Wentworth Miller’s script may be a go!

So he WASN’T just sitting on his ass all summer long avoiding us! Well don’t we feel like a bunch of jackasses…

Wentworth Miller plods on with production of the third season of his ‘Prison Break’ series, still enthused about the show — but with his sights definitely set on the big-screen. In fact, he spent his summer hiatus from the series in Los Angeles, working with a writer and producer to develop what he describes as ‘A love story with a Hitchcock twist.’ Development went so well, he says, that, ‘with any luck the film is something I’ll be able to do next summer.’


Thanks mink!



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27 responses to “Wentworth Miller’s script may be a go!

  1. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get behind the camera and goes Hitchcock on us and shows up for 10 seconds in the movie!

  2. Atta boy, Went! Maybe this is why we’re seeing him with Luke…hmmmm *rubbing chin* – maybe it will be a Brokeback Hitchcock. *snicker – sorry*

    Thanks for the great news Mink and WFW!

  3. ks

    It’s about time!!! If this is true, then it’ll make up for all the unkindly things he put us through (like not being photographed more)! Does this mean that Season 3 is the end of PB?! This is the best news yet!

  4. Erika

    I’m signing up for acting classes…getting ready for auditions baby! Went can teach me all about Hitchcock in my trailer during the breaks.

  5. WFW

    Teach you about Hitchcock? I bet he can…

  6. Wentaholic77

    Summer hiatus? Weren’t they filming pretty much all summer? As far as I remember they started filming some time after 4th July holidays.

    Great news if it’s true though.

  7. SavMed

    OMG. All he ever does is work! I feel . < this big now. I’m one lazy bitch.

  8. He can hitch his cock to my trailer any day. 😉

  9. shortstuff

    this is AMAZING news! went i forgive you for disappearing. someone PLEASE tell me he will be STARRING in the film too?!

  10. Mink

    “Summer hiatus? Weren’t they filming pretty much all summer? As far as I remember they started filming some time after 4th July holidays.”

    They seem to call the hiatus they have from March to June/July their “summer hiatus”, possibly cos it involves one or two summer months. I tend to think “spring hiatus” would be more accurate, but there you go.

  11. Erika

    And LMFO @ Mama B

  12. Sprinkles

    OMG! How exciting.
    Went. On. The. Big. Screen.

  13. Giulia

    wow!!! Now I understand why he apparently did nothing during the hiatus!!! I thought he was passing his days drinking frappuccino and playing scrabble with Luke! wow wow wow I’m so excited about this awesome news!!

  14. Millerlite

    Sighs of relief!
    Maybe now this whole Luke thing will stop torturing my brain, and I can now focus on thoughts of Precious on the big screen.
    See ya at the movies!

  15. LAgurl

    Good to hear that – something other then rumors for a change 🙂

  16. Laura

    I’m still not watching “Prison Break” (has nothing to do with gay/nay debate), but Went may sadly be killed off!! But, I will definatly watch his movie next summer!! And, I was more upset that Wentworth could have been lying to us all along, but I just visited the Church, saw all these gorgous pics of him from the German GQ issue, then came here. I now forgive him!

  17. genpop40

    This rumor that Michael will be killed off this year is crazy. That show would bomb without Wentworth, and Fox has got to know that. The only way he’s going to get killed is if Season 3 is the last season because Went himself wants to end it. IMOHO

  18. Jedi72


    What are the chances he would cast us ladies of the chatbox in his movie? hhhmmmmmm… As long as I’m at the receiving end of his Hitchcock twist!!

  19. MeeMee

    I love Hitchcock movies, so I am very excited about this project.

  20. Dani

    Simply awesome news. But will he be starring – or at least have a role in this flick?

    GOD I hope so… Sorry dudes – but if he aint showing his face, what’s the point for us??

    **hoping my face won’t get smacked in**

  21. HereKitty

    Pretty on the big screen … I’ve got plenty of Went-worth movie candy ready .. Hot Tamales, Smarties, Licorice *Snaps* and best of all Good & Plenty. YUM!

  22. AJ

    Yeah, yeah the “hitchcock twist” sounds lovely and all…but on to the more important question: Will there be nudity??? Cuz, uhhhh…I need to see Went’s ass on the big screen….you know, just to verify that it is indeed perfection.

    It’s research, it’s research!!!

  23. Anty

    *ducks and says, “I TOLD you so!”*

  24. PBLUV

    Waving to all who were very upset that Went was not out partying in hollywood all summer all..
    yup…look at baby boy now!!!!
    Work your moment Went WORK IT!!!

  25. Gbaby

    Maybe he is already recruiting actors for his movie?
    Like lets say, Luke?

  26. Juma

    Oh goody!
    Maybe we can have some Went twisted sex scenes?…

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