Bored Haiku

[Bongo playing in the background and the air is thick with smoke as WFW walks out]

Wentworth is filming
I’ve got no material
All has gone quiet

[tasteful fade to black]


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89 responses to “Bored Haiku

  1. I was just thinking no new posts…..
    no sign of Went anywhere to be found…
    I don’t know how we are going to make until PB3! They better start sending out some behind the scenes footage pronto!
    I did enjoy the new BP photos with the nuthuggers that’s always good for a laugh! 🙂
    *missing the days of wentmas, wentstrailia, wentkorea……even…. *barfing in my mouth a little bit* scarfalotta! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  2. Hotforwent

    missin went as much as you guys…n this whole gay thing is pissing me off. But i love him and i miss him and i i need some pics of him like now …oh my godness ,


    I don’t know if any of you already knew this but I just found out today, Wentworth Miller ll has a project that help law student during their exams ( ). Browsing through that site made me realise that Went’s father must have expected nothing less then A+ on his children’s school reports.

  4. AJ

    *snaps* That was deep, WFW…so deep that I could just drown in my Wentless misery.

    Where’s my snorkle?

  5. genpop40

    I don’t have any poetry of my own…but this video is poetry in itself.

    He’s so sweet.

  6. ilurvemv

    Nice haiku, WFW.

    It’s so weird that we’re not getting any pics of season 3 filming. Did season 2 turn off the Dallas fans so much that they’re not caring to visit the set anymore?

    I’m thinking of starting an emailing campaign to get Went on talk shows. I have no faith in Fox to do any promotion for season 3.

  7. *ahem – clears throat*

    I would like to add my own foray into poetry…

    There once was a man from the east,
    He came out west for nicbeast,
    She then grabbed his peen, how lovely it’s been,
    They have sex thrice a day at least!

    *Takes Deep Bow*

    Thank you, thank you.


    Come here for accompanying pictures *snicker*:

  8. shelley

    Uh oh, I don’t have a very good feeling about this…Are we all getting a tad bit bored? I know I am…

  9. Seza

    hmmm…JJ’s got some new pic’s you can check out will that curve your enthusiasm?
    oh there is a really hot one of him…in a baseball cap and red top…..i like i like grrrrr

  10. Seza

    psssst…..did you hear wents got a 2008 calender out??


  11. Darci

    Why don’t you show up like Dom and Amoury do
    Why do you treat me like a worn out shoe
    My hair is still curly and my eyes are still blue
    Why don’t you show up as you are supposed to do

  12. chicabell

    WFW – At least you can harken back to that glorious day you received The You Rock photo!! Maybe that can get you through another few weeks. I’m not jealous…!

    *back of hand on forehead…slipping into dispair…*

  13. WFW

    Thanks Seza, but those Bean Pole pics are already on the blog. I updated the post with the snapshot of the website. I update a lot actually instead of creating a new post so you have to re-check old posts if they have the same subject.

    Chicabell, I just kissed that picture goodnight last night b/c that’s what you do…When you rock. *grinning*

  14. Martelka

    I’ve checked the link which SAROCKS mentioned.
    Wow! His father is a really wise guy. He has got a Rhodes Scholarship so he was one of the best students when not the best. Wents mother is also a great teacher so Went has got really “nice” genes.
    I haven’t seen his parents pics and I wonder who of them he resembles;)))

  15. AJ

    Well, since it’s seems as though we’re having a poetry reading….

    I like to call this one “Patience Wearing Thin”:

    Wentworth doesn’t show
    Even when he shows
    J-squared is love

    Thank you, and please don’t kill me. Good day.

  16. WFW

    *cracking the whip*

    No J-squared on the blog!


    You wait til Krissie sees this!

    Went will come and see us someday soon, won’t you Went? *pleading*

    One day my Prince will come…

  17. Ana

    Hi, I’m spanish and I just read in a blog that Wentworth Miller is dating with a woman from Chile named Carolina Guzman and there are photos in People. Is that true?

