The Drought is almost over

My God, It’s Went in leather. I. might. die. The issue hits stands on 8/30. Now, who’s going to send me one?

Thanks poisinivy!

UPDATE: A better shot. Thanks Giulia!


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68 responses to “The Drought is almost over

  1. Geisha

    Holy Black Jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. AJ

    [Eric Cartman Voice] Fuckin’ sweet, dude. [end ECV]

    Mmmm…Went in leather…makes me wanna tie him up and do naughty things to him. Then again, just about everything makes me wanna do that. Hm. Go figure…

  3. Now all that’s missing is me, er, a motorcycle between his legs.

  4. So Blue Oyster… Ahahahahahahahaha! Sorry… *composing self*
    Ahahahahahahahahaha! No use… That’s so not him!

  5. B

    Its like Wentworth knows the very thing most chicks love, then he goes and becomes the very personification of it…ie the leather…he is rather scrumptious, may I hasten to add!

  6. He can Y.M.C. my A. any day. Woot!

  7. I can so see a red rubber ball in his mouth.

  8. WFW

    That’s b/c you’re a freak.

  9. Jen

    OK, I was eating my lunch and checking your site when this came up…needless to say I almost choked to death. Could the man BE an hotter? Dear God!

  10. There’s definitely been better pictures than this, I don’t particulary like the leather and everything… But it’s still hot, in a very… random kinda way, not the blue steel/come and fuck me kinda way. But then again they said at The Church that The Stare was much better on the original, so that’s something. I’m def. gonna go get me one. *counts down the days*

    I’ll get you one, too, WFW! πŸ˜€


    Bean Pole Jeans need to take lessons from GQ. tip #1. Don’t put the Pretty in boyish, too tight fitting clothes that almost damaged the family jewels. tip #2. You can never go wrong with blue steel

  12. ErinMarie79

    Ok, I’m liking the jacket, but do they have him in a turtleneck? There is something off about the look, I can’t quite pin point what. He looks hot – don’t get me wrong!! I pray that there is an article or interview though, or I’ll have to cut a bitch.

  13. LAgurl

    I agree – LOVE him, but the turtleneck? Hmmm He is still the finest thing on the planet, though!!!!

  14. Sprinkles

    This man could be wearing a sack of potatoes and look freaking HAWT! I do miss the hair…….Thanks WFW!!
    Happiness is Wentworth Miller. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  15. *Is a puddle* Please send sponge.

  16. genpop40

    This is a German mag. Are we gonna get this in the U.S.? Holy Hell, I hope so!!!!

  17. LadYk

    …grRrRr…he juSt madE a naZty oUtfiT LooK daMn goOd…

  18. Rosi


  19. Laura

    It’s not fair! You guys overseas always gets the good stuff! *pouts*

  20. Redlightmind


  21. Charlie Brown

    ok, for a sec i was cheating on him with Daniel Johns from Silverchair, but he’s slowing pulling me back in with this pic…. Please hurry and come back Prison Break!!!!!!

  22. Anonymous

    He’s hot no matter what he’s got on, personaly i think the less the better.

  23. *fans rapidly* Oh, my! Did it just get HOT in here?

    Mmmm, W. Miller in leather is … *speechless*

    Sarocks 1.27: You can never go wrong with blue steel.

    Word, Sarocks, muthafhucking word. *high fives!*

  24. Bugsy

    I love that he looks so natural in this pic,tho the leather doesnt suit the gud boy. . Thanks 4 a wondaful site!

  25. Bay

    Cue Shaft music…

    Brown Steel

  26. PBLUV

    Ok, news flesh!!! One of our ladies (hotel work is sooo gossipy!!) Said that there are amazing pics inside!!!! A bunch! She works at a Germany radio station and they actually are trying to put together a contest as rumor has it that our most pretty will be in Germany soon for GQ!!! She was checking in as i was squeein’ about the cover!
    Holla, where are the German chicks at? Can you handle it, I knew that you could! Can you do better than Korea, France, Australia and the US? We want nudes!!! umm sorry, we want pics of the pretty and great “I met him” stories.

  27. notthedoctor

    *Baryton Voice*

    The Pretty is marching iiiiiiiiiiiiin!


  28. KiraAngelina

    I am from Germany and I.MUST.HAVE.THIS!!!
    Is it possible, that this man is getting sexier every day????
    He should get arrested for that!
    Then I would pay for his bail money and take him home, where he has to thank me all day and night *having a daydream* πŸ™‚

  29. Doc has gone all Christian.
    The Power of The Pretty.
    Joy to the world… and rubber ball in the mouth.

  30. Katjus

    Well, now if this isnt the puuuurfect way to start a day i am willing to just be put to sleep…!
    The Perfect One blue steeling with all his might: *PUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRR!!*

    Now i have never been much of a leather kinda girl myself but lets just say The Perfect One is making me rethink my position… And the turtleneck – well, i kinda dig it…
    Its handy, at least, if some random Katj… umm… girl would get overly excited with his beautiful neck and skin and kissing it and…
    Yes. Handy.

