My friends, I think the dream is dead

We tried really hard to get to Ellen and we did all we could. Right now, there are still no tickets and even if some were to become available at the last minute, the flight to L.A. would probably cost me several organs. You did well everyone and I really appreciate it. Remember, only YOU can prevent forest fires. Thank you and goodnight.


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52 responses to “My friends, I think the dream is dead

  1. miller_thriller

    its like the end of an era. i feel like a part of me has died.

    *getting out cell phone and swaying*

    Can i have 5 minutes to myself please.

  2. WFW

    Speaking of phones, no one ever called nor acknowledged all those letters you guys wrote and that hurts me most of all…I’ll be in my trailer.

  3. Shorty

    Awww don’t give up hope!! You never know, just maybe you’ll get that phone call!

  4. miller_thriller

    Argggh i need to vent. Ellen has disappointed me so much! I know i’m young and naive but that girl could have pulled some strings and got WFW on that show. I dont care what anyone says. If not, she could have at least replied! I mean should we have all put RSVP on our letters indicating we wanted a response!?!?!

    And his people are no better! I mean WFW has contacted everybody, heck dirty ducky even caught wind! His people could have considered it and contacted WFW, heck Went himself should grow a pair and start doing some fricking meet and greets!

    Now i know Went is not a people person, but MY GOD i dont see why this cannot happen! Its good publicity for him, everyone knows he’s a hermit! People are gonna start thinking these rumours about him being a diva are true if he doesnt sort his shit out!

    It would have been common courtesy for one of them to at least reply, but no, NADA!! And that makes me want to scream! I think some of these people forget that they are where they are because of their fans.

    Ok. Rant over. I am done.

    Yes i still love you Went. But this was very bad behaviour. Go and sit on the naughty step.

  5. MrsMiller

    I will be writing to the Pretty to inform him how he has been cheated out of meeting his No1 fan. This situation is dispicable- as you say WFW, even an acknowledgement would have been polite

  6. Word, WFW! Yeah, I hope that professional courtesy has not gone the way of the Dodo. If you can’t be on the show or even in the audience, I hope that Ellen AT LEAST mentions the power of your blog and the readers behind it to Went ON AIR.

  7. MrsMiller

    I think Ellen and Co should be on the naughty step, not so much Went…..and could you imagine what we would all be like if the package got any bigger?

  8. Angry Doc

    WELL FUCK!!!

  9. Myra

    hey.. arnt they taping the shows in new york anymore?? i thought this whole season would be in new york???

  10. WFW

    Only the first few shows were taped in NY. By the time Went comes on next week, they’ll be back in CA.

  11. HereKitty

    So so so disappointing. I would get on my soapbox and rant but I’m too tired from writing all those letters and emails. Here’s hoping MB is right and you’ll get some type of acknowlegment. She owes you that godammit!!

  12. ilurvemv on PMS

    I just…*sigh*

    I’ve risked my computer getting crashed several times this week to contact them.

    WFW, call me a moronic optimistic nincompoop but is there any possibility that the ignoring is on purpose and Ellen’s planning to surprise you? Maybe she isn’t going to bring you to the show, but she’ll call you while on the air and you’ll get to talk to Went? She sometimes makes fan calls live on the show. Did you include your phone number in your letters?

    I’ve tried to find a phone number on Ellen’s site to see if we could actually call in suggestions but nothing. I even checked E-Bay for some black market tickets, still nothing. I don’t know what else to try.

  13. I’m thinking positive people. If they are going to have you on the show wouldn’t they be paying for the flight? They could still rally at the last minute couldn’t they? I choose to keep hope alive! ELLEN – HURRY!!!!!

  14. niknak

    If Ellen can’t help us, maybe Oprah will. I say we move our campaign to Chicago!

  15. AJ

    I would type up a long-winded rant, right about now, but I’m tired and my fingers hurt from all the e-mailing. 😦 But it was a valiant effort, my friends! Way to support the cause. Even though our pleas have seemingly gone unanswered, we did good.

    Who knows…maybe Ellen will call WFW while on-air with Wentworth. Only time will tell. Keep hope alive, people! *fist in the air*

  16. Erika

    This REALLY SUCKS!! I thought about sending hate mail to Ellen’s people but I know better then to do something that stupid b/c somehow I still believe our efforts will be acknowledged. I refuse to get over it and accept reality. Remember that documentary film ‘My date with Drew’? WFW it may not have happened now but it will soon. I’m the kind of person who always try and find the positive in every situation and in this one I think there are quite a few. First off you literally have the love and support of the world. Secondly, Wentworth has the best fans ever! And how much fun was this campaign? Dudette, I can go on and on about all the good that came out of this but my fingers need a break from all the typing I had to do lately. Erika signing off!

  17. Geisha

    That’s West Indian for “What the fucking hell.”

    It was fun though 🙂
    I think I posted twice and posted other peoples’ letters a hundred times. I’ll do it all again dammit!!!
    *waves angry fist in the air*

  18. Jen

    You can’t give up yet!! Don’t lose hope until the 13th. The dream can still happen. I am staying postive and we WILL see you on that show….DAMN IT! I think you should schedule and mani/pedi and get your fro quaffed and be ready to meet OLP, just in case.

