Is that Went and Luke?

Now I ain’t sayin’ they’re dating but I do believe that those who were looking for pics that prove they actually know each other have gotten their wish…

They look happy and if Went is happy, I approve.

Again, many thanks Mary! More pics at Church!

UPDATE: Jared has the full set.


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435 responses to “Is that Went and Luke?

  1. Aww, look how happy he is! He has a friend who shares his love for the same clothes and shoes and hats… What else do they share?

  2. miller_thriller

    Babyboy looks happy, and luke looks smug.

    *whispers* Bastard!

  3. Rosi

    Well well well,hi there u two ..HAVING A RIDE HUH?Having the same pants huh?What the….Luke…u look different in Star Wars yo!OMG your shoes are the same too,ok maybe Went found his lost twin bro or something …

  4. SavMed

    Am I guilty of wanting all that slash fiction to come to reality? Yes I am.

    But he also said, or at least it was written about him, that he is not gay and wants to settle down and have kids.

    I still want slash. I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with whatever slash fic I find on the internet.

  5. SavMed

    Ok, there is one way you can make me happy, baby! Get in MY pants! Yes, that would make me happy.

  6. Luci

    NOOOOOOOOOOO. I guess this means he’s out. He does look happy.

  7. Luci

    I guess perez was telling the truth. To bad he felt the need to lie. Even though I am married, my heart is breaking a little bit.

  8. ErinMarie79

    He looks so. . . happy!

    Luci, I don’t think anything is confirmed until he says. I have gay female friends, but that doesn’t mean when I hang out with them, that I’m gay too.

    Anyways, whether he is or isn’t, I hope he is happy!

  9. WFW

    Do we even know that Luke is gay for sure? I just remember him hanging out with T.R. after he came out…Was it confirmed they were dating?

    *seriously asking b/c I don’t know and NOT b/c I’m wishing for this not to be true*

  10. Anonymous

    this could be a cooked up story.he can have friends dat are guys without being gay. let hear him say he is gay first

  11. Luci

    I don’t think it is a cooked up story. Why would he be out and about with the guy that Perez said he was dating, unless they are dating. Hoping for bi, but very very doubtful.

  12. Anonymous

    Um is it just me or does the top photo in particular look photoshopped?

  13. Giulia

    oh we have to admit: this Luke is so damn hot, more than Mariana or Amie!!!

    they looks so happy and they wear the same pli flops, they probably do shopping together awww… this is so cute!!

  14. RB

    Yea. it looks like its photoshopped. Take a look at WM’s bucket hat. The edges are kinda off.
    Maybe its just me.

  15. Anonymous

    Maybe it’s wishful thinking, I dunno. I’d love him regardless, but they look like old photos of Went I’ve seen elsewhere. Then again his wardrobe is not that big I guess!

  16. Geisha

    Did someone say gay porn?

  17. Luci

    It will be interesting to see how this affects his career, which I think it will. I guess he does date actors. Someone mentioned Amie Bice, now what the hell was that?? Anyway, I’m not really surprised by this.

  18. ErinMarie79

    Actually this smells of a publicity stunt. PB is starting up in 3 weeks. lolz. 😉

  19. Giulia

    yeah erinmarie… it could be…

  20. Anonymous

    the guy is not Luke

  21. Anonymous

    *where the PH link once was*

    WFW: LOL, we all know who said it first anon.

  22. Went is wearing flip flops! OMG, I’m SUCH a toe whore and The Pretty has lovely toes…mmmm.

  23. OMG! OMG! OMG!……..*speechless*

  24. anon

    maybe it’s the sceptic in me but i call bullshit. first of all, a few of those pics of went look photoshopped. the one of him with the frappucino looks like old pics of him walking solo. (anyone remember the pics i’m talking about?) the other thing is where did these pics originate from? who is this “mary” who posts these pics as her first two posts on FCOWM? hmmmm….

  25. WFW

    You could have a point there oh wise anon. Went’s hat looks outlined in the walking pics but I have been told that it can occur in pics naturally.

  26. Anonymous

    Went’s hat looks outlined in the walking pics … but not in the car pic.

  27. ErinMarie79

    I think the outfit that Went is wearing (hoodie, blue shirt, bucket hat, beige pants) he wore in the other airport pics when he arrived for the TCA’s around July 21st didn’t he?

    Interesting point anon. Who knows?!

  28. Linds

    I call bullshit as well. This looks like a photoshop job, and a whack ass one at that. Mind you – whatever. I don’t care who Went is with because it’s not me (in real life). I will love him regardless. I will still watch PB and rent his movies and search through Youtube when I am bored just to catch three minutes of him doing something random, then squeal like a little girl at his cuteness – no matter what. As for the photo – just sayin’. It looks photoshopped.

  29. Anonymous

    Isn’t Went much taller than Mr Mcfarlane, if we believe imdb? Look at those 2 pics of them walking side by side. Something is wierd. But the last pic (guys in a car) seems natural….

    Anyways, if Went is happy, I’m happy.

  30. As long as Went’s toes aren’t shopped, I’m good. The other dude’s toes, however, need a little sun. Just sayin’.

  31. anon

    glad to see that i’m not the only person thinking this shit is bullshit. can anyone locate those pics of went walking with frappucino in hand? because, i swear these are the same pics, only photoshopped to look like he’s with whoever this guy is (has it even been confirmed this guy is luke mcfarlane?)
    like linds say, i don’t give a shit whether went is straight, gay, bi or whatever—i love babyboy regardless. but i hate bullshit and this shit here is reeking…

  32. Anotherface

    Im in shock literally! I mean if the rumours are true then my god! why did he deny being gay in the first place…also the fact Perez actually suggested this, can only mean one thing, it must be true, why else would he be seen with the one man? who Perez claimed were both an item..unless it is a publicity stunt or a photoshop! looks like Wentworth does bat for the other team, Im really gutted! *sighs*

  33. WFW

    OK so it’s time to say this once again…Went said he wasn’t gay. He DID NOT say he wasn’t bi. People hear what they want to hear. I’m not saying I know his sexual orientation, I’m just saying that technically, if he is dating Luke, he is not a liar; He just knows how to word his answers.

  34. Erika

    If he’s gay then yeay! If he’s not the double yeay! I’m just excited about all the Went pics that we are pouring in. Finally the Went drought is over. Now can I get a picture with the two of them making out?

  35. Anonymous

    His poster will come off my wall. I’m very confused and sad. His still my idol, but I feel disappointed. You can call me childish and stupid. But this is the way I feel. I don’t know him, never met him, but I feel like I’ve been lied to. Oh well, it was just a long distance, never-gonna-happen crush.

  36. Ana

    The 2 pics of them walking side by side are very strange, I mean the pics of Went don’t have colour and the pics of Luke are perfect, I don’t understand. By the other side the pics of Went alone are perfect of colour. It’s very strange.

  37. HereKitty

    Oooo .. who wants to see gay porn with two out-of-this world hot men??? *jumping up and down* Me, me, me, me!!

    I’ve gotten over the initial shock and am now sitting back and enjoying the ride. He looks incredibly happy and that’s what matters.

  38. Tears

    [quote]OK so it’s time to say this once again…Went said he wasn’t gay. He DID NOT say he wasn’t bi. People hear what they want to hear. I’m not saying I know his sexual orientation, I’m just saying that technically, if he is dating Luke, he is not a liar; He just knows how to word his answers.[/unquote]

    Thank you W4W,
    The pics look photoshopped, Went walking on the grass…hmmm.

    “Mary” huh; euphemism much. It’s all so very convenient

  39. Anonymous

    Now we can watch the ratings of Prison Break go down down down. And those comments from Dominic in the OK magazine were obviously fake. Prison Break was a success and Went lied all the way. Maybe it was FOX breathing down on him. I thought he was smart. He should have been honest from the start. This man is a big disappoinment to me. Girls, am I the only one who’s mad?! Or am I just a big looser fan who believed everything that came out of a Hollywood actors mouth??

  40. Anonymous

    Car pic does not look photoshopped

  41. Anonymous

    Girls, am I the only one who’s mad?!

    You wouldn’t lie about your sexuality in order to keep the job?

  42. cocot13

    Oh well……………………

  43. Ana

    I think car pic is also strange, I mean , I can’t sit down of that way. Please do it.

  44. People, he’s just walking down the street and riding in a car with the dude. So what? I’m just thankful for new photos in which he’s happy. FINALLY!

  45. Anonymous

    Girls, you should understand – at least those of you who prefer men 🙂

  46. anon

    his career is totally FUCKED

  47. gay guy999666

    please are we siting Perez that morbidly obese moron said Castro died … i’m still waiting

    and i agree the first picture looks weird, look at wents waist it is so much larger than the fairy so i doubt they share clothes
    went is fatter than his bitch heheheh so guess who’s the top

  48. Ana

    There are a lot of pics in Just Jared. I think Went should say the truth. I love you, I’ll support you always but now I’m very sad.

  49. Tears

    Since when did being seen with a gay friend make someone gay? Why would PB’s ratings go down, does being gay make an actor less talented? What capricious fans you all are.

  50. tia

    In other news, do you guys know that tonight at on Fox they will be airing two reruns of PB starting at 8

  51. ANON

    I hate to admit this but I have never seen him this happy with any of the woman he’s been seen with before

  52. Shorty

    Just because he hangs out with Luke doesn’t make him gay. I don’t know, I really don’t think he is and the pics don’t prove anything. It’s not like they are looking at each other lustily or even touching each other in any way. And no, he doesn’t need to comment whether or not he is gay, why should he? I mean, it may not help his case that he was rumored to be dating Luke and now he’s seen with him, but it still doesn’t prove anything. Maybe they had been seen out together as friends and that’s how Perez came up with the rumor that they were dating. I just want to know one thing, doesn’t the boy have a computer at home to check his e-mail on????

  53. Tears

    [quote]I just want to know one thing, doesn’t the boy have a computer at home to check his e-mail on????[/unquote]

    LOL, yes he does Shorty, but if he wants to post on the boards, which I’ve always suspected he does. He can be anonymous, and his ip addy can’t be traced back to him.

  54. Gbaby

    I guess when somebody is not a scandalous person, does not get arrested for drunk driving, drugs possession etc, you will have to fabricate something to keep him in the spotlight.
    Lets not forget that our dear Went comes from a lawyer family. If he is finally fed up with the BS, when push comes to shove, the trash blogger will get his ass kicked, which I think the trash blogger secretly wants and likes.

  55. Anonymous

    Prison Break is wrapped and something tells me we won’t see this guy in any films anytime soon. He obviously feels free to walk with his boyfriend now, (come on girls, matching flipflops and everything, they are a couple!)and that is great. But it’s still sad that he didn’t tell the truth to his fans from the beginning. He talked about his ideal woman and stuff. I’m not mad because he’s gay. I’m mad because he lied. I think he ows us some kind of explanation. Why he did this and what he’s going to do next. Just an honest thruth from Went would make me a happy fangirl again. For what it’s worth.

  56. Anonymous

    “If he is finally fed up with the BS, when push comes to shove, the trash blogger will get his ass kicked, which I think the trash blogger secretly wants and likes.”

    Unlikely. He would have to prove defamation, which is very hard to do when you’re a public figure.

    He has to prove that:

    1. The rumors are not true.

    2. That Perez knows or has reason to believe the rumors are not true and printed them anyway.

    3. That the rumors are specifically harmful (very hard to prove now that Knight and Harris have proven otherwise.)

    A few years ago, it would’ve been easier for celebs to sue over gay rumors. The precedent of the Tom Cruise case meant that they could easily prove that such rumors were harmful to their careers. But now they have an uphill battle on that angle. It’s true that there is still some potential damage–just look at the comments above to see how some silly people will like him less if he’s gay–but it’s not as big as it was in the past.

    Still, however, the biggest reason you don’t see many lawsuits over gay rumors is because most of them are true, and the truth is an absolute defense against libel.

    /media law geek

  57. Luci

    I have no problem with him being gay, but the fact that he lied, and he lied alot is a little unsettling. Someone asked if you would lie for a job? Hell no, I would not lie about who I trully am for a career. I am surprised because he just seemed so above it all. That whole Amie Bice drama is even more bizarre now, makes him seem very desperate and even a little pathedic. He just seems like a cliche’ now. I don’t mean to sound so harsh, I’ve pretty much accepted that he is gay, and I’m over the initial shock, but It’s sad that he chose to lie to the extent that he did. I wish him the best of luck he will need it. The photo’s are not photoshopped there are many more on justjared.

  58. GenGen

    I’m sure I will support him in the future but when I remenber things like “I like persons willing to be who you are no matter what people could think or say about you” (korea) I have difficul moment because I thought he was like that, proud about himself with no need to lie… ok I need to eat, sleep and then I’m sure I will forget about the second part of my post!

  59. ME


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  61. LOL

    jealous girls are jealous

  62. Bel

    If baby is happy, I am happy. Maybe he’s dating Luke and the guy knows how to cradle Went’s crib, or Went’s happy about something and feels great hanging out with his mates. Whatever. He’s happy, and in love I’d like to believe, and whether it’s Luke or some girl, really, as long as smile sticks around to brighten my day, I say YAAAAAY!

    And SM, slash is there for a reason. And the reason is called lust 😉

  63. Rosi

    Yes he has a pic holding just the same coffee cup,but that doesnt mean he cant drink the same coffee again(i bet there is a vodka in this cup). Wentworth”s job is to be actor,we love him being an actor,outside the acting he is a man,walking around with people,he travels around the world,gives intervews,goes to parties and stuff.So if Luke is gay and he is having a walk with Went,it doesnt mean Went is…i even cant say it.I am eating a fried chicken wings it doesnt mean am gonna fly lol.The other side of the question is if he is G*y,well he is the hottest g*y kind living.Holla at you Went!

  64. Rosi

    Oooh and LMAO,BELY!

  65. Went owes no one any explanation unless you’re a close relative or friend. I agree with WFW, technically he didn’t lie when he said he’s not gay as he could be bisexual. Besides,IMO, all that these pictures proof is that Went and Luke hang out. It is not like they were holding hands and making out in public and if they were then so what? For all of you who feel betrayed in some way or another by this…well, find a door and keep walking while the true Went fans stays behind and support him in what ever he choose to do just as long as it is not illegal. I am done. Call me when there are new Went pictures to lust over.

  66. teetee

    any guesses on who’s the bottom?
    I say Went, LOL

  67. cocot13

    The only thing that bothers me about this whole thing is not that he’s probably gay because in the back of my mind I kinda believed the rumors, its that now Perez gets the fucking satisfaction of being the one who “outed” him, especially if Went does officially make a statement and confirms it, Perez will be the one who will ultimately get the credit like he did something amazing like discover a cure for cancer or something ,when infact all he did was potentially hurt a man’s career which is the thing that bothers me seeing as how the overwhelming majority of his fanbase are females who now feel a sense of betrayal which I cant understand since they were probably never going to meet, fuck, or marry the man

  68. act

    I just hope he’s filming back in Texas today. They finished episode 5, so I hope they didn’t kill Michael off and now he’s free to come out. I don’t think I’ll enjoy the T-bag and Michael conversations as much, but I’ll try. Looking foward to season 3. Thanks for a great site WFW.

  69. Shorty

    I was thinking about this and I think the poor guy can’t get a break. Whethere he was photographed with Luke, another guy, Amie, Marianna, or any other female, it’s all the same. If he’s seen with a girl, it’s “oh he can’t be gay he’s with a girl,” or “oh the girl is just a beard.” He’s with a guy and he’s automatically gay. So whether he’s seen with a guy or girl people will still say the same things about him. And even if he does make a statement, “I am or I’m not,” will it really matter? People won’t believe him anyway. I think he’s VERY confident with himself and doesn’t really care what people say. No I don’t know him personally, but just from what I’ve seen/read in interviews he doesn’t seem like the type to hide himself away. “Definitions belong to the definers.”

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  71. Mink

    “Prison Break is wrapped and something tells me we won’t see this guy in any films anytime soon.”

    “Prison Break” is not wrapped. They have only just begun to film the 3rd season. (Um, I hope this coming out doesn’t mean something truly ridiculous like they are going to kill off Michael, so at last he feels free to come out. Okay, I totally need to be slapped hard for even thinking that!)

    “The only thing that bothers me about this whole thing is not that he’s probably gay because in the back of my mind I kinda believed the rumors, its that now Perez gets the fucking satisfaction of being the one who “outed” him.”

    Fuck, yes! I totally agree. This is just too irritating. The whole thing should have been handled much better. But whatever, now Went really needs to address these rumours in an honest and forthright fashion. No more beating about the bush. (*snicker*)

    WFW, I cannot believe how responsible and circumspect your posting has been on this topic. If you like, you can come over to Church and tease the shit out of him there. 😉

  72. genpop40

    OMG! Get a grip, people! He worked his ass off to get to where he is career-wise, and if he’s gay, his career will be affected…clearly, based on some of the fair weather fans that are posting about this. IF he lied, that is why he did it. He’s the same sweet, kind, intelligent, gorgeous, talented guy he always was. Luke must be a great guy too. And maybe if he comes out like it looks like he might, we can finally move on to more important things…like promoting his show without fear of rude questions. Whatever makes him happy, and gives me more pics of the pretty is fine with me.

  73. Mink

    Oh sorry, I realised I forgot to actually say: this is totally fine with me. As long as we get our old happy Went back, then that is super duper.

    He lied because of the ridiculous, judgemental attitudes of far too many people, and I really, really hope he weathers this storm. Whatever, I’m sure this must be an enormous weight off his shoulders. The answer to the question of what the fuck has been bothering him since the beginning of the year sure is a weight off mine.

    Um, back to work on your career and entertaining us and showing up now, Went honey. Thnx! 🙂

  74. Bugsy

    I cant believe it.He must b going out with luke,there has’nt been any pics of them before.Went has just been denying gay rumours for the sake of pb.Now thats its almost done,he doesnt care.I think all of us are inlove with michael schofield.A man of integrity and honor.Thats the man we love.Went is the actor.And he has dun a good job.

  75. Luci

    I really am not so sure he lied because of people’s attitude. Producers, directors usually do not hire openly gay actors to play straight roles. It is very very difficult to sell that to the audience. This subject was covered on 20/20 a few months back and Hollywood producers were interviewed, they said it is almost impossiple to sell a gay actor in a straight role and they usually will not take that chance since so much money is involved. This in not all about WM, the cast and crew of Prison Break will also be affected if the ratings begin to suffer. I would guess that the majority of their viewership is probably young girls/ women. He does look so relaxed and happy. I can only imagine how the stress has affected him. I wish him the bust of luck!!

  76. Andie

    I don’t believe it. I need proof that they’re sleeping together. Immediately, if possible. Subjects should both be completely naked. I personally prefer digital video that I can download onto my hard drive and watch repeatedly, but abundant hi-rest photographs are an adequate alternative.

  77. Anotherface


  78. liyah

    Call me crazy, but these pictures are a whole lot less traumatizing than the idea that he has a girlfriend. Something is wrong with me! I have gay and bi female friends that I openly flirt with and I have no intention on sleeping with them… He is not flirting (or doesn’t seem to be), but my point is that not all people are freaked out at having gay friends. Either way, I agree that as long as we get happy, smiling Went photos than I am happy too. Lucky for Luke, if the rumors are true! Either way, he deserves to be happy.

