One Question

I know the future looks bleak on the Ellen front, but if I had made it and I could ask him one question, what would you want me to ask?


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55 responses to “One Question

  1. miller_thriller

    Is it really telluride???

  2. SavMed

    How does a man without a toe run so fast? and Would you like to go for a drink with moi?

  3. miller_thriller

    How long does it take to put the tattoo on?

  4. What would give anyone a reason to say that you, the self-proclaimed “nicest guy in Hollywood,” are a diva?

  5. miller_thriller

    I clearly dont know how to play this game!

    1 question – bwahahaha.

  6. Or if you’re pressed for time, please ask this:

    “So, are you a dick or not?”

  7. Juma

    Are you free for dinner tonight? and may YOU be the main dish?

  8. Jen

    Have you ever visited the WFW site and if so what did you think about it??? OR Would you consider sleeping with a married mother of 3? Just once would be all I would need!

  9. Jen said:

    “OR Would you consider sleeping with a married mother of 3?”

    Awwww, Jen, you’re so sweet asking on my behalf. 😉

  10. miller_thriller

    Can i ask my question in song form?

    I said what what in the butt??

    If he replies “you can do in my butt, in my butt” i think we’ve got our answer.

  11. Jen

    MB – well if will consider it once, maybe he will consider twice?? We can each get our turn!

    Did anyone else see the SWC shit on JJ?? Hope she really isn’t leaving. The show chemistry will go to shit.

  12. Jen

    OK I totally did not read ahead – SORRY

  13. Fairy

    Would you come to the upcoming WFW convention and can we do body shots off you if you do?

    Seems we really are unable to think with our upstairs brain when it comes to this man…

  14. Erika

    If you and Luke are really an item, will you consider having a 3way with a girl?

  15. Bel

    Would you consider doing a mom of one as well?

  16. Bel

    Or, for the sisterhood of the Pretty if not for myself:

    Would you please be so kind to fill this jar?

  17. Erika

    What’s in that damn Starbucks mochafrappychappy(whateva you call it) that makes you like it so much? And if my i can make a better one will you cum…i mean come to make kitchen so that i can serve it for you?

  18. Can you read Nicbeast your script…nekkid?

  19. shelley

    MB, Jen and Bel, perhaps he’d me more interested in a mom of 2?:) I don’t have any sound arguments for it, it just seems like he would! HAHAHAHAHA!

  20. Erika

    Will you do WFW?

  21. shelley

    On second thought, he might want the dad of 2…I suppose I’d give him up for 1 night…

  22. Erika

    sorry, I know it’s one qeustion but I have so many though. Here’s my last one and this time I’m being serious: When will we see you in a big screen movie?

  23. A question? This game is completely wrong. I have a better one.
    If I could give him one order, what would it be?
    DO ME! NOW!

  24. Camila

    Hey Went…can I play a part in your upcoming vampire movie project? I’m a good neck-biter 🙂

  25. Laura

    I have two: When are auditons for your movie? Can I please be your leading lady?

  26. Geisha

    Would you rather we do it with me on top or doggy?

  27. tanja

    I like to ask “Have you ever been with a guy romantically”, because that is clearer than just are you gay.

    But it would probably be a very inappropriate question to ask.

    Part of me wants to ask something really stupid like “Are you happy?”

  28. ilurvemv

    If you hadn’t become an actor, what profession would you pursue?

  29. Luci

    Are you personally opposed to strap on’s??

  30. Mink

    Luci, I think that is an important question to which we would all like to know the answer. And I’m not being even a little bit sarcastic.

    Mine: What would be your preferred food stuff to be smeared generously all over your body so that I can lick it off? (I am willing to be entirely flexible as long as it doesn’t liquorice.)

  31. Mink

    Oops, that should be “…involve liquorice”. Note To Self: No Drunken Commenting.

  32. AJ

    Mine’s a two-parter:

    Is it pink or mocha? And would you mind if I measured your index finger? Pretty, please…

  33. Fashion Police

    Can I have your Bucket-hat….so I can burn it!!

  34. tanja

    LOL. Poor buckethead.

  35. Anty

    @Luci: W00t!!

    *ponders* Can I please give you a blowjob?

