Bean Pole Part Deux

We haven’t bean poled in a while…

The latest ad:

Thanks ring!

UPDATE: Feast your eyes…


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47 responses to “Bean Pole Part Deux

  1. miller_thriller

    I love his face, but that top is so not right for him.

    When will bean pole get the msg and put him in some sexy boxers? I mean what sort of fool covers all that prettyness up? Its such a waste!

    tut tut, bpj, you have so much to learn *shakes head*

  2. miller_thriller

    To give it further thought, bpj should take note from gap, and get him fingering something…preferably ME!

    *jumping up and down* Pick me Went, pick ME!!

    Lol purely to further your career Went of course. *smirks*

    Oh the devotion.

  3. BB

    They did it again!!! They managed to dress him in something that does not suit him!
    But you still look hot….. **crying**

  4. AJ

    Pretty man, fugly shirt… Seriously, is that ZEBRA PRINT I see??? *shaking head, yet again*

    Pssst…Hey Pretty…. *singing* “Faaaall intooo the GAP!” Please, I beg of you…

  5. AJ

    P.S. Who wants to bet he’s wearing the white “bedazzled sperm-gagger” jeans with that top? Any takers? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?…

  6. BB

    **pssssttt WFW……**looks around** **Whispers are you afriad they will threaten to sue your ass? **whistling**

    Lets just hope that BEANPOLE have not given Went a load of new clothes, because, if he shows up at the teen choice awards, we dont want to see him in that shit……

  7. BB

    But hey, if its BEANPOLE shit or nothing, then he should go naked…..

    mmmmmmm **dribbling**

  8. Is it a polo jersey masquerading as a convict uniform or the other way around? *confused*

    Oh, who the Hell cares?! Went is surrounded by books and other scholarly items – this nerd girl is having herself a multiple orgasm!

  9. Is he mad at the room?

    *sigh* I love him…

  10. Nah… He’s mad at whoever it was who dressed him…

  11. Juma

    Oh yeah, he sure looks pissed of at something…
    I bet he’s fed up with those bad outfits!
    Thank God he was made in heaven and even in that ugly shirt he is beautiful!

  12. AJ – you slay me! LOL…Look at his face in that picture…he’s pissed. He’s all “I’m too damn hot for these clothes” 😉
    BTW – the “gangsta lean” is sooo ADORKable! LMAO!

  13. Mink

    That top is inexcusable. On any continent.

    That is all.

  14. WFW


  15. Bel

    One solution only. Rip. it. off.

  16. Went …i am looking and staring,looking and staring…and i am sure that these close will looking just fine on my chair and your naked body will looks good on mine.The only thing i like in these clothes is that i wanna undress them with such a pleasure………………………………………..



  18. Dani

    Boy – he HOTTENS up anything that’s draped on him, be it a potato sack or garbage bag..

    And that sulky teenage brood is just waiting to be grounded and spanked hard!

    Get to your room NOW

  19. Dani

    And I’d baby sit THAT


  20. ilurvemv

    Dear Went,
    I have always defended your fashion choices to the death. But that shirt is so fugly, if Michael Scofield wore it, even T-Bag wouldn’t touch him with a 10-foot pole.

    fan who must now go buy some eye bleach

    PS: You don’t get to do the pouty, crossing arms thing when you willingly turned down acting jobs to dress up in your bleeding zebra outfit.

    Save the pretty, burn the shirt!

  21. PBLUV

    “cry”…I miss him in his simply hoody…Wenty wear your hoody baby!!
    ditch the confused gear that BP calls clothing.
    BP we love Went but unless he came along with purchase, no one is gonna buy that sh*t.

  22. Katjus

    Oh babe… *pets Wentworth´s cheek* I know, i know…

  23. Seza

    he looks very……princeton my dear watson!! oh oh is that a rugby shirt of sorts he’s wearing???

  24. Melm

    The shirt: Mr Cheap version of a Ralph Lauren shirt and Mrs Orange pyjamas had an offspring…

    The man: so heavenly that you instantly forget the shirt and just stare at his perfect face and hands. And then are even a bit greatful that the shirt is showing off his forearms.

    ps. I just heard that Jodi Lyn O’Keefe is joining the PB crew. Looked her up on the internet and saw that she’s a good looking brunette…Just saying.

