He lives…

and is still as gorgeous as ever. He has new luggage and is that pep in his step?

Let me find out pimpin! And let’s not forget, the wave is back!

Awwww! Oh and Went, I watched some of the Teen Choice Awards; You’re forgiven for not showing. It was torture just watching the shit.

Yours Always,

Thanks Mary! <== More pics at Church!

UPDATE: Awww and check it, a happy wave!

And a slice of smirky goodness

And Went surfing

So much Went, so little time. It’s like Christmas!


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23 responses to “He lives…

  1. miller_thriller

    OMG! i love it when he wears them shades.

    lol are they to protect the innocent bystanders from being eye fucked?

    babyboy looks cute, and i love the way his pinky sticks out when hes pulling his luggage! ahhh id like to lick that pinky!

    went, baby, you are officially forgiven for your no show last night.

  2. Shorty

    Hmm, was he having a weekend at home? No reports about what he was doing back in LA?

  3. Same tee, different jeans, same hat but… Where’s the blue tape???! Still, that’s my Went! *waving back*

  4. SavMed

    Is baby boy in love? hmmmm

    Anyhoo, why such a serious face? Where is your lovely smile, baby?

  5. Martelka

    He lookes great like usually. What a pity I don’t work at LAX!!! Can I have Your ID, please??? ;))))
    Yep, And he would aks: Can I have Your phone number??? ye, ye, ye;))))

  6. ErinMarie79

    He looks hot. Love the shades. Love the jeans. Love the shirt. Love the bucket hat. Yea, I said it. The bucket hat.

  7. ErinMarie79

    ps. He wasn’t scheduled to appear at the Teen Choice Awards was he? So, technically he wasn’t really a no show. I give him a pat on the bu, er, back, for not subjecting himself to the lameness that is the Teen Choice Awards. Just sayin’! 😉

  8. WFW

    No he wasn’t officially scheduled and I know my tone may not have been clear as I am usually giving him shit. This time however, I am not.

  9. Rosi

    Poor baby he looks tired..well its not easy to be the Best.

  10. Jan

    wooohooooo….he’s hot! that first pic w/ the intense look on his face…..priceless!

  11. Rosi

    aaah he is always that friendly…baby…u can shout at me when u feel like u want to .lay it all out 😉

  12. He looks SO happy! Yay Went!

  13. OMG The Happy Wave! *Thud*
    When he’s happy, I’m happy!

  14. P.S. What? He doesn’t have an iPhone? pish posh!

  15. Erika

    More Went! Yeay!

  16. Bel

    Happy Went. Me likes. That smile with the happy wave… That, my dear friends, is what love will do to you. Go Went!

  17. Linds

    Ummm…is it just me, or has Went been working out? And I mean that in a very “mmm-mmm Wenty!” kind of way….

  18. My fave’s the “happy wave” at Starbucks [right?]. God bless the man who can give a goofy smile and wave with a straw sticking outta his mouth!

    Geez, Went! First you do me with Wentakin, and now you do me with that goofy smile?!?

    You’re killing me!

  19. ilurvemv

    Maybe he is in LA to do some talk show appearances for PB s3? *is hopeful*

  20. Seza

    oh my goodness thank you god for making a man so so so fine.

    although……whats with the jandles doll??

  21. Thanks again, WFW! Just for that making Wentworth–God is a woman. Hooray! I’ll totally self-combust just for that goofy smile…

  22. Dani


    He looks simply stunning in his attempt at disguising himself with those WELL RECOGNISED glasses and green fisherman’s hat HAHAHAAAA!!

    He’s gorgeous, makes me want to cry – I want to buy god damned SHARES in Starbucks – Waaahhhhhh!!!

    Im sorry guys – I LOVE his sense of no-style, that rocks – IT IS SOO HIM. Awesome. My blood pressure’s rising at the look and thought of him casually walking the blessed streets of LA (or wherever) and looking so f*cking hot! hot! hot!

    That smile is gonna make me suicide………………..

    **doing a crazy dance**

  23. Dani

    **still pacing like a mad woman**

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