Wentworth Miller explains why he is a hermit

OK FINE! Went you have a point. *muttering* I still care what you’re up to…*slinking off*


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48 responses to “Wentworth Miller explains why he is a hermit

  1. BB

    Damn, part of me wants to see Went coming out of a night club, half naked and drunk……

    The other part admires his hermitness….

    **shakes fist** Damn you Wentworth, I totally understand your point…… does that mean i’m now a fuly fledged grown up?

  2. AJ

    Pffft. Show your ass, Wentworth! No, really… can we see it? Please? Just this once….

  3. Rebekah

    That is very true…….we all know for a FACT we will watch PB or any other programme he does because that’s the only chance we’ll get to see him!

  4. Mink

    “Damn, part of me wants to see Went coming out of a night club, half naked and drunk……”

    Actually I’d be totally up for this at this point. Boy needs to mix it up a little. 😉

  5. inlovewithwent

    Can I marry that man, please???????

  6. Well, he’s not doing any movies right now, so what is he worried about? *feeling stinkyesque*

  7. Bluetoothfairy

    This is all great, he’s right and whatnot, but maybe an occasional non-scripted interview or similar wouldn’t hurt his credibility as an actor?
    He doesn’t have to go wild.
    Also, maybe this is the reason that some people think he is Michael Scofield, as he himself pointed out?

  8. I don’t expect to see him everyday but how about once a month over hiatus? Just a Starbucks glimpse….anything….. except dates with Skull-Scarf wearing women! 😉

  9. Pink Boxers

    Once again Hedge Fund Manager Wentworth E. Miller III explains his strategy. Is that a laser pointer in your pocket or did you just get your check from Bean Pole Jeans?

  10. ilurvemv

    Mama Bear, is there room in the stinkyesque tent to join you? I’ll bring M&Ms.

    ITA with bluetoothfairy. No one is asking him to be like Eva Longfamewhoria. His fear is valid, but it’s completely irrational when it comes to him. How is doing an interview or a movie or a talk show appearance in the hiatus the same as going into clubs and bars and dating crazy Hollywood chippies?

  11. MiSa

    LOL…blesss……luvin the half naked drunken went idea, shud i feel guilty for thoughts of taking advantage of his intoxicated state 😛

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  13. Dani

    Awesome answer Went!

    The man has a brain made of GOLD.

    Better that he’s dormant than a laughing stock.

  14. PBLUV

    Silly question in my humble opinion!
    The difference is Went is a 35 year old man!!! Stop thinking he is gonna behave like 10 years younger and way foolish Paris and Lindsay, forgetaboutit, she is a outta control child! Not even the same species.

  15. Yeah…he does have a point about actors whose personal lives are more interesting than their movies. But, um, if he wants us to stop speculating about his private life it would be LOVELY to see him in a frickin’ movie (since I gather it “might” be too much to expect to see him in my bed…*sigh*).

    And WFW…I’ve missed you too. 😉

  16. shortstuff

    bah! guess i wont be seeing went coming out of a limo without his panties any time soon.. damn!

  17. Darci

    MB at 8.58 a.m., I totally agree. He really can’t expect people to ‘watch his movies’ in which he does NOT appear!

    Went, we love you, and yes you are intelligent, beautiful, sexy, hot, cool, down to earth so goes the endless list….but do not talk nonsence!

    You need to show your ass often where and whenever possible.

  18. Juma

    Wise words Wentworth. But showing up once in a while would make us fans happier.
    So, don’t hide us your pretty face and your pretty ass!

  19. Bel

    So Went knows all about teasing… Wonder what other tricks he has up his sleeve 😉

  20. Linds

    Why does he always have to be so damn…..logical?? Go nuts, Went!! Just this once – wear the lampshade, honey. We won’t tell.

  21. BB

    **Going to Starbucks Larchmont, to find Went and spike his frapamochachino**

    Hey I will try anything to get bit of Went trash!


