Wentworth Miller talks about Season 3 of Prison Break

How long has it been since we heard him talk for THIS LONG?!! Enjoy!

Thanks mink!


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13 responses to “Wentworth Miller talks about Season 3 of Prison Break

  1. Oh yes, I saw this clip this morning when Susan posted the link here, and it was Heaven! I liked the bit about him explaining that Sona is based on a real Brazilian prison. I love when he enlightens us on things…teach us, Went, teach us more!

  2. I swear even if he should talk utter rubbish, it will still sound as th most intelligent thing in my ears.

  3. LAgurl

    It’s music to my ears 🙂

  4. shortstuff

    god that voice…. *cums*

  5. Bel

    He said “shenannigans” (or however you spell that). I love how he has that little sh-sound on every sibilant… He makes “just” sound like the sexiest word ever!
    Could he say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? ‘Cause I would cum screaming if he did.

  6. genpop40

    OMG! *thud*

  7. When that man talks… I die a little every time and yet, strangely enough, feel so incredibly alive!

  8. I love it when he makes literary references… The Lord of the Flies will never be the same to me again…

    *geeking out with a stupid grin*

  9. notthedoctor

    My brain short-circuited when he said “… Michael and Mahone getting on…”
    MI MA!!!!

  10. Dani

    God that smooth, creamy voice is like cunnulingus to my ears… !

    (don’t know what it is? – oral sex)

  11. SavMed

    OMG Kris! When I heard him say Lord of the Flies, I blushed in shame thinking: “I didn’t read thet book. Now I have to. ” WEMIII – educating the masses.

  12. Singer AB

    Wentworth is a pretty boy and I like him a lot (Too bad he’s into dicks!) but I’m a bit sick of Prison Break!
    I don’t think I’ll be watching PB3, the show is silly and you can’t believe in it…

    People will watch the first episodes (titillated by the gayness thing and imagining Went/ Luke man-on-man action), but soon the ratings will go down…

    Wanna bet?

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