Wet For Went is 10 months old today!

And I decided to celebrate that milestone with a purchase.

I have pre-ordered myself a Michael Scofield doll in his Season 2 suit holding his Season 1 bank robbing guns with his pants pulled up high: Priceless.

I also ordered him a girlfriend.



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51 responses to “Wet For Went is 10 months old today!

  1. brit bird

    Happy 10 month anniversary, can’t wait for the porn party! 12 inch Michael and his naked girlfriend are gonna have some fun!!

  2. Naked girlfriend… That would soooo be his nickname for me!

    Happy Wentiversary, WFW!

  3. Happy Anniversary!
    That Scofield doll is so very scary and so not as good-looking as it should be, *lol.
    Scofield’s new girlfriend, however… 😀

  4. AJ

    Oh dear God! Ahahahahaha. Fabulous pairing right there. It’s sooo..Austin Powers meets Foxy Cleopatra. I can dig it…

    I just hope she fucks his eyes uncrossed. Put it on him, you barbie whore!!!

    Oh, and Happy Aniversary, WFW!

  5. Bel

    *breaths in*


  6. Jen

    Happy Anniversary!!! May your Michael doll be all that Ken never was.

  7. Mink

    “Naked girlfriend… That would soooo be his nickname for me!”

    OMG, LMFAO Kris! I love it!

    Although I have to also say that, personally, I would sooooo hope that my nickname for him would be “Naked Boyfriend” (I could go with NB for short). 😀

  8. ilurvemv

    Happy Anniversary!

    *wondering if Doll!Went’s clothes are removable* Because how else can he and Afro!Barbie get it on? 😛

  9. Question: Are Michael Scofield and Foxy Brown anatomically correct? I hear there’s nothing hotter than plastic on plastic action.

    Happy Anniversary, WFW!!! I’m still holding out for your PB set visit.

    *keeping hope alive with a lit cell phone sway*

  10. bluetoothfairy

    Dude, do some voodoo hoodoo with the dolls!

    Anyway, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY etc.
    Yay for you!

  11. Pup

    Does it vibrate? Wink wink nudge nudge.

    LOL. Love it.

    Happy Anniversary, my ultimate sex partner. *sends puppy love*

  12. Luna

    je suis francaise et en farfouillant sur le net a propos de mon sujet favoris : went , je suis tombee sur ton blog et je voulais te laisser un petit mot pour te dire que même si je ne comprends pas tout, je le trouve super et tres drole…je vois que la went-addiction est partout la même de part le monde…
    Longue route a toi…. peut etre a +…

    Translation courtesy of Bel: Hello, I am French and while mucking about on the net looking for my favorite subject Went, I stumbled onto your blog and wanted to leave a small message …that even though I don’t understand everything, I find it fabulaous and very funny. I see the Went addiction is the same around the globe. (Not sure about that last line but I think she likes the blog).

  13. Luna

    J’espere que tu lis le francais !! sinon la prochaine je tenterais de faire un effort surhumain et d’ecrire en anglais mais… je crois que je serais encore moins comprehensible qu’en francais…^_^ ^_^

    Translation courtesy of Bel: I hope you can read French. If not I’ll do a Above human effort next time to write in English, but I’m afraid I will be even more incomprehensible then.

  14. WFW

    Thank you for your note Luna and for visiting the blog. I don’t speak French but my friend Bel does and she translated for me. Enjoy your stay here.

    Translation courtesy of Bel: Merci Luna pour ta messagge et pour ta visite à mon blog. Je ne parle pas le Français, mais mon amie Bel bien et elle a traduit. J’ espère que tu t’amuserais ici!

  15. Luna


    merci pour la traduction je suis impressionee…
    A bientot !

  16. Luna

    Je reviendrais sois en sure …maintenant je vais me coucher il est tard chez moi….
    bonne nuit, il est temps d’aller rever de went…………………………..LOL !

    Translation courtesy of Bel: I’ll be coming back for sure… now I’m going to bed as it is very late where I am… Good night, it’s time to go dream of Went…. LOL!

  17. Charlie Brown

    Went’s mailordered girlfriend looks like me; if i had an afro LOL!!! Anyways, AJ: I almost peed my pants when i read your comment!

  18. Hip!



    Happy, happy ten-month anniversary, WFW!

  19. Seza

    Yay 10 months….. woop woop woop…..gotta get my party shoes lets boogie!!

  20. niknak

    I just cannot get enough of this paring! Once your orders come in you MUST, for the sake of all that is pretty, take pics of AB and her new man!

    *Wondering if they’re creating a Sucre doll for WFW to buy to join in on the fun… He ALWAYS shows up*

  21. Darci

    Happy anniversary WFW!

  22. Angel

    Do you realise another 2 months and it will be like one year snice you started WFW.

    Anyway Happy Wentiversary, and many more went derams to you and fellow wentness blogers.

