Wentworth Miller is a Diva

What up? I’m Wentworth Miller and you’re…not, so get out of my face. Yeah I said it!

I really wish people would stop telling me that “extras are people too,” like I give a shit. I don’t frolic with extras! They are my bitches. That’s right, get my Frappy and make it snappy!

What are you looking at light boy? You shine the lights; Get bent.

I don’t like how you are looking at me either; YES YOU! I can’t work like this…

Thanks Luci!



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  1. WFW, thanks for the hearty laugh! After reading that article, I nearly peed my pants imagining Went flipping crew members off and demanding his flips and fraps between scenes. These claims are SO ridiculous that I have to believe “the source on set” is yet another PH minion.

    Still, I think angry Went would be a sight to see. In fact, I wouldn’t get “turned off” by it, I’d get “turned on.”

  2. LiLo79

    That is too funny! Great picture to go along with the subject, which I think is ridiculous. Although, I have to say it might be interesting to see the dominant, ‘obey me’ side of him. Hmmm…

  3. Luci

    I have this visual of Adam Ryan Rothchild throwing a hissy fit on the set of PB. Too funny if it’s true. Yes, I agree it is a turn on and I don’t know why, but I find effeminate men to be terribly sexy!

  4. cocot13

    he’s in the National Inquirer, he’s truly a star now!

  5. Sprinkles

    Dominate me Went…………….Please!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mink

    It’s not this blatant nonsense that interests me so much as to why it has been planted in the ‘Enquirer’…

    My conspiracy theorist tendencies make me think this is a Fox plant to try and discredit WM because they are feeling he’s being ‘difficult’ refusing to carry on ‘playing straight’ with the press.

    He is probably being withdrawn on set at the moment, but frankly, for him to be behaving like this would require a total personality transplant.

    And the cast don’t have to refuse to talk to extras; as far as I’m aware, extras have always been told they are not to speak to the actors.

  7. *coughbullshitcough*

  8. Erika

    …Wentworth also “throws fits” and whines “in a high-pitched voice”… Is this for real?! I don’t think Went can have a high-pitched no matter how hard he may try. Just listen to the interview that posted earlier today.

  9. LAgurl

    OMG is this not the funniest thing you’ve ever heard? Yea right. He is SO high maintenance! Bwahahahahahahahhaha!!

  10. ilurvemv

    Mink, I think that this is just a random mention of Went in the tabloids. Maybe he’s gotten to the level of celebrity where an actor starts getting mentioned in gossip rags?

    If Fox really wanted to discredit him, why would they plant a story in such an unreputable mag of lies like the Enquirer?

    I don’t think Fox is upset with Went “refusing to go by their rules.” It could be that everything with the earlier pics is no suprise to Fox. If Went really is what the pics imply he is and Fox knew it and Went didn’t want to keep hiding it anymore, he and Fox could have worked out a deal where he will no longer avoid stepping out with his alleged boyfriend or keep talking about women he likes in interviews. He might avoid tv interviews with irritating hosts who bring up a guest’s personal life without advance notice (the shrews on The View, Regis & Kelly). They might limit his appearances to hosts who won’t talk about his private life (Leno and particularly Ellen, if his people tell her what his situation is, I’m sure she’d be the most accommodating of all). I could be wrong, but I hope I’m not and that no one is trying to push him off the show. Certainly Fox can’t be so stupid that they don’t know what kind of bad impact it would have on PB to drive him away.

    I’ll bet that’s why he’s been scheduled to appear on Ellen’s show, and not for another reason people are speculating about. Just like the outings with Marianna and Amie (he never confirmed they were just friends), I don’t believe we will ever get an official statement from him about his personal life. But we will continue to see him out with whoever he chooses to go out with. Just my theory.

  11. Mink

    ilurvemv, I really do hope you are right and that’s all it is. It’s just that I seem to have seen a few comments around and about on the net that indicate that Fox are not happy with WM.

    It may well all be exaggerated of course; these things so often are.

    As for using the ‘Enquirer’, to me that’s perfect because it does post lies. They couldn’t get a reputable publication to print crap about him because there’s not anything truthful to say on that front.

    I think your theory re. why the “Ellen” show has been chosen for his pre-S3 interview makes complete sense. I’m now very doubtful this will be anything more than the usual type of interview, although I did suspect it at first.

  12. kat

    Am I the only one who thinks that these pictures are somehow connected to Dominc statement about Went’s love life? A sort of answer from Went??