  79. GenGen

    Wentworth will always be the beautiful and fantastic Wentworth we love but honestly Mink I don’t think that he lied because of what his female fans could think or say but just because it was his decision to stay in the closet untill the right moment.
    I agree that the whole thing could be handled better, without the firm statement and all the “I want a wife and kids”. I’m not blaming him for this but I also think that it’s not fair to say that it is because some of his isterical fans, he didn’t do nothing to “calm them” after all… for example I remember the “she could be here, you never know” about the ideal woman in Korea, it was like patrol on fire!
    I say it again, I don’t blame Went for this but I think it is about him being ready for the industry. His fans just believed what he said after all.

    Anyway dear Wentworth, you are the most surprising man on the earth… LOVE YOU!

  80. Lea

    Did you see that they have the same feet, not the shoes, the toes are the same. Wents feet are double …. can be only a wonder,
    two man with the same feet … perfect

    What is that blue edge around the body if i look the picture in big size ?

    Is that Photoshopped ?

  81. Anoni

    Let’s just wait and see. They’ve been friends for quite some time now. They met through his business manager. The pictures doesn’t really prove anything. Who knows this could all be business related. Pretty soon Wentworth will make an announcement either to confirm or deny.

  82. Camila

    Hey ladies! Let’s reason, shall we?
    Why all the overreaction? I won’t think anything until we read or watch an interview where Went clarifies on the subject.
    But in the meantime, many possibilities come to my mind:
    1- if Mariana and Amie were friends, Luke might as well be just a friend.
    2- if they are both actors, why not thinking that they gathered in order to discuss a common project?
    3- I think it’s cool that a nice, well-mannered and educated person as Went has such a variety of friends, female or not, gay or not…it’s good to see him smiling in and about LA.
    4- I recall reading an interview where Went said that he doesn’t think of LA as home, since he’s been living 10 out 12 months in Dallas / Chicago for the last couple of years. So what if he had ti run some errands, and good friend Luke kept him company and gave him a lift? huh…
    What do you think? 😉

  83. Charlie Brown

    these look a bit photoshopped to me.

  84. Speechless

    Woah, seeing this I just can think that Dominic is hilarious!! Here we’ve got that “some woman”, he is realy beautifull that for sure.
    Teetee, well I can say that according with this Luke’s the bottom. And looks like he has a great one.
    Anyway I like this couple, they look cute. I’m happy for you Went!!! And I glad to know you’re better choosing men that women.

    You rock!!! 😉

  85. Hotforwent

    ok ..omg omg omg i never taught in a million years that this , well that perez would be telling the truth ….my heart has dropped to the floor..i still love him ? oh mannn what a horrible week ..i didn’t need this 😦

  86. Lea

    Is incidentally the same clothing, when he was
    landing at LAX at end of july ….
    Look just jared

  87. Charlie Brown

    let me add; if he is dating this guy, i hope he’s happy. These still look photoshopped to me, but whatever. Also, I just can’t see him lying about his sexuality. He said that he wanted a wife and kids, so that would be lying on his part if he is really gay.He seems to be an honest person; one that wouldn’t jeopardize his integrity so that he can keep his job. Anyways, i’m a bit of a perv, so if this is his boyfriend, i want to see a sex tape suddenly appear from nowhere. I’m a bit drunk right now, so if i’ve mispelled anything, please forgive me. It’s been a long day.

  88. Charlie Brown


    I have a feeling that Went is the bottom… if he’s really gay. LOL

  89. Lea

    Whatever he is, gay or not …. want to see the
    next season PB ……
    Now ………..

  90. Mink

    “Wentworth will always be the beautiful and fantastic Wentworth we love but honestly Mink I don’t think that he lied because of what his female fans could think or say but just because it was his decision to stay in the closet untill the right moment.”

    GenGen, um, before responding to me, please read what I wrote!

    As you evidently didn’t before, I’ll repost it:

    “He lied because of the ridiculous, judgemental attitudes of far too many people”

    Are the words “fans” or “fangirls” in there at all? No, I thought not.

    Whilst I do think that the attitudes of some of his ‘fans’ don’t help in this situation, these are not the “people” I was referring to specifically. I meant people in the industry (producers, directors, publicists etc etc) and the much wider general population (large swathes of the U.S., and other parts of the world for that matter, are not known for their acceptance of homo- or bi-sexuality). I would think these are the people who would have a much larger influence over the behaviour of an actor who is still working to firmly establish his career.

    And FWIW, I don’t think he waited until the “right moment” to come out; I think he’s in this relationship, and the pressures to hide it just became intolerable.

    If you think it’s his “fans” who some people think are the problem, fine. But please don’t put words in my mouth.

  91. shelley

    He sure does look happy. Have we ever seen him smile that way with any women? I find it somewhat amusing that whenever a site speaks of Went and his work, there seems to be 40-50 remarks tops. However, mention his sexuality and watch out!! Maybe we’re focusing on the wrong thing here, we (at least on this site) love our Went. It’s too bad though that it’s something like this that makes people respond who wouldn’t normally. Let’s just keep on lovin’ Went and his WORK! Ok, and his God given gorgeous looks!

  92. Charlie Brown

    shelley you are so right about that. whether he is straight,gay, asexual, or whatever, it shouldn’t matter, and to me it doesn’t. I’m just a fan of his, and I admire how is he carries himself. He seems to be not affected about celebrity and just wants to work and do what makes him happy. I respect that.That’s all.

  93. GenGen

    Sorry Mink, my mistake.
    I thought you were speaking about the “ridiculous, judgemental attitudes” that we read everyday (so fans or public in general) rather than the future or hypotetical (?spelling?) ones (so producers and so on).

  94. Wentaholic77

    *looking at pics at Jared*

    Is Luke’s fly open on pic where he is alone? 😮

  95. genpop40

    “Whatever, I’m sure this must be an enormous weight off his shoulders. The answer to the question of what the fuck has been bothering him since the beginning of the year sure is a weight off mine.”

    Well said, Mink! I feel happy for him…mostly because I can’t look at that smile of his, and be anything but happy for him. My first thoughts at seeing this post today were to remember his quote about Dracula.

    His conversation is littered with this sense of danger, of being trapped by attention and celebrity. The project he feels most attracted to, for instance, is one he’s developing himself about Dracula. “There’s something identifiable in that character,” he says earnestly. “The Dracula story is really, in my interpretation, a story about someone schlepping through the ages trying to find love. Alone. Malformed. A social outcast. Dracula picks his bride to be, and there’s a part of us that wants them to get together. But then the blond, beefy hero comes in at the end and puts a stake through Dracula’s heart. I think it’s kind of tragic. Dracula is about wanting community, wanting to be understood, wanting some kind of connection, someone to accept you, fangs and all.”

  96. Stab

    GENPOP40 maybe you are right but now we give a new interpretation to every single word that before it has a different meaning to us (some times ago it was about race, conservative family, not social person, shy…). I mean that we really don’t know what’s in his mind considering all this, but if your interpretation is right I truly hope he is happy now.

  97. genpop40

    Yeah, me too, Stab….and just so you know, my “Um…what?” was directed to the post above yours, and definitely not at you.

  98. maya

    I always thought that he was gay

    I love Wentworth even more now for having the guts to show his face in public with his alleged boyfriend

  99. niknak

    What the fuck is since I am commoner… prattling on about? Totally off topic if you ask me…

    Went, gay? Still not buying it. Until I see some hand holding or public canoodling, or he says it out loud and proud, I am not setting sail on this ship. I’m calling bullshit, I’m saying it’s propaganda, I’m sticking my fingers in my ears and humming a little tune.

    Wentworth Miller has said he is not gay, and though he did not say he wasn’t bi, all comments and compasses point to being straight. Until he says differently, I’m sticking with the words from the horsey’s mouth… unless I see someone’s penis in it 😉

  100. SARA


    Every gay guy in Hollywood already knows this hunkalicious actor prefers men, but he’s being gagged by his managerial team, and NOT allowed to admit it! He’d LOVE to come out of the closet! He HATES doing those interviews that always focus on his mysterious love life. But he’s a leading man type and there’s too much money riding on his sex appeal to women and macho identity to men! He’s featured on a popular TV series that shoots far from Hollywood. While he’s on location, our hunk openly lives with his boyfriend . Setsiders aren’t inclined to gossip about him because they want to keep the show on the air. They fear a gay star might turn off viewers of both sexes. But it leaves our gorgeous actor feeling miserable and awkward. He’s not enjoying his success.



    love you wentworth

  101. Luci

    How do you guy’s think this will affect his career? I believe it will have a negative effect, but would really like to know what others think?

  102. AJ

    Oh SNAP! Thank God I was wrong. He’s not married with kids…he’s just gay/bi! 🙂

    And since I’ve already said everything I needed to say on this subject back in that other “gay gay gay” thread, I’m just gonna take this opportunity to go ahead and shut, what they call, the fuck up. 😉

    If anyone needs me I shall be over here admiring all the pretty in these new candids. Cuz ‘shopped or not, he still looks hot!

  103. Skippy

    I gotta agree with Charlie Brown. He said he wanted a wife and kids someday, and he also said he wasn’t gay. Yet we always hearing all the rumors of him having BF’s in college, making out with dude’s here and there. Yet no one knows for sure!

    Think about this girls…and boys…he probably plays both sides of the fence! I know people that are Bi, and they have kids, husbands/wives, BF/GF, etc.. yet they have relations with the same sex. He doesn’t talk about his personal life, although we have seen him out with girls, and a GF or two. Hey…he never said he was straight…but did say he wasn’t gay!

    Although those pics have made a lot of people’s heads turn :::WTF:::: it’s safe to say this. If he’s Bi…plueasssse…leave it alone. I’m bettin that he’s probably Bi, and doesn’t really want to talk about it. Which means he’s got a LOT more lovin to spread around…for everyone! WOOHOO!


  104. tanja

    You are lying Sara, there is no such blind item on Janet Charlton’s website.

  105. tanja

    I apologize. I was looking at 2007.

  106. He said …
    She said …
    They said …


    Miz Brisvegas says: Who fuck cares?

    I’m just thankful PB S3 is around the corner which means hopefuly more W. Miller candids / photo shoots / interviews.

    Excuse me while I make offerings to God / Zeus / Buddha.

  107. … yes, I’m aware of the typo. D’oh!

    That’s what happens when I get bored of a subject 🙂

  108. dfw chick

    “I have better things to do than educate people.” Wentworth Miller

    I hope that’s true. The thing I’ve loved about Mr. Miller is his respect for his own privacy and not going Hollywood. I hope he treats this the same. Otherwise he will always have to answer to the media and that will officially mark his self-inflicted end to privacy. And he’ll become fair game.

    I am a hetero woman and the day I run into him in Dallas and we fall madly in love with each other, I want him to respect the relationship and keep it private. (Just kidding about this part, sort of. He’s so damn hot.)

    Viva la fantasy!

  109. Shorty

    May I just ask, why does everyone think Went was feeling miserable the past few months? I really have no idea and if someone could enlighten me I’d be grateful. I really don’t think there’s anything more between these two than friendship. I think they are having a good laugh over what people are saying about them right now.

  110. Shorty

    Sorry to post again right after myself, but I just wanted to add something. To me their pants DON’T match. They are not even the same shade of brown/khaki, nor are they the same style. Also, the flip flops, you know how many people probably have the same exact pair? I have a friend that we both have the same shirt. We have met up on occassion wearing the same shirt, not knowing the other one put it on. It doesn’t make us gay.

  111. PBLUV

    I don’t even know what to say. Wait, wait, yea I know what to say. Thank you Went. I don’t pay your salary, I am not a personal friend, I am not who you are dating and you don’t pay me to do anything for you. Yet and still some expect you to give ALL to us, all your life and your being. Yup they say that is part and parcel with wanting the JOB of being an actor. You have to give up basic human rights. The right to privacy, the right to enjoy your relationships as they are. The right to get that starbucks without all of us knowing.
    Thank you Went for making me see what this JOB you have chosen takes away from you, I only knew what you got, celebrity, fame, money, perks here and there. I can imagine you hoped that true fans of yours and PB would get it, would understand and that the rest of the world would just judge your work and not who you are possibly dating.
    Reading here, seeing *fans* so disappointed as if you suddenly became a different person over night, something bad. In America, I would hope the bad feelings about who you date, who you love would be something for the history books. But its not, you were right in my opinion to try and go about your life as we all do, with private dignity.
    I wish for one hour in one day those who *suddenly* take issue with you based on pictures and a piggish fool’s words, could have to deal with not being able to hold the hands of the loved ones, not being able to invite their spouse to the big night, not being able to hug hello at the airport. Imagine not being able to be YOU.
    Thank you Went for reminding me that in America, we still have hateful fence sitters who want their dreams pretty and not real.
    Now if and when you comment on this Wentie, may the strength of many be with you.
    I appreciate you a great deal, thank you for entertaining us and I pray this drama does not affect your career negatively and as the sister of a gay woman and the daughter of a gay man, I am angry for you.

  112. LAgurl

    I am a flight attendant – so I work with gay men ALL the time. Hell, I work with them everytime I go to work, and I’ve been flying for over 10 years. All I can say about them is this – they are NO different then anyone else in this world, and they should not be looked at or even considered different. Why should they? But that is too idealistic of me, I guess.

    I am a minority and I clearly get treated differently then some others. I guess it’s inevitable that in this world, that you get judged one way or another no matter who you are.

    All you can do is stick up for yourself (which I have to sometimes, since I am a young minority female, and people tend to take a condescending stance to me) and live your life.

  113. Al

    We already know that he is gay. Those lines that his publicists pulls out are the same old quotes used by every closeted celebrity who later came out. People from the inside already said that Wentworth is absolutely gay, even those who went to school with him.

    So please fangurls, accept the future, because he will be coming out soon enough.

  114. Enough

    Skippy, he’s gay. Not bi. He has said that to get the press to stop printing what everyone already knows which is that he is gay. Gay people have kids and family.

  115. Enough

    August 27th, 2007 at 2:51 pm

    Luci, how old and how stupid are you? Do you live in the rest of society. Of course he would lie.

  116. Luci

    Enough, I said I would not lie. Take a valium, in the grand scheme of things this is not a big deal.

  117. He’s gay again? Wake me when he goes back to being straight. I hate to miss the chaos.

  118. JACK

    I remember telling you the truth about Went Miller ‘s sexuality a few weeks ago, but obviously many here refused to believe me.
    As a direct witness of W.M. relationship with another man back in 2002, I am so glad that he’s decided to come out: it’s good for him and his partner, no more hiding, no more lies to the press, and above all, it’s excellent for Gays in general. Here is a nice young actor with principles, an exquisite politeness and a good education, who doesn’t party or snorts cocaine, and who IS homosexual!
    His move today can help towards a real change of minds in Hollywood.
    Thank you Mr. Miller for your courage!

  119. Seza

    Honestly?? who cares if he is seen in public with luke, for all we know they are good mates (friends), may have met him in acting class or something.
    It doesn’t prove anything. The media will play on it it as much as possible, and trash his rep.
    Unless there is hard out evidence I’m not going to stop believing in him and how hot he is, i mean i still believe in santa and he’s not even good eye candy!!!

  120. KiraAngelina

    He looks soooo happy and this is the only thing that matters.
    My heart is breaking here, of course, but I think I will survive this 🙂 (it´s not that I really thought I´ll ever meet him and make him fall in love with me… so) 😉

    I sure as hell hope that this will not affect his career… I´m very excited to see the new PB season!

    Wentworth.. you rock… no matter who you love! I wish you all the best.

  121. SavMed

    Dear Jack,

    I forgot to thank you the first time you warned us.
    Thing is I was just about to buy a plane ticket to L.A. (have you any idea how expensive it is to travel all the way there from the Balkans?) to go and meet WEMIII and hopefully fuck his brains out.
    However, your comment made me save all that money, which I spend on S/M sex with a 58 y.o.transvestite; a passionate night I might add . But I digress.

    Anyway, I forgot to thank you the first time so I’m using the opportuninty now. Thank you, Jack!

    Seriously now, if WEMIII is gay, I hope gay comunity profits from it and I hope it makes some people less narrowminded.

    For me he’s still going to be the same ole Went I have fantastic fantasy sex with on daily basis and lick tv screen when he’s on TV.

  122. Katjus

    The Perfect One looks so happy, i feel like crying! Wasnt that the face we were all missing?

    Matching flipflops aside (Awwww…!), i dont care anymore. All the same if he is gay or staight or bats for my team and swings what ever the fooking way he feels like, i have officially decided not to care. That smile on his face made me feel so damn warm and fuzzy inside that i realised it doesnt matter to me. I´m tired of reading between the lines and speculating anymore. I just want him to smile like that and look as relaxed from now on… GAWD, i need that smile!

    And Mama, them toes are long and refined… I can see why u likey. Me, all about The Belly… *dreamy fangirl sigh*

  123. Katjus

    Oh yeah, and Jack,

    i was expecting to find ur comment here and voilá here it is. Yes u did show up earlier to “share the truth” and as i did back then i still think it wasnt ur “truth” to be shared.
    Also, i think most of us here would still not take ur word for anything as surprisingly, its the Went-One we trust a bit more to know HIS own business than u… !

  124. Anonymous

    I find this Went-Luke thing really weird. Went has never waved his hands at the paparazzi. He has always looked a bit stressed when his being photographed on the street. Like he feels uncomfortable in those situations. And now suddenly he’s with this guy, smirking and playing around with the paparazzi. This doesn’t seem like him at all. I’m sure that if he didn’t know Luke before that Perez-story about them being a couple, they propably had some sort of conversation about the rumour. Maybe that’s the first time they actually met. If they are not a couple, I think it’s mean and childish for him to do this. He must know that younger fans are going to be confused and angry. But if they are a couple he should just come out and say so.

  125. JACK

    Well, KATJUS, I understand why you’re venting your anger at me, you must feel a certain pain inside and it’s good if you can relieve yourself with sarcasm.. But remember, when I first posted here, it was just BEFORE Perez Hilton started his Luke rumor, and tongues were wagging already around us . We tried damage control here and on sites like JJared, you can consider it was akward, but I was sincere…We thought there was a “nasty” way of exposing WM’s sexual preferences, and Perez could make it look awful(And did!)
    Before PB, at the time of “Dinotopia”, WM never flaunted his sexuality but never hid it either: we knew he was gay and that was that.
    But FOX people are a bunch of liars, money and ratings are all that counts and they pressured him in a shameful way, I’m sure, bearding him with girls and even asking Dominic Purcell to come out with those ridiculous lies!
    So, now Went is coming out: look at his lovely , happy smile! Somehow , even that Perez bitch helped him in the end…
    Katjus, deep down, I think Went would thank us for helping him. being himself: WE weren’t lying!

  126. Sara

    Why was Went in L.A. this weekend? He was nominated in the Teen Choice Award and finally he wasn’t there because these pics?????
    Nobody have mentioned this

  127. SARA

    Jack is right. The fans hysterical reaction is the reason he wasn’t open about his sexality

    I don’t blame him. I blame his managerial team and part of his fans

  128. Roya

    Ok, to me these pictures look really photoshopped. I saw that the first second. And then, I don’t recall Wentworth saying he is not gay. No one asked him this question. A girl on an australian radio asked if it’s true that he was holding hands with a guy at a t-mobile party and he said no. This does not say whether he is gay or not. Anyway, it’s not like we had any chance anyway… and he looks happy (if the pics are real).

