Wet For Went is 11 months old today!

Yup, that’s all I’ve got this time.


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49 responses to “Wet For Went is 11 months old today!

  1. Yay, almost a year! Congrats!

    Have you heard from Ellen at all? I can’t believe she would just ignore all we did… Mh, I guess you would have told us already if something had happened. Damnit.

  2. Maybe it’s all you’ve got this time but you’ve given us so much during these last 11 months that a simple Congrats and thank you! would never suffice. Sadly, nothing better comes to mind so Congrats and thank you – for everything!

  3. dedep

    It’s been an absolute pleasure lurking on your blog all these months – you’re brilliant!! Cheers!

  4. brit bird

    THATS ALL YOU GOT!!! 11 months yo! That is something to celebrate! Congrats and thanks.

  5. Rosi

    Happy 11 months WFW. Love and respect from me!

  6. Van

    You are EXTRAORDINARIA!! (like we say in Portugal, loool)
    I guess I don’t need to tell you what that means 🙂
    And when it turns 12 months I will pop out on top of the cake singing Happy Birthay dear WFW with a bunny tail and hears, LMFAO!
    U ROcK!!

  7. WFW, I’m sure you know how I feel.

    *hand on heart*

    As we say in Hawaii, “Ho chick, YOU.DA.BES!”

  8. Bel

    If not for eleven months of this blog and the community that has emerged from it, I don’t think I’d have been where I am now. So not just thanks to WFW, but also MB, Krissie, Bluetoothfairy, Queen Kat the Great, BB, Pink Boxers and all the others who have given me great advice on life and have allowed me to get my freak on. Lord knows I need it from time to time!

    THANK you WFW for letting us come here to be the hoes we truly are!

  9. Melm

    I’m not a computer wizard enough to make a video to go with my Wentworth song: “I’m your man” (sang by the deep voice of Leonard Cohen, but which could so easily be Went’s). So you will need to use your imagination to envision my gift to you for these 11 months of fun on your blog. Think about the best scenes from Wentworth’s filmography to go with each line (some are obvious like “And if you want another kind of love, I’ll wear a mask for you” would be Wentworth entering the room in Mariah Carey’s clip, or “If you want a boxer, I will step into the ring for you” would be taken from the Human Stain). Enjoy:

    If you want a lover
    I’ll do anything you ask me to
    And if you want another kind of love
    I’ll wear a mask for you
    If you want a partner take my hand
    Or if you want to strike me down in anger
    Here I stand
    I’m your man

    If you want a boxer
    I will step into the ring for you
    And if you want a doctor
    I’ll examine every inch of you
    If you want a driver, climb inside
    Or if you want to take me for a ride
    You know you can
    I’m your man

    Ah, the moon’s too bright
    The chain’s too tight
    The beast won’t go to sleep
    I’ve been running through these promises to you
    That I made and I could not keep.

    Ah, but a man never got a women back
    Not by begging on his knees
    Or I’d crawl to you, baby
    And I’d fall at your feet
    And I’d howl at your beauty
    Like a dog in heat
    And I’d claw at your heart
    And I’d tear at your sheet
    I’d say please, please
    I’m your man.

    And if you’ve got to sleep for a moment on the road
    I will steer for you
    And if you want to walk the street alone
    I’ll disappear for you.
    If you want a father for your child
    Or only want to walk with me a while
    Across the sand
    I’m your man

  10. B

    Almost a year!! *Beams*

    I believe a congratulations is in order *raises glass of champers* heres to another fabulous year ahead!

  11. miller_thriller

    WFW, congratulations!!

    I have to say this blog is the funniest thing on the internet and i LOVE it.

    Thank you for letting me meet all you whores, post bad poetry, and get banned on a daily basis.

    I don’t know where i’d be without you WFW. Oh wait, yes i do…over at Ipechan’s blog! 😉

  12. ilurvemv

    Happy anniversary, WFW and others! Congrats! *blowing on those party-blower noise thingees*

  13. Erika

    For the ability to know how to use that great imagination. For the dedication to your readers & our beloved Went. For all the time you’ve put in, sometimes even beyond the hour of midnight. For all that and so much more. I thank you! Congrats for making it this far. Tonight, I drink in your honour.

