Ellen, Wentworth, Somebody!

In two weeks time, on the 11 month anniversary of this very blog, Went is going to be on The Ellen Degeneres Show once again and that’s great and all but…There aren’t any tickets left. *cue awwwwwws* I know what you’re thinking, WFW, WTF? I thought you said you were done with trying to meet him! He didn’t show up! TWICE! He broke your heart…Yeah well I’m over it and apparently, on the hunt again, Who knew? Obviously, I want on that show. Do I think I’m going to get there? Probably not but dammit, no one will say I didn’t try. Now here’s what you can do, if you love me, to help me out: Use this form to “suggest” that Ellen have me at the show taping on 9/13/07 (If you are not in the US, put a zero in the city field, a zero in the zip code field, pick Maryland for the state and put all zeroes for the phone number (000)000-0000). If the first form doesn’t work, try this one, try leaving a comment on this post or ***email your letter!*** WARNING: any real info (like your real name) that you put in a comment on the “A message from Ellen: Want to be on my show?” blog post will be displayed on Ellen’s website. Tell her why you love Went, tell her why you like this blog, tell her why I should get to go to the show, tell her you hate my fucking guts and wish I would die. Tell her something and maybe the producers will notice and get me there. It’s a long shot I know, but I’ve done a little bit of something on my own: I sent in a video. Ahahhahahahaha, you didn’t really think I’d post a video of myself on the blog did you? That’s just the audio; I’m ANONYMOUS (although I’d risk being outed for Went)! So go forth and send in your forms, every day, several times a day, hell send the shit in…not-English for all I care just help me try and get to that show!

Oh and Went, if you have any pull at all with this, get off your ass and do something; You know you want me…

Thank you all for your cooperation. You may now return to your regularly scheduled wetness.

P.S. I sent a video to Oprah too, lol.

***If you sent a letter, click here to add your name and country to the list!***

UPDATE: I have obtained the email address of someone who may be able to help and I sent them a letter also. You can find it below. Some info has been removed for obvious reasons.

Dear *****,

May I call you *****? OK good. I run a blog dedicated to Wentworth Miller called…You know, maybe showing you the video would be better. I have also mailed this in so it should be there any day now.

Well just for the sake of having some text in this email, The site is called Wet For Went (I know, I know, it seemed like a good idea at the time) and I’ve been running it for close to 11 months (Guess when the 11 month anniversary is? 9/13/07! It’s Fate!). It started out a hobby and has now become a full time job with no pay, but I do it for the love. I’m writing you because I heard (don’t ask where cuz I won’t tell you!) that Went is going to be taping a show in two weeks. Of course I’ve tried going through the proper channels but there are no tickets to be had and guess what would be even better than tickets and you wouldn’t even have to find a seat for me? HAVE ME ON THE SHOW! I know, you must get these requests all the time, but bear with me.

I love Wentworth Miller. No really, I do. I am only slightly crazy and I’ll be sweet as pie (check the vid). I’ve tried meeting him twice before. Once in L.A. in March at the Paley festival and once in NYC in May at the Upfronts. Now while I still had a great time meeting people from the blog that I had never met before and partying, I never really got to do what I set out to do and that is to meet Went. That’s where The Ellen Degeneres show comes in! Small town girl from Baltimore, MD USA starts a blog, has adventures and then goes on Ellen and meets Went. I think it sounds like a fantastic story and you can help make it come true!

The best part is, he already knows who I am, we just always seem to miss each other. The signed photo he sent me after Paley is legendary. It is the most personal message written to a fan to date…Not that I think we’re going to go off and get married now, well, unless he asks. Also, the phrase wet for Went” was used in the recent German GQ Style article featuring Went that came out just today. It was a complete surprise and I was floored! Many of the readers of my blog are even Ellen fans! We have become an actual global community, sharing personal details of our lives and forging strong lasting friendships. Most of my readers don’t even know what I look like so there’s always that angle too; It’ll be like an unveiling! I love what I do and I love who I do it for; It would make me so happy to meet him.

I am submitting five of my cleaner posts below for your viewing pleasure (although the dirty ones are fun too, I do understand it’s daytime TV) and a slideshow I made last year at Christmas called The 12 Days of Wentmas. Yes, that’s me singing. Yes, I’m drunk.

WFW 9 month Anniversary: How it all began

Wentworth Miller is NOT Gay

Wentworth Miller’s Modeling Tips

Wentworth Miller The Rap Star

Happy Thanksgiving! Things I’m thankful for: Wentworth Miller edition


Although I’m asking a lot with the whole on-air thing, I would just settle for tickets 🙂 Here’s my info and thanks for listening:


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  1. Katjus

    Like a good WentSoldier i have shined my shoes and oiled my…ummm… gun (and i dont even like guns!) and sent a shit loads of rambling e-mails to poor old Ellen about this. Ok so maybe not shit loads but few.
    The WentArmy u command, Mistress, should get u in no prob if everyone takes part. And if u do get in, pretty please, cop a feel for me too! 😉

  2. Katjus

    Ps. Dont ya just LOVE when i go all optimistic on u?! *giggle*

  3. I knew the dream wasn’t dead!

    Ellen, Oprah,Went, give WFW a chance! We want to see our hometown girl make good!

    And Fox, how about that set visit?! S3 is coming up and needs all the promotion it can get!

  4. Julie

    Okay, WFW, send them this shit!!

    Ellen, Ellen people, Went people, the whole world!!Let WFW in, goddamned!This is the most deserving girl/woman (she’s anonymous) on our planet to meet Went : her and our God.You see he’s perfection and WFW has been loyal to his greatness almost for a year now (you may think a year isn’t that much, but that’s where you’re wrong, because a WFW year is ALOT of devotion)
    Now you can rest assured that if WFW were to appear on your show, you would get a high amout of viewers and of course the best PR there ever was!!

    So please, this is our cry for help, give/send/let her pay/Whatever A TICKET!!Thank You!!

    Julie (a Went and WFW lover from the beginning)

  5. Jen

    I am on it….can I live vicarously through you???

  6. Shorty

    What’s the date that he’s going to be on?

  7. She’s a jolly good Ellen
    She’s a jolly good Ellen
    She’s a jolly good E-e-ellen
    And she’ll have WFW on the show!

  8. Giulia

    I would want that somebody,really WM’s fan as you, could be part of the show on 9/13…. But I’m not from Us how can I help you wfw? Can I fill the form anyway or not?

  9. WFW, this is what I’ve sent today:

    Dear Ellen –

    I am writing in support of popular celebrity blog mistress, Wet for Went (aka WFW), meeting Wentworth Miller on-air at your taping on 9/13/07. Here’s a link to her post relating to this request:


    You should know that WFW has tried to meet Mr. Miller twice before by traveling to both Los Angeles and New York to attend events in which he was scheduled to appear, but didn’t due to unexpected changes in his production schedule.

    During these journeys, WFW vicariously brought her readership along by humorously blogging about her preparation, experiences, and hope that she will one day meet the star of her blog.

    When “Prison Break” is in season, she posts hilarious show recaps. During hiatus periods, she writes witty and insightful pieces that keep Mr. Miller’s fans interested in him and his projects. Any news relating to Mr. Miller is covered in an engaging way, which makes her readers and his fans clamor for more. If you haven’t visited her site already, you should and be prepared to laugh out loud…in fact, I’ve learned not to drink any beverages while reading her posts. 🙂

    You should note that WFW does not take on paid advertising, so all of her efforts to support, market, and celebrate Mr. Miller’s career through a fun and hip forum are done out of complete sincerity for his best interests. This is why I’m personally supporting her efforts…her story is a GREAT epic tale in the blog world, and in this age of cynicism, it’s refreshing and inspiring to see someone go after her dreams with such gusto.

    If you would consider inviting her to your show to appear with Mr. Miller for even just a few minutes in order to exchange introductions and a few words and pics, it would mean the world to WFW’s vast array of loyal readers, who are, of course, enthusiastic Wentworth Miller fans. At this point, because no tickets are available for the 9/13/07 taping, a personal invitation from you and/or your team is needed to make this happen.

    Thank you for your kind consideration.

    Mama Bear

  10. WFW

    On-air? That’s my mb, always dreaming big. I was just hoping to be in the audience and possibly stalking him, I mean, running into him outside before or after the show to say hello and there YOU go, lol. Set visit, on-air meeting, you live in fantasyland young lady! Thanks for the kind words however and thank you to everyone who is helping the cause. You do realize that if this works, it will be all b/c of all of you right?

  11. Obviously, I don’t have MB’s writing skills nor do I really speak the language, but this is my poor attempt of helping WFW:
    Dear Ellen!
    I am a Wentworth Miller’s fan from Croatia who has heard he is going to be on your show soon. Obviously, I could never be there but there is someone who could, if you’d be so kind to make it happen. Her name is
    Ms WFW and she’s the biggest fan of Wentworth Miller that I know, and I know a lot of them. I’ve met them all on this girl’s blog, wetforwent.wordpress.com. You should check it out and see why she deserves to be on the show and finally meet him. She has gathered a large community of his fans from literally all over the globe on her blog that is entertaining, funny, sometimes dirty and always very supportive of Went’s career. Please, please, make this happen so I and every other non-US fan could meet him vicariously through her!
    Thank you!

  12. WFW, go for the gusto, remember?! Make us proud, woman!

  13. I am copying Mama Bear’s letter and doing the same! This is oh-so-exciting! 🙂 Let’s make it happen girls!!!!!!!!!! We love you Went and we’re coming for you!!!!!!!

  14. Atta girl, Krissie! Hit the international angle – way to go!

    C’mon, ladies and gents – you know you want to see this happen!

    PleaseWRITE.TO.ELLEN and post your letter here after submitting it so that her people can see our collective stance.

    *channeling Norma Rae*

    Went, you didn’t know you had a union, did ya? 😉

  15. I am dizzy from all the excitement! LOL!
    Maybe you should put the link to email Ellen to make it easier for everyone….just a suggestion 🙂

  16. Sprinkles, WFW included the link in her post, but you’re right, you can never post the link enough…here’s where to write to Ellen:


  17. Oops! Having a blonde moment. Sorry!

  18. LiLo79

    Hey WFW, I have sent a suggestion to the show:

    Hey Ellen! First off, I’m a huge fan. I think you are the funniest woman ever. I am writing to suggest that you add one more person to your show on Sept. 13. Either as an audience member or guest, what have you, but I think she would be a great addition either way. She is the woman behind the wonderful blog , Wet for Went that is dedicated to Wentworth Miller and his fans. I, as well as many others, view the blog several times a day. She is always right on top of the latest Went news and brings it straight to us to enjoy and she is hilarious. Although we’ve never met in person, I can tell you she is a very nice person as I have chatted on the site a couple times. So, I hope my letter along with the many others you will receive about WFW will help to open up a space on your show!
    Thank you for your time and consideration,


    (Oh, and how lucky are you that you get to interview Wentworth Miller not once but twice!)

