Wentworth Miller: Escape Artist

New Went interview…

Q. Have you been working on any recent projects other than the show “Prison Break” that fans will get to see you featured in?

A. There seems to be a rather dated expectation in this business that every TV actor is dying to make the jump to the big screen. That might be true for some, but not me. Would it be nice to make a movie here and there? Yes. Do I have plans to become the next Matt Damon? No. If “Prison Break” ends and I go on to spend the rest of my career playing small parts in interesting, left-of-center movies, I’ll count myself lucky. Or I could easily wind up on another TV show. That would make me happy too. But I think I’d opt for a supporting part next time. Being one of the leads on a one-hour drama has been an incredible experience, but it’s also been extremely challenging. I’m pleased to be part of a story that’s given pleasure to so many people across the world, but I won’t be sorry when it comes to an end. I’ll be excited to begin that next chapter, whatever it looks like. Be it movies or television or a dinner theater near you – I’ll embrace it.

Q. Season three of “Prison Break” will soon be premiering. What can you tell us will be new and interesting with your character and the plot of the show?

A. First off we’ve got a new prison that makes Fox River look like a trip to the day spa. We’ll also be finding out a lot more about the conspiracy that destroyed the brothers’ lives in the first place. And as far as my character is concerned, the question this season is how far across the line can a good man go before you can no longer call him good?

Q. What is it about your role as Michael Scofield that continues to challenge you?

A. He’s constantly changing, constantly evolving. “Prison Break” is the story of a boy-man becoming a man, his struggle with questions of responsibility and sacrifice, honor and loss. Peeling back those layers can be a lot of fun… And a challenge.

Q. You’ve been playing this role for three seasons now, how have you grown as an actor?

A. “Prison Break” is a very technical show. We’ve got props, stunts, extras, multiple cameras, special effects – you name it. So in that sense, it’s been an education. I can’t wait to play a scene where it’s just two characters sitting on someone’s couch talking about the weather. It’ll seem – at least from a technical standpoint – like a walk in the park… Except we’re on someone’s couch.

Q. What is it about the show that you think continues to draw so many viewers in?

A. At the end of the day, I think it’s the characters. There are plenty of shows that serve up the fireworks with gunfights, fistfights, car crashes and so on. But we’ve also worked hard to create believable, relatable characters that people can identify with and care about. That’s why when someone gets killed off it registers as something more than spectacle…Or so we hope.

Q. What is it about working for the Fox network that makes it so appealing for you?

A. Fox pays my rent. If ABC paid my rent, they’d be appealing too.

Q. You and Dominic Purcell have an amazing chemistry and bond as the brothers Scofield on the show. Is that bond and chemistry there off set between you two as well?

A. Dom and I enjoy working together, and after 40 plus episodes of pretending we’re brothers there’s some very real respect and affection there. But our dynamic is more professional than personal. When the weekend comes, he’s doing his thing and I’m doing mine.

Q. There are so many fans of the relationship between Michael and Sara, where do you see the future for these two?

A. Michael’s relationship with Dr. Sara has always been defined by what keeps them apart. And Sarah and I have worked very hard to honor that dynamic, to craft a believable romance that blossomed under a hail of bullets. Whether these two deserve a happy ending and whether or not they’ll get one are two very different questions. And I think it’s safe to say that season three will provide some answers.

Q. Characters from the past seasons have come and gone, are there any you’d like to see return?

A. Muse Watson, who played Westmoreland in the first season. And Paul Adelstein, who did such a brilliant job as Agent Kellerman. That’s the bittersweet experience of working on a show like “Prison Break.” We depend on a certain degree of mayhem and murder, and some of the most compelling and satisfying moments in the story come at the expense of people we’ve come to think of as family. It’s always hard to say goodbye.

Q. You were voted one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in 2007, how did that make you feel?

A. That kind of distinction is flattering, but it’s not why I get out of bed in the morning. I’m not without my vanity, but part of me can’t wait for the paunch and the wrinkles and the receding hairline. I love older actors, the ones who show up on screen and you can see their entire history in their faces. They don’t have to say a word and you’ve already got the whole story. I’m looking forward to that.

So, what have we learned today?

