Well what do you know

He showed up

and he looked beautiful…

PBLUV was there:

Just returned from the Santa Monica Pier!!! The FOX party was there, I rushed there after work and thought I had missed him, as I got there I saw police talking to be a bunch of people inside the party and there was a lot of security and I asked a guy who looked like he was important what was going on and he happened to work at FOX and said it was their yearly party for new shows. I asked him if the old shows were there and he smirked and said are you looking for someone?
I had to say!
Wentworth Miller!
He said well you are not looking hard enough and pointed just behind me and right there in a white shirt and jeans surrounded by reporters with tape recorders was my friends,
Went! Went ! WENT!!!! In all his Pretty Glory
I just froze and stared for a long time until I was pushed out of the way by security. I kept my eyes on him while they moved me. He was smiling and laughing and I counted 6 reporters all hanging on his every word. He talked with his hands, he listened as they asked question after question. For a good 10 minutes, I was so afraid to take my eyes off of him,so crowded, I did not want to lose sight of him. I cursed that I had no idea how to use my new phone’s camera. I was not close enough to hear what he was saying but I could see his sweet, beautiful face.
I saw a blonde woman standing by, using her blackberry, and watching him and then I saw the woman who was in pictures from Cannes with him, come over and watch him too. At one point, he reached out and touched her hand and smiled.
I literally almost screamed. But I am 26 and instead just covered my mouth.
The blonde woman and the woman from Cannes talked a bit and Cannes (sorry forgot her name) walked towards me and I just wanted to say hello or something but she looked like she was on a mission.
Went then took pictures with a group of people, no idea who they were, though I was stunned to see Dominic who sorta man hugged Went in a really cute way.
Ladies, Dominic is really, really hunky. How have I not noticed that b4?
Once that was done, Dominic walked into the party, where there were carnival rides and food, and Went continued talking to reporters.
Poor thing, he never got to go in and even get a hot dog.
Cannes and the blonde lady finally walked over to end the interviews and I heard one say he had a flight to catch.
They started walking together towards me but turned off as with me there was 40-50 fans just waiting. They went back down the red carpet, chatting, he was such a gentleman, he let them go first.
At the end was another bunch of fans and he just went over to them and starting signing autographs and taking pictures.
I could not get to that side, I was stuck on the other side of the rope and while he did that for 5 minutes, he could have done it for an hour, it would not be enough. I am 26, I behaved like a 12 yr old ladies, jumping up and down and sighin’ continually!!!
Finally, his car came, a chauffered hybrid I think and they walked over with him. He said bye to both and hugged Cannes and got in the back of his car.
I think the blonde is a publicist, she continued on her blackberry and it was no big deal to her, she and Cannes hugged and parted and I felt drenched.
Well that is my Wentful Monday, I am now going to bed so I can dream.


More pics at PBOnline and JJ

UPDATE: Video of Went in action

Thanks ring!


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74 responses to “Well what do you know

  1. cat'smeow

    OMG!!! There IS a pic of him smiling afterall!!! Love the scruffy look and those killer hazel eyes. I see he’s still wearing those wrinkled shirts. Wenty you need a good woman to iron your shirts for you. I’LL DO IT!!! I never iron, but I’ll do it for YOU!!! Love that man!!!

  2. JobGirl

    Oh My Oh My Oh My! Those pics are georgeous!
    This is the best day ever!
    How did that girl control herself? Ropes couldn’t hold me back…

  3. Bel


    Have seen dawn and sunset on moors and windy hills
    Coming in solemn beauty like slow old tunes of Spain:
    I have seen the lady April bringing in the daffodils,
    Bringing the springing grass and the soft warm April rain.

    I have heard the song of the blossoms and the old chant of the sea,
    And seen strange lands from under the arched white sails of ships;
    But the loveliest things of beauty God ever has showed to me
    Are his voice, and his hair, and eyes, and the dear red curve of his lips.

    (John Masefield– I changed the protagonist’s sex)

  4. gwen6

    Looks like he lost some weight… He looks daamn fine to me…

  5. OMG *Thud*
    He is so freaking HAWT!…He just makes us happy to see him girls doesn’t he?!*huge grin*< that I can’t wipe off my face.

  6. *singing Outkast in my head* Went looks so “fresh and so clean, clean!” ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to see the interview clips!

