Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow


FOX 8 p.m. Don’t miss it!

Tomorrow we also finally get to see that Ellen interview (Thanks maichan!) although thanks to the reports at Church, I feel like I was there…

*jumping up and down* Are you ready?

source for pic 1

source for pic 2

UPDATE: After watching the Ellen clip, Went seemed laid back, comfortable and most importantly, happy! And wow, you Churchies got REALLY close!

I have a question though: What was with all the audience glances Went? Were you looking for me baby? Hmmm, this time I didn’t show up! Wanna give me shit about for months on end? I don’t mind, just do it in person. You know where I live…


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16 responses to “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow

  1. liyah

    No cable damnit! Now I have to have my mom tivo it for me and needless to say, everyone knows I am desperate. And I wont see it until the weekend (wahhhhhh). So worth the wait. This season is going to kick ass! Thanks for such a great site, WFW. I go nowhere else.

  2. neri

    I read the girls experiences…. *sigh* sooo cool i hate em’ :-/

    I feel like I’ve seen the show already lol!! Its incredible how they leaked a bit of the show already online….now i don’t feel so bad missing it tomorrow :-/ i’ll watch it on youtube…i’m not going crazy recording it….

    DAMN YOU 9 to 5 JOBS!!!! *sobs*

  3. LAgurl

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. miller_thriller

    If anybody here can find me a link for the new epi so i can download it, i will bow down at your feet.

    First one wins channing spam! WOOOT!

    You know you’ll be looking 😉

  5. SavMed

    YOU are back!!!!!! and so is he!

    *SM in front of Went’s door singing* Joy to the world WFW is back!!!!!!!! *sticks out tongue at Went*

  6. Rosi

    Hey congrats americans!!!Lucky you!And churchies THANK YOU!

  7. Erika

    *breathless* Can’t…keep up…too…many…post. Damn girl, are you trying to kill me with a Went overdose?! 🙂 But hey, I’m lovin’ it.


  9. Anonymous

    Somebody please put it up on youtube for us Europeans once it’s aired.

  10. B

    Could anyone do a Brit gal a favour? & somehow direct me to a link or download of the show if possible? I would be awfully grateful! Thanks in advance!

  11. Silvia

    I can’t believe it starts tomorow..I did’t want to see the 16 minutes preview so I can’t wait..
    WFW,you’re ALIVE..:D

  12. Juma

    *sniff, sniff
    Yesterday I found that here where I am, PB3 wouldn’t air until 2008. I can’t wait that long!!!!
    *Have to find a way to download

  13. evelyn

    We are 15 hours away from PRISON BREEEEEEEEAK!!!!!!


    *runs around the apartment like a crazy chicken*

  14. WOO-HOO! Ellen is DVR’d for today and I’m planning a “Welcome Back PB” party for me and the Mister. 😉

    *getting the Went masks out and shining them up* 😀

  15. Anty

    *le sigh* I wanna see Ellen now. And PB. But I bet it’ll be two days before Ellen shows up on youtube’s search index, and several hours before I’ll have… obtained… the new episode.

  16. Anonymous

    I’ve been searching for along time but I think I finally found a site were we (fans who live out of U.S.) can watch PB on line.


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