Wet For Went is 9 months old today!

Ho leeeeeee Shit. Nine whole months.

Long ago, in a land far far away from L.A., there lived a girl who loved herself some Jake G. She spent her days loving him, sailing on the Jaustin ship and being otherwise engaged in Jakeness. Her Jakeness was lightly peppered with Went. She had seen him in those Mariah Carey videos and thought to herself: WHO. IS. THAT?! She watched Prison Break, had seen his GQ spread and hung out on his IMDB board. She thought he was hot but he was not her #1 man. And then one day along came this picture
and she lost. her. shit. She checked around and found message boards dedicated to him but there was no Went Watch blog…Not that she would call it that. She had very specific feelings about the man in the picture and what better way to express it than by naming the blog after the effect this sexy bastard had on her. Taking a cue from her girl britpopbaby, she started a blog (where she mostly talked to herself). It was the outlet for her Wentlust, for it was much too strong to deny.

Fast forward 9 months and here I still am, lusting after Went, sometimes in person no less (*waving to Pam and Amaury*) and even when I start to give up, the love won’t let me and I keep going, day after Wentless day, *cries* night after Wentless night. *sobbing* Maybe I don’t post as much as I used to (In December there were 2 days out of the WHOLE MONTH I didn’t post, wow) and maybe sometimes apathy sets in, but the love is still there and it shows no signs of stopping. So yeah, on 9/17 I’ll be perched in front of my TV, watching Went sex up Sona as Michael Scofield, happy to see his face once again, my favorite celebrity, my Went. But if I have to wait that long to see him, there may be a post coming soon called WFW does Dallas…

To Went and nine months…I think my water just broke.


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39 responses to “Wet For Went is 9 months old today!

  1. “But if I have to wait that long to see him, there may be a post coming soon called WFW does Dallas…”


    “To Went and nine months…I think my water just broke.”


    Congratulations on nine months, WFW! We’re so glad you carried your blog to term! 😉

  2. Katjus

    *cheers in her best party hat*
    Happy Anniversary Mistress! All i can say is that finding this place saved my mental health from utter collapse so my cheers are true… *bows deep in front of the Mistress and kisses her feet*
    Times maybe rough but one thing stays and thats WentLust. Oh make that two… I´ll never leave this place till you kick me out! 😉

    PS. Will “WFW does Dallas” be out in good old video form too or just as a DVD?

  3. hailie

    Congratulations 🙂

  4. miller_thriller

    wfw does dallas is pure genius!!

    lol and lightly peppered with a bit of went? id like him to sprinkle some of his salty goodness over here!! lmao

    good work wfw!

  5. ks

    Congrats! Please continue with this blog. Where would I turn to get my day of laughter?!


    **puts on party hat, sets out buffet and cakes blows one of those horn thingy’s**
    Since the birth of Christ there has never been a birth quite so important…….., and now I know how it began with that picture…. ahhh THAT picture….
    HAPPY 9 MONTHS!! May we look forward to many more Wentlust months!!!
    Thank you WFW

  7. Congrats! Happy! Happy! So glad you started this blog! I have to visit multiple times of day just in case there is new Went news!
    WFW, you are our hero! You are the only one who takes her admiration to Went’s perfection to the next level and we so appreciate that. We just have to get through another month or so and then PB promotional interviews will start! Then we will all be happy squeeing fan girls again!
    Cheers to you and to Went *clink*
    P.S. My favorite word of yours from Word Association is “Special” – that is LMAO – with that crinoline wrapped around his neck and him sitting in that position….Ha Ha….He is very special there!
    I love you, I love this blog..Thanks so much for doing this for us!*kisses* *Big hug* mwah!

  8. ilurvemv

    *adding my support to the WFW Does Dallas idea*

    Congrats on the anniversary! Dare I hope it will merit a special new episode of Days of Our Wentworth?

  9. SavMed

    *Speech after a speech*

    *Confetti flying everywhere*

    *Glasses in the air*

    *SM drunk under a table with her face down in her own vomit:Best party ever…*

  10. shelley

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…Oh, sorry. Congrats, but still waiting on some tasty Went news…

  11. shelley

    BTW , WFW I know it’s not your fault there’s no news on Went, I’m just frustrated. I know as soon as there is, you’ll be on top of it!

