Why is Wentworth Miller so hot?

ALL. THE. FUCKING. TIME. WHY? If we could solve this mystery, we could heal the world. Heal the world, make it a better place…*swaying*



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49 responses to “Why is Wentworth Miller so hot?

  1. SARA

    OMG I’m speechless

  2. HereKitty

    Michaelangelo would have serious wood if he was alive today and Went was modeling for him. Angels made that face. There’s not other explanation! It’s pure perfection.

  3. LAgurl

    OK, like I mentioned before, I am a flight attendant and if he was on my flight I would throw him in the lav and rape him. Mile High Club, baby.
    Too bad I don’t fly for AA, it’s only because he flies to DFW, and they are huge down there….. If they are shooting in Chicago he would be flying my airline! Damn!!
    Oh to answer your question, no, there’s no answer – he’s the Eighth World Wonder.
    Look at those eyes….. *sigh*

  4. Darci

    Oh the eyes, the look, the silly bucket hat, the crumpled shirt and the beautiful hands…

  5. cocot13

    Oh my God the picture of him holding his shoe at JJ has officially turned me into a foot whore, I mean the size of that shoe could rival Shaq’s

  6. Seza

    OMG I can’t keep up there are just too many articles to read through…..holly shit and thank you god for this gorgouse hunka of burning love.

    W4W i see in the previous article your famous….. soo cool!

    hmmmmm those lips are perfect i could melt ice cubes of them…..among other things.

  7. Dani

    Cos he’s ALIVE, that’s why the man is hot.

    A steaming pile of…



  8. shortstuff

    wfw, that is the answer i have been asking myself since the beginning of time. and i fear that we will never know the true answer.. *sigh*

  9. shortstuff

    i mean question, lol.

  10. Katjus

    I wish someone would be able to answer this age old question for us. Would save me many a sleepless nights…
    But The Perfect One only seems to get more perfect… Hmmm, is that what they call a paradox?

    Wentworth Miller = A Paradox

    *sigh* Paradoz or not; SWOOOOOOOOOON!

  11. Katjus

    Look what he does to me: paradoX!
    Cheers u sexy monkey for making me all wobbly inside! πŸ˜‰

  12. Giulia

    WOW!! As someone said before:
    God looks just like Wentworth Miller.
    so he came back to Dallas on 28/8.. so a little vacation!

  13. SavMed

    And god knows he’s trying to cover up all that hotness with his terrible choice of wardrobe. Went, you are failing miserably. It cannot be hidden. You ooze it. Whereas I ooze something else, but I digress.

  14. Erika

    Ever wondered why we have global warming, mmh? Well now you know…it’s all Wentworths’ fault. My theory is, in order to save the world, Went needs to be send back to whatever heaven he came from and take me with. Problem solved.

  15. Bel

    How on earth can the man looking so effin hot in the GQ magazine look so adorkable in his regular outfit? I’m telling you, anyone dating this guy would be up for some very, ahum, nice surprises in the bedroom.

    He is so very very beautiful… I contest that he was made by angels. If you ask me, the devil is laughing so hard now that he’s lured all those innocent souls into his trap… We’re not exactly acting all purity here, are we?

  16. Another candid pic?!?

    Ahhhh … Went drought is over!


  17. Susan

    Interview Wentworth Miller. Enjoy

  18. shelley

    This man reduces me (btw, married w/2 children) to a pubescent 12 year old. How is this possible? My husband doesn’t know it, but Went visits us in the bedroom frequently!!

  19. OONA

    Well I hope somebody convinces him to become a sperm donor for infertile couples.
    Otherwise those fantastic genes, that perfect mixture of races will be lost for ever…..

    I can’t bear the thought…*sigh*

  20. AJ

    God, I’m such a whore for this man.
    He really can do no wrong…I mean, a bucket hat, always, with various shades of khaki and blue? Most men would look fucking retarded in that get-up. But nooooo, not Wentworth. He makes panties drop and cherries pop…

    *shaking fist in the air* Damn you, Pretty!

  21. ChatJemena

    I luv you, guys! You and Wentworth really make my day…Thanks a lot!

  22. gwen6

    AJ, am with you on this.. *sigh* am suppose to be working, can get no work done..

    Can’t.. look…away.. Must.. look dammit!

  23. Jen

    Shelley I am with you!! Married 3 children, and I run to my computer every day like it is Wentmas. I can’t wait to see that perfect face. He makes my day and visits my bedroom too, secretly of course!

  24. Shorty

    It’s like Wentapalooza, new pics every day! I love it!


    O.K., he’s cute….
    But not as much as Jason Lewis!
    And Jason is straight….


    O.K., he’s cute….
    But not as much as Jason Lewis!
    And Jason is straight….

  27. Shelley & Jen – welcome, hot mamas and LMAO at your secret Went liaisons! πŸ™‚ Papa Bear doesn’t mind Went “in” our lair in fact we tried role playing the MiSa thing once, but found that game to be a little lackluster between the sheets, if you know what I mean with art imitating life. Doh!