    How great would it be if they actually listen! Oh and thank you for the info about him being on the show!

  19. Way to go, LiLo…and you’re right, how lucky is Ellen to be interviewing Went…again?! He looked so comfortable when he was with her the first time – she has a great way of putting people at ease.

  20. Okay, here’s what I sent. I hope I didn’t embarass myself (and you WFW :P) by making annoying grammar and spelling mistakes. But oh well, I blame the GQ pictures for the lack of oxygen in my brain…

    Dear Ellen,

    First of all, compliments on the great show! I am from Germany so I don’t usually get to see much of it but I spent a year in the US and absolutely loved it.
    Rumors say that Wentworth Miller will be on your show 9/13 and being a huge Wentworth fan myself I would love to be there, which is obviously not possible as I’m overseas.
    There’s somebody living much closer, though, who deserves to go more than I do and whom I would wish that she was able to go with all my heart. Somebody that all the Wentworth Miller fans all over this globe would like to go, representing each and every one of them, but also being a huge Wentworth fan herself.
    Her name is WFW and she runs a weblog by the name of wetforwent.org on which she gathers any kind of news about Wentworth and presents them in hilarious, dead-serious, interesting, heart-warming, tear-wrenching, and not to seldom dirty ways. If there was ever a perfect fan, if there was only one fan who deserved to meet Wentworth Miller in person – it would be her.
    She has travelled across the country trying to finally meet him but, unfortunately he never showed up on any of the occasions. She has got to be on this show, and I promise, there will be no regrets. 😉

    Now, it’s also said that the 9/13 taping is already sold out so the only way WFW could make her way on the show is for you to invite her personally! Please, please, please consider giving her this chance. After all, I’m sure, Wentworth would want to meet her, too. 😉 Because she rocks.

    Keep up the great work and please consider making this dream come true!


    “(…) and whom I would wish that she was able to go with all my heart.” – There just ha sto be something wrong with that sentence, lmao. But I couldn’t figure it out. I mean, come one, who knows where to put “whom” and where not, anyways?? 😀

  21. ^ That last part if not part of the message I sent, by the way, lol. Just clearing that up.

  22. Katharina…thanks for your efforts, and your English is solid, btw. In fact, I’m shamed that I only know one language…well, two, if you count the language of love. 😉

    Oh yeah, you should know that it’s not a rumor…Went will be TAPING, not airing, on Ellen on 9/13/07. I called the studio on two separate occasions this week and confirmed this information with the scheduling gatekeeper. He’s going to be there! Yay!!!

  23. Juma

    I just came from holidays and I see all this new posts! YAY!! WFW you are the BEST!
    Of course I had to answer this one first.
    I sent the letter right now and it goes like this:

    “Dear Ellen!
    I’m a fan of Wentworth Miller and I am typing from Portugal to support a lady blogger called WFW – Wet For Went.
    This is no ordinary fan blog, it is a place filled with humor and wit that manage to gather a huge amount of fans from all over the World.
    So if you please, let WFW be at your show on the 09/13/07, you will be making many of Wentworth Miller fans happy, specially those, like myself, that are not in the USA and use Wet For Went blog as a bridge to our Wentworth Miller “lust”.
    Thank You!

    WFW, I am crossing my fingers. Lets all think positive and you will be there!

  24. Stab

    If it is going to be taped on 9/13 when do you think we can see it??? I’m so impatient!!!

  25. Okay, my writing is not that good so yackedy yacked on and on but I had to add my contribution.

    Hi there Ellen

    I believe that you will have my favorite actor, Wentworth Miller, as a guest on your show on September,13. I’m a huge fan and admirer of his works. But my admiration for the actor is nothing compared to a young lady who I have come to know as Wet For Went. https://wetforwent.wordpress.com/

    Those who have been readers of her blog can not hear the name Wentworth Miller without thinking of Wet for Went. They are fans that come from every continent of the world all drawn by her witty sense of humor (she’s just as funny as you are)and ability to always be one of the first to have news on the star. She has shown more dedication and support to Mr Miller then any one I’ve come across and think no one deserves to be rewarded more then her for the time,effort and dedication she has shown for Mr Miller.

    Ellen, it will be a great, great honor for her to meet Wentworth hence I write this letter and kindly request that you provide her with that opportunity by having her on your show when Wentworth will on it. I’m sure she would be happy just being an audience member even though I personally the fireworks should be brought out for this one.

    Please do consider this suggestion as it will be very much appreciated.


  26. Yay, Erika! That was a fabulous submission! I don’t think Ellen can deny the power of Wentworth. 🙂

  27. LAgurl

    Ooooooooo, I’m gonna write to her too!! I love Ellen, I’ve watched her since her old sitcom that was canceled a while back – and I think it’s so great she’s had such an awesome comeback!
    And girl, WFW, you do deserve to meet The Perfect one after all this! Good luck, sweetie!

  28. shortstuff

    i am inspired girls! *runs off to write ellen a letter of her own*

  29. shortstuff

    i was just wondering.. mybe these letters should go to the ‘people i should know’ section…. or is tha too presumptuous..?


  30. shortstuff

    or even ‘whats your favorite website?’


    maybe spreading the letters around a little would mean they will get seen by more/different ppl.. just a thought!

  31. WFW

    That’s a GREAT idea shortstuff! As long as you remember to mention the date (9/13/07) and Wentworth Miller. Since we know he will be there, we need me there THAT DAY!

    And thank you EVERYONE for your efforts! You are all so sweet!

  32. shortstuff

    ok here’s mine! except, i forget where you live?? please tell me before i send it!

    [i]Dear Ellen,

    Let me preface this letter by saying that I’m a female student from Canada who absolutely LOVES your show! You’re so funny and entertaining, not to mention a generous, kind hearted person! There is never a dull moment whenever you’re around, and I absolutely love your amazing personality (and dance skills)!

    It has come to my attention that my absolute favorite television star (second only to you of course!), Wentworth Miller, star of Prison Break (and my fantasies), is scheduled to appear on your show on September 13th, 2007. As much as I would love to be there myself and see my two favorite people in person, sadly, it cannot be a reality since a) I live in Toronto and b) the show is sold out.

    However, I realize that the second best thing CAN happen, and only YOU can make it possible!

    Over that past 6 months I have been an avid reader and fan of hilarious celebrity blog mistress, Wet For Went. Day after day, I visit her site to see what news she brings of my beloved Wentworth, and on the days when there is no news, she entertains us with her wit and humour.

    WFW has already tried to meet Wentworth herself on two separate occasions, flying to LA and to New York from her home in (Chicago?) to events where he was scheduled to appear. But alas, our dear Went was a no show on both occasions. Still WFW marched on, her love for Went never wavering. But there is only so much a girl can do. And this is where you can help!

    Ellen, I beseech you, please invite WFW to your show so that she can finally reach her dream of meeting Wentworth Miller in person. By fulfilling the dreams of one devoted Went fan, you will be fulfilling the dream of thousands of young women who live vicariously through her adventures. I guarantee you, you won’t regret it!

    You can check out her site for yourself at wetforwent.wordpress.com



    i’ll actually put my real name on that one 😛


  33. shortstuff, I bow to your genius! That was a KILLER letter! You da bomb, woman! 🙂

  34. WFW

    I’m in Baltimore, Maryland and that was GREAT! *sniff* I love you guys.

  35. Bel

    I’ve e-mailed something along the lines of this today:


    I’m a Belgian fan of Wentworth Miller and a little birdie told me he might appear on your show shortly. If I could in any way, I’d fly over there and get myself a seat in the audience. Of course, I cannot. There’s a job to do and a family to keep happy, although in my craziest of moments, I sometimes think it’d be worth it to disregard those and fly across the Atlantic.
    Yet, there is a way for me to be closer to Wentworth than ever, without making a total fool of myself, without being a bad wife, and without risking a restraining order. I could meet Wentworth vicariously through one of my online friends, *insert name here*, who runs a blog dedicated to the beauty that is Wentworth Miller. I am writing you to ask, nay beg, that you would save her a seat in your audience or arrange for her to meet Wentworth on your show. On her blog, http://www.wetforwent.org, she would tell her loyal and very numerous fans — yes, they have become her fans as well as Wentworth’s — about it in her unique, sardonic and uninhibited manner. It would make for great entertainment and plaster a smile on the faces of people all around the globe. For both the show Ellen and Wentworth Miller, it would undoubtedly be priceless pr to have a truly smart and engaging woman tell her story of how she got to see Wentworth Miller in the flesh thanks to Ellen. Even if you decide not to comply with this request, I urge you to visit http://www.wetforwent.org, as this site is just amazing.

  36. Bel said:

    “I’m a Belgian fan of Wentworth Miller and a little birdie told me he might appear on your show shortly.”

    LOL…that little birdie sure has some range, eh?! Ah, Bel, I think you’ve expressed perfectly how most married women with children feel about their devotion to Went. You rock!

  37. genpop40

    I am going to send this form in everyday…EVERYDAY! And I’m gonna pray…although God’s probably busy with war and famine and stuff, it’s worth a shot. Remember, WFW, you ROCK….you can make this happen against all odds…WE can make this happen. *Rocky theme plays* And then you’ll come back here and tell us every minute detail, so pay attention to every last sight, smell, sound, thought, impression, feeling, all of it.

  38. shortstuff

    thanks! ill fix it and sent it right away!

  39. Well I’m not sending anymore cuz my “letters” are just lame in comparison to yours.

  40. WFW

    You stop sending and I start kicking ass…

  41. genpop40 said:

    “And I’m gonna pray…although God’s probably busy with war and famine and stuff, it’s worth a shot.”

    Amen, woman, amen!

    If I may be just uncharacteristically sentimental here, I’d like to say that WFW and her mission to meet Wentworth Miller has done more for international peace than the U.N. has in YEARS.

    Fans coming from Croatia, Germany, Canada, Bulgaria, Australia, the Philippines, France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Greece, China, Japan, Korea (those dirty, dirty panty throwing girls), Great Britain, and the U.S.of A. – it floors me every time I think about it. How else would we have all met if not through our collective admiration of Wentworth Miller and our love for WFW?

    So, dream big, ladies and gents, this dream is VERY possible – we just need to be heard by the right people. Your letters don’t have to be long…just say how you feel and say it often! We can do this for our friend, WFW and for The Pretty too!