  25. amaterasu

    freakin ugly shirt.

  26. I actually like that shirt, I think he looks hot.

  27. BB

    I actually like that shirt, I think he looks hot. its not the shirt that makes him look hot…. its his hotness that makes him look hot, Went would look hot dressed a elmo.

  28. hmmm…he’s sort of stuck in that one look mode: shaved head and brooding.

  29. Dani

    ..and stuck in my head!

    yum.. dear God.

  30. notthedoctor

    BPJ wants to hurt Went with ugly clothes! Nobody can harm The Pretty without getting LYNCHed!

  31. evelyn


    Heeeeeeeey!!! Mr Armaaaaani!!!
    We need major heeeeelp out here!!! We need your BEAUUUUTIFUL clothes photographed on Wentworth’s bodyyyy!!! ASAP!

    Pleeeeeeease, make him an offer and make us fall in love with your clothes, in A WHOLE NEW level!!

  32. Juma

    hum… is it my impression or he always looks bored and pissed in this photo shootings.
    Poor Went, I think he had enough of this BP pics…
    *but isn’t he hot like always!*

  33. Mama like! My favorite is Went in the dark sailor’s peacoat…classy! I like bundled-up, Went. Great job, BPJ – finally!

  34. AJ

    I stand corrected. He was not wearing the befuckingdazzled sperm-gaggers with the “bleeding zebra” top (TM ilmv). I’m still not sure his balls can breathe, but at least these jeans don’t look so painful that even a female wouldn’t wear them.

    I will say, BPJ, you almost…ALMOST redeemed yourselves with that last shot. He looks mutha phuckin’ fabulous in that getup! And that pose!!!

    Then again, he’s probably just trying to give his nuts some breathing room. *stretch* Either way, I give that last photo an “A” for effort. 😉

  35. BB

    ok soooo new pis YAAAYYY

    however this is BPJ…. so i gotta dis slightly so here goes… ok the furry hoody (phoarrr) but a bit ‘oh my god they killed kenny, you bastard’
    Apart from the couch one ( in fact i’m getting ready to take a run and jump on that one right now) The rest are rather like going to Oxford college… o.k ya?! Mixed in with a side order of ‘gangsta lean’ Thats what i’m talkin bout yo’
    However Went, no matter how hideous the look maybe (and I have seen much worse) you always remain incredibly beautiful…….

  36. BB

    *pics (not pis)

  37. *crawling over the couch in the last picture and getting on top of him*
    Hey! Do you mind?! And shut that door behind ya!

  38. I love how Went’s Bobos (tired ‘ol sneakers in pic #4) keep making appearances in paid advertising and even press events. Weren’t they also his choice of kicks in Mariah’s “We Belong Together” vid? I mean, at this rate, the Bobos are getting more play than Brown Sugar. Maybe they bring him good luck. *shrugs*

  39. WENTY!!!AHHH AAAAHHH it doesnt matter that they put these “clothes* on you like is Helloween.U always be our man!

  40. shortstuff

    oh god. ive just seen the rest of the pics. that last one. holy fuck. i am not worthy. *dies*

  41. doroty

    Went is brilliant and so sexy man, i love him too much 🙂

  42. ws

    Fucken hell AJ, if only I read the comments section just for you baby. I must say that the with the last pic, I feel I must look away. I know I’m in the minority but it looks too forward.

  43. ws

    sorry too many thes’..meant to read

    …with the last pic…

  44. Lilly Rose

    I just read on Just Jared… A poster there posted an article…that he liked that Orange and black striped shirt because it reminded him of the Princeton colors….

    Yes Ladies… he asked if he could have it and Bean Pole Obliged and they gave him a few other pieces he whore…..

    Do I have your Permission to Drag his ASS back to the Gap???

    ~ Lilly Rose ~

  45. ws

    whore….LOL…lilly rose…..uh i’m okay now

  46. AJ

    Lily Rose said, “I just read on Just Jared… A poster there posted an article…that he liked that Orange and black striped shirt because it reminded him of the Princeton colors….
    Yes Ladies… he asked if he could have it and Bean Pole Obliged and they gave him a few other pieces he whore…..”

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Why? Why must fugly clothes happen to pretty people? It just isn’t right!
    and… hahahahahahahaha LR, you said “whore.” *giggling*

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