Wentworth Miller at EW Party

Yes, there was a party. Yes, he went to it and FUCK ME he looked gorgeous!

Now, the pants are suspect but since they look new, I’ll allow it. My GOD just look at him!

More pics at Prison Break Online and JJ!


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56 responses to “Wentworth Miller at EW Party

  1. Is that a shimmery sheen on those brown pants? Mmm…melting chocolate…mmm. 😉

  2. That’s just… illegal.
    Looking like that… lethal.

  3. Giulia

    I don’t really like those brown pants and… those shoes are his BFF because he always wears them but I really like his shirt, it’s really cool!
    Btw he could wear everything he wants and he remains the sexiest man alive!

  4. neri

    Ouuuch! He’s hurting my eyes!!!! Its tooo much to bare!!! I can’t stare any longer!!!

    *takes a peek* are those leather pants?!?!?!?!

  5. shelley

    I like scruffy Went! I wonder too if those are leather pants….hmmm…on the fence about those.

  6. Bel

    That’s it right there baby… yes, fuuuuuck yes…

  7. LAgurl

    HOLY. MOTHER. FUCK. HOTTTTTTT!!! Oh the things I will do to him……… *sigh*

  8. Anty

    *perks* Who’s the guy next to him?

  9. miller_thriller

    that close up of his face is orgasmic!

    *is dead*

    It inspires me to write poetry. but i wont post it here.

    But went honey, take those pants off, and let me put $50 down your briefs, coz your totally working it baby!

  10. LAgurl

    I would, not ‘will’ – sorry can’t even talk right…..

  11. Jen

    Shelley, I think we are twins seperated at birth… besides the 3 kids thing, scruffy Went is my absolute favorite too and I am also not too sure about the pants. I think they would look better crumpled up on my floor. God love him. Perfection!

  12. niknak

    These new pics and interviews have made up for the Went drought. He looks AMAZING!

    Oh, the things I would do for him if he looked at me like that…

  13. ilurvemv

    Tidbit from USA Today about him at the EW party (under the Kate Walsh headline):


    “Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller remained covert at the bash, chatting with a friend in one of the back rooms. “We’ve got our show launching Monday, so it’s all about getting the word out there,” he said.

    So, now that he plays TV’s hottest inmate, has he become more law-abiding in real life? “I do think twice every time I roll up to a stop sign. I used to do that California stop, where you roll and go, but no more.”

    I’m shocked he actually went to a party. I don’t know what (or who) has made him come out of his shell, but I’m glad to see him out and about looking so pretty! 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    We can bet on this: this man will go into hiding after he’s done his last PR for PB3. I think he looks like he’s been practically forced to step out in front of the cameras. “Remaind covert at the bash..”. So he keeps away from the people that might ask him some serious questions. Have you noticed that he hasn’t been asked about dating in new interviews anymore. Get ready to forget this guy as fast as you got interested in him because he’s going to disappear. I wonder what he thinks about fame and fortune now? And even Ellen didn’t give me an answer to the question that needs to be answered: is he really gay? Mina, this girl that is, is still waiting. But he’s still looking good. At the moment I’m hanging on to that. But his honesty is still under question.

  15. Erika

    Daaaymn!!! That’s all I can say…Totally speechless. Just give me a few minutes to recover from the heatwave that came over me before I can comment.

  16. shelley

    LOL Jen, I think we could have some interesting conversations!

  17. Rosi

    OOoOoHHhhh i kissed those eyes so many times in my dreams.I can cut my hair,ill give up from my favorite music for a month…ill go on a diet for one year if those eyes can look at me just once in my life time..OK i can do many many more sacrifices… if i can meet Wenty.

  18. Charlie B

    OMG he’s beautiful! I have nothing else to say; i’m speechless….

  19. Erika

    Wentlust has just hit whole a new level. 😛 For sake my mental well-being and my relationship, I’ve decided to log off and spend some time with my boyfriend 😉

  20. Erika

    I can’t even use proper grammer anymore… It’s power of wentlust

  21. HereKitty

    He’s simply the most beautiful creature ever put on this Earth.

  22. dfw chick

    it just don’t get no purdier than that.

  23. MeeMee

    I’m speechless……

  24. AJ

    Jesus Effing Christ!!!

    yeah, that’s all I got….

    *slips on a puddle on the floor on my way out*

  25. Miller was so hot but, but there’s still a lot of speculation as to whether this Prison Break hottie is gay or not.

    check some Miller’s interview in World Entertainment News Network:

    No, I’m not gay. I know these rumors are out there…

  26. I’d like to give him a bunch of red roses for looking like that. And if the Goddess ever allowed me to do so–and Miller shakes my hand oh so sweetly–I’ll–I’ll give up Heaven and spend a certain amount of time elsewhere (as long as there are re-runs of WM’s works, internet, and a cavernous library).

  27. PBLUV

    Completely ..utterly…Edible.

  28. brit bird

    AJ *slips on a puddle on the floor on my way out*
    I know exactly how you feel, currently I am wearing 5 pairs of panties to prevent that from happening!