    “Hope is the thing with feathers–that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops–at all.” – Emily Dickinson

  42. WFW

    You people want me to cry? Seriously…


    wow… i can’t believe myself i actually fill up the form for you.. YOU girl really ROCK! And saving my prayers that they will grant OUR request.

    And to Ellen peps out there, please do grant her request it’s only her i think deserve the best to be with WM.

    Good Luck!

  44. niknak

    OK, I have sent about 10 letters so far. If Ellen knows what’s good for her, she is going to have to have you in that audience for a live Wentworth Miller meeting, because from the looks of it, your fans may far outweigh his.

    I didn’t think to “right click copy and save” my letters to post here (can you say “duh?”) but they have championed your cause!

    Best of luck because if anyone deserves it, that would be Y-O-U, WFW!!!

    P.S. — LOVE the audio file!

  45. nikki

    Dear ellen,
    First of all, let me say I love your show, and you´re a fantastic presenter.
    I´ve heared, that your going to have wentworth miller in your show for the second time. Im writting this letter in hope that, you will invite WFW, who runs the weblog https://wetforwent.wordpress.com/. This website is quite hilarious. Hope wentworth will be honoured by it. WFW has tried to meet wentworth on two seperate occasions, but, with no sucess. If someone deserves to meet Mr. Miller, its her. So I ask you ellen, to give WFW a chance to meet her favorite actor.
    Keep up the great work and please consider making this dream come true!
    Sincerely nikki

    There you go, its not my best work, but, it will do :P.

  46. nikki, I’m hoping Went will be honored too! Thanks for sending your contribution!

  47. WFW

    Cheerleader Mama Bear and the rest of you folks that are TRYING to make a grown woman cry, I just want you to know: I shall not be moved!

    If you are on Myspace, you have a bulletin. That’s right, a bulletin and yes I was on Myspace!

    Help me get on The Ellen Degeneres Show to meet Went!

    This may be the first bulletin I have ever written. I hardly ever use Myspace but since you people love it, I will use it to spread my message of motherfucking joy: Wentworth Miller is going to be on Ellen on 9/13/07. Now the sorrow: The tickets are gone. So like the jackass that I am, I am appealing to the show’s producers and Ellen to somehow let me on the show. I sent in a video and everything. So, since you’re reading this and not doing shit else right now, why don’t you help me out? Do it for your blog, but most of all, do it b/c if you don’t, I’ll kick your ass.

    P.S. Feel free to forward this to all your Myspace friends so they can send it in too. Thank you.

  48. notthedoctor

    I send Ellen 4 letters in the last 24 hours when I first read WFW’s email.
    I hadn’t checked the blog before posting or I would’ve copy and one of the letters as there 4 different and spontaneously written I can’t remember every word, so here’s what I wrote:

    Dear Ellen,

    I’m a 28 year-old nurse, I live in France and love your show, I think you’re a fabulous comedian and your Oscar performance as a host was one of the best the show has ever had!

    I heard that actor extraordinaire Wentworth Miller was going to be a guest on your show September 13th and here is why I’m writting this request.
    I am begging you Ellen on my knees to make one of my friend the happiest girl in the world by helping her meet Mr. Miller.
    *insert name* has created the most compelling blog dedicated Wentworth Miller or any other celebrity you’ll ever find online. She’s smart, imaginative, creative and witty, she also have a wicked sense of humour to entertain Went’s fanbase.
    The self-named Wet For Went uses her blog to spread Went Love all over the world, in all 5 continents. Fans come to her blog to read about news or his were-abouts or Wet For Went’s new funny post that’ll make their day start with a big laugh.
    Please Ellen, help my friend!
    Wentworth meeting his number ONE fan on your show or backstage would make a great TV moment, you know it, I know, everybody knows it and watch daytime shows for that!

    Cheers from France.

    ps: here is said blog https://wetforwent.wordpress.com
    check it out and dare not invite her.

    … and this is letter number 5!

  49. notthedoctor

    Of course I added you were in Baltimore, MD, USA!

  50. *keeling over in shock that WFW actually posted a MySpace bulletin*

    Doc, you animal! Five letters already?! Damn, you set the bar! For your next correspondence, perhaps you should send the producers a box of your rock arsenal with funny Went comments painted on each.

  51. LAgurl

    Hey guys! As promised, I wrote a letter too 🙂
    This is my version of it, let me know what you think!!


    Hi Ellen!

    I have been a huge fan of Wentworth Miller since about three years ago – the beautiful and talented Prison Break star.

    I get online on a daily base to check out what he’s been up to, the appearances he’s scheduled to make, and publicity rounds he may make regarding his projects.
    For the most up to date info, I have a few sources I trust, and one of them is a blog called “Wet for Went” by, well, Miss Wet for Went!!
    Her undying love and support for this handsome actor is very much palpable through her daily (sometimes multiple times in one day) update, and those of us who support his career are appreciative of her effort and time that is put forth to keep his fans happy.

    There were a couple of incidents where Mr. Miller himself was scheduled to appear in Los Angeles and Miss WFW (who resides in Baltimore) had taken time off of work, bought a plane ticket, new wardrobe, etc. and made herself available for the magical encounter she has dreamed of more then once.
    However, due to scheduling conflict, Mr. Miller never made it to the said events. Twice.

    Though heartbroken (again, TWICE), Miss WFW never gave up her dream of meeting The Perfect One, as many of us call him.

    Now that we hear that Mr. Miller is scheduled to appear on your show that will be taping on the 13th of September. Miss WFW has tried within her power to get tickets but to no avail.

    As part of her blog-sisterhood, we have decided to write to inform you of Miss WFW’s stuggle to meet Mr. Miller, and we would all like to see that dream come true – finally!!

    Please consider having Miss WFW at the taping, she would be a joy to have 🙂

  52. LAgurl said:

    “Her undying love and support for this handsome actor is very much palpable through her daily (sometimes multiple times in one day) update.”

    I think you have a typo…shouldn’t “update” be
    “orgasm?” *snicker*

    Great job on this…thank you! Chalk another one up for the sisterhood – and brotherhood for all you fan boys! 😉

  53. LAgurl

    Mama Bear – LOL!!! Yea, typo – my bad! hehe 🙂

  54. Dannie

    Hi guys, I can’t remember exactly what I wrote, but I too have sent Ellen a request on your behalf, all the way from down under, keeping my fingers crossed on your behalf. Don’t forget to go the grope and have all senses on alert, you know the smell, feel and if your really lucky ,the taste of our pretty, so you can report back to us. All of us too far way must live vicariously through you.

  55. niknak & Dannie, I’ve seen and LMAO to your comments on this blog before, so I’m sure whatever you sent to Ellen was equally entertaining and supportive…thanks again for your efforts!

    WFW, promise me that you’ll tell us if Went has a halo – it could explain why his bucket hat glows in pictures.

  56. Erika

    I couldn’t be prouder of Went fans as I am right now…You all ROCK!!! WFW, I really hope it happens for you as you totally deserve it. Mama B, I love you’re spirit…rock on!

  57. Ditto, Erika – see what Went love can do? It can probably cure cancer.

    WFW, excellent sleuthing! I hope your dream will come true, and if not this time…another time soon. But let’s not talk of “ifs”…it’s all about the “when.”

  58. shortstuff

    lol wfw i jus read your letter and listened to the clip. they cant say no now! *pryaing for you!*

  59. Dani


    All we are saaa-yiiiing, is give Wet a chaaaaaance…

    Come on all – lets hound ’em ! Put pen to paper.

  60. Anonymous


  61. Pingback: Do you want to go to Wentwortheaven? - Page 32 - Prison Break Scene - Discussion Forum For The TV Show

  62. SavMed

    Dear Kris,

    how about my eloquence! I wrote “Dear Ellen yadayadayada”, said a weird expression that I wasn’t sure about and added in the brackets “is this the right expression? Excuse my ignorance, I’m foreign and I’m too lazy to check the dictionary.”

    The pity Ellen or her people might feel for an illiterate foreign girl, just might get WFW on the show.

    *fingers crossed*

  63. anon 2:37 said:


    Gah! *slapping forehead* How could I forget the land of Soiled Undies?!

    My apologies!

  64. Van

    Dear Ellen,

    I am a young lady from Portugal (Europe) and I am writing you this “suggestion” because I know that Wentworth Miller is going to be on the show soon (09/13/2007) and, even though the tickets are all sold out, I must speak to you about this one brilliant girl, WFW, who once started a blog, now running for about 11 months, dedicate to the prety Wentworth Miller.

    The blog its called Wet For Went (WFW), http://www.wetforwent.wordpress.com, and its an amazing blog that gathers a huge comunity of Wentworth Miller’s fans from around the world. Not only WFW posts are extraordinary, guiding us through her imagination, creativity, entertainment and even impressive funny/comic moments, but they also give us the latest news.

    WFW puts a lot of effort in running this blog for all of us, and I must say that the first thing I do in the morning its connect to the blog and check out what is new and, therefore, it is already in my day-routine.

    WFW has tried many times before to meet with Wentworth Miller, in some occasions, but unfortunately she never actually meet him, and I think it would be one great event if she could meet Wentworth Miller in your amazing show and represent all his fans from around the world.

    WFW.wordpress.com connects people across continents who talk, share, learn and above all become friends inside the blogsphere.

    For all the reasons I have mentioned above, I suggest that it would be very interesting and enthusiastic if WFW could be on the show because she really deserves to meet him and represent all Wentworth Miller’s fans from across the globe and, in some way, show us that dreams can come true and celebrities can be reached by fans.

    Many thanks for you attention and I hope you can make every Wantwroth Miller’s dream come true through the Belissima WFW.

    Sincerely Yours,

  65. Van, wonderful job – thank you! You are among the vast contingent of fans who make me cry at the realization that I’m just a dumb ass mono-lingual American.

    *running off to order a few hundred “learn-to-speak-something-other-than-English” language tapes*

  66. Van

    Ahahahha I wrote Went’s name wrong at the end. I guess I was running out of strengths LMAO! God i need to catch my breath!!

    WFW, I wish you good luck on this new jorney to persude your dream. And I don’t need to say that you will indeed succed in chasing you dream.

    Dreams Come True and That’s Why I Live in Dreams.

    Kiss. Van 🙂

  67. LMAO, Van…”Wantwroth” – that’s either a Freudian slip or a new Star Wars character. 😉

  68. Van

    Lmao MamaB! Good point. I miss you a lot.
    I like Star Wars name. Like when I reencarnate in a star Wars character I am: VANAKIN!!!
    ihihihihihih *like Mutley* 😛

  69. Oh good. So I wasn’t the only one thinking “12 Days of Wentmas” should be sent to support the cause. I was just afraid to suggest it to you, WFW, cuz you were drunk when you did it and you already threatened to kick my ass yesterday.
    Anyway, I love that you’re sending that too!