    Oh yes, and Dom…I’ve known for a LONG time how hunky that man is. I would’ve squeed if I saw him man-hugging Went.

    *swoon* THANK YOU, pbluv for sharing your wonderful encounter and THANK YOU, WFW for bringing it to us!

  7. evelyn


    I feel like screaming OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPAAA!!!

    OMFG, Weeeent!!! You look Gorgeous!!

    See?? You know how to dress yourself!! And don’t tell me that you had someone tell you what to wear!! A white shirt and a pair of jeans always do the job…!! So, lose the beige pants and the boots (me hates the boots!) and keep it like this!! I would also recommend a pair of TOD’S (not that I don’t love All-Stars) and you will be touching perfection, cause you still haven’t learned how to iron your shirts!!

    I just looooove you and your beautiful smile, eyes, hands, long legs….

    *fans self, fans self, fans self*

  8. evelyn

    Oooooh, I forgot!!!
    Shame on me!!!

    Thank you WFW for keeping this site always updated and thanks PBLUV for sharing your experience with us!! If this makes you feel a bit better, I’m 29 going on 30 and if I was in your shoes, I’d be acting like a 3 year old and not a 13 year old!!!


  9. Darci

    PBLUV, you are one lucky bitch. Thank you nevertheless. Also WFW for this site.

    I am half way across the world on the other hemisphere y’all! Worth spending every supposedly working minute ogling at this extraordinary piece of human specimen. I might actually get fired! But for a good reason…so I do (not) mind.

  10. Katjus

    If these pics r anything to go by, we r in for a hot rest of the summer ladies… Yiihaa!!
    Kiddiยดup WentPony, iยดll ride u all night long…!
    *rides of to the sunset*

  11. Linds

    PBluv, you are the shizz!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience!!! I feel like I was right there with you!

  12. BB

    **wishing i was PBLUV right now**

    The drought is over ladies…. so drink up!!

    **takes a big gulp**

  13. PBLUV

    Thanks all and thanks to WFW for giving me the courage to go alone!!
    I still cannot believe it, I have never felt so completely bowled over by anyone before. Watching him talk was just just a supernatural experience that cannot be repeated. Next time I will be prepared to get closer, take pictures and get me a real hug and kiss!!! All night I was trying to get around the security in my dreams but it was like walking into a room full of gold, I was just shocked that I had just gotten off my silly job, drove there thinking, “I probably missed him..but try anyway” and there he was ..I still cannot believe I was so close.
    (silly grin) truely, I have nothing to compare this to. He is perfection and I can tell even the reporters were thrilled to be close to him!
    I tell ya there is a constant loop in my head, little clips of him. Happy days are ahead ladies our dude is back ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. BB

    I often wonder what i would do if I was ever in the near vicinity of the pretty , and really, I think that I would just stare, drool, and jump around like a 12 yr old, and yeah I would kick myself afterwards, and wish that I had touched him…..
    Next time I will be prepared to get closer, take pictures and get me a real hug and kiss!!!

    You go get him girl, cause next time i’m coming with you and I can guarantee, that I will be a gibbering wreck.

    **sings** All summer long we’ve been together
    And I never felt so good
    Cuz when I’m with you
    You’re such a good time (yes it is)
    And when you get next to me
    You make my heart beat fast
    You throw me bad when you smile
    And when we’re alone
    I know we’re in love
    Cuz I can’t get enough, cuz

    (I like the way)
    You kiss me when we’re playing the kissing game
    (I like the way)
    You keep me looking forward to another day

  15. johanna

    PBLUV, if I were you, I think I can die happy. ๐Ÿ˜€ Glad you worked up the courage to get that close to him. And thanks so much for sharing this with us. It’s as good as being there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. AJ

    *checks out new Went pics*

    GAWD DAYUM, he looks good!
    *singing* “Welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaaack!”

    PBLUV, I bet you are absolutely floating right now! ๐Ÿ˜‰ How awesome for you. Thanks for sharing your Wentcounter, luckyyyyy.

  17. too Fast for Love

    Thank you PBLUV for posting you lucky, lucky girl! Wow! Now THAT is a hot pic. And I agree 100% with Evelyn the outfit is so much hotter than the coming-through-the-airport garb (The Hat haunts my nightmares). Whoever dressed Went, coz let’s face it we all know by now that he’s endearingly hopeless at doing it himself, deserves our collective thanks for giving us extra yummy drool fodder today.