  19. Dani

    What the fuck??? Why couldn’t Ellen just email you – send you a quick message – that she acknowledges and appreciates the tons of endless requests from the whole world about having you on the show??

    She knew where to find you. Maan – that sucks and it aint cool..

    Pisses me off.

  20. Dani

    Guys – please don’t send hate messages to Ellen – it will damage WFW’s name and just let this be a graceful rejection. We’re better than that.. It’s cool and not over.. WFW and we all will push on and never give up trying to meet Wentworth.. There will be a heap of opportunities for our Lady to track him down.. and when she does.. POP the champagne.

    But lets just (ok- angrily) take it in our stride and not put WFW among negative reactions and messages towards Ellen or anyone else. Let’s keep it light-hearted.

    Love you girlfriend.

  21. Crissy

    Where are all the people from LA if WFW can’t make it send a native to scout ……at this point anything will work.

  22. WFW

    Who sent hate messages to Ellen? I think everyone knows better than that. Ellen probably never even SAW the messages. If she had time to man her website, she wouldn’t have time to do a show. It was fun to try and while I know it isn’t the 13th yet, I’m just preparing you guys for defeat. I don’t think it’s going to happen. 😦

  23. jailbird

    I’ved always loved how you just bounce back from everything……you share your fantasy with us and it’s more real & entertaining than PB or Ellen.
    Chin-up WFW…*group hug*

  24. *sigh* Oh well…I guess I will have to go to B-more to see you and cheer you up…I’ll start saving my little unemployment pennies… lol.


  25. shortstuff

    wfw, if there were tickets left, we would start a fund to get u on the first flight overe there! we are here for you! i am choosing to be optimistic.. ellen WILL surprise you! wear your WFW tank top on thursday just in case 😉

  26. WFW: Pity. You would have rocked Ellen’s show. But then, maybe a miracle will happen before September 13.

    As for blaming The Pretty: Come on, guys! He doesn’t even have a PA. What time will he have for doing his work if he’s going to keep a constant eye on the websites his fans built?

  27. WFW

    Did someone blame Went? LOL, I have got to stop reading comments when I’m drunk….

  28. Well, love, I have at least one kidney I don’t really need…

  29. Juma

    Well, until the 13th I’ll keep some hope hanging on!
    Even if it doesn’t happen, we’ve tried and it was good to see the all the love and effort around here.
    I think that at least they could acknowledge the tons of letters they received and mention WFW in the show.

  30. cat'smeow

    I hate to say it, but I don’t see Went on the schedule for the Ellen Show. They listed that dude from “How I met your Mother” for Sept. 13th. Sorry.

  31. WFW

    Talk shows are not aired the same day they are recorded. Went’s show is being taped on 9/13 but it airs on 9/17.

  32. shelley

    Oh WFW, this was not the news I expected to see! I really, really thought that we could make it happen! So much for blind optimism! The bright is that sooo many people rallied for you in trying to make this dream a reality. Congratulations on that!:)

  33. SavMed

    I can’t think of anything else but: fuck it all to hell. Sorry, Croatian vulgarity is taking over me.

    am so sad

  34. evelyn

    I still have a good feeling about this!
    Ellen won’t disappoint us, I just know it! Even if her people suck, she must have a saying on this one!!!

    Keep the faith people, cause HOPE DIES LAST!!!
    If we act like losers, we will lose!! We will win this thing and WFW will be on that show no matter what!!
    We have 6 more days!! Keep writing letters, e-mails and suggestions…
    And I’ll keep making manips!! LOL!

    FAITH WFW!!! HAVE FAITH!!!!!!!!

  35. niknak – I’m with you on the Oprah thing! 🙂 Let’s start planning…

    Krissie – I too have an extra kidney to put towards WFW’s airfare. I’d give up my heart, but alas, it’s broken from not hearing anything back from Ellen’s people.

    *violins playing in the distance*

    EVERYONE – your continued optimism amazes me! While I won’t abandon my pesky habit of pragmatism, I will re-direct my efforts to campaign to have Ellen AT LEAST mention the EXISTENCE of this blog on-air. I mean, think about it… is the ONLY blog dedicated entirely to Wentworth Miller. He has a slew of fan sites, forums, and boards, but this blog is the ONLY blog. If Ellen mentions the existence of a Went blog on her show, we’ll know it’s WFW’s!

    *running off to re-write letters*

  36. genpop40

    Well, this sucks out LOUD! But, on a happy note, I am proud as hell of this blog. Everyone from all over this giant blue marble…banding together in sisterhood (and a bit of brotherhood) for a common cause. It was amazing! Kris even offered her kidney!!!! That’s love. Just because we didn’t get her on Ellen this time, doesn’t mean we won’t get her to Went somehow. We need a plan B. How can we get her in there as an extra?