  18. Juma

    *Thinking of Went*
    *Singing along with Billie Holiday*
    “Someday he’ll come along
    The man I love
    And he’ll be big and strong
    The man I love
    And when he comes my way
    I’ll do my best to make him stay
    He’ll look at me and smile
    I’ll understand
    Then in a little while
    He’ll take my hand
    And though it seems absurd
    I know we both won’t say a word
    Maybe I shall meet him Sunday
    Maybe Monday, maybe not
    Still I’m sure to meet him one day
    Maybe Tuesday will be my good news day
    He’ll build a little home
    That’s meant for two
    From which I’ll never roam
    Who would, would you
    And so all else above
    I’m dreaming of the man I love”…

  19. AJ

    *bending over*

    Crack that whip, baby! Harder! Harder!

    Alright, alright. I got it. No demi-gods on the blog. How about this one:

    “By a Thread”

    Roses are red,
    My soul is blue,
    Wentworth, my love…

    *sobs and runs away*

  20. BB

    ok i’ll give it a go…..

    We all love this guy called Went,
    Some say that he is bent,
    bent or not, we still think he’s hot
    so come on Went, show us all what you got……

    Crap I know, but I got nothing else……

    **claps WFW for making something out of absolutely nothing**

  21. AJ*shaking fist and yelling obscenities *

  22. Linds

    *snapping fingers like a beatnik while trying not to burn myself with cigarette ash* That was beautiful, man.

  23. ilurvemv

    Woohoo, poetry reading! I hate poetry, but I’ll give it a go:

    Went, my dear, I still have faith in you
    It seems like I’m one of the few who do
    J-squared ain’t nothin’ on you*
    Please show yourself, I’m getting blue!

    We wait and we wait and we wait
    Again and again and again and again
    Do you really want me to find another fake date
    Like that hot Brit guy playing Prince Caspian?

    I still love Prison Break, you know
    Thank goodness C-Note is gone for good
    And even though SWC is an on-set no show
    I want Misa sex, as we all should

    So please, please come out and play
    I’ll drop my blasphemic thoughts right quick
    Seeing you would so make my day
    Nicbeast will write you another saucy limerick!

    (Yes, it’s lame but I can’t write dirty poetry.)

    *Sorry, AJ!

  24. AJ

    Hm…. tough room. LOL.

    *Snaps* to all the poets in the room. You’re all “rock” worthy in my book. 😉

    *looking at Wentworth* You see what you’re missing out on? POETRY!!! You were an English major, you should LOVE.US.

  25. Yeah, Went. LOVE US.
    Hell, I’ll even paraphrase stoopid Meredith from G’sA: PICK US, CHOOSE US, LOVE US.

  26. Mink

    LMAO at all the ‘poetry’. Brava, ladies! 😀

    And thanks for nixing the ‘J-squared’ talk, WFW. I have quite enough of that to contend with from DBN.

    Ana, if you’re going to post a comment like that, please can you link the blog you are referring to as your source. Otherwise we have no way of knowing if you’re not just making it up totally.

    And apparently, no, there are no such pictures in “People” mag, not tomorrow’s issue anyway.

  27. Bel

    *stands on chair, unfolds a piece of paper, and coughs*

    One day I saw Prison Break
    and though Michael is fake
    I was more than awe struck
    and thought I wanna fuck
    this delectable man
    as often as I can.
    But he is a no show
    and now apart we grow
    further and further from each other.
    Sometimes I don’t even bother
    with hiding my other men lust,
    yet stop this I must.
    Please Went come back to me
    I’ll make it good, you’ll see.
    I’ll kiss you and lick you and give it to you good.
    No, don’t leave my intentions misunderstood;
    I will do whatever you please,
    Went, baby, I’m on my knees.

    *blushes, bows, and makes a run for the backdoor*

  28. Pink Boxers

    The Standard:
    As Billie once groaned
    “The things that I long for are few”
    The glorious, the unatainable
    And that means you.