  18. Is Went wearing a white tuxedo shirt – like maybe the one he wore to an award show or two?!

    Awwww, like I’ve said before, he makes frugality look cool!

  19. notthedoctor


  20. Zombie Doc

    oops I think I died again.

  21. Where to start? White shirt! Sleeves rolled up! Perfect buzz! Looooong legs in jeans!
    I missed him so much it made me hurt but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t worth the wait!

  22. Juma

    oooohhh! That smile, those eyes, those juicy lips…
    *sigh* I missed them and now their back!!

  23. Anty

    *has a really stupid question* Who’s the lady from Cannes? Is that boy finally getting laid and I missed it?

  24. Oh so yummilicious!!! If I were that close; my heart would beat so hectically, that it would end up in my throat and I’d have to swallow it down again to get air.


    Wentworth Miller is God’s personal joke on women! I bet you He’s sitting on His throne laughing His ass off at us. He created this perfect man that none of us can have (accept for in our dreams). Well God, if you are listening… I DON’T THINK YOU’RE FUNNY!!!


  27. ilurvemv

    Anty, I think it’s his assistant or publicist or something like that. Her name is Pam? Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  28. WFW

    It was probably Pam, yes, but she’s not his publicist.

  29. Pink Boxers

    Just like the kiddies say: Went is teh sex.

  30. shortstuff

    the scruff! THE SCRUFF!!!

    oh god. *dies*

  31. Thanks PBLUV for posting your supernatural experience… I hope you have more luck next time!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ OMG he came out after months…thanks God!! And he’s so tanned and gorgeous! I like him in white shirt&jeans&converse!

  32. Charlie Brown

    Thanks so much PBLUV! He looks really good. Ok, now i have that Pharell song in my head ” Beautiful”…… The shoes with the jeans and the shirt is so cute!

  33. evelyn


    She is right, God!! You’re not funny at all!!!

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  35. Anty

    @WFW: Okay, so now I still don’t know if the poor boy is finally getting laid (with Pam’s help – who is Pam?).

    But in case he isn’t: Went, you can titty fuck me anytime!

  36. cat'smeow

    I hear ya, Sarocks!!! You got that right, sista!!! God is playing a cruel joke on us. He created the perfect man, and none of us can have him!!! God got us back for Eve biting that friggin apple!!! LOL

  37. Seza

    haha how funny, can you imagine us when he marries? 1/4 will just die, 1/4 will cry for the rest of there lives because it wasn’t them he picked and 1/2 will be bitching it wasn’t them and the voodoo doll will be out!! That poor women will be scrutinized for the rest of her life, and possibly hated…..

    Yep I’m pretty sure I up for that job!

  38. JJay

    OMG…. this man is f***ing gorgeous…
    Iยดm afraid I will never be able to fall in love with someone else…. *dies*

  39. GBOY

    Great pictures!
    And honey to my ears to listen to his unmistakable gay tone of voice:”It may be!” in the E interview…
    Love, Wenty, you DO play for our team, I knew it all along, but I also understand your appeal to women.
    You’re great!

  40. Is the woman on his left the elusive Auntie P?

    It’s great to see Went mingling with fans and giving interviews, albeit short, sweet, and non-enlightening ones. Frankly, I’m amazed that Dom looked like he was having more fun than Went. Am I living in a parallel universe, or what?

    *still feeling stinky*

    Thanks for the vid, Ring.

  41. RB

    The woman on his right is his Fox handler. On his left is his publicist, Jennifer Allen.

  42. Dani

    Under that sweet, cutesy smile is a SEX FIEND.

    Dont let him fool you!


  43. PBLUV

    Looking at the video, I missed a few details but wow, it took me right back there! (Swoon!!!)
    He did kiss both, in the back of my drenched brain, I was thinking, Well that was a bit rude, not to kiss both and also me standing over there rocking back and forth, blind with lust. Forget the fans all around, just me and the other two. I am not selfish.
    Squee!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. that woman is most likely his mom.
    a publicist would never get in a photo with their client.

  45. gwen6

    He really takes the time for his fans…


  46. RB

    Just Curious, Can I respectfully disagree? Heh. I’m 100% sure that lady being Jennifer Allen. She’s not just a publicist. She’s a bigwig at PMK-HBH. I’ve seen her being photographed with some of her clients in the past. One of which is Matt Damon.

