Prison Break Season Three UK Trailer

From Sky TV: Holy Shit! Now THIS is a trailer!


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38 responses to “Prison Break Season Three UK Trailer

  1. miller_thriller

    Our trailers better than yours! na na na na naaa!

    Teddy looks bad! I LOVE it!

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah – T-Bag!!

    But why couldn’t they have had Went doing the Hannibal Lecter tongue thing at the end?

    And why aren’t these cool, er, I mean hot trailers playing in the U.S.?

    Thanks for posting, WFW!

  3. Juma

    Awsome!!! I loooove T-Bag!
    Those devilish eyes and that smirk…
    hmmm! I’m sick, I know, there’s no cure for me…

  4. shelley

    Almost makes me want to search out a Robert Knepper blog (key word almost, folks)…I’m going to go lay down…

  5. Bel


    That is THE fuckin’ shit!

    Hi. I am Bel and I am a sicko.

  6. Jedi

    God Damn that was a HOT trailer! T-Bag definitely lights my fire!

  7. Fairy

    Fucking brilliant!
    T-Bag being biblical makes me wanna know him in the biblical sense, the magnificent bastard. (Even with the fucked up hand. LOL)

    And nice touch with trapping Mi and Ma in the ring o’ fire.
    *happily ignores Bellick*
    Give it up Pretty, c’mon!

    *tries hard not to make any SPN references with fire appearing from nowhere and all and T-Bag being all demon-like*

  8. Giulia

    omg!!!!this new promo is the coolest promo i’ve ever seen!! and Robert Knepper is a genius!!!

  9. Bel

    Can’t. stop. watching.

    “I’m ‘onna feel raaaaht at home.”


  10. neri

    how come they don’t hook us Americans up with these cool promos?!

    “There’s no hope in hell….”
    awwww :-/

  11. tanja

    Wow. Awesome. I’m so hot for him right now. Poor baby. I’ll rescue you from hell!

  12. Silvia

    Wow, I just love T-Bag…and that promo is smokin’ “hoooot”..Anyway,just wanted to say that here in Romania starts the first season of PB on monday…Yeah,I know,but they’re still airing Seinfeld here..Thank God for the internet.I can’t wait for season 3…Btw,has anyone thought of Went as a vampire?I always loved Anne Rice

  13. Take me, Teddy!!!!!

    I mean… uhm… yeah.

  14. WFW

    I am waaaaaaaaaay ahead of you on that Silvia. I’ve been begging for fanged, blood sucking Went in leather pants for AGES. He better get on that.

    And Kris, ditto.

  15. Silvia said:

    “I always loved Anne Rice.”

    I think Went should play the character of “Lasher” in Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour.

  16. Silvia

    MB, you’re so right.Lasher was so hot,especially in the first volume..I remember that lady doc saying he was really BIG(well,that just got stuck in my head*grin*)..OK,i’m going to

  17. Camila

    omg!!! I’m scared now…I want my mommie!!!!

  18. tanja

    It’s really depressing how bad Fox has been about promoting PB in comparison. 😦

  19. HereKitty

    Time for me to play the devil’s advocate (pun to T-Bag intended), but what the fuck was that? Strangest ‘promo’ ever.

  20. tanja

    I don’t think that it’s a scene from the show. It’s just an artsy thing. I remember seeing other British promos where they had the characters looking straight at the camera and narrating their stories.

    Those were obviously also recorded specifically for that British channel.

  21. AJ

    I wanna bang T-Bag. That is all.

  22. Anty

    I’m getting strange John Glover/Lionel/Brimstone images in my head.

    Also, I second the people who want a gay romp on that show. *passes out*

  23. Rosi

    OMG…am possessed..and i dont need holy water!HELL YEAH!

  24. Anonymous

    weird promo

  25. KiraAngelina

    That is f***ing awesome!!!!

  26. If that’s hell – I’m so looking forward to a f****ing good roasting!!

    See, we Brits can do some things right.

  27. evelyn

    That was, by far, the best Prison Break promo that I have ever seen!!! Way to go, Brits!!!

    *grabs T-Bag’s pocket and enjoys the ride*

  28. notthedoctor

    Holy Rocky Balboa on The Rocky Montains Jailhouse Rocking!!!!

    If they do one like this of MAHONE, I’m Fucking moving to the UK!!!

  29. LAgurl

    That was cool! I hate T bag but that did look HOT!

  30. ChatJemena

    *weeping for Went* Baby, you’ve got talent in acting. In PB, you’re also with some of the best actors and actresses in the business. I know you are learning from them (you said so in one interview). Good! Now, I want you to let go of yourself this season and in any of your future projects. Hell, baby, show everyone The Power of the Pretty!

  31. sara

    best prison break promo ever

  32. bananne

    Now, _that’s_ a good one!

    Talking about excitment – 8 days left…

  33. wentworthcentral

    Holy hell! I thought T-Bag was the Devil in this one! He sure looked like him!

  34. Jo

    WOW!!! That was hot as hell!! This whole Sona thing is very seductive! As creepy as it is… reminds me of soft-porn. I am sooo fired up!! (no pun intended) LOL

  35. Thank you to the creative team who came up with this fantastic promo!

    *feeling hot, hot, HOT!!!*

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