  29. notthedoctor


    We have poetesses in the croud, you’re all great!
    Especially the dirty AJ. *wink wink*

    Even with no show Went fans are inspired to do the most noble art on Earth : write poetry.
    Fans like us don’t fall from the sky everyday… or it it would be a bloody mess!

    My turn, I called it:
    “Ode To The Peen”

    OH Went Peen!
    You are the target of my zooming
    when I watch Wentworth’s spreading.
    Are you Pink? Are you Mocha?
    I don’t care, I wanna suck ya!
    Just set The Peen free
    and make the Queen giddy.


  30. Darci


    “Are you Pink? Are you Mocha?
    I don’t care, I wanna suck ya!”


  31. Darci

    My mind’s numb. Can’t think of anything original so…

    Went don’t preach, I’m in trouble deep
    Went don’t preach, I’ve been losing sleep
    But I have made up my mind, I am keeping my panties oh
    I’m gonna keep my panties, mmm…

  32. SavMed

    So much poetry, so much to learn, so little time.

  33. But I have made up my mind, I am keeping my panties oh
    I’m gonna keep my panties, mmm…

    Uhm, Darci… WHY??! ¤_¤

  34. AJ

    I love you, doc. I love you so much.

  35. Ana

    To Mink

    I’m sorry. It was a comment in
    of a girl named Christina what lives in Los Angeles and she saw pictures of Wentworth and that girl in People magazine.
    I don’t live in US. I’m looking for pictures in and I can’t find them. It was a S.O.S.

  36. <not a poet – pressure is on
    *clearing my throat* *walking up to mic* *reading off of paper*
    Once I saw a man named Went
    *gasp* I hit my head
    Thought I was dead
    I survived, although it made a dent
    I regained my composure
    and with full disclosure
    because Went is so pretty
    I wet myself a little bit 🙂

  37. notthedoctor

    Love you too AJ, love you too!

  38. Mink

    Ana, thanks for that.

    I see that comment by that girl on that blog, and yours in response (LOL). I know some people in the U.S. who’ve checked “People” mag, and there are apparently no such pictures in the magazine or on the website . I have no idea why anyone would make that up either.

  39. Linds

    People make shit up when they’re BORED and MISSING THEIR FAVORITE CELEBRITY.

    *clears throat*

    Not that I would know anything about that.

    Disclaimer: I don’t make stuff up about Went and post it on the internet. I make stuff up about Went and keep it locked in my dirty little mind. Thanks.

  40. ilurvemv

    What is up w/the uprise of the Went dating so-and-so rumors lately? So far he’s been attached to the scarf trifecta, a Dallas cheerleader (*eyeroll*), a green-eyed girl mentioned in comments to a previous post, and now this. The rumor mill is turning him into a Wentwhore. Who is he supposedly going to be with next? (and how do I join that list?)

    Linds, I agree part of it is boredom. But I think a bigger part of it is that he keeps such a tight lid on his life that people are bound to speculate about it every which way. Which makes him shut down even more which fuels the rumors even more; it’s a vicious cycle. I almost wish he’d confirm that he has a girlfriend/fiance/wife/Buffybot just so that the rumors would finally stop.

    *worrying that we’re all going to die from Wentdrought*

  41. Dani

    Sheeeesh…. Are you sure we don’t need to revive the man?

  42. Dani

    Oh, Went dating many-a-whore? AWESOME. Anyone that doesn’t have a penis is great. So long as it’s not a bloody m.a.n.

    Keep bringing them girlies on.

  43. Darci

    Kris 3rd August 7.35 a.m, Oh, just pretending hard to get…all part of the grand plan to get him.

  44. Darci

    Phew…finally managed a 17 syllable verse…that was tiring.

    I want to scream out
    Wentworth Earl Miller the third
    I am deep in love

  45. Janett

    Hey guys! I need your help. The show started 4 weeks ago in Germany and the viewers are not able to realize how great PB is.. Could you read the post on PB on my blog and tell what you think? A group of people and me would really like to raise the awareness of quality shows on the German TV.

