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Wentworth Miller is a Diva

What up? I’m Wentworth Miller and you’re…not, so get out of my face. Yeah I said it!

I really wish people would stop telling me that “extras are people too,” like I give a shit. I don’t frolic with extras! They are my bitches. That’s right, get my Frappy and make it snappy!

What are you looking at light boy? You shine the lights; Get bent.

I don’t like how you are looking at me either; YES YOU! I can’t work like this…

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Wentworth Miller talks about Season 3 of Prison Break

How long has it been since we heard him talk for THIS LONG?!! Enjoy!

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Ellen, Wentworth, Somebody!

In two weeks time, on the 11 month anniversary of this very blog, Went is going to be on The Ellen Degeneres Show once again and that’s great and all but…There aren’t any tickets left. *cue awwwwwws* I know what you’re thinking, WFW, WTF? I thought you said you were done with trying to meet him! He didn’t show up! TWICE! He broke your heart…Yeah well I’m over it and apparently, on the hunt again, Who knew? Obviously, I want on that show. Do I think I’m going to get there? Probably not but dammit, no one will say I didn’t try. Now here’s what you can do, if you love me, to help me out: Use this form to “suggest” that Ellen have me at the show taping on 9/13/07 (If you are not in the US, put a zero in the city field, a zero in the zip code field, pick Maryland for the state and put all zeroes for the phone number (000)000-0000). If the first form doesn’t work, try this one, try leaving a comment on this post or ***email your letter!*** WARNING: any real info (like your real name) that you put in a comment on the “A message from Ellen: Want to be on my show?” blog post will be displayed on Ellen’s website. Tell her why you love Went, tell her why you like this blog, tell her why I should get to go to the show, tell her you hate my fucking guts and wish I would die. Tell her something and maybe the producers will notice and get me there. It’s a long shot I know, but I’ve done a little bit of something on my own: I sent in a video. Ahahhahahahaha, you didn’t really think I’d post a video of myself on the blog did you? That’s just the audio; I’m ANONYMOUS (although I’d risk being outed for Went)! So go forth and send in your forms, every day, several times a day, hell send the shit in…not-English for all I care just help me try and get to that show!

Oh and Went, if you have any pull at all with this, get off your ass and do something; You know you want me…

Thank you all for your cooperation. You may now return to your regularly scheduled wetness.

P.S. I sent a video to Oprah too, lol.

***If you sent a letter, click here to add your name and country to the list!***

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