  12. AJ

    9 months??? Holy Snap! Well this deserves something special… WFW, I was gonna sing you a song, but I have a terrible singing voice. So instead, I’ll write you a song to commemorate your special day. Without further ado, I present to you “Ode to WFW” (set to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”….what? don’t laugh). Anyhoo…..sing along.

    A girl once thought that Jake G. was heaven-sent,
    Till Went came along, and she started a blog,
    And now she’s Wet For Went.

    She posts the hottest pics that makes our panties drop.
    Other Went sites, well they’re just alright. This blog’s a daily stop.

    All the regulars, we used to have real lives.
    We’d go to the gym, do push-ups, and swim,
    But now we sexercise.

    So, here’s to Wet For Went, on her special day.
    She’s given birth to a blog that has worth,
    A blog that’s here to stay. Yay!

    Happy Anniversary, WFW! And many moooooooore!

    *noticing I’m standing in a puddle of something* Why’s it always so damn wet around here? SM, did you puke again??

  13. Mink

    LMAO, WFW! As you know, that pic is a fave of mine; possibly even my Favourite Ever. It does have Everything; the beautiful face at its most beautiful, the buzz, the hands, a hint of plump, round ass, and all wrapped up in the Big Red Bow of a tux and open shirt with undone bow tie. *massive sigh*

    As for “WFW Does Dallas”? Well we do now know where the locations are for the Sona scenes this season, so it would be a lot easier to track the boy down than last season (I hope you are Very Afraid, Wentworth ;)), so, you know, why not? *eggs you on shamelessly* 😀

  14. Don’t you dare leave me now!
    That is all.
    Wait. I love you.
    Now I’m done.
    Shit. *raises glass* Here’s to many more!
    Now I’m done.

  15. Charlie Brown

    Happy 9 mths WFW. I just want to say that i am so crazy about this site, and i am so happy that you decided to create one for Went. You’re doing such a fantastic job and keep up the good work.

  16. Charlie Brown

    oh, and i’m gonna take it as a sign that you made your very 1st post on my birthday… a sign that Went is still single b/c he hasn’t met me yet!!!!! 🙂

  17. Seza

    *Standing* Hi my name is Seza *shy smile, wave* and i’m addicted to this site, and wentworth miller.
    I would just like to say this is the best support group i have come accross and Happy 9 month B,day. Yipppeee….
    *clapping hands jumping round*

    Thank god for this blog, this is the most addictive thing I have had in ages, besides stalking Went from a distance, like another country/the other side of the world distance….is that disturbing? – god i hope so!!
    I love it! love it love it! it is imformative and hugely funny. You Rock. Crank up the music lets party!

  18. niknak

    Happy Birthday WFW!
    *puts on lamp shade since all of the good party hats are taken*
    I am so glad that you started this site! Goddess bless that picture! For without it, and your consistent, much appreciated enabling, we would have nowhere to go to blatantly, virtually toss our moistened panties (for those of us who occasionally wear them) at the most beautiful man on the planet.

    Just think, if you had met Went and had sex with him on the day you began this blog, we could’ve possibly already had the next descendant to the WFW throne… Watch out Dallas because we’re giving her ideas. Yee-Haw!

  19. Angel

    Congrats going soooo strong for 9 months, I just hope that the next few are just as strong or stronger, for our love the pretty.
    I would also like to thank you WFW for the love and dedication on making this blog, you’ve made a lot of his fans scream and cum in more ways then one. You bring together Wenty fans from around the world. Thank you WFW thank you.

  20. Hip!

    Congratulations, well done and thanks for all the effort, WFW!!!