  46. SavMed

    Hladno Pivo (Cool Beer), a punk band, has just the right lyrics:

    (electric guitar)
    Lying in my bed
    (electric guitar)
    Feeling very sad
    (you know what by now)
    Thinking whether to die
    (same again)
    Or to masturbate

  47. Linds

    Hold the EFFING MAIL!!!!! A Cheerleader??? What?!?! I beg your pardon. I need to hear this rumor – please, someone school me.

  48. I don’t know how much more nothingness I can take. I’m totally depressed 😦 😦
    *wah waahh*

  49. AJ

    Noooooobody knows the troubles I’ve seeeeen. Noooooobody knows my sorrow…..

    *making farting noises with my mouth*

    booooore-dumb! Has anyone seen Went? Anyone? Anyone?…Bueller? That’s it, I’m putting his face on a milk carton for sure.

  50. To be or not to
    be Went’s fan still? Don’t want to
    but I can’t help it.

    Thank you.

  51. Seza

    Hi WFW

    I have found a very intersting astrology report on wentworth if you would like me to post it I certainly will.


  52. Wentaholic77

    Sometimes I wish Went would party it up with Lindsay Lohan or some similar ho…. just so we’d get some new pics and news on him 🙂

  53. The first season of PB just started a few weeks ago over here in Germany (I KNOW, we are so very far behind, it’s ridiculous!) and I just have to join the crowd of commenters here at WFW. 🙂
    I can’t believe it took me until just recently to discover The Hotness that is Went, *shameful blush*, but better late then never since, OMG, how very much would He be missed.

    I ordered the 1st season from a couple of days ago so I can watch it before German televison finally gets there and it said that it’s going to take 26 days to ship, in words: TWENTY SIX DAYS. Wtf? It’s torture to wait that long!

    Your site might have to help me through all of those Went-less days…

    I read through most of your past entries here, WFW, and really, really enjoyed it. So I’ll be back…

    Oh, and “tasteful fade to black” (finally referring to your actual post, lol)? I think I have watched that interview about 200 times in the last few days – I have to catch up with everybody who has been enjoying Went for so much longer!! *sighs*

  54. WFW

    Awww Katharina, it’s always fun to see the old stuff through new eyes. Maybe your presence will give me some inspiration. Let’s hope…

  55. ilurvemv

    Speaking of Wentwhoring, now some woman on livejournal is claiming to be his girlfriend…funny how she even named her lj “be good.”

  56. ws

    you know she’s bullshitting cause she can’t spell, Wentworth’s number one pet peeve

  57. genpop40

    You know, Hollywood and the business in general was very different when Went came to CA back in ’95. There was no real internet and the papparazzi weren’t running all the mags yet. I’ve been thinking lately that maybe this isn’t what he had in mind. I wouldn’t be able to take it…everyone disects every last move you make. He blinked…what could that mean?! If I were him I’d just take the money and escape back into anonymity on some island somewhere (but of course I am not). Dom once said that he wouldn’t be surprised if he quit the biz and bacame a writer. I wouldn’t either. Maybe that’s why he’s not doing any movies…maybe he doesn’t plan to. I wouldn’t blame him a bit. Celebrity is a bitch, especially the way he’s been treated lately. He seems to be shying away from interviews more and more. What do you guys think?

  58. Jen

    Maybe you are right genpop40, I know I wouldn’t blame him. I may loose all interest in life and die if he did/does but I wouldn’t blame him.

  59. Darci

    genpop40, You break my heart……I NEED to see Went. He CAN’T quit! I’m both homicidal and suicidal now. Want to kill eevery single pap who is bothering him.

  60. LAgurl

    Hey everyone, I’m new here! As far as him shying away from the media, and paps, I totally agree that Hollywood have changed in the past 10 years, the tabloids weren’t about celebrities, it was about alien babies and two headed dogs!! So anyone with IQ of more then 3 would be bothered by the craziness….. hope he doesn’t quit anytime soon, though. I need to meet him and marry him first!!!