  129. LOOOOOOOOOOOL hahahaha hes gay too bad

  130. Silvia

    C’mon guys,he could hump sheeps,he’d still be hot…I’m just waiting for PB and the sex tape…

  131. JACK

    …..and one last thing, ladies: Wentworth Miller is still the same old self! He hasn’t changed and if you liked the actor before, you’ll like him just the same. Forget the sexual fantasies, you don’t need that to love an actor… I, myself absolutely love Kenneth Branagh (I met him briefly), and I enjoy his work. I have no sexual fantasies about him because I’m straight.
    Can’t you do the same with WM? He’s such a NICE person!

  132. nano

    Alright did anyone take a good look at the Second picture that u ALL think is NOT fake? are these HIS TOES I see!? who can sit like that in a car!!!?? someone THAT TALL!!!!???? come on you guys these are photoshopped!! and I am sure if Went is gay he wouldn’t have a problem saying he is, he doesn’t seem to be someone who’d be AFRAID to come out… at least that’s my impression of him….

  133. Mink

    People who are saying these are photoshopped, please get a clue. Of course Went can sit like that in a car – he has the limberest thighs I’ve ever seen on a man (guess we know why now *snerk*).

    He is outing himself here, and his true fans will support him. As Jack said, he’s still the same sweet, intelligent person (I’m sure), and hopefully he’ll be much happier now that he’s not carrying the burden of his ‘secret’.

    Silly comments saying these pics are ‘shopped don’t help anyone.

    Jack, I’m still not sure about your agenda of ‘outing’ Went before he did so himself publicly. But if you were part of some agenda for Went to ‘test the waters’ re. fan reaction before coming out, then fine. I guess he had to do what he had to do in this situation.

  134. Roya

    I personnaly don’t care who he prefers. This does not change the fact that he is hot and nice and a great actor. This does not change my admiration for him. But it’s very hard to come out in Hollywood. I really hope people will be intelligent enough to leave him alone and let him continue acting.

  135. JACK

    “But if you were part of some agenda for Went to ‘test the waters’ re. fan reaction before coming out, then fine”
    Not directly, MINK!
    (I was small fry on “Dinotopia” and came to like him as a person- I now work for a gay rights lobbying assoc. with several people who are acquainted with him) they were alarmed by PHilton ‘s not nice intentions, (there a cruel streak in that guy !)and we decided to give our version of the story, knowing PH was gonna out him soon anyway!
    I want to insist on the fact that Went Miller is a fine and lovable person and his family can be proud of him. I’m sure they all support him !through and through.

  136. Celly

    I still think that outing people like Jake or Perez do is stupid and I don’t believe the testing fans thing.
    If we check what the majority of us wrote two months ago we’ll be very surspise how we change our mind in a very ease way.
    I’m happy that Wentworth decides to do what he thinks it is better but please, I still think that outing people is not fair.
    Just my opinion.

  137. Celly

    Jake, you just did what Perez did. You outed him because you think that this is good for the gay community. I think this is stupid.

  138. anon

    i’m not really feeling your comment about the “limberest thighs”, mink.
    and frankly, i think it’s a tad crass and needlessly crude, don’t you think?

  139. Katjus

    Dear Jack,

    why on earth do u think i´m venting ANYTHING on u? My only problem with ur sort is that, as i have said time and time again, i do not appreciate u pretending to be the lone ranger defending the gay rights issue by “outing” people who do not wish to be outed! Gay rights should be defended and more rights should be granted but not this way. Just as much as i, u cant know what Wentworth Miller, or any other star that has been forcefully outed, is feeling “deep inside”…! Come on Jack! If u were asked to do so by him, then that would make things different but somehow i doubt u were.
    And as for me “feeling a certain pain inside”, what would that “certain pain” be then? i´d love to know. A sting of jealousy, for Luke´s “luck” i suppose, is the only thing that i feel besides utter happiness for Wentworth coming out if that is indeed what this is.
    Honestly, i´ve been out and about for half my life already and the only pain i have inside is the “certain” closeminded twits cause me by being so gawddamn stupid. Not mentioning any names here either. Make ur own conclusions. I mean, doh, same person, should that surprise anyone i´ll buy that person a cup of coffee in the closest rainbow cafe to him/her!
    Don’t try and turn me into an idiot just because u did something i do not “approve” of Jack. (And i know u don’t seek my approval nor would u get it for this – ever) I know and remember well when u posted here the last and my ONLY objection to any of ur posts, or indeed the posts Perez Hilton has made, has been the fact that i do not believe this sort of information is anyone elses to spread but the persons it involves. I know there are people who don’t give a shit about that sort of thing or principles, but i guess thats just what gets me about ur original posts, u gave the notion that u were somehow “helping” Wentworth and the gay rights issue when u did just the opposite! U made Wentworth even easier target for tongues to wag about and proved why gay people need to be extra careful in Hollywood if they are gay and don’t want to come out for one reason or another; they might be outed by someone if they are “caught”! Now closet doors are being closed and locked all over Hollywood even tighter – again. Sad.

    I guess my point is Jack, that i dont approve (for the millionth time) of the outing. Defend it all u like but there it is.

  140. Celly

    Oh Jack, you are straight!!! All this mess and you are even straight!!!

    LOL I’m just kidding

  141. Anonymous

    Are we all womenhaters or something?! Remember Amie Bice? He was photographed with his hand on her shoulder a few months ago and you all went nuts. I remember posts on this site like ” i wanna kill her”, “she’s ugly..”, ” die, bitch”. And now that he’s seen with this guy it’s all “oh, good Went, if his happy, I’m happy..”blaablaablaa. Sometimes I don’t understand us women at all. I think it’s a shame if he’s gay because then we won’t see the birth of WMIV. Now that would have been one pretty baby!

  142. It’s simply so funny to see how twisted our minds have become. Just because to men go out for a drink or to spend time together does not mean they are having sex! It’s a pitty that what once was one of the highest virtues: frienship, becomes now under threat. If I go out with male friends, I don’t expect people to think I’m haveing sex with them. Why can’t it be “normal” to hang out with your friends?

  143. Giulia

    “we won’t see the birth of WMIV. Now that would have been one pretty baby!”

    Oh yes this is a great loss for the human species…!!

  144. Anonymous



  145. Anonymous

    Their relationship has kind of been confirmed by News Times in Shanghai. I read this at Went visited Luke in China where he was filming a miniseries earlier this year. Apparently they spend time together there. So all these promotional trips to Australia for instance may have been his way of getting to travel together with his boyfriend.

  146. anon

    anon 9:29, i’m so glad you said that! i remember how so many women criticized and mocked amie and mariana—talked about how they were dressed, made all kinds of assumptions about their personality. any woman photographed with went, if there was even the faintest suspicion that they were “involved”, was a target for relentless venom! lol
    but let him be seen with a man he’s supposedly “involved” with and the kid-glove treatment kicks in. i guess some of us are so caught up in being PC and afraid of being called homophobic. it all strikes me as a bit patronizing and condescending, actually. lol

  147. anon

    anon 9:29, i’m so glad you said that! i remember how so many women criticized and mocked amie and mariana—talked about how they were dressed, made all kinds of assumptions about their personality. any woman photographed with went, if there was even the faintest suspicion that they were “involved”, was a target for relentless venom! lol
    but let him be seen with a man he’s supposedly “involved” with and the kid-glove treatment kicks in. i guess some of us are so caught up in being PC and afraid of being called homophobic. it all strikes me as a bit patronizing and condescending, actually. lol

  148. Anonymous

    Earlier this year, Miller spent time with MacFarlane in China, where the Ontario-born actor was shooting scenes for the upcoming mini-series Iron Road. According to the News Times in Shanghai, Miller was in the country to help the Zhongbo Media Group promote the Chinese adaptation of Prison Break.

    this from

  149. Andie

    Well, to be fair, Luke MacFarlane is a lot prettier than Amie Brice. For my part, I’m not being PC. Just shallow!

  150. Luci

    Mink I totally agree with you, he did out himself. People need to accept the fact he is gay. This is getting to be a bit ridiculous anyway.

  151. kashifalvi

    i don’t think he’s gay…but if he is then, his gay mate is cheating on him. Its so obvious they don’t look into each others eyes in public. One is to busy checking out chicks and other is busy posing.

  152. Mink

    “i’m not really feeling your comment about the “limberest thighs”, mink.
    and frankly, i think it’s a tad crass and needlessly crude, don’t you think?”

    Yeah, that’s me: crass and needlessly crude. But at least I stand by my crass and needlessly crude comments rather than hiding behind posting as an ‘Anon’.

  153. kashifalvi

    Give them the prison break.

  154. Mink

    Anonymous 9.45, that link doesn’t work.

    Earlier this year, Miller spent time with MacFarlane in China, where the Ontario-born actor was shooting scenes for the upcoming mini-series Iron Road. According to the News Times in Shanghai, Miller was in the country to help the Zhongbo Media Group promote the Chinese adaptation of Prison Break.

    I’m not saying he didn’t go to China to see Luke, but I’m pretty sure this rumour about a Chinese adaptation of “PB” got debunked. As far as I’m aware he never did any kind of official trip in this capacity; there were certainly no pictures or reports of it from China that were posted on any of the boards or Went sites.

    “So all these promotional trips to Australia for instance may have been his way of getting to travel together with his boyfriend.”

    “All these promotional trips”? He went to the UK and France on promotional trips last year (before he’d gotten together with Luke apparently), and the Australia one was a family holiday (again apparently before he got together with Luke). There was no sign of Luke in Korea (in spite of WM’s every move seemingly being photographed – although it’s possible Luke snuck in somehow I guess), and as I said above, this China thing wasn’t official as far as I know.

  155. Anonymous

    Well I’m not wearin my kidgloves. To give Amie and that brunette some sympathy: He lied women!! Ok, he’s gay, he looks happy, we love him even if he’s gay(liars)! But the guy looks totally drunk or stoned in these pictures and he parades around with this guy who is, according to Perez Hilton, his boyfriend. At this point, with no confirmation from Wentworth, it’s like he’s saying ” sorry girls, not my fault you believed everything I said and the image I made up for your pleasure, but hey, it was for a lot of money and fame! After all that is what people move to Hollywood for. Now I’m going to pack my backpack and disappear.” So is he who people around him have said he is? A polite and educated, straight man? Are you, Wentworth?

  156. JACK

    Dear KATJUS:

    “My only problem with ur sort is that, as i have said time and time again, i do not appreciate u pretending to be the lone ranger defending the gay rights issue by “outing” people who do not wish to be outed! ”

    W.Miller WANTED to be outed!
    He couldn’t do it himself (FOX hawks watching him and the ratings! Remember his TWO guardians at the Party three weeks ago) but he must be SO relieved now… The pressure must have been so awful on him, poor guy!

  157. In polish 🙂 :
    Myślę,że Went nie jest gejem. NIe wiem..
    Ale wiem,że jest śliczny !
    Kooocham Goo !!
    :*** Wenty :****

  158. I need some help. Amidst all the rumors and speculation of Went’s true sexual orientation, all I can think about are his lovely toes and how he can hike up his leg onto that dashboard with such cavalier ease…sigh. I do that all the time, especially when I’m completely comfortable with the person sitting next to me.

    For me, the real shocker about all of these pictures is that he doesn’t have typical
    “man toes” – they’re long, beautiful, perfectly tanned, and are probably capable of conducting a symphony. Now, I’d pay money to see that!

  159. Mama Bear, you are the voice of reason. I love you.
    Not as much as I love Went (gay, straight, bi, alien, android… who gives a fuck?!) but still.

  160. sara

    I’m glad he is happy.

    I don’t care if he is happy with a man or a woman.

    I think his fans should feel the same.

  161. Stab

    Hi! A lot of us think that now we can understand more things about these last months, and I agree. And someone said that we can now understand why there was his publicist during his last appearance. To be right she was near him even in other occasions, for example a past Fox Fall Party (I downloaded the video here
    the one with the swiffer advertise behind him. I think this is an Italian PB site).
    I’m not assiming nothing at all, just that to be precise the blond publicist was there even before his last apperance.


  162. Stab

    Sorry… you have to go to “interviste” under “media”

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  164. MiSa

    Aww bless his little cottons, some of the comments ova at jared are very mean. if this does mean he’s gay then i still luv him all the same…..he’s happy and not feeling forced to be something he isnt which must feel pretty horrible sometimes…..i still luv him…and this right here will weed out all of the hardcore fans from the fake ones……..i know the WFW group will stand by him X

  165. MiSa

    come to think of it..i smell a manip too!!!

  166. Pup

    Fairy and I believe that he cannot be gay. He has to be bisexual. HAS TO BE. How else am I going to indulge in frisky threesome sex with Wentie baby and WFW? I mean, seriously people.

    The gay guy has spoken. He is bi. Not -lingual, -sexual. (Maybe -lingual as well.)

    Jesus Christ, I totally gave up on the idea of him being gay ages ago. Now I know what Fairy means when she says it’d just be wrong if I would come out as straight all of a sudden. Drama, drama.

    Oh, Went, I do love you, but you’re such an idiot. And a fag, and so am I, so it’s not offensive. LOL. That’s it, actually: he shouldn’t be gay, he should come out as a fag. And I’d smoke him. *loves*


  167. Jack, do you have a crush on Went? 😉

    Pup…you slay me…LMAO!

  168. Fairy

    Apparently Pup has been smoking some of my crack, so I’m in a similar mood.
    Courtesy of and my brain on crack, I bring you The First Ever Went Luke RPS 😀

    A Pulsating Day To Rub

    Went stepped spunkily out into the creamy sunshine, and admired Luke’s mole. “Ah,” he sighed, “That’s an erectile sight.”

    Luke climbed off the box and walked ladylike across the grass to greet his lover. Went patted Luke on the buttock and then tried to rub him ruggedly, but without success.

    “That’s all right,” Luke said. “We can try again later.”

    “I’m just not harsh,” Went. “Not as harsh as the time we rubbed inside these walls.”

    Luke nodded neurotically. “We were glorious back in those days.”

    “Our tongues were younger, and we had a lot more fun with them,” Went said. “Everything seems juicy and fluffy when you’re young.”

    “Of course,” Luke said. “But now we’re flaming, we can still have fun. If we go about it vigorously.”

    “Vigorously?” Went said . “But how?”

    “With this,” Luke said and held out a ginormous pencil. “Just take that with some water and in half an hour, you’ll be ready to rub.”

    Went swallowed the pencil at once and sure enough, in half an hour, they were able to rub vigorously. They rubbed like a million fangirls squeeing and flailing in slashy ecstasy. Three times.

    And then the neighbour told them to get off his lawn.

  169. Bel

    Pup, baby, for you to have a frisky threesome with Went and WFW, YOU would need to be bisexual, not Went necessarily. After all, it is YOU who wants to taste a bit of both, is it not?

    Oh dear. The complex nature of human sexuality.

  170. Bel

    Sorry, didn’t mean to bold the entire thing.

  171. whatiswrongwithuppl

    Why can’t it just be 2 dudes hanging out????!!!! And LOL!!! at ppl for Perez being their one true holy reliable news source. Maybe they’ve known eachother and been friends for a while? and just because douche bag Perez decided they’re a couple means S#!t.

  172. WFW

    True, it’s all just speculation. I don’t claim to know a damn thing about it, lol, but there are pics now where there weren’t before so I can understand if some take this as “proof.”

    Oh and Luke, you smug bastard, you are so not off the hook for this b/c you are a guy; You’re blasting is coming dude! Just wait for it…


  173. Matt

    i honestly do believe that he is gay…i am a gay college student and i am very VERY good at looking at someone and telling if they are gay (i have good gay-dar)

    i am obsessed with prison break…and after a couple of episodes i started to tell people that went was gay…no one believe me but i stood to my belief….mind you this was WAY WAY WAY before there were any rumors about him being gay…so now after seeing this and after all of the rumors starting…i do believe that he is truly gay (which is awesome for me!!!)

  174. miller_thriller

    Now there’s a guy that I love called Went,
    But it seems he might be a bit bent,
    He’s with a guy called Luke,
    Which should make me wanna puke
    But that would be time mis-spent.

    There’s so much dreaming to be had,
    I imagine Went being naughty and bad,
    Whether he is with a chick,
    Or sucking Luke’s dick,
    I’m still getting wet just a tad.

    They must be really good in bed,
    And Luke must give good head,
    ‘Cause I’ve never seen,
    Babyboy look so keen
    But I thought him and wfw were getting wed?

    yesh, i was bored, and yesh i am totally digging bi-went!

  175. shortstuff

    173 comments? jesus christ. im not even gunna touch this one.

    went, photoshop or not, i love you either way.

    is it sept 17th yet??

    ps: “And then the neighbour told them to get off his lawn.” bahahaha! i love it.

  176. whatiswrongwithuppl

    WFW bb my comment was not directed at you, looove this site and stop by at least once a day. Some one said they were mad or hurt and confused and will have to take their poster down bla bla bla…………and the photo shop comments….just too much

  177. Lisa

    I did not take the time to read ALL the replys, but am I the only one that noticed that there are cat foot prints on the hood of the car? (noticed because I have them on mine) don’t gay guys usually have cats?

  178. gwen6

    oh, to be in between that..;o)

  179. gwen6

    btw.. went to youtube and typed in Wentworth Miller and about 3500 clips, however last week or so it was about 27.500

    Maybe somethng’s wrong with my computer.. ? :o( Very strange..

  180. Lisa said:

    “I did not take the time to read ALL the replies, but am I the only one that noticed that there are cat foot prints on the hood of the car? (noticed because I have them on mine) don’t gay guys usually have cats?”

    No, Lisa, gay guys are supposed to have box turtles…box – get it? Oh, never mind.

  181. Lisa

    oh Mama Bear!
    I sooooo get it!
    but back to the question, am I the only one that noticed the cat prints on the car? Who’s car is it anyway?
    for gods sakes man! WASH your car, and keep the cat in the house so they can keep an eye on the box turtles!

  182. Bel


    *standing ovation*


  183. Anotherface

    I understand some fans being upset that he lied but put yourself in his position. Unfortunately, an actor’s success and bankability is going to be very negatively affected if not killed all together if he comes out. If Brad Pitt were gay and had come out back in the early 90’s, would he have turned into a superstar? There’s no way. A lot of the time, a male actors success hinges on his ability to be marketed to other men. Unfortuately, that is not going to happen if he’s openly gay. Imagine being Wentworth: You’re gay, you’re proud of it, you want to be open. Your managers and agents, the people that literally CONTROL your career, are telling you that if you come out you will never be successful. They’re also telling you that you have a responsibility to your co-stars, as the star of your extremly successful show, to stay in the closet or you will turn off your entire audience (guys who think you’re cool and chicks who think you’re hot) and kill the success of the show. If you were Went, you’d basically have no other option than to keep your sexuality on the down low…..EXCEPT, you have an interviewer in your face every 3 seconds asking you about your lovelife. So what do you do? You lie. I’m sure he didn’t want to, but he probably felt he had no choice. And as far as him “knowing what he was getting into” by getting into show biz. That’s not really a fair statement. He had a dream, he wanted to pursue it. It’s not right that his sexuality is on display. He did not sign up for that.

