Wentworth Miller interview with Jensen

No, not that Jensen…I know, I know, I got excited for a minute too.  It’s a Dutch interview that can be found here.  Enjoy!

Thanks baaca!


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57 responses to “Wentworth Miller interview with Jensen

  1. miller_thriller

    This totally made my morning! Babyboy looks hot!

    Freckles!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    Oh to be one of those freckers on his sexy, sweaty, dirty face. Gah. I need ice!

  2. miller_thriller

    Oh and yes, before you ask, i am DEVASTATED that it’s not an interview with Ackles.

    Truly, truly devastated 😉

  3. Marleen

    I saw the show yesterday. It was a fun interview. Went is so cute.
    Question: Went said that he will be in Germany in October. Does anybody know where and when exactly? I hope so.

  4. Hooters… *snicker*
    Hey, Went, I’ll go with you. It’s gonna be equally fun for the both of us, I believe.

  5. Mink

    LMAO! Kris, you are a wicked, wicked girl, but right on the money on this one I believe. The idea of Went + Hooters has me doubled over with laughter.

    Also, I do believe we should start a campaign for Went and THE Jensen (Ackles) to interview one another. Although on second thoughts…the interweb might just explode with the combined hotness wherever said chat was broadcast. Oh hell! I’m willing to take the chance. 😀

  6. WFW and baaca, THANK YOU for sharing this interview! It was one of the best Wentviews I’ve ever seen because Jensen was able to get him to show us a range of emotions and facial expressions. I loved how Jensen kept pulling Went out of his “canned response” mode by making him laugh and banter with him – freaking brilliant!

    Here are more of my favorite highlights:

    -Went looking at Jensen like “Dude, do you know how red and sweaty you are right now?”

    -Went giving Jensen that “OK, this is VERY weird…back out of my bubble, man!” when Jensen was peering into his eyes to see if they were really two different colors. AND Went telling Jensen to get back on track when he was lost in his eyes…LMAO!

    -Went and Jensen talking about the international appeal of David Hasselhoff and Jensen correcting him by saying that The Hoff is only big in Germany…LMFAO…VINDICATION!!! Take that, Anty! 😉

    -Jensen bringing up Matt Damon and glowing about him during Went’s interview while Went shot him with optical daggers…LMAO! I’d LOVE to see Went and Matt go on Jeopardy to battle it out since they’re both brainy and any nerd girl’s dream.

    -Sweaty Went. That was REAL sweat, wasn’t it?

    -Freckly Went…mmmmm.

    -Laughing Went. Can we please see more of this?

    -Snarky Went. I love how he thinks he’s getting away with this…dude, you’re SO not slick. You know you’re still “Stinky,” and I LOVE that about you! 🙂

  7. Noelle

    Seen it yesturday on dutch tv. Ahh they finally notessed him, took em long enough though!! 3 years !! and then finally a dutch intervieuw with Went. yeah when is he comin to germany??I’m from holland, I just got my drivers license, germany is next to us,,,,COUNT ME IN, I’M THERE!!

  8. Jen

    OMG 23 minutes of sweaty liquid sex! This has been his best interview in a long time, even though some of his answers were of the cookie cutter variety. It was great to see him smile!

  9. brit bird

    Went sounded so sexy when he said half of his look was a ‘spritz’. I am now having fantasies of Jensen ‘spritzing’ Went
    I forgot how beutiful he is **fangirl sigh**

  10. brit bird

    (Jensen Ackles not the interviewer)

  11. miller_thriller

    ahahaha BB i loved ‘THRUST’ too. Lol add some ‘JUICE’ to that and ohmydays….

  12. Erika

    How sExiciting was that?!!!

  13. Erika

    Oh..and I just love how Jensen brought out the funny in Went. God bless him!

  14. jelly-sandwich

    The interview-guy-Jensen was very good at making Wentworth answer quickly without giving him a chance to fall into his programed responses. Went looked like he actually enjoyed talking to Jensen….cute, cute interview.

  15. shelley

    Wow, Went’s thighs look GREAT! That seems to be where my focus was! But God, I’m a little tired of the same answers, and they are spoken in the same way nearly word for word everytime….Oh well….