  13. shortstuff

    LOL im sorry but i couldnt even read that article without laughing out loud. the kicker is how dom is the nice guy between the two…

  14. You know what? Even if he is a diva (and I don’t believe it for a second), I don’t give a fuck! As far as I’m concerned, he can lie, he can bitch, he can sleep with whom ever he pleases – he’s still the hottest man alive and I’ll still love him and support his career.

    Through the darkness
    I can see your light
    And you will always shine
    And I can feel your
    heart in mine
    Your face I’ve memorized
    I idolize just you

    I look up to
    Everything you are
    In my eyes you do no wrong
    I’ve loved you for so long
    And after all is said and done
    You’re still you
    After all
    You’re still you

    You walk past me
    I can feel your pain
    Time changes everything
    One truth always
    stays the same
    You’re still you
    After all
    You’re still you

    I look up to
    Everything you are
    In my eyes you do no wrong
    And I believe in you
    Although you never asked me to

    I will remember you
    And what life put you through

    And in this cruel
    and lonely world
    I found one love
    You’re still you
    After all
    You’re still you

  15. Bel


    If the man wants flip flops, give him flip flops.

  16. I totally agree! He is totally stunning and when he looks straight out of the screen he makes you feel like his eyes are on you. With a face like that, any woman could forgive him anything 🙂

    Hot totty personified!


  17. ilurvemv

    Mink, I’ve read those comments too. But like with most online comments, I’ll take them with a grain of salt until I see substantial evidence. Fox may not be thrilled about what WM is doing, but I doubt they’re stupid enough to kill off one of their most bankable shows or stars. My guess is they’ll try to control his PR more (like I suggested above) and see if that’s enough before resorting to anything drastic.


    And therein lies the beauty of this story: no one in their right minds will believe it and the attempt to pass it off as true makes the Enquirer and its “sources” look like idiots. This kind of story is typical of a tabloid and hardly anyone ever believes it. I remember a similar diva story printed about Tom Welling years ago and fans quickly debunked it and said that producers, not the actors, tell extras not to talk to the actors.

  18. ilurvemv

    Oops. I tried to quote Mink’s quote about Fox using the Enquirer in my post above but it didn’t work. Why don’t the tags ever work for me?

  19. act

    I don’t believe any of the story. I agree with everyone’s comments. And just to let Fox know, (gay or not), I want to see Michael get laid not Linc.

  20. genpop40

    Seriously, does ANYONE give a crap about Linc? He’s an alright character, but Michael is our hero, Sara is our heroine, T-bag is the guy you love to hate, Sucre is our heart. Linc is just a support character that you fast forward over with your TIVO…or maybe that’s just me.

  21. I’d be his bitch any day.

  22. niknak

    I wonder, if WM doesn’t get his frapp and flip-flops, does he fall on the floor and kick his feet and bang his fists like a three-year-old throwing a temper tantrum… because if he does, I would love to be the one to give him a spanking for behaving so badly!

    Doubtful it’s true since the rumor mill is being run by b.s. about the man these days, but if it is, can someone please record the high pitched screaming???

  23. notthedoctor

    I particularly appreciate the part where he “throws fits” and whines “in a high-pitched voice”!!!
    I want him to call me His Bitch with that voice!

  24. PBLUV

    If Went is a Diva…so the hell am I!!!
    I watched that man upclose with so much kindness and grace in what anyone would think is a bad situation. He was surrounded by a bunch of pushy reporters sticking so many tape recorders in his face, that if he breathed wrong he would have swallowed one. STILL he smiled and answered every single question as those more famous (kelsey Grammar, Kiefer Sutherland) walked by not stopping to do press.
    How Diva is that!!!

  25. Dani

    Naaaah… He would be ghastly if he read that.. His credibility out the window? NO WAY would he let that happen in a display like that..

    Wake up, believers.

  26. Dani

    Wentworth Miller is the CREATOR of etiquette which is always impeccable.

    Otherwise his parents would give him a beating.


  27. KARO

    MINK: “He is probably being withdrawn on set at the moment, but frankly, for him to be behaving like this would require a total personality transplant.”

    What do you mean? You know the REAL Went?
    Couldn’t it be his true personality surfacing?

    He LIED about his sexuality and, being an actor , he could have created his Mr Nice image from scratch.
    Due to pressure (and his infatuation with LMF) cracks are now appearing!
    Something tell me that the “high-pitched voice”is true! I remember the tone of his voice when he said”You might be surprised” at the TCA party in the E!TV interview: it was SO obvious…( Watch it again.)