  14. seafret

    Can’t wait to find out what your plans are for the One Year celebration. Can we come in fancy dress?

  15. WFW

    Thanks everybody! Really, thanks. 🙂

  16. Melm, you are SO sweet…and that goes for the rest of you too! You’re more than just crazy whores to me, you’re family! 🙂

    And speaking of family, I know that the L.A. Churchies have miraculously procured four tickets to Ellen at this late date. To those LUCKY ladies, I send this message, which I hope they read before the taping this evening:

    “Congrats L.A. Prettyphiles! Too bad you couldn’t have gotten WFW a ticket too after all that work both the blog people and the Church did trying to get her there. It might have made up for the Paley disappointment even though I know you guys really partied together afterwards. I wonder, will you and the girls mention WFW’s campaign to Went when you see him?”

    I don’t think I’m alone in this sentiment. Now that we know that some of us will actually BE there, let’s finish this mission so that all of our efforts are not in vain. L.A. Churchies, thanks in advance for trying! We look forward to your FULL report when you return. 🙂

  17. Anty

    I’m giving you a digital bottle of STINKY:

  18. Jen

    Happy anniversary and thank you for bringing joy and happiness, via Went, and your great sense of humor (that goes for all you ladies) to my desperate housewife exsistance!

  19. miller_thriller

    Yay MB! Churchies please find Went and tell him about WFW’s campaign. Give him the website & tell him to come to the cbox baby!

    Seriously though, i hope WFW at least gets a mention, i mean after all her hard work entertaining us its the LEAST she deserves!

  20. B

    Bottle of Stinky lol! thats a good one!

  21. Juma

    Congratulations WFW!!
    Almoust a year… I can’t hardly wait for the next month to have the big celebration.
    Thank you for all the work you have with this site and that makes my day more amusing!

  22. tanja

    Happy aniversary!

  23. jailbird

    All Hail the Queen for keeping us laughing for 11 months. Now today is the big day for Went to be on Ellen…the waiting is killing me.

    1. Will he scratch in all the wrong places?
    2. Will he sweat like he did on Jimmy Kimmel?
    3. Will he send a shout-out to WFW?

  24. Giulia

    Happy anniversary!! Almost a year WFW!! 🙂 You are great!!

  25. Fairy

    The only thing I can think of is CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for rocking this hard!
    I expect the real party to happen next month, though! Can’t wait!

  26. neri

    keep it up girl!

    Anty! THAT’S FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS!!! LMAO! love it!
    I would buy it and spray it all over my pillow! LOL!

  27. notthedoctor


    You are the Goddess of The Wentverse and the Queen of Wentlust, I will follow you anywhere you go, just say a word… or type an email.

  28. shelley

    WFW, you were born 2 weeks before MY baby. You both bring a smile to my face and make me laugh. But I can’t say that you’ve ever shit on me, and well, we’ll just leave it at that!

  29. shelley

    BTW, Mama Bear, officially jealous-Hawaii? Beats the midwest!

  30. It’s that time again! Wow! Almost a year! How time flies… Happy Anniversary to WFW the best fan site ever! (& so much more)
    I thought you were faking us out and were coming back with a great Ellen/Went story……I guess I was living in fantasyland……*sigh* 😦

  31. AJ

    Holy Frick! 11 months, already? I guess time flies when you’re having fun…and as we all know, this place is a fucking blast. Thanks for all the laughs, ladies and gents. And muchos gracias WFW for supplying the goods, month after month. Rock on, yo!

    *tapping finger on chin* Did I even comment on the 10 month anniversary post, cuz I swear I missed a month somewhere. Hahaha. God, I’m turning into a forgetful old fart, already. Who knew Alzheimers started at 24….go figure.