  37. Bel


    *sound of heart breaking*

  38. WFW

    It’s a tragedy for me
    To see the dream is over
    And I never will forget…*humming and waving my lighter from side to side*

  39. The letter I submitted to Ellen’s blog today:

    Dear Ellen –

    By now you’ve been deluged with letters of world-wide support for our favorite celebrity blog mistress, WFW.

    At this late date, I realize and accept that you have no audience tickets left for the taping of the segment with Wentworth Miller on 9/13. Given this fact, won’t you consider my humble request to mention the existence of the blog,, on-air when you interview Mr. Miller?

    While I realize that the name of the blog itself may not be censor-friendly, if you could just mention that there is a blog dedicated to Mr. Miller, we’ll know what you mean since is the ONLY personal blog dedicated to Wentworth Miller to date.

    Perhaps you could even have one of your interns print out the hundreds of letters submitted to your blog and/or site on WFW’s behalf and present them in a mailbag to Mr. Miller as you query him about the international appeal of “Prison Break.” I’m sure that your writers can spin it in a humorous way.

    While I’m sad to accept that WFW won’t be attending this taping, I will be even more disappointed if the letters of her readers and Mr. Miller’s fans (who happen to be YOUR fans too) do not get some sort of brief recognition for their amazing efforts. This is not just a story of one woman wishing to meet her favorite actor. It’s an EPIC story of an entire blog community getting behind a cause that it believes will happen one day. Recognition will not cost you a dime and barely a breath of your time. Please consider this reasonable request.

    Mama Bear

  40. SavMed

    No, it ain’t over.We’re gonna make it! So much was done, now all we have to do is believe.

  41. And this is the error message I received after I submitted the letter on-line:

    Too many comments have been submitted by you in a short time. Please try again in a short while.


  42. miller_thriller

    MB that letter was sooooo cute. Go team!

    Way to represent Mama!

  43. I also e-mailed it to and it went through.

    Subject line: Where is the love?


  44. miller_thriller

    ahahahahahaha, where is the love. GENIUS!

    lol not giving up huh??

  45. Erika

    I’m not giving up either. It aint over until the fat lady sings… and damnit I haven’t even warmed up my voice yet! 🙂 So what if Ellen’s team have done nothing (or so we think) about gettin WFW on the show to meet Went. Does that mean we have to stop trying? HELL NO! With my renewed enthusiasm I’ve decided to have a go at E entertainment. They had a couple of interviews with Went, so I figured they have the resources to get hold of him. My pledge to you, WFW and to all of ya’ll, is that with every comment I post on this blog, I’ll send my suggestions to eonline. I’ll beg, get soppy, be the victim, plead…I’ll throw them with every card I have to get you to meet Went! For those who want to do the same, you can visit

  46. Fairy

    Maybe she’s preparing a surprise for you? Like flying you in and whatnot?

    *crosses fingers really hard*

  47. SavMed

    OMG Fairy is right! She might pull an Oprah on you!!!

  48. dedep

    Hoping against hope the Ellen at least calls you on air.

    If you find out that Went is scheduled to do interviews with anyone else, we will happily do this all over again…. it was a blast.

    Damn it! Damn it! Sorry…just needed to get it out. Really thought this was going to work.

  49. Rosi

    I will not give up the fight,people.Who’s the next target?We gonna do this over again if you ask us wfw.I did it with pleassure and i think the rest of us too :)I am sure it wasnt Ellen’s desition..and i know that she will say something about you,the site and all of the letters we sent.The dream is not dead..its just delayed.As long as your wish to see Went is alive,as long as the site is still so great as it is now and as long as we love you wfw the dream is alive.You are my hero!

  50. AJ

    “Who’s the next target?”

    Excellent question, Ro! And I think we all know the answer…
    As WFW already stated, she sent a tape to Oprah as well. Anyone who watches Oprah fairly regularly knows that she does one or two shows a season dedicated to fulfilling people’s “wildest dreams.” The Oprah dream bus tours the country, and she just makes shit happen. Why? Cuz she’s Oprah…
    Now, I don’t see Wentworth actually going on the Oprah show for an interview, cuz she asks too many direct questions, and she has a tendency to make grown men cry. But I think, we may be able to rally for a set visit for WFW to meet the whole cast of PB. In comparison to other wishes Oprah has granted in the past, this one sounds fairly doable.

    So, without further ado, if WFW gives the go ahead, here’s the link:

    Get to writing, people… If anyone can make it happen, Oprah can! Wooooot!

  51. Honeychildpleaze

    Hello everyone….

    “Keep Hope Alive”…..

    AJ, I think that’s a great idea. But I believe we should be more specific. She’s already met the cast. Our dream is to have WfW meet the man himself, Wentworth Miller. How about requesting her to spend some alone time with him, like a dinner date? Something Oprah always says is “Dare to Dream, Big.”… she types, with a wicked smile.

    If you remember, there were a few people whose dreams she made come true that wish they’d ask for a little something extra, and she would respond with “Dream a bigger dream, next time.” I think we should put out there our collective Biggest and Baddest(in a good way) Dream.

    AJ, count me in…

    I’m down for this new cause.

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