Jesus Christ!



Thanks Giuliettonzola!

More Pics!


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54 responses to “Jesus Christ!

  1. So, the cover shot IS for real! Yes! These are the best pics ever, and with this new showcase, Wentworth Miller has officially usurped David Hasselhoff’s demigod position in Germany…*LMAO and ducking for cover*

  2. Giulia

    yeah those pics are awesome and now we really need of them!!!!
    Btw the source is me (?) but i’ve found those pics on so I want to say thanks to the germany’s girls, because they scanned them!! 🙂 God bless Germany!!

  3. nikki

    I want him now.

  4. miller_thriller

    I bet went kept those gloves. Purely because winter is coming up, nothing at all to do with kinky fun with luke *snicker*

  5. Gaa… he… We… yeah.

  6. cocot13


    I hope Luke knows he is one lucky mutherfucka!!!

  7. Giulia

    this pic is so LOL! Maybe there was 30°C … Poor Went!!!!

  8. Rosi

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaAaAaAaAa yeaaah thats my boy.So manly,so powerful.And there is no Luke..ihihihihiiiiii .The world is not that bad place after all 🙂

  9. Regarding Giulia’s link post, Nic, did you knit him that sweater? 😉

    As far as the first pic goes…mmmm…Spidey-Went…I like it a lot!

  10. Rosi

    One more word -MAGNETISM!

  11. SavMed

    I just crossed myself. Haven’t done that since… ummm…. 6th grade?

  12. shortstuff

    dear lord have mercy. it must be a sin to be that beautiful.

    thanks giulia!

  13. Erika

    Lordy LORD…what have I done to deserve this?! Is it Wentmas and no one told me about it? First I get a video clip of the beloved, then news that he might be on the big screen in a love movie and to top it all, I experience my first instant orgams from seeing the h-h-h-hottest Went pictures ever!Thank you WFW for the regular updates. Thanks Giulia for sharing. And to the germans, Danke! Ich lieben dich! sorry if it came out wrong but I am sure you get it.

  14. Mammamia

    O MAMMA MIA!!!
    O MAMMA MIA!!!
    O MAMMA MIA!!!

    Grazie Giulia and thanx to Germany!

  15. Fashion Police


  16. OMFG “The Sex” has returned…Holy Crap!
    Spidey’s back bigger and sexier than ever!…Look at his lips pursed as he goes to drink the water…..that’s what he looks like right before he lays one on ya! OOOOOOOOOOOOOH my lord……. and then the “I’m helpless” pose….I will help you baby…just let me!
    And THEN the EYE FUCK OF THE CENTURY! …….I need to go compose myself

  17. Charlie Brown

    I think i just had an orgasm!

  18. Mammamia

    WFW, have you noticed that in the article at one point it is written “wet for went”??? I don’t speak german so I have no idea about it…

  19. Julie

    And to believe justjared said he looked ridiculous!

    He looks damn fine!!
    I love photoshoots that dare to take it up a notch, like styling him in clothes he would never be seen in!!That’s what magazine shoots are for!!!

    Go Went!Go Gay-Went!Go Straight-Went!Go Bi-Went!Who gives a fuck when you get these pictures?

  20. evelyn


    *cums uncontrollably*



  21. shelley

    OMG, even the homeless look works for him!! There’s absolutely nothing this man can’t do!

  22. AJ


    *panties sliding to the floor*

  23. cocot13

    The creation of this man is just a cruel joke by God. We women cant have him and it is likely that those genes of his will never be duplicated. So I say someone needs to kidnap him and get a semen sample fast quick and in a hurry.

  24. MeeMee

    We definitely need a distraction from all of the latest rumours. This photoshoot is absolutely amazing.

  25. Jedi72

    Holy Heaven Above I shall be seeing you soon at the pearly gates, as my eyes have just feasted upon perfection!

  26. Jen

    Holy Shit – I don’t know what else to say so I will say it again, Holy Shit! PERFECTION!

  27. HereKitty

    Holy mother fucking shit, batman!! *dies*

  28. I died and went to heaven when I saw these pics.

    Oh, for those who really wanna know?

    … God looks just like Wentworth Miller.

  29. niknak

    YUMMY! Now this is topic I enjoy… WM looking hot as fuck and fucking hot!

  30. LAgurl

    OH. MY. GOD.
    How is it possible to look this perfect?
    I don’t care if he’s gay or not, I wanna just rape him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Dani

    T H A T’ S THE S H I T !

    Fucking talent!

    Dirty backdrops.
    Black skins.
    Bad-ass boots.
    Seducing the camera.

    What more is there to life ??

  32. How can a man make me want to be a car, and a bottle of water, and a fence? Why am I not one of these? WHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! Fucker.