    What does work for us, however, is when Papa sports the menagerie of “Went masks” during our wild animal tussles. We have “Hark, who goes there?” Went, “Soulful crying” Went, and of course, “Blue muthafucking steel” Went. Now that we have these new German GQ shots, good times are here again! πŸ˜‰

  28. evelyn

    *is in the first stage of dehydration*

    Stop the fucking presses, cause I will be cumming baby powder in a while!!!!!


  29. Evelyn said:

    “*is in the first stage of dehydration*

    Stop the fucking presses, cause I will be cumming baby powder in a while!!!!!”


    My lap top is now drenched in this morning’s java.

  30. evelyn

    Holly shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My p***y just “spat” a bit of chalk!!!!!


    *runs for water*

  31. Oh, I wish I knew…
    *answering to the question in the title, not being randomly crazy*

  32. Jen

    Mama Bear – I wish my husband was a secure as yours– good times could be had. He likes PB but when I make OMG noises when I see Went he leaves the room. His loss! I spend nap time here at WFW, thank god they (I have multiples) take 2 naps. More Went for me!

  33. Jen, Papa’s philosophy on my Went lust is “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” πŸ˜‰ Try that one on your hubby!

  34. Bel

    JEN, you should try the laminated list thing. Works like a charm!

    …But you have to be prepared for your husband’s list too, lol. My husband’s says Scarlett Johansson and Nicole Kidmann to name two. Now how is THAT for competition, huh?

  35. genpop40

    Jeeeeesuuuuus!!! Look at his eyes! He’s so perfect my heart hurts.

  36. genpop40

    My husband wants to know when I’m going to create a site for him called Wet for Corey..lol.

  37. Ah yes, Bel, the laminated list. It works great in the shower too for those quickies. πŸ˜‰ Papa Bear loves Jessica Biel, Alba, and probably Simpson, so our list is a two-sided one. Fair is fair, after all. πŸ˜‰

  38. shelley

    Thanks Mama Bear, Jen and others, I feel like I’m part of a support group. Jen, I too visit during my children’s nap time, as well as first thing in the am, and a few times over the course of the pm. Even with my frequent trips, it’s been hard to keep up here lately! But hell, I don’t care WFW, just keep it coming!!

  39. genpop40

    Kelleymary, Jason Lewis might, in fact, be cute, but I haven’t a freaking clue who he is.

  40. MeeMee

    His stare is killing me!

  41. niknak

    If I still had my virginity, I would’ve lost it at the site of this photo!

  42. LAgurl

    OK you all are gonna kill me but….

    1) I think his bucket hat is SOOOOOO cute πŸ™‚ I LOVE it!! It shows off his eyes even more, peeking from under the hat! *sigh*

    2) Before Wenty *dominated* my life in so many ways I was crazy about ARod, third baseman for NY Yankees. I still love him (not as much as Wenty) but if ANYONE comes close to looking like Wenty, it’s ARod. He has the same caramel skin, blue/grey/green eye thing going, and he is a beauty πŸ™‚ Also, Armani loves ARod too, and wanted to use him as a model at one point, and he gets free clothes at any Armani store in the world.
    Just thought I’d share.

  43. Anon

    KELLEYMARY thumbs down to you. If you’re not here to worship him – you don’t belong here.


    Very courageous Anon
    August 31st, 2007 at 12:34 am :
    Are you in charge of the police here? If so, anonymity is a sign of cowardice…
    Until further notice this is WFW’s blog and she’s the only one to tell me to piss off…
    I’m in turmoil, if you really want to know, my faith in Went is shaken but not dead.
    I came to this site to share my worries with people who must feel the same inside (in spite of their bravado “I love him the same, gay or not”).
    I don’t know what to think, I’m asking questions. I don’t expect real answers, just a kind of sisterhood…
    I love MINK, her Wentlust never clouds her lucidity…

  45. Anonymous

    August 30th, 2007 at 8:52 pm
    Kelleymary, Jason Lewis might, in fact, be cute, but I haven’t a freaking clue who he is.”

    Google him.
    He was in some episodes of “Sex and the City’ and in “Brothers and Sisters”..
    He’s a former model,36, blond and very yummy! (The truth is I’m trying HARD to be unfaithful to Went!)


    Oops,Genpop40, I just forgot my name in my answer to you!

  47. whatiswrongwithuppl

    August 30th, 2007 at 6:18 am
    This man reduces me (btw, married w/2 children) to a pubescent 12 year old. How is this possible? My husband doesn’t know it, but Went visits us in the bedroom frequently!!”

    This comment made me lol hard:)

  48. lucy

    he’s actually perfect, he’s the definition of perfect omg and in prison break its so fucking hot when he breaks out and he’s just gorgeous omg

  49. i cant believe that someone this hot exists on this earth, too bad he’s gay because now that 1% chance of marrying him has become 0.
    He’s a complete package! i mean he’s smart, intelligent,well educated,hot,good looking,kind,down to earth and loves his fans,promotes equality and omg hes everything good!
    I’m gonna build a wentworth prototype for myself like howard in big bang theory did for himself.

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