    His sexual hormones are in turmoil, showing his true personality now that he isn’t closeted anymore…

    Admit it. He’s not an angel.

    But he remains a very pretty boy.

  28. WFW

    There is no proof that Went lied about anything yet. All we have are conclusions drawn based on rumor and speculation. We have assumptions, at best; We have no truth. Of course that goes both ways, we don’t know the real him but take all the fan encounters and even encounters with people he has worked with and put them all together and then weigh them against this story and you’ll realize what a steaming pile of horse shit this piece really is…Or was the humor tag confusing? LOL No he’s not an angel and not perfect, we don’t have to know him to know that. Are there any perfect people anywhere? Even the nicest person can have a bad day but I’d say this article goes WAY beyond that.

  29. me

    If he lied about his personal life it was a justifiable lie from my point of view

  30. Giulia

    That article from National Enquirer is bullshit!!

  31. sara

    An int from TMZ ??

    Wentworth Miller: The Great Uniter
    Posted Aug 30th 2007

    As part of a spread in the latest issue of GQ Germany, Wentworth Miller says “My father is black and my mother is white. Therefore, I could answer to either, which kind of makes me a racial Lone Ranger, at times, caught between two communities.” And the “Prison Break” star shall lead them!

    But hang on a sec: The quote is four years old and was uttered when Miller played a biracial man in the movie, “The Human Stain.” While Miller may not seem to be anything but lily white, his lineage is all over the map; he is of African-American, Jamaican, English, German, Cherokee and Jewish descent on his father’s side, and of Russian, French, Dutch, Syrian and Lebanese descent on his mother’s side.

    What great mistery will we next learn about Wentworth?

  32. Anonymous

    Can’t people stay cool and wait what HE has to say and how HIS co-workers respond to this!? Again, this is an actor that none of us know personally. Maybe these stories are lies, all lies. If not, he’s fanbase is going to get a bit smaller, at least minus ME. Nobody likes a liar who’s a stuck up asshole as well.

  33. Anonymous

    “he lied about his sexuality..”. how do you know? base on pictures he’s walking with a man?
    “something tell me this…” , “something tell me that…”
    oh puhh lease

  34. Giulia

    In all these years nobody describes Wentworth as a Diva or things like this, his co-workers always talk about a really kind and nice guy, the PB producers one time said that is a pleasure working with WM because he’s always on the set when they need of him and they have not to search him around the set because he’s a professionist and he takes his work really seriously… so that’s why i dont believe in that article!!!

  35. Anty

    Oh, what a bunch of bullshit.

    He’s probably slightly anal and can’t work when people around him behave immaturely. And some really _hip_, self-important PD got told off and was pissed off at that and said he’s a diva.

    Reminds me of when this gay guy worked with Robert Sean Leonard in the nineties, was dissapointed Robert didn’t set off his gaydar, and proceded to call him boring and jealous of other hot actors’ success on the internet.

    Also: Name me *one* artist who isn’t self-indulgent. It’s part of our common personality set.

    BTW: MamaBear, I’ve left a huge post on the Hasselhoff-issue in the “Jesus Christ! OH MY MOTHERFUCKING GOD LOOK AT THIS SHIT!”

  36. Mink

    What do you mean? You know the REAL Went? Couldn’t it be his true personality surfacing?

    No, of course I don’t claim to know the ‘real’ Went. But I have read numerous reliable reports over the past couple of years from people who have met him in person and all of them completely contradict this report.

    As I said above, I can see that he has possibly (even probably) been withdrawn on set of late. Given the shit he’s having to tolerate, that wouldn’t surprise me a bit, but that’s it. I am sure he is trying to cope with everything as best he can.

    And the couple of actual points made about bad behaviour are crap. Extras are told by production staff not to talk to the actors as a matter of course, and it is the job of production assistants on shows to get the actors their drinks etc between takes. This is not ‘diva-ish’ behaviour.

    As for the people who are all ‘holier than thou’ about not being able to forgive WM for lying about his sexuality, it will all come out, but basically he had no choice. And he put the breaks on it when he got into his relationship with LMF (which I think shows character).

    I think people should look at themselves before judging him for what he did in an impossible situation.

    And if people are really going to leave his fandom for either a) him being gay, or b) him having to lie about it, then he’s probably best off without them as fans.

    Yeah, sorry, this shit is really beginning to piss me off.