  61. If you were in his shoes and people had websites dedicated to you, tracking your whereabouts, analyzing you, obsessing over you…criticizing your friends and their clothing…would that make you want to go out in the public or hide at every opportunity you could get?
    it’s a tough call. there must be perks with all the fame, but not enough if you ultimately don’t like being watch the second you step out your door.

  62. MiSa

    awww….WFW…gone are the days when went had the decency to recognize the obsessive and sexually aggressive fan base, and give us such overwhelminly fucktastic pictures to keep us freaky ppl occupied while he is bizy being a hermit!
    Now, the best he has given the slightly…ova gay (it had to be sed ppl) *sheilds myself from the tomatoes being pelted at me* BP promos, and his exhausted form wondering through the airport sporting a fishermans hat…..dont get me wrong i luv both the hat and the BP nut-huggers but we need some more photos like the l’official homme ones….X WENT WHERE R YOU!

  63. Mink

    What we need is a goddamn decent interview!

    Whilst I do adore teh_pretty, I didn’t start supporting Mr Miller for that reason, but because he showed himself to be so much more: charming, funny, oh-so-intelligent…

    I’m now struggling – really, really struggling – to remember those things about him, he’s been keeping his real self so firmly under wraps for so long.

  64. ilurvemv

    One of the churchies posted a new pic, well, maybe not new, but I’ve never seen it before. Scroll down. It’s a pic of Went and the actor who plays kid Michael Scofield:

    I’m wondering where this pic came from. Could it be from this season’s filming? (it’s a posed shot, no spoilers)

  65. Mink

    Not from this season’s filming. Note ‘Michael’s’ outfit and make-up. That pic was taken just after Michael was beaten up by Kim in the “PB” world.

  66. genpop40

    Pictures of the Sona set. Nothing too exciting, but it’s something.

  67. lj

    I think that photo might be from the episode just after the one in which Michael and Linc have been involved in the car accident and have been captured ‘the killing box’. Mini Michael and mini Linc were in that episode.

  68. Katjus

    Great haiku. Multitalented Mistress in action.

    But… two weeks and no post? Hmm… And i spent half (at least) of my two week holiday imagining i was missing out on a proper WentFest now that he was supposed to be out of his hiding hole…! *tsk* Come to think of it, i should have checked the attick of the Hermit House i stayed in just in case he was hiding there… Nuts, i had a perfect chance of flushing him out to be paprazzi food for our entertainment and deep pleasure and i missed it. Typical… *sigh*

    Oh and PS. the “girlfriend” has posted again. Lol.

  69. WFW

    Actually, it won’t be two weeks until 8/15 and at the rate we’re going, we just might make it. I think that would be a record…

    I agree mink, I would love an interview, preferably a radio one. RADIOOOOOOOOOOO!

    I am so. fucking. bored.

  70. Katie

    WFW and Mink, why don’t you write to magazines, radio stations and tv stations and ask them to feature Went on their magazines/shows? They might do it if they knew there was demand for him. Whining here won’t help!

  71. WFW


    I have done something to that effect but if it brings no result, there really is no point in mentioning it. I’m still waiting to hear and guess what? It’s my blog so basically I can whine all I fucking want to. Remember that.

  72. *tearing up* I love your inner bitch, WFW!

  73. brit bird

    let the inner bitch cometh

  74. Mink

    Um, Katie, when you have put in hours and hours (and hours and hours – and then some more hours) of your time running a site dedicated to Wentworth (as both WFW and myself have done and continue to do) you can give us advice re. what to post and how we might best go about supporting Mr Miller’s career. Until then, please don’t! Thanks.

  75. Yours too, Mink!

    (This is just too amusing!)

  76. AJ

    Katie said, “WFW and Mink, why don’t you write to magazines, radio stations and tv stations and ask them to feature Went on their magazines/shows? They might do it if they knew there was demand for him. Whining here won’t help!”

