The Eagle has landed

Thanks baaca!

UPDATE: More pics


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45 responses to “The Eagle has landed

  1. fly to me WENT!!!!My land is your land!

  2. miller_thriller

    i just love him in a hoody! why arent those fellow people jumping on him? do they not understand the rarety of this appearance?

    lol i seriously cannot stop looking at that boy! how do i explain this to my therapist??

  3. BB

    **rubs eyes** hmmmm **looks again**
    the realisation starts to set in…………


  4. Awwww, poor baby…he looks absolutely exhausted! Still, if I could look that good coming off a long flight, I’d be one happy camper. I see that the bucket hat and brown sugar are both in tow…IMO, Went is the only man that can make frugality such an endearing quality.

  5. Pink Boxers

    Why do I suddenly want to have something mint?

  6. AJ

    Wentworth! Where the hell have you been??? I can’t believe you didn’t even CALL us. I bet you called, Korea, didn’t you?! Didn’t you?? *crying now*

    *whispers* He’s sooooo pretty *hiccup* …even in those fugly shoes… *grin* I loooooove yoooooou! *all cheddar*

  7. chicabell

    Nice to know that all that Bean Pole and coffee money didn’t change him one bit!

    He looks either very sleepy or just plain wary of the person taking the picture! Whatever it is works for him. Although he is all covered up, he looks hot. Even his neck is sexy – or is that just me?!

  8. Linds

    LAWD!! Do mine eyes deceive me??? Is it really him? Yay!!! He’s looking adorable as per usual.

    Mama Bear – you’re right about Went making frugality cute.

    Went + frugality = *adorable*
    my fiance + frugality = ante up, you cheap bastard!!!

  9. T-Bel

    Went, Went, Went…. Baby, do we really need to go over this again?
    *breaks out whip*
    It’s beige OR sickly grey OR baby blue OR dingy brown OR nurse’s mint.
    Or are you in THAT mood again?
    *twinkle in her eyes*
    *licks her lips*
    What’d you say? You like it all together?
    And it’s Miss to you, understand!?

  10. Nicbeast

    He wants me.

  11. Juma

    *jumping around* The Pretty is back! The Pretty is back!

  12. too Fast for Love

    Y’know, my first thought when I saw this (apart from “Yay! He lives” obviously) was “Does this boy have a phobia about mirrors or something?” No-one could possibly think that get-up is attractive! The trousers look like something my Dad would wear to do the gardening!

    But then all my resentment at Went for staying in hiding for so long began to melt away when I looked at the cute l’il face (or what you can see under The Hat) and my thoughts started to change to “Ain’t it cute that he obviously doesn’t give a shit about preening and posing at every opportunity” His obvious disregard for fashion is… sweet.

    *sighs* Went’s back! Tis a good day indeed my friends.

  13. Sprinkles

    AAAAAAAAHHHHH! FINALLY! You can barely tell these are new with the old ugly-ass hat that he thinks hides “the hotness” and those boots that won’t die. Looks as if he’s polished those suckers. And the luggage with the blue tape……ugh! Wenty, I will buy you new luggage! He looks pissy but still hot, of course.

  14. Charlie Brown

    i really don’t care what he has on; as long as we get to see him. and in all honesty, i don’t see anything wrong with his outfit. what else should he wear? i find his simplicity very very sexy.

  15. too Fast for Love

    C’mon Charlie Brown… what clothes could he wear? Ones that match might be good for starters lol!

    On their own they’re not too bad apart from The Hat, it’s hideous. The boots are nice with jeans, the trousers would be passable (maybe) if they were with a shirt and I confess to owning a hoodie something similar, but I only wear it when I’m walking the dogs, certainly not in a very public place. Put them all together and you get the impression of someone who got dressed in a very big hurry in a very dark room!

  16. tia

    As much as i enjoy seeing him out after this long drought, it makes me really sad to imagine how all the rumors may be affecting him.People who like to gossip about him really need to stop and put themselves in his shoes for a moment and imagine how they would feel if they were him.

    But on another note he looks goooooooood.

  17. Bluetoothfairy

    Well, finally something.

    I sincerely hope that this is the beginning of the end of this horrible, horrible dry spell that’s made this inappropriately tropical weather even harder to bear.

    I have a few questions, though.

    Is he going to the FOX party now that he’s in LA? (please please please go and grace us with more pictures, I don’t care what you’ll be wearing, go sport a nun’s habit or whatever, just show up.)

    Did his legs miraculously get even longer or am I just happy to see him?

    Whatcha listening, huh?

    Where did he arrive from (what with the hoodie and all)? Texas? Panama? A tattoo shop where he got a full set of sleeves that he’s concealing and planning to unveil in the near future? Australia? North Pole?
    (the point I’m clumsily trying to make is that the aforementioned tropical weather seems to be absent from wherever his departure point was, and I need to be there, BADLY. Yeah, I’m having a problem dealing with global warming.)