Went is in no rush to be a movie star so we can stop bitching. Went thinks Michael still has layers; I do too and I think he should take them all off dammit! STRIP! Went hasn’t lost his sense of humor. Went likes to do is own thing on the weekends (can I be thing?). Oh and he knows he’s pretty but get off his jock. If wrinkles and liver spots are what he needs for you to take him seriously, then someone speed up the aging process.

I am just happy he’s talking again. We missed you Went.


Thanks mink!


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55 responses to “Wentworth Miller: Escape Artist

  1. Anty

    “but part of me can’t wait for the paunch and the wrinkles and the receding hairline. […] I’m looking forward to that.”

    WELL I’M NOT!!

  2. Jen

    What ever he is doing, I will be watching! If anyone can make a paunch and wrinkles look sexy it would be Went. Can’t wait till next Monday!

  3. Thanks WFW and Mink! Went is…punchy in this interview. He seems to be stressed out. Anyway, it’s great to hear from him. Keep fighting, Went!

  4. miller_thriller

    I love his snark about Fox. That shows what he really thinks about them.

    How can he make getting old sound so damn sexy??

    Went you can be my sugardaddy, i love a man with a face that tells a story, im not after your korean nutcracker jeans/dodgy coffee money, i swear!

    Went baby, if your face tells a story, can it involve a bit of role play??

  5. PBLUV

    I bet he is tired, I mean I read that this person emailed him questions and she is an online mag. I imagine between work and press and a million regular life things, he has got to be tired, I am tired just thinking about it!
    Get some rest baby boy, get some rest!

  6. LAgurl

    Anything he says is like music to my ears 🙂 Though I can hear him sighing between the questions like, ‘what NOW?’ He can be pissy though, and still be so lovely!

  7. kassie

    It almost sounds like he’s planning on scaling back his career and fading out of the limelight as soon as possible. Makes me wonder anew about his personal life… Whatever he decides to do, I’ll still want to see him onscreen. The man needs to start taking better care of himself, though. He’s 35, a couch potato, and he smokes! Hope he practices safe sex…

  8. PBLUV

    Kassie…are you new?
    He is far from a couch potato, he worked out at the Y in Hollywood and works out in dallas and he looks great physically and I have heard he no longer smokes and let’s hope everyone including you practices safer sex in the year 2007!

  9. Erika

    kassie, I sensed the same thing from this interview and want to do roles that are not mainstream. It seems like baby boy has had it with this fame thing. I hope he will at least do lots of photo shoots. As for your concern with him being a couch potato and a smoker…Me thinks he’s just trying to speed up the ageing process 😉

  10. Erika

    My comments always have missing words…i think faster then i type. What i was trying to say is: “I sensed the same thing from this interview and it seems he doesn’t want to do roles that are mainstream…”

  11. ilurvemv

    I don’t think he sounded punchy. Went has a dry, sarcastic humor and it doesn’t come across well in print interviews; it’s more evident in televised ones where we can see his body language and can tell he’s kidding.

    Though w/all the grief the press has been giving him lately, I wouldn’t blame him if he were a bit testy.

  12. Ahhh … a new W. Miller interview.

    Suddenly I no longer feel so anxious! Wentworth Miller drought is nearly over, methinks.

    Can’t wait for more interviews / magazine spreads / candids now that S3 is just around the corner.

    C’mon, September 17! C’mon!

  13. Myra

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wentttttttttttt:)

  14. tanja

    I love him. I want more Went interviews.

  15. I would love to say what I think of Went in this interview, but it’s late and I am feeling particularly sappy so I will keep my silly, girly comments to my self.

    *does pitiful fan girl sigh*

  16. Juma

    “Fox pays my rent. If ABC paid my rent, they’d be appealing too.” – Nice answer Went!
    I just LOVE this man!

  17. shelley

    He sounds pretty anxious to get over PB, that makes me a bit sad! It’s refreshing to hear that he’s not all about the stardom, just doing what he loves!

  18. AJ

    ^He’s not the only one anxious for PB to be over!

    *looking around* Who said that??!

  19. notthedoctor

    He gave great answers given the kind of questions he was asked.
    That’s Went! Always making the best of what he has.
    Just wanted to add : FUCK YOU FOX!!!!

  20. SavMed

    *pom-poms ready*

    *boombox ready*

    Wentworth Miller,
    you’re so fine,
    you’re so fine
    can your ass be mine?
    Hey Wentworth,
    Hey Wentworth!

