Wentworth Miller up for 2007 Teen Choice Award

Yes! The media blitz is coming (according to anonymous sources, THANK GOD) and soon it’ll be Wentworth Miller everywhere and not a drop to drink. For now, we’ll start with some news, that isn’t really news considering the nom came over a week ago but let’s pretend it’s new. If you want to vote, go here (do you have to be teen to vote?).

And if you want to take a Teen Choice quiz over at People, guess who got the FIRST question? Awesome.

Last year’s Teen Choice Awards ensemble:

Went looked DAMN hot. What will he wear this year? Hmmmm…Need a date Went? I’m available hunny. Then later you can wear me…out.


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29 responses to “Wentworth Miller up for 2007 Teen Choice Award

  1. Linds

    Oh would you just look at our lovely future babydaddy? I love him!!! I am voting – even though I have to lie and say I was born in ’91!!

  2. SavMed

    teen? god, I feel old now. hey, wait! old is good, right? old means wise. wise means Went would like that. Went, I’m here, here , hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. AJ

    LMAO, Linds…”our lovely future baby daddy”…

    Assuming Wentworth SHOWS UP at the Teen Choice Awards this year, I’m thinking he’ll go with another lovely jeans/button down ensemble, and any shoes except those god-awful brown ones he loves so much…

    I, on the other hand, will be wearing a T-shirt that says “Wentworf is my baby daddy” in big bold letters on the front, and perhaps one of those BPJ pics of him doing his “gansta lean” on the back…

    You know the one

  4. If they allow multiple votes then i’ll keep voting until my screen pops a message that says: “Bitch stop it, i’m about to crash!” BTW Went, if you win this one, you better come thank me personally for all my votes. I’ll be the naked one jumping up & down waving my panties in the air.

  5. MiSa

    SEXY….drives my mental

  6. johanna

    Ahh… today I am 14 again. As I am always behaving like a 14-year-old, I think I am eligible to vote. (And did!) πŸ˜€ The crimes I commit in the name of Went! πŸ˜€

  7. BB

    Ok, you know the film 13 going on 30? Well I want that in reverse! I will go to the awards in my favourite teeny bopper outfit (not like in the 80’s leg warmers and a rara skirt) this time I can wear a belly showing top and hotpants (13 yr olds wear those right?) I can sneak in alcohol in my coke zero bottle, and scream as loud as I want. Dance like a mad person to Justin Timberlake, and act, well like I do now! Except when I shout ‘I LOVE YOU’ to Went he will think it is cute, and not that i’m the crazy stalker I really am.

  8. ks

    VOTE people! Lie and do what you have to do. If he wins maybe he’ll show up for the show .

  9. jailbird

    OK call me stupid!!!!… this has nothing to do with the above post, but I just thought I’d share my obsession with everyone.

    I just moved to LA and before I came here I had seen a post on WFW’s blog where there had been a Wenty sighting at a Indian resteraunt called Electric Lotus. Stupid me thought that if I stopped in for a little food I might get lucky and see Wenty on a date….BAD IDEA…..well I get there and the first thing I notice is that this Indian Resteraunt has no Indian people, which means only one thing
    and that is the foods not great…..YUP!!!….IT WAS AWFUL and I threw up.
    I still love Went, just not his taste in food….WENT!! if you read this ….DUDE you owe me a meal.

  10. Mink

    LMFAO, WFW. Damn! You are easy! A little nudge from those “anonymous sources” and you’re pimping his TC nom. I guess if he actually wins there is a vague chance he might actually show up.

    So I bow to you, honey. Good call! He did look Hot As Fuck last year, so here’s hoping he 1) shows up, and 2) looks HAF again this year (in case you’re interested, Went honey, I really liked The Tan). πŸ˜€

  11. Mink

    Oh, and jailbird, this is a boy who likes to go to ‘Chili’s’. Exactly what did you expect? πŸ˜‰

  12. Is that really Went on that picture? I haven’t seen him for so long I hardly even recognize the guy anymore. And those shoes are totally misleading, so black

  13. WFW

    Are they black Kris? I always assumed they were really dark brown. Black shoes? I mean, how would that look?

    Ah yes jailbird, I remember it well. Good to see you!

    Mink, I’m a Wentworth whore. Give me a little hope and I bend right over. It’s sad really.

    Isn’t it ironic that I’m expressing the very same sentiment 7 months later? The love is still there; It really is.

  14. ilurvemv

    WFW, was there any confirmation of whether Went was at that Indian restaurant or not? I know there was some speculation that it wasn’t him because he was in Dallas at the time.

    Media blitz? Could spill some details without sharing the source?

