From the desk of Wentworth Miller

Dear Germany,

Wentworth Miller will be visiting you in October. Since Mr. Miller is “not without his vanity,” he humbly requests that all images of false idols be removed and/or covered up due to his impending arrival. This:

will not be tolerated. Thank you for your cooperation and have a great day.


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54 responses to “From the desk of Wentworth Miller

  1. WFW

    Went’s leaving the country and you know what that means…*maniacal laughter*

  2. *spitting out Starbucks all over my lap top*

    THIS.IS.PRICELESS! A limerick is in order:

    There once was a singor named Hoff
    who empowered German girls to “get off.”
    But then Wentworth arrived and made Hoff look contrived,
    which now makes the same girls laugh and scoff.


  3. I have an aunt in Germany. It might just be the time to pay her a little visit…

  4. Giulia

    what? WFW are you sure? when?wher in germany? OMG i’ll take the first plane to germany(God bless Low cost flights) …And I dont speak a word in Germany except “ich bin Giulia” but I would love to go!!!

  5. Noelle

    I’m gettin my ass to germany….anyting known about the exact date he’s gonna be there??

  6. Shanti66

    Yes, Germany is close enough! BUT, please, pay attention about possible trips to Italy and advise as soon as possible!!!

  7. satinfee

    Yay Yay Yay!
    Having my ass in Germany already I’m soo ready for him… *dances*

    *considers throwing a rock at Mama Bear*
    *sticks out tongue instead*

  8. Laura

    I am gladly that you have no prejudices, about Germany πŸ™‚
    … and now … tell me who is that on the shirt?
    we have to be acquainted ?

  9. miller_thriller

    ahahahah MB! lol taking my place as the bad poetry poster huh? LOVE it.

    Those german girls need some wet for went t-shirts! flatter that boys ego!!!

    Maybe went can find himself a nice hunky german man, i mean, i’ve heard he likes a good bratwurst πŸ˜‰

  10. Mara

    in which town in germany does he come?
    And what he is doing here ?
    what I have missed ?

  11. For any chicas still denying the power of “The Hoff,” may I add that this post will make SO much more sense if you watch the interview Went did with Jensen and note the part where they actually talk about this subject. πŸ˜‰

  12. LMAO

    Why do people think everybody over here likes that guy on the shirt?? IT IS NOT TRUE. LOL
    That was funny, though!

    And OMG OMG OMG – where exactly is he going to go? and when? and how?

    I’m not sure that I can take this. Went is coming to Germany. In October. So apparently, he’s coming over FOR MY BIRTHDAY. To wish me a happy one. And then fuck me.

    I need a drink.

  13. ilurvemv

    Who is Hoff?

    And why is the girl wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Michael Landon on the front?

    And how do we know he’s going to Germany?

  14. SavMed

    Dear Went!

    That was NOT the country we talked about. In October I am in ITALY! Italy, baby!
    Get your ass to Gardaland!

  15. Alana

    he was several times in germany, he like it
    and he say ( maybe you read it ) it was the
    swimming pool with the naked girls why
    they come back and the beer and food …
    ladys there is hope for you ….
    maybe not gay ? :-))

  16. SavMed

    Krissie, my aunt is in Nurnberg. Where is yours? I mean, we could go together… Eurorail and stuff.

    And what town/city is Went going to?

  17. He’s going to fucking Germany! He can’t come to New York, but he’s going to Germany? WTF!

  18. Frankfurt a/M. We should just cover all fronts. Better safe than sorry and better meet Went than not.

  19. oInlove

    I need to know when and where!!!!!!pleaseeee

  20. brit bird

    Mamma I love you limerick!! and ilurvemv it would be great if more people didnt know who the hoff was!! Lets have a union in Germany, more chance of us finding Went. yayyyyy

  21. Giulia

    @SavMed… [OT] Wow are you going to Gardaland in Italy? it’s SO near where i live and near Gardaland(few kilometres) there is a town called Sona… LOL!I’m not kidding [/OT]

    Ok I need to know WHERE WHEN WHY and then I’ll book my flight!!

  22. ilurvemv

    Lol brit bird, I watched the interview so now I do know who they’re talking about. What I didn’t know was that he’s a singer now, wtf? Hahaha!

  23. jelly-sandwich

    Forget about Germany …Who is the girl wearing the Hoff Tshirt …is that you WFW??….don’t lie!! Before Wentworth-blog there was Jensen-blog and before that was your finest work The-Hoff-blog.

  24. Erika

    To all you German Wentlusters… The Australians did the boob-lean in their fan pics and the Koreans threw their undies, see if you can top that! Uhmm…let’s say some ass grabbing perhaps? πŸ˜‰

  25. jailbird

    Wentworth Wisdom….There always comes that one day you gotta get out of bed for yourself…..I’m having one of those days, so thanks Went I needed to hear that, and I’m getting out of bed just for you baby.

