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Straight from the Pretty’s mouth…

Wentworth Miller, in Dallas shooting the third season of his Fox “Prison Break” series, reports that changes are being made in the storyline as the days progress. When we last saw his Michael Scofield character and three cohorts, they were in a Panamanian prison after having being on the run for months.

Wentworth Miller Says ‘Prison Break’ Changing As They Shoot

Plans called for the group to stage an escape in episode five this season. But episode five is now shooting, and there’s no evidence, reveals Wentworth, as to when — or if — they’ll leave that scene behind. The erudite Princeton graduate notes of the situation, “It’s becoming more complicated by the minute.

We’re in an environment with incredibly frightening new characters, new kingpins, new threats and obstacles, and it would be foolish to leave that scenario too quickly.”

He says of the footage shot in preparation for the show’s Sept. 17 seasonal debut, “It looks like a feature film. It is exciting.” Whether he’s in jail or out, Dr. Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) will somehow remain part of Scofield’s life, reveals his alter ego.

“It will be a pivotal year for her,” says Miller. “However, the audience is going to discover early on that nothing will ever be the same for the two characters. How so? That’s the question.”

The question also is how much longer the talented actor will be content starring in the hit series. He leaves no doubt that he sees a big-screen career in his future, but he notes of “Prison Break,” “As long as the writers continue to come up with incredible plot twists, I’ll be happy to let them explore Michael’s layers.”


UPDATE: Went talks to TV Guide

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18 responses to “Prison Break News

  1. Anonymous

    how about you let me explore under those layers-of clothing!!!

  2. Plot twists – schmot twists. WE WANT SKIN!

  3. anon 1:30, in my dreams, I envision Went saying, “Peel me like an onion, baby, down to my hard, bulbous core.”

    OK, I need a moment.

    I’m with you,Krissie, who needs plot twists when we have sweaty Went in a dirty prison?

  4. LAgurl

    MB – LOL!!!! I can’t stop laughing!! I love Wenty 🙂

  5. evelyn

    I’m with you too, Kris!!
    We want the tats!!! We want the tats!!! We want the tats!!!
    (combined with some MiSa sex, it would be heaven…! Sweaty Michael while having sex…….)


  6. dfw chick

    i’m not too sure how i feel about having a “write as we go” season. the other 2 seasons worked so well because an entire season would be written before the shooting of episode 1. but i’ll go along for the ride anyway. i just pray they don’t jump the shark if they run out of ideas.

  7. Krystin

    Go Wentttttttttttt! AH! He’s so freaking hooot yo! And I can say that Prison Break is one the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life! 😀 Keep up the good work, producers of PB! & not forgetting Wentworth! HAHAHAHA.

  8. AJ

    So apparently, I was wrong about Season 2. It appears as though, upon second viewing, the show was quite good. Maybe I should watch it again, since the DVD set has been given a grade of A-. *shrug*


  9. MrsMiller

    I’m okay with the layers ….just so long as they come off …s……l……o……w………l……..y (sighs- dreamy look on face!!)

  10. HOW can he talk about “exploring” his “layers” so casually? Like there is no possible sexual innuendo that may be implied? Does he KNOW what he puts us through with such mindless hints?



  11. WFW

    A little Amaury is never a bad thing period, but your link doesn’t work.

  12. genpop40

    Oh, sorry. I’ll have to go fix that…in the mean time, read this. I’m so excited for season 3.

    Hope this one works!

  13. kassie

    Dr. Sara will somehow remain part of Scofield’s life, but nothing will ever be the same for the two characters? Does that mean she hooks up with Linc??? Or Sucre???? Or possibly LJ???? Come on MS, stop with the teasing and just get it on with Sara already!! You’re killing me here….

  14. ilurvemv

    Hey WFW, here’s a link of Went talking to TV Guide about the possibility of more seasons for Prison Break:

    5 seasons, really? I could’ve sworn that even if Fox wanted to keep the show going, that he wouldn’t want to past this season…

  15. WFW

    Thanks! Looks like this won’t be the last season after all. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, only time will tell.

  16. Dani

    *creams* oh, I’d like to get into your layers.. Oh God, help me.. I do.

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