  29. Juma

    Gay, not gay, ugly clothes or not…
    Who cares when he looks like that!? He is heaven!

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  31. Ms. WfW: Hmm. Why so quiet? Did you pass out from all the Wentilicious pics you posted?

  32. evelyn

    Ween millions of b
    Eautiful me
    N and
    Thousands of
    Wonderful eyes, h
    Onestly, you a
    The top in my
    Heart… your

    Mysterious gaze, your vo
    Ice and your ve
    Lvet hands, wil
    L follow m
    E for eve

    *is dead*

  33. Lick that man – it’s all I can manage at the moment I’m so over come with ……

  34. Evelyn, you are a clever chick! 🙂

  35. Anon

    Dream on, ladies, he’s not for you!

    All your licking and kissing he would find dis-gus-ting… unless you grew a peen and a pair of balls!

    His lovely flesh is for us, boys, and for deliiiiicious Luuuuke!!

  36. neri

    Don’t….don’t burst our bubble like that Anon!!….not while we’re enjoying these FINE pictures….that hurts!! that goes deep!!

    soo wrong….. *shakes head*

    Sucker. >-(

  37. neri

    btw…..i hope your TV doesn’t work at 8 o’clock tonight! >-(

    ha ha! take that!!


  38. PBLUV

    Hey to all the silly anons trying to cause Havoc..too too late…Wentlove exists on a different plane, its based on Pure Pretty!
    Still a *fuck you* can be inserted right here..
    That is all…:)

  39. Erika

    Hey Anon, Shhhh…be quiet and listen. Can you hear that? No seriously dude, just listen carefully.*silence* That’s the sound of WE DON’T CARE! Oh and I luurve gay men…you too 🙂

  40. sara

    erika you are a star

  41. evelyn

    Hey Anon, this is for you!!

    WFW gals, are you with me?? Lets go, all together!!!

    1) Extend either arm at an approximately 90° angle perpendicular to the body.

    2) Bend arm at the elbow. Position it parallel to the body, forming three sides of a perfect square.

    3) Close palm tightly.

    4) Fiercely upturn digit between pointer and ring finger.

    5) Hold approximately 10 seconds to a minute for emphasis.

    There you go…!

    Enjoy Anon!!!

  42. Erika

    Aawww thanks sara, 🙂 I was just stating the obvious. evelyn…LOL!

  43. Evelyn: Lovely poem and “up yours” sign. Hey, Anon, WM’s a fantasy–fantasy boy is meant for sharing

  44. WFW

    I am looking at these pics again b/c well, I. just. can’t. stop. and I just wanted to say, Went, I love it when you own the sexy baby. It drives me CRAZY!

    That is all.

  45. Anonymous

    So is it confirmed that he’s gay? I mean has he talked about it? I read from somewhere that him and Luke met through his agent or something.

  46. WFW

    If Went comes out, you will know. I will email you so that you will know. I will email the world so they’ll know. I will post a FLASHING SIGN in the sidebar. We will have a motherfucking Wentworth Miller is gay as blazes parade. I will hold a press conference and Youtube it. There will be a sign that says, “FINALLY! Wentworth Miller said he’s gay!” Then, I will proceed to go find Luke and kick his ass cuz yeah, I could take him and he has the shit coming. Then I’ll get locked up for assault and I’ll start a hunger strike that will only last until someone brings me Five Guys. Went will take pity on me, come bail me out and then kiss me on the lips for all the effort. Then he’ll barf, go get Luke and laugh at me and all the fangirls that ever dared fantasize about a man they will never have, regardless of his sexuality, while he pounds Luke into the mattress and makes him yell out “Wentworth you are a GOD!”

    But until that happens, do me a favor: Let. It. Go.

    Can you do that?

    Thanks in advance.

  47. neri


    woooot wfw!

  48. Erika

    “…I will proceed to go find Luke and kick his ass cuz yeah, I could take him and he has the shit coming.” LMAO!!! Oh bring it on already WFW, I’ve been hoping for some Luke bashing ever since that other wanna be celebrity fuck started this rumour on his site.

  49. Anonymous

    “while he pounds Luke into the mattress and makes him yell out “Wentworth you are a GOD!””

    Well, the rumor has it that Went is a bottom.
    T.R.Knight is a bottom and he was with Luke.

    Went has very limber legs and loves to pose legs wide open, showing a max of crotch.
    Ask your gay friends, they’ll tell you it’s a bottom signature.

  50. WFW

    Luke is tapping that? OK, now I’m really pissed! Duly noted. Reverse positions. *cursing Luke and his good fortune*

  51. sara

    I hope they versatile. My fantasies would appreciate it.

  52. sara

    sorry, I mean *they are*

  53. KOKO

    Sara, it could be that Luke can’t be versatile.

    He sometimes has a nervous smile.

    As if he had painful piles…

    MY fantaisies would appreciate it!

  54. Dani

    Hot diggity-dam!

    Sexiness struts itself at the party!

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