And so it begins…

Looks like a Prison Break promo aired. Of course, playing it during reality TV guarantees I will never see it but luckily, Jared did and capped the Pretty bits. Enjoy!


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60 responses to “And so it begins…

  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And have I shared the news? I’m getting (hopefully) unlimited Internet soon! That means unlimited access to The Pretty! OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! FI-NA-LLY!
    Come to mama, Baby Boy!

  2. Bel

    Bad ass Mike, bad ass Alex waving a big gun, bad ass T-Bag (as if there’s another kind), and wannabe bad ass Bellick. Life is good.

  3. miller_thriller

    i see that angry pretty is back! he has so just turned MY juice back on!

    God i love went. He can be my dirty little secret anytime, any place.


  4. evelyn

    WOOT WOOT!!!!


    Finaly!!! I thought that this hiatus would never end!!! And our bad ass boy looks HAWT as ever!!!!

    I just feel like….


  5. WFW

    I think I’m excited…

  6. AJ

    Dude! Michael, Alex, AND T-Bag… TOGETHER! Dare I say, I’m actually excited…
    And was that Michael I saw whoopin’ some big dude’s ASS at the end? Awwww, shit!

    *praying someone rips Michael’s shirt off during the fight…WOOOOT!* …what?

  7. September 17 is the night we’re gonna make it happen
    That night we’ll put all other things aside
    Get in that time and show us some affection
    We’re goin’ for those pleasures in the night

    We want to love you, feel you, wrap ourselves around you
    We want to squeeze you, please you, we just can’t get enough
    And if you move real slow we’ll let it go

    We’re so excited and we just can’t hide it
    We’re about to lose control and we think you like it
    We’re so excited and we just can’t hide it
    And you know you know you know you know you know we want you

    We shouldn’t even think about tomorrow
    Sweet memories will last for long long time
    We’ll have a good time, Baby, don’t do worry
    And if we’re still playin’ around boy that’s just fine

    Let’s get excited, we just can’t hide it
    We’re about to lose control and we think you like it
    We’re so excited and we just can’t hide it
    You know you know you know you know you know we want you, we want you

    we want to love you, feel you, wrap ourselves around you
    We want to squeeze you, please you, we just can’t get enough
    And if you move real slow we’ll let it go

    We’re so excited, we just can’t hide it
    We’re about to lose control and we think you like it
    We’re so excited and we just can’t hide it
    You know you know you know you know you know we want you

  8. OMG nooo faaaiiir!
    I can’t believe we haven’t even finished season 1 over here (I have, though, in a three-day PB DVD marathon a couple of days ago! The DVD box made it over the Arlantic sooner than I thought it would, hehe.)…

    I want season 2! And 3! NOW!

    *goes off to drown in her own misery*


    Oh God, I’m soooo FUCKED! I envy all of you who will be watching on next month. Please, please, please when you guys discuss here be as detailed possible.

  10. MiSa

    YAY…he’s so angry and sexy…..o yes….and in a hoody….awwwww…my wenty dreams all come together and materialise!

  11. The “kids” are right…………Went is THE SEX!!!!! *drool* He is so freaking yummy.

  12. seafret

    Poetry in motion.

  13. cat'smeow

    LOVE YOUR SONG, KRIS!!! “We’re so excited, and we just can’t hide it……..”!!!!

    Look what Wenty does to us!!! We’re all hooting and hollering over him!!!

    We all love you, sexy man!!!!

  14. Emily

    he might have to start putting out to make friends. isn’t that how it works? I mean sex DOES buy you love, right? right?

  15. Julie

    Wow, after a month vacation, you can’t start to understand how excited I am right now!!

    WFW, my God, you’ve seen the KING!!Finally!!! 🙂
    The new trailer looks very promising after the second season (that, let’s face it, kinda sucked, except for the last three minutes of the last episode … scary!)
    He looked damn H.O.T. at whatever event he was at!

    *I’m so excited!And I just can’t hide it!No No No No No!I’m about to loose control and I think I like it, oh Yeah!*

  16. ilurvemv

    Very brief TV Guide interview w/Dominic: Here

    Mild Spoilers

  17. ilurvemv

    Oh crap, I forgot to post that there are some very mild spoilers in the interview I just posted above. Sorry! WFW, feel free to remove the post or link if you need to.