    *steps on a shoelace*
    *trips, falls, breaks nose*

    all i need now is liver spots. and then you is mine!

  21. Fox pays my rent. If ABC paid my rent, they’d be appealing too.
    God bless you, Went, for being so real.

    I’m not without my vanity, but part of me can’t wait for the paunch and the wrinkles and the receding hairline.
    You’ll still look hot. And you’ll still be wearing the same hat. Will it be to hide the receding hairline? lol

  22. Gbaby

    So Mr. Miller, you want to be a low key actor, not a star. Fair enough, but I hate to break to you: It is not going to happen. You were born to attract a crowd.
    It is your destiny.

    *Assumes the lotus position*

  23. Jen

    OK Kris – That old ass picture was scary, I do hope he ages better than that!

  24. Pup


  25. So, if Went is looking forward to liver spots and balding then it’s safe to say that he won’t mind a life partner who has bunions and hemroids. Damn, this man is a saint!

  26. brit bird

    KRISSIE You should put a warning on opening that picture….. **shouts** ‘MY EYES’**shots ** covers them tightly**

  27. *yawn* Wake me when he actually tells us something!

  28. I don’t care what he’s in as long as he stays in front of the camera (well with a few exceptions) and as for getting old well I’ll take him whatever.

    And Krissie I’ve just had to burn my eyes out!!!

    Stop it girl you’re giving me nightmares.

  29. Rosi

    What a great intervew.Wenty always talks by the way you can understand him.Aaaaah Wenty love you!…….P.S.-Brit Bird is good to see your comments again,welcome back! 🙂

  30. cat'smeow

    Kris, that pic of Went as an old guy is completely FRIGHTENING!!!!!!!!!!! lol He’d better appreciate his looks while they last!!!!!!!!

  31. neri

    LOVED the fox comment….seems down to earth, either that or just pissy and sick of the interviews. LOL. Still love his wit. 🙂

    Though, I don’t think hes in a hurry to leave PB or would rather be doing films, i think its more like he’s just damn glad he got a job to pay the rent.

    Hmmmm…but i think he’ll change his mind once the big bucks and roles start coming in. He’s definitely not meant to be a D lister….uh huh, no way….not on our watch! :-p

    LMAO at Kris’ pic!
    Hey! older men can be quite handsome, look at Kevin Costner and George clooney! yum! Went will age just as nicely!

  32. cat'smeow

    neri, Costner and Clooney are only in their 40’s and early 50’s. Look at what happened to Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood, etc. They were the “Wentworth Millers” of their era.

    Went will look just like that at their age. So enjoy him now, ladies!!!!!!!!!!!! HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!!!!!!

  33. Charlie B

    what i got from this interview; he’s over PB, he can’t wait til the shit is over. I’m not calling the show “shit”, but i really do think he’s over it.

  34. jelly-sandwich

    Here’s what I got from the interview:

    1. PB’s a drag and I want out
    2. Dom and I don’t get along.
    3.There will be no happy ending for Michael & Sara
    4. I’m bored with show business it’s too easy
    5. I hate Fox
    6. Don’t be surprised if I disappear with Luke
    7. I may let myself go….get fat,old and bald .
    8.Acting is no longer a challenge
    9. Sara & I are friends, I respect her.
    10. I have no sense of humor.

    Anyone else get anything out of this interview please add 11, 12, 13, 14………..

  35. Anty


    Off-topic, but look what I found! ROTFL!

  36. Charlie B


    ITA with you, except for #10. With that said, being realistic; how long can they stretch out the premise? I give it one more season, and it’s done. I love the show, but i would put money on the fact that he’s ready to do something else. I really do think that he is grateful to have a job, and has a steady paycheck, but the notariety that came along with it has really put a spotlight on his private life and i bet he can’t stand it, b/c he seems like a very private person. And with all the Luke shit, i bet he’s like “i’m so over this bullshit!!!” If i mispelled anything; sorry. Almost drunk again. Sorry.

  37. Charlie B

    Oh and now that i think about it, i don’t think he’s gay. I say this b/c from what he has shown, he’s not a liar. Well not pathelogical, b/c we are all liars in some way. But, he could have totally acted like he was so in love with the show, and everything was sugar and butterflies. While he wasn’t outright bitter or overly forthcoming with anytime, it is incredibly easy to read to b/t the lines of what he said in the interview. With that said, if he is gay, i can’t see him saying “No, I’m not gay. I want a wife and kids…” or whatever the hell it was he said.