  37. Mink

    * Oops, that was meant to be “brakes”. Damn this no editing in Blog comments. 😉

  38. Dannie

    Give it a rest ME, we don’t know jack shit about anything, all you people that jump on the band wagon, oh he lied, he’s must be gay and or a diva.
    You don’t know anything, nobody but those concerned do. All this speculation and carry on is starting to piss me off a bit. He didn’t lie to you personally, (who said he even lied) well not that I’m aware of. I wonder if he can forgive all the tossers out there who take everything printed everywhere as gospel.
    Oh I’m a bit tired I think I might have over reacted , forgive my rant, but seriously!!!!

  39. Erika

    I’m not even interested in this debate. Whether you are with or against Went is everybody’s own personal choice but what gets my blood boiling is the fact that somGood lord! Dont people know how to be mannered anymore?

  40. Erika

    Aah shit! my comment came out all wrong. If you’re smart enough -like most of you are- i’m sure you’ll get my point.

  41. Dannie

    What,? where did that other post go?

  42. anon

    sara, i’m not sure what the point of the tmz article is. how is the listing of went’s lineage “a great mystery” or suggestive of him withholding anything or misleading anybody? from the very beginning, he’s outlined his parents’ ancestry. (not to mention that his dad’s heritage is pretty much the norm for most african americans.) i’m not sure what tmz is implying.

  43. anon

    TMZ is implying that he’s gay.

  44. anon

    When the press started to take an intrest in him he had exactly two choises. Either be open about himself as a person: I like this, I like that, me and my friends go here and there, I’m straight/gay, I used to date this girl/boy( I don’t really believe that he just sits at home and never sees/dates anyone and he propably has a companion). Still he could’ve kept the press at a long distance. He didn’t have to invite them to his home. But he chose another way. Giving out NOTHING. And ever since 2005 gossip-people have been trying to squeeze him for some information. All we “know” is that he used to date PerezHiltons malefriend, now he’s dating Luke Mcfarlane, he’s behaving badly with his co-workers and that everyone who lives in West Hollywood knows he’s gay. I believe that rumours start from somewhere. And sometimes there’s a seed of truth in them. This man has never given an honest interview where he would talk about something else than his roots or that he sang in college. He’s giving out an impression that there’s something he wants to hide. He says that he’s boring. I don’t buy it. He said when asked why he’s a hermit that he wants to stay unknown so that people won’t mix his real character with the ones he plays. No mature audience, tv or film, would do that. To stop the rumour mill he should be completely open. As long as he keeps the real WM hidden there’s always going to be some nosy extra on the set staring at him, studying his every move and gossipbloggists desperatly trying to out him. If he’s acting up because he’s tired of this hole shit he should give the people that actually like him, his FANS, the truth. But I’m afraid that it’s the fans that are the cause of all of this. He HAS to be straight, he HAS to be polite, he HAS to be someone who doesn’t drink and party, he HAS to be the nicest guy in the world. So again I’m calling out for the real Wentworth Miller. Maybe he IS gay, maybe he IS tired and angry, maybe he is a guy who knew what he was doing in the beginning when the press took an intrest and knew what female fans would like and then made up this adorkable character that the fans defend this day to the bone. I find this situation very interesting. Still waiting for that headline: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH WENTWORTH MILLER, THE TRUTH, IN HIS OWN WORDS!!

  45. anon

    thanks, anon 10:03. i guess i’m a bit slow on the uptake this morning…

  46. Mink

    I don’t get why anyone would doubt he is not who we thought he was just because it turns out he’s gay. He is still the sweet, smart, beautiful man we thought he was, he’s just been under some pressure lately because of this issue.

    I don’t think for a moment he’s as boring as he makes out, but I also think most of us didn’t believe that anyway.

    And I’ll say it again (and I don’t care that I sound like a broken record), this is not black and white. People sometimes have to do things they don’t want to do.

    And FWIW, as I want him to have a great career that I get to watch, I no longer think he needs to come out with some big ‘tell all’ statement or interview (although I admit, I did think that at first). As far as I’m concerned, he can just live his life and I don’t have to know jack shit about what he does in his private life. I want to see him in movies and TV, and if that means he doesn’t talk about his private life, I can totally live with it.

  47. Sara

    I don’t get why people are so furious with him to having kept quiet about something that if it had been revelead at the start of his career it have ruined every shot he could possibly have got to a leading man role and that in the end forced him to lie? Everyone knows perfectly that gay out actors don’t get leading role. What Prison Break would have been without Wentworth Miller magnetic gaze and scene presence?