  184. cocot13

    If he was having a hard time finding roles back when he was supposedly straight can you imagine if he comes out?
    we better get ready for a drought of epic proportions!!!!!!!

  185. blahblah

    Anotherface, I understand your point but why do the words “chickenshit” + “liar” spring to mind when I think of all those comments about wanting a “wife and kids” and the alleged statement that he is not gay?
    When I was a student, into the union office one day walked an 18 year old fellow student with his suitcase. He had decided to come out to his parents and was thrown out and homeless. It was awful. Now some would say that’s a good reason to keep quiet. I disagree. He displayed guts and integrity that I wish WM would have too.
    I don’t believe he ever needs to ‘justify’ his sexuality to anyone. I don’t believe in ‘outing’ either. But I do believe in integrity. If you can’t risk your job or don’t want to talk about relationships for reasons of privacy then just keep your bloody mouth shut. Don’t LIE and make a mockery of those who live openly with whatever prejudices may come their way.
    People have talked so often about how intelligent and eloquent WM is – well not over this matter. Now they’re bending over backwards to applaud his brave actions in apparently coming out. What?! What’s so cool about this latest machination? It’s just as lily-livered as the preceding actions. Thinking back – what’s so great about the Marianna messes and the Amie Bice bungle? Who set those manipulations up? Did WM agree to it all? Is this the nice, sensitive guy we’ve all been raving about? Deeply tortured (while stashing the cash and racking up the trashy ads to line his pockets before the shit hits the fan)…
    These latest smug pics leave me with a slightly bitter taste in my mouth. To those who argue that he is being abandoned by insincere fans just remember – some people don’t care if you’re gay or straight, they just wish you had a little BACKBONE!

  186. act

    I will still watch Prison Break and be a fan of the show, but have to agree with blahblah.

  187. mike

    What a sweet couple! Good for them! I hope all of the pathetic fangirls crying, “bullshit!” and “photoshop!” don’t scare them back in the closet.

  188. Dannie

    Oh my god, here we go again. Don’t care, still love him, think he is a great actor (can do better then prison break, don’t get me wrong, i really enjoy the whole drama) still gets me HOT and gives me butterflys in my tummy. Love the fact that he looks like he’s enjoying himself, love you Went.

  189. HereKitty

    Brava, Dannie! Short, to the point, well said! He is who he is, whatever that may be. It’s his life, hope he gets to live it the way he wants. He’s no doubt happier than shit right now! I bet he slept better these past couple of nights than he has in months. I’ll stand behind him no matter what he does, but he still needs to get his fine behind into some movie projects!!

  190. Shorty

    I’d just like to say, after looking back at those pictures, Wentworth has the LONGEST toes I have ever seen! I think they may be as long as my fingers!

    BTW, have any of the entertainment shows reported on this? (ET, Extra, Access Hollywood, E) Not that these should be extremely reliable sources, but I was just wondering if any of those media sources have picked up this “story.”

    Leads me to believe that if none of these shows have reported it then the pics alone don’t substantiate enough to prove anything. I really think if it were true one of these news sources would really chase it down and find out.

    Just my opinion though. I still love Went and will continue to watch the show and keep up my Gap ad picture on my wall.

  191. Anonymous

    He’s not a proud gay man. If he was he would have told the truth about him when he was asked. He’s a gay guy who lied. Well anyhow, I’m only interested in seeing what this does to the ratings of PB3. I think this guy has confused a lot of people with this Luke thing. Including people who have pushed forward this wife and kids lie. I wonder what Brett Ratner has to say about this. Did he know Went has a boyfriend?

  192. jailbird

    Does that mean Wentworth is the girl if Luke is driving??….say it ain’t so!!!

  193. Fashion Police


  194. WFW

    Love the poem miller_thriller. 😉

    blahblah, you have a point.

    Fear not jailbird, nothing is yet set in stone and regardless of his sexual orientation, the fantasy is never, ever over.

    LMAO Fashion Police, good to see you again.

  195. liyah

    WFW, you hit the nail on the head… it’s all fantasy. My husband is straight and has had proudly open gay male friends (even hitting on him) and it does not bother him at all. He doesn’t give a shit about what people think about him and he is big and scary so no one says anything anyway. Just remember that not all men are homophobes so if they do have gay friends, maybe it is just a friend… Could be more, but who is to say? And who cares, because like WFW said, it is all fantasy anyway. The Princeton incident comes to mind again. He did not defend himself against the racist accusations so the fact that he is silent may just reflect his lack of desire to explain himself. People will believe what they want, regardless of what you say to try to prove yourself, so why waste your energy? Luke is hot… the two of them together, smokin hot. Yum yum, thanks for the fantasy, true or not!

  196. SARA

    Add me to the ‘don’t care, still love him’ team

  197. Anonymous

    HereKitty, now he seems to be who he is, but he wasn’t when he was asked about it. And a question to all you fangirls who say that you love him even if he’s gay. You didn’t seem to love him when he had a rumoured girlfriend! A bit two faced, maybe? By the way, that German magazine interview comes to stores this week right? Let’s just wait patiently what he says in these new interviews. He has to do promotion for season 3, so people are bound to ask about Luke. We’ll hear the truth from him in a few weeks. Let’s be patient.

  198. PBLUV

    Team Wenluk!!!! or Team MillMac!!!
    U mmm ok…Team Hotguys!
    Love you Went, love seeing you anytime and anywhere with anyone..the hot guy is just icing !!!

  199. WFW

    Who didn’t love him when he had a rumored girlfriend? Hell, it’s all we talked about! Yeah we gave him shit but that was for entertainment.

    Luke is looking mighty pleased with himself and if I was close enough I’d kick him right in the nuts! Lucky fucking bastard…

  200. Anonymous 2.22am: “… You didn’t seem to love him when he had a rumoured girlfriend!”

    Oh, Ahhhhh-nonnnnn! Geez, mate! I can’t speak for everyone who posts here, but surely even a blind person could’ve seen the humour in those posts? Lighten up, would ya, luv?

    WFW 2.36am: “… if I was close enough I’d kick him right in the nuts! Lucky fucking bastard…

    Bwahahahahaha-haaa! Hell hath no fury, right, WFW? Kick him for me too, m’kay?

  201. jhumpa

    I believed went was gay a long time back… just didnt want to believe it. But poor guy, if he is really gay, i’m sure he had a hard time. Imagine finally gettin a break and then realizing that when your professional life was taking off, it was at the cost of your personal life… why cant he have both?? And I can sort of understand why he said he wasn’t gay (if he really is)… and i forgive him. He doesn’t owe us anything besides a great performance on TV… which he delivers all the time.
    ANYWAYS, nothings realllllllly changed. He’s still a HOT straight guy in my fantasies!!!

  202. jhumpa

    PS- i luv you wentyyy! and you were great in my fantasies last night 😉

  203. Sab

    LIYAH, I think that things are a bit different in this case. In the Princeton incident he just didn’t answer to an attack, he was just sarcastic in that case, he never tried to pretend.
    But now, IF this is true, the matter is facing the fact that he pretended so his choice to speake or not has to do with this to me, not with what his preference is. So anyone will be free to think what they want and to find their conclusion about the opporunity to come out or not in Hollywood.

    What Ireally really would like to do is to stop reading between the lines. Gay or straight I think Went is amazing but Iwould like to think again that he is genuine and sincere (one of his most attractive quality to me) so I’d appeciate he says something, what he wants! Yes, I could just think about how sexy and fuckable he is but I would like something more that the famous “meat puppet”.

    Anyway if in the german GQ there will be something about wife, kids, confident women with dark hair, not actress… I think I will go straight to rehab!!! LOL

  204. Betty Becker

    Hi there!

    I’m following the discussion over the last days and honestly I don’t care if he is gay or not. But just let the facts speaks for them selves – and please help me if I’m wrong:

    He arrived at LAX airport on 25th of August, right?
    He is shooting PB3 in Dallas, right?
    Does someone know if he is back in Dallas or is he still in L.A.?
    If he is back in Dallas does someone know when he flew back?
    Thesis: If he just came to L.A. for a private visit over the weekend and spend his rarely free time with this guy it makes me wondering.
    Let’s say it this way. If I stay just for a few days back home I just want to meet people I really really like or love. Anyone of us would act like that, don’t we?
    He is a very private person as we all know. So after he realized to be photographed at LAX airport he should have known that he can’t go out in L.A. without being followed by paparazzo’s, right? He knows how the game works and he knows about the rumours going around.
    Thesis: So maybe it was really a little coming out or he cares a shit (but I don’t believe that).
    He always wanted to let us know that he had not time for dating.
    That’s shit. Nearly all his colleagues have girlfriend/boyfriends, are married, have kids, making movies during the seasons…..
    Thesis. So why should he be the only person who can’t handle private and business life? He can’t make me believe that he had no relationship or even sex over the last years! So in this case he is obvious a liar!!!
    Why is he protecting his love life like hell. We have never ever seen him with a girlfriend over the years even when he wasn’t that fames like he is now. Why can’t he just say from the beginning he had/has a partner like nearly every actor does. And honestly there are much more famous actors and actresses like he is and they are still able to live a private life. They just say how it is, showing the partner one time and that’s it!
    With protecting the private live so intense makes the rumours even worse! And exactly this couldn’t be in his own interest!

    I’m looking forward for your answers and for the discussion on this blog!

  205. Dana

    So Wentworth could possibly be gay, i say good for him, whatever makes him happy. He is still perfection in my eyes regardless. I’m not going to deny that i’m not disappointed, not because i can never marry him now haha..but because i could never fantasize about him like i used to! it’s just weird now. (Luke keeps pushing me aside,bwahaha) My only concern is for his career, we all know how Hell-ay-wood can be, so i really hope that the gay thing wont become a hindrance to his dreams. I’m still here Went and I ain’t going nowhere. Love ya =)

  206. Giulia

    ” Thesis: If he just came to L.A. for a private visit over the weekend and spend his rarely free time with this guy it makes me wondering.
    Let’s say it this way. If I stay just for a few days back home I just want to meet people I really really like or love. ”

    I totally agree with this sentence.

  207. Betty Becker

    Hi Dana!

    You exactely got the point!!!
    He said he loves and needs acting like not other thing in the world and that he is looking for interesting skripts. And that’s why I believe he would do nearly everything to be sure that he won’t get constricted because of the fakt he is gay!

    So in the end most fakts speaks that he is gay. I’m a very rational thinker. Maybe someone who thinks more with the heart sees things different.

    Dana, don’t be sad. To be gay doesn’t mean that a man appreciate a beautiful woman and feels attracted to them. This is what a gay friend told me.

  208. Betty Becker

    Thanks Giulia for your feedback.

    I also believe this fact is the heaviest!

  209. SARA

    I’m a little concern about his career too but maybe he thinks that his boyfriend is more important than anything else.

  210. Betty Becker

    Hi Sara!

    Honestly I’m not concerned about his career as long as he has a huge loyal fan base.

    Maybe now he really thinks that his boyfriend is more important than anything else or he is fed up hiding and staying the hole day with him at home!?

    Honestly I couldn’t live like him. Always hunted by fans and paparazzos. This must be awful!

  211. SARA

    I agree with you Betty his True fans will not desert him. I certenly won’t

  212. OONA

    Strange that ,with the little time he had last week-end in L.A., he chose to go out with Luke instead of staying indoors for mad screwing sessions…
    I’m sure the pictures were staged : same clothes , same sandals- and who told the razzis about their full time table? And allowed them to follow the lovebirds after the first photos?
    It was a pre-arranged photo op and Went’s statement:”Yes, I’m gay, yes, I’m in love, f….you all!”

    Trouble, WE, his loyal fans, have been screwed, too by a guy who pretended too much….


  213. Betty Becker

    Hi OONA!

    I’m not pretty sure if the pictures were staged. Because friends or partner very often share the same style of clothes. And Went is famous for his brown pants and especially the bucket, isn’t he?

    Because of the ‘outing’ maybe it was an ‘accident’ or it was like you said a statement. But I believe it was more an ‘accident’.

    The thing with the little time is for me a unfortunately sure sign! Come on who spends one day of his/her very very little time with someone who is ‘just’ a friend! I wouldn’t!
    And please consider that a flight from Dallas to L.A. isn’t that short!

  214. SARA

    I’m not sad at all

  215. OONA

    WTF? Is that my filthy mind or is Went “rehearsing”in picture 20 on JJared’s site ? And why is Luke’s fly open in picture 04?
    Don’t you think the photos are not in right order?

  216. Betty Becker

    Hi OONA!

    I don’t know if the pictures are in the right order but I don’t think so, they are mixed.

    And you have a filthy mind 😉

    According to my very rational way of thinking, which I try to analyse the whole story I don’t believe they ‘rehearsed’ in public.

  217. OONA

    Well, Betty Becker, I suspect that you have a filthy mind, too!
    And if Went is not “rehearsing” on pic 20, could it just be a sort of visual lapsus?

  218. Luke is looking mighty pleased with himself and if I was close enough I’d kick him right in the nuts!

    If I was close enough,I’d ask him how on earth did he manage to go from T.R. Knight to WENTWORTH THE PERFECT MAN MILLER, cuz God knows I’ve had my share of T.R.’s and it’s about bloody time I got a Wentworth for once.

  219. Shorty

    Another theory why I don’t believe he’s gay: what about the pics of him waayyy back from the Human Stain? I believe he was photographed with 2 girls-Kelly something or other and Sun?

    If he in fact was gay, he wasn’t well known at the time, why hide it? Waaayyyy back it wouldn’t have made much of a difference, when he was first starting out.

    The pictures prove nothing at all. Knowing he can be sarcastic, he probably did this on purpose b/c of the rumors. He didn’t defend himself at Princeton, he let people believe what they wanted to believe and I highly doubt he will make any indication or hold a press conference as to his orientation. He felt he didn’t have to justify himself then and he won’t do it now.

    I really think if being seen with Luke was going to be such a problem or career killer he wouldn’t have been caught dead with him. But the pics really don’t say anything to me at all. How can you even tell they like each other as friends, they never even look at each other in the pics!

  220. Mink

    “If I was close enough,I’d ask him how on earth did he manage to go from T.R. Knight to WENTWORTH THE PERFECT MAN MILLER, cuz God knows I’ve had my share of T.R.’s and it’s about bloody time I got a Wentworth for once.”

    Just had to say, LMFAO! Kris. I am shuddering with laughter here.

    And just so totally agreed. Boy took a step up, that’s for sure.

  221. WFW

    If I stay just for a few days back home I just want to meet people I really really like or love.

    Is this supposed to mean that he wouldn’t go see his friends if he were home (if indeed he and Luke have been friends all this time and were never photographed together until now, a long shot I know but bear with me here)?

    Maybe I’m just speaking for myself but my girls (and my fellas) ARE my heart and if I came home for a weekend I would be sure to kick it with them in addition to my significant other should one exist and my family (b/c they just happen to live where my friends live). I can’t agree with you on this. Using that logic, they could just be friends. We don’t know what he came home for. It could have been specifically to spend time with him if they are dating or it could be he was home for something else and they just hung out. Oh the speculation…Of course this time, there are pics to speculate about!

    *giving Luke the evil eye for being so close to my man*

    I didn’t forget about your ass! Oh and Kris, I want my Went too!

  222. Anonymous

    SHORTY:”If he in fact was gay, he wasn’t well known at the time, why hide it? Waaayyyy back it wouldn’t have made much of a difference, when he was first starting out. ”

    -Some people here have said he wasn’t hiding nor showing off his sexual identity before Prison Break. He was simply a discreet homo, according to some people who worked with him or studied acting with him at the time. And, as he was Mr Nobody, who cared?
    All this changed with the FOX contract and their unwritten policy:if you want a leading male role , act straight or else….Went wanted a career so much that he tried to hide his true feelings, but he confused his fan base by giving mixed signals and evasive answers….

    You say:”The pictures prove nothing at all. Knowing he can be sarcastic, he probably did this on purpose b/c of the rumors. He didn’t defend himself at Princeton, he let people believe what they wanted to believe and I highly doubt he will make any indication or hold a press conference as to his orientation. He felt he didn’t have to justify himself then and he won’t do it now. ”

    – Well, you certainly underestimate the guy: why would he damage his career with a stupid prank? Like:”hey, people, I’m gay, but, wait a minute….: no, it’s just a deliriously funny joke!!!”

    My gut feeling is this: Went is smart, but he had two big issues in his life: his mixed-race background (strange as it must sound to us, Europeans, the smallest amount of African blood makes you a mixed race person in America, even if you skin is white like Went’s, and there is some sort of stigma(?) attached to it!).
    The second problem was the fact that he is gay. That was a lot on his shoulders and he decided to emphasize the racial aspect (because of the “Princeton incident”) in order to HIDE the sexual issue! Have you noticed that every interview he gave mentioned his “Jamaican, English, Lebanese, Jewish etc…origins? “As if it was something exceptionnal in our time and age! I always thought this was some sort or beard….

  223. Luci

    Everyone keeps mentioning about how difficult it must of been for Went to be in the closet, heck I said it to. But he seemed awfully comfortable and full of glee when he was on that stage in Korea describing his dream women. I also truly believe Luke was with him on that trip. Integrity, charecter are very attractive traits in a person, and I question his. His homosexuality is not an issue for me at all, I always thought there was a good chance he was gay. The fact that he lied extensively about his past, present, and future is. The way he has handled this is unbelievably immature.

  224. Tamara

    Okay, it’s been 24 hours since I first saw the photos and I still don’t know what to think.

    Part of me is in a hurry to believe that he is gay as quickly as possible so it won’t hurt me (like pulling off a bandaid real fast).

    Part of me is staring at the photos real close hoping to find something, anything that would prove it’s been ‘shopped.

    Still another part of me is imagining him and Luke having a big laugh over the whole thing.

    And still another part of me is worrying about how this will affect his career.

    People say they’re cool with homosexuality and they try to be PC but there’s no way being gay is not going to affect an actor’s career.


    I feel stupid letting this bother me so much, and I know it’s really none of my business, but I hope he addresses this issue soon, cause it’s really hard, this not knowing… And I know this sounds really selfish and all, but I hate to have to wonder like this. Jeez, I think I’m gonna start biting my nails again!

  225. ANNIE

    Am I the only one here to hate his guts because of his lies?
    Am I the only one here who think those pictures of him and Luke are insulting to us, fans ?
    Those two are laughing at us, mocking us, women ,who made PB a real success!
    I don’t find their laughter a “happy” laughter, but a cruel, thoughtless, despising one….

  226. act

    I agree with those who say this is his way of coming out. I’ve had my doubts all along, but when he stated he was not gay, I was suckered and believed him. I agree with Luci that Luke was in Korea. We all thought he looked happy and satisfied. And I never thought I’d feel bad for the Korean fans, but I do now. When the whole Aimee thing took place, notyourtypicalfangirl wrote Went and his boyfriend are probably laying in bed laughing their ass off, and now I think that could be the case.

  227. SARA

    annie and act

    I totally TOTALLY desagree with your posts

  228. Tamara

    People, we don’t even know what’s true and what’s not… think it’s a bit too soon to start hating…

  229. Luci

    I’m not hating. It’s pretty obvious those photo’s are his way of coming out and I’m not surprised at all. Just wished he had handled in a different more adult manner.