  31. Julie

    Okay … this is weird … really weird!
    There’s two things I would have never associated : Leather and Went!(And don’t get me started on the turtleneck, it makes his head float on his body)

    Anyway, there’s a good chance it will be available at my giant magazine store here in Belgium, so I will probably get this one (fuck the price).

    Oh and whoever said we – the people oversease – always get the good things, so not true!!
    But right now we do :p

    Okay, I revised my oppinion, he’s looking Very Hot. This is the best remedy for PB draught (I’m sure Went knows πŸ˜‰ )

  32. Bel

    This pic makes me want to rip. it. all. off.
    Then dress him back up with a proper casual sleek black shirt and a real man’s leather jacket. The kind bikers wear but without all the stickers and pads and whatnot.
    Then put a harley between his legs.
    Then put myself in front, facing him like Stephanie (Michelle Pfeiffer) did with Michael (Maxwell Caulfield) in Grease 2.
    And then fu… ahum, kiss him while riding down some lonely highway.

    I’m a cowboy
    On a steel horse I ride
    I’m wanted
    Dead or alive

    Yes, I have mastered the skill of embarrassing myself.

  33. Bel

    And yay Julie! You think we can get it? Yay! I might be persuaded to send it to the needy πŸ˜‰

  34. Julie

    Well yeah, Bel, but like I said, I think here in Leuven (where I live) we have the world largest magazine store (okay no, I’m exaggerating alot, but it’s big)!!I mean almost every magazine that is important (and trust me, this one sooo is πŸ™‚ )has been available!So I’m loyal to my favourite shop in the whole wide world and I’m confident it will be available!!

  35. evelyn

    I need a whip….. Shiiiiiiiiiiit…..!!!!


  36. The leather jacket combined with the too-high turtleneck makes Went look like the hottest bottle of roll-on deodorant I’ve ever seen.

    I can hear the tag line now:

    Wentworth Miller, strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.

  37. AJ

    AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, MB! Roll-on deodorant… it’s funny, cuz it’s true…

    *sitting here pondering whether or not “roll-on deodorant Went” would leave “white marks” on my black dress, were I to “wear him” out* Hm…

  38. Dani

    Hey sexy! Oh mama – don’t we look different in leather…

    Your innocence is all gone my boy………. and it’s gone riding up my skirt.

  39. Dani

    *the thought of this man mounting a motorcycle sends shockwaves up my, er…. spine.*

    (not really, up my crotch rather)

  40. Betterlucknextime

    I have been informed this a photo manipulation, the official GQ German site does not have this article anywhere, so my guess is this has been photoshopped! It is very obvious when you compare this issue cover with a genuine article, whoever did this must think people are really stupid, I personally dont buy it!

  41. PBLUV

    I had to run down our german guest and she said she is not sure if that is a real cover but she knows he is going to be on the cover of GQ next month and in Germany in October!
    She actually said she found the cover odd looking but she said that her contacts said he is coming and that they did lots of looks with him, which she translates as lots of NEW PRETTY PICS, people!

  42. I guess I’m stupid because I bought it. This is what Went drought does to me though…I start seeing things that aren’t really there. Still, I should’ve known that German GQ wouldn’t court an American who isn’t David Hasselhoff for their cover. I’ve been to Germany and that man is a god over there. *shudder*

    If the cover is a fraud, at least Krissie and MDM can take comfort in the fact that Went didn’t go for the “neck buckle” look. πŸ˜‰

  43. And AJ, are you saying that you’d role play Monica Lewinsky to Went’s Bill Clinton? πŸ˜‰ Let me know and I’ll send you some Tampanian cigars!

  44. WFW

    Now now people, let’s not go discounting it without proof…You know, like the original picture it was taken from maybe? Since the mag isn’t out yet, I doubt that it would be on the site. Time will tell…

  45. You’re absolutely right, WFW…it’s a wait and see game. But because patience is not my virtue, I’ve e-mailed GQ to find out if it’s true. Once I find a contact #, I’ll call too. I’ll let ya’ll know what I find out.

  46. AJ

    “And AJ, are you saying that you’d role play Monica Lewinsky to Went’s Bill Clinton? Let me know and I’ll send you some Tampanian cigars!”

    Just call me Monica, MB…or Hoover, whichever…..

    Actually, I prefer Hoover. Afterall, I don’t want Went denying that he and I are having sexual relations. I just hope his new lady friend doesn’t mind. She shouldn’t. I mean, everyone knows that oral sex doesn’t count as adultery….

    “It’s Wednesday, and we’ll be having fish sticks for lunch. And just remember kids…with the weekend coming up, blow jobs don’t count.” πŸ˜‰

  47. It says on the official German GQ website, right next to a picture of Went (in the nominees’ list for GQ’s Men of the Year): “The US tv show “Prison Break” makes Wentworth Miller the coolest inmate – and GQ Style’s new cover man.”

