Bean Pole just…won’t…die…

I know that’s what you’re thinking but this one right here:

makes me wonder what he’s thinking about doing with that…well whatever the hell that thing is in his hand. Mmmmmm

More pics here! Thanks to baaca!


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18 responses to “Bean Pole just…won’t…die…

  1. miller_thriller

    the pregnant one is still my favourite! (4th one down)

    Bean Pole are totally milking this cash cow!


  2. Ooh, that’s a riding whip and Mama like. 😉

    Actually, my favorite one is the shot with him in the blue sweater…I’d SO tag that Tigertone!

  3. B

    Oh mercy mercy me! that stare, looks like he means buisness…*sighs*

  4. Jedi72

    @ MB, I believe the proper term is ‘riding crop’, that’s what Went is holding (sorry, had an aunt who trained horses – i know some of their lingo). Does he plan on doing any riding soon, wink wink!

  5. Thanks for cluing me in, Jedi, cuz I’m clueless when it comes to horses. 🙂 I would love to see Went riding me, er I mean a steed, bare back and in the buff.

  6. Jedi

    @ MB, anytime! Would love to see Went galloping along in the buff myself!

  7. LAgurl

    MT – the pregnant one!!! LOL!!!!
    I don’t care if he’s wearing crap all over him – he is sooooo lovely 🙂

  8. Fashion Police

    OOh! I gotta say something about the shirt peaking out of the bottom of the sweater….what the F*** is that about??. Went I know it’s not your fault baby, it’s those Ba*T**ds at BeanPoo….woops! ….Bean Pole

  9. LMAO MT! Preggers! Ha!….Went really worked his ass off those 2 days in Korea! I love Preppie Went…the 2nd pic is my fav…..but really it doesn’t matter. He is 100% delicious all the time….even in those long, baggy, ugly shorts…those legs…….YUM! 😛

  10. Twyla

    The blue sweater one is my favorite, too! I put it as my computer wallpaper last night. It just makes me think of “back to school”!

    And, oh my, in that riding crop one, he is totally eye-fucking me in that one! Mmmmmmmm

  11. niknak

    I’m confused as to how they managed to make a relatively thin man look like he is Violet Beaureguard from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory… after she at the blueberry gum.

  12. dedep

    His hand resting on the bookshelf in the first one is doing it for me… darn stupid outfit through.

  13. I’0m still amazed with the hotness this ugly clothes is able to produce. Wait… It’s not the clothes. It’s the power of OLP!

  14. Anty

    *thinks about hot young guys using long, sleek objects to do some hot ass-play on themselves while I’m allowed to watch*

    Did I just say that?

  15. Dani

    Freeeeeeakin’ hell… His crotch sits so nicely in those jeans !! mmmmm

    The ‘College Student’ look – aaaaahh – Im just panting like a beast ! ! !

    OMG the white shot !! Fuuuuuuuck !OMG!!! He’s looking like “ride me baby”.

    Fucking HOT!!

  16. Dani

    YOU’RE HOT !!!!!

  17. Seza

    I have a whip in my bag does that excite you or scare you???

  18. Anty


    Spanking… mmmm…

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