One week left til Ellen

Give or take a day…and guess who found an email address we can use to send letters to? That’s right; I have not given up yet and neither should you! SEND SEND SEND!

Although really, what could be better than how the show goes in my head?

LOL, Universal Crip Walk…


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33 responses to “One week left til Ellen

  1. SavMed

    My fingers are bleeding! Hope it works, keepin’ bleedin’ fingers crossed!

  2. DB

    Done! I hope it works too. I honestly do WFW, I had to get sappy cause Im not funny like you. And I begged a little. You’re amazing, by the way, thanks for the laughs you give.

  3. miller_thriller

    This is what i think of every time i think of ‘Team WFW’

  4. evelyn

    E-mail sent!!

    It was short, clear and to the point:

    ” WetForWent!!!!!!
    ON YOUR SHOW!!!!!!!

    (see Prison Break, S02E19, minute: 32’10”) “


  5. evelyn

    LMAO miller_thriller!!!!


  6. WFW

    LMAO Well if we’re going to be beaten to a bloody pulp, let’s hope we win.

  7. Jen

    We will get you there! I am guessing that MAYBE the show will tape on the 13th and air on the 17th, the night PB airs to promote the show????

  8. neri

    lmao! that anim. cracked me up!

    *runs to watch S02E19, minute: 32β€²10”*

  9. shelley

    WFW, you’re relentless! I love it! It will be a travesty if you aren’t able to go!

  10. MT – LMFAO! Nice one!

    For my part, I’ve enlisted my son’s entire kindergarten class to write to Ellen this morning. Sure, they only know how to write a few three-letter words, but it’s all good…short and sweet is definitely the best way to go at this point (atta girl, evelyn!). πŸ™‚

    Thanks to everyone for keeping hope alive! It’s not over ’til it’s over!

  11. Juma

    MT, ahahahahahaha!
    MB, nice move on the kindergarten!
    C’mon people lets all continue to write our suport letters to WFW!

  12. Mink

    MB, so were there any ‘awkward’ questions from your son’s kindergarten class as to why the site is called “Wet For Went”? πŸ˜‰

  13. Fairy

    Here’s what I wrote in my latest attempt:

    Dear Ellen,
    I am sure you must have taken notice of the extensive campaign being run to get our friend WFW on your show on September 13th, and aren’t we the most persistent bunch of people there is?
    This email is another incentive, nudge, plea TO GET HER ON YOUR SHOW AND HELP HER MEET WENTWORTH MILLER!
    And I just want to add, you will not be helping one fan meet favourite celebrity, this entire community will vicariously experience it through her!
    Let’s hear it for six degrees of WFW!

  14. Mink said:

    “MB, so were there any β€˜awkward’ questions from your son’s kindergarten class as to why the site is called β€œWet For Went”?

    Nah, because I just gave them the letters WFW (they need to practice their capital letters anyway) and his teacher is a big fan and reader. πŸ˜‰

  15. gwen6

    Email send. Am rootin’ for ya girl! We live vicariously through you…

  16. kates66

    WFW: What would you do if you actually got to be in the audience for realz?

  17. Erika

    Attempt #100 000 000.99999 to get WFW on Ellen’s show has just been emailed! Any prizes if my email is the zillionth one? πŸ™‚

    Anyway this is the song I’ve been motivating myself with. P.Diddy baby!

    “Don’t push us, cause we’re close to the, edge
    We’re tryin, not to lose our heads, a-hah hah hah ha
    Can’t nobody take my pride
    Uh-uh, uh-uh
    Can’t nobody hold me down… ohh no
    I got to keep on movin”

    Keep moving guys…send those emails.

  18. SavMed

    Dear Ellen,

    I am a foreign 22yo and there is a snowball’s chance in hell I will ever meet Wentworth Miller. However, I know a certain American girl who deserves to meet him. She dedicated her blog to Mr. Miller and entertains us on daily basis with her humor.

    She tried to see him in flesh, not just drooling over a pic at Just Jared’s, two times, but it was in vain. Third time’s the charm, right? Can you do something about it? I promise, if you place her somewhere in the audience she will NOT throw hwer ghachicas in the direction of Mr. Miller, although most of us will try to talk her into that. But she is a nice young lady and she knows better!

    Ellen, please, please let her get on your show on 13/9/2007!!!!


    a pathetic Croatian girl – (real name)

    P.S. I think some people muisunderstood what we write and say on WFW’s blog and have, therefore, come to a conclusion that the language we use is just vulgar and that that is it, that we are a pack of bitches in heat. Well, it is somewhat true. However everything written on the blog should be seen through a prism of self-irony and self-parody. Make sure you visit the blog

    Is this too much?

  19. miller_thriller

    Dear Ellen,

    This is your good friend Stinky here. Now you know i’m scheduled to tape a show next week (09/13), well i have a small request. Apart from a VIP pass for my boo Luke, a rubber ball, and some music for me to crip to, I wish to invite a person who is dear to me.

    There’s this girl who blogs about me, yes i lurk there often, but alas, i dont know her real name! She goes under the alias WFW! She is one crazy bitch, but man, she sure has dedication. That and some crazy ass friends!