  230. PBLUV

    Annie, wow, you act as if your personal BFF betrayed you. YOU HATE HIS GUTS? How old are you? Where the hell are you from?
    The only sad thing about all of this for me is I believe Went reads here and I can’t imagine having to read some of the stuff here about myself.
    Annie and those who feel the same, you are a bit too much into your FANtasy really.
    He is mocking you personally? Laughing at Women? Really? He is living his life whatever it is, he is living his life.
    Period ! Full Stop!
    He is cruel now? I would say the same of you for assuming he has changed because he did not tell you directly who he is involved with.

  231. act

    Again, agree with Luci. I’m still a fan and can’t wait for season 3.

  232. ANNIE

    SARA, you TOTALLY desagree with ACT and I ????And that’s all?
    This is the deepest piece of analysis I ever came across !!

    Anyway, I insist that I feel extremely wounded about his lies.
    Being gay is not a problem, but to lie about looking for a wife, liking brunettes, having crushes on actresses like Angie Harmon etc… HE DIDN’T NEED TO SAY THAT, FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!!

    I feel CONNED.
    He marketed himself as being Mr Nice guy, a sincere, straight, intelligent person and a “traditionalist” if we listen to Dominic Purcell’s recent comments (last week? By the way, poor Dominic looks like a fool now! Some friend , Wenty!)
    But what ‘s the real deal? Huh?
    Not “pretty” is you allow me…

    Went Miller is a good actor, he fooled a lot of people.. and I’m so angry about it that I can’t find him any excuses for playing us…

  233. ANNIE

    “He is mocking you personally? Laughing at Women? Really? He is living his life whatever it is, he is living his life.”
    NO, he LIED to his fans, posing as a straight, sincere man, embracing traditionnal values (family, wife and kids etc..)
    He didn’t need to LIE!!!
    He can screw whoever he likes, camels or pandas, if he fancies, but not go on TV or interviews describing his dream brunette and making a fool of Dominic Purcell!

    This is what angers me….You’re lucky if you can find him excuses for this behaviour.
    And yes, I’m young and it shocks me big deal. He marketed a dream: the perfect man, Wentworth Miller.
    It’s too sad.I can’t help crying.

  234. Holy shit! Reading through 232 freaking posts on this topic must certainly earn me an on-line PhD in arm chair psychology! In fact, I will write my dissertation on:

    Photo Analysis and “Gaydar:” How Assumptions, Speculations, and Wishful Thinking Can Make Anyone Believe Anything

    Gay, straight, or bi – who really cares? At this point, I think that for a lot of fans – at least the ones who haven’t thrown themselves off buildings – this issue is about who was right about his sexuality all along, and that’s a very sad pursuit of the truth since it really shouldn’t matter anyway.

    Until I hear otherwise from Went’s own mouth, I choose to envision Went and Luke hunched over a Kinko’s computer, laughing at our silly comments, and saying, “Dude…it was just some fraps, a couple of burgers, an errand run, and a trip to an art gallery!”

    Oh and one last thought…

    blahblah 6:29 said:

    “These latest smug pics leave me with a slightly bitter taste in my mouth.”

    Why do you make it so easy for me to be dirty?
    *fighting the urge to insert smutty comment here*

  235. PBLUV

    You and your kind are the reason if i were gay, i would lie my ass off. You don’t know his backstory but you are on a hot seat to judge him, must be nice looking down from your high chair. Even young in this day and age you should be more accepting.
    Movin on..

  236. cocot13

    my suggestion to Wentworth is to date a tranny,that way everyone is happy

  237. SARA


    I couldn’t agree more

  238. ANNIE

    Read more carefully, please, it’s the LIES I can’t stomach!

    I’m big enough to know that nobody chooses his sexual orientation, so nobody can be judged for that.
    But LYING is different.
    President Carter nearly got impeached for his lies, not because of Monica’s blowjob!

  239. act

    Annie the interview with Dominic was probably Fox telling him what to say. For all we know this could have been why Wentworth said enough is enough and he and Luke took a stroll. Just speculating.

  240. OONA

    Still drooling on that photo!

    Which one?

    Number 20….

    My, how can I sleep tonight?

  241. Anonymous

    Younger fans are going to be more upset about this than the older ones. I think he should’ve handled this better. Girls at school have been writing his name on their desks and stuff. They’re at that age when your walls are plastered with posters and stuff. And now they’re like “what, he lied to us!?”. Most girls in his fanbase are propably under 16 or something. So if he wanted to break free from FOX and suddenly, after years in the business and, at least acoording to PerezHilton, in the closet, he should have done so in a more gentle manner. I’m over 20 so I’m waiting for his own words. To come out he has to say it out loud. Taking a walk with another guy isn’t coming out, trust me! I wont be bothered by these pictures and the gossipblog speculation. If or when he comes out, ’cause he hasn’t done that yet, we’ll see if his career is affected by it. I’m going to enjoy those pretty pictures of him. After I’ve heard him say the words “yes, I’m gay, yes Luke is my boyfriend” then I’m going to have my moment of teenhysteria.

  242. anon 2:32 said:

    “Younger fans are going to be more upset about this than the older ones. I think he should’ve handled this better. Girls at school have been writing his name on their desks and stuff. They’re at that age when your walls are plastered with posters and stuff. And now they’re like “what, he lied to us!?”. Most girls in his fanbase are propably under 16 or something.”

    I respectfully disagree. While many of his fans may act like they’re under 16, I’m willing to bet that most of his fans are 20 +…at least the ones I’ve seen/met/discoursed with on this site and others devoted to The Pretty.

  243. I’m willing to bet that most of his fans are 20 +…at least the ones I’ve seen/met/discoursed with on this site and others devoted to The Pretty.
    I am, of course, 12.

  244. Lawd, get outta my head, Krissie! I was just going to give a shout out to all you 12 yr. olds! 🙂

  245. LOL, MB! One step ahead of you! *off to take Went’s posters off the wall*

  246. Millerlite

    He is shooting PB3 in Dallas, right?
    I live in Fort Worth, and it has been said by the news media here, that filming has already begun, I was told their crew filmed in Downtown FWT a week ago, and I know that some of the streets were blocked off that week.

  247. Damn straight!

    PHOTOSHOPPED! I dont care what anyone says, these are fake as press on nails!!!!!

  248. Millerlite

    “I dont care what anyone says, these are fake as press on nails!!!!!”

    Oh please be right!

  249. Susan

    All this is amazing, I mean Luke was in Korea with Went because he smiles, pleaseeeee, ….. After Korea he had holidays, holidays, … you must see my face the next friday … I’m on holidays. Besides, I think he was so happier because he realized of his popularity beyond the seas, thousands of girls screaming because of him, even he took pics of them at the airport. And besides Luke was shooting a pilot. And now I have just read that he spent his hiatus with an producer and a writer. sculping his script. What do you think now?

  250. Mink

    “President Carter nearly got impeached for his lies, not because of Monica’s blowjob!”

    LMFAO! I’m pretty sure that was President Clinton. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  251. Millerlite

    good eye Mink!
    I cant believe I did not catch that!

    LMFAO with you girl friend!

  252. *Bleaching brain*

    “President Carter” and “blow job” should NEVER be in the same sentence…EVER.

  253. Damn straight!

    Come on people! those photos have clearly been shopped! there are experts at this sort of thing and seriously could make anything like this look real! for photos of Wentworth landing at LAX then to see him the same day in a different change of clothing, also his build looks much more slender in the airport photos! the very fact they are wearing matching clothes, is most likely to the photoshopper, having an eye for detail..Im not in denial about this…however I doubt these photos are conclusive of anything, I doubt Wentworth would be stupid enough to seen with the man that Perez has been slandering his name with! given the fact how notoriously private he strikes me as very odd he would suddenley appear with Luke out of the blue, their schedules seem to be conflicting, all this nonsense seems to have been blown out of proportion!! honestly if and when Wentworth is asked of the authenticity of these photos, I am more than willing to bet he will be completely baffled!! like myself and plenty of other fans out there, sorry but the nature of the photos, the scenery, their positioning in different shots are completely off!! something doesnt add up!! may I also add the original poster of these photos onto the internet has officially gone AWOL!!!! I maybe wrong, I maybe right…thing is Im not stupid enough to fall for this gig!! A fuss over nothing if you ask me!!!

  254. Millerlite

    Mama Bear,
    Carter did once say he was guilty of lusting in his heart (just gave away my age) … perhaps it was of getting a blow job?

  255. Millerlite said:

    “Carter did once say he was guilty of lusting in his heart (just gave away my age) … perhaps it was of getting a blow job?”

    *dry heaving at the thought and pleading to Went*

    Baby boy, make it right again…!

  256. Goodgrief!

    What is WRONG with some of you girls/women/ females/ladies? out there?You whine, piss and moan because a celebrity is could be GAY?! There are millions of handsome, successful, nice, STRAIGHT men in the world. I’m looking forward to getting one of THEM! You act as though you ACTUALLY have a chance of meeting (let alone dating) a gay star. My fantasies aren’t hooked to any man’s real life, that’s why it’s a FANTASY! I have always thought that Neil Patrick Harris and Danny Pintauro were cuties when I was younger but now that their “out” it doesn’t matter to me at all. They are ACTORS! That’s what they are paid to do. I can still find a man sexy and desirable no matter what his orientation is in real life. The rest of you basket cases need to get a grip on reality and not let you distorted perceptions ruin what should be a happy fantasy!

  257. Millerlite

    *thanks for the reality check*
    he is STILL my number one fantasy regardles of his sexual orientation and I am sure we ALL feel that way, but we still have the right to BITCH about him if we want to.

  258. Unbelievable

    Let me just reiterate the OBVIOUS!! Mary the poster who uploaded those photos onto FCOWM…is a new member has only posted twice..nobody knows if this person is male or female, they could be a spy, a photoshopper expert, and alot of people think Wentworth is gay because of this lmao! oh my god! you know what I am thinking? this Mary has posted and has buggered off and sat back watching the online world go ape shit over this whole situation!!! I dont believe a word of it!! where are Marys sources, this individual had this out before Just Jared had this posted!! people are too gullible these days seriously!

  259. adam

    I think he’s milking this for publicity, so that people start talking about him again…very clever don’t you think…..*diliberately pictured with two different women at the start of the hiatis, uses the invasion of privacy as an excuse to take a break….disappears…resurfaces with a picture of him with a gay man to jump start the new season….and now he has our attention.

  260. whatiswrongwithuppl

    So according to some “genius” fans in here……………….Went should never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never,never, never, never, never, never, never, never,never, never, never, never, never, never, never,never, never, never, never, never, never, never,never, never, never, never, never, never, never hang out with another guy so his fans don’t think he’s gay. AMIRITE??

    I love the man’s brilliance of F@#king with ppl:)

  261. GET REAL



    Very very good sources reveal exclusively to that Prison Break hottie Wentworth Miller is dating fellow yummy actor Luke McFarlane.

    Mouth drools.

    Many of you may remember McFarlane from his brief stint as T.R. Knight’s boyfriend or from his role on the ABC show Brothers & Sisters.

    And you know Wenty, of course, from your wet dreams.

    “Wentworth and Luke have been secretly dating for almost six months now,” says an impeccable source close to the pair. “They’ve been very quiet about their relationship, obviously, as Wentworth is not out of the closet.”

    Things between the pair are so serious that the couple are talking about moving in together, we hear.

    “They spend a lot of time at each other’s houses,” says our mole. “Wentworth has been pretty reclusive since he’s become famous and he’s been even more of a shut-in since he started dating Luke.”

    The pair are so close that McFarlane has even accompanied Miller to Asia to film some recent commercials and adverts, our source tells us.

    Posted: June 24, 2007 at 6:47 pm

  262. whatiswrongwithuppl

    You have such an amazing and concrete sources of information such as douch bag Perez, The Mole and The source. Why would anyone not believe them? They sooooo care about the truth.

  263. Unbelievable

    Who on earth is going to believe a notorious liar such as Perez? seriously?! his mole…mole my arse!!! there is no definitive proof, just more gossip and lies!!! Again these photos have definitely been doctored!

    Must dash!!!

  264. Mink

    Just to be clear, though these pics were first posted at the FCoWM board by poster ‘mary’, they were not made or created by her.

    Jared also posted the pics on his blog, and he did not get them from Mary, he got them from a photo agency: National Photo Group.

    These photos are genuine.

  265. Melinda

    I know nothing is confirmed or anything but just seeing them together I cried tears. It’s just the first time the thought even entered my mind that the rumors might be true and it hurts! damn it! it hurts badly too! tears I tell U tears!

  266. Annette

    I always drop by this site but I’ve never commented before. However, this particular entry has caught my attention. I’m speechless right now. But I feel like the pics (real or not) are only going to make my fantasies better. I mean seariously it’s not only one but now 2 hottt ass men. How can you beat that? Besides he’s way hotter than any of those dirty bitches they’ve caught him with before. So ladies don’t be sad just re-adjust your dreams. Now instead of one hottie it’s two. And don’t take any rumor out there as real until our baby comes out and says it himself!!!

  267. Anonymous

    is he gay then?

  268. SARA

    I’m with you Annette

  269. Dani

    OMG – why are Went and Luke wearing identicle outfits??? The same brown pants and thongs (flip-flops)??

    F*ck! Hey give it up guys – they are not – I repeat NOT dating! Cant the man have a mate?? A buddy?? A pal?? The first pic of Went with a male and you go balistic!

    Why torture yoursleves??? Stop nutting it out people – you’re making me vomit at the gay ideas..

    *please.. just.. stop*

  270. Dani

    **LMAO at the same outfits! **

    Oh! and whoever got lucky enough to stand that close to the friggin car to take that pic!! Why didnt you hop on the back of the damn thing!!!????? all the way back to Went’s apartment????????


    He is adorable ! **aching… that smile**

  271. Dani

    Alright people – hold it!

    Are you forgetting Perez’ SOLE purpose for being on earth? Ask yourselves WHAT DOES HE DO FOR A LIVING ? – HELLO – He fabricates, and concocts, and manipulates, and above all BULLSHITS about celebrities to incriminate them and cause a shit-storm with the public and media.

    DONT FALL FOR IT. WHY WOULD YOU, KNOWING WHAT HE IS AND WHAT HE STANDS FOR. Just calm the fuck down and dismiss what he is putting out there for you.

    Don’t do this to yourselves, and for God sakes not to Went.

  272. Dani

    For the last time – Wentworth Miller said
    He is NOT GAY.

  273. Holy sheeeeeee-iiit!!! I knew I shouldn’t have come back to read more. I knew it!!!

    *head spins*

    From the blubbering young ‘ fan girls & boys to the academics who writes the bulleted “thesis” – dudes, this too, TOO much!!!

    His sexuality shouldn’t matter because we’re all here sharing a FANTASY. Get it?

    … ahh, forget it.

    *shakes head*

    Mama Bear 12.28: “… this topic must certainly earn me an on-line PhD in arm chair psychology!

    Wot? You’re just getting yours now? 🙂

  274. HereKitty

    *stumbles in, sees the world has gone mad, scurried back out to the sane world*

  275. ANNIE

    Sorry, everybody, about the Carter/ blowjob mistake!
    It’s a proof of my very stressed state of mind since I saw those photos..
    But thank you , guys, for correcting me, you made me laugh (and I badly need it!) imagining Jimmy Carter and Monica doing it in the Oval office….

  276. KLINCY

    无论他是不是GAY,都丝毫不影响HE IS SO CUTE AND SEXY。。。
    当然咯他不是GAY更好 :-)

  277. SARA

    I’ve just found this:

    “Earlier this year, Miller spent time with MacFarlane in China, where the Ontario-born actor was shooting scenes for the upcoming mini-series Iron Road. According to the News Times in Shanghai, Miller was in the country to help the Zhongbo Media Group promote the Chinese adaptation of Prison Break”

    This is the link

    Went and Luke in China together??? I had no idea… Maybe it’s just a rumour

  278. Unbelievable

    You mean Korea? Must be a rumour, where is the proof?

  279. AJ

    Oh for fucks sake…tears? hatred? Some of you (for lack of a better analogy) are “putting the pussy on a pedestal.” And as we all learned from our dear friend, Steve Carell, you can’t do that. You have to bring it down to your level. In other words, Wentworth Miller is a celebrity. But some of y’all are forgetting that celebrities are people too. THEY’RE JUST PEOPLE. And they all do things that people do. They eat, drink, piss, swear, fart, and even….LIE. The only difference between them and us, is they make more money than God.

    Now I’m not saying he did or he didn’t. But assuming he did, put yourself in his shoes for a moment. Imagine that you’re passionate about a certain profession. It’s all you can think about, and it’s all you want to do. You struggle for 10 years trying to get your foot in the door. You have no money, and you don’t know where your next paycheck is coming from. Finally, one day, someone says that they believe in you and your talent, and that they’re willing to pay you an ungodly amount of money to do what you’ve always dreamed of doing. But there’s a stipulation. You have to pretend to be something you’re not, otherwise the consumer won’t “believe” that you’re capable of “selling the product.” Now this may be your only chance to do what you love. I don’t know about the rest of you, but if you think for one second that I wouldn’t take the job, you’re out of your goddamn mind….integrity be damned.

    Hollywood is a real cutthroat place. If you don’t fit into a certain mold, you get typecast or you may not work at all. I can’t blame Went for lying (if he did). He did what he had to do to get a job in his line of work. It’s more common than many of you realize. I don’t even want to think about the tears that would flow if some of you knew just how many leading men in Hollywood are gay. Not only gay, but married with children. So, my suggestion to you is to get over it. This should not be affecting ANY of us personally. It’s not like your best friend just came out of the closet after 10 years of lying to you. And just remember, despite all the jesting, Wentworth is not God. He’s just a man. And a man’s gonna be a man.

  280. Seriously!

    I dont want to hear the ‘’I am a fan in denial spiel’’ I am very in tune with reality people! I cannot comment on his orientation, because I have never had a conversation with the man! those who are soooo sure of…it…please do enlighten me? I would be intrigued…everything at this time is hearsay and gossip, and those who are really shortsighted to believe the words of a compulsive liar wont drop any names *sighs*, then shame on you seriously!

    The people claiming the man is gay do not know diddlysquat about Wentworth Miller in any personal capacity whatsover, do you live with him? are you childhood friends? are you a family member? a close friend? a partner? perhaps? my god!! get a grip people and open your eyes! It doesnt matter what you say, Wentworth wont stop living his life because millions of online nutters claim him to be this and that…you dont know the real deal so keep quiet if you have nothing decent to say!


    Right, people, you have a point.
    But as a straight woman, fantazising on a gay actor doesn’t really work for me! Even if you’ll never gonna meet him, you want to believe his act on screen when he does the actress! If he is gay, he looks quite funny and unconvincing…

    And Iwould always wonder if kissing his female partner or fondling her, grosses him out?

    Can you REALLY fantazise on a guy who would ru away in disgust at the sight of your boobs or pussy??

  282. KelleyMary said:

    “Can you REALLY fantasize on a guy who would run away in disgust at the sight of your boobs or pussy??”

    Honey, you underestimate the power of a dirty and imaginative mind…I can fantasize about anything as long as it’s not harmful to me or others (nothing against you S & M types out there). And gay men love dicks, they don’t hate on female attributes…at least, I hope not since we can’t do anything about them.

