Wentakin is back, Bitch

And I want him to stick me with his lightsaber, oh yes, yes I do. Take me to the dark side Went; TAKE ME!

Thanks Jared!


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31 responses to “Wentakin is back, Bitch

  1. It looks like he’s saying, “Cum to the dark side…we have sex…”

  2. Went… Oh… God… Dead… *thud*

  3. Hotforwent

    ok i was watching the promo pic and i noticed sarah wasn’t in it ?i hope there not plannng on killing her off..

  4. MT

    dayum, its been a long time comin pretty!

    babyboy looks FIIIINE!!

  5. shelley

    My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw this pic, I don’t know what else to say…

  6. Erika

    WARNING! WARNING! virgina explosion in 5… 4… 3… 2…

  7. seafret

    I like him smiling better. This is the face my husband makes when I forget to put the fabric conditioner in the towel wash. Again.

  8. brit bird

    Baby looks good enough to lick! Welcome back new posts yayyyyyyy

  9. Rosi

    *Bring it bitch*

  10. notthedoctor

    OH MY… *THUD*

  11. AJ

    Aaaaaaaaah! My ovaries!!! Yes, Wentakin! Yes…

    *going to the store to buy a home pregnancy test, cuz I just got (eye) fucked*

    We’re having twins!!!

  12. It’s like he’s saying, “Who the fuck said I looked like roll-on deodorant?!”

    Oops, that was me…can we have make-up sex now?

  13. evelyn

    Oh Went…
    All that crap about the “squinting in the sun cause my eyes are sensitive”, just went down the drain!!!
    Where is the sun now??? Eeeeh???
    You just got it babe!!! It’s in your blood!!!


    (I hate that hoodie…. uuuuuuurrrgghhh)

  14. ErinMarie

    His eyes, his skin, his lips, his gaze. . . *is dead*

  15. *gasp* Ehn! Wentakin! He is such a sexy mo’fo!!!!

  16. LAgurl

    Is it possible for him to NOT look SO FUCKABLE?????????????????????? Oh My GOOOOODDDDDDDDD! I wanna fuck him SO bad! How does one look so tasty in a SWEATSHIRT????

  17. Jen

    Seriously- his parent should go in some kind of record book for having a child so perfect. How is it possible to be that beautiful and smart. The eyes, the skin, the hair all perfect. Love it, love him!

  18. HereKitty

    [b]MamaBear[/b] you’re killing me! LMAO!!

    I knew there was a reason my ovaries hurt today .. they were preparing to burst at the sight of that photo. That’s the best eye fuck I’ve had since .. forever. *thud*

  19. I hate that sweater… but…

    Went, you could wear whatever if only you continue that eye-fucking thing that you do. *faints*

    Good God, he’s beautiful.

  20. Rebekah

    MOLE?! 😥

  21. MiSa

    EYE fuck..o yes!…..i love him in that hoodie, he normally so prim and proper but here he looks all messed up and dirty…….love him….

  22. Giulia

    yeah! take me to the dark side Wentworth!!!! LOL WFW you are so funny 🙂
    Dera Went I hate your sweater, but your eyes…OMG they’re killing me!!
    Btw I read on the Fcowm forum that NikNak wrote:
    [i]TeenChoiceAwards2007 Update: Doesn’t look like Wenty is scheduled to appear. While he is a nominee, he is not on the list of presenters.[/i]
    uuuuuhhhh I’m so sad for that!!! 😦 😦

  23. ilurvemv

    Giulia, yeah, “not showing up” is his default option now. If he did show up to the TCAs I would have to take his temperature (with a rectal thermometer of course).

    Pics are nice but why is he doing no interviews for the return of his own freaking show?? I’ve read 10 Dom and Amaury interviews by now and still not a peep from Went.

  24. Giulia

    Yeah that’s true ilurvemv, he isn’t doing interviews… that’s so weird!! 😦 Where are you, Went?

  25. shortstuff

    went! *dies*

  26. Bel

    *slowly backs up*
    *bends over*
    *braces self*

    And may I say, Amaury looks like a chocolate sundae, Robert looks HAWT (sorry, I know I’m nuts), and Alex makes my canines itch.

  27. SavMed

    OMG! It’s the look he gave to Some Woman when she said: No, I’m not interested in dating you.

    *evil grin*

  28. Martelka

    I have had my jaw dropped for 2 minutes while looking at this pic. I am speechless about the way how hot and beautiful he is. I could eat him;)))))

  29. Wentworth Miller!

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