  22. *pouts* i wanna go marry him…

  23. Anon

    Sorry ladies but it looks like the pretty is finally taken a source said that on Sunday (day before TCA) he met with this unidentified woman for dinner where patrons said they were seen kissing and looking very much like a couple. Then on the Monday as soon as he was finished he rushed to meet with her before heading off to the aeroport. She’s also very discreet said to be described as 5’7, mulatto just like Went except a little darker with green eyes. I don’t know how true this is but my sources tend to be on it. Take this lightly but when pics start popping up remember i told ya so.

  24. lj

    Er. Anon 7.08.

    So your source saw him having dinner with this woman? And then he rushed off to meet her the next day? How does your source know that he met the same woman two days in a row? Is he/she following Went? Not that I don’t believe everything you say of course (LOL)!!

  25. AJ

    Is it wrong that I want that rumor to be true, based solely on the notion that she sounds hot?

    Come on! Think of the children!

  26. ilurvemv

    Anon 7:08, I don’t know whether you’re telling the truth about this or not. No offense meant, it’s easy for anyone to come and post anything here with no way of knowing whether it’s true or someone’s making up lies to fulfill some agenda. You’re welcome to elaborate on your sources or details. But maybe you could not use the “m” word again. Went has stated in an interview that he finds that term really offensive, and having just looked it up and seen where it comes from, I don’t blame him.

    Sorry if I’m out of line here. I know this isn’t my blog and I shouldn’t be telling people what to do, but I just looked up that term and I’m really disgusted.

  27. Mink

    Whilst I rather hope this is true – ‘cos God knows this boy needs and deserves some hot lovin’ – I tend to think that hell will freeze over before WM is seen kissing in public.

    The only time I could ever imagine this happening is if he was crazy in love, and I hate to say it, but the man I saw at the TCA’s last Monday did not look like a boy in love.

    Anyway, let’s hope I’m wrong and this is a rumour that has some legs.

  28. If Went’s in love, I hope he doesn’t get Cruisazy about it. Just saying.

  29. AJ

    *Imagining Wentworth Miller jumping on couches and pounding his fist on the ground repeatedly, and concluding with a “victory pose”*


    But seriously, I will be ecstatic if he’s getting ass on a regular basis. It would be about damn time.

  30. True dat, AJ!

    Is it wrong for me to imagine a “crazy in love” Went crawling like a sexy tiger across concrete or playing peek-a-boo with a long fur coat against the backdrop of a dramatic car explosion ala Beyonce’s video?
    Greeeeeeeeeeeeeat, now I have that damn song in my head. Shit.

  31. ilurvemv

    If Went’s in love, I hope he doesn’t get Cruisazy about it. Just saying.>>

    LOL, Mama Bear. That scenario is so out there, I can’t even *imagine* it! (Is your cub still holding your photo hostage?) 😛

    Mink, I too find it odd that Went would openly be kissing anyone in public. But he is human and he can’t ignore his love life forever only for the sake of avoiding attention from fans. *shrug* Maybe he just got caught in the moment. Or maybe the story is crap and his camp is trying to deflect the Pisshead Hilton garbage. Who knows.

    I will say that I don’t believe his “woe is me, I don’t have time for a gf” stories to be as true as he wants us to think.

  32. Martelka

    What a wise guy. I thought there are no more such guys on this planet.
    I am curious if it’s true what Anon wrote.
    I wish Went luck but on the other hand I’m jelaous. Wrrrrr… I would like to be this girl if there is any;)))

  33. Anon

    Ladies !! read your comments and understand the doubts it’s not up to you to believe me but as I said in due time you’ll see the photos i’m not gonna go into details in regards to my source and Mr. Miller’s private life but I certainly hope this works out cause let’s face it we all just want to see him happy. And sorry for using the “M” term by no means was I trying or intend to be disrespectful towards her or anyone of that factor…All we can do at this point is WAIT (Every rumor tend to have a bit of truth in them : )

  34. Gen

    If every rumor tends to have a bit of truth in them there is something strange because he should be engaged with a blond girl with scarf, with a male actor and with a woman with green eyes… maybe not all the rumors have a bit of truth in them!