  70. evelyn

    My letter…..

    Dear Ellen,

    I’m a 29 year-old structural engineer from Greece and I’m an addict. Not a drug addict, not an alcohol addict, but a Wentworth Miller addict as well as a http://www.wetforwent.org addict.

    Back in January, when I first discovered the existence of Wentworth (shame, shame, shame on me!!!), I started googling around to find out more and more about the man that started haunting my dreams. Google search turned up loads of respectable sites, but one that made great impression on me was the
    https://wetforwent.wordpress.com. I suddenly felt amazed by the fact that a girl from Baltimore, MD USA, named her blog after the way I felt each and every time I came across a Wentworth Miller picture.
    Wet For Went!!!
    I clicked on the link and that was it!! ADDICTION! I still remember my first post in her chat box http://wetforwent.cbox.ws, when it was still called “Hotel California”…

    She warmly welcomed me in her “Hotel” and today, after 8 months, we have reached a point where we actually thinking of having a Wentworth Miller convention in Greece!! (Ellen, you are most welcome!!! Wentworth, you’re definitely coming!!) 😀
    *insert name* has managed with her fantastic posts, to gather a lot of Wentworth’s fans from all over the world on her blog. I have met amazing people here! I never thought that I could actually have friends all over the world, aiming to a common goal: Meet Wentworth Miller!

    WFW has traveled across the country trying to meet him but, with no luck so far.

    Dear Ellen,
    Let it be you, WFW’s fairy godmother, that will make her one and only dream come true! Take her on your show!! Fulfilling her dream, is like fulfilling our dream!

    “Oh God, the amount of blue You spend, so that we can’t see You…”

    -Odysseas Elytis, Greek poet and winner of the 1979 Nobel Prize for Literature.

    “…but You missed two drops, in Wentworth Miller’s eyes…”


    Dear Ellen,
    *insert name* has a chance to meet the man that, God Himself has actually touched. Would you be kind enough to give it to her?

    Thank you for your kind consideration and never stop to entertain us the way you only know how!!!

    Best regards

    Good luuuuuuuuuuuuuck, WFW!!!

  71. Van

    Nice letter Evelyn. Good strategy indeed. lool 🙂

  72. isa

    I’ve send and email to Ellen to =)
    Hope you made it WFW

  73. evelyn quoted Odysseas Elytis:

    ““Oh God, the amount of blue You spend, so that we can’t see You…”

    and added:

    ““…but You missed two drops, in Wentworth Miller’s eyes…”

    That was pure beauty. Thank you for your efforts…Wentworth Miller convention in Greece – I’m SO there!


    Thank you too, Isa!

  74. Rosi

    Dear,Ellen if you now read this that means YOU ARE WET FOR WENT!It makes you feel good huh?I know i know…If you are really that funny,charming,inteligent as we notice you are,so it means you’ve made your desition and you choose the right one -TO INVITE OUR WFW on your show.We made you one of us by inviting you to wetforwent.org,you can do one simple thing to return the favour :);) invite WFW at your show when Went will be your guest.So by that way,you’ll have thousands of us there too.We are in differents parts of the world,we are different in our charecters,we are different in our jobs,ethnic belongings,but here HERE IN WFW’S BLOG that doesnt counts,we are humans first and we share the love dedicated to Went.At first i was visiting the blog because of Went,but now is more than that,i keep coming because i found most beautiful,crazy,funny,smart boys and girls all over the world.I cant describe you how much my knowledges grew up about the world.And i am thanking MS WFW and rest of my chicks.WFW is giving.She doesnt hide her love about Went for herself,she always support his career,never dig into the nasty rumours,and mostly she loves him.We love her that much so we want and pray,you going to invite her ,so she can meet him.Lots of love and respect-Rosi.

  75. Rosi said:

    “She WFW doesnt hide her love about Went for herself,she always support his career,never dig into the nasty rumours,and mostly she loves him.”

    EXCELLENT points! I also loved this one in particular:

    “At first i was visiting the blog because of Went,but now is more than that,i keep coming because i found most beautiful,crazy,funny,smart boys and girls all over the world.”

    I’m getting such a great world education from everyone here, and I don’t even have to take out a student loan – woo-hoo!

    Thank you, sweets!

  76. Giulia

    ok i sent my letter today but my english is so poor, so it’s better if i don’t post the letter here!

  77. Giulia – are you kidding?! I’m sure you did just fine. If I tried to write to Ellen in a language that wasn’t my native tongue, I’d probably end up saying that I’m a two-headed hippo from Pittsburgh who loves roller blading and is terrified of clowns. Well, the part about the clowns is sort of true anyway. 😉

    Thank you again!

  78. neri

    I’ve been lurkin’ for a really long time and i gotta say this is the BEST idea YET!!!

    I will totally record it if you do get to go!
    I’m actually really excited for you! lol

    btw, you guys are alll HILARIOUS!! definitely keep me busy when I’m bored at work. 😉

  79. Welcome neri! Yes, record it when it happens, but for now, please write to Ellen so that it actually does happen! 🙂

  80. neri

    currently doing so as we speak 😉

    hehehe i feel all gitty inside like a teeny and i’m not even the one going! HAH!

  81. Melm

    Dear Ellen,

    As a journalist, you will appreciate the thorough professionalism with which WFW has been faithfully reporting, for some 11 months now, on the most enthralling topic of all times: Mr Wentworth Miller.

    I can vouch for the millions of us out there that when we religiously screen each daily newspaper, women’s or movie magazine for Wentworth-related articles, we are not interested in new Prison Break plots (lest we learn that WM will be having more love scenes), we are not concerned with the way they apply the tattoo (unless they tell us that in season 3 he will reveal a map of Panama on the lower part of his body), nor do we want to know more about the though world of Hollywood in general. No, we only want information on Wentworth and ALL information we can get. We want to know the small details that make up his everyday life, anything about his past, his career plans, his intelligent and funny insights on any given topic. Basically, we want to feel as if we shared Wentworth’s life (ok-let’s be honest-bed). His right to privacy is the only limit.

    In the boring world of conventional media, one source only has kept us interested, laughing and informed about Wentworth’s somewhat secluded life: wetforwent.org.

    So please, give WFW a chance to participate in your show and answer the ulimate question graal: how does he smell?

    All the best.

    French fellow colleague.

  82. neri

    awww, it gives me an error page when i submit!

  83. Giulia

    @neri, when i submit the message, a white page with the words “please wait” and then nothing a white page…is that normal? o___O

    @Mamabear: thanks I love you! 🙂

  84. I just love how huge this whole thing has become and I am so overwhelmed by all this. It actually brings tears to my eyes, how all of us – from anywhere in this world with different lives to life, different problems to worry about, different backgrounds, different beliefs – unite. It is sooo beautiful.

    Seriously, I have only been around you all for a couple of weeks, but Went’s fans are THE MOTHERFUCKING SHIT, yo. 😀

    *hugs everybody while crying*

    WFW, I really, really hope this works out!! ❤ *fingers crossed*

  85. neri

    ah well, i’ll keep trying, here’s my email….
    soo corny! LOL

    Dear Ellen,

    I’m sure that your inbox is being bombarded by all these emails from girls all around the world asking you to PLEASE invite “Wet for Went” from http://wetforwent.org to the 9/13 show. As you should know this girl is Wentworth Miller’s BIGGEST fan (amongst many other girls INCLUDING myself of course ;-p) And since not all of us will have the opportunity to make it to this show, we have her as our representation for all the fans out there that so dearly LOVE HIM!

    If you would like to add some spark, excitement and just plain FUN to Wentworth’s interview segment, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE invite “Wet for Went” to the show to meet Mr. Sexy-beast-Miller! You would NOT be disappointed! As a comedian, you will really appreciate this girl’s appearance in your show. Don’t get me wrong, this is no joke and she is no joke, but she will damn well make your segment an experience to remember!!

    PLEASE make all of our dreams come true with this small request. If you do, all his fans will feel like we’ve made it to the show as well.

    Rest assured that this email will not be the last. If you would like for this to be the last then just accept the request, simple as that! 🙂

    Signed, Wentworth Miller’s Fan and WFW’s accomplice,

    p.s. Please do not read this email to Wentworth himself for he is an English major and will most likely laugh at my horrible grammar. 🙂

  86. neri

    I dont know….yours sounds like its actually doing somehting…..mine just gives me the “Please wait” then it goes to a NOT FOUND page that’s tyring to find the thank you page or somehting. Maybe it did go through….Hmmm. If it did they’ll totally get 500 emails from me LOL

  87. Melm said:

    “we are not concerned with the way they apply the tattoo (unless they tell us that in season 3 he will reveal a map of Panama on the lower part of his body)”

    Damn woman, it’s like you’re in my head!

    If there was a Pulitzer prize available for “Best Conclusion Statement Ever,” it would have to go to you for this:

    “In the boring world of conventional media, one source only has kept us interested, laughing, and informed about Wentworth’s somewhat secluded life: wetforwent.org.”

    Thanks so much!

    neri, I can cut and paste your letter from my end if you’re still having problems submitting to Ellen…let me know through the comments, ok?

  88. neri

    go ahead! you have my permission! 🙂

  89. neri, I just tried submitting your above letter to Ellen’s site, but was greeted with an error message saying that the server was overwhelmed…LOL! I guess you can try again later.

    Of course, anyone who’s interested in helping WFW with this possible Wentencounter can still post their letters of support in here so that Ellen and/or her producers can see that we all mean business.

    I mean, I’m sure they’re doing their homework and reading what the buzz is all about. 😉 That’s what I would do if I knew that people from all over the world would watch my show if I fulfilled this humble request. 😉

  90. neri

    LOL! awww i swear its probably just my email! crap!

    i’ll keep trying….thanks! 🙂

    I know! all these emails for Went HAS to make something happen.

  91. neri, don’t worry, it’s probably the HUNDREDS of e-mails she’s receiving from all sorts of Went fans in the world…LMAO!

    Thanks for your efforts – your letter is great!

  92. jailbird

    WFW….you should have added the Drunken Youtube Wentmas Song…I love that shit! Ellen said she wanted to sing more on her show. Hope it works out…WOW!! what a tremendous amount of love and support for your quest….Go Get’em Girl!!

  93. jailbird

    Holy Crap!!….you did include the Wentmas Song, I got so excited that I didn’t read the post all the way through….stupid!stupid!stupid!me.