  283. gwen6

    Pffft, if fantasies just got a whole lot more interesting… (Went, Luke and Gwen sandwich) That Luke sure is a cutie patootie (am hoping that they’re bi…one can wish..)

  284. MrsMiller

    Haven’t posted for a while and OMG if it’s not the SAME shit again!!! Could someone wake me up when a verdict is reached please.
    In the mean time, due to all this Wentwetness coming our way again, I am going to be jumping in the puddles with my oh-so-dirty thoughts on.

    WFW – caught your globalisation – go girl!


    “And gay men love dicks, they don’t hate on female attributes…”
    That’s not what I have heard! Pussies are revolting for gay males!

    I remember something Went said in an interview (I don’t know if it was for “The Human Stain”), about taking “plenty of time, something like two weeks, to rehearse the kissing scene”!

    Do you think a straight actor needs that amount of time?
    I bet Went spent the first week vomiting at the mere thought of her mouth…

  286. KelleyMary said:

    “Pussies are revolting for gay males!”

    Wow, I’m getting all sorts of education on this blog…LOL!

    I do remember the interview you are referring to, and you’re right, it was about the kissing scene with Jacinda Barrett, his romantic co-star, in “The Human Stain.” As I remember it, Went came off sounding like it wasn’t such a hard gig to have to spend two weeks rehearsing a kissing scene (you know, like, cool…I get to keep kissing this girl over and over again). In any case, I’m sure Jacinda didn’t mind.

  287. Anonymous

    Went on Ellen in two weeks!? It can’t be a co-incidence that he and Luke had a walk in front of the paparazzi a few weeks before it. Actually, the pictures make sense now. He thinks of his fans enough to sort of “soften the blow”. Ellen is a gorgeous gay-entertainer and she would propably make it easy and relaxed for him to come out.

  288. anon 1:44, I’ve thought about that too. If Went is gay and wants to come out, Ellen would be the best place to do so, especially considering the fact that she has personal experience.

  289. Wentworth Miller

    Yes ladies!! ….I’m into show tunes, how much more proof do you need. Do you want me to marry Katie Holmes or dress in drag like John Travolta.
    Perez has given me the best gift….Free Publicity!! Thanks Perez.

  290. jamie

    do you guys think this is going to hurt his endorsment deals??

  291. jamie

    credibility is everything!!

  292. Anonymous

    I loooove Ellen, but Ellen NEVER lied that she was straight. Wentworth will have some explaining to do.

  293. B

    I was listening to this song by Nathan called Do without my love…the lyrics seem to remind me of Wentworth and this situation…

    I’m sick, I’m tired of people telling me what to do
    Why don’t they just let me be me
    I do what I wanna do
    But they don’t understand that I
    I got a point of view
    They call me young and foolish
    But I’m not too young to do this
    So let me show and prove, cause

    I just can’t do
    Everyting that you want me to
    I just can’t be
    All the things that you want me to be
    I just can’t live
    The way that you want me to live
    I just can’t be
    Be with out my love

    I’m leting you know
    Even if i had all that money
    I just can’t be without my
    Don’t care about all the honeys
    I just can’t do without my
    Can’t help, I think ain’t it funny
    I just can’t be without my
    No matter what
    I know that I can’t do without my love

    Damn I feel like a ???? again
    They always tripin like I dont know what I’m doing but
    Yeah, I know I can handle this
    All I can do is keep it real
    ???? the way I feel
    And just express myself, cause
    I don’t wanna be no one else
    And I won’t lie to myself, cause

    I just can’t do
    Everyting that you want me to
    I just can’t be
    All the things that you want me to be
    I just can’t live
    The way that you want me to live
    I just can’t be
    Be with out my love

    I’m leting you know
    Even if I had all that money
    I just can’t be without my
    I don’t care about all the honeys
    I just can’t do without my
    Can’t help, I think ain’t it funny
    I just can’t be without my
    And no matter what
    I know that I can’t do without my love

    They just don’t see what I see
    Cause they don’t know the love that’s in me
    And they try to tell me what to do
    But a men’s gotta do what he’s gotta do, ooh
    Can nobody tell me what, or when, or where
    ???? ?? ??? ?
    So I’ma do my thing

    Even if i had all that money
    I just can’t be without my
    Don’t care about all the honeys
    I just can’t do without my
    Can’t help, I think ain’t it funny
    I just can’t be without my
    No matter what
    I know that I can’t do without my love

    Even if i had all that money
    I just can’t be without my
    Don’t care about all the honeys
    I just can’t do without my
    Can’t help, I think ain’t it funny
    I just can’t be without my
    No matter what
    I know that I can’t do without my love

  294. When I think of this topic, I can’t help but think of Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack” sung alternately by Went and his more heart-broken fans?


    Well I tried to tell you so (yes, I did)
    But I guess you didn’t know, as I said the story goes
    Baby, now I got the flow
    ‘Cos I knew it from the start
    Baby, when you broke my heart
    That I had to come again, and show you that I’m real

    Sad, bereaved fans:

    (You lied to me) all those times I said that I love you
    (You lied to me) yes, I tried, yes, I tried
    (You lied to me) even though you know I’d die for you
    (You lied to me) yes, I cried, yes, I cried

    (Return of the Mack) it is
    (Return of the Mack) come on
    (Return of the Mack) oh my God
    (You know that I’ll be back) here I am
    (Return of the Mack) once again
    (Return of the Mack) pump up the world
    (Return of the Mack) watch my flow
    (You know that I’ll be back) here I go


    So I’m back up in the game
    Running things to keep my swing
    Letting all the people know
    That I’m back to run the show
    ‘Cos what you did, you know, was wrong
    And all the nasty things you’ve done
    So, baby, listen carefully
    While I sing my come-back song


  295. B

    I love that song!! return of the mack!!!! brings back memories and yea that does ring true!

  296. Dani


  297. kat

    Dani ranting doesn’t change the facts

  298. kala

    Yup Wentworth did lie to us, I am a little pissed off at him. Its called false advertizing.

  299. blondie

    Wentworth has ugly taste in both men and women.

  300. Giulia

    yeah Sara Luke is really cute, btw I don’t know uf it’s allowed putting links about PH, but i’ve found a new PH’s bullshitinterview and he talks about WM too… yeah again… wtf!

    WFW: LOL, no linkage of any kind to PH's shit. Sorry.

  301. lola

    perez is an ass***

    I’m so sick of this

    I personally don’t give a damn. He is still my favorite actor.

    I just want him to be happy

  302. me

    Can you explain why outing is so viscerally important to you?
    PEREZ: I don’t consider it outing. I consider it reporting. I am not speculating that Wentworth Miller is gay. I know Wentworth Miller is gay. One of my best friends dated Wentworth Miller. I know the person he’s currently dating.

    Wentworth LIED about his sexuality.
    I don’t know if i can forgive him

  303. Susan

    I had always heard that P.H. said that his friend dated with Went a day and never more. Now he said they had a long relationship. I think all this is a bullshit.

  304. Mink

    Can I just say to all the people who are judging WM for lying, please take a moment to consider whether you yourselves have always behaved in a perfect way under the weight of terrible pressures.

    I know I haven’t.

    It will all come out why he was forced to lie; basically he had no choice. There’s also a good chance that some of the misleading information was ‘enhanced’ by publicity ppl.

    I’m sure most people really have the tolerance inside them to forgive (if they feel forgiveness is needed) and to understand his situation if they consider it with an affectionate and sympathetic eye.

    Sorry if that comes off sounding kinda preachy. So not my intention.

  305. me

    he never said that his friend dated went a day, he said that they used to date and that they no longer talk

  306. Crystal

    Ummm.. well I love hearing about wentworth because one of my guy friends was an executive producer on Prison Break for the time they were filming in Chicago. My friend is gay and knows other gay men really well. When i called him before about a story about him being straight he laughed and said “yeah he is gay. Whatever! ”
    Hey I guess he will come out of the closet when he deems it is time.

  307. Stab

    KELLEYMARY, you can find the original interview here

    as you can seen he didn’t spend two weeks vomiting!

  308. Sara

    Mink I totally TOTTALY agree with you.

    He was forced to lie. You know that “I’m not gay” quote? Well I’ve read on another board that WM NEVER said those exact words, those were added by his “people”. He DID however say the other part of the quote. And in that quote he does NOT deny being gay.

  309. Anonymous

    Interview with Perez in Thursday’s Dallas Voice. He talks about Wentworth again.

    “For the past two years, Dallas is where one of your biggest targets has been working. I’m talking about Wentworth Miller.”

    “Any stringers reported dish about Wentworth’s goings on in Dallas?”
    Nothing specifically related to Dallas — other than sightings, like, at Starbucks.

    “Can you explain why outing is so viscerally important to you?”
    I don’t consider it outing. I consider it reporting. I am not speculating that Wentworth Miller is gay. I know Wentworth Miller is gay. One of my best friends dated Wentworth Miller. I know the person he’s currently dating. I believe in equality. I’m not going to discriminate against gay and lesbian people because mainstream heterosexual society tells me that I should.
    John Mayer is currently having a secret relationship with Cameron Diaz. US Weekly and People magazine — everyone is talking about it. So why is it okay for me to talk about John Mayer’s secret relationship with Cameron Diaz but it’s not OK for me to talk about Wentworth Miller’s secret relationship with Luke McFarlane? Because there’s still a lot of internalized homophobia in this country. There’s still a lot of homophobic people who still think that being openly gay will hurt your career. And that’s not true.

    “It’s not like you’re saying you banged Wentworth Miller. This is the same grapevine that says Richard Gere had gerbils pulled out of his ass.”
    No this is first person. One of my best friends dated Wentworth for a long time.

    “Okay, did you hang out with them as a romantic couple? Did you witness public displays of affection between Wentworth and your friend?”
    No — because he’s always been closeted. He would never be that public with my friend. But they still had a relationship.

    “Does being closeted represent hypocrisy to you?”
    No. It represents fear. Obviously, he still has this fear that it will hurt his career — which I think is an unfounded fear.”

    Think what you want of Perez, but it rings true.

  310. Stab

    Mink, maybe he was not forced to lie, it can be just his decision, he is a grown man with a brain… anyway my opinion is that we can speculate about everything but only Wentworth knows his truth.

  311. ANNIE

    Somebody says that it is well known in WestHo (?)that “Wentworth Miller is a “power bottom”.

    What does it mean?

  312. Stab

    Dear Sara, that is just another speculation. Are you sure it was not a phone interview? And if it was written ans sent how the fuck can we know that?

    You know what? IF he lied I prefer to think that it was his decision because he had a good reason and not because he is a puppet.

  313. Mink

    Re. being “forced” to lie, I mean that there would have been extremely bad consequences if he didn’t. Like the potential loss of his job and career, and potential financial ruin.

    It was his decision not to risk that, but if anyone doesn’t think that holding on to those things is something that would make them lie, then bully for them. It would make me tell some untruths.

    Particularly as when he did, it was only him who was suffering for it (in that I’m sure he hated doing it). As soon as he got into the relationship with LMF, he stopped (note no new “wife and kids” quotes since the beginning of this year).

    I hope people can show some understanding and cut him a break. He’s brought us so much enjoyment and delight over the past couple of years, I happen to think he deserves it.


    Hi Mink!
    About the “wife and kids” (D.Purcell), the “true ladies’s man” (Knepper) what is your opinion?
    Do you think these actors have been coerced into going into such details?

    A simple “I don’t know about my fellow actors’ love life, we are working hard and we don'( go onto personal details etc.. etc..” would have been sufficient , don’t you think?

    What are your gut feelings?

  315. Sara

    KelleyMary even if the question wasn’t addressed
    to me I give you my 2 cents. I think Purcell and Knepper were trying to salvage their jobs.
    Remember J. Charlton’s blind item?

    “Setsiders aren’t inclined to gossip about him because they want to keep the show on the air. They fear a gay star might turn off viewers of both sexes. But it leaves our gorgeous actor feeling miserable and awkward. He’s not enjoying his success”

  316. Other Susan

    Ahhhhhhh…. I can’t believe all of this. Perez Hilton y J. Charlton don’t work. Their occupation are tell gossips and lies or middle-truths of people like Went or other. Everybody in this moment thinks everything they said. Charlton never said that that actor was Went, or yes?. Please think about it.

  317. Giulia

    I wanna focus your attention on this PH’s answer:

    Journalist: “Are Perez and Mario the same person?”
    PH: “No.”

    o___O so he thinks that inside of him there are too different people?… OMG this explain why he is so fat!!! Ok seriously this man is totally insane…

  318. Stab

    What I just wanted to say that he is nor a hero (to whom we can forgive anything) nor a victim, he is just a man who takes his decisions. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.
    IF he lied honestly I don’t care, he had good reasons I suppose and I want to see him as much as I can on tv and on the big screen because I really think that he can be a great actor.
    But I can’t hide that I hoped that he could handle it better, without so much details about women… consider that he said that his future woman could be between the korean fans, and IF you are in a relatioship with a man in my opinion it is not a fair thing to say.
    Anyway my opinion about him doesn’t change, I LOVE HIM, but I’m ready to say that he has made some mistakes in all the story and not because of Hollywood or his publicist but just because it was the best way of behave for min, obviously IF…
    And about speculations, in a certain way it’s normal for fans doing that but sometimes we tend to exagerate… for example the majority of us, including me, thought that during summer he was just occupied avoiding people and being sad and now we are discovering that he did a lot of things including working on a movie.

    I hope that my point of view is clear because English is not my mother tongue.

  319. Stab

    …not because of Hollywood or his publicist but just because it was the best way of behave for HIM, obviously IF…

  320. “And about speculations, in a certain way it’s normal for fans doing that but sometimes we tend to exagerate…for example the majority of us, including me, thought that during summer he was just occupied avoiding people and being sad and now we are discovering that he did a lot of things including working on a movie.”

    Excellent point, Stab. Went doesn’t operate on our schedule. Even though the Went drought was excruciatingly long and painful, if some great photos, interviews, and a movie comes out of it, I’m a happy camper.

  321. Annie

    Was my post (ANNIE
    August 31st, 2007 at 5:39 am ) offensive in anyway, as no-one care to answer?
    I’m Belgian and not very good at English, and I suspect it’s something sexual… But I thought this was a very liberated blog..
    Sorry if I offended (but since I talked earlier about “Carter”‘s blowjob….)

  322. Juma

    awwww! Don’t they look cute? The matching trousers, the flip-flops, hats… What a nice couple!
    Really people, who gives the shit about if he is gay or not!? Does it matter!?
    Went is simply beautifull and that’s all that matters.

  323. Sara

    For Annie
    You’re partial right and I could add that the word “bottom” refers to a position, but I really don’t think this is the place to discuss about this 🙂

  324. Oh Annie…there you go bringing up Carter and blow jobs again just when I exorcised those demons from my mind! 😉 Honey, we were just teasing you about that earlier flub. You should know by now that this blog is full of fans who like to laugh it up (me being one of the biggest offenders…lol).

    And Sara, I think you’re right about the position thing…and don’t worry, Went sex is always a good thing to talk about in the comments section. 😉

  325. Annie

    O.K., I guessed right for “bottom”!
    But “power”?

  326. Annie said:

    “O.K., I guessed right for “bottom”!
    But “power”?

    Where are AJ, Fairy, Velvetine, Bel, and Pup when we need them? We need some education on slash fic terms here!

  327. Annie

    Thanks, Mama Bear!

    But I’m still in the “dark” about “power”?

    Could it be some sort of electrical device?

    Help, anybody, I’m having very strange pictures in my head (something like Went and Luke wired to some contraption to the wall…)

  328. WFW

    I believe it’s just wordplay Annie. It’s supposed to mean he loves it. There’s your answer.

    And just a general statement: Since I’ve been kind of busy this week working on something else, I haven’t been in here modding as I usually would have been. Going back through some of this shit has made my heard hurt. I didn’t delete anything but I’m going to make a suggestion: If the very thought of Went being gay/bi/otherwise not the picture of him you had in your mind whatever the deviation makes you upset, disillusioned, confused, etc that’s all fine and good. Some of us are more open-minded and tolerant than others but if you feel the need to call him names, bash him, display blatant homophobia, or otherwise, act like you have lost your god damned mind, I think maybe you need to take some time alone and stop posting the shit all over my blog b/c I will delete your ass.

    Again, I ain’t sayin’ he is and I ain’t sayin’ he isn’t but I am sayin’ there is some shit I’m not gonna put up with.

  329. Annie

    WTF, I’m sorry if I offended you in anyway!

    Accept my apologies, please. I meant no harm, sincerely.
    Yes, I’m confused and upset and I don’t know what to think. It hurts, you see…
    And I’m certainly not the only one.
    Went meant so much to me (and still does, in a way) but I have had feelings about those in Hollywood who sold us a false image of this beautiful man.

  330. WFW

    That was a GENERAL statement Annie. It was not directed at you. 🙂

  331. anon

    for what its worth, the urban dictionary definition of power bottom:

  332. DanceForMe

    As no one will actually ever read this comment anyway…some thoughts:

    Well I read all the comments about Went being or probably not being gay or bi or multisexual
    (I prefer the last option, of cause ;).
    Let’s hope he’s not generally abstinent…

    and I wondered why I bothered at all, b/c I am a straigt girl, who will most certainly never meet him anyway. If he straight – great, helps me to dream on, if he’s gay even better – 2 hot gys making out…*remembering Brokeback suddenly very intensively* *need a break*….

    I guess I thought about it because everyone has something in the closet, no matter whether it is about your sexuality, your disturbed family or something you did last summer… 😉
    And I’ve been asking myself for quite some time now, how to determine when it is the right time to tell and when it is not.

    I remember the horrified face of my half-sister (we share a serial-husband father) when I told her some uneasy truths about my family and the way she later on tried to avoid me b/c she could not cope with it. I practically lost contact with her only by telling her something she didn’t want to accept.
    Sometimes the price for living an authentic life is pretty high.
    Though the price for “lying” or let’s say not telling can be quite distrubing , too.
    Any comments?

    Well, as I am getting a bit too serious on a friday night, I’ll get ready now and dance the hell out of me in some Salsa Club…
    *one, two, three, ahora*
    *takes on a loooot of makeup and only a little fabric*

    PS: I hereby try to officially rename myself retroactively into Dance_For_Me as I just rewatched The Human Stain yesterday and The Pretty actually wants Steena to dance FOR him, not with him….
    *deeply embarrest to have misquoted Wenty in such an important matter*

  333. ilurvemv

    Oh, good. This comment box is back on course to the way it usually is: inevitably dirty. I knew I could count on you, Mama Bear! *idly wondering if Luke has an extensive scarf collection* 😉

    Seriously though, I lurked in the c-box yesterday and was sad to find that some of you think that Luke isn’t “all that.” Ladies (and gentlemen), I have read everything I can find online about Luke MacFarlane since these pics came out and believe you me, NOTHING could be further from the truth. Luke is actually a hell of a keeper. If WFW ever does a People I Hate piece on him, I’ll be happy to elaborate.

  334. genpop40

    God knows I hate to quote PH, but in that interview with the Dallas Voice he said that Went has always been in the closet.