  18. WFW

    My first reaction to that was, Does he talk about Went b/c otherwise it’s irrelevant, well not completely, but after reading it I did find something:

    “Lincoln needs to get laid.”

    News flash, so does Mike. Male or female, someone get Michael some!

  19. hit-n-run

    I can’t wait for September 17. Aaaaaaaah!!! Oh um, this whole countdown to PB S3 is like having the best sex. When I see Went on that first episode is when I’ll have my orgasim. LOL…I’m so cumming on that day!

  20. cin-D

    hot damn! fuck me from behind!i cant beleive it! prison break season 3 is already airing next month. Wentworth Miller will be on my tv once again! He’s so damn sexy!Michael needs to get layed like really badly.He needs to get his pipe cleaned out if ya kno wut i mean. Holy shit! I wanna fuck and suck all the juices outta him! yummy! Sorry,i’m totally excited. WOOT WOOT! LOL.

  21. niknak

    *singing along with Kris*

    Looks like S3 will be Prison Break goes Oz. Unfortunately, I doubt we’ll have any full frontals on network TV. I am actually looking forward to this season, and after last season, this one better bring it! More Michael, dammit!

    As for Mr. Scofield needing to get some, I agree with WFW that someone (whomever) ever needs to tap that, but I am hoping it’ll be consentual since I have no desire to see the Pretty raped in that hellhole.

  22. Rosi

    I better be alive next month..or i better be alive all next year,i dont wanna miss it!

  23. Rosi

    God please keep me safe,keep my eyes in safe coz i really wanna see it.Lord i am ready to give up sex for 3 month,just keep my eyes and live in safe!

  24. HereKitty

    Ay, ay, ay .. now that song is stuck in my head. Thanks, Kris! But after seeing hot, sweaty, fighting, bad-ass Michael, I was already doing a little dance! Although the tat is gone and no more WentChest, that promo has me all kinds of excited! *runs to find clean undies*

  25. Seza

    arrrrr sexiness returns….

  26. PBLUV

    Thank you FOX for renewing PB!
    Thank you Parents of the Pretty for having such a hot baby boy!
    Thank you my imagination for being so creative when I am alone in the dark with just a little Blue steel on the tube.
    Lastly, thank GOD for the brain that invited I can see Pretty again and again and again.
    Sept 17th…the Cumming!

  27. Darci

    Not fair. NOT bloody fair at all. Cable TV is showing season 2 here and it’s still season 1 on free TV. NOT fair. All you people who get to see season 3, I wish you all drown in your pussy juice!

  28. evelyn

    PBLUV, I couldn’t agree more with you on this one!!!
    Especially for the “Thank you Parents of the Pretty for having such a hot baby boy!”

    I wanna Thank you Parents, too!!!

    *bows to The Parents*

  29. brit bird

    squeeeeeeeeeeee Ok so I have like a month to get my shit together and get to America for the start of prison break, anyone want to put up a lovely british girl for about 22 weeks? I am clean and can cook and take up very little room. We could talk Wentess for hours on end……

    Motherfucking word to PBLUV and EVELYN thank-you Mommy and Daddy

    Ps Pretty, I will be the bestest friend you ever had…

  30. PBLUV

    Ahhhh POP!!! or Parents of The Pretty 🙂
    New Lingo for sure!
    Brit Babe, I heard that Season 3 starts for you a week after it starts for us in the US. I can’t recall where i read that, maybe on a fox website. So a few days of patience might save you a ton of money 🙂

  31. Went-two-three

    Great minds think alike, PBLUV and evelyn! I’ve been thinking that once I’ll write to Wentworth confessing my Went-obsession I might as well enclose a Thank You-note for his parents for greating such an outstanding human being. Since I’m lacking words to describe my passionate admiration to the Pretty, I can only say he’s too freaking H-O-T to be real!

    WFW- I’ve become addicted to your blog during the last three months. I’m starving with no PB and I check your site to get my daily Wentamins.

  32. Laura

    Went just looks sooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Yes! Yes! Oh, God, Yes!

    *pssst …* Hey, Pretty, I’ll be your friend. knowing wink

    I! Can’t! Hardly! Wait! C’mon, September 17! C’mon!!!

  34. Chi-Chi

    It aired during so you think you can dance (my obsession) and I watched it and screamed for ten minutes. And then my brother slapped me.