  16. MiSa

    Aww..this interviewer i felt really opened went p using his subtle humour…u could tell from the beggining that he was a little tense..and pissed off at having to do yet another interveiw……but towards the end..he was laughing and smiling..X

  17. MiSa

    LOL…wentworth miler’s…stinky..
    went….aww..thump thump

  18. Anty


    Jensen obviously hasn’t been to Germany since the fall of the GDR.

    The vid will not play in any of my browsers! Somebody please put it up on youtube?

  19. Juma

    *drooling all over the pc
    That voice! aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

  20. seafret

    He purrs like my cat…
    Would love to see Jonathon Ross (UK) interview him.

  21. B

    Seafret Im with you, I am a huge fan of Jonathan Ross, it is surprising Wentworth hasnt been approached for an interview with Jonathan over here! he is so hilarious!! love him lol!

    I think this Jensen fella was really personable and likeable! I enjoyed this interview alot!

  22. B

    Oh I forgot to add the best moment for me? when Jensen asks Went…

    How old are you?

    Went: 35

    Jensen: Im much younger than you, Im 34! LOL!!

  23. notthedoctor

    That Wenterview was great! That Jensen guy was brilliant in keeping the questions flowing and confusing Went with random talk.

    Where were you??? hahahahaha

    Thanks for the laugh.

  24. How does he make me love him more that I already do? It’s not fair. *wailing*

  25. Sandy

    have a stupid question, why you call him babyboy ?

  26. evelyn

    Wentworth’s answer when a comment on his eyes was made:

    “Aaaaawwwwwww… Thump, thump…!!”

    Evelyn’s answer:


  27. kassie

    Yummy!!! I loved it when Went talked about how the fans of PB had “…fallen asleep on the couch watching your (his) face…it’s a very intimate kind of relationship”. Yeah baby! *moans*If he only knew the half of it!!! * giggles*

  28. niknak

    I am loving this interview like a $2 whore!!! We have funny, snarky, sexy, sweaty, modest Went. Oh, I am SO glad he’s back!

    Nicbeast, I didn’t think I could love him anymore than I already do either and then… BAM!.. and now I am in deeper than before! It’s not fair, but it sure feels amazing.

    Way to go (not the Supernatural) Jensen!

  29. AJ

    “Oh and yes, before you ask, i am DEVASTATED that it’s not an interview with Ackles.

    Truly, truly devastated.”

    As am I, MT, AS.AM.I!;) But dammit, what a great interview. Went actually seemed, dare I say it… happy…?

    And Mink, I am sooo willing to start that petition to have Miller and Ackles interview one another. I, personally, am willing to risk my ovaries exploding at the sight of that hotness.

    *brain turns to mush at the thought*

  30. HereKitty

    Now THAT was an interview! I know some people find Jensen to be annoying — and he was a couple of times — but I absolutely fucking adore him for getting Went to open up, expand on the usual canned answers, laugh from the gut and most of all … BLUSH!!! How freaking adorable was that??? I fell in love with him all over again! Went .. will you marry me? 😀

  31. DanceForMe

    Ooooh my God, oh my god, oh my god…*faints*

    2 hrs later:
    Went is coming to Germany? oh my god.
    Can’t believe it. I love my life.
    *jumps up and down, dances in circles, gets dizzy, faints again*

    1 hr later: *makes a list*

    1. loose 10 pounds next week
    2. collect money to bribe Wents stuff for some extra time with the Pretty
    3. change hair colour to black
    4. rehearse all Wenterviews
    5. rewatch PB season 1 and 2
    6. contact former schoolmate XY who’s now a successful paparazzi to find out exact location of Went
    100. not become nuts during preparations!

  32. DanceForMe

    Oh, ehm I loved the interview. Watching Went for about 23 Min is heaven. Again, and again…
    Thanks baaca and WFW!

    Jensen was cool. But he should come to Berlin to get some fresh ideas about Germany, honestly!

    And about the Hasselhoff being famous over here, unfortunately true, though everyone I know wonders why the hell, here of all places…
    I would say he WAS famous sometime during the 80’s when everybody was suffering from total taste disorder anyway. *totally embarrased*

  33. Awwww, DanceForMe, don’t feel bad. On behalf of America, I do humbly apologize for the viral plague that was/is “Baywatch.” But then again, I think it was The Hoff’s music that made/makes him so popular in Germany and other parts of Europe.