    Anyhoo, I think we should let her on the show. I might require a bodyguard, but hey, i’m up for it if she is. And trust me, she will be πŸ˜‰

    Get your people to contact her Ellen babydoll,
    See ya next week

    P.S. Can you keep it hush-hush about Luke. We’re ‘just friends’ mmkay?

  20. LAgurl

    OMG – WT, you are too funny!
    Evelyn, I just watched that episode re-run, that’s cute πŸ™‚
    WFW – crossing my fingers here for you!!!

  21. Shorty

    Have you heard any news at all–some good news? Anything? I can’t stand the anticipation!

  22. WFW

    Patience grasshopper. You’ll know when I do. Still waiting…

  23. lia

    MT….where is the picture of you @ the keybord typing?……or are you the little cartoon.

    WFW……hehe ….Patience-Grasshopper!…very Zen.

  24. OMG I have missed so much! I was away for a few days and work has been crazy busy! I will make up for it now!
    Great work MT! πŸ™‚
    WFW…we’re going to get you there!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  25. niknak

    OK, so here is the letter I have concocted today in order to help WFW meet our man:

    Subject: Save the Children!

    Hello Ellen and Friends,

    By now your mailboxes have probably reached capacity with emails from all over the world in support of one major cause. It has nothing to do with the state of the environment or the 2008 Presidential campaign. It is WAY more pertinent than any of those things. It is the quest to get the blog mistress at in the audience on the day you tape your show with Wentworth Miller.

    While her appearance won’t cure cancer or plug the hole in the ozone, it will bring warmth and sunshine into the hearts of many Wentworth fans who have become fans of her as well. Her wit, candor, and humor have brought a bright spot to many a cloudy day. She has helped us make it through Went droughts (better known as hiatus), and given us a place to go to meet others who are just as fanatic (this word choice is because “crazed and obsessed” are negative in connotation and she is nothing if not a positive influence).

    She has travelled hither and yon (hither being farther than yon) to meet him, and he didn’t show up. While everyone who travelled the same distance was disappointed, we were more so because of our sadness for her. So, maybe, just maybe, you can help us all get meet him through allowing her to do so. She is our conduit, and we will happily sacrifice our own slim chances to encounter him in order to make hers a reality.

    Help Ellen! You know you want to (if not only to get us to stop sending you email :-)), and because the kindergarten class that is writing to you can only practice their Ws and Fs for so long… Do it for the children!

    Thank you,


  26. dedep


    MT, LOL! LOL! – at the animation and your letter.

  27. notthedoctor

    sending… sending… sending…
    You know I’ve never sent that many emails/comments/suggestions in my live. I always thought nothing could excits me as much as “sending” ROCKS at people. I guess I was wrong!
    It’s all for you WFW dear!

    LMFAO @ m_t
    MB you gave me an idea with you kindergarden propaganda. Nice move!



  28. niknak, LMAO! We need to set your brilliant letter to “We Are the World.” πŸ™‚

    Seriously people, do you know how much you all rock?! I hope Went realizes how lucky he is to have fans with such drive.

    I have to confess that while yesterday, I was zen, today I’m typing with my nose because I refuse to uncross my fingers, toes, arms, and legs. Hell, I’m even braiding my hair! Please make it happen, Ellen so that my son and his class can stop working on the mural-sized Wentworth Miller collage and get back to their kindergarten lessons!

  29. Erika

    Now Mama B, you know WFW will always have our support and we’re also doin’ it for the love of Went. The things I’ll do for THAT man might just get me damned to hell! πŸ˜› Yeah I am that obsessed with him.

  30. Honeychildpleaze

    WfW… in my mind you have some funky fresh dance moves in your repertoire. I decided to include this talent in my email to Ellen. Check this out:

    Dear Ellen,

    How are you doing? I’m campaigning on behalf of a webmistress known as WetforWent. I heard Wentworth Miller will be visiting your show on September 13, 2007, and am asking begging you to please invite WetforWent to your show to meet Mr. Miller.

    She’s articulate, witty and crazy in love with Wentworth Miller…I know, the latter is obvious due to her name. This woman has made a couple of audacious attempts to meet Mr. Miller without success. She represents a large portion of Wentworth Miller’s fanbase, and we would love to see her finally meet him. Through her, we’ll be able to feel part of the “LBC” (lucky bitches club of people who’ve met him). Once you visit her blog at, you’ll see why so many people from around the world love and support her.

    Another thing about WfW is that she loves to dance. If you’re looking for some new dance moves, she’s the person you want to meet to discover some new steps. She’s got moves that’ll make Mary Murphy (the judge from so you think you dance) scream so loud that Wentworth Miller’s clothes will fall off his body…. I know only in my dreams and WetforWent’s dreams too.

    Anyway, will you please invite WetforWent to your show so that she could meet Mr. Wentworth Miller?


    (Real name here)

    How you like me now? lol

  31. notthedoctor

    am I the only that gets a Failor message when i send emails???

  32. I got that one today too, Doc. There’s nothing worse than an automated error message sent to break our spirits.

    *holding steadfast*

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