    There are movie A-listers actors, married with children, that keep cruising for pretty boys or man behind the back of their wives, for me this is what I called a big fat lie, not what some of you think about Wentworth. IMHO letting paparazzi catching him with LMF shows that he got guts

  48. Annie

    SARA, I think he didn’t need to say “I’m gay”from the start!
    But he shouldn’t have mentioned brunettes, crushes on Angie Harmon, wife, kids in the near future etc…
    A dignified: “This is my secret garden” would have been enough!

  49. Annie,Sara, and everyone else who’s arguing about this shit, wouldn’t your energies be better served trying to help WFW meet The Pretty?! At least by the end of this event, we’ll be able to get some closure (i.e. she got on/she didn’t get on) – any TRUE Went fan knows that he will not likely in this lifetime reveal something private that he doesn’t want to address, so GET YOUR ASSES TO IT! 😉 Time is a’ticking!

  50. anon

    i agree, mamabear. whether or not went is gay, straight or bi, he’s not going to address the issue in any kind of public statement. that’s not his style.
    and why should he?
    hopefully, he realizes that his true fans will love him regardless of who he sleeps with.

  51. genpop40

    We’ve heard over and over and over for the last 3 years that Went is a sweetheart, and one lone story about him being an ass and some people will believe it. I don’t understand why. I totally agree with what this person says here.


  52. An0n

    From here feet grow.
    This journalist did not manage to interview at WM.

  53. MiSa

    Oh i luv it when he talks dirrrrrty! LOL 🙂


    About this “diva” thing, we know that filming PB is a gruelling job (see the new interview on YOU TUBE), so we can easily understand that Went can flip the lid at times…Wouldn’t we do the same?

    Also fame is an intoxicating experience (I suppose!) and so many famous people never manage it properly, so if all Went does is yell with a high pitched voice for flip-flops and coffee…
    But one thing about the National Enquirer : strangely, I remember reading some comments on the JJared site a few days ago (BEFORE the N.E. article), going in the same direction.
    “Somebody” seemed to have inside infos about the very strained relationships between Went and FOX officials, saying that he had “to be dragged” to the TCA Party, and that his PR were furious about him.

    There was also this guy (He claimed his wife was a Fox employee) who said Fox hated Went’s guts and wanted to get rid of him.

    Dubious source, you may say, (and you’re probably right), but as I looked for those (3 or 4 )comments again, I found that they have been ERASED from JJ!!


    They certainly weren’t the most offensive ones there, so WHO wanted the?m deleted

  55. Mink

    I have no idea why anyone would believe any of the negative spin in that article. It’s so obviously a hatchet job.

    He’s never been reported to act in that way before ever (many, many reports to the complete contrary, in fact), so why would anyone believe this shit?

    Don’t give the people who planted this crap what they want.


    Hi, MINK,

    I love your work on the Church and I don’t miss a page!I like the fact that your admiration for Went never takes over your fairness and realism….

    You said:

    “He’s never been reported to act in that way before ever (many, many reports to the complete contrary, in fact), so why would anyone believe this shit?”
    – True, but then, what’s going on behind closed doors and why?
    -Why were those post on Jared erased ? Was JJ TOLD to erase them… or else?
    -Can THEY pressure him and threaten his blog’s existence?
    -If so, why those “leaks” from”insiders”?

    God, all this sounds like a bad episode of XFiles, but we can guess the knives are out between FOX and Went!
    If so, the pics with Luke were an amazing act of courage after years of forced lies….

  57. anon

    That “National Enquirer” article is complete and utter rubbish. Every single report we have ever read or heard about Wentworth Miller in the past is that he is a very charming man. I’m obviously not the only one who thinks that it is very strange that an article like this appears at this particular time.

    And KELLEYMARY those posts are still on JJ on the Behind the Scenes with Wentworth Miller post. I know we are all feeling extremely paranoid here and probably with good reason but in this case no. I’m worried about WM ‘s career and whatever Fox is planning. Is there anything that the fans can do to support him?


    “KELLEYMARY those posts are still on JJ on the Behind the Scenes with Wentworth Miller post.”

    -Are they? Oops!… Sorry, I really thought they had been removed…I’m a nervous wreck and a paranoid bitch. Glad that JJ at least is not being blackmailed by vicious Fox executives!

