I call bullshit!

Oh Went, it seems you just won’t give us any new quotes so guess what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna dissect your old ones in a little segment I like to call, I call bullshit. Today we will be discussing this lovely statement:

The fact is, I look the same as I’ve looked for the last 10 or 15 years.

Really Went? Let’s do a comparison shall we?

Here we have baby Went…Baby Went in very bad clothes, but how many people look back at old photos and think they look fly? Not many. He’s doing the sexy lounge move, one leg over the side of the chair, one hand on the thigh, eyes to the camera. He looks sort of naughty, almost like “Try me.” I may have tried him…Maybe…But fast forward to this:

Blue Motherfucking Steel, bitches. Now, Blue Steel probably didn’t exist back then so already this picture has an unfair advantage…that and he has on really good clothes this time. Went, fitting jeans should always be on your body only to be removed for the occasional tux and the fan favorite, nothing at all. Aside from the clothes though, we have the updated pose, one leg Indian style showing that foot (*drooling* Oh how I love the foot), one leg draped across the chair but look how WIDE his legs are here…*passes out*

10 minutes later: Where was I? Yes, Now this Went is saying, “Bring your ass over here.” *running over to climb on*

What the hell does all this have to do with the quote? Sorry, I lost my train of thought. I believe he was expressing how he has looked the same for the past decade or more. Hmmm.

Sorry Went, but I call bullshit!

Tune in next time I call bullshit on something Went has said in the past because he won’t say anything new and I’M FUCKING BORED AND I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO!

Good Day.


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35 responses to “I call bullshit!

  1. miller_thriller

    WFW: “Tune in next time I call bullshit on something Went has said in the past because he won’t say anything new and I’M FUCKING BORED AND I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO!”

    aaaahahahaha WFW you’re killing me! lol its funny that we can predict his silence already.

    oh and btw i LOVE that foot too!!

    girl, u are AMAZE!!!

  2. Pink Boxers

    Amen. The newer picture makes me into a raging, horny bitch. The younger Went makes me want to go to the vet and get him a name tag and a bed with cedar shavings. Ah, how they improve with age.

  3. amaterasu

    oh my god !

  4. Picture on the left is not on my desktop. Picture on the right is. I rest my case.

  5. *calling out* BULLSHIT!!!

    In the Went-now pic, he’s obviously “owning” that leg spread. In the Baby-Went pic, it’s pretty clear that he had no clue about the power of peen whereas now he definitely does (check out WFW’s slide show for the “Mock Cock” shot).

    *shaking head* Honestly, Went…give your fans some credit. Sheesh!

  6. WFW

    Old photo: skinny
    New photo: filled out
    Old photo: tentative
    New photo: Owns the sexy


  7. miller_thriller

    The difference between the two is that went has become more *ahem* dominating! Swoooooooooooon.

    In the first pic he was cute, but in the second pic, hes totally working the camera.

    Boy done good!!

  8. And let’s not even go into the… No, wait! LET’S go into the hair perfection of the second pic! Because that is what I call a perfect buzz! My my, he’s just all kinds of perfect…

  9. AJ

    *coughBULLSHITcough* God, what an improvement! Pic on the left = awwwww. Pic on the right = Say my name, bitch!

    But seriously, WFW, did you really have to go and describe the pose in the second pic?!? Holy mother of Went! Now, I’m horny… big surprise, I know…

    *totally giving up on wearing underpants when I visit this site, cuz really what’s the point*

  10. DBN

    I do enjoy this post immensely, and I can see your point. However, I think he just looks older. Granted, in a matured into sexiness way, which I suppose is different.

    But I have to say, I think he would have had just as strong an effect on me then as he does now. If I’d seen him walking down the street like that during the period when this photo was taken, I’d be dead right now cuz I would have tripped over myself and fallen in the street.

    I seriously would have flipped. I would have fallen madly in love with him. Actually, around the time that picture was taken, my friend said, upon my assertion that ‘I don’t have a type’, that my type is ‘6’1″ lanky geeks who confuse wit and sarcasm and are too smart for their own good’. Which is so true. LOL

    But really, look at his pretty eyes and his gorgeous arms and his succulent thigh. My god that inner thigh… I so want to chew on it. *makes bitey gesture*

    Mmm… Dorky hot… *drools*

  11. Juma

    Wentworth is like a good wine, he just gets better with age…

  12. ks

    It’s the age thing. Man seems to look better with age and Went sure does!


    If he keeps getting better as he ages, then i so want to fast forward >> to 10 years from now! PS. I’ve been starring at the pic on the right for the past 15 minutes hoping that by some maricle i’ll get x-ray vision to see through those jeans.

  14. Wentaholic77

    LMAO I love this post and I love the comments! Went is the luckiest boy – he has the craziest and funniest fans in the world!!

  15. Charlie Brown

    WFW you are quite nutty, and i love it! I completely understand it though: wtf else are you supposed to do since Went decided to go into hiding this summer?! A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get by til September ( I don’t know if i’ll make it!!!!)?

    While he is beautiful in both pics, there’s something else going on in the latter that is simply missing from the 1st one. While i would have stilled f***** the Went in pic 1, i would let the Went in the 2nd pic spend the night afterwards.

    And Mama Bear, you’re my hero!

  16. WFW asks: Does he look the same?

    I’m gonna surmise this a rhetorical question because he looks so muthaphuking good on both. That said, I prefer the ‘mature’ version any day [and nights] because the spread-eagle pose promises me good things to come. Mmmm, yeah, Went, spread ’em.