  36. Rosi

    LMAO,Fashion Police!My question is -How you always..i mean always..keep that calmness?I mean all these question,interviews,people,gossip,rumours..R U ON PILLS?There must be some secret…Its so hard to be ”the good guy”,your voice is so well-balanced,you are always smiling,loughing and joking.When and where you setting free the negative emotions?Or probably you really enjoy all the things happening to you?And now i think i must join MT’s gang..i cant play that game-1 question is never enough…

  37. niknak

    The first question to come to mind was “Top or Bottom?”

    But, then I thought, “I only get one question. I need to make it GOOD, something that leaves out the possibility for ambiguity.” So my second question was “May I be on the top?” (Because you have to be direct, polite, and if he were to answer in the negative, I would still happily be on the bottom.)

  38. ANON


    Answer: “Pink when it goes in, mocha when it comes out”

  39. notthedoctor

    Do you like ROCKS?

    What does “…” mean?

  40. SavMed

    anon3.33 I have to elaborate on what you said; a certain monkey claims that Went is an impotent gay corpse shagger. sorry, i have to believe the monkey.

    although, isn’t “impotent shagger” an oxymoron?

  41. LAgurl

    Will you do an Asian flight attendant – no kids – ?


    What is SANTORUM?

  43. dedep

    I’m with MT on the song question. Couldn’t stop laughing at that one MT.

  44. ChatJemena

    Choose one, Wentdear:
    (1) will you agree to be cloned several hundred times in order to save the world?
    (2) Can I hold your hand for one hour? (woops! *trips*)
    (3) I’m not rich, but I can afford dinner and a dance. Will you have dinner with WFW, but dance with me afterwards?
    (4) Will you agree to be my sperm donor? I’ll claim it was an immaculate conception and the doctor and my family will agree once they see the baby’s eyes.

  45. 100points

    Do you have a straight twin? 😉

  46. Mrs Miller

    Jen,MB maybe we could make it a party of mom’s of 3 and then I could join in….

  47. Mrs Miller

    My question would be :- with all that money you have made with PB, could you not at least just ONCE gone shopping and got some new threads? Us, the fans, have a hard time figuring out if its a new photo op or if you are just wearing the same clothes again…. some boots, a couple of form hugging T’s, etc

  48. Gbaby

    My question would be: Was it all worth it?

  49. Kidnapping, is it always wrong?


    “Dear Went,

    Top, bottom or versatile?

    If only you could be a “Frot Warrior” instead..”

  51. Pup

    Ask him if he knows how T-Bag moves his tongue so fast.

  52. brit bird

    ‘Do you want to come to Starbuck for a chocolattemocha?’ (or whatever he drinks) I am sure that the answer would be yes! Although I like the kidnap question from SURREAL that would be a close 2nd!!

  53. genpop40, thanks for the TMZ Ellen link!

    Forgive my seriousness for a moment…I didn’t want to taint the happy atmosphere in the anniversary post, so I’m setting my opinion here.

    I’m very surprised and dismayed to see that Ellen chose to touch on the tragedy involving Lane Garrison instead of focusing on something compelling that’s directly related to Went himself such as the controversy swirling about him.

    I know that Ellen isn’t opposed to talking about homosexuality and its perception in Hollywood with her guests since (A) she herself is a lesbian, who came out in the public eye and (B) she talked about the topic easily with Neil Patrick Harris on her show that aired on 9/13.

    I’m not saying that Ellen should have put Went on the spot and asked him if the rumor is true, but if she was guiding the interview in a more serious direction anyway, why not ask Went in general what he thinks about being the target of online speculation? He could’ve answered it in his trademark insightful way and moved onto talk about foot baths and pond scum (LMAO!)…heck who knows, he could’ve possibly even put the rumor to bed once and for all. OK, I’ll fess up, I don’t believe that would ever happen even if he HAD re-confirmed things one way or the other…lol.

    I mean no disrespect to Went or to his camp when I say this, but I have to wonder if the Lane Garrison story will always be the “compelling talking point” of his interviews so that journalists will not ask the BIG question that’s on everyone’s minds. I’ve seen/heard him talk about this very subject on several occasions now and as time draws farther away from the actual tragedy, I have to wonder why it’s even brought up (especially since Lane is no longer among the cast of PB and Went doesn’t even communicate with him).

    I know that talk show “talking points” are covered with guests beforehand to avoid embarrassment and surprise, so the Garrison story was anticipated…I think it’s time for the media to let Lane, the passengers in his vehicle, and the victim’s family move on with the business of grieving in peace once and for all.

    My apologies for being the heavy, WFW, but I had to get this off my chest.

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