  23. Anonymous

    Hey WFW, I´ve been sneeking through your blog now for a while

  24. KiraAngelina

    Sorry… I didn´t finished my post 😉 … pressed Enter to fast…
    I´m from Germany and I´m sneaking through your blog now for a while and I´m really hooked by your creativity and (of course) by our “Lord of the Pretties”.
    Therefore I just wanted to wish you a Happy Wentiversary!!!!
    Keep up the good work and thank you very much for the wentness, the eyegasms and eargasms (I´m still trying to find out how to masturbate without using my hands 😉 ) and for just making me laugh, every time I visit this site.

  25. Katjus

    Huraa for Mistress for keeping us all happy and entertained for 10 months now!
    Through the dry spells and turmoiled sea with boats and boats full of scarfs and all sorts, you have guided us. We salute you oh Mistress of all things Went! Or at least i do! *salutes*

  26. chicabell

    Happy Anniversary WFW. I’m sensing a new soap opera emerging…!

  27. genpop40

    Oh-oh….I can see it coming. With the Mikey doll(um…excuse me…action figure), and his new plastic girlfriend, WFW can create all the photo ops that should have been. Michael and Fabulous at the beach. Michael and Fabulous in her Barbie jeep. Michael and Fabulous in her Barbie town house. They can even dress up in evening wear and hit a red carpet or two. And I think GI Joe would make a nice Sucre.

  28. genpop40

    Oh for the love of Went! I didn’t even wish you a happy 10-monthaversary. Where are my manners?!

    Happy Birthday, WFW! Your blog rocks!

  29. SavMed

    It feels as though only yesterday I was lying face down in my own vomit celebrating 9 glorious months of this hilarious blog … Ah, memories!

    Happy anniversary!

  30. Martelka

    I love YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost as much as I love Went!!!!
    All the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Regards from Poland!

  31. hit-n-run

    I read through the comments and realised I’m the only new poster who forgot my manners and started commenting on this blog without introducing myself. I’m from East London and I’m a self confessed blog slut. I am about start an affair with this one. I’ve been reading through earlier posts today and I have no idea how I missed out on 10 months of good humor. Kudos!

  32. Congrats WFW! I can’t believe you bought that ugly ass doll! LOL. I think he will be very happy with the WFW Barbie!
    @AJ – you kill me! LMAO!

  33. Pink Boxers

    I’m just picturing 9 year old girls sewing beige suits together in homage to Steve McQueen. What, no aviators? Are you going to take him to a tatoo parlor?

  34. genpop40

    I know that doll isn’t going to be anatomically correct, but I hope it’s at least tattooically…um, inkily…um, hell, artistically correct. I just hope it has the tattoo under the traveling suit.

  35. Bel

    Oh Pup … you’re so depraved… I love it!

  36. notthedoctor

    Happy ROCKING Anniversary!!!!
    The 1 Year Anniversary is coming fast, can’t wait for it!
    ROCK, LOVE & …!!!!

  37. evelyn

    Happy happy happy anniversary WFW!!!

    I f***ing love the afro doll!!! LMAO!!!

  38. ErinMarie79

    Congrats WFW! I can’t believe it’s been 10 months already!

  39. Only 10 months? It seems like so much longer! Where has the time gone? Where has OLP gone? All I know is he brought the hot back to Dallas but I have seen/heard nothing. We still have a whole month to wait right?

  40. kiwifan

    hi wfw
    happy anniv!!!, this blog has posed some very interesting questions – is there a tattoo underneath? is he anatomically correct? do the clothes come off?
    thanks again

  41. Rosi


  42. Rosi

    Can i get Hot when i hit the wfw’s blog…sweet like licorice,sugar for my booga.Keep on keepin on..wfw’s blog came and change my world,keep on keep kickin on You doing it RIGHT ..RIGHTTTTTTT

  43. Dani

    Ahahahaha………………. You’re fucking funny WFW..

    Pat on the back for your good work..
    May it never end.
    God forbid.

  44. Jedi72


    Holy 10 months already Batman! We all appreciate how dedicated you are to WetforWent. You make us laugh, cry, and laugh even more with your sense of humour!

    Keep up the good work girl!

  45. LiLo

    Congratulations, I love reading your site! Not only do I love me some Wentworth Miller, but you are too fun! Keep up the great work!!

  46. FYI – JJared has the new promo up! 🙂 YAY!!!!!!

  47. Hotforwent

    happy b-day

  48. ilurvemv

    Here’s a direct link to the promo Sprinkles mentioned:


    Any if anyone wants to see the last few episodes of season 2, Fox will start airing them on August 27th as a countdown to the season 3 premiere.

  49. HereKitty

    4 days late and a whole bunch of dollars short, but Happy Birthday WFW!! Love the blog, love the snark, love the sex .. aka Went!

  50. PBLUV

    Way late had the nerve to be on vacation but WFW thank the Goddess for you, really!
    You have created a home for all of us lovers.
    I feel safe here, amongst my peeps and you are friggin’ hilarious and the Truth!

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