  26. Anty


    1) Where in Germany will he be?

    2) When exactly will he be there? I need the date!!

    3) Where did you obtain that information?


  27. Erika

    ANTY and everyone who keeps asking…the INTERVIEW people, he said so in the interview! No dates, exact location or reason as to why was given. WFW, if I’m talking out of place, feel free to kick my butt but I just feel the same question keep coming up.

  28. Juma

    Damn it! Why the hell doesn’t he comes to Portugal!?
    Went baby, come here, the weather is better! πŸ˜‰

  29. notthedoctor

    is there any chance to see in Germany WWE SMACKDWON Special : The Hoff Vs. The Worth Sing-a-long!

  30. LAgurl

    OMG did someone say that pic on the shirt is MICHAEL LANDON??????
    He *does* look like him though, huh?
    Oh god, I am crying from laughing at all the posts!
    You guys are so funny, I come here not only for the beauty of Wenty but the laughs!!

  31. bananne

    Is he really? That sounds good ^^

    Does anybody know when and where?

  32. ilurvemv

    “OMG did someone say that pic on the shirt is MICHAEL LANDON??????

    Erm, yes, that was me. *sheepish* I didn’t take a good look at the shirt and I swear that’s exactly what ML’s hair looked like when he was on Little House on the Prairie. I had no idea the dude from Baywatch was still alive. πŸ™‚

  33. bananne

    Ok, sorry, too excited about that nformation to read all the prior comments…

    But if I manage to find out and am able to go, I’ll make sure to take my camera with me and share a little prettiness. πŸ™‚

  34. AJ

    HA! WentGermany…bring it, bitch! Woot!

    I wonder what Went’s gonna do on this particular outing…. dance on a table, maybe? Whatever they “squee” him into doing, I hope it’s on tape, yo!

  35. WFW

    Ah yes Geisha, let us now shed a tear for New York: The Wentcounter that never was. 😦

    And AJ, that’s Wentmany. You heard it here first.

  36. Marleen

    I need to know when and where he will be in Germany. I live in the Netherlands. That’s close enough. And I have an uncle and aunt in Germany, so I can stay with them. But I need to know when and where!!!

  37. Noelle

    I’m from holland too, don’t have any family in germany though…but hey who cares they have really cheap plane tickets these days! If I know where and when,, i’m there baby!

  38. Good to know that we here in Germany love David Hasselhoff. O.o Who the hell is responsible for that “info”? *rofl*

    But Went’s coming to Germany….cool *G* No need for a hotel, Went, you can stay here with me. *lol*

  39. LAgurl

    Sorry ilurvemv, I didn’t mean to offend you – I tought it was so funny you said that! Cuz I always thought that! The Hoff!

  40. ilurvemv

    LAgurl, I wasn’t offended at all, don’t be sorry! I am thrilled I could amuse you. πŸ™‚

    (Btw, before I finally put the pieces together, for a second I thought Hoff=Dustin Hoffman). Feel free to ROFL!

  41. LAgurl

    ROFL!!!!! (I can’t even talk now)

    ilurvemv, u kill me πŸ™‚

  42. Snowflake

    I think I know why Went is coming to Germany! The german magazine GQ is having a big party for their annual vote of “men of the year 2007”, which takes place in Munich on the 25th October. WM is nominated in the category “shootingstar” and he is also on the cover of the latest german GQ issue.
    You can vote for him:
    See you there!!!

  43. Rumpelstiltskin

    Oh my god ! I live in Germany. Hell yes ! Finally he comes here. Wenty…I’ll be waiting for you.

  44. WFW – your real job should be his PR person. You give him better PR than he gives himself. Please apply ASAP! πŸ˜›

  45. Noelle

    thnQ Snowflake, finally THE info I was waiting for.

    Munich, 25th October.

    Okay now I can book my flight πŸ˜›

  46. Noelle

    The event will take place in the Prinzregententheater in Munich.

  47. Snowflake

    The ArabellaSheraton Grand Hotel in Munich is one of the main sponsors of the GQ “Men of the year 2007″party. This might give us a hint where he is going to stay…

  48. babs

    hi to all of you “i-wanna-go-to-germany-cause-went-is-there-but-damn-i-can’t-speak-a-single-word-german” holla at me. i can be your tourgide πŸ˜‰


  49. aah is that my dear Michael Landon i see on her shirt?? very lovely….. πŸ™‚
    just tell me where i c an buy shirts with his print

  50. I want to see you soon WENTWORTH but this is impossible…

  51. Happy birthday WENT ! I hope the best in your life.


  52. Happy birthday WENT ! I hope the best in your life

  53. Happy birthday again!!! I hope you send me a letter.. Please.

    With LOVE : AHLEM and AMANI

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