    Here’s hoping for many more months / years of WetForWent

  21. Yuuuhuuuu 9 months!!!!Congrats,WFW,and all the girls .I totally enjoy every word,pic,or comment you made dear WFW,and its great that we have oportunity to share our emotions too.Well i am not that good in comments but my admirations to the rest.You are great WFW!The best blog,funny,creative,passionate,dedicated to the best and tallented male ever-WENTWORTH MILLER.And that we have a place to share our thoughts with you WFW makes it so special place.I dont know any place better.That blog WFW is amazing and so is you.Yeaah!Congrats ya’ll!!!

  22. genpop40

    Well, Thank GOD that you saw those videos and that beautiful pic, because you are such a good writer and so witty. I love you, and I love Went…and sometimes I’m not sure who I love more. *hugs*

  23. Yeaay!!! Congrats on a whole 9 months WFW. Wentworth Miller was the reason i stumbled on to your blog but your humor, writting skills & being with other Went fans is what kept me coming back for the past 5 months (I only recently decided to post comments). You’re my best Went fix & i hope you stick around forever, ever because there’s no rehab to help with this kind of addictiction!

  24. anon

    I saw this and I thought about Wentworth but I don’t know why… maybe yes…


  25. Bel

    Is it nine months already?
    In that case; WENT, isn’t it about time you started taking some responsibility here?

    *resumes Saturday night Wentasizing*

  26. jailbird

    Has it really been 9 months, I remember when I used to come to your blog and there would only be about 10 posts and that was including mine.

    Hope you still having fun girl!!!

  27. jailbird

    I know what you like about that picture, it’s his big-ass feet…..hell!!… you know what that say about big feet .. wink;)wink;)

  28. Anonymous

    **standing** huhh hmm **clears throat**

    ‘My name is BB and I am also addicted to the Wet for Went sight. And if that is wrong, I sure as hell dont want to be right.’

    **sings** ‘the more they talk about our love, the more they make it obvious, the more they seem so envious, how can they talk about our love? they dont know one thing about us’**

    BTW shouldn’t Went be paying you some alimony by now? Come on Went step up!!

    you make me wanna leave the one i’m with, start a new realtionship with you’

  29. evelyn

    I still remember the day I found out about this site. It was early February and while I was googling Wentworth, the title “Wet For Went” showed up at some point!
    “Ok, this must be good…!”, I said and pressed the link. That was it!! Love at first sight!!
    Everything is perfect in this site! But above all, the people, who welcomed me so warmly when I first posted “OOOOOOOOOOOOPPPAAAAAAA” in the c-box… Remember the Went convention we planned, WFW? LMAO! I hope one day we’ll do it for real!
    Thanks for keeping this site going, hun!!
    Happy birthday and here’s to 100 years more!

  30. evelyn

    Oh, I forgot…

    *kneels on floor, prays for a post, called: “WFW does Dallas!!!!!”*


  31. jailbird

    *special request*WFW can you run that picture again where he’s wearing tight jeans and you can see the defination of his man-goodies….extra close up on the goodies.

  32. aama

    Your “baby” site is going so well! Congratulations, 🙂

  33. Juma

    Congratulations WFW!
    9 months… and what a beautiful baby it is!
    Thank you WFW for all the laughs you give me.
    How about a t-shirt saying: I AM ADDICTED TO WETFORWENT AND PROUD OF IT!!

  34. Dani

    This baby is 9 months old and still going good….

    This is the place.
    Here we’ve all lost our shit and our virginity.. We’ve spat the dummy, become total whores, desperately cried, declared insanity, survived bitch fights; we’ve watched the place fray at the seams, and nearly torched down..

    This is truly home. A place to surrender your weakness, to expose yourself. Give yourself up to this fine cult. Here your tears of joy and sorrow will never be forgotten, just as your incredible laughs and disappointments have not been in vain: a collage of memories.

    9 months of memories. Of dedication.

    This is the place to be.

  35. anon

    Here there is a “new – old” picture…

    Happy 9 months!

  36. shortstuff

    thats the pic that started it all, eh? this one did it for me: http://i134.photobucket.com/albums/q101/ginella_129/went02b.jpg

    congrats and dont ever stop posting!

  37. Wentalicious

    Congrats to you WFW! Your blog is very entertaining and you are a very talented and funny writer 🙂

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