  35. Jedi72

    Hooray for PB3! Can’t wait. I’m curious, do you think we’ll see a little more “action” this season? Oh ya, and Supernatural Season 3 starts Oct.4 (just thought I’d throw that one out there for my fellow monomaniacs – you know who you are!) ps- don’t hurt me WFW!

  36. brit bird

    Thanks PBLUV unfortunately PB has been brought out by a cable channel that my mother fucking cable company have stopped showing. ** shakes fists a cable company** I will however wait patiently for it to be available to download.

  37. Wentalicious

    “It’s the Cumming…”

    PBLUV, I’m still doubled over laughing at that one! Return of the Went! Yay!

  38. Luna

    n’ai pas peur dans ta vilaine prison mon went, je viens te sauver… cours vers vers toi………… vole vers toi…………………………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Et surtout ne t’essuies pas le front….ta transpiration me rend folle……I WANT YOU !!!!!!!!!

  39. Erika

    My therapist needed her own therapist after she was done with me. I got kicked out of the psychiatric ward b/c I was a bad influence on the other patients. They need to invent a new 12 step programme for me. I’m seriously suffering Went addiction. Someone suggested I join a support group… Am I at the right place?

  40. WFW

    *opening door* Come right in.

  41. Erika

    Phew! *sigh of relief* Thanks for the welcome 🙂

  42. I wonder…can Michael Scofield mastermind a way for Monday Night Football not to happen every week? *holding fingers crossed*

  43. Oh, Mama Bear! That is the best idea I have ever heard! *crossed fingers* I’m with you!
    That and The Pretty…hmmmm are we asking too much?? 🙂

  44. Dani

    aaagggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! *lost my voice*

    I feel my temperature rising……………….!

    Getting my download program dusted and ready for the next installments of the ultimately HOT season 3 !

    Thank GOD for the internet – it is going to be one SWELTERING Summer in Australia this year!!

  45. Dani

    All you people who will miss out this early – get yourselves a downloadable program PRONTO !

    You’ll slit your wrists next month if you don’t.

  46. Dani



    *officially going mad*

  47. Dani

    The Mastermind

    Masturbate comes to mind more like it !

    Mr Miller is the no.1 object of every woman’s desire.

    I take that back – it’s gonna be wet season all over the planet.

  48. Bel

    Luna, tu as raison! Maintenant je sais pourquoi Dieux m’a donné ma langue 😉 Peut-être je peux y voler avec toi?

    Translation: Luna, you are so right! Now I know why God gave me a tongue. Maybe I can fly over there with you?

  49. Luna

    Bel, je t’invite avec grand plaisir a voler avec moi vers WENT mais il faudra que tu m’attende car j’ai un peu plus de trajet que toi…et puis je pense que deux langues ne seront pas de trop pour debarrasser l’objet de nos fantasmes de sa divine sueur….Il a vraiment l’air d’avoir tres chaud…..mmmmhhhh je suis toute….emoustillee…!!!

  50. Luna

    POur ceux que ca interresse voici (et qui comprennent ce que je raconte) voici un lien ou vous pourrez ecouter la BO francaise de la saison 2.

  51. Luna

    Desolee je m’etais trompee de page le bon lien est le deuxieme!!!

  52. WFW

    Luna honey, you have got to learn some English, lol.

  53. Luna

    ok, ok but I take my english dictionary…

    3 precedent messages was to give you french prison break BO. the “page” which is ok is in second message.

    pppffff…’s pathetic no ????

  54. WFW

    Nope, that was pretty good actually.

  55. LAgurl

    Oh. My. God. He is SO hot. So so so so hot. Holy mother of GOD damn HOTTT! Can you imagina lying underneath THAT? I can’t breathe thinking about it……..

  56. genpop40

    You are doing great, Luna! I understood you. And thanks for the Faf Larage video. I would never have gotten to see something like that without your posting it, so thank you.

  57. Luna from france

    thank you WFW and Genpop40…

    My new name is “luna from france” because if someone read my new post but not precedents he think I ‘m an illiterate person !!! it’s not true !!

    ouff….ten minutes to write 3 lines…it’s really a job to be Went-addict !!

  58. satinfee

    Hah, Luna, let me quote C-Note: “I’m feelin’ ya”… 😉

    Ladies, I saw another somewhat longer trailer than this one last Wednesday (22nd) on Sky Sports. Right before the kick-off of the football/soccer match Denmark vs. Ireland… Has anyone else seen it? I need confirmation because I might just have hallucinated… 🙂

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