  94. miller_thriller

    Dear Ellen,

    You’ve no doubt been bombarded with emails requesting that you let our friend at http://www.wetforwent.org come on your show on 13/9/07 to meet the object of her desire, Wentworth Miller. Here is my argument for her WORTHY cause:

    Wfw is funny and has a cute fro,
    She’s tried to meet Went but he was a no show,
    Her love for Wentworth is so immense,
    To let her on your show only makes sense.

    She’s smart, and she’s clever and ever so witty,
    She totally deserves to meet our lord pretty,
    She has a fabulous blog that makes us all laugh,
    If she meets Wentworth she’ll never take a bath.

    To meet Wentworth Miller will fulfill her ambition,
    So that why her fans want to help with her mission,
    We’re writing to you Ellen to beg you please,
    And then WFW can get off her knees.

    She’s amazing, unique, a wonderful star,
    To meet Went she’d cross the country in her car,
    Wentworth will love her, that we all know,
    So please Ellen let wetforwent on your show!

    Please Ellen, let our friend on your show. It will make millions of fan girls squee across the world.

    *real name*
    United Kingdom

  95. miller_thriller

    I know i know it totally sucks, but i thought a poem would grab their attention.

    *hangs head in shame*

  96. Rosi


  97. neri

    that was freaking hilarious, if that doen’t grab their attention i don’t know what will LOL

  98. Silvia

    WFW, I also wrote a letter but my english isn’t really that great so I wont’t post the letter here…anyway I just wanted to say that people from Romania are crossing their fingers for you…Good luck

  99. miller_thriller – Are you kidding? I’m going to frame your poem and put it on my wall! How can Ellen not read your words?! You give Dr. Seuss a run for his money! 🙂 Thank you so much for your contribution!

    Silvia, you know we’re all about the love here…no one here would ever give you shit about your English. At least you can speak more than one language (unlike my damn self…fuck!). Thank you for taking the time to send your letter!

  100. Wentaholic77

    There! I sent a letter too!!!
    Good luck, WFW!!! Start packing!!! 🙂

  101. Wentaholic77, glad to see that you’re embracing your addiction – thanks for your support!

  102. miller_thriller

    Dear Ellen,
    Yes i will bombard you with these lame-ass poems until you cave!

    Wfw wants to come to the taping,
    She wants to see Went’s legs gaping,
    So please don’t leave her in limbo,
    She wants to see those babies akimbo.

    She’ll sit in the audience and squee,
    And scream “Went please fuck me!”
    Cause gay or not, Babyboy is hot,
    And them meeting will make great TV!

    We all know the Pretty is packing,
    But with meeting fans he has been slacking,
    So let her on the show, you cant say no,
    Because WFW is what the show will be lacking

    I think you should invite her right now,
    And to you Ellen we all shall bow,
    Without her the show might be crap,
    And heck she’ll even bring went a frapp!

  103. miller_thriller

    went, if you’re lurking, i know you’re sold by the frapp 😉

    Get her on the show.


  104. Another masterpiece, miller_thriller!

    Next time, can you figure out how to make the following words work in a stanza?

    Man skirt, squirt, buckle, suckle, peen, sheen…you get the idea. 😉

    Now who’s going to set these lovely poems to music? I’ll gladly make an ass of myself by singing the songs and posting them on YouTube – do we have any songwriting musicians out there?

  105. miller_thriller

    Went we loved the new modelling shot,
    We all thought you looked mighty hot,
    The one with the coat with the buckle
    On you it made us all want to suckle.

    Ahh the mighty mocha peen,
    How we wish we all had seen,
    If we bring you your beloved java,
    Can we at least sample your man lava?

    Now the shot of you in the skirt,
    It quite simply made some of us squirt,
    Others it made them jest,
    But you they’d still molest.

    Your sexuality makes us speculate,
    But over you we still masturbate,
    Let WFW be in proximity to your cock
    Cause you know that that would Rock…

    If WFW doesn’t come to the show
    How will her love continue to flow?
    She may come to the end of the road
    So Went, let her tickle your chode 😉

    I think that met all the requirements mb.

  106. LMFAO…it’s official, I’m going to Hell. Only a true literary genius can find a way to incorporate chode into a poem…BRAVO!

    Thanks again, miller_thriller!

  107. miller_thriller

    mb: BRING IT BITCH 😉

    MT, you’ve outdone yourself!

  109. miller_thriller

    Went she wants to lick your scrotum,
    Your balls in her mouth she’d float em,
    She’d ride your massive schlong,
    And nickname you king dong.

    Then she’d suck on your luscious toes,
    Bitch better share with her fellow hoes,
    Wfw is such a whore,
    But the butt you cant explore!

    The kinky bitch would like to lick,
    Up and down your generous stick,
    For your jizz she has a craving,
    So baby boy, get misbehaving!

    Wfw is the best at the schlob
    So Went just insert your knob
    She demands it like a diva,
    She wants it hot like she’s got a fever!

  110. miller_thriller

    Can i just point out im not just randomly posting filth, MB is challenging me.


  111. There once was a gal named “MT”
    Who loved to write really dirty.
    A challenge she took,
    from a bear with a hook
    And now she writes slash for a fee. 😉

  112. HAHAHA more filth! hahah dude, that cracked me up and i’m in tears!

    you should find a publisher, mt! hahaha

  113. OK people, it’s crunch time and Ellen’s camp needs to know – in terms of actual numbers – what kind of support WFW has going for this quest.

    Please go here to add your online handle and country to the list and we’ll see where we end up.


    Just a note about the site…it requires you to register, but it’s free and painless, so help a Sistah out, will ya?

  114. MT said:

    “Can i just point out im not just randomly posting filth, MB is challenging me.”

    Oh don’t be coy…you know it didn’t take much, Ms. Three-Erotic-Poems-in-Twenty-Minutes. 😉

  115. HereKitty

    I copied MT’s poems and submitted them to Ellen. Just kidding!!!!! What a way with words, MT! Brava!! *claps*

    Actually, I’ve spammed Ellen so much she’ll have to have you on just to shut me up! Went’s not the only one who thinks you rock, WFW! We need to you there to represent!

  116. Awesome HereKitty! It’s not spam if it has flava…lol.

  117. AJ

    *pulling all my hos into a big bear hug* I friggin love you whores. Coming together to support the cause. Good on you! WFW, if I had known there was gonna be a post about this, I would’ve saved my e-mail to Ellen to repost, but alas, I did not. 😦

    MT, you’re killin me!…killing.me! ahahahahahahaha

  118. Anon

    I think you should try hitting up Wentworth Publicist at William Morris Agency in Beverly Hills with fan emails, they have the power and control over this. Also it depends on what he’s on Ellens show to promote, if it’s for PB than Fox would have control, if it personal publicity than his Agent at William Morris and his Publicist will be the one’s with the power….food for thought!!

    WFW: Thanks for the suggestion. *says mysteriously* There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes... *backing away wide-eyed*

  119. AJ, there you are! We’ve missed you woman! I knew we could count on your HOnest efforts…*snicker*

    And anon 11:04, thanks for the tip!

  120. AJ

    LOL, oh MB…you know I come to play ball. And trust me, I’m plannin’ on hitting one outta the park. Cuz this is a game, we HAVE to win. Everyone and their mother knows that world peace will not be achieved until WFW and Wentworth meet. It’s the only way!

    *sniffing around* I smell….victory…

  121. Well, I hope I didn’t overdo it.

    In my defense, I was in a bit of a food coma when I sent this:

    I am writing to support a certain Wentphile’s campaign to be invited to your show with Wentworth Miller.

    She goes by the moniker, WetforWent, which granted, might lead one to question both her moral fiber and Wentworth’s safety in her presence. But, I prefer to see it as a sign of a wicked sense of humor.

    If you or your staff get a chance to peruse her site (WetforWent.org), you will learn that she truly respects Mr. Miller’s talent and is in no way, shape or form a threat to his or anyone else’s safety.

    At any rate, I hope you extend an invitation to her to attend the taping. Mr. Miller, himself, has regularly displayed a real kindness and generosity towards fans he has met (see WetforWent.org tags: fan pics, Wentkorea, Wentstralia – and rest assured that when WFW highlights “Today in People I Hate” and claims a desire to burn Australia to the ground, it’s ALL tongue-in-cheek). So I hardly think that Mr. Miller or his people would balk at meeting one of his most dedicated and creative fans.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Love ya, WFW!

  122. Damn straight, AJ! And victory smells like cookies.

    Karen, smart move addressing the safety angle…we wouldn’t want Ellen thinking she has to put Went in a glass box and hang him over the studio David Blaine style…LOL! Oh, how I’ve missed your wit! Thanks for playing!

  123. Dannie

    Miller Thriller, those poems were awesome, you rock too, made me laugh so much i cried. WFW they just have to pay attention after be bombarded by all this.

  124. SAROCKS

    I stayed away for a couple of days and it feels like I have missed out on life in Wentworld. Anyway, I’m always eager to support anything that includes The Pretty and you WFW so here is goes:

    Dear Ellen

    I’m a fan from South Africa and haven’t missed your show once even though I have to pay a fortune every month to watch you on the satellite TV.

    If you continue reading this letter I’m sure you will be thinking; “Another one?!!”
    Oh yes it is, one of those begging/pleading/bargaining letters to get Wet for Went on your show on Sept.13 for the Wentworth Miller taping.

    I’m sure you have already heard/read many wonderful things about her and there’s nothing more that I can add that hasn’t already been said. My letter just serves the purpose of letting you realize how many of us want this meeting to happen for her (they belong together even if it’s just for an hour)… This comes all the way from the bottom tip of Africa, that’s how much people are getting involved to see this happen.

    C’mon Ellen, you have nothing to lose accept for the fact that you will be disappointing large number of the world population (that’s how many fans Wentworth Miller have and that’s how many readers visit WFW – maybe I’m exaggerating a bit) but you really don’t want that on your conscious…do you?

    Thank You for taking the time to read this and please consider the request that came in from all around the world (you might be getting letters from out of space because I’m thinking of getting them involved).

    With love from
    South Africa

    That was it! Just thought I should represent people from my country.
    And oh please don’t read it with some african accent because b’cuz I don’t have one. 🙂
    Good luck WFW!

  125. SAROCKS, you represent your country well! Your letter is definitely LEKKER!

    *giddy that I know at least one foreign word*

  126. evelyn

    “…you might be getting letters from out of space because I’m thinking of getting them involved…”

    Dear Ellen,
    my name is Ioujiko-Hqtbwal and I come from Venus. I was talking to a friend from Mars and we decided to send you a letter, cause we simply couldn’t stay out of this one.

