MiSa is dead

Who will Michael not fuck now?



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64 responses to “MiSa is dead

  1. miller_thriller

    In the end, i guess she just wasnt man enough…

  2. Wha…wha…so this means there will be no MiLiSa?
    Dammit all to Hell!

  3. MT, I bow to your commenting genius! LMFAO!

  4. SavMed

    Answer to your question: Me. But we all knew that. Hmmm, maybe won’t be a gurly gurl, perhaps a boy? *keeps fingers crossed and looks up at the sky above*

  5. Juma

    Good! Now maybe Michael will find someone to have hot sex scenes and we get to see some action!

    *runing away after coment*
    I think someone is gonna smack me!

  6. miller_thriller

    haha, maybe Went has put his foot down, and told them he wants a male love interest this season.

    Then again, this is Went we’re talking about.

    Seriously though, if he wants to come out with a bang…

  7. I have nothing against homosexuality, but if S3 turns out to be MiBe (Michael & Bellick), I will puke, gauge out my eyes, and turn my T.V. off forever…in that exact order.

  8. miller_thriller

    MamaBear, you know you want Bellick to take those y-fronts off!

    Who put that MiBe desire in your head MB? You are one sick sick mama!!

  9. That damn 17 min. preview is what put it in my head, but since many readers may not want to read any spoiler info for S3, I’ll just say this is what made me shudder:

    Images of…

    Bellick sweating
    Dirty skivvies
    Begging profusely

    Hey, MT, I think that’s another poetry challenge for you! πŸ˜‰

  10. Juma

    Mama Bear!
    yyyuuuuukkkkkk! GROSS!!! Now I’m stuck with that horrible image in my head!

  11. miller_thriller

    In season 3 we’ll see Bellick sweating,
    But is it a pounding that he’ll be getting?
    Now that Misa has hit the road,
    Will a man play with Went’s chode?

    Bellick take off that shit you’re wearing,
    Went’s so good he’ll have you swearing,
    You’ll be begging on all fours,
    Now, you’re one of Sona’s whores.

    Now if Luke MacFarlane appears in the cast,
    I’ll be turning off double quick, double fast,
    He doesnt deserve Went’s divine killer looks,
    Or to be on the receiving end of one of Went’s sucks.

    (I must point out, I am not homophobic, im macmiller-aphobic. That boy is fugly.)

  12. genpop40

    This comes from Michael Ausiello, and I have one question. Is he reliable? I’m really asking (and I’m not trying to be a smart ass), because Kristin Veitch has been known to float false stuff about PB just to throw people off…I guess that’s why she does it. Would Michael A. do that? I’m asking because we had an extra post her story and pictures. She said that Sarah was filming along with the rest of ’em. She’s already come back after maternity leave…but maybe she’s just back to tie up loose ends before leaving for good?

  13. Bel


    Now here’s a storyline that will have me watching S3 over and over and over again:

    Sucre is nursed back to full working order and decides to go find his friend. Along the way he realizes that the REAL reason he’s doing it is not friendship, but… drumrolllllll… love.
    Meanwhile, in the prison, aggressive passion builds between Michael and Alex, who, spurred on by the thrill of action, fall into each other’s arms and have hot monkey sex.
    When Sucre arrives at Sona and magically gets to Mike and the rest, aided by a Linc who got to fuck several random women after depressed drunk bar nights, he is disappointed to find Mike in a ‘relationship’. Mike immediately tunes into this disappointment though, and then it hits him… he loves Sucre too. But this bond he has with Alex, like minds and all, he just can’t let go…
    Enter angsty period of torn feelings and jealousy, until, BAM! Alex decides to grab the bull by the, ahem, horns… and makes Sucre scream for God and Mary and at least fifty saints.
    And then MiSuMa happily ever after!

    So who needs Sara? Sara Schmara.

  14. genpop40, I’m not believing the hype about the death of MiSa, but then again, PB is a show where we must suspend our disbeliefs. It’s hard to say…all I know is that I want my MiLiSa!!!

  15. Fairy

    From JustJared:
    A publicist for FOX just issued a statement exclusively to JustJared.com: β€œActually – the network and studio has not confirmed that Sarah Wayne Callies has departed the series this season. Dr. Sara Tancredi plays a significant part in the storyline this year.” So the question still remains β€” will Callies return as Dr. Tancredi?

    I guess I’ll put the celebration on hold for now.

  16. ilurvemv

    There is an update on this story at Just Jared:


    Read the last paragraph: “A publicist for FOX just issued a statement exclusively to JustJared.com: β€œActually – the network and studio has not confirmed that Sarah Wayne Callies has departed the series this season. Dr. Sara Tancredi plays a significant part in the storyline this year.”

    Kristin Veitch has admitted to spreading fake spoilers before, and even if Ausiello doesn’t do that, it could be that he’s gotten false scoop. I find it odd that no one but TV Guide is reporting this story, at least so far.