    Oh and Mama Bear…yes I did. Do you like it? I also knit him a matching beanie, socks, scarf and mittens. Didn’t want baby to be cold…

  33. HereKitty

    *… God looks just like Wentworth Miller.*

    I KNEW it!!!!

  34. PBLUV

    I can’t imagine being on the other side of that camera and seeing that perfection!!!
    He looks edible..really, sorry he just looks like candy. *sigh*
    The drinking one..**swoon**

  35. Dani

    hehe – he looks like he’s been sucked off, dry in the photo where he is resting back on the wire fence!

    Exhausted, Went ?!

    Sucked dry I say!

  36. Katjus

    Good thing my cherry was popped the other night cuz otherwise this would have hurt…
    Take me again baby! NOW!

  37. Giulia

    … God looks just like Wentworth Miller.


  38. Anonymous

    The pictures are hot but the interview is just a puzzle made from his old magazine interviews. Aren’t there anymore journalist or editors with balls to ask him about his personal life? So wrooong. When is he going to talk about these resent events in his life?! Or anything about his plans and what he’s going to do next? Basically he’s going to be a free man in a couple of months after PB 3 has been filmed.

  39. Bel

    I want sex so badly right now, but I don’t want to make my man suspicious. What’s a girl to do? Where is that WetforWent Wentworth Miller Workout when you need it?

  40. Anty

    *throws stuff in MamaBear’s direction*

    What is it with Americans and David Hasselhoff in Germany? Did they all visit us when Knight Rider aired and the wall was still standing??

  41. LMAO, Anty! I’d be mad too if the Hoff man was the shiznit in my country. 😉

    *digging my own grave*

  42. Anty


    *goes into V. serious mode*

    “Looking for Freedom” was in 1989!! You hear me?? Eighteen years ago, when the GDR still existed!!

  43. Anty

    For some reason, looking at the first picture makes me thing of the evil version of Fuma Monou from the anime “X”… *is far gone*

  44. Anty said:

    ““Looking for Freedom” was in 1989!! You hear me?? Eighteen years ago, when the GDR still existed!!”

    Aha! Now see, I didn’t even know that was the name of The Hoff’s album…LOL! If it makes you feel better, as a preteen, I was once in love with Kirk Cameron…something I’ve only recently admitted in public. 😉

    Actually, I was in Germany in the summer of ’96, and in ALL the cities I visited, ALL the record and department stores I walked into were pushing his greatest hits album like it was the end of the world…talk about surreal! 🙂

    But no matter, everything changes, and there’s a new man about town: Wentworth Miller.

  45. Anty


    But that’s because ’96 was the height of Baywatch and its babes, so they knew Stuff By Baywatch Dude Hasselhoff + Massive Hasselhoff Hit From 7 Years Prior Done With A German Producer = MONEY.

    I think that’s actually the winning formula: A US TV star known for a show with a cool black car teams up with a German producer (the honor!) to make a very American song called “Looking for Freedom” that they unleash upon a Germany in which the wall and the communist half are about to collapse. Bam! It was bound to become a hit. But I don’t think that success is specifically tied to Hasselhoff’s persona.

    *has no idea who Kirk Cameron is* *checks wikipedia* Ah, I see. So he was sort of like Alex Keaton?

    I saw the magazine yesterday. About 5$, massive, but nothing new about Went. But the cover looks really sparkly, it’s got bronze lettering and stuff. *wonders if she’d get money on it from Ebay*

  46. Anty


    Oh, I forgot something: I just remembered, when I was a child, there was this joke that I re-told, but didn’t truly get:

    “Why do all sports cars have bulges in the door in the driver’s side?
    Because all the drivers are sitting on the car with the window open, doing this:” And then you’d constantly raise and lower your left elbow, banging it against the door, going, “I’ve *bang* been lookin’ *bang* for freedom *bang* I’ve *bang* been lookin’ *bang* so long! *bang*

  47. Anty

    _on_ the driver’s side

  48. Anty

    _on_ the driver’s side

  49. Anty

    and _in_ the car, damnit!

  50. Anty, I humbly concede to your take on The Hoff’s hold on the German public in the late 80s and 90s. You’re right, “Baywatch” was a raging beast of a series that left no country on this planet untouched…I’m glad it’s safely locked down in syndication with no new episodes to fear.

    Thinking about The Hoff, however, makes me think about “Knight Rider,” and how I wish that Went would play the new voice of Kit, the omniscient black car. Mmmmmm…

  51. satinfee

    *wipes tears from her eyes*
    Anty, I remember that joke and now I wish I could stop wallowing in the sins of my past and… 😉

    Did someone say Went? Hmm…

  52. Juma

    This man is not real! How can someone be so deliciously HOT!!

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