    And oh, pumpkin, why do you look so tired? Could you use a backrub? A cup of coffee? A butterfly kiss?

  18. Anonymous

    Welcome back, baby! How we’ve missed ye!

  19. Charlie Brown

    too fast for love,

    i will admit that he’s a bit style-impaired, but i just feel like he should wear whatever he feels comfortable in. ok, i just looked at the picture again and i will say that the boots look a little odd with the khakis. But listen, what he has on is a lot better than those nut-hugger bedazzled white Bean-Pole jeans. Now what if he would have walked through the airport with those on????

    Think about it…. no that’s ok. Don’t, b/c i just hurt myself doing that.

  20. Charlie Brown

    oh, and his legs do look extra long in those pics, and i like it

  21. Jedi72

    Thank heaven they realeased him back down to earth! Is it me, or do I need a stronger perscription, did anyone notice something that looked like an earing in his left ear? Someone confirm this for me?

  22. Dannie

    I’m sorry but I think he looks his usual adorkable self, I like the way he dresses boots, hat and all. It could be worse he could have runners on with his pants(i hate the runners with jeans\trousers look).

    We all know he can up the ante and look really pretty when he has to.

    Went it’s so good to see you , don’t ever go away again. We don’t care what all those meanies say about you and I’m pretty sure you don’t allow it to get to you too much (something about deflection?). Long and lean, so completely gorgeous.

  23. @Jedi – I think it’s safe to say that he does not have an earring, I think what you’re seeing is his earpiece from his headphones. The Wentworth I know would NEVER have an earring. That would be very out of character for him.
    @Charlie Brown – His legs look so long because he got so skinny again IMHO. And the BP ad is disturbing…it doesn’t even look like him. The photo is so bad you can’t tell how hot he is. Now that’s just CUHRAZY!

  24. Laura

    I also think Went looks totally adorkable in that outfit! He can dress how he wants.

  25. ilurvemv

    The poor boy has been traveling. He’s allowed to wear whatever makes him comfortable. I still love you, Went! Marry me and let’s have non-fashionable children! I will never nag you about your clothes. I’ll even let you walk around naked. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (Can I ask a stupid question? How do the paparazzi know when he’s at the airport? Do they get tipped off somehow or are they always hiding there in case some celeb should happen to walk by so they can get pics like these?)

  26. Charlie Brown


    They probably just hang out there in th hopes of catching celebs. Went looks tired and a bit pissed, so i doubt he tipped them off, unless someone from his camp did….

  27. *does a double take* Whu-huh? Is that who I think it is?

    *does a triple take and rubs eyes* It is him!!! Holy, mutha-phuck, Went! You’re baaa-aaaaack!!! *cue Welcome Back, Kotter music*

    Where’ve you been? From the get up, I’m betting not clothes shopping *smirks*

  28. ilurvemv

    Thanks for the response, Charlie Brown.

    I agree with you: certainly Went would never tip them off. He’s not now nor ever will he be an attention-seeker. I hope no one in his camp (like his publicists) would ever do it but I have to say, with the frequency that certain celebs get photographed, it’s a bit too coincidental that the photog just happened to hang around the airport and just happened to catch him there. How many airport pics of him have we seen by now? (Not that I’m complaining, I’m only wondering how it is that they always know when he’s flying in and out of LAX.)

    As for him looking pissed, it’s pretty clear that his patience wore off long ago, not that I can blame him even if I am happy to see new pics.

  29. That smirk on his face is saying:

    “Yeah, these pics of my tired ass are going be on the net in exactly 2.5 seconds.”

    WFW & Nic do you think he’s using your Shuffle? *crossing fingers*

  30. MiSa

    AWW, let him wear what he wants, like any of us would really kick him outa bed cause of his fashion sense……..o man i luv him………….

  31. CFfever

    I bet he prepares to wear those boots in the Party. And he doesn’t bother to bring an extra shoes with him. That’s why we are seeing those comfortable pants and stylish boots going together here. Well, let’s wait for the pics. They are gonna prove my piont.

    The MAN looks incrediblely good as himself~~~ Welcome back!!!^^

  32. shortstuff

    WENT!! i love you, but why why WHY must you wear the bucket hat?! is it supposed to hide your hotness? cuz u should know by now (especially after bean pole..) that no amount of ugly clothing can do that. and let me tell u, we can spot that hideous thing from a mile away. i only say it cuz i care ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Darci

    It is a bloody crime that one can look ever so hot in rags like that!