    But you are right when you say:

    ” I’m worried about WM ’s career and whatever Fox is planning. Is there anything that the fans can do to support him?”

    -People like Mink who seem to know lots of people in the business may come up with some sort of idea…

  59. anon 6:11 said:

    “I’m worried about WM ’s career and whatever Fox is planning. Is there anything that the fans can do to support him?”

    Hmmm…I am willing to bet that fanning the flames of conspiracy that his employer is out to ax him before S3 is even out is not the best thing to do to support him. I mean, can you imagine how unsettling it must be for Went and Fox to know that he has a contingent of fans who think that Fox is out to ruin his career and make his life miserable? These aren’t the days of old Hollywood where big studios literally owned their actors/actresses. C’mon people, where’s the faith?!

    If you want to support Went, watch S3, of course, (and S2, if you haven’t already). But for the here and now, write a letter to Ellen to backWFW’s quest to meet The Pretty, and make sure you put your online handle and country on the list of people who did! What better way to support Went than to join this worthy cause?


  60. Luna from france

    when I see his neck like an offering i feel like a vampire….GGGRRRRRRR………… I eat you my sweet Went……

  61. Ladies and gents, after you’ve written your letters to Ellen and added your monikers and countries to “The List,” (LOL!), if you want to do some casual research on the evolution of Hollywood studio/actor relations, check this cool site out – it’s a course on Classical Hollywood Cinema put out by the American Film Institute:


    To get FACTS and insight on the rights of working actors in the present day, visit the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) FAQ page:


    Here’s some food for thought…studios, both then and now, are completely reliant on the public’s perception, acceptance, and most of all, consumption to ensure the success of its projects. If we want the studios to treat homosexuality as a non-issue, they need to see that sentiment perpetuated among the masses first. As Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

    What I’ve seen and learned from the very start of this Went controversy back in October 2006 is that acceptance, tolerance, and forgiveness eludes many of us.

    For those fans who absolutely NEED to know the truth about Went’s sexuality, you may consider using this time to soul search and ask yourself why it even matters. Doesn’t everyone deserve the right to “life, love, and the pursuit of happiness” however that may be individually defined?

  62. Mink

    “I mean, can you imagine how unsettling it must be for Went and Fox to know that he has a contingent of fans who think that Fox is out to ruin his career and make his life miserable?”

    I think re. making his life miserable, due to contract restrictions on how he conducts his life, that’s been going on for two years now, so there’s nothing new there.

    However, I am not saying for sure that Fox is out to ruin his career in any way. In fact, I would suspect they are not. My feeling is that they know that WM is key to the success of “PB” and would love for S3 to be a big success with WM as a part of that. I just happen to think they are possibly covering their bases with regard to a star around whom is whirling considerable controversy.

    And that controversy exists because of the society we live in today; it’s not something any of us have any control over.

    “These aren’t the days of old Hollywood where big studios literally owned their actors/actresses.”

    Whilst I appreciate your point, while he’s working on “PB”, WM is to an extent ‘owned’ by Fox, in that his life and actions are not completely his own if he wants to keep within the terms of his contract. That’s just the way it is.

  63. Mink said:

    “Whilst I appreciate your point, while he’s working on “PB”, WM is to an extent ‘owned’ by Fox, in that his life and actions are not completely his own if he wants to keep within the terms of his contract. That’s just the way it is.”

    I felt I needed to get really educated on this hot topic of studio “ownership” before I wrote next, so I did some research. After combing through the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) site and finding this:

    “Screen Actors Guild is the nation’s largest labor union representing working actors. Established in 1933, SAG has a rich history in the American labor movement, from standing up to studios to break long-term engagement contracts in the 1940s to fighting for artists’ rights amid the digital revolution sweeping the entertainment industry in the 21st century. With 20 branches nationwide, SAG represents nearly 120,000 working actors in film, television, industrials, commercials, video games, music videos and other new media. The Guild exists to enhance actors’ working conditions, compensation and benefits and to be a powerful, unified voice on behalf of artists’ rights. Headquartered in Los Angeles, SAG is a proud affiliate of the AFL-CIO.

    I am confident in saying that the concept of studio “ownership” is very much just a frame of mind. In this litigious world, especially in America, and despite the vast intolerance for homosexuality, any studio who would knowingly dismiss an actor for his/her sexual preference would be inviting itself to be sued in a high-profile precedence discrimination case.

    Show me a studio who would seek to covertly smear THE star of one of its most popular series through manipulative media tactics, and I’ll show you a studio who won’t last much longer in this business.