  38. Anty

    @Charlie B:

    Well, he could be a gay man who wants to be straight.

    But seriously, we’re talking about the acting business– more gay men pop up in the arts than anywhere else, so other male actors are used to it and it’s usually not a big deal (wasn’t at my drama school). In fact, straight actors are known to be good friends with gay ones. Like, seriously. So it’s entirely possible Went and Luke are not fucking, but friends. Without benefits.

  39. sara

    What a great intervew, I really love this man.

    “Fox pays my rent. If ABC paid my rent, they’d be appealing too” LOL…… this is not a man with no sene of humor and

    @ Anty:

    I really really doubt that Went wants to be straight. I think he just wants to live his life without telling everybody what he does in his own bedroom.

  40. Charlie B

    Anty and Sara-

    I do agree with you both….but i want to add that whether he’s gay or straight: i just really like him as an actor, and as a cutie pie that i want to kiss and cuddle with. I’m trying to change my ways, so i will not say “fuck”…. Fuck it, i want to make sweet, sweet love to him.

  41. kassie

    Jelly-Sandwich, I agree with most of your comments (you’re a cynic and I can relate!) but not that our Went has no sense of humor. Although he seems like a pretty serious guy, on a lot of his interviews he seems more light-hearted and funny. The best thing I got out of the interview was that he’d be excited to be at a dinner theatre near me! Just tell me where and when WM, and I’ll come to any dinner theatre anywhere, anytime…and eat you with my eyes 😉

  42. jelly-sandwich

    hehe :)……Kassie, my comment about his humor was only related to this article. I’m glad at least one person can relate.

    11. Dinner Theatre Date with Krissie, Wentworth will pay cause he’s making the big-bucks now.

  43. Anonymous

    A week until he’s on Ellen. I’m still waiting for his own comments on the gay thing. He clearly states in this interview that he doesn’t spend ANY time off camera with his co-stars. So they really don’t know if his gay or not. Brett Ratner himself said that Went is really mysterious and likes to keep it that way. Come on, nobody’s THAT reclusive without a good reason. All though, he might be a criminal instead of being gay. Yes! That’s it! He’s hiding from the FBI. Maybe his real name is like.. Larry Smith. Nobody has ever seen his parents anywhere with him. Not even on the set. Maybe he doesn’t have any parents? Who’s born with a face like that?! No one. I bet he was genetically manipulated in some laboratory. He’s a scientific experiment! And he only feeds himself with coffee. He doesn’t even have bodyhair on his arms. That can only mean two things, either he’s gay or an alien.

  44. Mink

    jelly-sandwich, re. your September 10th, 6:36 pm post, with the exception of 5 and 9 (and possibly 3), with which I tend to agree, I couldn’t disagree with you more.

    He used the word “challenge” about his current job more than once in that interview, so it hardly seems like he’s no longer finding acting a challenge.

    I think this interview didn’t give a good picture of how he’s feeling at the moment. He’s just done a long (20 mins) interview for Dutch TV where he shows that he’s on fabulous form. I won’t steal WFW’s thunder by posting the link before she does it, but I really think people will be relieved and delighted at how much he’s laughing and joking in it.

  45. ilurvemv

    I don’t agree w/your #2 either, jelly sandwich. Just because Went said Dom and he tend to do their own things does not translate to them not getting along. In every single interview I’ve seen, they’ve both been very warm in their praises of each other. And since Dom has a wife and 4 kids to get to, it makes sense that he wouldn’t hang out much w/the cast outside of work, hence them both doing their own things.

  46. jelly-sandwich

    12. Ooooohh Mink!!….your so Formal and Bossy… (*I’m picturing you with a whip in your hand*). Now you know I’m just playing around***:)

  47. My name is Lisa and I’m the Editor In Chief for the online magazine Starry Constellation Magazine. You have posted up our recent interview with Wentworth Miller entitled “Escape Artist.” We DO NOT allow anyone to post any content or clips from our interviews as they are copyrighted by our magazine. You DO NOT have permission to post our interview and we request that you take down the interview IMMEDIATELY. If you would like to post a link to the interview, that is fine, however you MUST take down the interview right away.

  48. Lisa said:

    “We DO NOT allow anyone to post any content or clips from our interviews as they are copyrighted by our magazine.”