    “Okay, did you hang out with them as a romantic couple? Did you witness public displays of affection between Wentworth and your friend?”
    No — because he’s always been closeted. He would never be that public with my friend. But they still had a relationship.

    2 things bother me about this stuff he says. One is that one of his “best friends” dated Went for a long time, but he never ever saw them together in a romantic way. Really? Not ever? He’s your best friend and they dated for a long time. And the other is that if Went has always been closeted, how the hell does all of Hollywood know that he’s gay…which is also what PH says. Went must be really, really bad at being closeted…lol.

    And I’m not saying that Went isn’t gay, ’cause personally I think he probably is, but we can’t be taking PH word for anything for Chrissakes. He’s not a reporter. He’s a blogger. He’s not held to any kind of journalistic standards, or moral standards for that matter. Poor Zac Efron is only 19, and PH has already set his sights on outing him too. He’s picking on a kid now…very ethical. And may I remind you guys that he himself admitted that he’ll lie on his blog to get hits. He said it himself that he’s untrustworthy.

    I know this horse has been beaten to death, but I had to say this or risk expoding. I hate that guy so much!

  335. Shorty

    I agree with you Genpop 40! Notice how it’s always a “best friend” who knows something juicy about someone? Come on, we need more than that! If PH’s “best friend” was dating Wentworth then what, PH has no physical proof–pictures? Even if they weren’t seen shoving their tongues down each others throats don’t you think there’d still be a picture of Went and PH’s “best friend” somewhere in PH’s collection? And I don’t mean a pic of Went and some guy making out. Just a pic to say hey, “this is my “best friend” seen here with Wentworth Miller.”

  336. Mink

    ilurvemv, you are so not wrong about Luke.

    I don’t think he’s gorgeous on the level of WM (okay, who is?), but he is cute, and much more to the point, from what I can tell, they could well have a lot in common. LMF is multi-talented including in music. And even their family backgrounds indicate they could have shared values there too. Their partnership totally makes sense to me on more than one level.

    Just as a basic introduction:

    And that concludes this particular motion for the defence. 😉

  337. ilurvemv

    Oh, thank goodness you agree with me, Mink!

    And as my motion for the defense, I give you this link:

    Some very interesting info on Luke – he’s also the son of professional parents (father a doctor, mom a nurse), has 2 sisters, has plenty of musical talent (was in a band so he sings, and plays both the trumpet and classical cello), went to Juilliard acting school, and is named after his father. He and Went do seem to have quite a bit in common!

    And I must add that from everything I’ve read about him, he seems to be humble, kind, sweet, and very articulately honest about showbiz. And his credits list may not be long but in everything he’s done, both his critics and his co-workers have nothing but glowing stories about how great he is to work with. Sound like anyone else we know?

    More links:

    And to whoever said he’s not much more than cute, I say bah humbug:

    He’s got beautiful eyes. 🙂

  338. kassie

    Gay or straight, I still think WM is the hottest thing to come down the pike in recent memory. Really, I think I’d rather not know all the gory details of his personal life. Misa has been my favorite fantasy ever since I started watching PB, and I just heard on E! that Sarah Wayne Callies might not return to the show because of her pregnancy. Does anyone know anything about that? When is her baby due? On E! they mentioned that Michael Scofield will be needing a new love interest, and my reaction to that is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! MISA FOREVER!!!! Can we start a petition to the writers on PB demanding that Misa continue? I will not watch PB if there is no Misa….

  339. kassie, but what happens if there’s a LiSa (Lincoln + Sara)?

    “Meanwhile, TVSquad is suggesting that a crisis will find the brothers at odds, and suggests Callies character may be at the center of it. The plot possibility is almost too sweet to resist, Michael locked up yet again, Lincoln and Sarah falling for one another amidst the dramatics of trying to rescue Michael. The stuff of legends, for sure.”


    If this happens, I will be RIVETED!

  340. ilurvemv

    kassie, where on E! did you read that? I’ve been perusing the E! site and I can’t find it anywhere. TV news comes from Kristin Veitch/DS or one of her associates and I don’t see anything like that listed in her tv section.

    If it did come from Kristin, she has been known to spread foilers (fake spoilers) about PB and other shows before.

  341. kassie

    I saw it on E! news on TV about 2 days ago when they were talking about PB and some other shows returning this fall. It contradicts other stuff I’ve heard and read about the Dr. Sara character, so I was wondering if things had changed because of a maternity leave issue or something.

    As for LiSa….NOOOO! SWC stated in an interview (sorry I don’t have the link handy) that it would be “sleazy” for Sara and Lincoln to get together. And remember in Season 1 when Michael and Veronica were about to kiss when his cellphone rang (Linc was calling) and Michael said “we can’t do this”? It would destroy the relationship between the brothers if there were a LiSa. Yes, Linc and Sara might find each other attractive, after all they’re not blind, but my dearest fantasy involves Lincoln becoming Sara’s brother-in-law :)!! I’ve written several MiSa wedding scenarios in my head.

  342. anon

    The PerezHilton interview where he talks about Went being gay has been pulled from the site. It’s obvious that there’s a huge cover up going on here. I’m sad that this guy has lied to his fans. He’s not who he said he was.


    September 1st, 2007 at 2:23 am
    The PerezHilton interview where he talks about Went being gay has been pulled from the site”

    – NOT TRUE! It’s still there on PH, in his archives.

    I, myself, talked about erased posts from JJared, but don’t push the conspiracy theory too far….

    NOBODY would CARE to pressure Perez, he would orgasm if they tried!!!

  344. Giulia

    I think that Luke is really nice, my first impression about him was that he was only good looking but then I watch him on B&S on youtube and I like his role on B&S (Scotty Wandell), plus if he is a Went’s friend probably they have a lot in common and I’m sure that Luke is a good and kind guy as Went is! 🙂

  345. cat'smeow

    I agree with you Anonymous. I am angry that Went did not tell us the truth from the start. He marketed himself as a single, STRAIGHT guy and that’s how he attracted millions of woman the world over. If I had known he was gay from the start, I would have never been attracted to him. There are plenty good looking gay men in Hollywood, but I never liked any of them due to the fact that they would never be turned on by a woman. As far as I’m concerned it’s false advertising when an actor says he’s one thing, but actually another. Why should I invest my time and energy on a gay actor when there are so many HOT straight ones. The gay ones just don’t do it for me. I’m a straight woman who loves straight men. And I truly thought Went was straight. I have to admit, he’s a good actor, he fooled us all.

    If in fact Went is gay, I would be very disappointed in him. I’ve always considered him an honest man with integrity. But now I feel he has decieved us.

    A few months back, obviously during the time he was seeing Luke, he stated he was NOT gay. If he is gay, that is an outright lie. How can he mislead us fans? That is cruel and dishonest. Does he not care about us???? If he wanted to become an actor, that’s fine, but don’t try out for a leading man role with a romantic involvement. That is very risky for a gay man. I’m surprised the producers hired him knowing he was gay. If they did not know, Went was wrong to audition for the role of Michael Scofield in the first place.

    And, I guess he lied in quite a few interviews. How about him saying he would not marry an actress. He’d rather find someone who works behind the scenes, but can understand the crazy schedule of an actor. And here he is dating an actor. He won’t marry or date an actress, but he’ll date an actor. He says one thing and does another. I have lost respect for this man, who I once admired so much.

    This saddens me. If he would just tell the truth once and for all that would be fine. But he keeps us wondering which is cruel. We don’t know what to believe anymore. I wish he would be the gentleman he seems to be and tell us the TRUTH already. All this debating is totally is ridiculous. Everyone is so upset and confused just because he is being selfish. I thought Went was better than that.

  346. cat'smeow

    I agree with you GenPop40 about PH!!! He’s the biggest bullshit artist on the internet!!!! Yeah right, his bestfriend dated Went and he never saw them romantically together. Tell me another one!!! He’s nothing but a big fat ass liar!!!! And now he’s going after kids like Zac Efron. PH is an ugly, loser bully. Don’t go to his site and don’t believe anything he says. He’s a waste of life!!!!!

    And it’s not like I’m in denial. Went may indeed be gay, but he has said he is not. I see Went as being an honest guy, so for now I choose to believe him until he says different.

    They’ve got to stop attacking this man. He’s a good guy who doesn’t bother anyone. All he does is work hard to entertain us. Let’s leave him alone to live his life.

  347. GirlOnTheMirror

    Girls, sometimes you scare me…
    LMF never never did an interview and you can give him all that positive and fantastic adjectives? Even his long time fans know less than you, really! You can check his yahoo group to find that they would like to know more about him but there is very very little.
    I’m just curious… “very articulately honest about showbiz”… that’s great but how do you know?
    I agree with people who say that he can be cute, a good actor and that he can share personal features with WM but honestly there are very little more to say… and if you say something more write it to LMF yahoo group and his fans will be very happy to know it.

    Anyway if he is close to WM I truly hope he is a great person because Wentworth deserves one!!!

  348. anon

    You could be an actor, or a doctor, lawyer, dentist or the milk man! The ONLY reason, and trust me I know this, to lie about being gay would be if your parents, your family, didn’t know about it. Telling your mother that you’re gay is the most difficult thing ever. Some people move far away from their families just to hide that fact about themselves. And even lie to their parents. I would totally understand him if THAT was the case. But if he lied ,(a big IF), about his sexuality for career purposes that would make me look at him a bit differently. This guy has fought against a lot of prejudices starting from high school. Is being gay actor in Hollywood turned him into a coward who’s afraid to open his mouth? I really hope not.

  349. GirlOnTheMirror

    I’m confused and said, not because of the possibility to be gay but because of the confusion and how the story is going.

    Eric Hegedus, President of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, making a distinction between fact-based gossip and innuendo, says “Yes, there is a place for gossip in the media, but we have to be careful that our sources are solid. I don’t know Wentworth Miller, I’ve never interviewed him, so I don’t know whether he’s gay or has a boyfriend, as Perez Hilton and others have speculated. But where the problem lies is that Miller has told news sources very directly that he is not gay.”

    full article 08/20/2007 here

    I truly hope that this whole story will be handle in the best way, WM deserves it!

  350. anon

    It’s a good article. And leads us to the question: When is someone with balls going to ask directly from Wentworth Miller are the rumours true? Now would be a good time to repeat the question to him. It’s interesting that Perez Hilton has never tried to interview him directly like the article suggests he should do. Or maybe he’s been denied access. Maybe he’s too chickenshit to do so. But the further WM keeps silent the more powerfull this story gets. He’s a public figure, telling the press if his companion is a man or that he’s still totally single and straight shouldn’t be that difficult. Just send a note to us through you pr people, we won’t bite!

  351. GirlOnTheMirror, thanks for the link. I read through the article, which has a lot of fine points, and not just about the speculation surrounding Wentworth Miller but over gay speculation and practice of “outing” in general.

    For people who are really invested in this topic, you’ll be interested to find that Damon Romine, Entertainment Media Director of GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), says, “The bottom line, however, is that GLAAD does not encourage outing.”

  352. GirlOnTheMirror

    Yes [b]Mama Bear[b], the whole article is very interesting. We can see that even into the “media gay community” there are different point of views about this issue and so it is very difficult to say which one is the best way to behave. But I hope that WM could find it!


    Wentworth should have said NOTHING from day one.
    And certainly not invent “crushes, love of brunettes, future wife and kids.”

    If he had keep silent, NOTHING would threaten his career now.
    He was ill-advised by totally hopeless PR people!!

    He should fire them.

  354. anon

    Whatever the truth is we will hear it in two weeks when he’s on Ellen. She will ask it unless his people tell her not to. If she doesn’t approach the issue that’s a sign for me that his gay and wants to stay in the closet. And then this fan will leave this subject alone. ‘Cause to stay silent on the matter on talk shows and interviews is a sign that he’s not going to tell us anything, ever. Hopefully we will read his answer here first. Not from Perez Hiltons site.

  355. genpop40

    anon 10:37…I was thinking the very same thing.

  356. Sara

    I really doubt that we will hear something about all this on Ellen.

    I agree with ANONYMOUS, he should have said nothing from day one. The “No, I’m not gay” quote wasn’t really a good idea

  357. There are some fans who really must know
    in which way Went’s peen prefers to go.
    The “how” and the “why,” a girl or a guy
    Either way, they’d still scream “HELL NO!”

    This limerick was inspired by the majority of fans who voted that they’d like to see him die alone…lol:

  358. GirlOnTheMirror

    In that poll I voted Beigette (yes, don’t call me stupid but I like her!) but if I have to choose a man for Went LMF is not in my list, don’t get offended Went, It’s MY fantasy list 😉
    I vote George Clooney, Robert Downey Jr or Patrick Dempsey… WOW, I find them perfect for him!

  359. anon

    It’s ok if he wants to leave this issue untouched. He will loose some of his fans though if he says nothing. Because at least this fan needs closure. Closure, that’s what I’m lookin for. But if his intention was to get more into writing and producing it won’t matter to him much. There’s a lot of producers in Hollywood that are gay. I don’t see this Luke-story doing him any good either way though. And it’s pissing me off. I feel like there are people out to ruin his actingcareer. Or is he doing it himself, knowingly. Gay or straight, he has only two choises, he can go out with a bang admitting that he lied and that he is gay. Or slowly step out of the spotligh leaving people questioning. At this point of my Went-fandom I would rather take the first.

  360. Luci

    Ya know the earth is not going stop spinning on it’s axis because your gay. Living life honestly and fully is quite rewarding. Um, How old is he? Gay Went is far more entertaining than straight Went.

  361. Luci

    This is a good thing, really it is. Now that he is semi out of the closet the ex bf’s will start talking. Details, dirty details. I’m sick like that.

  362. ANON

    Does any of you have a clue why Dominic Purcell said the “wife and kids” thing?

    When an interviewer asks an actor about another actor’s discreet love life , he normally answers evasively , things like “I don’t know, his personal life, I’m too busy with mine” or ” We talk only about work on set”….

    So WHY did Purcell come out with such words?
    It’s so puzzling!

    What do you think?

  363. anon

    Anon 3.16, I think it was all publicity. He may or may not have actually said those words the same way that a lot of what Wentworth Miller is reported to have said may not actually have come from him. That’s why it’s called ‘public relations’. PR puts the spin on the interview to get out to the public the message they want.

  364. Anonymous

    If he has had any boyfriends they would have spilled the beans allready. No telltale stories on this guy, so it’s obvious that he’s lived a very solitude life when it comes to companions.

  365. Anonymous

    He said in an interview that he’s never been Mr. one-nigth-stand.

  366. ANON

    September 3rd, 2007 at 4:05 am
    Anon 3.16, I think it was all publicity. He may or may not have actually said those words the same way that a lot of what Wentworth Miller is reported to have said may not actually have come from him. That’s why it’s called ‘public relations’. PR puts the spin on the interview to get out to the public the message they want.”

    ===> You seem to suggest that PRs do want they want and control stars ?

    If so, they should bear the brunt of this catastrophe and Went should distance himself from all the crap that has been written or even SAID by him( if he has been instructed to say such words) but I remain dubious about the extend of PRs power…
    …. particularly on Dominic( on matters that don’t concern HIM after all!)

    Could Dom have been fooled and Went so closeted that nothing transpired about his sexuality?

    It’s hard to believe, and there must be so much that we ignore….
    We probably will never know…

  367. anon

    What happened to a post at Church last Saturday aprox. 2.30 pm forum time (page 51 afer post #1515). A new member named SPICY claimed to have been an old friend of Wentworth from Princeton. I read the post twice and after refresing it was gone and later also one comment that has been made by a member was gone. I waited for some kind of explanation because people read it (there were both members and lurkers online) but nothing. A day later the account from SPICY was gone as well.


    ANON, if this post was insulting, you understand that the moderators removed it.
    What makes the Church the best forum on Went is their effort to keep away from rumours.

    If you post there, you must substanciate your claims, and whatever this “old friend “may have said, there was no proof of it.

    By the way, I’m his sister!

  369. Sara

    to anon 6.38

    In my opinion I don’t think that Dominic was forced to lie. Simply I think that he, like the rest of PB cast, knows perctly well that a gay star could mean the end of Prison Break and so he CHOOSE to cover the truth

  370. anon

    Ok. What did SPICY say then? There’s been like hundreds of stupid people posting stuff like “I knew a guy who dated him” or whatever. This SPICY person must have hit the nail..

  371. There once was a comment so “SPICY”
    which may have had info quite dicey
    But it was removed probably for its own good
    And now some fans are feeling quite icy.

    MT, you’ve created a monster! * snicker*

  372. Mink

    Re. the post from ‘Spicy’, this was removed because the person concerned claimed a personal relationship with Wentworth without providing proof of such.

    We are not saying that her story was true or false, but the post was removed because the person was unwilling to post proof of said connection publicly, and so we had no choice but to err on the side of caution.

    The poster was advised that they could post their POV re. the current controversy, but not claim personal knowledge unless they were willing to provide the necessary proof (which was subsequently requested by another poster).

    We were not attempting to silence anyone, but the vulnerability of the internet to people being able to post saying they *know* or have seen things they have not, means that we will not allow unproven sources to post claiming personal connections that cannot be proven.

  373. Mink

    ETA: LMAO <b<MB!


    Great those limericks!

    Carry on, you people……

  375. anon (70.6 am)

    Thanks Mink,

    I thought it might be something like that so out of respect for you and the Church and the sensitive situation at the moment, i decided not to put the content of the post in my comment. The only thing i will say is that it was not insulting at all.
    ‘this friend’ seems to have a lot of affection and respect for Wentworth. Real or not it was quite moving.
    It was not ‘spicy’ or ‘dicey’ (MB, you dirty dirty woman) but just a point of view from a ‘friend’.

    Btw Mink, i’m a long long time lurker at the Church from the start and i want to take this opportunity to thank you (and Maichan)
    for setting it up in the first place and still going strong.
    I may not always agree with you but like you i love Wentworth and there is nothing that will change that.
    Sorry WFW, for hijacking your blog but i have to say i think you are hilarious and i hope you will finally meet him. But go easy on him.
    Mamma Bear, Went should hire you as his PR person. You are awesome!!!!

  376. anon

    Sooo, it’s been over a week since WM took a stroll with his rumoured boyfriend LM. I was shocked and studied every inch of those pictures. And what actual facts have I learned from them: they look like they’re staight out of bed, they wear same flipflops and Went is talking to someone on his cellphone(hopefully it’s his girlfriend Amie Bice!). From studying these pictures of him after the Luke walk about: that he travels alone, wears the same clothing over and over again, that he’s the proud owner of just one uglyass bucket hat(it must smell!), his shoes are very large and that he’s currently filming in Dallas, Florida or Panama. Now, I’m going to do something that has never worked when I’ve tried on a new diet. I’m going to try to stay away from my addiction, which is candy, or at the moment trying to find out if he’s gay or not. I’m not going to read Perez or Jared or this site. I’m coming back in two-three weeks. Hopefully by then he has either come out of the closet or debunked the rumours once again. If this works so should my next diet! If I crumble and click on these sites, I will let you know. Goodbye for now from Minala!

  377. WFW

    LOL anon, staying away from this site wouldn’t be necessary but staying away from this post might! You see I haven’t even been commenting on it myself because round and round it goes and where it stops…Well it doesn’t.

  378. Luci

    New article about WM and LM from a Austrailian magazine.