    OK, now my head hurts.

  64. Oh I forgot to address this point, Mink:

    “I think re. making his life miserable, due to contract restrictions on how he conducts his life, that’s been going on for two years now, so there’s nothing new there.”

    Who says Went is miserable? If in fact the rumors are true, I’d say he look pretty happy and Devil-may-care with Luke in those pics…LOL! 😉

  65. MeeMee

    This rumour is nonsense.

  66. ilurvemv

    Mama Bear said: “any studio who would knowingly dismiss an actor for his/her sexual preference would be inviting itself to be sued in a high-profile precedence discrimination case”

    MB, much as I value your optimism, I’m not sure that homosexuality is a protected class even though it should be in this day and age. At least I don’t remember it being one in any of my readings at law school. (If anyone here is a real lawyer and not a recent graduate w/the ink barely dry on their JD, please correct me). For that matter, I don’t know how hard a burden it would be to prove discrimination of this type.

    I commented in my earlier response to Mink’s concern about the tabloid story that maybe Fox and WM had worked out an agreement on how to deal with the latest developments. But I’m starting to get the scary feeling that no such agreement ever occurred and WM purposely defied Fox’s gag order by stepping out with Luke. If he really is saying “fuck it” to Fox without trying to work out his frustrations with them first, then that might explain why Fox is angry with him (if they indeed are). Everything I’m reading about this situation makes me realize how how deep of a can of worms has been opened. Burning bridges with other actors or crew is bad enough, but nothing compared to alienating an entire network.

  67. ilurvemv, mink, kelleymary, and concerned anons, why not e-mail SAG about your questions regarding industry “gag orders,” your take on present-day “studio ownership,” and the laws (if any) governing such? Speculation is just speculation. If you want to deal with facts, go get them and good luck! 🙂


    I suspect that while every contract is specific to the scope of the project and the actor’s and studio’s stipulations, there must be protective clauses that are industry-standard. Whatever the case may be, I highly doubt that anyone will ever know the terms of Went’s contract with Fox, so this exercise, IMO, is akin to a dog chasing its tail. In fact, I treat it much like the speculation about his sexuality: it’s his business, not ours.

  68. genpop40

    Okay conspiracy theorists, I really just think that all we are dealing with are magazines and websites trying to make money off of his name. I doubt FOX has anything to do with it. A network doesn’t become uber-successfull through these kinds of cry-baby tactics people are accusing them of. I have found in my life that it’s not usually the most complicated expanation, but the simplist, but maybe that’s just me. Check this out.

    From Televisionista.com:


    The June post I wrote following the original Perez Hilton report has not only become the leading story of the summer (despite being long gone from the front page), but may now – thanks to recent photographs of Wentworth and Luke – become the biggest story of the year. In August, the post generated 7 times more hits than the #2 story on the list.

    Tabs and gossip bloggers have realized that Went is who to write about if they want to get hits and sell adspace. I really think that this is why write about him SO much. And the field is wide open because nobody really knows all that much about him. Maybe the good thing that might come from this is him getting his pretty little ass into more interviews and on more talk shows. Ellen is a good place to start.

  69. “Maybe the good thing that might come from this is him getting his pretty little ass into more interviews and on more talk shows. Ellen is a good place to start.”

    Excellent find, genpop40, and excellent point!

  70. Man, we really need to bring the funny back in here, so here’s my humble offering for you conspiracy theorists:

    There exists such a rumor mill ditty
    that Fox is upset with “The Pretty”
    for taking some walks with a man with no socks.
    Could it be that T.V. has no pity?


  71. genpop40

    Conspiracy theories do abound
    and with the arguments we go ’round.
    But lets not forget, my sister
    Wentworth Miller is one fine mister.

  72. Sara

    He should have said nothing from day one. The “No, I’m not gay” wasn’t really a good idea.

  73. 100points

    I put this link here because I suppose that it is an interview about his work but feel free to change it if it is not the right place


    it’s a german interview, someone told me that there is nothing very new but it’s interesting because answers have a different formulation, so it can be a new interview and face to face (or at least a phone one) because it is often reported “he laughs” “he grins”… anyway I don’t know german, and you??? can someone translate or at least confirm it?

  74. Mink

    “I am confident in saying that the concept of studio “ownership” is very much just a frame of mind. In this litigious world, especially in America, and despite the vast intolerance for homosexuality, any studio who would knowingly dismiss an actor for his/her sexual preference would be inviting itself to be sued in a high-profile precedence discrimination case.”