  34. PBLUV

    Just returned from the Santa Monica Pier!!! The FOX party was there, I rushed there after work and thought I had missed him, as I got there I saw police talking to be a bunch of people inside the party and there was a lot of security and I asked a guy who looked like he was important what was going on and he happened to work at FOX and said it was their yearly party for new shows. I asked him if the old shows were there and he smirked and said are you looking for someone?
    I had to say!
    Wentworth Miller!
    He said well you are not looking hard enough and pointed just behind me and right there in a white shirt and jeans surrounded by reporters with tape recorders was my friends,
    Went! Went ! WENT!!!! In all his Pretty Glory
    I just froze and stared for a long time until I was pushed out of the way by security. I kept my eyes on him while they moved me. He was smiling and laughing and I counted 6 reporters all hanging on his every word. He talked with his hands, he listened as they asked question after question. For a good 10 minutes, I was so afraid to take my eyes off of him,so crowded, I did not want to lose sight of him. I cursed that I had no idea how to use my new phone’s camera. I was not close enough to hear what he was saying but I could see his sweet, beautiful face.
    I saw a blonde woman standing by, using her blackberry, and watching him and then I saw the woman who was in pictures from Cannes with him, come over and watch him too. At one point, he reached out and touched her hand and smiled.
    I literally almost screamed. But I am 26 and instead just covered my mouth.
    The blonde woman and the woman from Cannes talked a bit and Cannes (sorry forgot her name) walked towards me and I just wanted to say hello or something but she looked like she was on a mission.
    Went then took pictures with a group of people, no idea who they were, though I was stunned to see Dominic who sorta man hugged Went in a really cute way.
    Ladies, Dominic is really, really hunky. How have I not noticed that b4?
    Once that was done, Dominic walked into the party, where there were carnival rides and food, and Went continued talking to reporters.
    Poor thing, he never got to go in and even get a hot dog.
    Cannes and the blonde lady finally walked over to end the interviews and I heard one say he had a flight to catch.
    They started walking together towards me but turned off as with me there was 40-50 fans just waiting. They went back down the red carpet, chatting, he was such a gentleman, he let them go first.
    At the end was another bunch of fans and he just went over to them and starting signing autographs and taking pictures.
    I could not get to that side, I was stuck on the other side of the rope and while he did that for 5 minutes, he could have done it for an hour, it would not be enough. I am 26, I behaved like a 12 yr old ladies, jumping up and down and sighin’ continually!!!
    Finally, his car came, a chauffered hybrid I think and they walked over with him. He said bye to both and hugged Cannes and got in the back of his car.
    I think the blonde is a publicist, she continued on her blackberry and it was no big deal to her, she and Cannes hugged and parted and I felt drenched.
    Well that is my Wentful Monday, I am now going to bed so I can dream.

  35. Oh Went, are you begging me to get on a plane and stalk you? Are you… huh? I mean how much easier can you make it for me to spot you? I have already tatood part of the plan on my arm: A Starbucks logo, the bucket hat, a grey hoodie, beige trousers, the back pack and those brown boots you’ve been wearing since 2005. Yup, I know exactly what to look for.


    And on that tatoo I’ve add the map of West Hollywood. I’m comming for you Went!

  37. notthedoctor

    What a vision! Most Prettiest thing I’ve ever seen… Went!

  38. Katjus

    Hello Perfection,

    my two week estimation of u showing up again was only slightly off but i knew u were coming… *giggle* I could feel it in my bones u know… ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Darrrrling, these airport photos are classic u but may i say the FOX party ones had me swoooooooning. Have u finally gotten a stylist or is it that u r just taking note of what we have been saying…? Looking swell my dear. VERY swell…! *wiping drool*
    Anyways, all tingly for having u back and hey Wentworth, dont be a stranger…! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love u!

    And now available at JJยดs the piccies from the party PBLUV was talking about…! Go fetch ladies – well worth it! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And PBLUV, glad to have u on board the DomDom Express! Lol. The guy is pure sex on legs and now it seems looking even better than before… *sigh*

  39. Seza

    Yay my muse has come out of hiding.

    Thanks PBluv I was in a dreamy read for a moment there.

    Damn my private jet being in the shop damn it!!

  40. Getting tired of the bloody papparazzi, arentcha, Baby Boy? That ain’t the smile I’m used to seeing on your face… But it’s good to have you back nevertheless.

  41. ELISE

    PBLUV,thank you so much for your story!
    Lucky, lucky you!
    I bet you feel you can die now……
    I’ll never forgive myself to have missed HIM in Cannes when he came last year, but I wasn’t madpretty at the time: I had watched PB1 on French TV and Went had been given a horrible dubbing voice which destroyed 50%of his hotness!It only when I saw PB2 in England that I was thunderstruck by OLP in all his glory….Oh, that smooth, velvety, honeysweet voice…

  42. ELISE

    And according to PBLUV, he HAS BEEN INTERVIEWED!!!!!! He has actually uttered WORDS!!!!
    **sitting comfortably and waiting to hear what he said**

  43. Dani



    Heaven help my palpitative heart…… He is F*CKING HOT people


  44. Dani

    Im thinking, riding him on that desk in the sexy school-boy Bean Pole ad – would be just perfect, right now…


  45. Nicbeast

    Hey, is that our Shuffle he is listening to, WFW?

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