    Hate to be the voice of gloom, but unless the awards ask him to be a presenter, I doubt he’ll show whether he wins anything or not. And he’ll probably leave right after presenting. Though at least this time he has the excuse that he’s busy filming for long hours and doesn’t have time to do this kind of thing.

  15. WFW

    Oh no one believes that was really him at that restaurant in December.

    The source is anonymous to me as well so I couldn’t tell you anyway. I’ve been assured that something is coming…Could be bullshit but I choose to believe b/c otherwise, I’m going to fall asleep at the wheel. I don’t think he’ll show up to the Teen Choice Awards either. This is Went we’re talking about! Now that I think about it, when the hell was the last time he showed up? Anyone? I can’t think. My brains have been temporarily fucked out.

  16. PJ

    its been awhile for sure!

  17. PBLUV

    oh my WFW, your brains? really? like that?
    I’m jellus!!!!

  18. jailbird

    hehe….I am the only idiot who believed the Wenty-sighting. God!!! I’m so lame and desperate. I threw up all night and was feeling woozie most of the next day. The extreme lengths I go to for my man-crush….that fucker Went owe’s me a free meal.

  19. ilurvemv

    Well, he did show up at last year’s awards, but only because he and Amaury had to present something. I doubt he’ll make time for this even if he’s asked to present again.

    WFW, I’m sure you’re not the only one who’s about to fall asleep at the wheel. It’s interesting how much the buzz surrounded Went the first year of PB while his castmates remained largely unknown. Now the opposite is true – wherever I look, I’m hearing more and more about Amaury, Dom, even Rob Knepper’s been doing more press while Went seems to have disappeared and any Went interview/article is a mishmash of previous stuff.

  20. Dani

    That’s a stunning peice of ass… Oh, do I remember the hype last year… Teen pandemonium!

  21. Apparently Went is popular among the 3 yr. old female demographic too. My little cubette has hijacked my signed photo and is not giving up the goods until I relinquish that Went will marry her one day. Where does she get this craziness from?

    *looking innocent*

  22. Linds

    MamaBear – Like mother, like daughter.
    AJ – Yes! I am all about the gangsta lean!

    And ladies, don’t think I didn’t recruit my 16 and 17 year old sisters to spread the good word amongst their crazy girlfriends toget online and vote WM for the TCA!! My sisters agreed to do it (they are family, after all) but I get the sneaking suspicion that they think they’re too cool for Teen Choice. What’s up with that!?!?

  23. ilurvemv

    Mama Bear, I don’t know what I find more funny, that someone as young as 3 could crush on Went (please don’t tell me you let her watch Prison Break!) or that she actually thinks you have control over who Went will marry, LMAO!

    I wonder if there’s any chance an appearance on the Conan O’Brien show is part of this upcoming media blitz? I’ll bet Conan can bring his snarky side out and make him say something besides the same overly-rehearsed things we always hear him say. I’d love to see him as relaxed and funny as the guest in this interview:

    That’s Daniel Radcliffe on the Conan show and I was surprised to see how relaxed and hilarious he was, because he came off very nervous in his interviews for past films. Not nervous at all in this one and handled a lot of sillier questions with wit and grace while still sounding natural and not like his answers were pre-thought.

  24. ilurvemv, oh geez you’re citing a clip of Hairy Potter hawking his Order of the Phallus, er, Phoenix? OK, I get it…I’d definitely love to see Conan and Went playfully bantering – with words, ladies and gents, with words!

    And no, my thieving little girl does not watch PB. Unlike her Mama, she happens to think the BPJ ads are “super cool!” She must get her questionable sense of style from her Papa. πŸ˜‰

  25. AJ

    Hooray for new interviews in the near future (hopefully)! And while Went on Conan would be nice, I’ve got 3 words for ya…The Daily Show…
    I could die happy after seeing Wentworth get interviewed by Jon. And it would be right up Went’s alley. The interview would last less than 6 minutes, yet we’d probably get more new info out of him then we would anywhere else. πŸ™‚

    and MB, I’m still cracking up at the thought of cubette yoinkin’ your Went photo, and holding it ransom. ahahahahaha…

    “You bring me Scofield, and you’ll get your precious picture back…Muahahahaha”

  26. ilurvemv

    AJ, Jon does bring the funny, but he’s a nerd. I want to see more of Went’s snarky side; we get enough of his intellectual answers from magazine interviews.

    Mama Bear, your cub reminds me of that episode of The Golden Girls where Blanche accidentally gives away one of Rose’s teddy bears to a little girl and then says to Dorothy “She is holding Fernando for ransom. She sent me one of his ears!” LOL.

  27. roshi

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are THE most handsome guy that i have seen! i hope one day i can meet you

  28. criftki

    lo amoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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