    DUDE! EFF.THAT!!! If the man doesn’t wanna be seen, he’s not gonna be seen. WFW and Mink both know better than to waste their time writing to anyone about anything, where Went is concerned. It ain’t gonna happen. Wentworth seems perfectly content with going on about his hermitic existence (sounds kinda like an STD, doesn’t it?), and there’s nothing anyone can do at this point to get him to come out and play. Okay? O….K….

    Y’all go on and embrace your inner bitch… Own it! Love it! LIVE.IT!

    She’s a bitch
    When you say my name,
    Talk mo’ junk but won’t look my way.
    She’s a bitch
    See I got mo’ cheese
    So back on up while I roll up my sleeves…

  77. hit-n-run

    Good mother of jesus! Where is the love?

  78. Where is the love?
    Vanished with Went…

  79. hit-n-run

    If that’s the case then ring the alarms, BITCHES IN CRISIS!!!

  80. Katie

    Um, Katie, when you have put in hours and hours (and hours and hours – and then some more hours) of your time running a site dedicated to Wentworth (as both WFW and myself have done and continue to do) you can give us advice re. what to post and how we might best go about supporting Mr Miller’s career. Until then, please don’t! Thanks.

    What? I need to have a website before I can make a suggestion? If you don’t like my idea, then feel free to just leave it.

  81. WFW


    To be real, we don’t get paid for this. It’s not our job to promote him, just support him. He should be promoting himself and then this would be a moot point don’t you think? He should be out there more. We know he likes to stay home. We know he works a lot. We know he’d prefer NOT to do promotion but that is all that is going to keep his career going and help him get a gig after Prison Break ends. We whine b/c we care and b/c you never know who might be reading…

  82. Mink

    “What? I need to have a website before I can make a suggestion? If you don’t like my idea, then feel free to just leave it.”

    I’m not quite sure why this wasn’t obvious to you, but my comment wasn’t prompted by your suggestion for writing to magazines or TV shows, but by your accusing myself and WFW of ineffectual “whining”. Frankly, that’s pretty rude. Obviously you’re more than entitled to make suggestions, but I’d suggest leaving out the implied criticism of people who have done a lot of work supporting WM’s career, particularly when you’ve done – as far as I’m aware – er, nothing.

    And as for your suggestion, I did leave it, thanks.

  83. Katie

    WFW, I didn’t mean for you to promote him or to help his career. I meant for you to get the radio stations or magazines to drag him out of hiding just so you have something to write about.

    Mink, sorry, I’m not aware of what you’ve done either.

  84. ilurvemv

    to get the radio stations or magazines to drag him out of hiding>>

    Katie, you are aware that celebrities have such people working for them called publicists who are PAID to do such things? And that WFW is not one of them, so unless Went has added her to his payroll and I’m not aware of it, she doesn’t have to do squat to get him out of hiding except to bitch and moan, which she and everyone else here is quite adept at doing already?

    Congress could pass a law requiring Went to come out and give us new pics and the boy still wouldn’t do it. No one can do anything about it except him. So we shall all continue to ponder the mystery of the missing Went while drinking, swearing, and crying copiously. And if there’s any time left over, that’s what real life is for.

  85. Katjus

    “…Congress could pass a law requiring Went to come out and give us new pics and the boy still wouldn’t do it. No one can do anything about it except him. So we shall all continue to ponder the mystery of the missing Went while drinking, swearing, and crying copiously. And if there’s any time left over, that’s what real life is for….”

    Crying – Check!
    Swearing – Double Check!
    Drinking – Does Diet coke count?
    Real life – ???

  86. ilurvemv

    Real life – ???>>

    Katjus, the hiatus is so bad that I’ve had to live real life. Of course I blame Went.

    I know he’s busy filming but where are his weekend Starbucks runs?? Or any other runs of doing anything else?? Went, there are no paparazzi in Dallas, get out of the house and show your face dangit!

  87. jailbird

    Towards the end of last season I had lost interest in PB, and now with the Went-drought I don’t know if I will be watching this season with the same interest…..he’s still a hot-b*stard.

  88. genpop40

    I hate fairweather fans.

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