Season 3 Michael Scofield for that ass!

Guess who can see the first 17 minutes of the Prison Break Season 3 premiere before it’s even aired? You can! For details and caps, Go see Jared!

UPDATE: Not in the US?ย  Watch it here or Download it.

Thanks Chunkymonkey and Maichan!


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30 responses to “Season 3 Michael Scofield for that ass!

  1. Guess what? I CAN’T! lol
    Apparently just Americans can and then you say we get the good stuff! Think again!
    WET – check
    BRUISED – check
    ANGRY – check
    Scofield’s back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Julie

    OOOh, Krissie, You forgot “sweating his ass off and still wearing his damn hoodie”!!
    Go naked Went!

    Anyway, Fox sux (ha, this kinda rhimes, or not!?)
    This is like the third time it’s toying my emotions (first those two major breaks in the fucking middle of a season and then this!!)I will no longer take this shit!

    (Oh and Krissie please e-mail me sometime at, because I don’t have your adres and all your sites have become like ‘only friends’ or something!Thanks doll)

  3. HereKitty

    For once I wish I didn’t live in the US! This is too damned tempting! Sweaty, wet, bruised, angry and fighting for his life Went .. just pure love, I tell ya.

  4. h

    please please can someone post the video of it on youtube or torrent…as i live outside of us!!!!!! please please

  5. AJ

    Miller sure is looking svelte in that video. Mmmm….still prettier than advertised. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Without giving anything away for the spoiler-phobes…I will say that during one scene there was a split second where I thought that perhaps the readers had read SONA by Serafina and were granting my wish of having that story play out on screen. LOL. If only.

    Oh, the angst!…

  6. shortstuff

    gahhhhhhhhhh viewable by US residents only?!?!?! whyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! *sobbing uncontrollably*

    youtube anyone???

  7. HereKitty

    Maichan at the Church has posted a downloadable version at for all you non-US peeps!

  8. Misty

    omg thank you, thank you, thank you “HereKitty”

  9. Anonymous

    No way! No way!! NO GOD DAMNED WAY!!!

    Well I just won’t believe it till I see it! Infact until I cream over it..

    ***but yay!!*

  10. Dani

    Hey! That was my comment above – and why didn’t it leave my name???

    Darn it

  11. Dani

    Way to go Kitty – LOVE YOUR WORK.

  12. HereKitty

    Wish I could take credit for it but that belongs to Maichan! The Pretty needs to be shared and celebrated and licked and stroked and … where was I? Oh yeah, yay Maichan!

  13. KiraAngelina

    Kitty… I tried to download the clip, but I think it was deleted… what happened????
    Iยดm dying here… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I need my Wenty-fix *sigh*

  14. Bel

    AJ, I am convinced that all the major stations have people who search the internet for good story lines. There are ficwriters out there who seriously need to sue someone’s ass for stealing their storylines. The TV stations would be fools not to read that stuff. It gives them a good story to please the public with and it makes all the fangirls and boys squee to see their deepest darkest desires granted. Of course, they can’t go all the way, but they can hint at certain stuff.

    And am I the only European here who is happy that she can’t watch the seventeen minutes of bliss? I don’t want my September 18th *grin* orgasmic experience ruined by premature … images.

  15. Giulia

    Maichan from The Church ๐Ÿ™‚ has posted a downloadable version at megaupload, because sendspace didnt work… the link is:

  16. SavMed

    Maichan thanks!

    no wait, 44kbps. shite

  17. AJ

    Don’t know if non-US fans can view or not, but for those of you who are having a problem downloading the file, because of it’s size, here’s another website with the video:

    And, Bel, I’m so with ya. The writers would be fools to not read some of the amazing stuff out there. Soooo many awesome storylines to choose from.

  18. KiraAngelina

    Thank you very much guys… you are life savers ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I am a total spoiler whore

  19. “He’s [Michael Scofield] good-looking, no?”

    Damn straight he is! And it looks like the writing so far will give him the opportunity to flex the acting chops I know he has.

    S3 can’t get here soon enough!

    Thanks WFW & JJ for sharing the vid with us!

  20. shortstuff

    its here too if you still cant see it:

    eee! i finally watched it!!! im soo fucking excited! went is hotter than EVER!

    as for those ppl who were discussing the similarities to some fanfics, i noticed that too, but #1. a lot of them go by what they already know from spoilers and incorporate it in their story, and #2. nick santora (pb writer who is a member our forum – has told us that he cant even take any suggestions for storylines because of the exact reason that they may be sued for using others’ ideas, so any similarities between the story and someone elses are purely coincidental.
    jus saying!

    is it september 17th yet?!

  21. Rosi

    ”Sona”is a one way street……guess who will smash that rule ;).WFW thank you so much for the video!

  22. Erika

    Thank you WFW ๐Ÿ™‚ I wished I didn’t watch though coz now I really can’t wait. S3 is going to be the best and can Went get any hotter?

  23. notthedoctor


  24. Gah! Finally! Scofield in action!
    Bruised Michael.
    Tough Michael.
    Scared Michael.
    Sad Michael.
    All to be adored, loved and sexed…….
    *fanning myself*

  25. ilurvemv

    Hey everyone, if you want to watch the preview and none of the previously-posted links are working, the American TV Guide website also has the preview now:

    The video is on the right hand side. Just click play. No downloading necessary and I don’t see any reason why this one shouldn’t work for everyone. I don’t know how long it will be up so I’d watch it asap.

  26. genpop40

    The clip is only supposed to stay up until August 31st is what I hear.

  27. genpop40

    Super-short Wentworth clip from MSN.

  28. brit bird

    Woot wooooo yum yum Michael is looking hot!
    I vote that he fights naked.

  29. Hotforwent

    someone post it on omg …i’m in canada so i cna’t view it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  30. Fairy

    Doc, EXACTLY!!!

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