I saw your attempts, lol. I have one hell of a spam filter. It was spamming you for some reason. When I saw 3 posts that looked alike, I only unspammed one and deleted the others. Let me know if you're still having trouble!

  39. Bel

    LMAO, AJ! MiMa? I loooove the way you think!

  40. Jedi72

    1. Decadent
    2. Devious
    3. MMMMMMM
    4. Lust
    5. Brains
    6. Isolated
    7. Melting
    8. Cutie
    9. BAM
    10. Heaven
    11. Perfection
    12. Flawless
    13. Casual
    14. Powerhouse
    15. Smooth
    16. MEOW
    17. Squeeeee (is that a real word?)
    18. Content
    19. Passion
    20. Cool

  41. Dani

    Hahahaaaaaa!! You guys are tripping!

    Went is scarred for life after reading all this…….

    Yes one day he will be gang-raped. But imagine him one-on-one?


  42. Dani

    We’re gonna love him forever and grow old with him..

    *sweet thoughts*

  43. Bluetoothfairy

    Words fail me.
    After seeing all these in one place, I’m capable only of grunts and moans. Breathing very heavily while writing this. And I’m in a cafรฉ.

    I’m sure his soul is as beautiful as his body. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  44. shortstuff

    lol wfw, i figured as much. it seems to be working ok now.. i think it jus didnt like my list of repeatedness.. thats what non-creativity gets me, haha.

  45. Went,you are ……you are,you are the the sugar in my coffee,the rays in my sun,the light in the nights,the air in my livers,the days in my years,the fantasy that never dissapear,the desire that keeps me wanting more and more,you are the sweetest fear,the dreams that never going to be real,the kisses i wanna steal.

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