    So, he’s def. going to be in it. πŸ˜‰

    (I realize the translation up there sounds just… odd, LOL, my English kinda sucks today, but YOU GET THE ESSENCE, RIGHT?)

  48. brit bird

    Wow WFW you are relly spoiling us with Wentness. YUM! (joining Doc in a chorus of Glory Glory Hallelujah)

    MMMMMM leather, boooooo turtle neck, but God damn he’s hot. He just needs something hot and powerful between his legs. **hands up** I volunteer

  49. OK, I’ve heard back from my friend who’s stationed in Germany. She went to several places looking for the August issue of German GQ, which wasn’t available anymore because it’s nearing September. The September issue, however, is already out and it has Paris Hilton on the cover. It seems that the edition with Went on the cover that’s supposed to be released on August 30th is a fiction piece. I sure hope it means that we can expect to see him in future editions though…*holding fingers crossed*

  50. HereKitty

    Aww .. MamaBear .. how disappointing .. *sniff, sniff*

    I feel like I’m wandering through the desert .. seeing mirages. Damned WentDrought! Still, I like the idea of the roll-on deodorant. πŸ™‚

  51. PBLUV

    My german radio lady said for sure that Went will be on the cover next week and she seems to think after talking to her station at home that that cover is the real deal. I almost lost my job today chasing after her. She will be here next week so any lies will get her moved next to the elevator! I believe her.

    Nothing is ever simple in Wentland!!

  52. Mink

    I’m not quite sure why people think this is fake.

    The cover he is going to be on is not “GQ” Germany, it is “GQ Style” mag (German version). This is different to the monthly mag. It is a quarterly publication, and will be out on August 30th.

  53. Marleen

    So this is a German magazine? Yes! I have family in Germany and in two or tree weeks my aunt is coming to us, so I can ask her to buy a magezine for me. Went looks really hot.

  54. PBLUV

    Thanks for pointing that out, now if its true he is going to Germany, then we need details!! I love when we get the arrival shots and maybe more Starbucks pics, I mean there is a starbucks in Germany right? Right? ok I am worried for him if not. 😦

  55. notthedoctor

    LMFAO@ Went deodorant stick!
    thanks MB.

  56. Anty


    David Hasselhoff is a god where I live? I must have missed that. Not in my generation.

  57. Anty

    BTW, I guess it is indeed a fake, as the new GQ Style has Timberlake on the cover:

  58. HereKitty

    It’s real .. it’s not real .. it’s real .. it’s not real .. Amazing what a WentDrought is capable of creating! Personally, I think it’s real. Did they PhotoShop his hands as well as his head ’cause those hands look like the ones that appear in my wet dreams. πŸ˜€

    [b]Anty[/] are you sure that’s the latest GQ Style? The wording on the bottom of the covers appears to state something about “looks for 06/07”. Since we’re half way through 2007, it seems somewhat strange they’d be doing a story now about last year’s ‘looks’.

    I’ve got my German connection on the lookout for anything Went related being released next week.

  59. Anty

    @HereKitty: Well, it IS the pic they use for advertising on their homepage. But yeah… I guess that’s bad advertising then? Guess I’ll simply hit the stores in a week and check.

  60. satinfee

    Went in Germany?! I’m so excited!!! If he really does come over this is the best news EVER! Yays!!! *dances*
    October! But where? Where!
    *prays he’ll come to Berlin*
    We’ve got lots of Starbucks for him… πŸ˜‰

  61. satinfee

    Stop talking about David Hasselhoff, ladies! As far as I know the English worship him far more than the Germans these days!

  62. LMFAO…David Hasselhoff is getting no love these days? Oh the horror! πŸ™‚ Good sleuthing, Anty although Went definitely looks better than JT, don’t you think?

  63. Mink

    This is the link I found for “GQ Style” mag in Germany. This seems to have the Spring/Summer issue still up, which would make the Autumn/Winter issue due about now.

    Contrary to what I said above, it seems the German “GQ Style” only has two issues a year (the British one apparently has four):

    I’m assuming this page will be updated when the new mag comes out in a week or so.

  64. MiSa

    still laughing over ‘roll on deodorant’ comment…ooo i hope he’s the kind that’ll leave white marks on my clothing….*eyes roll back, as i slip into daydream*

  65. MiSa

    if its a manip, then we were fooled, but come on guys i mean after bean pole, is it really that silly to beleive went would wear a turtle neck leather combo??????…..after those nuthugging white pants, i really wouldn’t bat an eyelid if he popped up in lycra someday! LOL

  66. Hotforwent

    i can’ t breath ,,oh man he looks toooooooooooooooooooo sexy

  67. genpop40

    There’s nothing any magazine could do to him or dress him in that would make him look bad, but this pic doesn’t do him justice. He has the most beautiful skin and coloring in this whole universe. This pic washes him out, and makes his head look like it’s floating above that Euro/Emo-jacket they’ve defaced him with. That being said, he’s still hot as hell.

  68. Seza

    Went: I have leather jacket in my bag does that excite your or scare you???

    Seza: Meeeeeooooooowwwww!

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