  32. Thanks for keeping the blog up and congrats on the 11th month anniversary! Well done, mate!

    To the posters: Thank you for the laughter and craziness! W. Miller fans UNITE!

  33. Isang maligayang anibersaryo, WfW!
    (Happy Anniversary, WfW!)

    Maraming salamat din (Thank You very much) for sharing with us your sense of humor, your wild imagination, the Went pics, and, of course, “The 12 Wents of Christmas”!

  34. Silvia

    Happy birthday,WFW! I’m waiting for the big celebration a month from now.Thank you for all the good time spent here and for giving each of us a piece of soul.
    P.S. : Don’ t worry about the Ellen Show, I bet there’s a bigger occasion for you to meet him..God knows you deserve it.

  35. wentalicious

    happy birthday WFW! congrats and keep going!!!!!! 🙂

  36. super fan

    I wish you all the best…I mean..I wish Went would be here with us next month, so that we can celebrate together and show him how WET we are :))))) !!!!!

  37. Mama! I fell off my chair laughing after reading this
    “As we say in Hawaii, “Ho chick, YOU.DA.BES!”

    That’s what they say in the Bronx too…but it doesn’t quite mean the same. Lol…..

    Happy anniversary WFW!!!!!

  38. SavMed

    Dear Wet for Went,

    thank you for the laughter, smiles you brought to my life. I really appreciate what you do on this blog, entertaining us like that. I wish you all the best and I hope the day will come!

  39. Geisha!!! I miss you, woman! We need to catch up!

    *still keeping the faith* The dream isn’t dead yet, WFW…the best dreams never die. 😉

  40. genpop40

    Happy Birthday!! Here’s your present.


    I don’t know how they got this before it even aired.

  41. DanceForMe

    Hey WFW,

    Congrats and thank you so much for making that
    fan existence of mine such a joyride!
    You know I think I wouldn’t be such a big Wentfan if it would be so much fun to read your blog.

    Have some Wentworth Miller **Chocolate**
    to celebrate over here:

    Anty – this is what poped into my mind when I heard Jensen bringing up the idea a a Wentgrance. Thanks for photoshopping it for us. 🙂
    (though the Bebe Scent vid on youtube is hard to top)

    genpop40 thanx, I am not sure whether I really like thaaaat shirt!

  42. First… Happy Anniversary! Lent will never be the same to me again.

    Second…Umm…what happened to Went being on Ellen? I have a TV, but I only use it for Netflix, so I went to YouTube and Ellen’s website and saw…NOTHING! Just Kanye funkin’ it up today and Paris “Ho-Down” Hilton doin’ the strut. But no Went. Do you think we scared him away (and by “we” I mean “you” ;-p)?

  43. genpop40

    Don’t worry, Karen. He’s on Monday’s show. I watched Ellen today, and they advertised the bejesus out of Went’s Monday appearance.

  44. Honeychildpleaze


    Congratulations on your 11 month annivesary.

    Thank you ever so kindly for the great Went fics and for making me laugh so hard that I damn near break a rib.

  45. niknak

    Happy Birthday WFW!

    I have missed you lately! We are going to have a lot to chat about when you return to the web.

    I know this Ellen thing was a heartbreaker, but you have some damned determined ladies on your side, and you will meet Wenty.

    Que viva la WFW!

  46. piffy

    i love you! your the best! keep doin what you do!! n sty wet for went!

  47. Anty

    Oi! From Ellen’s site:

    “Get the lowdown on how Wentworth quit smoking, his co-star’s tragic accident and what the new season has in store for our prettiest prisoner.”

    Smoke-free Went! Mmmmmm.

  48. LAgurl

    Hey WFW, congrats on 11 mo.!! Luv the site/blog, I come here everyday 🙂

  49. Mrs Miller

    WFW – a heartfelt thank you for the past (almost) year. You’re better than Prozac on a bad day and the best wine on a good day. Manys the times I have walked around for the whole day with a stupid grin on my face thinking of what’s gone on on your blog. People are now seriously questioning my sanity, but that’s another story.


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