  17. genpop40

    MB, God I’m slow. It took me a few minutes to realize who the Li was in MiLiSa. I’m going to cast my vote for MiGen.

  18. neri

    they said its not confirmed yet!!!!!

    there’s an update!

    sooo exhausting and frustrating i’m just gonna ignore all the dumb conspiracies and wait for the damn show!!!

  19. Fairy

    Bel, now go and write a DETAILED fanfic, plskthxbai. πŸ˜€

  20. tanja

    I don’t care as long as Michael is still hot.

  21. Emily

    i bet it’s because her baby turned out to be his! relax, I’m just kidding. I really don’t care either as long as he fucks someone other than bellick. this is the most sexually g-rated show on television. do the writers have some deep found fear of genetalia?

  22. Liliana

    Please sign this petition!!!! Prison Break – Don’t Take Michael’s Faith


  23. *sobbing quietly in her corner* They’ve killed my love story…

  24. There’s a petition to bring MiSa back? Cute! πŸ˜€

  25. Camila

    What a shitty preseason summer break for Went related news. I could totally see this coming. Ha!
    PB writers should rip my heart off in a silver plate like right now…
    Oh well, wth: SWC wasn’t brunette so it figures…

  26. genpop40

    Neri is the voice of reason. I’m gonna do what she said too.

  27. SavMed

    a petition for MiSa? ROTFLMFAO

  28. HereKitty

    As a Misa shipper, I’m very disappointed but am holding out hope since no ‘official’ statement has been made. Although, WFW, you come through yet again with a statement like “who will Michael not fuck now” to take my mind of my woes! Well done!!

  29. neri

    thanks genpop40! i’m glad you get me lol
    All of our questions will be answered the 17th….*phew!*

    Its funny how all these sources are confused, they just don’t know Micheal is all mine and he don’t want no other women…..(or man for that matter :-/ )…….period.
    (and in the words of Chris Tucker in “Friday”) …And you know this….MAN!


  30. Erika

    *steps in the blog wearing an armour and Haywire’s halmet just incase I get rocks thrown at me* I won’t miss MiSa at all! Sara sucked in season 2, Micheal had more sexual tension with T-Bag…lol…Let’s face it, MiSa sex wasn’t going to happen even in season 3. JMHO

  31. Mink

    “In the end, i guess she just wasnt man enough…”

    *shuddering with laughter*

    As for the ‘news’… *does happy dance*

    Thank God I won’t have to suffer any more of her cold, fish face looking blankly at Michael as he radiates hotness in all directions. She sucked the air out of the room like a Dyson vacuum cleaner in all their scenes together last season. This is the best “PB” news I’ve heard in ages.

  32. AJ

    Oh, I think we all know MiSa sex was never in the cards…

    Now MiMa on the other hand….oh, if there is a just and loving God, we’ll get to see Michael and Alex get it on at least ONCE in prison. They’ve got so much sexual chemistry, it’s ridiculous. They’re already mind-mates, so you just know the sex would be mindblowing.

    For some reason, when I think of those two, the song “Pony” by Ginuwine pops into my head…. *shrug* No idea what THAT’S all about! πŸ˜‰

  33. Anty

    No more MiSa would be cool, though. That storyline was even more constructed than The Plan. Particularly since they tried to tell us it was TRU WUV!! I mean, it would have been nice to acknowledge that Michael is a clingy sociopath and latches onto her because he merely fancies the idea of being in love with her, rather than selling them as the hot, romantic couple. *gags*

  34. Rosi

    I dont belive it..really i dont.I am sure they do it with a purpose.MISA JUST CAN’T DIE!”cries”

  35. niknak

    Is it bad that I don’t care that SWC is leaving the show? She did nothing for the scenes with her and Went together… she behaved like her “love” interest was as sexy as the tranny T-Bag borrowed undies from in season 1! The woman got paid to kiss Wentworth Miller for crying out loud!!! If she couldn’t even feign interest in that, well, I have no time for her.

  36. Anonymous

    i hope the rumor is true

  37. I,m with mink and niknak here, I’d be glad if MiSa is all over. How could you kiss that guy and look so miserable all the time? I’d have trouble keeping control of myself actor or otherwise!! Lets hope the storyline can now heat up abit in the bedroom department. Bring on a new love interest I say.

  38. kassie

    MiSa gets my vote!! SWC is a beautiful, talented actress and she fits Wentworth like a glove. They are perfectly yummy together. Name another couple on TV that has such a loyal following! SWC said in an interview that she was feeling really sick (morning sickness) when they filmed the kissing scene on the train, and the whole rest of the season she was tired and not feeling well. Any perceived lack of chemistry is due to the lame writing, NOT the actors! I could write some hot scenes for MiSa… Please bring SWC back!!!! And you kinky types, forget about MiBe or whoever. You know that is never going to happen.