    A few years ago, we had the same problem as you all have now. We were arguing on who will be the lucky girl to meet/fuck/marry Wentworth Miller! As you very well know, here in outer space, technology is far more advanced than yours. So we decided to clone him. Now, we are all married to Wentworth Miller and we live in complete peace and harmony.
    Since down there you are all retarded and you will probably never gonna get to clone him, I, Ioujiko-Hqtbwal, COMMAND YOU Ellen, to give WFW the chance to meet him!

    Thank you very much!

    P.S: WFW, when is your birthday? I might send you a Wentworth Miller clone… 😉

  127. evelyn, why am I not surprised that you know some Venutians? 😉 Great letter, girl! May I put in an order for a Went clone?

  128. evelyn




  129. SAROCKS

    @ MB,the last time I got excited about the word “lekker” was when Leonardo DiCaprio said it in Blood Diamond! For those who don’t know the word like MB, its original meaning is “tasty” but slang for cool- eg: that was so cool. See you even get language lessons on WFW.

  130. SAROCKS

    And evelyn, your out of space letter made me LMAO!That was sooo funny!

  131. miller_thriller

    Now Mama Bear is such a whore,
    But me and her we know the score,
    Wetforwent is simply the best,
    Her Went blog is a sex-fest.

    Ellen you don’t need to warn Went,
    Real harm is not our intent,
    We just want WFW to live her dream,
    And we’ll all simultaneously cream.

    WFW is the way to go,
    You know she’ll always show,
    Yes I’m banging her drum,
    But we’re all addicted to wentcum.

    P.s don’t forget to ask Went,
    If in the post he has sent,
    That ever sought after tape,
    Of himself and luke-mac rape.

    Please let wetforwent do her shizz,
    And please get us a sample of jizz,
    If she misbehaves feel free to arrest her,
    But only after Went molests her!

    Lol this is my way of “reassuring” Ellen. Somehow, i dont think it meets its purpose??

  132. Note to self: NEVER hire MT to be my lawyer…LMAO!

    Yet ANOTHER masterpiece…at this rate, you’ll have an anthology of erotica Went poems ready for publishing. *crossing fingers*

  133. miller_thriller

    I think id make a great lawyer, but i might end up like R Kelly singing in chapters. Maybe not such a good move. Although we would win on pure entertainment value alone!

    Lol to quote a fellow cboxer, boredom breeds creativity! Creativity, and R Kelly wannabes’….

  134. SavMed

    LMFAO @ MT! Good work!

  135. Went-molesting! Where do I sign?

  136. *small, child like hopeful voice* I wanna go…

  137. miller_thriller

    WFW what if Ellen sends you a plus one? Just a thought….

    Let the battle commence….

  138. Bel

    This is so great!

    We should compose an anthology of Wentworth-WFW letters. if we keep going like this, we will be in the papers soon!

    Here’s my third letter:

    Dear Ellen,

    By now it should be clear that we mean business. ‘We’, that is the sisterhood of the Pretty; the latter of course being Wentworth Miller.

    We’ve already plotted, planned, and schemed to meet Wentworth, but to no avail. All our attempts have been futile up till now. You are our weapon of choice, it is to you that we humbly kneel when we ask this one favor: Let our Mistress, the one we adore, the one who guides us in our Wentlust, meet Wentworth Miller, and answer our list of ultimate questions:
    1. What does he smell like?
    2. Is it true that hearing his voice from up close without protection will actually melt your panties?
    3. Does looking into his eyes without the barrier of a television screen cause blindness?
    4. Does his infathomable beauty rub off on whoever gets to be within 4 feet from him?
    5. Is he actually that smart and eloquent, or does he get cues from publicist drones sitting nearby but hidden from the camera?

    We beg of you, grant this wish. Without your acquiensence, we will be doomed to forever come up with useless schemes to find him. An example you ask? Risking the men with the white coats coming to get me, I will tell you this.

    We’ve thought of dressing up as a shrubbery to do a stake out near a movie theatre he was once spotted at. We’ve thought of making a map the size of Europe and physically covering it, but drawing the US on it with an arrow pointing towards Starbucks, to get Went’s plane to land there…

    As you can see, we need you to save us from insanity and an indefinite stay at St. Michael’s hospital for the mentally disturbed. Please, make this one Belgian woman focus on the more important aspects of her life again. Prevent this Belgian English teacher from making her high school students write essays about the literary qualities of Prison Break dialogues. Stop me from making my four year old play prison. Stop me from asking every single person I meet if they can define physical beauty and having hysterical fits when they do not answer with ‘Wentworth Miller’. Let *name*, the owner of http://www.wetforwent.org, meet him for me, and let her tell me what I need to know, so I can return to how life was before Mariah Carey, The Human Stain, and Prison Break.

    I beg you in the name of rationality. Please.

    *my name*

  139. Bel

    I got a Not Found message. Could it be they have somehow blocked that server? *grin*

  140. miller_thriller

    bel i loved your letter. lol stop me from making my four year old play prison. ahahahaha.


  141. Juma

    I already sent my first letter and I was just about to send my second one when it didn’t work!!
    WTF!? Why!? Did they got enough already!? Are we too much and too many for their server!?

    *cheering out loud*


    OMG, Bel – that was fantabulous! Your son and my cubs could form a Prison Break Posse Club. The way my little girl cub manages to repeatedly hold my signed Went pic hostage, she’s headed straight for the slammer anyway. 😉

    I’ve checked the Ellen site several times today, and I’ve noticed the same error message…no matter, everyone can still post their “do or die” demands, er, letters of support in these comments. And Bel, don’t forget to add your moniker and country to the list here:


    Thanks again!

  143. Anon

    A CLEVER POST with Went & Ellen might add to the publicity…..put the spotlight on your blog.

  144. Rosi

    MT,let me pronounce you as a Queen OF RHYMES!Kanye once said*the rap is still alive everytime i rhyme* Viva La Queen MT*

  145. Fevah

    Is it me or are you all fucking brilliant? I am entirely speechless and oh so very proud to be a part of this family. My letters, I’m afraid, I didn’t save to post here because I’m a moron and usually reside in the lovely town of cbox. But I just had to say it… I am in awe… and I love you ladies!! (MT & Bel, you’re stunning. Period. Phenomenal writing!!)

    And Wetly, my love… *tears falling* I just – well you know how I feel. I’m rootin’ for ya’, baby!

  146. Fevah baby, we love you too! Thank you for sending some of your heat Ellen’s way…someone please stop me from punning myself to death.

  147. dedep

    WFW, my fingers and toes are crossed for you… and I shall ask my Mummy to pray.

    Sent today:

    Dear Ellen,

    By now you must have a huge stack of letters re inviting Wet For Went (WFW) over to your studio for the show on 13 Sep 07 staring the fabulous Wentworth Miller. Please, please don’t let them go unnoticed.

    WFW has a big dream; just like you had a dream and Wentworth had a dream. You could make WFW’s dream comes true. I know just how much you like helping people achieve things that are on their “life list”… please help WFW strike one off her list!!!

    WFW has dedicated so much of her time to amusing and entertaining this huge Wentworth Miller fan base for absolutely nothing in return apart from our pleasure and her own. On your show, I’ve seen you pop into offices, cameramen in toe, to give a bunch of hard working people a break and much needed laughs. That’s kind of what WFW does for most of us – we get on to her website during a coffee break at work to read (several people are reading while working, some reading and not working at all…we’re addicted) what is undoubtedly the funniest blog on the web and we get all the laughs we need for the day. So you see, WFW is doing good all around, teaching us how to multitask at work, filling the gaps in our day with smiles and fantasies. If WFW didn’t set up her blog for us to get some of the WentLust out of our system, the icecaps would be melting a lot faster from the heat we’d all be generating with no place to direct it. WFW is saving the planet!! All she’s asking for is a tiny reward in return.

    The appeal of Wentworth Miller has reached far and wide and I can tell you that the appeal of WFW’s sense of humor has reached just as far. As proof, I’m writing to you all the way from the United Arab Emirates. Just to confirm, we do get the Ellen Show out here and it’s always a pleasure watching. Your show is wacky, you’re wacky, WFW is the wackiest… please Ellen, support the wacky wonderfully women out there, beginning with WFW.


  148. dedep

    The web page went blank after I posted the letter….so I’m not sure if it got through. Could it be the Ellen’s site is inundated with our requests?

  149. dedep…LOL…it could be! Thanks for your efforts though, and please be assured that while Ellen’s server may be overwhelmed, if her people are doing their homework, they’re reading all the letters posted here. Here’s to hoping anyway! 😉

    P.S. – I think it’s great that people from outside of the U.S. are mentioning that they view and love Ellen’s show. If anything, this exercise is giving her a good idea of the kind of international following she has too.

  150. Luna from france

    why am I french ??? why I don’t live in L.A ???
    Im lost in a little french town and I never could meet my sweety went…I never should have a little chance….

  151. miller_thriller

    Wetforwent is the whore we adore,
    When she blogs we scream more, more, more,
    Wentworth Miller is a total fox,
    He makes me wet up in my box.

    He is our choice, our number one fittie,
    He is a motherfucking blue steeling pretty,
    We haven’t all converted to drool over Jensen,
    But we all squirt when we read fic about Wensen!

    Went is so perfect he must be a god,
    He’s orgasmic, intelligent, and has a fab bod,
    Now all the cboxers simply love his snark,
    And ponder over if safe word is aardvark.

    If WFW doesn’t meet him it will be a crime,
    After all the effort I put into this rhyme,
    Now Ellen we know you have a thing for the chicks
    So let her on the show and get your WFW fix!

    (no insult intended, I LOVE you Ellen!)

  152. Rosi

    ”Dear Ellen” will be amazed!”Dear Ellen” will let WFW on her show!I beliveeeeeeeeeeeee!I am a belliverrrrrrrr!

  153. Fairy

    OK, miller_thriller now wants us all to join her in the poetry corner, so here’s my sad attempt at a limerick:

    There once was a girl from Baltimore
    Her blog was a heaven for every whore
    Who was into Went
    And into his tent
    Although our Wentworth is so much more.

  154. miller_thriller

    hahaha look wat i’ve caused!

    How can anybody not love this blog?

    Do it Ellen, Do it for the poets!

  155. Nice one, Fairy, I’ll play along:

    There once was a hit show named Ellen
    who decided to invite a “felon”
    to sing, to dance, and possibly romance
    a B-girl with boobs like a melon.

    And “melon boobs” is a compliment btw, WFW. 😉

    P.S.: B-girl = girl from Baltimore


  156. miller_thriller

    Mama Bear. You have outdone me!

