The Prison Break tattoo is dead

Went said so. We shall mourn thee.

*face twitching, body shaking, whimpering, falling to the ground and weeping uncontrollably*

Thanks herekitty!

UPDATE: More about Season 3

Thanks erinmarie79!


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24 responses to “The Prison Break tattoo is dead

  1. God, I love how he says “pivotal”…*swoon*

  2. Bel

    He said fans could expect quite the roller coaster ride about Mike and Sara.. And he DID NOT SAY the tattoo was dead. He said the tattoo he had would be irrelevant to Mike’s current prison situation. To me that spells out: We will only see the tattoo when. Mike. is. having. sex. with. Sara. Soooooo, even though I’m not rooting for Mike and Sara (too little chemistry if you ask me), I am rooting for them to get it on. Cause I want the tat!

    Chant with me: We want the tat! We want the tat! We want the tat!

  3. BB

    The only thing I am rooting for is that Went will have his top off for most of the show…..

    What the hell, lets have it on later and see naked Went…

  4. Here, here, BB! If PB’s “powers that be” keep Went in a long-sleeved wool sweater in hot, sticky Sona just to avoid the trouble of putting the tat on in each episode, I will scream (and not in a good way).

  5. Gah! Seeing him is lovely..hearing him speak is completely orgasmic. 🙂
    I am cheering with you Bel..”We want the tat” “We want the tat”. They have to show it sometimes …don’t they? I hope the roller coaster ride is better than S2.

  6. P.S. I love all these new posts WFW! Thank You!!!!

  7. evelyn

    I have to agree with you MB, about the way he pronounces “pivotal” and certain other words, like “compelling” for example…. When he speaks, it’s like music in my ears… Such soothing voice… *big sigh*

    *chanting along with Bel and sprinkles*
    ”We want the tat” “We want the tat” ”We want the tat”.

    *chanting in a whispering voice*
    “I want MiSa sex” “I want MiSa sex” “I want MiSa sex”

  8. If the tattoo is dead, mourning is in order.
    Am I the only one thinking the tattoo itself should get a spin-off? Just imagine: the best paid torso in history of television getting in all kind of adventures, many of which with ladies, gentlemen too, if you will… Why stop at the TV-show? It should get a channel!

  9. BB



  10. inlovewithwent

    “We want the tat” “We want the tat” “We soooooo want Went naked”…. sorry I´m confused a little bit I meant “We want the tat” 🙂

  11. Pink Boxers

    Only Went could make an exciting show sound like a presentation at a Bankers meeting. Is he the star or the Producer’s proxy? I think he should get a job reporting on the Stock Market. It’s up, it’s down, it’s the Stock Market, yo.

    Maybe Lindsay Lohan can get a job playing the Witch Doctor …

  12. AJ

    *chanting* I want MiMa sex! I want MiMa sex!

    What??…Is that wrong? Don’t look at me like that. I’d watch Scofield hump his mattress so long as we get nudity! Hmph….the tattoo is irrelevant…

    Relevance, schmelevance! Get your ass in that make-up chair, Went.

    Do it for the cheese! Do it for the cheese!

  13. MiSa

    poor lad, just trying to avoid the chair….uh hum…make up chair that is…………….
    *we want the tat, we want the tat…(mutters in a slightly embarressed, feeling slightly dirty for wanting so but * MISA SEX MISA SEX*….ooo receiveing odd looks……….UH HUM…we want tat……) WE WANT NAKED WENT EITHER WAY*

  14. PBLUV

    I long for the days of 1st season, who knew we would see him naked so very little in the future.
    He is so thin now, like a long sip of wine.
    Our Went, we love you, now take off your clothes!!!

  15. shortstuff

    god that voice.. *fans self*

    and bel, i like how you think… MiSa sex! MiSa Sex!

  16. Seza

    I just love how he says my name, it rolls nicely of his tongue. He says it so sexy like, *dreamly* say my name went…. say it you sexy thing you…


  17. BB


    We want tat…..We want MISA…… We want naked Went….

    Heck I dont care if he is clad in BP I just want to see Wentworth, straight/slash or bi

    We want Went…. We want Went….We want Went..

  18. PBLUV

    got a question, don’t have anyplace else to post it. I applied for the church like 3 weeks ago and have still a pending approval there, Mink can you help a convert out? Am I doing something wrong? Name there is SammyK

  19. Mink

    Okay, PBLUV, you are sorted.

    Anyone else wishing to kick my ass re. outstanding registrations, please email me at 🙂

  20. [Late attendance … again! Hope WFW doesn’t notice]

    *picks up a placard and starts chanting with Bel*

    “We want the tat! We want the tat!”

    AJ 2.33 I’m looking at you like I wanna marry you! MiMa?!? Bwahahahahahahahaha-haaaaaa!!!

  21. Wills

    There are several new pictures for BPjeans on FCoWM.
    Not to be missed!

  22. Juma

    Does this means that we are not seeing Went naked!? boooohooooo!
    Oh well, maybe we get to see him with out his pants and shirt on…
    *joining the choir* “we want the tat” “we want the tat”

  23. notthedoctor

    FUCK THE TAT! I want Went’s Naked Torso! PRONTO!


    You hear that Paul Scheuring?

    Make it Mahone Conjugals too and you’re off the hook… more exactly the Rock!

  24. Docleader

    1,2,3,4 we want Wentworth naked more!
    5,6,7,8,Wentworth naked’s really great!


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