    … though does anyone else wanna commit illegal acts to a minor Went?

  17. cocot13

    I’m sorry ,I would answer the question but I cant stop looking at his crotch !!

  18. genpop40

    Ah…the beautiful boy becomes a beautiful man. I think what we are seeing here is maturity, and the confidence that comes from it. His attitude is different in the second pic, but that’s our man. I bet that little girl in the 6th grade who broke his heart and told him to go back to the cotton fields is just kicking the hell out of herself these days. Karma…gotta love it. His lips…his eyes…his skin…jesus, he’s a work of art.

  19. genpop40

    And oh yeah, cocot13, his crotch…I keep picturing him naked that 2nd pose. I may never sleep again.

  20. Brava, WFW Brava!
    You are the Queen of calling his bullshit! Abso-freaking-lutely!
    He is so much “fuller” in the more recent pic. And oh so yummy. Yes, this man has definitely gotten better looking with age. Don’t get me wrong..Baby Went was hot but Man Went is sooooooo much hotter. He makes you want to do every dirty thing to him!
    I think I’m melting!*sizzle*

  21. ilurvemv

    I’m going to state an unpopular opinion: the Baby Went pics do nothing for me. Some of them make him look like jailbait, and the others make it look like his hair is eating his head. The curly/afro-ey hair thing doesn’t work on him IMHO. He looked like he had raw beauty then, but he looks like a refined beauty now. He is definitely someone who gets much better looking with age!

    *not commenting on the crotch comments because I am not a gutter mind* 😉

  22. Melissa


    He was talking about HIS WATCH! Look at his left wrist, it IS the same WATCH he’s had for 10 years. THAT is the “same look” he was refering to.

    And here you were calling him a liar! Hmph!

  23. shortstuff

    wfw: this is why i love you.

    melissa: interesting observation…

  24. Seza

    hmmmm baby faced young man…..or hunka burning love oh the choice.

    He has certainly gotten better with age, just like a fine wine!

  25. Katjus

    Lefty: Oh the prim and proper old days of no leads or many good roles and “Hey there casting peoples! (*thinking:I better not spread these legs anymore so people wont get any ideas. After all like my Mummy always said reputation is all a boy has)”.
    Righty: And fast forward to these days of a rocking role in a kick ass tv-show and “Get a load of THIS people! Went is here to stay! (*thinking: wonder if i can spread the legs anymore? I KNOW the ladies and lads all around would like that… And i am here to serve… MUHAHAHAHAAA!*)”

    Yes. I´d say there is a difference. For the better…
    And Mistress, liking this renewed acitivity level in posting! Huraa for u!

  26. Mink

    “Blue Motherfucking Steel, bitches.”

    *laughing so hard* *can’t…breathe*

    Thanks so much for this, WFW. I’ve felt a little guilty about how much grief I’ve given our Fair Prince on this very topic in the past, but you’ve made the point so perfectly – and irrefutably – I feel vindicated. 😉

    *looks wildly between pics*

    Have to say, that newer one reaches parts I didn’t even know existed prior to my OLP love. I know he’s acting for the camera ‘n’ all, but the fact that that raw sexuality is in there somewhere… Well… *shifts uncomfortably in seat* *fans self hopelessly*

    And the leg-spread… And the inner thigh action…


    I’ll be in my bunk.

  27. Bel

    Now, what I want to see is this:

    Some live image pinpointing the exact moment where Went transitions from sitting in a chair across from me all innocent-like as in the first pic (because truly, even sexy confident men in their thirties do not sit on a couch looking all I’m-asking-for-it all day long) to the sizzling hot look in the second pic. Seeing that happen would make me cum right then and there.
    Can you see it ladies? The transgression from I’m-just-cute to I-could-eat-you-alive-and-bring-yourself-over- here-because-I-will-fuck-you-dead-right-now?

    WFW, I am eternally grateful to you.

  28. Pup

    I’d do him either way. 😀
    Granted, the mature Went is the more hot Went, but the baby Went has something special too.

  29. yahmi

    went is so gorgeous and it is obvious he is gay. i just dont know why he wont admit it. i feel bad but face it you will hear nothing about went cos he is one closeted brother.

  30. Katjus

    That was seriously lame attempt to get a rise of us yahmi. Poor yahmi, trying so hard… *cackle with laughter*

    And yes, i´d like to see that too Belly! The Moment we should call it… lol

  31. Bel

    Of course, he also said this: “My eyes aren’t suddenly a more compelling shade of green. So, it must have something to do with the character that I’ve created, and what’s going on behind the eyes.”

    And dammit if he isn’t ab-so-lu-te-ly right. Admit it Went, you have gained sexual confidence from us. Behind those eyes you’re thinking: “My my. I’d sure love to find out if all those fans mean what they say… Especially that WFW-woman. Yeah.”

    Well, hon, come over here and we’ll show you. Again and again and again.

  32. BB

    **whistles** wooo hooo hot dammmmnnn
    Well, the pic is hot, but hey it Went sooo….
    The second pic… well, the pose has more confidence, the expression says, im gonna come over an fuck your brains out…..
    And no one has said it yet and i kind of miss it

  33. Linds

    I will say he’s too ador(k)able in the first picture. You can’t put the boy in a jacked up outfit and compare it to his intense CFM stare and normal looking clothes. Thanks WFW – I love when you read and translate his thoughts for us!!

  34. BB

    From Adorkable to Adwhoreable

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