    MB, as ilurvemv said, homosexuality is not a protected class. The Fox contracts (and presumably those of other networks) contain clauses which stipulate that an actor on a show cannot bring the show into disrepute (or words to that effect) by their actions. The network most definitely considers an openly gay relationship as coming under that heading.

    And whilst a studio may not want the bad publicity of dismissing an actor for this reason, it’s a two way street. Neither would the actor want to run the risk of being connected to this kind of scandal and litigation. Being known for being involved in this sort of ‘difficulty’ would be career suicide.

    Also, the bad publicity that would automatically be attached for firing an actor for being gay (which would obviously never be admitted as the actual reason) is the reason why the network would take the precaution of laying the groundwork for alternative ‘exit strategies’. See my original post above. Much easier to say you’ve fired someone for being ‘difficult’.

    Who says Went is miserable? If in fact the rumors are true, I’d say he look pretty happy and Devil-may-care with Luke in those pics…LOL!

    My point exactly. He is not miserable with Luke. In fact, I think he is very, very happy. My point is that being required to keep this relationship quiet has made him miserable. And prior to that, having to be deceptive about his true orientation with the “wife and kids” etc quotes had also not left him feeling an entirely happy camper.

    If you want more information re. the contracts issue, an informed poster has been been posting on this topic at Church over the past few days.

  75. Thanks for the invite, Mink, but I’m done with this topic. After all the web research I did, it left me with an incredible migraine and ominous feeling that if I dig anymore into Fox’s real intentions towards one of its most bankable stars, I’d find out that the studio is also responsible for Ecoli spinach, Mad Cow disease, lead paint in toys, and the Spice Girls reunion. 😉 I prefer to live out my humble days in blissful ignorance with the hope that Fox has only honorable intentions.

  76. Mink

    Not an invite, MB, just some information. But I appreciate the desire to move on from this topic, I really do.

    If WM would just do another interview or two *ahem* I’m sure we would all enjoy that much more than being faced with squirrely ‘Enquirer’ snippets and controversy-stirring candids.

    Roll on “Ellen” show.

  77. AJ

    I leave for a week, and I miss out on all the fun poetry. Brava ladies, brava!


    Round and round the rumormill goes.
    Where it stops nobody knows.
    It’s no one’s business, and that’s no fluke
    If he chooses to “deposit” at the First Bank of Luke.

    Gay or straight, he’s still the man.
    Don’t care if he takes it in the can.
    That smile, that dignity, humor and class,
    For Went I’D take it up the ass.

    *curtsey* Thank you, and good day. 😉

  78. *channeling Mrs. Doubtfire*

    AJ, you wicked, wicked poppet! I swear, we’re collectively building such a respectable anthology of Went-inspired poems that I wonder if Princeton would consider publishing it. 😉

    Mink said:

    “Roll on “Ellen” show.”

    Thanks for your support…it means a ton! 🙂

  79. Anna

    This is the same rag that wrote last year Wenwtorth Miller saves kid from burning car remember.

  80. Anna

    Sorry meant Wentworth. 🙂

  81. asl

    I don’t believe he ever needs to ‘justify’ his sexuality to anyone. I don’t believe in ‘outing’ either. But I do believe in integrity. If you can’t risk your job or don’t want to talk about relationships for reasons of privacy then just keep your bloody mouth shut. Don’t LIE and make a mockery of those who live openly with whatever prejudices may come their way.
    People have talked so often about how intelligent and eloquent WM is – well not over this matter. Now they’re bending over backwards to applaud his brave actions in apparently coming out. What?! What’s so cool about this latest machination? It’s just as lily-livered as the preceding actions. Thinking back – what’s so great about the Marianna messes and the Amie Bice bungle? Who set those manipulations up? Did WM agree to it all? Is this the nice, sensitive guy we’ve all been raving about? Deeply tortured (while stashing the cash and racking up the trashy ads to line his pockets before the **** hits the fan)…
    These latest smug pics leave me with a slightly bitter taste in my mouth. To those who argue that he is being abandoned by insincere fans just remember – some people don’t care if you’re gay or straight, they just wish you had a little BACKBONE!”

  82. adelaide

    True: BACKBONE!
    Explain the extensive LIES…, Wentworth!

    You’re gay, big deal!

    But don’t lie: didn’t you parents teach you that?

  83. marjorie

    is this site still alive??

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