  379. Anonymous

    So I guess Went is really in love with this guy

  380. jupiter

    My fiancee is an actor; recently he was photographed with a good family friend of ours and the next day the papers printed an article insinuating an affair. To us the whole incident was laughable, ….
    In the biz, we know never to believe what is in the papers let alone an internet site ( a blog is less likely to be incited for defamatory behavior, as it is considered ‘opinion’!) Amusing site, but prefer it with witty limerick and anecdotes than gossip!

  381. anonymous

    Posted on Lainey Gossip (October 27, 2005)

    Wentworth: my rebuttal

    Let’s just back up, OK? It is true. Wentie used to date a girl, maybe even two. But Tom Cruise dates and marries and supposedly impregnates girls all the time. Need I say more? As for Perez Hilton – the people and the gossip on his forum might be suspect at times, but most of what Perez dishes HIMSELF is pretty accurate. His ‘not so blind item’ about Wentie included a photo and a snippet about how he’s come out to his family and his friends. And it’s STILL ON HIS SITE. Gossips – Perez is really, really popular. You can’t print that sh*t on a blog that receives over 150,000 visitors a day and not expect to get sued if you’re not air tight with your sources. But the most telling point is this: If he’s NOT gay, and he’s an up and coming actor in Hollywood with a big time breakout show, why the hell aren’t his publicists lining up lawsuits and washing this thing down??? Please don’t tell me it’s because he’s ‘above’ the rumours. No one is above the rumours. This is Hollywood. Not your backyard.

    As for him saying in magazines that he likes women and dates women – three words: Nick and Jess. Advanced gossip, remember???

    And finally… take a look for yourselves. Even if your gaydar is out of batteries and got thrown in the washing machine, you can’t tell me it’s not going bananas after viewing these lovely shots. Don’t get me wrong. I love him. He’s a fine actor. He’s absolutely gorgeous. But if you ask me, he’s also gayer than fairy dust. Period.

  382. XXX

    Hey if it smells like a duck, waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck……then it a Duck!

    Wentworth seriously looks happy walking around with this peen. At this point I feel he should stop lying.

  383. genpop40

    The award for the most redundant post goes to XXX!!!

    We know, dude…nobody’s arguing with you. But, you need to look up the word “peen” before using it.

  384. Anna

    Jupiter good points you make.Seeing the pics i think they might just be friends’.I think he will be asked again in an interview about this maybe not on Ellen but definitely in the coming months’.Will he answer thruthfully that’s a different story all together!

  385. kassie

    To Wentworth: If you’re reading this, you know how fascinated we all are with you. We are also very confused right now, because we think of you as a person who, above all else, strives to be true to himself. However you decide to handle the rumors, remember this: you will never be able to make everyone happy, no matter what you do or say. Those of us who truly admire and respect you just want you to be who you really are. Go ahead and live your life and be what Sarah called you, “fearless”!

  386. anonymous

    I really doubt that he will tell the truth.

    It’s just so arrogant that he feels he doesn’t owe his fans any explanation parading around with his boyfriend

  387. StraightGirl

    I will watch PB, but i feel bitter as if i had been conned; Went is such a beautiful actor and he was every girl’s dream: handsome, romantic, polite, both Michael and Went seemed to share those qualities;
    But he”s gay; O.K. he can’t help it, but by lying (and the people around him lied too) we dreamt about a man who doesn’t exist;

    I feel so sad, and I can’t help having very crude images in my mind when i think about him with Luke . Things like “santorum”, I’m not afraid to use that word, you see.
    I should have known he was too good to be true, men that perfect don’t exist.

  388. HereKitty

    kassie .. WORD, WORD, MUTHA FUCKING WORD!!!! That is all ..

  389. pbfan

    I kinda realized he was gay about a year ago, so I am not shocked by these pictures. However a year ago I was devestated, I spend days searching for info trying to prove the wisper’s were lies.
    So now when I see these pictures it’s like I’m over him and the whole gay-thing. I don’t watch PB anymore cause the whole fantasy is spoiled for me.
    I still thing he stunning to look at …but that’s all.

  390. Ali*Bry

    Genpop40 – since you’re a know it all, I would like to know the correct meaning of “Peen”.

  391. Ali*Bry,

    PEEN = COCK and most of us think *hope* he has a mocha one.

  392. HereKitty

    LMAO, MB!! Mmmm .. mocha …

  393. ANON

    StraightGirl, just don’t think about the “santorum” business.
    True, it’s gruesome, but I’ve been told (by a gay friend)that it doesn’t happen ALL the time.
    Gay men have to put up with what nature gave them (and remember, some women indulge in it,too!)
    Just try to see the NICE side of things and don’t let your imaginationdwell on “crude pictures”!

  394. me

    Crude pictures???

    Am I the only one who would like to see a videotape of these two? I’m a straight girl, but I think gay guys are SO HOT^-^

  395. ANON

    The “crude pictures” STRAIGHTGIRL was mentioning was the “santorum” thing!

    It’s true that when you give free reign to your thoughts…

    Let’s think about roes and flowers instead, otherwise life is impossible…

  396. Anonymous

    NW magazine adds fuel to the flame: Rumours about the hunky actor’s sexuality sweep Hollywood again
    The gay gossip surrounding Wentworth Miller has deepened after he was spotted
    with a man rumoured to be his boyfriend, Canadian actor Luke MacFarlane.
    As talk intensifies, people are now saying the Prison Break actor may be ready
    to come out of the closet as his relationship with Luke – the openly gay
    ex-boyfriend of Grey’s Anatomy actor T.R Knight – gets more intimate.
    The pair did nothing to counter the rumours after they were seeing enjoying an
    all-day outing that stretched long itno the night.
    Looking relaxed and happy, Wentworth, 35, and a 27 year-old Luke strolled around
    a footpath in LA recently, wearing matching khaki trousers and thongs, their
    strides perfectly in sync. The cosy-looking couple laughed and chatted as they
    walked, obviously enjoying each other’s company.
    Later that evening, they were spotted in a car, with Luke in teh driver’s seat
    and Wentworth on the passenger side casually crossing his legs and playing with
    his mobile phone.
    And the source adds that the actor may be on his way to coming out. “Wentworth
    sure looks like he’s taking baby steps out of the closet,” says the insider.
    “He’s been seen around town with his ‘close friend’ Luke for weeks now. The
    rumour mill has gone into overdrive!”

    Wentworth has previously acknowledged the persisten rumours, but has denied the
    stories are true. “No, I’m not gay,” he said in January this year. “I know these
    rumours are out there… I’m cool with the fact that they exist. I mean, this is
    about fantasy. Certain people are going to have certain fantasies.”

    But while Wentworth has previously denied the rumours, insiders now say that was
    purely because he was still only a small-time star and not secure enough of his
    celebrity status to come out.

    “Look, who can blame the guy,” says the insider. “He was an up-and-comer in the
    business when he got lucky with Prison Break.”

    The insider adds that Wentworth has no shame about his gay status, but was
    concealing it for the sake of his show’s ratings in conservative middle America.

    “Wentworth is not ashamed or embarassed at all about being gay,” says the
    insider. “He’s kept quiet and denied being gay for the show’s sake so far. But
    that was before he fell in love with Luke.”
    Now, the insider says, the actor is making it clear he’s ready to be more open
    about his relationship, in party because of Luke’s reassurance.
    “He’s encouraging him to just come out and get it over with,” says the isider.
    “Luke is out and proud, and he would want people to know the truth. Showing up
    with Luke in publlic and letting their picture be taken together must mean
    Wentworth is tired of pretending to be straight when he’s in a serious
    However, insiders also say he’s likely to still be torn between coming out about
    his sexuality and pretending to be straight for the sake of his career.
    “He’s probably being pulled in two directions,” explains the insider. “There’s
    no doubt the TV network is desperate to keep his sexuality under wraps. His
    boyfriend and all of his friends who know the truth about him are urging him to
    be honest. They say even though there’s a lot to lose, he’ll feel better about
    himself in the long run.”

  397. Anonymous

    We have only about two weeks to hold on to our fantasies. Too bad. I wonder what Luke Perry is doing these days..oooh, remember gorgeus Luke. He was the hottie back in my days.

  398. me

    I don’t think he will come out on Ellen.

    I really doubt he will admit that he is gay until the end of prison break

  399. audrey

    Anonymous 12:39. NW is an Australian celebrity mag full of every unproven sensational trashy story that’s ever hit Hollywood. The same magazine ran stories on “Brad still in love with Jen” and the one next to it had “Brad and Gwenyth back together again!” around about the time they were in Prague. The story is just a rehash of what’s already been on the web.

    To all those people saying that Wentworth should admit the ‘truth’ . If he is gay and publicly admitted it then he wouldn’t have a career. Is that what you guys want? Just to satisfy your curiosity about his very private life.

  400. wakeup!

    Yup!… that’s what we want. It’s called Integrutity Audrey, Went needs to grow some balls and tell the truth.

  401. Anonymous

    The truth. We can’t handle the truth! I wonder who this insider at FOX is that all these gossip-people like Perez and Enquierer are refering to? Is it some Went-hater on the set of PB who’s just jealous, ’cause that wouldn’t surprise me one bit, after all it’s Hollyweird! This NW story talks about his friends and family and Luke encouraging him to come out. Why would his friends do just the opposite by lying that he’s straight and his female friends going to the lengths of walking with him down the street and letting him put his hand on their shoulder like they’re a couple? If he’s gay, his entourage of friends, and him, must be the most stupid people on the planet!! Because then they have helped him to destroy his credibility by staging a false fan friendly identity for him. Which would totally crumble if he admitted to telling lies for his career. These are basic facts that you think about when you’re not hooked up on gossip and use your own brain. I still believe, call me a fool if you want, that this Amie woman is his actual girlfriend. She freaked out and simply is in hiding.

  402. ANON

    “If he’s gay, his entourage of friends, and him, must be the most stupid people on the planet!! Because then they have helped him to destroy his credibility by staging a false fan friendly identity for him”
    -Yes, they are stupid.

    And he is a FRAUD, unfortunately.

    A pretty, sexy gay boy and a fraud.

    That’s life. Nothing is perfect.

    Did you REALLY believe Michael Scofield could exist?

  403. sara

    FRAUD?!? Don’t you think you’re exaggerating just a little bit too much?

    He’s only an actor, he isn’t your husband or your boyfriend.
    He isn’t obliged to tell everyone what he does in his own bedroom.

  404. V

    Soooooooooooo, what’s the topic here then?…409 posts????? Think it will reach 1000??? I heard it from a reliable source because been a long time friend and schoolmate and attended the same public bus everyday at 7 a.m. and is in fact a close relative of all the people at wordpress that they are seriously thinking about giving the 1000 poster a big prize: a closet…


    Come on Wentworth tell us the truth, I think you are a fraud too.
    I’m hurt because I really believed you and now your walking around smiling with this gay guy. Perez Hilton actually told the truth….he was dead on the money about who you were dating and produced pictures to prove it, and I don’t see you trying to deny it.

  406. ANON

    SARA,”He isn’t obliged to tell everyone what he does in his own bedroom.”

    No, of course.

    But he didnt need to lay it on thick about his “love of brunettes”, his wish of having a “wife and kids in the near future”…

    He mocked his female fanbase.

    Shame on him.


    Sure that Lube McFarlane is fugly!

  408. sara

    Luke is cute and he has a great body LOL

  409. Anonymous

    Hell, if they turn out to be a couple then there are two tv series that I can’t watch. Prison Break, because I would be thinking about the fact that my idol lied. And Greys Anatomy, because then I would be thinking about the fact that T.R.Knights former boyfriend is propably on top of my former idol right now. Yucks. Sorry, but I’m bitter.

  410. KiraAngelina

    I am really gettin´ sick of reading this SHIT!!!

    Who do you people think you are, that you talk about him as if he has to render account to any of you???? It´s not like he tried to hurt you personally.
    If he really lied, than probably because he had good reasons for it.

    Did you never lie in your hole life to protect yourself????

    You write things like “I´m really hurt” and “Went needs to grow some balls and tell the truth” … come on people… are you serious????????????????

    Like some of you already wrote: HE ISN`T OBLIGED TO TELL YOU ANYTHING!!! and he surely didn´t mean to hurt any of you! He doesn´t even know YOU!

    Of course you are also not obliged to watch his shows or support him in any way, but if you call yourself really a fan you wouldn´t talk about his “lack of integrity”!

    I am sorry for gettin´ so harsh here, but this is so ridiculous and it´s really pissing me of!!!!

  411. 100points

    Dear Went, can you please tell us CLEARLY if you like dick, pussy or both??? So we can fight between us on something real because now we are fighting on supposed lies, supposed fox that wants to fire you because you are gay, on supposed everything…

    Don’t shout at me, I’m just kidding. But we should stop fighting between us, everyone is free to have his/her opinion. Someone doesn’t like lies that destroy the image he gave and someone think that nothing can change the status of a fan.
    What’s the right position? None. Everyone is free and has the right to have an opinion.

  412. Anonymous

    Ok, I’m back again after a vacation from my computer. This is how I feel about this whole thing. I’m one of those female fans who has alway had a feeling that he might be gay. After this post all of you who think that he’s straight can educate me. When I first saw him on PB, before Perez Hilton gossip started, I thought he was a bit, this is a stereotype and I deeply apologise for that, “girly”. The way he ran, walked and talked on tv. Yes, I’m this stupid! I know you can’t tell a persons sexuality from their way of moving or talking. But my so called “gaydar” made a little beeb. Then I read his interviews, in the beginning he was talking about his ideal woman. His comments felt a bit cold to me. Then he gave that hot and heavy-story. No mention about a “she” in that one. Just hot and heavy. I think he made that story up. No mention of a woman in any of his more resent PB related interviews where he’s been asked about former companions. When he was on Kimmel and was asked about naming his son Wentworth he had this look on his face that screamed “stay away from that subject, please!!”. He looked like a deer in the headlights. He has no chemistry with his female actors during kiss scenes,(don’t grab your guns, just my opinion!), in fact, he looks like he’s scared during those intimate scenes. He lacks emotion during those scenes. He looks like he’s scared of women when he’s interviewed by women on tv. He looks like he’s scared of ALL women, period! I believe that he’s gay. So what? I don’t care. It’s the looks, man!! Or, girl!! Don’t answer my post if you think that I’m stupid for thinking that he’s gay because of lack of girlfriends,( yes he’s a private person who doesn’t want to talk about relationships), don’t answer me if you think that the so called “gaydar” doesn’t work, don’t answer me just because you think that he actually HAS chemistry with women. Answer my post only if you can provide written or photographic proof that Wentworth Miller is a 35 year old virging who hasn’t had a serious relationship with a woman during these 2- 3 years of his fame or during his life before that. Give me proof that he’s a shy straight guy who is just a little afraid of women instead of him of being a gay man lacking the emotional knowlidge that you get from a relationship with a woman that you can put into good use when you need to portray those feeling in front of the camera? Phew, I’m done. And my fingers hurt.

  413. 100points

    Anonymous 1:55 pm
    I can not prove anything above all because I have no idea about his preference. But just to be correct I don’t think that he wanted to stay away from children subject because he talked about it several times, including a radio interview where he said he wanted a wife and kids and the speaker just had asked him if he had a girfriend or not (one of the speakers was a certain Carolina and she was totally crazy about him!).
    Obviously this is not a proof because he could say it and being gay the same but I just wanted to say that your Kimmel statement could not be true. For the rest of your post you can be right or not, sorry but I have no idea.

  414. 100points

    Oh… I hope I was allowed to answer you post. 😉

  415. sara

    If there is no chemistry between Went and SWC I blame her, not him. I think he is great in all their scenes together.

    And I’m not saying this because I want to convince you that Went isn’t gay (’cause personally I think he is) but the man CAN act


    Anonymous 1:55 pm , I totally agree with you and I came to the same conclusions.

    I even think that if Sara is written out of PB3, Went could be the instigator ( he told us he has his say on the script).

    I always thought that Prison Break was a homosexual show, with so many innuendos and attitudes against women: they are either killed or written off, derogatory comments are made on them and even Sara ‘s character is presented as sultry, weak and souless…

    Her relationship with Michael is the strangest ever! There’s no passion, no sexual chemistry, we’re watching two ten years old kissing!

    While it’s SO HOT between T-Bag and Michael! Even with Mahone….

  417. jan

    Producers on PB are gay, so it makes sense.

  418. 100points

    Bret Rattner is surely NO gay! He is totally obsessed with women!!!

  419. Mink

    “I even think that if Sara is written out of PB3, Went could be the instigator ( he told us he has his say on the script).”

    Oh please! Of all ridiculous rumours to start, this has got to be near the top of the list. Went has always been a huge supporter of the Michael/Sara relationship, and to imply that he might not have wanted it to continue for some reason is beyond ridiculous.

    He was a big supporter of that relationship being taken into S2. There is absolutely no reason to think he would have not wanted it included in S3.

    If your thought process is that he doesn’t want it included because he’s gay, get a clue! He’s an actor, and playing the part of a straight man with a female love interest is all part of that. And apart from anything else, he and SWC are known to be great friends.

    The woman has just had a baby and evidently just wants more time with her child. Why on earth are people thinking it’s anything more than that?

    “Producers on PB are gay, so it makes sense.”

    Yeah, that’s totally why he got the job. *mammoth eye roll*

  420. KelleyMary said:

    “I always thought that Prison Break was a homosexual show, with so many innuendos and attitudes against women: they are either killed or written off, derogatory comments are made on them and even Sara ’s character is presented as sultry, weak and souless…”

    I can appreciate a good conspiracy theory like the next person, however, I am respectfully pointing out that homosexuality (“sexual desire for a person of the same sex”) is not the same as misogyny (“hatred of women”).

  421. sara

    Mink I simply adore reading your comments.

    You always say the things I’d like to say much more better than I could ever do it. My english is blha……..

  422. lolly

    Mink who made you den-mother, I thought this was WFW’s blog.
    Good or Bad let everyone have they opinion, I like to read what other people have to say because it’s interesting, but if you keep shooting people down they will not post their thoughts. Wentworth belongs to everyone.

  423. Anonymous

    I just came back to these pictures again, and yes, he still looks like his drunk or stoned. Especially in the first one, where he looks straight at the camera. Did he have to get tipsy before stepping out with Luke? He seems confused and sooo affraid!! As a fan I’m worried. He should just say something, anything..He looks great in the Jensen interview but I think it’s just a front. Tell it to us straight Wentworth, are ya’?

  424. Anonymous

    All the new interviews and pr-events. No comment, no truth and especially no answer to the question he’s loyal fans have being asking. I have given up on Wentworth being honest. No comments on the subject or the rumours. Wouldn’t take much from him to say: “he’s just a friend” or “yes, he is my boyfriend”. He spends his freetime in LA with this gay man but doesn’t wanna talk about it. Chickenshit! This fangirl is gone.

  425. A

    Come out [edited]already[/edit]. It’s fine if he wanted to stay in the closet and keep his private life private, but once a gay man lies and claims he’s straight, then it’s open season.

    WFW: Please don't use that word here again.

  426. gypsiee

    is it just me or is the idea of a went -luke sandwhich totally spine ticklingly turning on …. hmmm im a very visual person, so i’ll say the more pics the better ….. yummmm !!!

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