  47. Here’s a general question: why does he need the two women behind him steering him around …really what is so complicated about showing up at that Fox promo event, getting one’s pic taken, signing autographs and going inside a well secured event?

  48. Mink

    Just Curious, one of them (Pam) is his Fox person, and the other (Jennifer) is his personal publicist.

    All stars have people like this who look after them, and to do so is their job. His time is limited and his job is acting (for which he needs to be prepared). It’s their job to know what’s what and where he should be, and what his obligations are re. photos, meet ‘n’ greet etc at things like this.

    Honestly, what’s your problem? All your comments lately seem to be digs.

  49. PBLUV

    Don’t know Just curious, does it bother you ? I don’t imagine its easy to get out of the way of a camera you can’t see, one of many that were present. I work at a hotel and see actors with several people around them at all times just checking in.
    Perhaps steering is the wrong word, certainly when I say they watched him, I don’t feel like as protecting or steering him just sorta chatting and looking to see who came over to interview him. That is probably their jobs or at least his publicist’s .

  50. Why did my question offend you? It was a general question..listen I know you worship WM but if you can’t just answer a question without taking it so personal examine what’s going on upstairs in your head ok. Where was the harm in my question..and don’t invent something to justify being defensive…

  51. if this is a You Must Be Approved Before Asking a Question site…say so…I didn’t know. So chill and stop with the ‘tude. Or don’t answer my question.

  52. Might I add that handlers and PR people are also there to make sure reporters and yes, even “fans,” don’t get out of hand with inappropriate questions and/or comments. Considering all of the press Went has been receiving about his private life, I am not at all surprised to see how tightly Pam and Jennifer flanked him. They must be a source of comfort for him in the windstorm of controversy.

    Of course, any one of Went’s true fans would be happy to do the same for FREE and FOREVER. Just think, Went, you wouldn’t even have to worry about a retainer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  53. Thank you for being gracious…here’s a follow-up…why not use male handlers (body guards) to protect him, for that reason. It seems rather risky to put women who physically may not be fit to ward off those unruly fans.

  54. WFW

    Maybe he prefers being surrounded by people who have his best interest at heart and who he can trust.

    I’ve met Pam; She’ll kick your ass.

    There is a difference between asking a question and just being generally negative where Went is concerned. Sometimes tone is misread on the internet but it seems that you pick him apart at every opportunity. I think that’s what mink meant, she just phrased it differently. We do love him here and welcome different points of view but it’s not cool to just belittle him all day long.

    Just sayin

    I also meant to say that Pam is with him often. She was in Cannes, in Australia, etc. You probably just don’t see the shots with her in them usually but she is always there: The gatekeeper.

  55. PBLUV

    Just Curious, I was just asking you a question, if you were referring to me and pointing out how I saw it. No Offense gotten or given. The demeanor between Went and his *handlers* for lack of a better word was friendly and so not like the big, bad, bodyguard thing. I can’t imagine he would feel comfortable with that physical display. Why would they need to be male? I think behind that beauty, Wentworth can handle himself. I recall he put the ladies in front of him, like a gentleman does, I doubt he sees them as bodyguards.
    I am actually interested in what you think about him and why, this site is good for that type of interaction imho.

  56. thanks pbluv…I thought that’s how this site was too…a chill but comment within boundaries (meaning not cussin’ or fightin’)..I pop in occassionally but see that the tone changed from when I first visited here, months ago. I didn’t realize peeps here get easily offended. my bad.

  57. AJ

    JC (Just Curious), every celebrity needs/should have a publicist (to ward off the rumor mill and whatnot). That’s a given. But, I think the reason that Went has Pam as a “handler” doesn’t really have all that much to do with security, at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% positive that she could and WOULD beat my ass, were I to even think about accosting the Pretty. But it’s my understanding that she travels with him mainly to make sure he gets where he needs to be, when he needs to be there. If he has an interview scheduled in 5 minutes, and there are 50 fans outside wanting his autograph, Pam is the one who has to step in and say, “Hey, he’s got somewhere he needs to be right now. If he has time, he’ll stop back by on his way out.” That way Wentworth doesn’t have to look like an asshole for not stopping to “meet ‘n greet” his fans. We’ve seen instances before where he’ll stop and try to sign every autograph, even though he doesn’t have the time. And at those times, we’ve seen Pam step in to “move things along” (as she should).
    I don’t think Wentworth is at a stage in his career right now where he needs protection from his fans or anyone else, for that matter. So it would look fairly ridiculous to me for him to be walking around right now with an actual bodyguard. Although, I’m sure Pam could handle the job, I tend to view her as more of a Personal Assistant with “major ass-kicking qualifications if needed.” Hope that answered your original question. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  58. Katie