  39. MiSa

    HEY ; my 2 cents: i love MiSa (the name doesnt reflect my luv at all *sarcasm*) if they kill this story off i am worried i may lose interest in the show…as hot as went is..its the MisA bits that i long for like mad! i luv the way she stays miserable in his presence afta whta the character has been through! it adds to the sexual tension and her knowing how wrong luving him is!…….they fit this whole situationvery well..SWC is stunning and knows Went, they are great friends and she cant leave him to film by himself…the weirdest thing wud b if the replaced SWC for another actor to do sara!

  40. MiSa

    Oh also…the rumors must b fabricated as the trailer teaser on youtube is Very MiSa orientated that i had to ensure i wasnt imagining it….michael crying at the fence ‘she’s important to me’ flashback of the kiss…cummon!

  41. notthedoctor

    After Prison Break and Prison Break : Manhunt, this year it’s Prison Break : OPEN SEASON
    who’ll get Micheal’s ass?!

    and Bel, for a cookie would you develop that wonderful LOVE story please?!

  42. ANON

    Who cares about Sara?

    There was no chemistry between the characters, and their kisses, well, ten-year olds do better!
    it was a sexless gloomy pair…

    But Michael and Sucre, Michael and Mahone, and above all, Michael and T-Bag..

    Now, that Went’s sexual preferences are known to everyone, he’ll probably indulge in real gay action.
    Didn’t he say that he has an influence on the script writing?

  43. kassie

    If they’re showing this trailer, then it truly doesn’t fit to end MiSa:

    Sign the online petition to keep SWC on the show! It’s at JustJared under her name…

  44. ChatJemena

    Dear Fox & PB producers:

    I may want to terribly/lustfully/poetically dishonour Went to kingdom come, but to take Sara Callies/Tancredi from the show?! Sanamagun! If this turns out to be true, you’ve got to be terribly dry from the below the waist up!

  45. Giulia

    come on girls sign the petition!!!


    MiSa can’t die like this!!

  46. sara

    I dont really care abou MiSa.

    As long I can see Michael I’m ok

  47. evelyn

    I’ve been waiting for 2 fucking seasons to see Michael aka Wentworth, having some fucking sex action and now this???
    Hell NO!!! Goddamnit!!!

  48. Giulia

    evelyn: agree with you!! and I love Swc, she was amazing and I loved her role in PB expecially in the second season!!

  49. tanja

    I never liked her.

    Bring back Holly Valance or somebody else. Maybe this will allow Michael to flirt and have sex with a variety of women.

    Even Michael all by himself with a bag over his head is hotter than MiSa. I never liked her.

  50. Anty

    Personally, I think Michael should indulge in some incest…

    *coughs* What? It would be so hot to watch. *drools*

  51. B

    Okay did I really read correctly when one mentioned the sexual tension between Michael and Mahone lol!


    As long as the writers throw in some sex, bout time n all! Im not fussy lol! I wont be complaining *winks*

  52. Anonymous


    Don’t forget

    Mili (the brothers)
    Miab (Michael and Abruzzi).

    As for Mima… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3HR2ZsWN5Y

  53. tanja

    Michael and Nika, Michael and the new chicks, heck, have him do MariCruz and Jane and all of them at the same time. I’m all for it.

  54. neri

    That was hilarious Anty!! LMAO!

    what’s your major at the university? What kind of project you have to do?

    gotta tell ya, that’s the funnest way to practice!! πŸ˜‰ LOL!

  55. Anonymous


    I’m majoring in modern European history, with a minor in journalism. We had to make a short TV report, which was to be aired on a local station, and I hadn’t used Adobe Premiere in ages.

  56. Anty


    Um, that was me.

  57. B

    Those vids are genius lol! Yea I saw Mili lmao!!! seriously funny!

  58. neri


    wow interesting! nice. I haven’t used premiere in a while either (designer here πŸ™‚ )….have you tried Final cut pro? Good stuff.

    good luck with the project! yikes! sounds challenging. :-/ πŸ™‚

  59. Anty


    Project’s done already – I started “Brokeback Prison” almost two months ago, but didn’t do the final touches until now– project got in the way. πŸ™‚

    Designer… for a company or do you have your own business?

  60. WFW

    Anty and Neri, please exchange emails or IMs or something.

  61. Anty


    We’re only trying to keep the thread alive.

    *gets on-topic* MamaBear, I feel with you. MiLiSa was the total OT3.

  62. SavMed

    Seriously, does anybody know where Bel is? Or at least if her mmmm work is finished?

  63. WentsSecretLover

    I dunno whats up w/ all this MiSa heat… I never… and I’m afraid I’m gonna get smacked for this one… But I didn’t like the MiSa bs throughout the ENTIRE show… I mean, it never really appealed to me… Sure, I definately wanted to see Michael get some action, but Sara was just boring… it’ll be a good thing if she’s gone! *dodges*

  64. neri

    😦 ok, sthowwy


    A company….my own business is my goal.

    Ok, no more questions i promise! πŸ™‚

    *back to topic* WENT IS HOTT!! πŸ™‚

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