    *throwing rocks at MB*

    Countdown to hissy fit in 5,4,3,2,1….

  157. HereKitty

    Is it wrong that this — http://ellen.warnerbros.com/show/dearellen/ — is now saved in my favorites?

  158. JobGirl

    i’ve been trying to fill in a form, but the page keeps refreshing itself every minute or so? what’s wrong?

  159. HereKitty said:

    “Is it wrong that this — http://ellen.warnerbros.com/show/dearellen/ — is now saved in my favorites?”

    Only if it’s wrong that I posted a shameless plug on IMDB informing that board of her intentions…lol.

    To all: why not saunter over there and reply to this thread to bump it up the profile on the list? 😉


  160. JobGirl, thanks for your efforts. It appears that Ellen’s server is overwhelmed by the deluge. I tried several times yesterday to submit a letter and got an error message stating as much.

    It’s ok though…please submit your letter here in the comments section (if you feel so inclined), and I’m sure that Ellen’s people will see it.

    Also, don’t forget to add your online name and country to the list:


  161. lia

    Why are you guys posting really bad poetry, yes I’m talking to you MB & MT…don’t you guys have lives, jobs, dates, boyfriends:) :)…and where the hell in WFW??….why isn’t she putting a stop to this madness by posting a new thread.

  162. lia, stop hating and get to letter-writing! We need your help! And until we hear “yay” or “nay” about Ellen, this is my job. 😉 Don’t worry about me, I’m a woman, wife, and mother of three…I was born to multi-task!

    I tell you what…if you write and post a letter here in the comments, I’ll stop torturing you with my limericks. How about that?

  163. miller_thriller

    lia, put up or shut up!

    where exactly is your contribution?

    yes we have lives and boyfriends, but you know wfw has fans who can do more than one thing at once!

  164. miller_thriller

    There once was a commenter named Lia,
    She clearly has no idea,
    From her remarks i guess shes a hater,
    But until she writes we dont rate her!

  165. shelley

    Mama Bear you’re nearly as much a part of this as WFW, I think you should go too! Really, you’re so damn entertaining I can hardly stand it. Thanks for the laughs!

  166. miller_thriller

    i agree shelley, whos up for starting a campaign for mama bear???

  167. WFW

    LOL, never fear. If this happens, Mama will be there with bells on. *off to work on other behind the scenes stuff she can’t discuss on the blog*

    *mysterious music playing*

    Thank you again to everyone for all your help!

  168. B

    I have submitted my contribution to Ellen! WFW! All the luck in the world for this seriously!

    Dear Ellen,

    A huge hello from the UK, your show is bloody marvellous!
    Let me re-introduce you to the only and only Wet for Went!

    This woman has contributed so much to us fans, kept us going with her witty posts and daringsense of humour! for a year! now that is dedication for you!

    I really believe WFW is deserving of a place on your show! and is actually slicker than your average audience member!

    Your consideration for WFW would be an absolute treat! she is truly worthy of representation! and come on lets face it Wentworth knows of her, wouldnt do any harm to say a personal thank you to Miss WFW for her efforts eh?

    Much love


  169. lia

    MB *** hats-off to you …3 kids!!
    MT *** I’m flatter, you clever thing…are you Irish you crazy limerick writer? or just bored!

    Bye the way it sounds like WFW already has a handle on things, my contributation is to keep an eye on MT & MB ….and it’s a tough job 🙂

  170. B, thank you for your enthusiastic efforts. Isn’t it great when a plan comes together? 🙂

    shelley & MT, you ladies are SO sweet! You all make MY day enjoyable with your energy, creativity, and humor. If that old adage is true – “show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are” – then, I’m happy and proud to be part of this family.

    And WFW, oh, perchance to dream…sigh.

  171. genpop40

    I’m in the house taking a short break from mowing my lawn. So I’ve got a peanut butter sandwich in one hand, my cell phone pressed against my ear, and I’m reading these comments about multi-tasking at the same time. I laughed out loud!!! I love you guys!

  172. Honeychildpleaze

    Hello all,

    I’m only a mere lurker on this site and the fcowm site. But I’m coming out of lurkdom to let everyone, especially WfW, know that I am down for this cause. Here’s the letter I sent to Ellen or at least I hope it went through:

    Dear Ellen,

    The last days of summer in New York City are absolutely gorgeous. I hope they are just as beautiful wherever you are.

    I’m writing to you on behalf of a webmistress known as Wet for Went. I heard that Wentworth Miller will be visiting your show on September 13, 2007. I am so infatuated with this man. Our love and admiration for this beautiful man is what Wet for Wet and I have in common. We both are members of FCoWM.com. She has tried to meet this glorious being several times, unfortunately, with no success. Unlike WfW and other prettyphiles (aka Wentworth Miller worshippers fans), I am too lazy to go round and about trying to meet this deliciously appealing man. I live through my ‘sisters-in-worship’ when it comes to this articulate man. So, would you please grant me this wish and have WetforWent on your show? He’s heard of her from his colleagues and I think it’s about time they’ve, finally, met. I’m a mere lurker on WfW’s blog (WetforWent.org) and FCoWM.com. But I truly admire her and the other bloggers and enjoy reading their daily banters about our shared desires for Wentworth Miller.

    My 30th birthday is on the 8th of October. And I hope you grant me this early b-day wish. I know, it’s strange. You would think I would ask for you to have me on your show to meet Wentworth. But like I said before, WetforWent has made many attempts, unlike myself, to meet this kind man. And I feel it’s only fair that she finally gets the chance to be introduced to him. I would be so happy to experience meeting Wentworth Miller through her.


    (real name posted here)
    aka Honeychildpleaze:

  173. B

    Glad to be of help girlies : )

  174. miller_thriller

    Lia, unfortunately im not a crazy irish chick. I’m just a bored 20year old brit who loves this blog!

    Introduce yourself newbie, and go on, write to Ellen. DO IT FOR THE TEAM!

    If not i will be forced to continue writing bad poetry about you, and seriously, NOBODY wants that!

  175. genpop40, bless your heart for mowing the lawn in this damn heat. I’m not that effective of a multi-tasker …LOL!

    Honeychildpleaze, thank you for sending in your letter and representing the Church, which reminds me, where are you ladies anyway? C’mon, you’re a big part of Went’s fan base too, so please show some love for WFW!

    B, thanks again and you know you don’t have to stop at one, right? 😉

  176. lia

    Pleasure to meet you MT, I’m a bored California Chick. How are things in the land of Tea, Scones and Pork Pies 🙂

    I’d write but it sounds like WFW has a little something-something going on behind the scenes***it’s got me wondering if she has managed to get on the Ellen show and just keeping it to herself.

  177. Erika

    Hey Mama B, under which board did you post as the link doesn’t take me directly to it?

  178. miller_thriller

    Ahahaha Lia, the land of tea, scones, and pork pies (cue vomiting) is more like the land of rain, shit TV, and did i mention RAIN??

    Lol i’m with you about wfw, she’s being a tad secretive…WFW what are you upto girl????

  179. WFW

    LOL If I knew anything, so would you. If it happens it will be b/c of YOU guys. Like I said, don’t doubt how much I need your help. All I have going on behind the scenes are more long shots. I have no more information than you do.

  180. Erika, it’s called “Wentworth Miller Does Ellen on 9/13/07” and it’s on IMDB.com. I started the thread yesterday. Right now, it’s buried by other topics, but it’s still on the front page of the thread list. Replying to it, of course, would bump it up. 🙂

    And WFW, you know you’re going places when people start making conspiracy theories up about you…LMAO!

  181. B

    Of course Mama Bear.. B has plenty of tricks up her sleeve…*winks*

  182. miller_thriller

    girls! check the new link up top! it works for now! lol you can comment why you want to be on the show, and if this is anything to go by WFW is a cert to get on the show:

    I would love to come to your show…and I bring something to the table…I can sing with my mouth closed

  183. Erika

    Good job on IMDB Mama B! I’ll bump it of course *as many times as I bump Went in my fantasies* 😉 as soon as I register.

  184. Honeychildpleaze

    Anytime, Mama Bear.

    I live in Brooklyn, NY.

    And just so you know, I’m down for any Wentworth Miller cause you decide to solicit.

  185. lia

    Rain,Rain and more Rain….sounds like fun MT, TV is good ** I love Benny Hill, Faulty Towers, and Dad’s Army(old stuff) .
    How did you manage to develope such an amazing skill like singing without opening your mouth?…can you do “God Save the Queen” with a touch of British Accent?

  186. lia

    WFW …I have a friend, they call him the “Godfather” cause he can get stuff other people can’t get …I”ll see what he can come up with for you.

  187. dedep

    Right now the new link (mentioned up top) to leave comments for Ellen hasn’t got enough of our requests. The few requests that are on are getting buried very quickly. Please go post your requests. GO! GO! GO!

  188. Anonymous

    I went to Ellen’s site and saw this:

    Ellen, I just had a look at the WetForWent website and I would be very disappointed in you if you have the owner of that blog on your show. If you did I believe you would be lowering your standards as the language and the mentality on that blog is so disgusting… I was appalled. The women blogging on there have such foul mouths and, to put it politely, behave not much different to a pack of female dogs on heat… it’s pathetic.

    I am sure that you have much better sense than to waste your time with trash like that.

    Posted by Anonymous | September 3, 2007 6:48 AM

    My reply:


    This is yet another plea for you to have WFW of wetforwent.org on your show. I’m sure that you, and your studio audience, recognize satire when you see it. Sadly, some do not, like anon 6:48 for instance. WFW makes fun of the fangirl in all of us and in a hilarious way. If you’ve ever talked to her, you know that the site is one facet of her personality magnified to the highest possible degree. Love her or hate her, that strong of a reaction, even when negative, still makes her someone interesting to talk to. I know you won’t be swayed by the words of a hater.

    Another anon

  189. another anon

    *standing up and clapping*

    Bravo! This is the best possible response to that hateful letter, so ladies, don’t fret…carry on with your positive support. I’ve done my math and I see overwhelming support for WFW and her quest to meet Went.

    *raising fist in air* Keep hope alive!

  190. I just arrived from my vacations I came here and saw the post. I just screamed. “OMG!!!! Why I didn’t saw this earlier??!! Fast, there’s still time!!!”

    probably not very well written cause it was fast, I borrowed some quotes from Mama Bear – hope you don’t mind, it was a good cause – and send it.

    here’s my small contribute:

    Dear Ellen,

    Let me start by saying that I’m a big fan of yours.
    I’m a young lady from Portugal and unfortunately, we don’t get to see your show on tv,
    so I usually search the web for news and videos of your show. But we did have the Oscars live on tv and you were the best host ever, it was SO funny!
    I wish we had here female hosts so funny and entertaining as you, but I guess I have to accept the fact that there’s only one Ellen Degeneres =).