    I’m curious…if this is your hardball stance on the subject, why then did you allow a poster on IMDb to post clips from the same article?

    Reference here: http://imdb.com/name/nm0589505/board/thread/84746882?d=84746882&p=1#84746882

    I come from an extensive background in magazine publishing, so I can tell you that copyright laws
    exist to protect writers and/or publishing houses from those wishing to profit from their words, images, ideas, etc.

    If you didn’t know this already, take a look around, WFW’s blog is a PERSONAL one. Unlike other celebrity blogs and gossip sites (including IMDb), she does NOT take on advertising and thus does NOT profit from the posting of any or all portions of your interview with Wentworth Miller.

    In fact, the posting of your interview here on this blog (along with the source link below it) will surely benefit your magazine since it will inevitably drive traffic back to your site.

    Unfortunately, what you’ve done by posting such a curt directive here in the comments of a highly viewed blog is to turn people off your e-zine altogether. I know that’s what it’s done for me, an avid reader who would’ve gladly blasted your link to my many industry contacts for FREE because I’m a BIG supporter of ingenious start-up pubs (both web and print).

    Because you’re clearly new to this business, I am respectfully suggesting that you become familiar with this bit of wisdom: “Don’t burn your bridges.” In the entertainment industry, especially in the media, there exists a culture of sharing information with the clear understanding that the information is to be properly sourced. WFW did so with your interview and you should’ve been grateful for the FREE positive press instead of turning it into negative PR for your magazine. Oh well, you’re young…lesson learned.

    Good luck to you in your endeavors.

  49. Melm

    I love the irony of the Dorian Gray of Hollywood saying “I look forward to aging…”. Yeah, well seeing how you look at the age of 35, we’ll meet you there in some hundred years from now!

  50. jailbird

    Mama Bear….your post is KICK-ASS….thanks for protecting the family….love ya!

  51. Awww, jailbird, right back atcha! See what happens when I write shit before I’ve had a chance to forage for food. *shaking head*

  52. Erika

    Why would a “Editor In Chief” post a complaint in the comment section of a blog? With such a title behind ones name, I would have thought that person would be more profossional and send an email instead… P.S: In the next presidential elections, my vote goes to Mama B.

  53. Erika

    Oooh I’m a serial-typoist (if ever there is such a thing). I can’t help myself, I just love spelling badly. lol…I believe the word should be “Professional”

  54. genpop40, thanks for the TMZ Ellen link!

    Forgive my seriousness for a moment…I didn’t want to taint the happy atmosphere in the anniversary post, so I’m setting my opinion here.

    I’m very surprised and dismayed to see that Ellen chose to touch on the tragedy involving Lane Garrison instead of focusing on something compelling that’s directly related to Went himself such as the controversy swirling about him.

    I know that Ellen isn’t opposed to talking about homosexuality and its perception in Hollywood with her guests since (A) she herself is a lesbian, who came out in the public eye and (B) she talked about the topic easily with Neil Patrick Harris on her show that aired on 9/13.

    I’m not saying that Ellen should have put Went on the spot and asked him if the rumor is true, but if she was guiding the interview in a more serious direction anyway, why not ask Went in general what he thinks about being the target of online speculation? He could’ve answered it in his trademark insightful way and moved onto talk about foot baths and pond scum (LMAO!)…heck who knows, he could’ve possibly even put the rumor to bed once and for all. OK, I’ll fess up, I don’t believe that would ever happen even if he HAD re-confirmed things one way or the other…lol.

    I mean no disrespect to Went or to his camp when I say this, but I have to wonder if the Lane Garrison story will always be the “compelling talking point” of his interviews so that journalists will not ask the BIG question that’s on everyone’s minds. I’ve seen/heard him talk about this very subject on several occasions now and as time draws farther away from the actual tragedy, I have to wonder why it’s even brought up (especially since Lane is no longer among the cast of PB and Went doesn’t even communicate with him).

    I know that talk show “talking points” are covered with guests beforehand to avoid embarrassment and surprise, so the Garrison story was anticipated…I think it’s time for the media to let Lane, the passengers in his vehicle, and the victim’s family move on with the business of grieving in peace once and for all.

    My apologies for being the heavy, WFW, but I had to get this off my chest.

  55. Dammit, didn’t mean to double-post…sorry! 😦

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