    Gosh, now I’m afraid to ask a question! But I’m curious too – what is his publicist’s role in appearing there, in person, with him?

  59. Katie, here’s what publicists do:


    As I mentioned above, given the maelstrom of controversy, I’m not at all surprised that Went’s PR representation was in attendance.

  60. Katie

    Very interesting! Thank you. So a publicist is basically a spin doctor. Why did she need to be there in person though, especially since the other lady is already there? Is it common for a publicist to go to events with their clients?

  61. It’s not only normal, Katie, it’s expected. PR firms are on retainers and are expected, if not required, to provide representation for their clients at specified events. Pam is with Fox, so while she’s handling Went on behalf of that network, his publicist is handling him for the press in general. But I agree with many people here who are saying that Pam is with Went for moral support as well. The two are clearly close.

  62. AJ

    Katie I’m not particularly sure that it’s common for publicists to actually show up with their clients at events like this or not. However, as MB said, considering the aftermath of the latest “shit storm” that was Perez Hilton, it makes sense that she was there. Since this was his first public appearance in quite a while, she was probably just there to ensure that the proper questions (show related stuff only) were being asked. I doubt she goes to all or even most of his interviews. *shrug*

  63. Katie

    That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the explanations!

  64. ilurvemv

    Since we’re in Q&A mode, I’ve always wondered how long Pam has been his assistant and how she got that job, if anyone knows the answer to that question. I’ve been a Went fan since PB began but didn’t even know about her until I found this site.

    Speaking of which, WFW, maybe it would be a good idea to make an FAQ section for this site where you answer the most common questions asked about Went so that new Went fans and/or new visitors to this blog don’t keep asking the same questions or spreading wild speculation. Questions like who so-and-so is, that kind of thing. It could help curb the lamer rumors?

  65. Mink

    Just FYI, Pam isn’t Went’s assistant. She works for Fox. She is a Fox person who assists him with appearances when he is promoting “PB”. I’m therefore assuming she’s been working with him since he started on “PB”.

  66. ilurvemv

    Thanks for the clarification, Mink.

  67. MrsWM

    I agree with Went not needing the services of hunking slabs of muscle to keep him safe from ‘over-excited’ fans – after all didn’t he do karate or judo at school, and then there were the months of boxing training for ‘Stain’… I think he could handle himself……pause*sigh*wish he would handle me

    Just a thought – how many women does it take to iron Went’s shirts?
    A- obviously more than 2!!!

  68. MrsWM

    Quick idea – can we not set up a fund to finance OLP some new shoes? If I have to see him in Brown Sugar again … sounds of heart breaking and falling to floor
    (Sorry I have been reminiscing thru past images)

  69. PBLUV

    I have to catch up, I got in trouble today surfing the net, trolling for Went stuff!

    I think we should just let him go barefoot, he has to have pretty feet right?

    Ok off to collect all the pics I missed and see all the interviews too!

  70. Martelka

    Thank You PBLUV! Lucky You!!!!. I live in Poland and don’t have such possibility to see Went.
    I have got 3 signed pics from him 2 weeks ago and I am so happy about it.
    But that what You have experienced can’t be compared with anything else.
    I think You will never forget this day. Thanks to You I felt like I would be there too. Iโ€™m almost 30 but if I would meet him I would be so shell-shocked that I would behave like 6 years old.
    This guy is perfect, just perfect!!!!

  71. Laura

    You are sooo lucky, PBLUV!


    Where are you ppl? I’m so bored, i long for some activity on this blog. WFW, pleeaaaase post something (on my knees begging you)!


    PS. Went’s eyes are so beautiful in the picture, the should make jewelry with the same kind of green. I love the colour of his lips. L’OREAL must should create lipstick that’s the same shade of red… because “I’m wentWORTH it”. LOL

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