    *pausing to think up some explanation for that phenomenon and failing miserably*

    OK, I’m going to dig that trench now.

  34. Melm

    First, I was wondering if this Jensen guy was ever going to stop commenting on the bloody weather in Dallas, but then I witnessed the best interview this year despite some old automatic answers from the steamy Wentworth. No offense taken though, because how many new ways can you find to respond when you keep getting the same questions, over and over again (and when we the specialists here have seen every single one of his interviews)?
    My best moments:
    – every time we have a close-up of Went’s hot and sweaty face
    – the way he had his slightly condesending look at the outset during the weather questions (he must have been thinking “oh my god, here come the south korea-level questions again”), but than his eyes started smiling as soon as he detected a sense of humour in the journalist, to match his own.
    – Went’s quick wit Example 1: journalist: “Your show is on the same channel I’m on.” Went: “Then we must be popular. Obviously.”
    -Went’s quick wit Example 2: journalist: “Mat Damon told me that whenever someone asks him “should I become an actor”, he tells the person no because…” Went interrupts: “Less competition?”
    – the way he blushes and feels uncomfortable when the journalists asks him whether it is true that all female journalists in Japan started crying when he entered the press room (Obviously, this is true. It makes perfect sense. The male journalists should have been crying too, if only because of jealousy).
    – when the journalist looks into his eyes and instantly becomes gay.

  35. Noelle

    there now is one from dominic too. They talk about Went:) mainly sarcasticly (Went’s ugly yada yada yada) but hey…we all get the message WENT IS HOT!!!

  36. melm, his snark about Matt Damon was some funny shit! Why can’t he do that more?

    And after watching Jensen’s HYSTERICAL interview with Dom, why-oh-why couldn’t Went have said:

    “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…” *LMFAO*


    “cunt” *swoon*

    or talk about the virtues of free porn in Europe vs. paid porn in America. *and the U.S.A. is supposed to be a FREE nation – pffffft!*

    or banter with Jensen about sweating so much that the interview itself will look like gay porn to viewers? And Dom subsequently telling Jensen to take his pants off. *again, LMFAO!*

    I know that Dom must be a total HR nightmare compared to Went, but c’mon…when you’re talking to the Euro press and it’s OK to be randy…BE RANDY. For the love of all things good and holy, BE RANDY, Went! Do it for the whores.

  37. Melm

    Mama Bear, you are so right. I would so love for Went to get off his auto-censorship horse and be foul-mouthed for once, despite his Princeton education and his parents being teachers. I heard him swear only once in all of his interviews (the one for M6, when he says “what the fuck” after Dominic throws something at him, I believe).
    Imagine Dirty Wentworth doing an interview smoking, trashing Fox TV and the sometimes farfetched PB plots while giving out all the details of his first sexual experiences (My true discovery of the world with the Tigertones. Yeah, I used to sing and sell my body to beautiful strangers to pay for my rent in Europe…)

    Ps. Dominic’s interview confirms that this Jensen guy is officially gay now that he’s gazed into Pretty’s eyes from up close. Jensen just can’t stop himself from saying how beautiful Went is during Dominic’s interview. I even felt a little bad for Dominic (when he says “Yes, enough with Wentworth”).

  38. First, I was wondering if this Jensen guy was ever going to stop commenting on the bloody weather in Dallas

    Melm, I was thinking the exact same thing! I was like, All right, it’s hot, we get it, move on to the tattoo!

  39. Mink

    Imagine Dirty Wentworth doing an interview smoking, trashing Fox TV and the sometimes farfetched PB plots while giving out all the details of his first sexual experiences (My true discovery of the world with the Tigertones. Yeah, I used to sing and sell my body to beautiful strangers to pay for my rent in Europe…)

    LMFAO! Now that is an interview I would love to see! That would make my freaking year!

    Re. Went’s lack of swearing in interviews, I think the only time he’s gotten close on camera is the one where he says “Mothafu…” (but doesn’t actually finish it) after Dom throws something off a balcony near him. That was during an interview for the TV Guide channel.

    Is that the one you’re thinking of, Melm, or did you see another one?

