More Wentworth Miller Clips

Courtesy of Prison Break Online. Went has been busy and I LOVE it! 6 mins of Went here and Season 3 outtakes here.
These clips will download to your computer for viewing.

Thanks mink!

If you have any trouble viewing, go here.


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5 responses to “More Wentworth Miller Clips

  1. brit bird

    **wails** The damn make-up they use have hidden his freckels…… and the bloopers wouldnt play *crying uncontrolably*

  2. brit bird

    yayyyy I opened it! I was expecting Went to fluff his lines then laugh….but its not even funny **sigh** but Went has been spritzed!

  3. *singing*
    “It’s raining Went, HALLELUJAH, it’s raining Went!”

    I’m loving the Went deluge! 😀

  4. PRISONBREAK italia

    Wentworth miller you are soooooooooo wonderful
    Your glance makes me crazy……

    Where you come in Italy?
    non sai che ti farei…….

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