  35. OK,ladies,we know how important is the job we working.We go every day to make money for the rent,its important to us to know that we have something in our pocket,right.Other important thing is that we need to grow in that job,we want to became boss’s right hand or even replace him when he/she is too old to lead…We may talk about parties,men,lusting..but we always keep something for ourself,just for us.Went is not that type of men that will tell about his sex expiriance or how many girls he is been sleeping with,we all know that he may have every woman he wants.He is focused on his work,work that he adores,he gives everything to be good on what he is doing,and some wild nights in bars,drinking and having one night stands is not his prioritet.I am sure ,as we all can see, how funny Went can be,all over the intervews he gave he is always so smiled and funny and everybody lough.He loves to be actor,his work makes me accepting cinema or television like ART.And one day when he meet The real one,he will not hide it.All he wants is pure realationship.And if he keeps his private life,well thats why its called private right,or maybe he wants to protect his partner.Anyway,i hope one day he will meet his love.And Lord,let it be ME!;)

  36. ilurvemv said:

    “(Is your cub still holding your photo hostage?) :P”

    Nope, she isn’t, thank goodness. I was able to carefully pry The Pretty’s pic from her sleeping hand when she was napping.

    I do have to stop looking at Went pics when the cubs are around because my boy cub used his Crayola markers to give my girl cub a PBesque body tattoo…complete with sleeves. I wish I was lying.

  37. ilurvemv

    I was able to carefully pry The Pretty’s pic from her sleeping hand when she was napping.>>

    I don’t know what I find funnier: that she sleeps with the photo in her hand, or you had to resort to a Sydney Bristow-ish mission to get it back! 🙂

    my boy cub used his Crayola markers to give my girl cub a PBesque body tattoo…complete with sleeves.>>

    Your family sounds hilarious!

  38. AJ

    Am I the only one who finds it amusing that every rumor starts with some variation of the phrase: “Sorry ladies, but…”
    As if the outcome of said rumor will destroy lives or something. I dunno. Just makes me giggle…and snort.

    MB, oh to be a fly on the wall at your house. LMAO! Your cubs sound like loads of fun. 🙂

  39. sueli

    I was gonna ask “which half to be naked” and then realized it was in comparison to Hilton, et al. And then I remembered PerezH can be included in that as well. Sort of ruined it for me.

    “If every rumor tends to have a bit of truth in them there is something strange because he should be engaged with a blond girl with scarf, with a male actor and with a woman with green eyes… maybe not all the rumors have a bit of truth in them!”

    Why can’t it be all three?
    [Mary Cherry]Shut your dirty whore mouth, Player, Player![/MC]

    He gave us license to fantasize, right? I plan on taking full advantage wherever and whenever possible.

  40. Gen

    Sueli, obviously everyone has license to fantazise and I suggest to add other people than these to have a full and complete fantasy!!!

    I was just commenting the statement “every rumor has a bit of truth”.

  41. sueli

    I’m all for that, Gen, and would say, “Hey, pile them on!” but people might think I was serious. 😉
    The question of fantasizing was rhetorical, but now I’m trying to think up 20 questions to bombard
    Anon with, all in good fun, mind you.

  42. sueli

    Darn my coding! Sorry about that, all…

  43. Gen

    I thought that also my answer was not too serious but maybe the fact that english is not my first language didn’t help it… sigh… i have to improve it…

  44. Anonymous

    where’s WFW?

  45. WFW

    *raising hand* Right here.

  46. Anonymous

    god……where have you been? Are you all right?

  47. shortstuff

    *squinting* went? is that you???

  48. Catherine

    For him I can leave my house, my life…! I love him!!!

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