    He did actually properly swear (although of course the word wasn’t printed) apparently for an EW print interview. (Snarkily: “I’m the nicest guy in Hollywood, and anyone who says different is a f**king liar.” – Or close enough to that.)

    But yeah, BB could definitely do with loosening up just a tad a bit more often; it’s just too much fucking fun when he does! 😀

  40. Mink

    Oh, and re. that ‘crying female journalists’ story, Jensen was pretty well researched, but I think he had that one muddled up.

    I seem to remember the rumour about the women journalists crying when he came into the room actually came from WM’s trip to Cannes during Oct last year.

    He’s never been to Japan to the best of my knowledge, at least not to promote PB. Maybe it was a room full of Japanese journalists in Cannes? But I don’t think so, as I don’t think the Japanese go to MIPCOM. *shrugs*

    Whatever, I’m sure wherever Went goes female hysteria is not far behind. 😉

  41. I was thinking Jensen mixed Japan and Korea. I could be wrong, but that was my impression cuz women in Korea were all kinda crazy.

  42. Melm

    Yes Mink, that’s the interview I was referring to (in France, they referred to it as the M6 interview of course). Thankfully, you are always the guardian of precision.

    And do not remind me of the MIPCOM press conference. I could have actally been there (maybe even gotten a one-on-one interview) had I kown about Went before October 2006. I will never forgive myself for that.

  43. Look at Melm bringing “dirty” back to this blog…I love you. 🙂

  44. LAgurl

    OMG that guy (Jensen) is actually funny! I thought he was going to be a total jackass when I was reading other people’s posts, but I like him!
    Wenty is so beautiful and articulate, and I just LOVE him 🙂

  45. Thanks much, WFW and baaca!

    It’s nice to hear Went speaking as himself (am tired of watching my pirated DVDs every night just to hear his voice and see his face).

    Yeah, it would be titillating to see/hear a randy, swearing Went in interviews. But I have a feeling he wouldn’t do it (unless in movies) because of the kids who idolize him. (grrr…) Personally, the only times he was a bit randy in PB (during a MiSa episode in S1; when he sexily teased that lady who owned the house with the buried $5M), my blood fever went up from cunt to head. I blushed and was weak-kneed! I really liked it!

  46. Uhm, forgot to add this about the Jensen interview. Yeah, Jensen was great–he succeeded in getting Went out of his shell.

    There’s something that amazed me about Went in that interview. He really is shy! I mean, he is one of the very few terrific-looking guys I’ve seen who do not gloat about their looks or have become jerks because of the adoration. I pray he’ll stay the same. Goddess, I really envy the woman he’ll love…

  47. Anty

    Okay, it still won’t play for me. I’ve tried Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, and Netscape 7. Somebody got any idea what the problem might be? And can maybe upload it somewhere else? PLEASE? With nekkid Wentworth on top?

  48. Anty

    Never mind, a friend helped me out.

  49. Jen

    Anty – The STINKY add was great. I think he should bottle all that sweat he is producing in the Dallas heat, and sell it. I would pay thousands and spray it all over myself, everyday.

  50. LMAO, Anty! That’s the best picture for the ad! I think “Stinky” should be changed to “Stinkay” for that added oompf. 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  51. This guy actually got him to say DIFFERENT words…wow, this guy deserves a medal! Oh Went…what has happened to you?!
    @Anty – LMAO… on sale now at a store near you!

  52. Great ad, Anty! I really think I won’t mind using my week’s salary just to get a bottle of Stinky. *uhmpf*

  53. Anty

    @Jen, MB, sprinkles, CJ: Thanks!!

  54. neri

    I finally saw the interview…..I was cringing most of the time….LET OFF THE DAMN WEATHER ALREADY!!!! He kept asking the same questions. I really think he has a man crush on Went and was really nervous LOL and i don’t blame him…

    But it was the best interview I’ve see of Went actually talking normally without rehearsing it. Yet sometimes i would actually mouth the answers with him cuz I’ve heard them so many times!! LOL! but i loved his answers and humor…so cute! *giggles*

    *sprays a bit of stinky on* *sniffs* Mmmmmm 🙂

    i think it should be Stinkay too 😉

  55. Anty


    I agree. The interview was fun, but it was hardly original. And thanks!

  56. Skye

    It’s not huge??? i bet it is…;)

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