    I’m writting to you for asking a very special favor.
    I’m a huge fan of american shows and one of my personal favorites is Prison Break. I’ve heard that you will have my favourite actor, Wentworth Miller, on your show again, on 9/13/07.(Do you realise how lucky your are? Interviewing him not once, but twice?)
    He’s a very talented, intelligent and, of course, beautiful person. I wish i could meet him, it would be a dream come true. Very sadly, I can’t. But i know someone who can do it for me.

    That’s why I beg you, please have WFW on your show. She’s the webmistress of a wonderful blog – https://wetforwent.wordpress.com – totally dedicated to Mr. Miller and his professional projects.
    She writes news, and hilarious posts about the way she (and all the readers) loves “The Pretty” (the way that we, fans, like to call Mr Miller).
    She’s been supporting Mr Miller’s carrer in all the ways she can without receiving anything but the love of her readers. You should know that WFW has tried to meet Mr. Miller twice before by traveling to both Los Angeles and New York to attend events in which he was scheduled to appear, but didn’t due to unexpected changes in his production schedule.
    During these journeys, WFW vicariously brought her readership along by humorously blogging about her preparation, experiences, and hope that she will one day meet the star of her blog.

    She gathered together fans from all over the world, made real friendships and created a real bound of union between persons of different countries, languages and cultures – and there aren’t many people who can say they’ve achieved this much.

    That is why I think she is person that deserves this more than anyone. At this point, because no tickets are available for the 9/13/07 taping, a personal invitation from you and/or your team is needed to make this happen. She represents all the readers/fans, so if she could meet Wentworth Miller is almost like we could be there too.
    If you could just make this dream come true I would be grateful.

    Congratulations on the show, and thank you for your kind consideration.


    I tried my best – even begged! LMAO
    I hope I had explained well the way we want you to do this not only for you but for all of us.
    Let’s make this happen =) WFW you GO GIRL, wE love you! (who’s with me…? xD) **

  191. I also posted a comment there, although I didn’t address that anon’s comment in particular.

    Dear Ellen!
    This is a message coming all the way from Croatia on behalf of my friend known as Wet For Went. She has gathered a large community of fans of Wentworth Miller from all around the globe: South Africa, Australia, France, Belgium, USA, Canada, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Korea… on her blog at wetforwent.wordpress.com that is not only funny, entertaining and always up to date but has never been anything if not highly supportive of Wentworth and his work. See, she’s a huge fan of Wentworth Miller, as am I, and she would like nothing more than to meet him. And this is where you come in. We’ve heard he’s going to be on your show soon and I’m here to beg you to have her on your show on that day. Don’t be misled by the title of her blog –
    she’s a real sweetheart and a perfectly decent girl. She tried to meet him two times, flying across the country even though she’s terrified of flying (yes,she’s THAT devoted!). Unfortunately, he didn’t show at those particular events. You just might be her last hope. Please, make her dream come true, not just for her, but also for us, fans from all over the world that will never get the chance to meet him, so we can live vicariously through her.
    Thank you!

  192. Rosi

    AAAH ..I JUST LOVE YOU GIRLS..LIA u too and dont be afraid to love us as well 😉

  193. HereKitty

    *standing ovation* There are truly some heartfelt words of support shown here that make me proud to be a part of this community. Brava, ladies (and gents?) .. brava ..

    Screw the golf claps .. WOOT, WOOT, WOOT!!

  194. genpop40

    WAIT!! She was shocked that a site called Wet for Went was foul-mouthed? lololol. And she says “foul-mouthed” like it’s a bad thing.

  195. Pingback: When WFW met Wentworth on Ellen « Wet For Went

  196. Erika

    It seems like they are screening the posts b/c the comment that I posted earlier today is not up or the reply from Another Anon. Considering that we send so many letters that their server crashed, I thought we would have had just as many comments *shrugs*… At least we got their attention 😉

  197. Charlie B


    I think we were separated at birth…. my bDAY is 5 days after yours!

  198. Yep, they’re moderating the comments before posting. I submitted a letter yesterday, which still hasn’t been posted. No matter, I’ve seen several that have made the cut…dedep’s and MT’s among them, so WFW is well-represented. 🙂 If you have trouble submitting your letters or “making the cut” on Ellen’s blog, you can always post your thoughts here. I’m certain her people are looking. 😉

  199. Shorty

    Hey WFW, I have every faith that you will meet Wentworth. If not on Ellen then you will somewhere else. I’m a huge Buffy fan and I ended up meeting alot of the cast members over the years. Of course that was going to different conventions and stuff, but, they were people I really wanted to meet. And, when I first became a Buffy fan I NEVER thought I’d find myself meeting people from the cast. Anything is possible! So whether you get to Ellen or you walk into Went at Starbucks, YOU WILL DEFINITELY MEET HIM! I wish you the best of luck on your noble quest, you have my support. Your site is the best one out there and I check in here everyday. So keep it comin girl!

  200. Honeychildpleaze

    Charlie B-

    Why are you lying to me? lol

    I knew something was missing in my life…could it be you?

  201. dedep

    Yippee!! Managed to get another one up on Ellen’s site… the taxi driver that took me home last night said I was going to be lucky. Thank you very much taxi driver, wherever you are.

  202. dedep

    Could it be the time difference? I think Ellen’s people are asleep when this side of the planet wakes up. lol.

    You know what that means Prettyphiles – no more sleeping until WFW gets on the show!! WFW, I think its time to crack that whip.

  203. Giulia

    I left few words in the other page that you linked… 🙂

    I’m praying for you WFW!!

  204. I left some comments in the comments box, all be it short ones before the dam thing timed out, just to do my bit.

    As I’m also a member of the First Church of WM you know that I’ll be praying for you.

    Good luck and do us proud.

  205. WFW

    I don’t think I can ever say thank you enough for how you have all come out of the woodwork and sent in all of those wonderful letters about me. I love you all so much and even if nothing comes of this, I will never forget it.

    By the way, for anyone that’s getting timed out, write your message in another program (in Word, or in an email, etc) and then copy and paste it. 😉

  206. Just in case anyone missed my comment over in the Ellen script post:

    *channeling Sherlock Holmes*

    I figured out the issue with the blocked messages. Ellen’s site is blocking repeat IPs probably to avoid the same exact entries getting posted over and over again, so when commenting again, please keep the following in mind:

    (1) DO comment from multiple sources. I’m going to hit all the libraries in town and post my letters of support because different sources have different IPs.

    (2) DON’T post the same exact letter every time. That would drive anyone nuts. Offer your support for WFW, but be creative. If you’re a poet, send a poem. If you’re a songwriter, send some lyrics. Or just send your most heart-felt feelings on this quest. Just PLEASE don’t spam Ellen with the same exact letter over and over again. Remember, it ain’t spam if it has flava! 😉

    (3) DO avoid posting a hyperlink since Ellen’s site may block those too. By now, I’m sure she knows where to find us, so simply saying WetforWent should suffice.

    (4) DO compose your letter in another location (like Word or Notepad) before cutting and pasting it into the form because if you don’t, you may lose your hard work and that would suck ass.

    (5) DO mention WFW’s new post, her script for Ellen’s show. If that alone doesn’t get WFW noticed, I don’t know what will.

    Thanks again for all your support! Isn’t it great to see a plan come together? Went has THE best fan base in the world!

  207. ilurvemv

    Well, I finally managed to post a comment there. Sorry it took so long – my computer’s been giving me hell lately.

  208. evelyn

    My new letter…..


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  210. WFW

    Guess who can still get through on Ellen’s blog? I can, lol.

    Hi Ellen. I run a blog dedicated to Wentworth Miller called wetforwent.org. I know, it’s dirty, but it’s a rockin’ good time. I hear Went will be on your show on 9/13 and I would love to be there. My readers have been sending in forms, comments, emails, anything that might help; They are really into this.

    I know that my site is pretty risque (yes, I did just use that word) but it’s one big Wentworth Miller lovefest; I’ve even received something from Went himself! I know you like to see people happy and think of how happy you could make, not just me, but hundreds of Went fans by having me there! Yeah, this request is not selfish AT ALL…

    Posted by WFW | September 5, 2007 7:17 AM

  211. Tup

    Hi, here is what I’ve sent. I keep my fingers crossed for you/us all!

    I’m writing you from a very far country in Europe that is Poland (yeah we can write, some can type and and some of us even can access the Internet) to ask you to invite to the audience one of the most avid fans of Wentworth Miller. The moment Wet for Went learned her idol is going to be Ellen DeGeneres’ guest on the Septemper 13th show, she forces each and every one of her blog readers to support her cause. Please, save us from that ordeal, invite her, so she can go back to writing (one of the best blogs I’ve ever read) and stop bullying us!
    It is my deepest conviction she will not harass neither Mr Miller nor Ms DeGeneres and use this experience just to create another of her famous blog entries that you can follow on https://wetforwent.wordpress.com

  212. WFW

    LOL Tup. Did I get you with the whip the last time? Sorry about that. *cracks whip again* Thanks for helping!

  213. evelyn

    …and another one……


  214. Hey WFW
    I just sent this email a few times ok maybe a lot more than a few times, like about 50!! so i think i did my part. I hope you get the chance to meet went he is soooo fine. I’ve been on your site a few times and your posts crack me up your one amazing chicie that’s for sure. And if you do get the chance to meet him then you owe us big time!!! we want the in’s and out’s of every thing. here’s the email i sent!

    Dear Ellen,
    I’m a big fan of yours, you make me laugh so much that i start to cry. And like the rest of the world I’m a huge Wentworth Miller fan. I mean what’s not to like. He’s gorgeous,sexy and hot plus he’s intellagent. I’m writting to you all the way from Australia to support a blogger called WFW- Wet For Wet. She is amazing and like the rest of the female population in the world she would give any thing to meet Mr Wentworth Miller. So if there is any thing you could do to make this dream come true for her and his fans you won’t be disappointed. All she want’s is to be at your show on the 9\13 to meet Wentworth she doesn’t even care if she doesn’t have a seat. she’ll stand! Thanks heaps for taking the time to read this.

    Love always Lisha Miller

  215. dedep

    evelyn, loving the photoshopping.

    *Wishing we were all in the US so that we could picket outside Elle’s studio like that*

  216. dedep

    Oops….I mean “Ellen’s”

  217. Erika

    evelyn…lol…if we all should come together out of cyber world it would probably be like that second one.

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